sex with my cousin
When we were younger (like 12) I remember me and Jessica use to do naughty stuff. When she would take a shower I would sneak in there and ask her to give me a blowjob she was good at it. We sneaked into the garage to make out and I her out. Until one day her parents found a house 1 hour away from us I was really sad I have not seen Jessica in over 4 years now. Since they always skip the family reunion. But since our families are close they have invited us over and I could not wait to get there. Are we almost there mom( I asked her I am now 16 and so is Jessica)

yea just 10 minutes away. It felt like it toke hours to get there till we finally arrived my aunt and uncle came outside to say hello and then I saw my cousin Jessica and she looked amazing perfect C Sized breast. legs like Stacy keibler and a ass that looked like it can jiggle for ever. Ur here she said and ran to hug me. She squeezed her tits on to my chest and I could feel her hard nipples she had no bra on.

Yea why wouldn't I be here. I asked I though you would be to cool yo hang out with your cousin. No your never to old I replied. My aunt toke me to room it was right next to Jessica's. ”ok here it is I'll leave you to unpack. Thanks aunty Carly I answered. I finished unpacking really fast and as I walked my cousins room I saw that the door was open.

I decided to walk in and look around. I saw a pair of use panties and picked them up. They smelled amazing I started to remember that aroma from when I us to eat her out. Then I started looking through her drawers and found a condem. Did she want to have sex with me to I asked myself. I heard someone say they would be back soon that they just needed something from upstairs.

So I put the condem away and ran out to see I aunt halfway up the stairs. Are you done unpacking. Yea I replied. Ok.
There's a frozen pizza in the fridge for you and Jessica the grownups are going out to eat and maybe party so dont wait up. I was really happy but I didn't want to show it this was my chance to pick up were I left off 4 years ago. I ran down stairs and sat on the sofa just waiting for them to say bye kids well be back late don't wait up. Then I saw Jessica walk downstairs and sit next to. I couldn't keep my eyes of her.

She had on a white tank top and decided to put on a bra this time. And she had on latex pants on I got rock hard. Pass me that cover my mom doesn't know I have these. I quickly gave it to her and she covered up. Ok kids bye there's a frozen pizza in the fridge Jessica dont wait up. Finally I told myself. Me and Jessica started talking about school.

And other stuff she has not had a boyfriend and I was happy about that then she brought up what we use to do. Remember when you use to sneak into the bathroom when I was taking a shower. Yea you gave amazing head I said joking around. Then I saw her look down. Whats from Jessica no its nothing. Then I when in for a kiss. She looked into my eyes and kissed me back. I started to fondle her tits as she messaged my Dick through my pants.

It felt amazing I ran my fingers through her soft black hair. She started to take off my shirt and she started running her hands up and down my abs. She locked her hand behind my head. I started to message her pussy she had on no panties. Then she stopped wait lets go to my room. I picked her up kissed her on the lips and started heading up the stairs. U had this planned out I asked her. Its not like you didn't have anything planed out I did I was going to drug you first I told her sarcastically and she started laughing. I opened the door to her room and set her on the bed. And got on top of her. She took of her shirt and I toke off my pants. I undid her bra and saw her perfect breast with perky nipples I started to fondle her nipples as she grabbed my rock hard cock and started to stroke it I then started to suck on her nipples while I ran my hands up and down her soft amazing legs.

This is going to be my first time she whispers in my ear don't worry I told her she got into doggy style position and asked me. Do you like my ass. I love ur ass I said and smacked it. I pulled her latex off and started to lick her pussy from the back I ran my toung up and down slit and she started to breath heavily then I stuck my toung as deep as I could into her pussy. She still tasted good I then told her to get into missionary position and I got on top of her. Are u ready. ”yes” I put my head in her entrance I put 2 out of my 10,inches in her then 4 then 6 then I rammed my whole 10 inches in her. she started to scream. I stopped and looked down. I saw her bleed I had taken my cousins virginity. Just the thought of that made,me hornier and I started to slide my cock in and out of her pussy she started to moaning got louder and,louder I could,tell,she was reaching her climax so I stopped. Why did you stop she asked. I want you to give,me head like,old,times. ok tell me if I got better she got into 69 position but u have to lick my pussy again I agreed I stuck my fingers deep into her pussy.

She started to lick the Side of my road then the head and then she started to take me in inch by inch until she got all ten inches in there I was surprised she was taking in my ten inches and she wasn't gagging. Jessica.”yea” can we try anal. ”will it hurt” just the start. ”ok” she agreed and got into doggy style position. I ran my toung in and out her asshole then a finger then two the I got behind her and when in slowly. she started to scream. Don't stop don't stop she said. And I started to go faster and faster she started,to message her pussy as,I keeped on,ramming her ass she wad tighter in the ass I start I know I didn't have that many pumps left so with every pump I when in deeper in her ass until I was about to come I rammed I Dick as far as I could I her ass and started to cumm all in her ass. Awwwww mmmmm did u like ur cousin tight ass and pussy I loved it we should do it again sometime. We will trust me se replied

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10 inches i dont know bout that!!!?? What you crazy or some shit

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story happened too fast. more detail and build up would have been better. also, the dialogue was hard to keep up with because of the lack of quotation marks.

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