This story was written for the CAW 13 writing contest on the forum.
The Cherry Shop

Chapter One

Forrest Grove was a small town when the shop opened; it was a small little shop sitting on the corner of Mondark and D Street. It was a popular shop with the people of Forrest Grove both for its shop keeper and because of the delicious foods. The shop was started by Thomas Wilby and his son Jacob, in 1912, they worked it together as Thomas was the baker and Jacob always welcomed the customers with a smile. Despite offers from investors the shop has stayed in the family pasted from father to son as time moved on, the son becoming the father and learning the secret recipes and baking tricks as to continue the shops proud traditions of excellence. Grown adults still talk often of the many sweet childhood memories of stopping in after school for a scoop of ice cream or cake.

People have come from all over the country to try the world famous “Sweet Cherry” pies, cakes and ice cream which is the staple of the Cherry Shop. When asked what the secret to their treats were, all Old Mr. Wilby would say is that they stuck to the same recipes they had used 100 years ago, that and a whole lot of care and attention to detail made them what they were.

By the turn of the millennium the shop and the Wilby family had become a hallmark of Forrest Grove. The shop was so busy in the summer sometimes that it would have lines of customers going out the door. With only two full time employees’ they do the best to keep up with the crowd yet it wasn’t uncommon to hear that they had sold out for the day during tourist times. Mr. Wilby didn’t like to see anyone turned away however. Anyone who waited in line when they had run out of treats for the day would be given a voucher for a free item and moved to the front of the line the next time they came in. “Never a dissatisfied customer here,” he would say.

Then ten years ago tragedy hit for the father and son, the large bake oven sparked and there was an accident. It was a fire, it happened at night and the whole shop was burned to the ground along with most of the city block. Old Mr. Wilby was working during the accident and had died in the fire. The entire town came by to pay respects to the baker who had made them so happy; flowers were left by visitors showing the how much the shop had meant to them.

Many recall thinking it was an end of an era, and they had lost a piece of their childhoods. But the Wilby’s wouldn’t be slowed down by a fire as Old Mr. Wilby’s son William and his own son Mathew proved. Mathew was only about 15 at the time but he was devoted to helping his father rebuild the business started generations ago. They came back with a vision for a new Cherry Shop and began to rebuild with a much larger and modern building in mind. They bought the three properties around them and began to re-build the shop that was the staple of the growing town around them.

The store was closed for two years as Mathew finished high school and the father and son worked on rebuilding the new shop themselves at night and on weekends. It was a lot of work for the two of them and they felt bad for being closed for so long but they felt they owed it to the town and their family to make it the best shop they could. Now today the new building stands twice as big as the original in the same location. The Wilby’s are still there providing the same great service and sweet cherry treats as they have for the last hundred years.

If it’s made with cherries or tastes like cherries, whether you’re looking for a tasty treat or a friendly face it doesn’t get any better than The Cherry Shop………

“Ok Alice this isn’t a commercial,” Miss Trent told her.

“Sorry I just needed a few more words to get to the 500 word minimum.”

“Go sit down,” she motioned Alice to her seat, “Who’s next for their essay?”

Alice Connors walked back to her seat pleased with her report, Miss Trent didn’t really say much about it to her so she knew that she had done ok. Miss Trent was mean and if she didn’t like it she made sure to embarrass you in front of the whole class. She reminded Alice of that Simon guy from that dumb singing show. Sinking down in her chair she started writing in her note book not even listening to the next report. She didn’t know why she had picked the Cherry Shop to do her report on but it had just seemed like the best idea she could think of.

Alice snapped back to reality as she heard Miss Trent ripping the next boys report apart, he was almost crying when she let him return to his seat and Alice was really happy that she hadn’t had to go through that today. The next person to do their report was a boy named Philip; his report was about his dog. Alice looked over at her best friend Emma and they both laughed as Philip talked on about his pet.

Alice was happy when the bell rang that night, she was feeling funny and she had a cramping in her lower body she hadn’t ever felt before. She went outside to wait for her brother; he picked her up from school every day. It was a really cold January afternoon and it looked like they had gotten another inch of snow this afternoon while she was in class. Alice was just really happy she didn’t have to walk home through all the ice and cold.

As she stood in the school parking area she realized what the feeling was, she was starting her period. This was still something new to her as it had only started happening a couple months ago. She felt relieved when she saw her brother’s pickup truck pull into the parking lot, so much so that she ran to great him before he could stop.

“Your excited today sis,” Jared told her.

“I just had a long day,” she said to embarrassed to tell him she thought her period might be starting, “I just want to head home.”

“Oh, are you sure nothing else is wrong? Your face looks a little down.”

“No I’m fine,” she replied.

“So you wouldn’t want to go get some pie then, right?”

“I could eat pie,” she told him grinning. Her cramping was starting to hurt but she never turned down treats with her brother, and a warm slice of pie sounded really good right now. Alice and Jared had been really close when she was growing up; he had always been the best brother. But about the time Alice had turned ten he had discovered girls and had started spending more time with his buddies. Now that he had his driver’s license he was almost never home, or spent any time with her. She loved the rides to and from school every day because it was her time with him by herself, sometimes he would take her out for a treat before they went home, it was their secret as their mom would be mad about sweets before dinner.

Walking into the Cherry Shop was always like stepping back in time. Even though it was a newer building then the original shop they did a great job of trying to keep the look the same. Walking up to the door there were two big windows on either side with a graphic of a round face man holding a pie in each hand. Walking in the door to the left was two rows of cherry merchandise starting with treats like gum, jams, candies, little fruit pies and granola bars. There were also jars of preserves, toppings, cherry tomatoes and every kind of cherry items sold on the market.

The middle of the shop was a big open space with tables and chairs so customers could sit and eat their treats. The back wall was a big display case full of pies and cakes. That’s where Mathew Wilby always stood, Alice thought he was so cute, she knew he was in his twenties but it didn’t change the facts. Matty as he liked to be called always stood behind the cake and pie case, it was where you went to pay for whatever you bought. He would ring you up and as soon as the register dinged you could always hear Mr. Wilby call out a thank you from the kitchen which was on the other side of the back wall of the shop. The back wall had a door in the corner and a window so Mr. Wilby could smile and wave to all his customers throughout the day.

Walking in to the shop was Alice’s favorite part of going there; she now realized why she had picked this as her report, the smell opening the door always made her mouth water. He brother followed her in the door and handed her ten dollars.

“You go up and order for us today sis,” he told her.

“Um… Ok,” she replied and for some reason her cramping hurt her worse for a moment. She looked at Matty as she approached the counter. She could feel her face burning red as she got closer, she felt like she was just a stupid little girl. She looked back at her brother who just sat at a table and smiled at her. Alice was only twelve and Matty was a grown man but she couldn’t help herself around him, she would get all kinds of tingly feelings when he spoke to her.

“Hey there Alice,” he said softly to her, “You and your brother haven’t been in for a while.”

“No sir,” she mumbled nervously. She felt a little child and that made her feel dumb because she had a tendency to call older people Sir or Mam when she was nervous.

“How did your report come out,” he asked with a smile. Alice turned more shades of red as she had forgotten she had told him about it.

“It was ok……. Thank you…….” She could barely speak.

“Did you get a good grade on it?” He asked and she was lost in his smile.

“Um… uh huh.”

“Good, I’m glad we could help, so are you hear for some pie today?” He asked her and she simply nodded, “Do you still like the sweet cherry swirl?” He asked softly, “And cherry cheesecake for your brother?”

“Yes sir,” she squeaked out.

“Coming right up,” he told her and walked into the kitchen. Alice could hear some talking going on in the kitchen, she couldn’t make out the words but it sounded like some laughing a couple seconds later. A couple moments later Matty returned and said that it would just be a couple more minutes and he would bring it to her table. Alice smiled her prettiest smile at him and sat down with her brother.

The siblings talked about their day and what they wanted to do over the weekend for a few minutes before Mr. Wilby walked out of the back with two large plates of pie. He shook Jared’s hand and thanked him for coming in before he turned to look at Alice. He observed her with a somewhat puzzled look for a moment before he ruffled her hair.

“You’re sure getting big these days little one,” he said to her.

“Thanks,” she said trying to fix her hair.

“So I hear you did a report on us?” He asked her and she felt a chill run through her body. She didn’t know what it was but she had felt it, he hadn’t creeped her out at all but something about the comment seemed to affect her.

“Yes Mr. Wilby,” she said sweetly.

“Well my dear you’ll have to let me have a copy so I can hang it up on the wall.”

“It wasn’t that good,” she told him.

“My dear, I’m so delighted that someone took the time to think of this old place that I will give you your pie for free today for just a copy of your report.”

“Wow, that’s very nice of him Alice,” Jared told her.

“Ok,” she relented and walked out to Jared’s truck to dig through her backpack.

“That’s very nice of you Mr. Wilby but you don’t have to,” Jared told him as soon as Alice was gone.

“No, but it’s important to support education, and I’m happy to hang a child’s report on the wall here. It does the shop well,” he replied with a wink. The door chimed as Alice returned and handed Mr. Wilby her copy of the report.

“Thank you my dear,” he said as she sat down.

“You’re welcome, thank you for the pie.”

“You kids enjoy your treat,” he said walking back into the kitchen. Alice looked over to see Matty was smiling at her, this caused her face to turn red for a second time but she had a hard time looking away from him. They finished their pie and left the shop that night, like they had many times before but for Alice this night was different somehow.

Alice couldn’t sleep that night, she couldn’t get the image of Matty’s smiling face out of her mind, she knew it was wrong but she wanted to be with him. Starting to get her periods had really made her start thinking about things like sex more often lately; she had a lot of curiosity surrounding it. She tried to answer as many questions as she could with the help of the internet but that hadn’t helped her understand how it felt. She had only discovered the pleasure she could give herself by rubbing her little nub a few weeks ago but now she was so hooked on rubbing herself she had to do it every night.

She waited until she heard her family go to bed before she would slide her hand down her panties and rub herself at night. It felt so good but she dreamed of having a boy do this for her, she wanted to know what his tongue would feel like as she had seen in so many videos now. She usually thought of Brian, her brothers best friend, as he was the hottest boy she knew and she had seen him lots of time with his shirt off. But tonight she had Matty’s smile was burning a hole into her brain. She imagined him coming to her in the night and ripping her clothes off and pushing his thick throbbing cock into her wet hole. That thought brought on her orgasm that night, she was barely able to stifle a loud moan as she felt her nub squirt out juice. That was weird to her as she had never squirted out before, but from her internet reading she knew that it wasn’t uncommon.

When Alice finally passed into sleep she felt more satisfied then she had ever felt in her life. She awoke to find herself standing at the back of a wedding aisle; it was the most beautiful wedding she had ever seen. Everything that she had ever planned for her own wedding had been incorporated into this one. Then she looked down seeing herself as a grown woman wearing a white dress and holding a bouquet of flowers, she was standing at her own wedding but that was impossible. Music began to play and she felt disoriented as she began walking down the aisle, looking up she could see Matty standing at the end waiting for her. Alice didn’t know how she had gotten here but she felt her happiness glowing from her, she was about to get married and Matty would be her first lover.

As the minister began to speak the landscape around her began to change, the beautiful decorations seemed to be dissolving. Alice was suddenly scared and she spun around to see that the guests were gone and she was now alone in a chamber like room, it was dark and very cold. A second wave of disorientation swept over her and she fell to the bed, laying there with her one arm hanging over the edge. Where was she? What was going on? She covered her eyes with her other arm as she began to cry.

A chill ran down her spine as the room suddenly went from very cold to painfully frozen, she tried to sit up but she couldn’t move. It was as if the she were locked into place. Fighting to move she managed to move her arm away from her eyes, the room had become completely dark as if she was lying in a void. Alice began only now to be truly frightened as she felt a weight on her chest. It was as if a small child was standing on her chest and she couldn’t breathe. She lay still fighting for air more afraid then she had ever been in her life; she could now see eyes at the end of the bed. They were big and animal like but she couldn’t see the face they belonged to, her fears took her over and she fainted.

Alice woke again with a jolt; she was back in her own bed. She turned on her bedside light to and looked at herself in the mirror. She was still only twelve years old, not the grown woman she had become when she went to sleep. She laughed slightly at the thought of having been at her own wedding; of course it had been a dream. It had just been so real as she had never had a dream before where she thought she was awake. She turned off the light again and rolled onto her side facing the wall. She had just been silly not to see it was a dream, she thought as she tried to go back to sleep.

It was cold again and Alice was walking down the street heading for school, she didn’t know why she was walking alone but today she was. She felt as if someone was watching her, following her hidden just in the shadows. It was quiet and no one was else could be seen on this snow covered winter morning. Her fear began to well inside her again as she sped up, why hadn’t her brother taken her to school today? She couldn’t remember getting up and walking but here she was alone when she began to hear the whistling behind her. Her fright made her begin to run. She had to make it to school right now. The whistling grew louder as the sounds of hooves clacking on the sidewalk fill the air. Alice was running as fast as she could now but as she stepped down her foot landed on a rock causing her to lose her balance and fall to the ground.

She landed on her back and looked up, there was a dark man riding a black horse above her. The man wasn’t really a man; he was dark and very hairy almost like a wolf man. He had long black wings and claws on his hands and feet, he was the most disgustingly evil looking man she had ever seen. He began to climb off the horse when out of nowhere, of all people to save her, Mr. Wilby jumped in front of her holding a large sword. Next to him was Matty holding some kind of double bladed battle axe, he looked to the monster then to Alice on the ground. Matty reached out his hand to Alice and helped her to her feet; she could feel the pain from her ankle as she had twisted.

“Don’t worry Alice, I won’t let him hurt you,” Matty said sweetly. She turned her attention back to Mr. Wilby and the evil man who were having words in a strange language. The evil main looked one last time upon Alice and turned his horse away galloping back into the darkness.

“You’ll be ok now dear,” Mr. Wilby told her, “You can sleep tonight and he won’t bother you again.”

“You take this,” Matty said holding out his hand showing her a ring, “If the man bothers your dreams again look to the ring on your finger,” he continued sliding the ring on her middle finger of her right hand, “And call me to you, I will protect you.”

“Ok,” Alice replied confused, “So this isn’t real? I’m just…………………”

The alarm clock brought her back into the real world again; Alice couldn’t believe it had happened again. That dream had been so much more real than the first one. But then she thought about the weird man and the fact that the Wilbys had shown up with medieval weapons and talked in weird languages, she should have known better. She shook her head trying to clear it and got out of bed. As she stepped down she winced in pain, her ankle hurt as if she had really twisted it. She must have laid on it funny making her think she fell in her dream. Slowly she walked to the bathroom to take a shower and get ready for school.

Chapter Two

Gina Thatcher woke up in a cold sweat, she looked around the room as her fear began to subside, it had only been a dream. She had kicked the covers off herself sometime in the night and her legs were freezing cold. She shivered as she got out of bed and began to pick out her clothes for the day. She settled on a cute little skirt and her favorite sweater, she knew it was a little too cold out for that skirt but she was hoping to catch the attention of Billy Dewier. He was the cutest boy in school as far as she was concerned and she had to get him to ask her out before another girl could.

Once she had her clothes picked out she made her way to the bathroom, the house was empty already this morning like every day. Her parents both left for work before she got up in the morning so it was her job to get going herself, on an average day she didn’t mind so much but the dream was still rattling around in her head and she was nervous to take a shower alone in the house today. She couldn’t say why but it was as if someone was watching her, standing behind her but when she turned there was no one there. She was just being crazy, she thought, as she got into the shower.

The water felt good on her skin that morning as it cascaded down her body, she felt silly for being scared before. She ran her head under the water letting it flow through her hair, she was happy to be warming up from the cold she had felt this morning. It felt so wonderful to her and she had her eyes closed just enjoying her shower, she didn’t see the shadow move across the curtain. It was large and dark as it creeped closer to the girl; it was almost upon her when her eyes opened.

Gina pulled her head out of the flow of water and pushed her hair back behind her head off her face, she opened her eyes to see the dark outline on the outside of her bath curtain. Before she could scream a clawed hand ripped the curtain open, and grabbed her face covering her mouth. Gina was in shock she couldn’t scream now if she tried, this thing that had grabbed her was something straight out of her nightmare.

“Don’t struggle and I will not hurt you,” it said in a deep yet soothing voice that she thought for sure she had heard before, “You were chosen,” it told her. She didn’t know what it was talking about and the smell of this monster made her feel sick. It pulled her to him and hugged her body to it tight, she couldn’t believe this was real. She hoped she would wake up any moment and this would be all over. This was so real though and she closed her eyes and didn’t fight as it held her naked body.

“Good,” it said softly in her ear, “I hoped you would give yourself to me.” With her eyes still closed she felt them moving, he was taking her somewhere. It didn’t matter this was all a nightmare and she would wake soon and be safe in her bed.

“I’ve waited for 25 years for this,” it told her as calmly as if it were her friend telling her about their day, “The time has come for Father to return and you are the first of those who will honor him.” She wanted to ask what he was talking about, she wanted to ask what the hell he was but she couldn’t form words. She could feel the wind on her face and she finally opened her eyes, they were flying high above the ground. Scared of heights as much as the thing holding her she gripped him hard fearing she would fall.

“Don’t worry Gina, I won’t let you fall, your too important to the ceremony,” It told her and again she wished she would wake up as this nightmare was becoming as confusing as it was scary. They had been in the air for quite a long time when the monster moved his head to her neck and gave her a gentle kiss; it wasn’t love after she passed out.


Alice woke up with such force she smacked her head on the wall next to her bed. She shook her head as she tried to force the dream from her mind again this morning. It had been the tenth day in a row she had the nightmare, only now it was becoming worse and she couldn’t put it out of her mind as easy when she woke up in the morning. It was always the same dream to begin with; she was lying on the bed while something sat on her chest looking at her. She still couldn’t see what was sitting on her causing her to lose her breath but she knew deep down it was the man from the horse.

Every night for ten days she had dreamed that the man on the dark horse was trying to catch her, and every night Matty came to her aid. She would look at the ring and he would arrive, standing between her and the evil man and his horse. Every night he would kiss her forehead and tell her that she could fall back to sleep again and she knew she was falling in love with this man who saved her. Alice knew it was more than ridiculous to be falling in love with an older man from her dreams but she couldn’t help herself.

Slowly and shaking her head like that would erase her memories, she got out of bed and began to pick out her school clothes for the day. There was still a foot of snow on the ground and as much as she wanted to wear one of her pretty skirts she chose a newer pair of jeans and a sweater. It was early and she knew her brother wouldn’t be up yet as she walked to the bathroom to take her shower. She looked into his room as she went by and had to stop herself from gasping, he was laying on his bed completely naked. She had never seen a real penis before and she knew she shouldn’t look but her brother wasn’t just naked, he seemed to be having his morning erection. It looked so nice, not too big but not small and Alice wondered what it would be like to touch it.

Alice stopped herself as she realized she had walked into his room and was within an arm’s length of actually touching her sleeping brother. What was wrong with her lately? Weird nightmares, strange thoughts of sex, thoughts of love with older men and now sexually attracted to her brother. She pulled herself out of his room and closed his door, she was really happy her parents left for work early in the morning as it would have been really bad to have been caught looking at him just now.

Walking the rest of the distance to the bathroom Alice suddenly felt a presence behind her, she spun to look but nothing was there. She looked her brothers door was still closed but she felt uneasy, so much so that she stood in the same spot and watched the house behind her for a few moments. Finally realizing she was being paranoid she stepped into the bathroom and closed the door so she could take her shower.

The water felt great that morning as it ran down her body, she started thinking about Matty again and the tingles returned to her young body. Then she thought about Jared’s hard dick and she began to feel really hot in her cheeks and her pussy. She thought about what Matty’s dick looked like and was it bigger then Jared as Matty was almost ten years older, what would it feel like in her right now in the shower to have Matty come up behind her and slip it into her wetness. Alice leaned forward placing one hand on the shower wall while her other hand found her clit nub and she began to rub it hard. She began moaning loud as she could feel her orgasm building; she didn’t care if she woke Jared all that mattered was the thought of Matty making love to her. She closed her eyes as she squirted juice from her little clit.

So into her masturbation Alice was she didn’t see the dark shadow move on the shower curtain, it moved in quickly and stood very still as she finished her morning fun. Alice opened her eyes and thought she caught something move on the other side of the curtain but she was so content she thought she must have imagined it, she closed her eyes again and let the water wash her body clean. Once Alice was done with her shower she got out to find her clothes weren’t where she had left them upon entering the bathroom. She looked and the door was still locked so Jared couldn’t have come in but she was a little nervous that things had been moved, or had she just not remembered where she had left them this morning?

Alice was quiet on the way to school that morning, she felt embarrassed sitting next to her brother. She had the image of his nice cock burning into her brain and she couldn’t figure out how to put it out of her mind. She jumped out of the car as soon as it stopped and ran to the school, she wanted to talk to Emma she would know what to do. She walked into her first class and sat down next to her best friend and leaned over to quietly talk to her about her morning.

“I’m so jealous,” Emma told her after Alice had explained what she saw, “But you didn’t touch it?”

“No,” Alice replied acting more repulsed then she really was, “He’s my brother.

“If Jared was my brother I would have sucked it until he woke up,” Emma said firmly. Alice believed her because Emma was only 13 but she had, had sex with a lot of boys already.

“I can’t suck off my brother,” Alice said trying to sound convincing as the thought of doing so made her feel tingly.

“It’s not as bad as it sounds,” Emma told her leaning in closer, “I never told anyone this but my brother was my first.” Alice wasn’t surprised but she still was a little taken back at the same time.

“You had sex with Kurt? But he’s like seven years older than you.”

“Yeah, but I loved my brother and he was leaving for boot camp, I was worried that I would never see him again. The night before he left home……… well it happened” she said and Alice could hear the love in her voice, “But that was almost two years ago and we still do it when he’s home on leave. I love how close it made us afterwards.” Emma had just spoken the words when it hit her that she had just reviled her biggest secret ever, she had told Alice without even realizing the words were coming out of her mouth.

“Wow, I hadn’t ever thought…………..” Alice couldn’t finish the sentence. She had been so close to her brother once but she felt like they were slipping away now. Could making love to him and giving him her virginity make them bond like before?

“You have to sleep with Jared; I can’t tell you how great it is to feel so loved by a man.” Again Emma didn’t know where these words were coming from; it was as if someone were speaking through her. What she had said was true but she had never meant to tell another soul about her brother.

“Thanks Emma, I’ll have to think about it.” Alice could feel the heat rising in her face and now more of their classmates were walking in and she didn’t want to be overheard.

“Talk to him about it he may want that too, by the way is he still hanging out with Brian?”

Alice didn’t get a chance to answer as the bell rang; they sat quietly as their teacher came in. Moments later the principal’s voice was heard over the PA system telling all students to go to the gym for an emergency assembly. Emma was really excited as they got up to go; she said that meant they wouldn’t have to take the history exam in first period today. Alice had completely forgotten they had a test that morning, between her nightmares and everything else, it had slipped her mind.

The whole school assembled in the gym where the girls noticed that there were a number of police standing in the center of the room. As it turned out the police had called together all the students to let them know about the rash of disappearances in the surrounding towns. In the last week no less than 16 girls had disappeared from six towns and cities. The Forest Grove police department thought it would be a good idea to get all the kids together and talk to them about what to watch out for and how to stay safe. As of yet no one from Forest Grove had turned up missing but they didn’t want to take any chances.

When Jared came to pick up Alice from school that night Emma was waiting with her.

“Can we give her a ride home today?” Alice asked really sweetly, “She’s nervous to walk home alone, even if it is only six blocks.”

“No problem,” Jared said smiling at Emma.

“Thanks,” Emma said hopping in to the truck causing Alice to have to squeeze in tight to her brother. As she shifted Alice thought she could see a bulge rising in his jeans, she wondered if he was excited for Emma or her. She liked the thought that it might be for her, maybe Emma was right about a special love between brother and sister. Just the thought of it was making her tingle.

“Well since I have my two favorite girls with me how bout we go to the Cherry Shop and get something sweet?” Jared asked rubbing Alice’s thigh gently, it was a gesture that he had done to her for years when he was trying to be sweet.

“I’m in if it means spending time with the nicest boy in town,” Emma said giving him a wink. Alice suddenly felt annoyed by her friend, was she really hitting on her brother? Emma and Jared chatted the whole ride to the shop; Alice thought it was really kind how much Jared pretended to be interested in what Emma was talking about.

Walking into the shop the familiar smell of sweet filled Alice’s mind and she felt that familiar sense of happiness she always did when she was there. This was the first time they had come to the shop since her dreams had started and she looked up at Matty standing behind the counter, he was there smiling at her just like he always was. With all the snow in town they were the only customers in the shop right now yet it still felt warm and cozy inside like every visit before.

Jared handed Alice some money and told her to go ahead and order, she was a little hesitant because as nervous as Matty usually made her she was more self-conscious now due to his rescuing her in her nightmares. Emma grabbed her by the arm and led her to the counter.

“Come on,” Emma whispered to her, “Let’s go see your lover boy.” Emma giggled as Alice shot her a look of contempt. Alice was really regretting sharing her feels about Matty with her best friend.

“Hi Emma, Hi Alice,” Matty said in his dreamy soft voice, “What can I get you today?” Alice studied his face and there was no more recognition to seeing her then just recognizing her as a customer. She felt sillier than ever, just because she dreamed of him didn’t mean he dreamed of her.

“I want a piece of apple cherry pie,” Emma said in her most innocent tone, “Alice wants your phone number.”

“EMMA!” Alice cried out and turned to leave but Emma caught her arm.

“I was just kiddin ya,” she told Matty and winked, “She wants your baby.”

“YOU BITCH!” Alice yelled at her friend and pulled free of her grip. She walked back to her brother sat down and put her head on the table.

“What was that all about?” Jared asked. Alice didn’t answer she just covered her face and with her arms trying to hide.

“Girl he knew I was just joking,” Emma said sitting down, “Your brighter red then that jar of cherries over there, I didn’t say something untrue did I?”

“Just shut up,” she told Emma, her voice muffled by her arms. Jared looked puzzled but knew better than to get in the middle of whatever it was they were fighting about. The three sat in silence until Mr. Wilby came out of the kitchen with their treats.

“I hear someone is smitten out here,” he joked. Alice gowned loudly as she sat up, her face was still very red and Jared had to stop himself from laughing at her embarrassment, “Well here you go,” Mr. Wilby said setting down a plate of Cherry lemon pie in front of Alice.

“This is a new recipe I’m starting and I thought you might like it,” he said kindly, “Here you go apple cherry for you dear,” he told Emma setting hers down for her, “And cherry cheesecake for you sir.”

“Thanks Mr. Wilby, “Jared offered.

“No thank you son for coming in on a day like today, it’s always good to see you kids.” With a short wave he walked back to the kitchen.

After dinner with her family that night Alice’s parents decided to go out to the bar for a couple hours by themselves, and Jared went downstairs to the basement family room. Alice started working on her homework, she was grateful that she had time to study for the test she had forgotten about. By 8:00 she was getting tired of reading and decided to go down to the family room and watch TV and talk to her brother.

She opened the basement door to find him lifting weights; he had his shirt off and was only wearing some work out shorts. She thought about the conversation she had with Emma that morning and she began to tingle again. She stood in place thinking she should just leave but her eyes were glued to the leg of his shorts hoping to see his penis again.

“So are you going to stare at me all night or talk to me?” Jared asked sitting up.

“I……. I…….” she stuttered.

“It’s ok,” he said standing up and going to her, “I saw you leaving my room this morning; I know you pulled up my blanket to look at me.

“I didn’t,” she shot out.

“I saw you Alice, its ok,” he said gently.

“I really didn’t,” she pleaded, “I just……

“I could also hear you moaning in the shower,” he informed her, “Be honest were you…… thinking of me?” She was so mortified by his having heard her and but she nodded in response.

“Come sit on the couch with me.” He moved to the couch and Alice could see the bulge in his pants showing how hard he was for her, she wasn’t just tingly anymore she was becoming really wet now. She moved to the couch next to him and sat down. Her heart was beating in her chest so hard she was having a hard time breathing, what was about to happen? Could he really want her like that? Would she be able to go through with it? She didn’t move frozen in place by her nervousness.

“Don’t be nervous,” Jared told her putting his arm around her and feeling her trembling, “I’ve noticed how you’re growing into a very pretty girl in the last few months.” His words were making her feel really good as the anticipation grew in her.

Jared didn’t know what had come over him in the last five minutes, he had never thought of doing anything sexual with Alice before today. He had seen her leaving his room that morning and he had been naked, he hadn’t gone to sleep naked so he knew she had stripped him to look at his cock. The sounds of her moaning in the shower had been so hot and he had been naked already he had closed his eyes and stroked himself to the sound of her moaning voice. He thought about it all day, only getting worse when she was rubbing up against him in the truck.

All day long he couldn’t get the thought of her young budding breasts out of his mind, but she was his baby sister and on some level he knew this was wrong. It was almost like some force was pushing him to kiss her, whispering in his ear to take her virginity. He couldn’t explain it but it was there in the back of his mind, not for his teenage needs but he needed to do it for her. Somehow if he made love to his sister it would save her, but from what? Maybe it was just his mind rationalizing something he knew was wrong. He told himself to stop and stop now before it was too late to take it back but he felt his hard tool bursting at the seams of his shorts and his body was moving as if controlled by someone else.

Alice felt his lips touch hers and it was like fire had gone off inside her body, she loved her brother so much and wanted to be close to him in a way that no one else could be. They gently kissed each other’s lips for a few minutes when she felt his tongue begin to lick the edge of her lips, separating them. She opened her mouth slightly as his tongue began to consciously explore her mouth, playing with her tongue. She froze up scared and unsure of what to do as she felt his hand on her small breast, he began to rub her in slow circles as her nipples hardened.

She felt very wet and jittery at the same time; she was still too scared to move as he took her hand and placed it on his throbbing cock. She didn’t know what to do so she simply rubbed the palm of her hand around the top of the bulge. Jared moaned inside her mouth and she assumed she was doing something right. He removed his hand from her breast and hooked his thumbs inside his shorts, pulling away from their kiss long enough to lift up and pull his shorts down to his knees. She gazed at his pulsing member; it seemed bigger and harder than it had been that morning. She was both scared and excited that she had made her brother this excited; she couldn’t believe that anyone would be that attracted to her.

Jared leaned in and kissed her again moving her hand back to his now exposed love rod, it was slick with what she knew was pre-cum. She had read all about it when looking up sex information on the internet. The skin of his hard cock felt soft and slippery to the touch as she wrapped her hand around it and began to stroke it up and down in slow movements. This caused Jared to kiss her with more passion as he reached in under her shirt and began to fondle her tiny breasts, spending special attention to her nipples. Jared moved away from kissing her and removed her shirt then unhooked her bra, leaving her feeling a little exposed.

He looked at her bare chest and she felt really self-conscious for the first time during this make out session. She squeezed him harder as she stroked him and began to move faster, he leaned back tilting his head to the back of the couch moaning wildly. Alice suddenly felt like someone was pushing her, she began to lean down until her mouth was only an inch away from his throbbing hardness. She didn’t want to suck his cock as she still thought that was a little gross but she couldn’t stop herself, it was as if she had an invisible hand pushing her head down.

Jared was crying out in pleasure as he realized that Alice was moving down to suck his dick, he couldn’t believe that she was about to give him his very first blow job right there on the family room couch. He closed his eyes tighter in anticipation, he had wanted to go this far with a girl for so long and tonight it was happening. He still didn’t know what had come over him today to make him want his sister but he would worry about that in an hour, now was going to be the best night of his life so far.

In the middle of this perfect moment between brother and sister when both felt like it was beyond their control, the garage door opened. The garage was across the hall from the basement re-room so when the door went up both jumped at the sound. Alice jumped up feeling like the hand had released her; she grabbed her shirt and bra then ran into the downstairs bathroom. Jared pulled up his shorts and ran back to the weight bench to look like he had just been lifting weights.

It was only moments later that the inside door opened from the garage and their parents walked into the house, their dad opened the rec-room door and looked in as their mom walked upstairs.

“Don’t stay up to late,” he said trying to sound fatherly.

“I won’t dad.”

“Goodnight,” his dad replied and closed the door just as Alice came out of the bathroom. She had flushed the toilet to cover for her being in there, her shirt and hair back into proper place.

“Hi Daddy,” she said excitedly trying to act innocent.

“Hi baby,” he said and kissed her forehead, “You’re all sweaty, were you working out with your brother?”

“Um yeah, I thought I would give it a try,” she said trying not to sound guilty.

“Good for you, if you get those muscles up now I won’t have to fight the boys off for you,” he joked.

“Daddy!” she exclaimed and they both laughed.

Alice went to bed that night somewhat distant and confused, her mind was wondering so much she stubbed her toe on the end of her bed and cried for about ten minutes before she began to calm down. She had just lived out the weirdest night of her life and she wasn’t sure what any of it meant, she thought things over carefully. She loved her brother but she had really felt like something else was in control of her body as she had almost swallowed his cock head, it scared her that she didn’t have control over her body. How could she stop herself if something was compelling her to do these things? Did Jared think she was a bad girl? He seemed to be enjoying the situation but did that mean he thought they were like a boyfriend/girlfriend couple now? She was just too young to understand the confusing thoughts going through her head now.

Chapter Three

Emma woke to find herself in a darkened room; she was lying on a bed dressed in white robes. She tried to move but her body was frozen in place as if she were an image on a snap shot photo. She didn’t know why that thought crossed her mind but that was how she felt as she struggled to move. Her eyes seemed to be the only thing she could move so she tried to see everything around her, trying to figure out where she was.

More scared then she could ever remember she looked down to see a pair of sparkling eyes glowing in the vast dark; she was fixed on those eyes as they moved closer to her. For a moment her fear began to loosen as she saw the head connected to the eyes were that of a dark horse, she had always believed in the spirit animals coming to people in their sleep. She began to wonder what her spirit animal was going to tell her. It wasn’t until she saw the man upon the horse that her fear began to spike into waves of terror.

He was a dark man, furry and smelled of death, or what she imagined death would smell like anyway. He had huge wings and clawed hands, he stared at her with his dark ruby eyes. She would have fainted from fear if she hadn’t already been paralyzed there on the bed. The man jumped off the horse landing on the edge of the bed, he began to crawl up her body slowly her eyes not blinking as he approached her face. His stench was beyond compare, a mix of rotting meat and burnt charcoal.

“You are chosen,” the dark man spoke to her, his voice deep like the roar of a lion, “You’ve upset our plans with your words,” it talked with such anger behind is words that Emma thought she was going to die of terror, “Your time has come, when you wake you belong to me.”

Emma woke screaming out in complete fear, her body shot up and she couldn’t stop her wailing. Her mom came running into her room, bursting through the door and grabbing her daughter into a hug. Tears began to roll down Emma’s face as she came back to her senses and realized it had all been a dream. A real and intense dream, something she would hold in her mind forever, she thought to herself. Her mom asked her all kinds of questions and she couldn’t talk about it, she just let her mother hold her as she shuddered still in terror. What was that thing and why would she dream of it?

Emma’s brother had come in only moments after she stopped screaming and offered to stay with her the rest of the night. She was so happy he was home on leave right now, and her mom thought that it was sweet that he would look out for her. They lay together kissing for a few minutes and she snuggled into him, she felt warm and protected in his arms and wished she could find a boyfriend who treated her like he did. She had been honest with her friend when she told her to love her brother this way, it meant the world to them and she thought Alice would get the same feelings from Jared.

With her brother holding her she slept the whole rest of the night without any more bad dreams. She was tired when she woke the next morning and she left her brother in her bed as she got ready for school. She picked out a blue sweater and her favorite retro bell bottom jeans and carried her clothes to the bathroom to take her shower. The water had felt good and she spent so much time washing the tension out of her body that she was almost late for school by the time she got out. She noticed when she got out of the shower her clothes were moved, she thought she had left them on the counter by the sink but now they were sitting on the toilet tank lid.

Not really thinking much of it she pulled on her clothes and fixed her hair, she wanted to look good for tonight. She wanted to ask Alice if she could spend the night at her house tonight, Brian was supposed to be spending the night there with Jared and Emma wanted to see him so badly. She had been with boys his age before and she thought Brian was so hot; she wanted to get with him. She left the bathroom and grabbed her jacket by the door, she didn’t really want to walk in the snow again today but what choice did she have. She thought about waking up her brother but she had been enough trouble to him last night with her silly nightmare and she would still be late for class either way.

It was more than freezing to her as she began the six block walk to school; she tried to hurry as much as she could without stepping in the watery pools of melted snow. The last thing she wanted was to have soaked shoes all day long. She had walked about a block before she turned to look behind her; she had the feeling that something was following her. No one was anywhere she could see so she began to walk again. She had only gone about ten more feet when she began to feel eyes on her back again, she spun so fast she fell down right into one of the water puddles she had been avoiding. She looked up to the sky as a dark shadow began to move towards her at high speed, she wasn’t even able to scream before the dark man from her dream scooped her up off the street and carried her away.


Gina Thatcher woke up both with her wrists tied above her head; she had been hung by the rope binding her wrists. Her toes barely touched the ground below her and her arms burned from being stretched above her head. She looked up and she found she had been hung from the outstretched arms of a hideous statue; the ground under her feet was curved like she was hanging over a bowl. The bowl had a drain hole in the center and that scared her the most, she could only think of one reason there would be a drain in the floor beneath her.

As her eyes adjusted to the strange light she noted that she was in a large dark chamber of some sort. She noticed two more girls, both unconscious and hanging from two more statues. Each of them had been set into a corner and Gina noticed that one more statue sat in the room this one still remained empty. The monster had told her she was the first if that was so how long had she been unconscious? Long enough for her arms to hurt worse than any pain she could remember, long enough for two more unconscious girls to be hung in the room with her. Again Gina though this couldn’t be real, despite the fact that she had passed out during the dream she still clung to the hope she would wake up in her own bed.

A loud thump broke her train of thought brining her back to the pain in her arms; she turned her head to the chamber door. It opened in between the statues on the far side of her; the monster flew in carrying another girl. The new girl was unconscious and wearing a blue sweater and bell bottom jeans, her clothes were soaked and dripping on the floor. The monster slowly and carefully began to undress the girl, Gina thought it was almost loving the way he gently removed her garments. After the new girl was stripped of her coverings the creature began to tie her wrists together, then he lifted her as if she weighed nothing and hooked her to the outstretched arms of the final statue.

Gina kept her head down as if she were still unconscious and only opened her eyes in slits as the creature turned and focused its attention to her for a moment. It smiled at her and left the room closing the door after itself. The silence was driving her as crazy as the pain in her arms, is she listened really hard she thought she could hear other girls crying out but it was so faint she wondered if it was real or not. Why couldn’t she just wake up and end this nightmare?


Alice was sitting in her first class waiting for Emma, she really wanted to tell her about her night with her brother and ask her how she had dealt with all the conflicting feelings. The class bell rang and the teacher began the day’s class lesson. Alice picked up her phone under her desk and texted Emma asking where she was and was she coming to school today. She put her phone back in her pocket before the teacher could see it and take it. She was upset because she needed someone to confide in and she didn’t think she could tell her other friends about what happened, they would think she was gross.

Alice thought back to that morning, she had woken up to another nightmare. This one had been different however; she didn’t start out on that strange bed like she had all the other nights. This time she had been walking down the snow covered street when the evil man on the horse had appeared in front of her. He was angry, his claws were bloody and he smelled of burning wood as best as Alice could place the smell. She wished Matty to her as she had done before but he didn’t come this time, the man grabbed her arms breathing his hot breath into her face.

“You’ve been chosen,” it grunted at her, “You belong to me.” Its voice was angry and her fright took over and she managed to pull free of him. She ran not looking where she was going, she could hear the hooves of the horse close behind her as she tried with all her might to out run it. She looked up suddenly to find she was at the Cherry shop, she would go to Matty, and he would save her. She pushed in the door and ran to him behind the counter.

“Don’t despair Alice,” he said to her picking up his ax and running to the door. The ax burst out with blue flame as Matty pointed it towards the evil man.

“Back to hell with you,” He cried holding the ax over his head; the whole scene was so unreal that Alice felt like she was losing her mind. This was something straight out of a medieval movie. The evil man spoke in an unknown language to Matty who shook his head but didn’t budge. Mr. Wilby came running out from the kitchen holding his broadsword chanting in the same unknown language. Confronted with both father and son the evil man turned and ran rode away.

“Why didn’t you call me with the ring?” Matty asked her upon returning to the store.

“I tried but it didn’t work,” she cried as tears of fear and relief rolled down her face.

“Then you did the right thing, you can always come here, this shop will protect you from evil spirits. Don’t forget that.”

It was at that point Alice had woken up that morning; she shuddered in her chair as she remembered the dream. She looked up at the black board as the teacher was talking; she realized she had just missed today’s entire lesson plan. She looked over and Emma was still gone, she was often a couple minutes late but never missed a whole class. Alice’s mind began to slip away from class again as she remembered her morning. She had gotten up and taken her shower like every morning, again feeling like someone was watching her but no one was there.

Her brother had gotten up by the time she got out of the bathroom, he didn’t say anything to her as he passed her in the hall way. They met at the door so he could give her a ride to school, he was squirming around like he had something to say but he remained quiet. On the ride to school Alice could see the bulge in his pants and she wanted to talk to him about it, but she didn’t know what to say anymore then he did. She thought this was supposed to bring them together not make them unable to talk to each other. The bell rang as Alice thought about the car ride that morning, she would need to talk to him and soon.

Emma never showed up for school the whole day and Alice thought maybe she had told her parents she was staying home sick. After what she had told Alice about her brother yesterday maybe they had decided to spend the day together since he was only supposed to be home a few days. Alice was jealous that their brother and sister bond was working and hers had blown up in her face. She decided not to call her friend so that they could have their time together without interruption.

Jared picked her up after school and still said nothing to her; she began to cry by the time they had gone only four blocks from school.

“Why are you crying sis?” he asked barely able to speak.

“Because you don’t love me after last night,” she cried out.

“How can you think that?” he asked shocked.

“Well you didn’t talk to me, so you must think I’m a bad girl for rubbing your dick.”

“No sis, I just don’t know what to think about last night,” he said being honest, “I loved it but I thought maybe you changed your mind and didn’t like me for leading you to do it.”

“Really, you still love me?” she asked tentatively. Jared pulled the truck over and took both of her hands in his.

“I know it’s wrong, you’re my sister, you’re only twelve, but I love you so much,” he paused to kiss both her hands, “I don’t know where this can go but I want to be with you, always.”

“I love you too,” Alice said slowly. She hadn’t realized until that moment how much their bond meant to her and how much she really meant those words. He kissed her hands again then leaned in and kissed her lips, kissing her with all his passion. Jared didn’t know where this sudden desire for her had come from himself, again he felt like some outside force was pushing him to her, manipulating him to fall in love with his sister.

“How about we go get a piece of pie?” he asked pulling away from their kiss, “To celebrate us, and our love for each other.” Alice didn’t answer in words she just nodded and kissed him again. They finally broke apart and drove to the shop.

Alice felt something more walking into the shop this time, she was sure it was due to the dream last night. This time along with the comforting smells of baked goods she felt a strange sense of security, like this was the one safe haven she in a storm. She sat down and Jared walked up to the counter today, Matty smiled at her from the distance but he seemed bothered by something today. His smile was as sweet as usual but behind that his face was hard and he almost looked worried.

Mr. Wilby brought them their pie sometime later and shook Jared’s hand as always with a smile and a joke and the kids ate their pie and left as usual. This time as she was leaving a sense of dread filled Alice’s mind, she didn’t understand what it was or where it came from but she was actually afraid to leave. It was like the monster from her dream was outside waiting for her, Jared pulled on her hand when she paused at the door and she started walking again. That was utterly silly, she thought, the creature is from my dream and can’t hurt me here.

That night Jared sat through dinner trying not to look at his sister, he loved her truly but it was really bothering him that he had such an instant interest in her as a girl. After dinner his parents announced that they were meeting some friends for drinks and would be going out again. Jared could barely contain his excitement to have some alone time with Alice again, he could see that she too was smiling despite herself.

As soon as their parents left Alice walked downstairs to the family room to see her brother, he was sitting on the couch waiting for her. They smiled at each other as she crossed the room and sat down, she could see his shorts rising as she leaned over to kiss him. Both siblings felt again as if some force had pushed them together, controlling them, but it felt right to kiss each other. Alice felt a hand on her shoulder and her heart swelled with love for him as they kissed, she couldn’t explain it but she felt it surge through her body.

Jared felt a hand touch his shoulder, and he too felt a surge of passion and love. His mind was focused on only one thing, loving the girl he was kissing. The moment was so right for both of them that they sat there not breaking the kiss for what felt like days. Jared was happy to take it slow with her and not push her to do more than she was ready for. He had kissed girls his own age but not like they were kissing now, he had only gone as far with a girl as they had gone the night before but he was willing to wait for Alice. As they kissed Jared could hear a voice whispering in his ear.

“Take her,” the voice told him, “Make love to her, now, tonight before it’s too late.” He jumped back when he realized the voice wasn’t in his own head. Jared looked around the room but saw no one there, but the voice had been so real. Again feeling like he was being used, he felt his hands move to his shorts. He began to pull them down as he saw Alice remove her shirt; his cock sprang free throbbing at the sight of his sisters young globes.

Alice began to lean over as she had the night before, she too was feeling like the hand on her shoulder was pushing her to his cock and she had no control. She reached out and began to stroke her brother; she loved the feeling of his skin between her fingers. Giving up her resistance to the invisible hand on her back she bent her head down and began to lick his hard shaft. It wasn’t as gross as she had imagined and it was Jared so she felt happy to please him. His head tilted back and he moaned out as she licked the pre-cum off the head, she loved the flavor; it was really sweet tasting to her.

Not able to hold back anymore Alice took the head into her mouth and began to suck on it, flicking it with her tongue. Jared began thrusting his hips up as she sucked, pushing himself deeper with every thrust. It was only minutes before he cried out telling her he was going to cum. Moments later she felt his hot seed on her tongue, coating her mouth as she swallowed. It wasn’t as good as the pre-cum, his spunk was bland and the texture almost made her gag but she swallowed all of it.

“OH god sis that was the best moment of my life,” he said to her kissing her mouth again. They kissed for a long time again when Jared began to pull on her shorts, he wanted so bad to give in to what the voice was telling him and make love to his beautiful young sister. Her shorts slid off her legs revealing her soft, young and untouched pussy. He moved so that his body was on top of her then placed his finger to her wet lips. She was so wet and slick, she was so ready for him to take her virginity and he was so happy to give her his.

Alice was breathing heavy and losing her mind in anticipation as she felt the head of his cock rub the outside of her wet pussy. She was so ready for this, their whole lives had led to this moment and she couldn’t think of another boy she would ever want for her first time. This was a perfect moment.

“Put it in,” a whispered voice said to him and he realized that this time it came from her, “Please I want you so bad, I need this,” Alice pleaded with him. He was ready but he wanted to remember this moment the rest of his life so he took it slow and continued to lube his cock with her overflowing juices.

“Do it now!” said the other voice in his ear, “It’s now or never.” Jared again turned his head to look for someone else. Was the other voice really in his own head? If so why did the other voice sound so dire, its tone was like life depended on him taking her virginity.

As like the night before he was in a perfect moment when the garage door opened, both children scrambled to put their clothes back on as fast as they could. They had expected their parents to be out late with their friends. Jared looked at his watch to find it was much later then he realized but his parents were still early. Damn it, he cursed himself, they had spent so much time kissing that they had lost their moment that night. He was going to end the night still a virgin.

Their parents didn’t bother to look in the rec-room that night as they climbed the stairs; they seemed to be talking about something and had just walked by. Alice let out a sigh as she heard the footsteps upstairs, that had been really close and they would have to be really careful from now on.

After about fifteen minutes Alice walked quietly up the stairs and down the hall to her room. She curled up in her bed thinking about what she had done for the second night in a row. She loved being able to please her brother that way and she was very happy with the love bond that had taken them over today, she was finally getting back the brother she had so missed over the last couple years.


Emma woke up with a start, her arms were burning with pain and she was really hungry. Someone around her was crying but she couldn’t see anything in the odd light of the room she was in. The only thing she knew for sure was that she was hanging from something. There was something moving around in the dim light, a large shadow. As her eye became adjusted to the light she realized that the shadows were two of the same type of creatures that abducted her. She could now see that she that the crying was coming from one of the other three girls hanging in the room. Emma was scared so far beyond belief a strange calm had taken her over, maybe because this couldn’t be real, it just couldn’t.

“All is in readiness brother,” One of the creatures said to the other, “I have all four girls now and the vessel is ripe.”

“You’re sure about the vessel?” the second asked, “It must be pure.”

“Yes, I’ve been watching her, she still remains intact. The others failed to disrupt our plans this year.”

“You’re sure about the girls her as well?” the other asked, “If one is wrong it will condemn the whole ritual and we will not succeed.”

“Yes, I’ve watched them as well,” Said the first, “The girls there are virgins, both twelve years old same as the vessel.” He pointed to the girls on the opposite wall from where Emma was hanging. Then turned to point at Emma and the girl in the corner to her right, “And these two are with child conceived by incest.”

Emma’s arms hurt and she was scared out of her mind but the comment that she was with child had stopped her mind cold, she wasn’t pregnant, and caused by incest? That would have to mean her brother had gotten her pregnant. It was too much to take and her moment of calm broke and she began to cry. She hadn’t had a period in the last six weeks since he had been home last but she was often late as her period hadn’t become regular yet. But to be pregnant seemed impossible, they were always careful.

“Good brother, you did well,” the second one told the first, “Call the family the ritual begins tomorrow.” Without another word the second one left the chamber.

Gina watched all of this with a strange curiosity; she had been hanging by her guess a couple days now and her arms and back were now numb. She watched as the other virgin the creature had pointed to was crying in her corner, Gina had given up hope that this was a dream or that she had a chance to make it out of here alive. She watched as the beast men did their thing and prepared for what she realized would be her death. She looked over and could see that the last girl had begun to cry now as well. Had they accepted their fates as well as she did hers? Probably not. She had seen the look of surprised on the last girls face when the thing had mentioned she was pregnant, what a way to find out.

That made Gina curious, what was the purpose of two virgins and two pregnant girls? What was the vessel? She guessed that she would find out soon enough and that would mean the end for her and her new roommates. The monster finished whatever it was it was doing and she watched it leave through the chamber door. Gina sighed at least whatever was going on was going to happen tomorrow, one way or another she just wanted to be down from her hanging position.

Chapter Four

Alice was in the room again, laying on the bed her arms hanging off the side, she was dressed in the white robes and she couldn’t move. The feeling of weight on her chest was there again and she could see the eyes in the dark. But something was different tonight; she could for the first time see that the eyes belonged to the horse the evil man. Then she was able to move her head she shifted her gaze up to her chest the evil man was sitting on her looking down at her. Her neck gave and her head fell back, the stench of burning meat and wood began to fill her senses.

“Your time has come, Alice,” the evil man told her, “Tomorrow I will come for you.” Then the world around her dissolved and she was on the street near her house again. She could hear the horse galloping up the road behind her, she didn’t even look this time she ran heading to the Cherry Shop and to Matty he would save her.

Alice woke then with a start; she was getting sick of having nightmares every night. Until a few weeks ago she had never had one before. She got out of bed and she could smell breakfast cooking and she decided she needed to stop and eat.

“Good you’re up,” her mom said to her as soon as she came out of her room, “I need you to run to the corner and buy some syrup for the pancakes we don’t have enough.”

“Uh…. Mom send Jared,” Alice complained.

“He just took Brian home, so you go pleeeeeese,” she asked trying to sound sweet.

“Ok,” she said begrudgingly, “Give me a couple minutes.”

Alice pulled on her shoes and jacket and began the one block walk in the snow. She wasn’t ten feet from her door when she felt the presence of someone behind her, she turned to look and saw him. The man from her dreams was standing on the far corner of her block; he was standing still just looking at her. This couldn’t be happening, Alice was sure this time, really sure this wasn’t a dream.

She wiped her eyes to find the man was still standing there, dark against the white snow. Alice didn’t think she just reacted, she ran, faster than she had ever run in her life. She looked at her finger to see the ring wasn’t there; it was always on her finger in her nightmares. This couldn’t be real it she had to still be asleep. Her chest was on fire as she ran to the Cherry shop, she didn’t know if they could help her in real life or if this even was real life but she followed her instinct to go there for safety.

As she ran she kept her eyes forward, she didn’t need to look behind her to know that the creature man was behind her. She could feel its eyes and she knew it wasn’t far behind. She ran faster with each step splashing water all over her body, she was soaking but she didn’t care she was more worried about falling down as she ran. This was just like the dream except for the evil man was flying, she knew it without looking, he was flying not riding on his horse.

Alice skidded into the door of the Cherry Shop falling through it and landing on her stomach. Matty was standing behind the counter with a somewhat startled expression.

“Alice, what happened?” he asked rushing to her aid. He reached out his arm and picked her up then helping her to a chair. She was completely drenched head to foot and dripping water on the floor, her teeth actually chattered as she tried to form words.

“Tttthere wwwwas a mmmmman,” she managed.

“Did he hurt you?” Matty asked looking out the front windows. His brow hardened as he looked for the person who might have chased her inside.

“Nnnnno,” she continued, “HHHe just chased me, I ttttthought I would be ssssafe her.”

“You are safe here, my dad and I won’t let anything happen to you here,” he told her kindly and turned to the kitchen, “DAD!” he yelled out.

“What is it Matty?” Mr. Wilby asked as he entered the room. He saw Alice sitting at the table, “Oh my you’re all soaked through.”

“Yeah, someone was chasing her,” Matty explained.

“Oh, heavens child are you ok? Do we need to call the police?”

“No I think whoever it was ran off when she came in here,” Matty commented. Alice wasn’t so sure that the evil man wasn’t still out there, maybe sitting on the roof waiting to make his move. He had told her he would come for her today and she didn’t ever want to leave the safety of the shop.

“Well we can’t have her sit there in those wet clothes, come with me darling,” Mr. Wilby told her holding out his hand, “I think we might have a shirt and a pair of shorts you can wear while I dry your clothes. You can even have a slice of pie while you wait. Does that sound ok?”

“Ttttthank you sssir,” Alice chattered. She wasn’t going to turn down the chance to stay there longer. Maybe if she stayed long enough the monster would go away and find someone else. Mr. Wilby led her into the kitchen then to a stairway leading down stairs. Alice never knew that they lived under the shop, but she was led into a very nice underground home. Mr. Wilby told her to stand in the kitchen and he left her, returning in a few minutes with the dry clothes he had promised.

“The bathroom is over there, go change and I will make you something hot,” he said sweetly. Alice was a little nervous as she removed her clothes and changed into what she was sure were Matty’s clothes. She took her wet things with her and handed them to Mr. Wilby, he motioned her to a chair as he put her clothing in the dryer. He placed a piece of pie and down for her as the microwave beeped. He walked over and removed a cup, then went to the counter and added a packet of chocolate and something else to it.

He walked back to Alice and handed her the coco, she took a big sip and looked at him in shock. It was the most delicious thing she had ever tasted.

“What did you put in there,” she said taking another large gulp of the coco.

“I put in some pure Sweet Cherry extract, I thought you might like it,” he told her grinning. Alice wanted to thank him for the drink but she couldn’t stop drinking it. She drank the rest of it down in one long swig licking the cup for the last few drops, “I have to go now, just eat your pie and I will be back to check on you in a little while.”

She didn’t answer she continued to lick the cup as he chuckled. Mr. Wilby walked out of the room and back up stairs to the shop leaving her alone. Once she couldn’t lick out the drops anymore she began to use her finger, rubbing it against the walls of the cup and licking it off fingers. Alice worked on getting every last bit of wetness from the cup for ten minutes before she passed out, the side of her head landing on her pie and the cup shattering on the ground.


Only minutes after Alice had left Jared came back home, he had decided not to stay at Brian’s once dropping him off. He opened to door to the smell of eggs and bacon, his stomach growled in response to the pleasant smells. His mom was on the phone as he passed; her expression was that of fear. Jared could tell there was something wrong.

“What is it?” he asked as soon as she hung up the phone.

“Emma, Alice’s little friend, she never came home after school yesterday,” his mom explained, “Her mom is freaking out because of the disappearances happening all over the state this year.”

“Oh wow, that’s not good, but Emma’s a goofball I’m sure she’s ok,” he replied.

“I know she’s kind of wild and it will probably just turn out that she stayed out with a boy but I can understand why her mother is worried. In fact I just sent Alice to the store on the corner can you run down there and make sure she’s on her way back.”

“Yeah, no problem mom.” Jared pulled his jacket back on and left the house. He could see fresh footprints in the new snow leading down the block. He followed the foot prints to the corner and walked into the shop, Alice wasn’t there. He looked around four times then asked the store clerk if he had seen her. The man at the register said he had seen her out the window running down the block away from the store.

Jared began to panic as he ran home to get his car so he could look for her, what had happened to make her run away from the store and were would she go? Jared called his mother to let her know what he had learned and that he would find her and bring her home. He made it to his care and for some reason thought of the Cherry Shop, it was their favorite place so it would be a good start to find her. Jared drove strait there only to find the shop closed, he got out of his car and read the note on the door. It claimed that the shop was closed for the weekend due to a family engagement. Jared was disappointed because he couldn’t think of anywhere else she would’ve run to. He got back into his car and began to drive up and down the streets.

Deep underground at the same moment Jared was reading the note, Alice woke to find herself tied to a bed. It was the same one she had dreamed about in her nightmares, only her wrists had never been tied to the posts in those dreams. She looked around the room to see four girls hanging from statues. Three of the girls she didn’t know, but the fourth was Emma, all four were unconscious and stripped of their clothing. She wanted to struggle but her terror had her held in place, this had to be another nightmare as they had all been so real, only none of this had happened before.

Alice was still dressed in Matty’s shirt but his shorts had been removed and as scared as she was she felt self-conscious about being here in just her panties and a shirt. At least she hadn’t been stripped like Emma and hung from a statue, but she knew somehow her fate was going to be worse.

The chamber door opened and people began to fill the room, forming a circle around the bed. They all looked like the evil man with wings and clawed hands. Despite the amount of fur on their bodies she could tell that some of the people were women too. They began to chant in unison, talking in the old language Mr. Wilby had spoken in her dreams. The chant grew louder and the walls vibrated with sound. It was then that Matty walked into the chamber, the crowd moved aside to let him enter the room. He was dressed in a red priest like robe and he held up the battle ax from her dreams.

The chant grew louder, almost deafening as Matty began to speak, his words were different from the chant and angrier.

“Please be a dream, please be a dream,” she began to chant over and over closing her eyes tight.

“Please don’t fear child, for your getting what you wanted,” Matty whispered in her ear, “This is simply our wedding, tonight you become my bride.”

“Please be a dream,” she continued ignoring his words.

“Tonight,” Matty spoke addressing the crowd, “We call our father to us.” The chanting began to quiet back down again, “Tonight he grants me my own bride.” Matty picked up his ax and raised it over his head; it burst into blue flame a moment before he slammed it down hard on the stone floor. A metal clang reverberated through the chamber and torches burst into flame above the statues in the corner revealing the faces of each statue, each one the image of the evil man.

“The time is now,” he called out and in one motion four of the evil men slit the throats of the four girls hanging from the statues. Alice screamed in horror as she saw her best friend cut wide at the neck, blood flowing out of her body and pooling in the basin like floor at her feet. The blood was draining out slowly as what seemed to Alice like gallons flowed down her friend’s body.

As the last of the blood flowed out of her friend the torches suddenly went black, leaving the room with only a strange light glowing almost from the floor.

“YES FATHER!” Matty cried out letting the robe slip from his fit body, “Possess me, use my body, I’m ready.” Alice could see a large shadow moving across the wall, it moved slowly to Matty who had his arms raised. His body shook and began to change, wings sprouted from his back and he grew both taller and thicker. His fingers turned to claws and the beautiful face she had been so smitten with changed to look like the evil man.

“Nooooooooooo,” Alice screamed as the evil man approached her, “PLEASE, GOD, NOOOOOOOO.”

“He cannot help you here,” it said moving towards her. Crawling up her body she could feel his hot repulsive breath on her neck as he began to press his lips to it. His smell almost made her vomit, it was far worse than it was in her nightmares. The evil man used his clawed hands to pull her legs open ripping off her panties; she could feel his giant hard cock pressed up against her lower lips. She couldn’t see it but she could tell by the feel that his evil tool was monstrous, there was no way he could put that inside her.

The evil man rubbed the head of his cock against her tiny pussy for only a moment before pushing forward. She felt like fire had erupted inside her as her hymen didn’t just break it was shredded. It pushed halfway inside her; it burned beyond pain she had ever felt in her life. Then he pulled back pausing a moment before thrusting forward again ripping her open worse. It pushed deeper and deeper with in her, each stroke more painful than the last. She wanted to die; she wished she would have been in Emma’s place. Her death was quicker and less painful.

“KILL ME!” she screamed at it as it continued to grating her insides, “PLEASE JUST KILL ME,” she begged but it continued its motions. The pain seemed to go on for days, years; she couldn’t tell all she knew was she was ready to die and she knew it meant to destroy her. What had she done to deserve to die like this, she wondered as she tried to focus on something other than the pain. She had been a good girl and student, she never broke rules. Why was she chosen to die from being fucked to death by a demon?

It was only in that moment she realized that’s what the evil man was, he was a demon and Matty had called him father. Her train of thought was broken by another sharp pain and she was brought back to the present, she tried to think of other things again but it was as if the demon was reading her mind and would push in hard when she tried to focus away from the pain.

“It’s time,” it said to her, growling in her ear as he buried himself insider her. She could feel him touching her cervix as she felt his hot fiery cum fill her body. It burned worse than the pain in her love canal and she could feel it inside her almost like it was moving around.

“Thank you for your sacrifice,” it told her in a deep gnarled voice. It crawled off her body and stood at the foot of the bed with its arms raised up. Even through the tears in her eyes Alice could see the shadow leave Matty’s body. Only then did she realize the crowd was still chanting in that strange language around her. Matty’s body shrank down as the demon left his body, but he didn’t change back into a normal man.

“The cycle is complete,” He cried out, “Thank you my brothers and sisters for being here at my wedding.” The group stopped chanting and one by one nodded at Matty before taking flight and leaving the chamber.

Only one creature remained, it clasped him on the shoulder and said he was proud of him. Then it turned in Alice’s direction and looked into her eyes, she knew those eyes, it was Mr. Wilby.

Matty began to change back into himself again before he came back to the bed; he lay down next to Alice, kissing her cheek.

“Your my bride now,” he told her, “And soon we will be a family.” He patted her stomach as he uttered the last words.

Chapter Five

It could have been days or weeks for all she knew, time didn’t have the same effect when you couldn’t see day or night. Alice sat in her room rubbing her stomach, she wasn’t showing yet but she believed Matty when he had told her she was pregnant. It only made sense for that to be the point of what she had lived through. Her pain had been so severe that when they had untied her hands she couldn’t walk to run away, now she was locked in her chamber all the time now.

They had explained a number of things to her over the time she had been their prisoner. First of all they didn’t like her using the word prisoner, they said she was family now and she was at most a guest. But they couldn’t trust her to not run away and tell their secrets to the world so she was required to stay in her room.

She knew there were other girls in the catacombs under the shop, she had heard them crying out when she was allowed to walk with Matty around the underground maze of tunnels. Matty explained to her that she would be allowed to leave when she had the baby if she wanted to and he wasn’t worried about what she knew about the true nature of the shop, he told her it wouldn’t matter after the baby came.

She had learned that the true nature of the Sweet Cherry flavor came from blood, virgin blood, beyond that she didn’t know much. She did know they were responsible for all the disappearances of the girls from their state. The best she could understand it was like they ran an underground blood farm, beyond that she decided that she was too scared to know more.

Over the next few months she began to see her belly grow and despite that it was conceived by a demon she was ready to love her baby, she decided that she would rather live here with her child then be away from it. It was a hard decision as she knew she would never see her brother or the rest of her family again. But she got the impression that if she tried to leave after the baby was born, her part would be done and they would just kill her. Any life might be better then dead.

On her final day of life Alice woke to the baby kicking her hard. Her bed was bloody under her and she began screaming both in fear and pain. Mr. Wilby came to see her that morning; he had a cup full of some kind of fluid with him.

“It’s time Alice,” he told her. He handed her the cup and told her to drink.

“What is it?” she asked as the baby felt like it was trying to rip itself out of her.

“Pure Sweet Cherry extract.”

“But if I drink that I’ll pass out, how can I push my baby out if I’m passed out,” she managed to ask through all the pain, now the baby felt like it was twisting her organs around inside her.

“You’re going to die now, giving birth to….. One of us always kills the mother,” he told her with almost a look of regret.

“Why, why did you do this to me?” she cried through her pain.

“Just drink this and it all ends, please sweet baby girl, just drink it,” he pleaded as he raised the cup to her lips. Alice felt the liquid touch her lips and the taste was so addictive, just like the first time. She pulled the cup from him and drank it all down. Moments later the pain went away as she drifted off to sleep.

“Thank you for your sacrifice,” Mr. Wilby told her as he kissed her eyes. From his hip he pulled out a knife and began to carve the new life from her body.


Emma’s body had been found in a local park two days after she had vanished, her throat had been cut and the cops were clueless to find out who did it. Jared was hurt when he found out she had died, as he had looked at her like a kid sister too. She had been found the same day as three other of the missing girls showed up in the local parks of their home towns. No one ever connected the four deaths as one related incident.

Over time Jared grew up and went to law school, he never let go of the hope that someday Alice would come home again. He was so sure that since they had never found his sister’s body she was still alive. By going to law school he thought he could spend his time money and connections as a lawyer looking into what happened the morning his sister disappeared. After he had spent ten years and half a fortune looking for her, he had no choice but to give up. During that time he had met a woman and got married, having three daughters with her, it was his wife that convinced him to finally move on and let his sister go.

Now in his early thirties he had finally moved on with his life, he had never told anyone of the two nights they had been together, the thought seemed so weird to him now. He still didn’t know what was going on those nights, but he still had the feeling if he would’ve made love to her it would have saved her somehow. But that was ridiculous as how could having sex have possibly saved her from disappearing?

It was a bright summer afternoon and his oldest daughter had just turned twelve. He didn’t know why but he decided to take her to the Cherry Shop. He hadn’t been there since his sister disappeared as it had been their place to be together, but it was time to start a new tradition.

Walking into the Cherry Shop took him back to his teens; the look and the smell were just as he remembered them as a boy. Matty wasn’t behind the register anymore, now there was a younger boy of about 18 to 20 years old standing there. He had the same bright smile and familiar eyes, Jared ordered for them and sat down at a table with his daughter. He looked at the walls, nothing had changed in twenty years, and Alice’s report was still framed on the wall by the register. He smiled as he remembered that day; he really missed his angel of a sister.

“Well it’s so good to see you again, Jared,” Matty said walking up to the table with their order, “It’s been way to long.”

“Good to see you too Matty, where’s your dad?”

“Oh he retired this year, I do the baking now,” he said proudly, “Since Justin was old enough now to run the register Dad thought why not see the world,” he said pointing to the boy at the register.

“Good to see the shop is still in good hands,” Jared told him and Matty clapped him on the back and returned to the kitchen. Father and daughter ate their treat, laughing and having a fun day. Jared was happy he had come back here and he was sure he would start bringing his daughters here on their birthdays; he liked the idea of having a special place that was their own. They finished their pie and left, both smiling, it had been a great day with his daughter. The first of many more to come at The Cherry Shop, Jared thought, and still at the corner of D street and Mondark just like it will be in another hundred years.


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