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Kimiko walked out into the warm sunshine by the pool, carrying a beach towel, a cordless phone, and a bottle of massage oil. She wore the tiniest swimsuit she owned, one that she had never dared to wear in public. It was a black string bikini, consisting of tiny triangles of fabric that barely concealed her nipples and her shaved pussy, tied together by spaghetti strings that tied in bows at the sides of her hips, behind her back, and behind her neck. If her wardrobe had consisted entirely of swimsuits like this one, she thought, she could pack enough clothes for a year in a shoe box.

Her near nakedness didn’t matter today. She had been house-sitting for a professor of hers for the past three days, and his back yard was protected by high walls on all three sides, enclosing the large swimming pool. Dr. Forbes had assured her that nobody could see her – the next-door neighbors, whose house overlooked the back yard, were also gone on vacation. Before he left, he had even suggested, with a wicked glint in his eye, that she might want to swim or sunbathe in the nude. She hadn’t quite been willing to take him up on the offer, although it was tempting and it was nice to have his approval should she choose to be so daring.

Kimi spread the beach towel out over the lounge chair and put down the phone on a nearby metal table, then walked to the edge of the pool at the shallow end, and slowly eased down the steps into the water, adjusting her bikini top to keep it more or less in place over her nipples, which were now taut from the coldness of the water and poking through the skimpy material. She swam the length of the pool, then returned, using a slow, easy breast stroke. Refreshed now, she climbed up the steps and walked back to the lounge chair, lying down on it, droplets of water remaining on her tawny skin.

She had dozed off in the warm sun when the cordless phone jarred her back to consciousness, beeping beside her on the table. She picked it up, bringing it to her ear.

“Professor Forbes’ residence,” said Kimi, somewhat formally.

“Good afternoon, Kimi,” said the male voice on the phone.

“Who’s calling?” asked Kimi.

“That’s not important, Kimi.”

“Who is this?” Kimi demanded. “How do you know my name?”

“I know it, that’s what’s important. I know a great deal about you. Does the sun feel good on your body, Kimi?”

She hung up the phone, a chill racing through her. Could someone see her? Her eyes scanned the walls, the house next door. She couldn’t see anyone.

The phone rang again. Hesitantly, she picked it up. “Professor Forbes’ residence,” she said again.

“Don’t be afraid, Kimi, I’m not going to hurt you,” said the same unmistakable voice. It was calm, and somehow reassuring.

“What do you want?” asked Kimi, still fearful despite the caller’s soothing words.

“I want to talk to you,” said the voice.

“Who are you?” demanded Kimi.

“My name is Jonathan.”

Kimi looked around again, as if aware of his presence. “Can….can you see me?”

“I’ll tell you, Kimi, but you have to promise not to hang up the phone.”

Kimi’s curiousity began to overcome her fears. “I…I won’t hang up.”

“Good. I won’t hurt you, Kimi…you have nothing to fear from me at all. Yes, I can see you.”

“Where are you?”

“Do you see the upstairs window in the neighbors’ house?”

Kimi’s eyes darted to the window, but she could see nothing. “Yes. I see it.”

“I am there, Kimi.”

“What do you want from me, Jonathan?” said Kimi quietly, suddenly sensing a method to Jonathan’s madness.

“I want to admire you,” said Jonathan. “I’ve been doing that since you arrived. I’ve even taken pictures of you. With my digital camera. It has a long telephoto lens. I've taken pictures of you. You have a gorgeous body, Kimi.”

“You’re scaring me again, Jonathan,” whispered Kimi. “I should call the police.”

“But you won’t, Kimi. I promise, I won’t hurt you. You won’t even see me.”

“No, I won’t call the police,” said Kimi. “What now?”

“I want you to touch your breast, beneath the bikini,” said Jonathan. “I want you to touch your nipple.”

Kimi’s fear had gradually left her during the course of the conversation, to be replaced by a growing fascination. She had known all her life that she had a bit of an exhibitionist streak. What harm could there be in playing along with this game of cat and mouse? Slowly, she reached up and slid her fingers beneath the little triangle of fabric that covered her left breast. She felt her nipple rise against her fingertip as she caressed it. She whispered into the phone. “Like this?”

“Yes,” said Jonathan. “But I want to see it.”

Slowly, tantalizingly, Kimi pulled the fabric aside, revealing her pert, nipple. Her fingertips closed around it, fondling and pinching it gently, feeling it stiffen. “Do you like my titties, Jonathan?”

“They’re exquisite, Kimi. Now show me the other one.”

Kimi complied, moving the fabric of the bikini top aside and pinching both her nipples with her fingers, then cupping her firm breasts with her hands, squeezing them together. “What would you like to do with them, Jonathan,” she whispered.

“I want to kiss them and suckle them, Kimi. I want to nudge the head of my penis against your nipples and squeeze out a droplet of pre-cum on them, and then lick it off. I want to slide my cock in between your breasts as you squeeze them together with your hands.”

Kimi sensed that somehow, the tables had been turned, that Jonathan was HER captive now, not the other way around. She began to enjoy the role he had asked her to play.

“Jonathan….do you see how hard my nipples have become?”

“Yes. Does it excite you to play with them, Kimi? Does it make you wet?”

“Yes. Very wet.”

“Reach down and pull your bikini bottoms up into your slit.”

Kimi obeyed, moving her hand slowly down her body, sliding her fingers around the material, and pulling it up between her bare labia, catching her breath as the fabric caressed her clit.

“You have a delicious-looking pussy, Kimi. I like girls who shave them. Do you want to touch it?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Slip your fingers beneath your bikini bottoms. Rub your pussy with your fingers.”

Kimi slowly eased her fingers between the wet folds of her cleft, caressing herself lightly beneath the bikini.

“Slide two of your fingers inside.”

Kimi’s breathing was becoming uneven, and she knew he could hear her excitement over the phone. She slipped her fingers inside her vagina, moving them slowly in and out.

“Now move them up over your clit…spread your wetness over it.”

She caressed her clit with her wet fingers, sending her arousal spiraling upward. She gasped into the mouthpiece.

“Does if feel good, Kimi?”

“Oh yes!” gasped Kimi, her hips rising and falling now as she stroked her clit.

“I want to see it, Kimi. I want to see your pussy. Will you show it to me?”

Kimi didn’t answer. Her fingers slid out from beneath her bikini, and she eased them over and closed them around one of the ties at the side of her hip. Slowly, almost teasingly, she pulled on the string, finally feeling the bow come untied. Her other hand moved to the other bow, her fingers holding one string, and untying that one too. Then she slipped the material down between her legs, revealing her bare cleft. “Do you like it, Jonathan? Do you like my pussy?” she whispered.

“Yes, Kimi, I like it. I want you to make yourself cum, now. I want to watch you. Pour some of your oil on it.”

She reached for the bottle of massage oil and unsnapped the top, pouring some on her fingers. Then she reached down and spread the slippery oil along the petals of her pussy, rubbing it gently, her breathing becoming more erratic.

“Spread your legs, Kimi. Let me see.”

Kimi spread her legs, resting her feet on either side of the lounge chair. Her fingers slid into her vagina, moving in and out as she thrust her hips upward in an obscene imitation of fucking. “Ohhhh…..ohhhh….”

“Cum for me, Kimi. I want you to cum hard.”

“Yessss!” hissed Kimi into the phone, her fingers sliding out and rubbing her clit frantically, her eyes closed now as she neared her climax. The eroticism of the scene, the risk of doing what she was doing while an unseen stranger watched, excited her too much to hold back now. “Uhhh…..uhhhh!!!”

“DO IT!” said Jonathan urgently.

Kimi’s body convulsed, her hips lurching upward as she brought herself to a thunderous orgasm. “YES!!! YESS!!!! UNNNHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”

Kimi convulsed again and again, the spasms of her orgasm repeatedly seizing and releasing her. Finally, she fell back on the lounge chair, gasping from the apocalyptic force of her climax.

There was a long pause as Kimi slowly recovered her senses. Finally, she spoke. “Jonathan….”

“Yes, Kimi?”

“Jonathan….I imagined that you were fucking me when I came,” Kimi whispered, slowly enunciating each letter of each word. “I felt you inside me.”

“I felt it too, Kimi.”

“Jonathan…is your cock hard? Is it big and stiff?”

“Yes, Kimi, very hard.”

“Are you masturbating, Jonathan? Are you jerking off?”


“Do you want to fuck me, Jonathan?”

There was a long pause. “I want to fuck you, Kimi.”

“Do you want to feel your big, hard penis sliding into my tight, wet pussy, Jonathan? Can you almost feel the muscles in my pussy surrounding your cock and squeezing it? Can you imagine how that would feel?”

Jonathan’s voice was a whisper. “Yes.”

“Fuck me, Jonathan. Give me your cock. I want it.”

“Oh god….”

“Are you going to cum, Jonathan? Can you feel your hot cum building up in your heavy balls? Can you feel it, ready to erupt, ready to spurt into the warmth of my vagina?

“Oh fuck, yes, I want to pump it all into your tight little pussy! Every fucking drop!”

“Do it, Jonathan…make yourself cum. I want to hear you cum.”

“Ohhhh, fuck, here it cuuuuuuuuummmms! UH!!! UH!!!! UHHH!!!”

“Mmmmm, yes, baby, pump it all out, all hot and thick, spurt it into my pussy! Mmmmm, give it to me, Jonathan….”

“Uhhhhh….oh, fuck…..” His voice suddenly sounded weak.

“Did you cum, Jonathan? Did it feel good? Was there a lot of it? Did you shoot out a big load of cum?”

“It’s all over your picture. It’s here on my bureau. I came all over it. All over your beautiful face, all over your tits.”

“Mmmmmm…I wish I could see it, Jonathan. I wish I could see your hot, syrupy cum.”

“Kimi….can I call you tomorrow?”

“Yes, you can. Jonathan?”

“Yes, Kimi.”

“Maybe tomorrow I’ll let you fuck me in my ass.”

“Oh my god.”

“Goodbye, Jonathan.”


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2015-01-25 23:27:49
What a great story, I loved the beginning, sort of horror movie esque, and the end class and funny almost , brilliant. Thanks for the post, Luvsalik xx. P.s. I dont know why your ratings are so low, you're one talented writer, maybe thats why you've left the site, reviewers here are pricks so I understand why, but they don't seem to realise they're driving the talented away, you'd think they'd learn, but er I forgot they're dumb assess. Cum back Kimiko, your stories make me wet!

Anonymous readerReport

2009-01-21 06:50:57
The title of the story intrigued me. I just had to read it. I loved it. Also, I really like phone sex with the woman I'm with . . . even though it only happened once lol


2007-06-08 11:33:55

number of orgasms ive had reading your stories within the past 3 days..

and if i dont go to bed i'll start working on 13 and 14..


2007-03-20 20:17:59
i love ure sexual appetites, kimi. im like jonathan in the window, and yes i want to fuck u too. i wonder if youve ever been the center of attention at a gang bang, with a whole room full of guys watching u ride a big cock while a huge black cock slides up ure pretty ass, while another shoots a hot load in ure mouth and down ure throat.


2007-02-18 18:02:47
Yes. You are a very good hardcore writer. Not much soft about you.

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