BARMAID IN BONDAGE by Blake Garfield


"Should have never come down here," Buck whispered, pressing Lynda Cartier into the wall with his big, muscular body. He ran his big hands over her slender throat, broad shoulders and silky arms. "The guys who come here have been watching you swing your big sexy ass around town for years. I don't think there's a thing in the world any of them would like more than to fuck you right into the dirt. And I think I'm going to let them. You might own this building, you stuck-up cunt, but you don't fucking give me orders."

"No!" Lynda screamed, driving her knee into Buck's crotch and tearing at his face with her sharp nails. She ran past him through the dark bar, telling herself that she would have him evicted, maybe even in jail, by the end of the day.

She never had a chance. A big guy named Grady Peane, who'd been working with Buck for years, grabbed her by her shiny black hair. Pete Fint, a young, good-looking guy who always seemed to be drunk, caught her by one arm. Together they slammed her face-first into the wall.

"Let me go, you bastards!" Lynda shrieked, struggling desperately in thefr grasp. Dozens of other men were headed in her direction, drinks in their hands, lust and hate in their eyes. "You creeps had better let me go right now!"

"Strip the bitch!" Buck shouted, wiping a trace of blood from his cheek. "Strip her naked and beat the shit out of her! I think it's time for this stuck-up slut to learn what the fuck she's good for! All she's ever been is a landlady, well, now she's going to be a barmaid. She's going to serve us in any way she can."

Buck ran the roughest, sleaziest bar in town. His customers were all men, and all mean. There wasn't one of them who didn't know about Lynda, who didn't hate her for her superior attitude and easy life, who didn't lust for her because of her sexy body and beautiful face. A cheer went up at Buck's words, and brutally strong hands gripped Lynda from every side.

"She's a big bitch," one of the men said, grabbing one of Lynda's full, firm tits through the satiny orange fabric of her clinging dress. "And fucking skinny! About the only meat on her is these jumbo tits!"

"Bullshit!" another man shouted, grabbing both the full, rounded cheeks of Lynda's ass and squeezing so hard that the sexy young landlady moaned in pain. "Check out her ass and legs! Big and meaty and shaped just fucking right! Let's get this cunt naked!"

Lynda screamed and struggled, but the men were far too strong for her. They ripped her dress to rags in a matter of seconds, laughing and joking and pawing Lynda's luscious body while she cried and fought helplessly. Then, strangely, they backed away from her. They formed a rough circle around her, an unbreakable prison of hard-cocked men. Lynda stared at them in shock, sobbing helplessly and trying to hold the rags of her dress together to cover her voluptuous body.

"Shit," Buck said, stepping into the circle. "You are a fucking beauty."

It was the truth. Lynda was perhaps the most beautiful woman in town. She had a perfect face, with wide, startling blue eyes, full, red lips, a strong jaw and high cheekbones. Her hair was pitch black and shiny, and it splashed past her shoulders in a silky tumble. But her body was even more special than her face.

Lynda was a tall woman, standing almost six feet even without the heels she was wearing. Her shoulders were broad and sexy. They had to be wide to support her tits. Lynda's tits were big, firm mounds that sat so high on her chest that they seemed to grow right out from her collarbone. They were so round and creamy that they seemed almost unreal. And her nipples were perfect, dark brown spikes that jutted out almost an inch.

Lynda's waist was obscenely small. But her hips flowed out generously, full and soft and inviting. And her legs were wondrous, her thighs lush and creamy, her calves delicate and perfect.

Lynda Cartier looked like a woman who had been built for sex. The only problem Buck could see was that some stupid motherfucker had forgotten to tell her.

It was an error he intended to correct. "No!" Lynda gasped as Buck wrapped her in his big arms and pulled her roughly against him. "You can't do this to me, you bastard! Let me go, let me go, let me go!"

Buck clamped his lips over Lynda's.

Lynda gagged at the wet press of Buck's mouth to hers. She jerked her head wildly from one side to the other. He just ground his lips against hers even harder. While he crushed his mouth against Lynda's, his hands were roaming all over her body. He pinched her ass and squeezed her tits and even cupped his hand over the furry mouth of her cunt.

Lynda got one hand free and slapped him as hard as she could, and he threw her away from him.

Lynda stumbled helplessly into the arms of another man. Before she knew what was happening he jerked back her head by a handful of her silky black hair. Then it was his lips plastered to hers, his slimy tongue trying to force its way into her mouth. Lynda swung at him wildly with both fists, and when one of her punches caught him on his chin, he grabbed her full right tit and turned it like a corkscrew.

"Oh no!" Lynda gasped. "No, no, no, no, no, no, no!"

"Stupid bitch!" the man growled, and used his grip on her tit to send her sprawling away from him.

Lynda covered her tits with her hands as she stumbled across the floor on her high heels. Grady wrapped her in his arms and struck at her elegant, creamy throat like some kind of viper. Lynda cried out in anguish as he chewed on her creamy flesh. Grady squeezed her around the middle, driving the air and the fight from her body. Then he shoved her to another man.

The new man smiled at her sweetly, then drove his fist brutally into the pit of her stomach. Lynda fell forward into his arms, almost passing out from the pain she was feeling. When he jerked her head up and blanketed her lips with his, she couldn't keep her mouth shut. In an instant his vile tongue was probing deep inside her helpless mouth. While the man kissed her, another guy pulled her arms behind her back.

By the time Lynda realized what was happening it was too late to fight. There was a big man holding each of her arms, twisting them tightly behind her back while a third hulking monster tied her wrists with the ragged remnants of her own dress. When the man who was kissing her threw her back across the circle, Lynda didn't even have her hands free to struggle or break her fall.

The men tossed her back and forth, and soon Lynda was so shocked and disoriented that she wasn't sure what was happening. The men all looked the same, whooping and laughing and looking at her with hate and lust. They did the same things to her, mauling her big tits and full ass, squirming their lips against hers while they drove their tongues deep inside her mouth, even hitting her with short, chopping punches to her tits, stomach and back.

Lynda fell against Pete and he grabbed her by her hair, raising his ar until Lynda was standing on tiptoe, squirming with pain. He grabbed the swatch of cloth that draped her hips and tore it away, revealing Lynda's pink-lipped, dark-furred cunt. Half the men in the bar groaned in collective lust at the unveiling.

"No, don't rape me!" Lynda gasped, crying uncontrollably and sounding so pitifully frightened that most of the men in the bar were laughing. "Please don't rape me! I'll let you have anything you want! I'll never tell anyone what happened! Only please don't rape me! Please, please, please!"

Pete laughed wildly, then spit right in Lynda's face. His spit splattered between Lynda's eyes and trickled down both sides of her nose. He levered her jaws open and spit again, this time filling her mouth with his spit. Lynda gagged and Pete spit again.

"Who else wants in on this?" he asked, jerking Lynda's head to one side so that she faced the rest of the mob of men. "How about we spit on the bitch?"

Instantly Lynda was pelted with spit. There were a couple dozen men in the bar, and everyone crowded around to spit on her. Pete jerked her head first in one direction and then the other, using her beautiful face for a target. A dozen different men hocked their spit into Lynda's open mouth. The spit of the rest rolled down her perfect features in sticky streams.

Lynda shrieked, her mind exploding with horror and humiliation over what was being done to her. She pulled wildly at the fabric that bound her wrists, jerking and tugging until the cloth bit deep into her flesh.

Pete forced her to swallow the pooled spit of at least a dozen men, and Lynda gagged helplessly as the collected drool poured down her throat.

Pete wrenched her around and plastered his lips over hers. Lynda cried out in fear and humiliation as Pete raped her mouth with his tongue. He grabbed her lush asscheeks and spread them wide, revealing both the pretty pink mouth of her pussy and the tight pore of her asshole. Within an instant the men were attacking her sensitive little fuck-holes with their thick, grubby fingers.

A finger stabbed all the way inside Lynda's cunt, making her cry out in pain. Her pussy was as tight as a girdle and as dry as a desert. The man's finger tore into her like a jagged wooden splinter. A moment later something even worse happened, as a man's fat, long finger fucked up her tight, virgin shitter. The pain was incredible. Lynda squirmed and jerked spastically, tearing, burning pain shooting up her sensitive little asshole.

The fingers were pulled out of her pussy and asshole almost as soon as they were plunged in, but there was no relief for Lynda. Other fingers replaced the ones that were gone, stretching Lynda's tight, dry fuck-holes.

Men were pinching her lush thighs and full, round asscheeks. Men were stroking her sides and stomach and arms. Dozens of hands swarmed over her huge, round tits, pinchlng and pulling and twisting and slapping. And every man in the bar was taking a turn fingering Lynda's cunt and asshole. There were also fingers scratching her ass-crack and tugging on her pretty pink pussy-lips.

Pete dragged his lips off Lynda's, slobbering his way all over her beautiful face. The sexy landlady cringed under the vile nibbling and licking. He was washing her nose, cheeks, chin, even her eyes and forehead with his slippery spit. And while he did, other men crowded tight around her. A strange mouth clamped over hers, a strange tongue slurping all the way to the back of her throat. Teeth clamped down on both sides of her long, creamy throat, biting until Lynda whimpered in pain. Tongues probed her ears and traced the fine line of her jaw.

"Bastards!" she screamed, in the instant of breath she had between one man breaking off his rape of her mouth and the next clamping his lips over hers. "I'll get you all! I'll hire men to get you all! I'll have them cut your cocks off!"

"You stupid cunt," Buck said, grabbing her by her slender arms and lifting her off her feet. "Who said you were ever going to get the chance?"

Buck's powerful hands bit so tightly into her creamy arms that Lynda screamed out in anguish. Her feet kicked at the air as he hefted her high. Then he threw her face-first against the wail, and everything began to go dark.

Lynda hit the wall, unable to brace herself with her hands tied behind her back. She wobbled on her heels as she bounced back off it, but before she could fall a half dozen men, Pete and Grady among them, had grabbed her. They dug their strong fingers into her arms and tits. One man wrapped his big hands around her narrow waist. Another grabbed her by her slender throat. And they threw her into the wall again.

And again.

And again.

By the time they slammed her into the wall the fourth time Lynda was barely conscious. Her head was rolling on her shoulders. Her mouth hung liniply open, dribbling spit onto her drool-slick face. The few scraps of clothing that still clung to her shoulders and waist fluttered like flags as the men pounded her into the wall. There was a trickle of blood from her long, elegant nose. The men whooped and hollered at the sight of the sexy, stuck-up landlady stripped naked and battered almost senseless.

"Please!" Lynda gasped, aware of nothing now except pain and fear. "Stop! Please stop! Oh, please stop hurting me!"

The men only laughed harder, some of them spitting on her, others continuing the abuse of her big tits and tight pussy. They slammed her into the wall another dozen times before Buck told them to throw her on the pool table.

By the time they dumped her on the table Lynda felt as though every bone in her lush, sultry body had been shattered. She felt as helpless as a baby, and realized she was completely at the mercy of Buck and his rough customers.

"Now you're going to learn a lesson, you lousy cunt!" Buck snarled, ripping off his belt. He dropped his pants, and Lynda cried out in stark terror at what she saw. "You're going to learn your place, slut! And learn what you're fucking good for, too!"

Buck's cock was thicker than Lynda's wrist and longer than her forearm. Its bulging, dripping head was at least as big as her fist. Lynda had only had sex with two men in her whole life, and she had been disgusted both times.

Lynda, who hadn't let a man touch her with a cock in almost ten years, couldn't bear the sight of the monstrous cock Buck was waving in her direction. Even the threat of his big leather belt, whicn he was swishing menacingly through the air, was nothing compared to the weapon that bobbed, almost fully erect, out from between his legs.

"No, please, no, please, no!" Lynda cried in a small, desperate voice. "Don't put that in me! Please, Buck, oh please, please, please! I couldn't stand it! I couldn't stand it!"

"The bitch don't sound so high and mighty now," one of the men said.

"Don't worry, cunt," another guy said. "A big bitch like you ought to be able to take Buck's cock without tearing too much."

"Yeah, wait to start worrying until he shoves it up your ass," a third man said.

Lynda stared wildly from one man to another, seeing nothing but lust and cruelty in their drunken faces. She was sprawled helplessly on the pool table, stripped naked, her hands tied behind her back, knocked half senseless by the battering she'd taken and in a state of near shock from the outrage that had already been perpetrated on her long, luscious body.

Buck brought the belt around in a vicious overhand strike. The leather bit into Lynda's hip, marking the creamy skin with a stripe of bright red. Lynda clamped her mouth tightly shut, determined not to give the sadistic crowd of men the satisfaction of hearing her scream. It didn't seem to matter. They howled like a pack of wolves at the sight of the red welt on her silky haunch. Buck hit her again, catching her across both her firm, lush thighs. The blow made her thighs jiggle. Lynda tried to squirm away from Buck across the pool table, but there was nowhere she could go where he couldn't reach her. The belt striped her velvety flat stomach. It whipped over the plump little bulge of her cunt mound. When it slapped into the meaty mounds of her tits, Lynda couldn't hold back her screams anymore.

"Aaaaagggghhhh!" she screamed, throwing her head from side to side, curtaining her face with her silky black hair. "Oh! Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhhh!"

"Did you say please fuck me, Buck?" Buck asked, bringing the belt lashing down into her tits again. The big, perfect mounds bounced and swayed across Lynda's chest with the impact of the blow. "Maybe you'd better say pretty-please. Maybe you'd better tell me just how much you'd like my big hard cock fucking the shit out of your scummy little pussy-hole."

The pain was incredible. Lynda had never dreamed that it was possible to hurt so bad. Her sleek, big-titted body squirmed against the green top of the pool table, immersed in an agony that seemed to be both burning and bruising its way into every inch of her skin that the belt had touched. Lynda couldn't keep her cries of anguish from tumbling past her parted lips. She couldn't stop more tears from sliding down her beautiful, pale cheeks. But she swore to herself, with every ounce of willpower she possessed, that she would never beg Buck to stick his huge, vile cock into her.

Buck saw the look of resolve in the eyes of the beautiful, bitchy landlady. It made him smile. The dumb, sexy cunt was so used to getting her way that she didn't understand the situation. He could go on whippng her forever. If he got tired there were other guys who would be ready to take over for him.

By the time Buck had hit her a hundred times the front of Lynda's svelte, stacked body was painted an almost solid shade of red. Her slender arms, her long, shapely legs and especially the shuddering plain of her stomach and mountains of her tits had been thoroughly beaten. Lynda cried pitifully, writhing slowly against the green felt of the table. Each lash of the belt felt to her as thouii it would be the one to break her. Buck was dripping sweat and precum in almost equal measure. He had never been as excited in his life as he was whipping the shit out of his landlady.

He slapped the belt down across her face and watched her cheek and chin turn red. "Noooooo!" Lynda howled as her face caught fire and her right eye filled with tears. She turned her face to the side, trying to protect her injured cheek from any further punishment. "Ohhhhhh!"

Buck whipped the other side of her face.

"Maybe the problem is that you think you're too fucking beautiful to be fucked," Buck said with an evil grin, bringing the belt whistling down against Lynda's face again. "I think I can take care of that."

"Noooo! Oh, please, no, no!" Lynda whimpered. The thought of being disfigured, of having her pretty face ruined, was too much for her. "Please fuck me, Buck! You win! I can't take any more! I want you to fuck me, Buck! I want you to stick your big cock all the way into my little pussy!"

Buck lashed his belt against her face again.

"Nooooooo!" Lynda screamed in pain and terror. "Please fuck me! Please don't hurt me bad! I'll-I'll do anything you want! I really will!"

"Listen to her now!" Grady shouted, then poured his beer all over Lynda's sexy, squirming body. "She don't sound like a rich-bitch landlady now, does she? Sounds more like all the other sleazy whores we've dragged in here."

"Tie her," Buck said, dropping his belt on the floor. "It's time I found out what this dumb cow knows about the only thing that matters for a whore like her. How to fucking please a man when he sticks her with his cock."

In an instant strong hands pulled Lynda back down on the table until her lush, creamy ass was hanging off one edge. Men on either side wrenched her long, lean legs painfully apart, hooking her knees over the corners of the table.

More ragged strips from her shredded dress were gathered up, and in moments Lynda's legs were tied to the table at her knees and ankles. Her cunt was spread obscenely wide by the position, her tiny asshole put on display. Her bound hands were still crushed cruelly beneath her.

Then Buck stepped between her legs and slapped his huge cock against the lips of her tight, dry pussy, and she screamed in terror.

"Let's see how fucking far you'll stretch, Miss Cartier," Buck said in a mocking tone, then slotted the huge head of his cock against the tight pink lips of her cunt. "You should have been getting these for years, bitch. But I guess you'll make up for a lot of them before you get out of here."

"Ahhhhhhhh!" Lynda screamed as Buck started to push his massive cock against the tiny mouth of her cunt. "Slow, please slow, please slow!"

"No, big-tits," Pete said with a sneer. "Fast."

The lips of Lynda's pussy spread wide against the advance of Buck's gigantic prick. Before the fat part of his cock-head had breached the tiny mouth, her pussy-lips were spread rubberband tight.

Lynda moaned in discomfort, feeling the thin folds of flesh stretching past the point of their endurance. She tried to wiggle out of the way of the huge fuck-rod, but she was bound so tightly that she could barely lift her ass off the table. Then Buck punched his hips forward again, and she could feel herself tearing, feel Buck's cock sliding inside her.

"Yeeooowww!" Pete shouted. "You split her wide, Buck!"

"Oh, oh, oh," Lynda muttered weakly, certain that her pussy had been ruined forever, suspecting that she was being raped to death on the fleshy, foot-long spear of Buck's cock.

Lynda's cunt-lips were spread wide around the inhuman girth of Buck's long cock. Tiny trickles of blood ran from the spots where she had torn to accommodate the wrist-thick pole. The blood greased Buck's prick, making it easier for him to slide the rest of his cock inside her.

There was nothing in the world that could have made the brutal rape any easier for Lynda.

Lynda couldn't draw a breath as Buck slid his monstrous cock deep inside her pussy. She could feel the tiny pocket of her cunt stretching in a hopeless attempt to accept the fat, twelve-inch prick Buck was fucking inside her.

Every fold in her tiny cunt straightened, every nook or cranny disappeared. It wasn't nearly enough. Four inches of Buck's cock were still outside her cunt when the bruising head pounded against her cervix. "Bitch!" he hissed down into her face, drawing back out. "Worthless, big-titted, big-assed cow! You're going to take it all, whore! You're going to take very fucking inch even if it kills you!"

Lynda pleaded helplessly, wildly, but the men only laughed at her begging. Buck's cock felt like a rough-barked tree inside her dry cunt. When he pulled out her stretched-tight pussy clung to him like a rubber glove on a sweaty hand. It was as though Buck's cock was a plunger, and it was pulling her cunt right out of her body. Then, when only the head of his mammoth prick was still inside her, he fucked back in.

Lynda slammed her head against the table, the pain in her cunt so intense that it seemed to fill every nerve in her body. Two more inches of Buck's cock slid inside her this time. Lynda could feel something deep inside her tear, and when Buck leaned his weight forward the last two inches pushed in too.

Lynda whimpered at the slap of Buck's heavy balls against the curve of her ass. She knew that he was ruining her forever with his awful, freakish cock.

"You did it, bitch!" a man shouted, grabbing one of Lynda's tits and wringing it as though it were a big sponge. "You'retakinga foot of cock up your dirty little cunt!"

"Bitch!" Buck gasped, grabbing both of Lynda's huge, creamy tits in his hands and crushing them flat against her sleek, sexy body. "Fuck me back now, Lynda -- whore! Squeeze your cunt on my cock! Shake your big, sexy ass! Now, landlady! Now!"

Buck closed his fists into claws on her silky tits, then yanked the fleshy mounds to the sides with such force that Lynda was sure he was tearing them from her body. Her firm ass shot up off the table, and her savaged cunt clamped tight around Buck's cock.

It was pure self-preservation that moved the sexy, captive landlady. Tears poured down her pretty face as she fucked back against Buck's pulverizing prick.


Buck pounded Lynda with his cock, flattening her against the pool table with every brutal thrust. He swung his ass from side to side, spearing her wounded pussy first from one angle and then another. Lynda gasped, her beautiful face going pale. She couldn't believe the horrible violation of her body that was taking place, or that she had begged Buck to fuck her with his mammoth cock.

"That's it, cunt!" Buck growled, squeezing her full, round tits until her creamy flesh bulged out between his fingers. "Such a tight little cunt! Shake your big ass for me, Lynda! Shake it real good!"

Buck's cock was soaked with Lynda's blood as he stabbed it back and forth through the torn mouth of her cunt. Lynda trembled on the pool table, shivering at the lightening bolts of pain that shot through her cunt with every thrust of Buck's cock. Her big blue eyes rolled and a single, shimmering strand of spit drooled from the corner of her mouth as she passed out from the pain.

"Wake the whore up!" Buck shouted as the gorgeous landlady's long, lush body went limp beneath him.

Grady opened a beer and upended it on Lynda's helplessly upturned face. She came awake choking and crying, and before she was fully conscious Grady popped a second can and force-fed it to her in two huge gulps.

Grady opened a bottle of cheap whiskey and poured it all over Lynda's face. She choked on the hard liquor, snorting on what flowed up her nose and blinking her eyes against its stinging wash.

Several men ducked down to lick and suck at the alcohol. Lynda trembled with revulsion as their tongue's washed over her face and their lips slurped over her soft skin.

"Now shake your slutty ass, whore!" Buck growled, releasing his holds on her big aching tits and grabbing her plush hips. He jerked her ass off the tablend onto his thrusting cock. "Fuck me back, Lynda, or I'm going to make it so no one ever wants to fuck you again!"

Lynda couldn't hold back her cry of terror. She remembered the belt whipping against her gorgeous face and knew that Buck would love nothing more than to get a chance to carry out his terrible threat. It hurts horribly, but the next time Buck shoved his foot-long cock into her cunt Lynda bounced her ass up off the table to meet him.

"That's it!" Buck shouted, fucking Lynda's helpless cunt even harder. "Shake your ass, you sweet whore! Clamp your scummy pussy on my big cock!"

Lynda cried at the depth of her desecration, at the fact that she was being forced to aid her tormentors in the violation of her own body. Her cunt had started juicing, hut the lubrication it was providing was far too little, far too late. Every tearing slice ot Buck's massive cock felt like a killing stab from a razor-sharp knife.

"Tell me you love it," Buck said, leaning over her sleek, sultry body and washing his tongue over her face.

"I love it!" Lynda gasped, her voice hollow, her eyes glazed. Buck's tongue lapped into her eyes, played over her lips, every poked into her ears and nostrils. "I love it! I love it! I love it!"

Something terrible was happening inside her. It had started out feeling like a rug burn on the tender nubbin of her clit. Now it was growing hotter, more intense, like nothing she had never felt before. Lynda recognized the sensation as pleasure, wrung from her unwilling pussy by the unbearable friction of Buck's huge cock on her sensitive clit. The reallzation that she could be feeling pleasure in the middle of this brutal assault almost unhinged the lovely landlady's mind.

"Have some more to drink, Miss Cartier," Grady said, uncapping another bottle of booze and poking the neck between Lynda's moist, parted lips.

The dazed beauty swallowed without even reallzing what she was doing. Buck dropped his head to her full, round tits and chewed on her nipples until she was jerking and squirming uncontrollably at the new agony. When Grady pulled the bottle out from between her hps Lynda's head was swimming. For a moment she wasn't even sure where she was. Then Buck sank his strong fingers into her creamy soft ass and jerked her onto his cock and she remembered oniy too well. "I'm cumining, Lynda!" he bellowed, raising up off her squirming body and hammering his massive cock into her with pussy shattering force. "Get ready to suck up some jism, whore, because I'm going to give your pussy a fucking cock-cream shower!"

Lynda's feelings of pleasure disappeared in an instant when she heard what Buck was saying. Her tattered cunt clamped tight around his pistoning cock and her svelte body froze on the pool table.

"No, Buck!" Lynda cried pitifully, staring up at the big man with wide, frightened eyes. "Don't cum inside me! Please, please, please, please, don't shoot your stuff in my pussy! Oh, please!"

"Drown on it!" Buck shouted cruelly, skewering her torn pussy as his cock spurted jism. "Maybe we can make a fucking baby slut to carry on the family tradition!"

Lynda almost vomited as Buck's jism splashed deep into her shredded cunt. He had a huge load, and he milked every drop of it inside her clasping, violated pussy-hole. Lynda could feel it, a heavy, wet weight deep inside her, burning and slushy and slowly soaking into her poor little pussy. It was as though by shooting his jism inside her Buck had somehow polluted her beyond hope of redemption.

"Just like a dog pissing on a tree," Buck said as if he'd read her mind while he shot the last of his jism into her fouled little cunt. "You're my piece of ass now, Lynda. Of course, there's a lot more dogs in this kennel. You'll be getting pissed on a lot before the night's through."

Lynda wept in shame and degradation at Buck's mocking words. When he pulled his cock from her cunt as she saw it soaked with her blood, she cried in terror. He had ripped her wide open with his massive cock.

And he was just the first. Grady was already stepping between her legs, slapping the fat head of his massive cock down on the plump mound of her pussy.

"Take a look," Buck said, stepping around the end of the table and holding his cock over Lynda's head. Drops of blood and strands of sticky fuck-juice dripped onto Lynda's face. "Looks good, doesn't it? Good enough to eat. Lick my cock, Lynda. Lick it clean of all your nasty pussy-slime." Buck slapped her face with his dripping cock, smearing her lovely features with blood, jism and pussy-cream. Lynda gagged as Buck rubbed the foul mix of sex slime onto her cheeks, nose and forehead. He ran his dirty cock over her lips until she wore a coat of sticky red lipstick.

It took every ounce of willpower Lynda possessed to open her mouth and stick out her tongue. Buck rewarded her by dragging his foul, filthy cock all over the dainty pink lapper.

"Nhhhh!" Lynda moaned in disgust and shame as Buck wiped his filthy cock clean on her pretty tongue. The taste was so foul that she couldn't keep from gagging. "Nh-ugh! Ugh! Oh, please! Ugh!"

"Oh please?" Grady said, a grin on his face as he slapped his fat cock brutally against the petal-pink lips of Lynda's pussy. "Are you begging me to fuck you, fancy-ass Miss Cartier? Is that what you're begging for?"

Lynda couldn't answer Grady with Buck wiping his cock clean on her tongue, but she stared up at him with her big, blue eyes, a miserabie expression on her gorgeous face. Grady was so turned on by the sexy landlady's suffering that he decided to add a little to it. With a snap of his wrist and a quick, brutal jab of his hips, he buried his whole foot-long cock into Lynda's pussy.

"Ahhhh!" Lynda screamed, her eyes crossing as Grady sliced his cock between her stretched pussy-lips. "Nhhaaaooowww! Slow, Grady, please, please slow! I hurt so much already, Grady! Please, slow!"

"You had your chance for slow and you fucking blew it," Buck said, wiping her tongue with his cock one last time, then drying it in her silky black hair. "The only thing that's going to help you now is fast. And that's what you're fucking going to get."

Grady grabbed Lynda's full tits in his big hands, jerking her sleek, sultry body against his savagely pistoning prick. Lynda stared up at him blankly, her big blue eyes empty with shock, her mouth hanging slack. Her long, lush body jerked with spasms as Grady's cock pounded her into the pool table.

"Stop staring at me, cunt!" Grady shouted, slapping Lynda across one cheek, then back handing her across the other. "Stop staring at me like that, bitch! What the fuck did we do, fuck you stupid? Somebody blindfold this bigtitted cow before I kill her!" Grady whipped Lynda's face with his big hand, knocking her head brutally from one side to the other. Lynda's nose started bleeding again and her lip split at one corner, but she barely reacted to the brutal blows.

Pete stepped up with two lemon halves in his hands and squeezed them right in Lynda's eyes. The tall, gorgeous landlady shrieked in sudden agony as the juice blinded her. She wallowed on the pool table in bitter agony, jerking and thrashing in a maddened attempt to escape the burning drip of the lemon juice.

"Stings a little, doesn't it, cunt?" Pete asked cheerfully, using his fingers to pull Lynda's eyes back open and squeenng more lemon juice down into them. "This'll teach you to do what we fucking tell you! You're one fucking slow learner!"

Lynda babbled incoherently, spouting frenzied gibberish as Pete filled her wide, blue eyes with the burning lemon juice. She twisted and writhed on the green felt of the pool table, her sensual, thrashing body trembling with pain and jolted by every shattering fuck-thrust Grady dealt her. He moaned with pleasure at the way Lynda's sleek, twisting body was dancing around on his hard prick.

"No more, Pete!" Lynda whimpered, whip ping her head frantically from side to side. Pete followed her with the lemons, giggling cruelly while he splashed her pretty eyes with the lemon juice. "No more, Pete! No more, Pete! Please, please, please! I can't see already! I can't look at Grady!"

"Here," Pete said with a sneer, levering Lynda's jaws open with one strong hand and dripping the squeezed halves of lemon into her helplessly waiting mouth. "Chew them up and swallow them down, cunt."

Lynda chewed eagerly on the lemons, not caring about the tough rinds or their bitter taste.

After she gulped them down Pete slapped her cheek so hard that it almost knocked her out.

"Such a good job," he whispered mockingly. "Now shake your big ass. Fuck Grady real good and I won't burn your pretty blue eyes anymore."

Lynda whimpered in terror and hunched her ass up off the table to meet Grady's pounding cock-thrusts. She whipped her hips from side to side, wringing the big prick with her hot pussy. She worked her cunt on his cock like a velvet gloved hand, trying to ignore the agony that burned through her tiny, tattered fuck-hole.

"Yeah," Grady said, locking his strong hands around Lynda's lush hips and jerking her back and forth on his ruining cock. "I'm going to cum, Miss Cartier. I'm going to soak your pussy with some working-class jizz!"

"No," Lynda whimpered weakly as Grady's first blast of cum splattered deep inside her already marshy cunt. "Not again. No... no, not another time!"

"A lot of times," Pete said, slapping the beautiful landlady across the bridge of her nose with his long, hard cock. "So many times that by the time we're done with you you'll just be one big gooey mound of jism."

Lynda still couldn't see because of the burning lemon juice Pete had dripped in her eyes, but she knew what it was that was slapping her across the face. She could also feel the firehose splash of Grady's tacky cock-slime in her battered little cunt. Each new spurt slapped into her like a separate line of fire, and as it soaked into her pussy flesh its heat seemed to fill every inch of her long, lush body. Lynda jerked and wiggled, but her cunt stayed spitted on Grady's foot long, fountaining cock.

"That was a nice, sleazy fuck, Miss Cartier," Grady said, pulling his cock from her cunt and squeezing out the last of his cum onto her silky cunt-hair. "Why, somebody who didn't know better would think you were nothing but a sexy whore down here to take on the guys for a hundred bucks."

"Please, no more!" Lynda sobbed. Every inch of her sensual, sultry body burned with pain. Her cunt felt like so much raw hamburger. "I can't anymore! It hurts too bad!"

"Open your mouth, Miss Cartier," Grady said, stepping around the side of the table.

Pete took his place between the sprawled beauty's outstretched legs. "I want to give you a big wet kiss. To thank you for being such a sweet little piece of ass."

Lynda still couldn't see. She parted her moist lips as soon as Grady told her to, broken to the fact that she had to obey whatever orders Buck and his mob of customers gave her. A moment later Grady pushed the fat, sloppy head of his cock right into her open mouth.

Lynda screamed, but her cries were blocked by the huge roll of cock-flesh Grady was forcing down her throat. She gagged at the taste of blood, pussy-cream, and the cum of two different men, and Grady and the others laughed at her. She tried to jerk her head away, but Grady had already impaled her face on four inches of jaw-breaking cock.

"Swallow it, whore!" a man shouted, grabbing Lynda's full right tit and wringing it like a damp washcloth.

"Deep-throat him, slut!" another man screamed, slapping Lynda's lush left tit again and again, turning the creamy pillow red with his handprints.

Lynda didn't have any choice. Her lips were spread so wide around Grady's massive cock that they were cracked and bleeding. Her jaws were wedged so far apart that Lynda didn't think they would ever close properly again. The fist-sized head of Grady's cock was bigger than Lynda's tiny throat. When he jammed it against her gullet, Lynda couldn't breathe at all.

Grady didn't care. Lynda's throat stretched wide, and then something in the soft, wet tunnel tore, as Grady force-fed her inch after inch of his wrist thick cock. The men laughed and pointed as Lynda's throat bulged with the huge girth of Grady's prick.

Lynda thought she was going to black out. She couldn't draw a breath around the throat-clogging girth of Grady's massive cock. She was in so much pain that she would have welcomed a chance to pass out, thogh she realized sadly that Grady and the others would just wake her back up again. An instant later her pain became infinitely worse, and she wished for oblivion even more.

Pete was fucking his cock up her virgin asshole.

"You like this, you big-titted cow?" Pete growled, spreading Lynda's creamy asscheeks wide and pushing his huge cock against the tiny pore of her shitter. "You've got such a big sweet ass that I just couldn't resist sticking my cock up it." Lynda's sleek, sultry body froze on the pool table. She arched her ass high above the green felt, every well toned muscle in her athletic frame tensing hard as steel cable. The press of Pete's huge cock against her tiny asshole hurt worse than anyting sile had ever felt before.

Grady pulled his clean cock out of Lynda's mouth, slapping her across the bridge of her nose a couple times before he stepped back away from her. Once Grady was gone Lynda stared at Pete in horror and disbelief. His cock was so huge. And she had never imagined having a cock of any size fucked into her tiny, tender asshole.

"No!" she gasped, her beautiful face going white as Pete's massive cock-head pushed against the tight outer ring of muscles that protected her tiny shitter. "Anything, Pete, anything but that!"

"Fuck you," Pete said, dribbling spit onto one hand and rubbing it all over his massive prick. "Fuck you right up the ass. And if you keep fighting it, I'm just going to tear you up real bad."

Lynda couldn't stop fighting him. The muscles that ringed her asshole locked tighter than they ever had before, trying desperately to block the passage of Pete's cock inside her. The strain of holding his cock out made her break into a clammy sweat. It caused her to shiver uncontrollably. It felt as though she was freezing and burning up at the same time.

Men grabbed her full, creamy asscheeks, spreading them wide apart. Other men grabbed her around her waist, by her shoulders and tits and arms and legs. They held her completely still as Pete wedged the tip of his cock-head into her tiny asshole.

"Please!" Lynda sobbed in a tiny, broken voice. The outer ring of muscle that protected her shitter was tiring. She knew it was going to give way soon. "Please, not this, not this! Hurts so bad!"

The head of Pete's cock slipped into her asshole.

There was a loud pop. Lynda felt her muscles relax, then draw tight again as they stretched as wide as they could. Pete leaned in harder and the muscles tore. Then Pete's massive cock-head was inside her, filling her until she felt the need to shit as she never had before. Lynda couldn't draw a breath with the massive ball of flesh buried inside her asshole. She jerked and bucked around even under the restraining hands of a dozen strong men. The pain tore her and burned her at the same time, until it felt as though she was being stabbed by a blazing sword.

The tiny mouth of Lynda's shit-chute was spread obscenely wide around the bulging head of Pete's cock. The pink ring of her asshole was spread rubberband tight around the wrist-thick shaft. A tiny trickle of blood ran down from the over-stretched pore and ran down the velvety crack of Lynda's ass.

"Hurts real good, doesn't it?" Pete hissed in Lynda's ear. "And that's just the head, you stuck-up piece of shit cunt! Now you're going to get to gobble every fucking inch!"

Those were the last words Lynda heard before she passed out from the pain and the shock of the tearing penetration. The last thing she felt was inch after inch of Pete's enormous cock fucking its way deep into her bowels. Her tiny shit-chute stretched and tore, the tight rings of muscle pulled loose by the unnatural intrusion of Pete's wrist-thick prick. It was when Pete's balls slapped up into the crack of Lynda's ass that she passed out completely, her big blue eyes rolling back in her head.

The man laughed and cursed the luscious landlady. They let her stay out a few minutes this time, joking over the way that Pete was battering her limp, sultry body. Pete fucked her unconscious body as savagely as he could, pounding his cock into her ravaged asshole until his cock was soaked with her blood. When Pete was almost ready to cum, he had Grady open another bottle. He wanted Lynda to be awake when he filled her tattered shitter with his jism.

Grady splashed Lynda's face with whiskey, then jammed the bottle between her lips as soon as she came awake. Lynda looked like a miserable little baby as she sucked down the whiskey Grady was pouring into her mouth. The sight of her lush lips wrapped around the liquor bottle turned on one of the men so much that he stepped in close and sprayed his burning hot jism all over her big, soft tits.

Lynda cried out in shock and disgust as the greasy lines of cock-slime slappeddown onto her creamy skin. They looked like slug tracks running over the rounded pillows of her tits. "Here it comes, whore!" Pete screamed, locking his strong hands around Lynda's tiny waist and impaling her on his massive cock. "I'm going to fill up your filthy little asshole with my sweet cum. I'm going to pump you so full of jizz that it'll be running out your ears!"

Grady pulled the bottle out of Lynda's mouth. The alcohol was burning a straight path to her empty stomach, making her head swim. Her poor, punctured asshole felt like an open wound, Pete's cock like a knife that kept plunging into the same spot over and over again. The cheeks of her ass didn't feel as if they were connected anymore. The whole center of her long, lean body felt as if it had been hollowed out to make room for Pete's thrusting prick.

"Pete!" she whimpered softly. "Oh, Pete! Oh, Pete!"

"Oh Pete what?" Grady asked with a sneer, pouring whiskey all over Lynda's flushed, beautiful face, then licking it away with wet strokes of his thick tongue. "Oh Pete, fuck my ass until I can't stand up? Oh Pete, shoot my slutty body so full of cum that I slosh when I walk? Talk to us, Miss Cartier!"

Lynda didn't understand what was happening to her. Her asshole had been torn to ribbons. The pain from the brutal ass-rape was running all the way up into her shoulders, all the way down her long, lush legs. She'd been raped and beaten and humiliated in every degraded fashion possible.

"Fuck my ass, Pete!" she sobbed, thinking that it must be the alcohol and the shock that was doing this shameful thing to her. "Fill my whorish ass with cum! Fuck me, you bastard! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

"Fuck you, tramp!" Pete hissed back. "I'm cumming!"

Lynda screamed in agony as Pete flushed her ravaged shit-chute with his burning jism. One gooey streamer after another spurted deep inside her. It felt to Lynda as though she was receiving a jism enema. Pete filled her reamed out asshole with his gluey cum, then pulled his cock out of her shitter and dribbled the last of his jism all over the silky backs of her thighs.

Lynda collapsed back against the pool table as Pete stepped around its edge. She felt as though Pete had fucked every last bit of life out of her. She was too tired and hurt to move a muscle. The booze created fog that surrounded her only made things worse. When Pete laid his still-hard cock across her face, Lynda moaned with despair. It was drenched with her blood, smeared with her shit and streaked with his cum. She knew what he was going to make her do.

"No," she whispered between clenched teeth. She couldn't do it. Nothing could be worse than having to lick her own shit off Pete's filthy, bloody cock. "I won't let you. I won't. You can do anything with me you want to, but not that. Please not that."

"Okay," Pete said with an easy grin. "Give her another drink, Grady. Shit, the sexy little slut's had a pretty hard night. She deserves it."

Grady uncapped a bottle of rum this time, and poked it between Lynda's lips. She didn't want to drink anymore, but she guzzled the booze as it flowed into her mouth. Grady made her drink almost half the bottle, and when he pulled it away, Lynda's head was swimming. And before she could close her lips Pete had pushed his cock deep into her mouth.

Lynda gagged. Her big, sexy body shook with her retching. Pete's cock stretched her lips wide and sprung her jaws. He kept pushing until she had swallowed every ghastly inch. Then he drew back until only the head of his cock was still trapped between her lips and fed it to her again.

Men stepped up on either side of Lynda, rubbing their hard cocks all over her creamy tits. They pushed their dripping cock-heads into her perfectly rounded tits until her silky skin was slick with their fuck-lube.

Lynda moaned with unexpected pleasure at the sensation of having hard pricks rubbed over her big tits. It was like nothing she had ever felt before, and against her will it was turning her on.

Pete pulled his cock back until the first few inches of it sat on Lynda's pink tongue. He swished it back and forth inside her spit-filled mouth Lynda could taste salty blood and meaty jism. She also tasted the base, putrid flavor of shit. It made her want to throw up, but she didn't try to pull away.

"Suck me," Pete said. "I want to cum again, Lynda, right in your pretty mouth."

Lynda stared up at Pete in horror, but she did as he told her. The booze they had made her drink had robbed her of the last of her willpower. Three cocks were working on her voluptuous body at the same time. The cocks that were rubbing over her tits were dribbling fuck-lube all over her silky skin. Pete's cock was clean from its fucking of her asshole, but it was already leaking slippery strands of pre-cum into her waiting mouth. Before long lines of her spit and his fuck-lube were dribbling from the corners of her lips, striping her pretty cheeks.

"Mmmmmmm!" Lynda moaned with pleasure as Buck stepped between her spread legs. His cock looked long and hard and luscious to Lynda's confused mind. "Mmnmnmmnnn!"

"The bitch is getting into it," one of the men fucking her tits said, driving his cock into the silky mound of her right tit until most of his cock disappeared into the creamy soft cushion.

"Let's see her get into this," Buck said, pulling a pool cue off the wall. "I'm going to fuck you, Lynda. I'm going to fuck you real good."

"Nhhhhhh!" Lynda groaned around her mouthful of cock as Buck poked the tip of the pool cue between the swollen lips of her baflered pussy. "Nhhhhhh!"

Buck shoved the pool cue deep inside her.

Lynda's cunt grabbed at the long rod of wood. Her clit wiggled as the slick wood rubbed over it. Buck drove the pool cue a foot into her cunt with the first plunge, then jerked it back out and thrust it in again.

The end of the cue knifed into Lynda's cervix and the gorgeous captive landlady thought she was going to die.

She also thought that she was going to cum.

Lynda had never had an orgasm in her life, but she recognized the ticklings inside her, the heat that was building in her pussy and stomach. Her cunt clutched at the pool cue as though it was the cock of a long lost lover. Her clit buzzed and wriggled as the wood rubbed against it.

"Oh, yes!" she gasped around Pete's fat cock. "Oh, no! Oh, yes! Oh, no! Oh, yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Lynda's long, sultry body arched up off the pool table. Her creamy asscheeks flexed like a chewing mouth. Her cunt-lips fluttered around the cue like butterfly wings. The silky hollow of her stomach rolled like a belly dancer's. Spit poured out of her mouth, drenching her beautiful, flushed face.

"The slut's cumming!" Pete shouted, driving his cock into her clasping mouth. "Cum, you dirty whore! Cum like the sleazy slut that you are!"

One of the men fucking her tits moaned and started slopping his jism all over her chest. A moment later the other man was cumming too. Lynda wailed with passion as jism poured all over her shifting, creamy tits. To Lynda's dazed mind the men's cum seemed like the creamiest lotion she'd ever been rubbed with.

The men plastered Lynda's tits with their jism. Gooey lines of cum splattered everywhere, striping Lynda's perfect tits and soaking into her silky skin.

Lynda thrashed on the pool table, slurping at Pete's cock as though it was the most deliciow thing she had ever tasted. She hollowed her pretty cheeks as she sucked him. She soaked his cock in her spit and then sponged it away with her tongue. She nuzzled his cock with her pretty lips. Her face was soaked with her spit and his fuck-lube. It was the sweetest, sloppiest blow-job Pete had ever gotten.

"I'm cumming, you dirty twat!" Pete shouted, shoving his cock ballseep in Lynda's throat, then pulling back so that he could spurt his jism right into her wet, waiting mouth. "Drink some jizz, you fat-titted cow! Suck it down like the cocksucking piece of shit you are!"

Pete's jism filled Lynda's mouth. It exploded off her tongue like shrapnel and soaked every corner of her mouth. It filled her cheeks until they bulged like a chipmunk's. Lynda had never tasted fresh male cum before, and the flavor was so salty and meaty that it made her head swim. She swallowed one gooey mouthful after another, but she couldn't keep up with the gluey tidal wave. In an instant gluey globes of cockslime were rolling down her hollowed cheeks.

Lynda was cumming.

The orgasm rattled through her beaten, bound body like a runaway freight train. Lynda's sleek, sexy body thrashed and jumped off the pool table.

Buck drove almost two feet of the long, slender pool cue into her writhing body. He was plugging her cervix with every plunge, stretching her cunt so far out of shape that the deranged beauty didn't think it would ever be the same again.

Pete pulled his cock out from between Lynda's lips, dribbling the last of his cum onto her waiting, upturned face. Buck drove the pool cue relentlessly into her cunt, driving it into her until she had stopped moving on top of the table and lay limp as a corpse on the green felt surface. Some of the men spit on her trembling, beautiful body.

Lynda felt the world spinning away from her as the last dregs of her orgasm poured through her limp, exhausted body. She had climaxed, climaxed while being violated, degraded and tortured by a vile mob of savage men. She wished she could just die. She had the terrible feeling that it was going to be a long time before the men let her do that, or let her escape them in any other way.


They untied Lynda and made her walk over to the bar. Lynda's long, shapely legs felt like rubber. She weaved drunkenly in the midst of the crowd of men. They made things even harder on her by grabbing her, pinching her tits, slapping her ass, fucking fingers into her reamed-out cunt and asshole.

Lynda felt like something less than human as she stumbled toward the bar. She was naked, her luscious body on display for the men who surrounded her. She was dripping jism and pussy-cream and blood down her creamy thighs. And every man in the bar was pawing her perfectly proportioned body, as though she was some mindless, sexy creature they had bought and paid for.

When Lynda finally reached the bar, hands grabbed her from every side. She was lifted off her feet and thrown on the bar the same way she had been thrown on the pool table earlier. This time, though, her head was hanging off one side of the bar and her ass was hanging off the other.

Her long sexy legs dangled toward the floor, the spikes of her heels barely brushing the hardwood surface. Men stretched Lynda's arms out to her sides and tied her wrists to the edges of the bar. Lynda whimpered in anguish as the men tugged her arms out painfully wide. The men left her legs free, joking with each other about how they wanted her able to wrap those long, meaty legs around their asses while they fucked her.

When they finished with her, Lynda was sprawled across the bar, looking like a sexy meal ready to be devoured. She cried out in pain, both from the way her arms were pulled wide and bound and from the way only a tiny portion of her back had to support all her weight.

"Please!" Lynda cried, as hands crushed her tits, probed her cunt and asshole, and stroked and pinched every inch of her creamy body. "Don't hurt me anymore! I'll do -- I'll do anything you want! You can do whatever you want to me, but please don't hurt me bad! Please don't ruin me!"

"Ruin you?" Buck roared. "You've been ruined your whole fucking life! You want to see ruined, Lynda? Fuck, ifwe wanted to ruin you we might do something like this!"

Lynda screamed when Buck picked up the book of matches. He struck one, then lowered the flame slowly toward one of Lynda's stiff, pink nipples.

When she felt the searing heat on the sensitive nubbin of flesh Lynda cried in terror. Just before he touched it to her skin Buck blew it out. Then he pressed the still-hot match head right against the tip of Lynda's nipple.

The pain was awful. Lynda flopped around wildly on the bar, kicking out with her long, meaty legs, dragging her sexy body first to one side and then the other until her wrists were bleeding where the cords wrapped around them. When Buck tossed the match away, Lynda expected her nipple to be burned black, but it was only slightly reddened.

"We better put that out," Grady said, pouring half a bottle of some sticky red liquor all over her injured tit. As soon as he did a dozen mouths descended on the big soft mound, licking and sucking away the booze.

"Somebody stick a cock in sweet little Miss Cartier and take her mind off what we're going to do to her."

Lynda grunted with pain as a big man with a lot of missing teeth stuffed his cock into her cunt. She wrapped her long, muscular legs around his ass almost on reflex, and the men laughed at her. One of them boasted about how quick they were teaching the tight-ass landlady how to act like a real woman. The man's cock was no more than seven inches long, but Lynda's cunt was so battered and swollen that it felt like it was two feet long.

"Please stop!" she moaned, staring up at Buck, her big blue eyes miserable and pleading. "You're killing me! You're ruining me forever!"

Buck lit another match, shook it out, then tossed it onto the shuddering little hollow of Lynda's stomach.

Lynda shrieked in agony, arching her long, sexy body up off the bar. The man fucking her groaned with pleasure as she whipped her hips from side to side in a hopeless, vain attempt to throw the smoldering match off her silky skin. He wrapped his big hands around her satiny hips and pounded his cock into her brutally, almost knocking her off the bar. Buck lit another match and touched this one to a cigarette before he tossed it onto Lynda's sleek, writhing body.

All around Lynda men were striking matches and lighting cigarettes. They looked like tiny branding irons glowing in the dark of the bar. Still-hot matches rained down on Lynda.

She screamed in pain and panic as matches landed on her heaving tits, her flat little tummy, in the hollow of her slender white throat. A match landed in her curly cunt-bush, sizzling her pussy-hair before it cooled down. A match landed on her forehead and another fell between her parted lips, burning her tongue.

"Swallow it!" Buck shouted, puffing on his cigarette until it glowed fiery red. He started to bring the cigarette down toward her tits. "Swallow that match like a good whore, landlady!"

"Oh please!" Lynda cried. "Oh, please! Oh, no! No! No! Please! I'll do it!"

Lynda swallowed the match an instant too late. Her world exploded in burning agony as Buck touched the tip of his burning cigarette to her stiff nipple. He barely brushed the burning ember to her super-sensitive nipple, but that was enough to fill the lean, sexy captive with exquisite agony. Lynda bucked high off the table, driving her hips against the man who was fucking her.

Every muscle in her long, lean body tensed with the agony of having the cigarette touched to her tender nipple. When her cunt clenched tight around the man's cock, he groaned and filled her cunt with his jism.

The cool rush of jism into her injured pussy was like a salve to Lynda. Her scream of pain turned into a coo of relief, and she locked her long, lush legs tight around the man's pistoning ass. Her big, creamy ass bucked high pff the table, meeting every savage thrust of his spurting cock into her pussy. Their bodies made wet, sweaty slapping sounds as they collided.

"That's it, you fancy slut," Pete said, puffing on his own cigarette. "You keep moving that ass just the way you are now!"

Pete dragged his cigarette right down the center of Lynda's silky, creamy tanned stomach. He paused for just an instant when he reached the sexy little hollow of her navel, pushing down just enough to send Lynda spinning down into a deep, dark pit of agony. She screamed even louder than before, flinging herself around on the bar like a madwoman.

"I'll bet Miss Cartier didn't think she had enough energy left to shake her ass like that," Grady said, flicking ashes from his cigarette into Lynda's open mouth. "Here, tits, let me show you how we really want you shaking that big, sexy ass!"

The man who had fucked her was pulling away, wiping his slimy cock clean on Lynda's creamy thigh before he left her. Before the next man stepped up Grady ran his cigarette down one side of Lynda's pink pussy-lips and up the other. Then he jabbed it quickly right into the center of her gaping, dripping cunt.

"Please, please, please!" Lynda shrieked, thrashing around on the bar as though she was suffering some kind of fit. "Anything! I'll do anything! I'll give you anything! Please!"

"Anything?" Buck asked, a thoughtful smile on his face. "All right, Lynda. What I want you to do is drink my piss. You willing to do that?"

"Oh please!" Lynda sobbed, tears streaming down her beautiful face. "Oh please, Buck! Please don't make me!"

"Your choice," Buck said with a shrug and dragged his cigarette up Lynda's left side until he nestled it in her soft, sensitive armpit.

Lynda screamed in agony. A cold, clammy sweat had broken out on her creamy tanned body, and she was shivering uncontrollably. She reallzed now that the men knew how to use the cigarettes so that they didn't do any lasting damage. Somehow that was the most frightening thing of all. It meant they could go on torturing her forever.

While Buck dragged his cigarette up out of her armpit, over her shoulder and toward her slender white throat, several men grabbed Lynda by her legs and wrenched her onto her side. Lynda's arms felt as though they were go ing to be pulled from their sockets by the horrible position the men had forced her into. Her upper torso was still pulled flat by the tight ropes that circled her wrists, but her tiny waist was cruelly twisted, and her right hip was pressing against the edge of the bar. A man grabbed her left leg and jerked it up until Lynda squirmed in pain.

"Now you're going to get it, slut!" the man growled, hooking her leg over his shoulder and slapping his fat cock against the swollen pink lips of Lynda's pussy. "I'll bet you've never had cock stuffed in both your dirty holes at the same time, have you?"

"Answer him, whore!" another man shouted, sliding the head of his cock into the tight crack of Lynda's ass. He dragged the cigarette he was holding across the back of Lynda's knee, making her howl in agony. "Have you ever had both your scummy holes fucked at the same time."

"No," Lynda whispered, her voice shaking badly as the man traced his cigarette up and down the back of her calf. "No, I've never had -- never had both my scummy little holes fucked at the same time. Oh please, no, please, no! I can't take anymore!"

"Oh, you'll be surprised just how much more you can take," Buck said. "Ready to drink some piss now? All you have to do is say yes."

Lynda whimpered like a baby. Her booze-dulled, pain-blasted mind was hardly even able to make sense of what Buck was saying to her. But she knew that she couldn't agree to drink Buck's piss.

Buck dropped his old cigarette right into her open mouth. There was a moment of burning on her tongue before her spit put out the cigarette. Buck grabbed her by a handful of her silky black hair and jerked her head up until her chin was pressed against her big tits, then poked the burning tip of another cigarette against first one of her nipples and then the other. Lynda screamed again, her mouth filled with the sooty taste of the cigarette he had dropped there.

"Swallow that cigarette, Lynda," Buck said quietly, "or I put this one out on one of these big, pretty nipples."

At that moment the man in front of her fucked his fat cock into her pussy. Lynda grunted with pain at the penetration. When the man behind her forced his hard cock up her tiny shit-chute, she felt the world spinning away from her again. The last thing she remembered before she passed out was swallowing the cigarette like a dutiful slave.

The men let her stay unconscious for a few minutes, amusing themselves by making her jerk and wiggle and moan while her conscious mind was on hold. The men fucking her cunt and asshole battered her senseless body brutally back and forth, driving their cocks into her ravaged fuck-holes until they came. Almost as soon as the first two backed way, two more stepped up to take their places.

The other men made even more cruel use of Lynda's sexy, unconscious body. The continued to torture her, and as time went on they became more and more inventive in their abuse of the sultry, senseless landlady.

The men touched their cigarettes everywhere on Lynda's limp, beautiful body. They ran their cigarettes over the sensitive soles of her feet and palms of her hands. They ran their cigarettes between her fingers and toes.

Cigarettes teased their way into Lynda's ass-crack and touched her pussy-hair until the room was filled with the smell of burning hair. The long, silky black hair that crowned Lynda's head was targeted too.

Before more than five minutes had passed, Lynda's hair was frayed and split at the ends.

Cigarettes were tossed between Lynda's limply parted lips until her mouth looked like an ashtray. A lot of the men flicked their ashes into her mouth, too. Grady broke out a bottle of good whiskey and poured it between Lynda's huge, creamy tits and down over the flat, silky hollow of her stomach. Men licked the booze off her body, biting her creamy skin while they siphoned the liquor away. By the time Grady had poured the whole bottle of liquor out onto Lynda's sleek body she smelled like the floor of the bar.

It was Pete who thought of using the cocktail sticks, and the men cheered when he broke them out. They were made of colored plastic and shaped into tiny little swords. The men used them to poke Lynda unmercifully. They stabbed her tits, stomach and ass first, but before long they were poking her everywhere. Lynda's arms, legs, throat and even her face became targets. Grady had the idea of putting one through each of Lynda's pierced ears. The men laughed wildly over how the gorgeous, unconscious landlady looked wearing cocktail-stick earrings.

After the second pair of fuckers hosed their jism up Lynda's pussy and asshole, Buck decided it was time to wake her up. First he got a huge beer mug and held it under his cock. He filled it to the brim with his piss. Then he got the smelling salts out of the bar's first aid kit and passed them under Lynda's nose.

Lynda groaned with despair when she came awake and realized her despoiling at the hands of Buck and his customers was still going on. A man pulled off his belt just as she came awake, and a moment after her eyes were open he lashed the strap of leather against her soft tits. The pain almost made Lynda pass out again, but Buck was still holding the smelling salts under her nose. He pulled his knife off his belt and held it in front of the miserable beauty.

"See this, Lynda?" he said pleasantly, as the bound, broken beauty coughed and choked on her mouthful of cigarettes and ashes. "Ever wondered what it would feel like to get a real good fuck? Your cunt's not good for shit, you worthless cow. Maybe this could make your dead ass a little hotter. What about it, Lynda, this look like the kind of cock that could make you real hot?"

"And chew those cigarettes up and swallow them!" Pete shouted, stabbing Lynda on the point of her chin with a swizzle stick.

Lynda gagged as she chewed on her mouthful of cigarettes. She watched Buck's knife with wide, frightened eyes. The men called her filthy names while she ate the cigarettes. They urged Buck to knife fuck her. Wads of spit splattered all over Lynda's face and tits. By the time Lynda swallowed the last of the cigarettes her mouth felt numb and her stomach felt as though it had been filled with poison.

"Kill me!" she cried, watching the knife as it dipped down into the satiny valley between her big tits. "Kill me and get it over with! It doesn't matter anymore!"

"I might kill you all right," Buck said with a smile, pressing the tip of the knife into Lynda's creamy tanned skin just hard enough to make her wince with pain. "I might just fuck you to death. But killing you like this would be too fucking easy. You've made a lot of people suffer for a long time with all your queen-of-the-town bullshit. You've got a lot of paying back to do before that fucking score gets settled."

With that he pushed the knife a little harder until it just broke the skin. And then he pulled the blade down the center of Lynda's lean, long body, over her stomach, into the plump mound of her cunt and right to the edge of her swollen, jism-drenched pussy. A man got so excited that he shot his load, stepping in close so that he could bathe Lynda's beautiful face with his jism. As the slushy cock filth slithered over her cheeks Lynda started crying again, her whole body shaking with the force of her grief.

"Time to decide, Lynda," Buck said, teasing the tip of the sharp knife over Lynda's swollen pussy-lips. "Does this look like the kind of cock that could really make you hot?"

"Buck!" the luscious landlady screamed. "I want to drink your piss, Buck! I want to do anything you want me to! Please let me drink your piss! Anything, I'll do anything you want! From now on I'm yours! I swear! I'll do anything you want, Buck!"

"Tell me you love me," he said with a sneer, winking at his buddies.

"I love you, Buck!" Lynda whimpered. "I love you!"

"Ask me to fuck you," Buck said, closing the knife and slipping it into his pocket. "Tell me that you're cumming just thinking about me fucking you."

"I am, Buck," Lynda whispered. The men laughed harder. More of them spit on her. Lynda's face was dripping with their spit now. "I'm cumming just thinking about your big, hard cock. Please fuck me with it, Buck. Please!"

"In the ass?" Buck asked, picking up the huge mug of piss. "You're cumming thinking about me ripping your dirty shitter with my big cock?"

"Yes!" Lynda cried. "You've got the biggest, sweetest cock in the whole world! Please fuck my ass with it! I'm curing just thiniting about it!"

"Then let's do it," Buck said. "Untie her hands, boys. Lynda, here's a big frosty glass of my piss. Drink it down and I'll fuck your sweet big ass right off."

Lynda cried like a lost child as she clamped her delicate hands around the giant mug of piss. Buck slotted his huge, dripping cock against the tiny bud of her ass and started pushing. As she took her first sip, his massive cock-head popped into the loosened ring of her asshole and Lynda spilled piss all over her face. She swallowed her first gulp while Buck fucked his whole cock into her torn, bruised asshole.

Buck's piss tasted bitter and salty and vile. As her first gulp of Buck's piss washed down her throat, Lynda gagged uncontrollably. Revulsion at what she was doing and the horrid taste of Buck's piss overwhelmed her. Her stomach revolted, and before Lynda could stop herself she was throwing up.

The men laughed at her as she vomited. More spit hit her, some landing in the glass of piss she was going to have to drink. When she had finished and turned her face weakly back toward Buck, Grady wiped up the mess with a filthy rag, then rubbed it all over her face. Lynda almost threw up again as Grady smeared the filth all over her.

"Pretty," Buck said mockingly, fucking his huge cock in and out of her ravaged shit-chute. "So pretty. Now drink the rest of my yummy piss."

Lynda did as she was told.

Buck fucked her hard and fast, driving his cock into her so savagely that men had to hold Lynda to keep her from being knocked over the side of the bar. Her tattered shitter turned with the friction of Buck's hard cock fucking deep inside her. She could feel the moist channel stretching wider and wider, and she wondered if it would ever be the same again. The jolting of the brutal fuck caused Lynda to spill piss all over her face, but Buck didn't seem to mind.

And slowly, terribly, something started to change inside her. Buck's piss still tasted so foul that Lynda wanted to vomit with every gulp she took. His monstrous cock still hurt her tiny shitter so badly that she couldn't stop shivering, that she felt as though her back was being broken. But it was starting to excite her, too. Slowly, impossibly, the stab of Buck's cock up her ass was starting to turn her on.

Lynda iiftedher long, sexy legs andwrapped them tightly around Buck's muscular ass. She gtilped his piss as though it was the sweetest thing she had ever tasted. Her pussy was squirming and dripping, and her cockclogged asshole flexed around his ruining cock as though it wanted to squeeze every ounce of jism he had out of his balls and deep into her body. Her tiny cries of pain transformed themselves into grunts and moans of pleasure.

"Tell me you love it, whore," Buck said, fucking his cock into her asshole as though he wanted to fuck it out through her full-lipped mouth. "You're turned on, aren't you, landlady? Say it so everybody can hear."

"I love it!" Lynda moaned, drinking down the last of Buck's piss. She turned the mug upside down and let every last drop of piss splatter between her parted lips. "I love your cock, Buck! I love your piss! I love it! I can't wait until everyone fucks me!"

"Such a good little slut," Buck whispered. "Such a beautiful little slut. And such a big girl. You're the sexiest bitch this town has ever seen, Lynda big tits, big ass, and the sweetest little face a man could ever want. And you belong tome, don't you?"

"I do, Buck!" Lynda moaned, pulling Buck tight with her long legs, flipping her ass up to meet every thrust of his huge cock. "I'm your whore, Buck! I'm your slut! You're going to make me cum! Oh shit, you're making me cum!"

"You're making me cum, too, Lynda," Buck gasped, grinding his cock savagely into her shitter. "And I'm not going to cum in your big sweet ass. I'm going to cum in your hot little cunt."

Lynda cried with disappointment when Buck yanked his cock from her asshole. She shrieked with ecstasy when he buried it to the hilt in her cunt. Her climax hit her like a speeding truck. She went into convulsions, writhing and twitching wildly. She dropped the mug and grabbed her tits, tearing and twisting at the big, silky mounds until she caused herself to bleed.

"Cumming!" she screamed, her big eyes glazed, spit drooling from the corners of her mouth. "Cumming! Cumming, cumming, cumming! Oh, Buck! Oh, Buck! Fuck me!"

Buck screamed with pleasure too. Her cunt was so wet and hot that Buck couldn't hold back anymore. It squeezed and tugged on his cock in a convulsion of pure lust. With a deep, long groan he hosed his jism up her burning hot pussy.

"Agggggghhhhhhhhh!" Lynda shrieked, deranged with the pleasure she was feeling. "Oh! Ohhhhh! Yes!"

Buck's jism burned into her pussy like acid. Every wet shot of his cum inside her drove Lynda a little bit crazier. Her pussy clamped around his cock as though it never wanted to let it go. One orgasm after another pounded through her beautiful, thrashing body.

"Do you want to fuck these other guys now?" Buck asked at last, fucking his still-hard cock inside Lynda's swampy pussy. "Are you going to make all my friends feel good?"

"Yesssssss!" Lynda hissed, tossing her head and driving her hips up at Buck's thrusting cock. "I'll fuck them all so good! I'll make them all cum so good!"

"Good," Buck said with a smirk, puffing his cock from her cunt. "Give her a bottle, Grady. The good stuff. I think we've got a real pet here. Yeah, I think this big-titted whore is ready to make us all real happy."

"And for a real long time," Grady said, pulling a bottle of whiskey off the shelf. "And after she drinks this shit she might just love us all as much as she loves you."

"I aiready do," Lynda said, her mind nearly unhinged. "I love you all. All of you, and all of your big, hard cocks!" When Grady shoved the bottle between her lips, Lynda drank the whiskey as though it was mother's milk.


"Pretty cocks," Lynda cooed, looking up at the stiff, dripping pricks that surrounded her. "Such pretty, pretty cocks!"

Grady had made her drink most of the bottle of whiskey before the men had turned her over on the bar. Now she was lying across it on her stomach, staring at the three hard cocks that were pointing at her face. Behind her two more stiff pricks were rubbing over the lush, silky cheeks of her ass. Dozens more hard, dripping cocks were waiting to take their turns on her. The news of what was happening at Buck's Bar had spread through the town. The place was packed now, so full of horny men that Pete had had to lock the door and turn off the sign. There wasn't room for anyone else.

"Please don't hurt me," Lynda said in a little-girl voice, looking up at Buck. "Please don't hurt me bad!"

"Why would we want to hurt you now?" Buck asked, flashing the other men a mocking grin. "You're being such a good little girl, such a good, big-titted little girl."

"I am a good girl," Lynda said eagerly, and when Buck rubbed his hand over her face, she licked and kissed his fingers like a happy little puppy. "A very good, big-titted girl."

"Let's fuck her," one of the men rubbing his cock over her full, round ass said. He slapped one meaty asscheek. "Hey, whore! Tell us you want us to fuck you!"

"I do," Lynda said, her crystal blue eyes wide and thoughtful. She was drunk almost to the point of passing out and in a state of shock from all the fucking and torture she had endured. "I want you to fuck me right now!"

"And beat you?" Pete asked, stepping up inside Lynda and slapping his belt softly against the small of her back.

"Oh please," Lynda said, fat tears slipping down from the corners of her big, blue eyes. "Yes, please beat me too! If you want to beat me, that's what I want too."

Lynda looked to Buck for approval, and when she saw him smile, she felt warm and wanted inside. Lynda had never had a steady boyfriend, and in her drunken, muddled state that was what Buck seemed like. She wanted to do everything she could to make him happy.

Pete lashed the belt down against Lynda's lush asscheeks, leaving a thick red stripe across her tanned skin.

One of the men behind her stuffed the head of his cock between the swollen, drooping lips of her cunt and fucked his cock inside her until his balls were snuggled tight against her quivering, silky thigh.

The men in front of her stepped closer, rubbing their hard, leaking cocks all over Lynda's beautiful, aristocratic face. One of them plunged his cock straight down her throat, squirming his ass and shoving his cock until Lynda's pretty face was mashed into his musty crotch hair.

Then the other man behind her stepped close and pushed the head of his cock against the cock-stuffed lips of Lynda's pussy.

"Mmmmgggrrffhhhh!" Lynda cried around her mouthful of prick. She arched her back against the hellish pressure on her cunt, jerking her big, sexy ass wildly from side to side.

Her pussy had been fucked loose and filled with so much jism that it was slick as greased ice. Her pussy-cream was running down the insides of her thighs.

Even that much lubrication couldn't ease the penetration of two thick cocks into the squirming, captive body. She squealed with pain as the second man pressed his cock into her tiny pink cunt mouth.

The head of the man's cock popped into her pussy, stretching the mouth of her swollen cunt wide. Lynda cried out in agony, then moaned deep in her throat as the man drove his cock to the hilt inside her. Her long, sultry body trembled with the pain of the unnatural penetration.

Her poor, tattered cunt felt like a sock on Christmas morning, stuffed so full of toys that it was stretched almost to the point of bursting wide open. Her legs felt as though they were dislocated. It was as though she was sitting on some huge wooden stake, one that was piercing every inch of her body, driving a wedge inside her that was going to split her in two.

Her throat was clogged with cock. The other two men dragged their slippery pricks all over her face. The man on the right slapped her face with his cock, beating Lynda's pretty face as though he was wielding a billyclub instead of a hardened length of fuck-meat. The man on the left was smearing his cock all over her face, probing her nose, her ear, even bumping the slick head of his prick into Lynda's wide blue eyes.

The man in the center was fucking Lynda's throat as though it was her cunt. Lynda choked with every throat-stuffing thrust, but the man only laughed and wiggled his ass so he could drive his cock in deeper. He pulled his cock out and the man on the right slid his in, driving even deeper past her gullet. The center man took over slapping Lynda's face, smearing her spit and his fuck-lube over her nose and cheeks and forehead.

"Look at the whore!" Pete shouted, whipping the belt down against Lynda's sexy ass and narrow back. "Take those cocks, you sleazy tramp! You're starting to learfl aren't you? Tell us, suck-slut, have you figured out your fucking place yet?"

The man on the right pulled his spit-soaked cock out of Lynda's hungry lips, leaving her mouth free to answer. All three men were wiping their cocks over her face now, overwhelming Lynda with the two feet of stiff prick they were making her pleasure. Laughing all three men started hitting Lynda in the face with their cocks. They slopped fuck-lube all over her, and before long her beautiful face was soaked with their pre-cum.

"Answer me, whore!" Pete screamed, lashing the belt across Lynda's long, flawless back. Her creamy skin was crossed with angry red welts. "What should a slut be doing? What's the only thing a big-titted, big-assed landlady bitch is good for?"

"Being fucked!" Lynda moaned pitifully, her voice shaking from the pounding double-fuck she was getting, garbled from the triple prick-beating the men in front of her were giving her pretty face. Spit and fuck-lube poured over her lips in gooey strands. "A bitch with big tits and a big ass should be using her slutty body to make men feel good! She should be on her knees! On her back with her legs in the air! On all fours, taking a cock from behind like the bitch dog she is!"

"What are you, then, Miss Cartier?" Grady asked, stepping up with a lit cigarette and pressing it against the reamed-out pink bud of her asshole. "Tell us who you belong to and what the fuck you are."

"A whore!" Lynda screamed, writhing in sexual agony as the man behind her wrecked her pussy with their fucking. "A slut! I'm a pussy and an ass and a big, bouncy set of tits! I belong to you! I belong to you and to any man who wants to stick his cock in my slutty body and take me like the bitch I am! Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh shit, I'm such a dirty whore!"

"That's right," Grady said with a grin, pulling the cigarette off her burning asshole. He hefted his fat cock in his hand and aimed it at the small of Lynda's back. "What do you know, guys? The dumb slut got it right."

Grady loosed a stream of piss all over Lynda's bowed, silky back. The voluptuous beauty howled in agony and humiliation as the piss soaked her captive body, burning into the welts that criss-erossed her lean, sultry back. Her cunt clutched tight around the double-fucking cocks that stuffed it, and an orgasm exploded through her.

"Suck this cock, whore!" one of the men in front of her shouted, punching his spit-slick prick between her lush, parted lips. "Suck me off, you shitty bitch!"

Lynda locked her lips tight around the big cock, hollowing her cheeks as she applied suction to the meaty length of prick. She lashed her tongue on the bulging cock-head, drooling spit and pre-cum down her chin.

She leaned her face into the cocks that were pushing against it. She was cumming, and she couldn't get enough of the five cocks that were simultaneously ravaging her long, sexy frame.

She tried to buck her ass back against the hard-driving cocks of the two men behind her, but their doubled fuck-thrusts pounded her back against the side of the bar. It felt as though her pussy was being worked over by a hard-punching fighter, hammered fffst with one fist and then the other.

The men varied their rhythms so that sometimes they would take turns jabbing their cocks into Lynda's cunt and other times they would pound in and draw out at the same time. When the men varied their fuck-strokes, Lynda felt as though she was filled with a cock that never needed to pull back at all, that only thrust and thrust and thrust, beating her pussy to mush. When they drove into her together the jarring double impact would knock Lynda senseless, jolting her long, lush body with the force of a speedmg truck.

"Bitch!" the man she was sucking roared, clamping his strong hands against the sides of Lynda's head and fucking her throat with rabbitqulck fuck-thrusts. "You're making me cum, landlady! Suck some jizz, you gorgeous cunt!"

Lynda gagged on the first thick streamer of jism that spurted into her throat. It went down the wrong way and Lynda coughed uncontrollably. Cum dribbled from her nose and splashed out of her mouth. The next throat clogging splash poured like a lava flow down her throat and into her stomach. Then the man pulled back, filling Lynda's sucking mouth with tacky fuck-slime. Still choking on the first gooey streamer of cum, Lynda couldn't swallow any of it, and soon cum was pouring out over her cock-stretched lips.

"Drink it, you worthless cow!" the man shouted, humping her pretty face. He pounded his fists into the sides of her head, knocking her almost unconscious. "Drink it, slut! Drink it, whore! Swallow my jizz, you big-assed piece of shit!"

Lynda tried as hard as she could, but she couldn't do as the man offered. With a curse of disgust he pulled his spurting cock out of her mouth and pointed it right between her eyes. He cackled with pleasure as he fired sticky jism streamers into Lynda's wide eyes. The cum streamed down her face like tears. Finally he smeared his cock all over her nose, leaking the last of his jism and smudging it into Lynda's beautiful face.

"Oh yeah!" one of the other men shouted, stuffing the head of his cock between Lynda's parted, cum drooling lips just as he shot his first thick dollop of jism. "Here's some more, landlady! Suck it down, you sorry cunt!"

Lynda didn't even try to swallow his load of cum. It was splashing into her mouth too fast, too powerfully. Jism poured out over her face, webbed her lips and teeth together. Her lips blubbered over the thrusting length of fuck-meat, greased by a double load of cum. By the time the second man pulled his still-spurting cock out of her mouth Lynda was wearing a beard of sticky, dirty white jism. The man splashed the last of his cum all over her face, beating her with this cock while he fouled her cheeks and nose and forehead with his tacky cock-julce.

The third man plunged his cock between her jism-frosted lips. His cum poured into her mouth like water from a tap, and Lynda clamped her lips tight around his prick just behind the ridge at the back of his cock-head. She gulped his jism as it filled her mouth, but she couldn't swallow fast enough to keep up with the glut of cum. Her stomach felt swollen with jism. Like his friends the man pulled out to shoot the last of his cum all over Lynda's pretty, pale face. By the time he was finished there wasn't an inch of her beautiful face that wasn't glazed with cock-slime.

A man stepped up, his hard cock in his hand, and spurted his cum all over Lynda's back. He striped her with long, silvery strands of jism and Pete splattered the cum all over her with strokes of his big leather belt. Lynda cried out with an unbearable mix of agony and ecstasy as her sultry body was soaked in the cock-slime of the mob of lusting men.

"Bitch!" one of the men fucking her cunt screamed. Both men wrapped their big hands around Lynda's tiny middle and jerked her back against their bludgeoning cocks. "I'm cuninling, you slimy whore! I'm creaming your hot little cunt!"

"Oh shit!" Lynda moaned as her cunt was impaled on the two massive cocks. Two pairs of cum heavy balls were slapping against the backs of her thighs and two long, thick cocks were spitting themselves into her helpless, beautiful body. "Oh, fuck! Oh no! You're tearing me up! You're tearing me up! Oh please, you're making me cum!"

Lynda's injured cunt convulsed around the paired, tearing cocks, squeezing on their cum as though it wanted to soak up every drop of jism they fired.

A man grabbed her by her silky black hair and jerked her head to the side. He jammed the head of his cock against her parted lips just as he started to cum, and bathed her face with his gooey fuck-slime. He webbed Lynda's lips together with his cum, painted her chin and cheeks and nose. Sticky waves of jism poured over Lynda's beautiful face, almost a quarter of an inch thick in some spots.

It was too much for the drunken, battered beauty to stand. She was tied stomach-down over a bar, the sexual center of attention for a mob of almost fifty men. Her face was plastered with jism. Lynda screamed in agony, but she couldn't tell the pain from pleasure anymore, and an orgasm was burning through her sleek body.

The men fucking her cunt pulled their pussy-soaked cocks out of her dripping pussy. They rubbed them clean on Lynda's lush, creamy ass, and the broken landlady couldn't keep herself from hunching her ass back against the big pricks.

The men untied her and turned her over onto her back. Lynda's delicate hands were forced around two big cocks. Four men crowded around her head, smearing their cocks all over her already slimy face. Her legs were grabbed by strong hands that pulled them apart. Lynda felt as though she were a wishbone as the men forced her into a split that left her legs pointing out straight to the sides of her body. She felt the muscles that ran down her inner thighs pull and tear under the terrible pressure as the men tied her ankles and knees to the sides of the bar. Two men wedged themselves together between her legs, and for the second time two huge, hard cocks plunged into her cunt at the same time.

There were too many men, and they were too excited to wait for turns fucking her gorgeous, captive body. Men kneeled on the bar to either side of her body and plunged their cocks against the full, fleshy globes of her tits. Lynda squealed in agony as each man grabbed one of her tits and crushed it brutally around his stiff, hard cock.

Her cunt felt as though it had been pounded to mush. She couldn't breathe with her mouth still clogged with jism and four cocks poking all over her face. Her hands were already sticky with the fuck-lube of the men who were making her beat them off.

The pain from her mashed, fucked tits was so terrible that Lynda couldn't keep from arching up off the table, from wiggling and jerking in a wild attempt to ease some of the agony she was feeling.

The men playing their cocks over her face started to slap her with their pricks. Each time one of the hard cocks hit her beautiful face there was a loud, wet plop. It was like being hit with wet towels, but there was more weight behind the fat cocks that were beating her. Before long the men were hitting her so hard that they were bruising her pretty, scummy face. Lynda kept her mouth wide open, hoping that at least one of the men would be enticed into sliding his cock down her throat.

The men fucking her cunt were the first ones to cum. Lynda's cunt was slick and hot, and stretched to the point of bursting around two hard cocks. The friction was too much for the men to take. Lynda climaxed again as they hosed their jism up inside her sloppy little fuckhole. When they pulled out a wave of jism followed them. It looked like a gooey white glacier. The men laughed and wiped their cocks clean in the silky linle bush of Lynda's cunt-fur.

Grady grabbed a big bottle of rum and shoved it into Lynda's cunt. The dazed, drunken beauty moaned with shame and pleasure as he fed her every inch of the thick, hard bottle. Jism and pussy-juice squeezed out of her abused pussy as another orgasm wracked its way through her bound, beautiful body. The man fucking her right tit came, splattering the big soft mound with tacky thick cock goo.

Lynda climaxed again, her long, sultry body squirming weakly on top of the bar. Her flat little stomach rolled like that of a belly dancer as orgasmic convulsions seized her. One of the men rubbing his cock over her face groaned with pleasure at the sight. He splashed her face with his julcy cock-filth, further coating Lynda's perfect features.

The men who were making Lynda beat them off came at almost the same time, edging closer to her body so they could splatter her full tits and silky flat stomach with their cum. The man fucking her left tit climaxed too, turning the big, soft globe into a snow-capped mountain.

Lynda had never felt anything even close to the sensation of having three cocks spurting jism onto her face at the same time. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth and let them shower her with cum. Strands of fuck-filth crossed her face from every direction. Jizz poured into her open mouth until it overflowed down her cheeks and chin. Her beautiful eyes were submerged under pools of tacky cum. Her shiny black hair was frosted with streaks of dirty white cock-cream.

The men pulled Lynda's sultry, cum-drenched body off the bar and laid her on her back on the leather bar stools. Lynda's long, lush legs were jerked wide, her feet settled on stools and then sat on by heavy men. Two stools were put under her lower body, one under her full, silky ass and another under her flat little stomach. A man banged his ass down on top of Lynda's stomach, driving the air from her squirming, captive body. There were stools under her shoulders and head, too. And then the men moved in on her again.

"Here, Lynda," Buck said, straddllng her head. Lynda had to scoop clotted jism from her eyes to see what he was doing. "I'm going to give you a chance to get to know me real well. You want that, don't you?"

"Yes," Lynda said softly, running her tongue through her mouth to clear it of cum. "I want to know you forever, Buck. What are you going to do to me now?"

"Give me a kiss, Lynda-slut," Buck said softly. "Give me a nice, wet kiss on my asshole."

Lynda cried out in despair as Buck spread his asscheeks wide and sat on her face. The damp filth of his asscrack smeared over her cheeks and mouth as he settled down on top of her. The smell made Lynda retch, but there was nothing in her stomach to come up. She dry heaved as Buck crushed the dirty ring of his asshole down over her sexy, parted lips.

A man shoved his cock roughly up Lynda's reamed-out asshole. Buck clamped both of Lynda's soft hands around the hard stalk of his cock. The men sitting on Lynda's feet rubbed their cocks over her perfectly shaped calves. The man sitting on her stomach drove the fat head of his cock into her navel. Lynda was serving five cocks at once, again. Her sex-shattered mind tried in vain to calculate how many cocks she had already pleasured, and how many more were waiting to drain their lust on her big, super-sexy body.

Buck made her lay his huge, hard cock between her big, creamy tits, then crushed the silky mounds together with his strong hands. Lynda's hands were pulled up and fitted around other cocks. Lynda stroked them diligently, tickling them and pulling them and rubbing their slippery pre-cum all over.

"Lock your pretty lips on my asshole," Buck said, squirming his ass all over Lynda's face while he stabbed his cock between her creamy tits. "Don't you want a nice, wet kiss? My ass is all you're going to get to kiss until you prove you're good enough for something else." Lynda whimpered with shame and disgust, but she brushed her lips over the tight ring of Buck's shitter. The big man moaned with pleasure and plunged his cock even more savagely between Lynda's tits. Lynda clamped her lips to the filthy ring and teased her tongue against it. She could feel the slippery wetness of Buck's fuck-lube greasing the silky valley between her tits.

She screamed when the man fucking her asshole spurted his burning hot jism inside her. Her reamed out asshole clamped tight as a vise around his gushing prick, pulling his jism deep inside her helplessly squirming body. The man sitting on her ankle shot long, greasy strands of jism up her leg. Lynda shook like a spastic as an orgasm of her own tore through her abused body.

Driven by the depraved passion that was burning through her, Lynda drove her tongue deep into Buck's asshole. She tasted his shit and gagged, but she didn't stop. She locked her lips tight around the bud of his shitter, tonguing him and sucking him as though she was kissing his mouth instead of his asshole. Buck shouted with pleasure and mashed her titsso tight around his cock that Lynda shrieked in agony.

A cock speared into her cunt, fucking her so brutally that her body shook with every thundering impact. One of the men she was beating off came all over her slender, creamy arm. The man fucking her came after only a dozen strokes, his jism pouring out of her swampy pussy almost as quickly as he shot it in.

Lynda slithered her tongue all over Buck's damp, filthy asscrack, cleaning his ass until there wasn't a trace of shit to be tasted. She was sickened by what she was doing, but she couldn't stop herself. She stabbed her tongue back up his asshole and wiggled it around, and he moaned with pleasure. A moment later he was cumming.

Lynda climaxed with her master as he hot his jism all over her big tits. The other man she was beating off came too, striping her arm with lines of fuck-filth. Buck's jism coated her silky tits, and Lynda rubbed the creamy goo over the huge mounds until they shined. The man sitting on her other foot came, leaning forward so that he could bombard her swollen pink cunt-lips with his gluey globs of cums.

"You're learning, aren't you?" Buck said, getting off Lynda's face and slapping her cheek so hard that it almost knocked her out. Her beautiful face was smeared with dark brown stains. "Before we're done with you, you won't even remember your fucking name."

More men moved in on her. They fucked her cunt. They fucked her asshole. They shoved their hard, dripping cocks between her sensuous, parted lips. They fucked her tits and made her jack them off. They fucked Lynda unconscious and woke her up a half dozen times. Lynda did whatever they wanted. She spread her legs, pursed her lips, ran her hands all over their cocks. The men kept giving her more to drink, and before they were done, Lynda's will had been completely shattered.

The men dragged Lynda's sultry, cum-soaked body across the bar. Lynda hung her head whlle they tied her in place. When they got out, the darts tears ran tracks down her beautiful, cum-crusted face.


"No! Please, no! Please no, please no, please no!"

Lynda couldn't stop begging. The words tumbled from her mouth as the men tied her spread-eagled in the center of the bar. When they were finished binding her, Lynda's arms were spread high above her head, far out to her sides. Her legs were spread wide, too, held by ropes to studs in the walls. She was held off the ground, suspended by the ropes that cut into her wrists and ankles.

"Shut your fucking mouth, Miss Cartier," Grady said, then shook his head. "Naw, the stuck-up whore's going to be screaming like she's dying when we start throwing the darts. I'll shut her up."

"Ought to fucking clean her up, too," Pete said, looking over Lynda's sultry, cum-soaked body. "We want to see what we're fucking aiming at."

Grady grabbed a half dozen pairs of dirty, discarded underwear off the filthy barroom floor. Pete pulled a couple seltzer bottles out from behind the bar. Lynda watched them with dazed, frightened eyes. She squealed when Pete sprayed her with the seltzer water, washing the drying jism off her long, sleek body. He sprayed her all over, even bathing her cum-plastered face with the hard streams of water. By the time he was finished Lynda was clean of cum but soaked with water. Her silky black hair was plastered to her head and shoulders.

"Open wide," Grady said, grabbing Lynda by her chin and forcing her mouth wide open. "You're not much good for fucking, Miss Cartier, but maybe you can wash this nasty underwear for us."

"Please, Grady!" Lynda cried, looking pitiful and gorgeous as she beed for mercy. "I've tried to be a good girl! I've fucked everybody! I'll do anything you want! Please, just don't hurt me like this! Don't hurt me so bad!"

"What you are, Lynda," Grady said patiently, stuffing a pair of underwear into Lynda's mouth, "is a big-titted, big-assed cow. You need to learn your place, whore. When we're done with your sweet body, you'll either know it or be too fucked up to care."

Lynda cried miserably as Grady stuffed her mouth with one pair of shorts after another. By the time he was finished her cheeks were bulging, her mouth spread wide open. The underwear tasted of filth and piss. Grady stuffed her mouth so full that a pair of underwear pushed into her throat, and Lynda gagged helplessly, barely able to breathe around the dirty cotton.

Grady backed away from her, and for a moment Lynda hung, in the center of the bar, untouched by the mob of men who were breaking her beautiful body. It was the first time in hours that a cock hadn't been buried inside her, a hand hadn't been mauling her tits or ass or pussy.

Lynda felt abandoned.

But she looked as sexy as hell.

Lynda's body was spread-eagled in mid-air. Her big tits stood out from her body like two creamy soft, water-filled balloons. Her nipples were hard little points. With her body stretched and tied, her waist looked even smaller, her body even longer. Her sexy legs seemed to go on forever, pointing out to the sides of her voluptuous body. Her pink cunt-lips were spread wide, and her big, sexy ass flexed as she tried to take some of the pressure off her long, shapely legs.

"Darts is a special sport," Buck said, hefting one in his hand. "The action is in the wrist. Watch, and you might learn something." He threw a dart at Lynda's right tit.

Lynda screamed when the dart hit, right at the center of her nipple. It stuck, buried deep in her super-sensitive flesh. Lynda writhed desperately against the ropes that held her spread-eagled, trying to shake it off. She could barely move at all. Buck targeted her left nipple and threw again. When the dart landed, Lynda wore the two darts like pasties. The pain was incredible.

Lines of men formed on both sides of Lynda. Men threw darts at her ass and men threw darts at her tits. Lynda screamed as they hit but all that escaped the underwear that was wadded in her mouth were low, despairing moans. Even the liquor the men had filled her with was not enough to dull the pain of the darts as they pierced her creamy skin.

A dart found its way between the cheeks of Lynda's ass, burying itself right next to the fucked-out ring of her asshole. Lynda shrieked and wriggled wildly. The men were covering her full, silky asscheeks with darts. Her tits sprouted over a dozen more.

A lot of the men were missing their targets. Darts hit Lynda's sleek, flat tummy. Darts stabbed into Lynda's lush, creamy thighs. Some of the men decided to try to hit Lynda in the deep, sexy pocket of her navel, and they pelted her stomach with darts until each one of them had scored a bullseye. Lynda thrashed helplessly against the ropes that held her in place, struggling until her wrists and ankles were bleeding.

By the time the men were finished there were almost a hundred darts buried in Lynda's sleek, sexy body. Dozens of them sprouted from her full, round tits. Dozens more stuck from the soft, creamy cheeks of her big ass. By the time Buck stepped up to push the last dart into the tender nub of her clit Lynda was delirious with agony. She passed out when he pressed the needle-sharp dart into her tiny clit.

The men woke her up by spraying her with the seltzer bottles, then pulled the darts from her sexy, captive body. Lynda passed out again as the men were pulling the darts out of her, but they woke her up again.

Then they untied her, dropping her to the dirty bar floor. Lynda curled into a ball, sobbing and shaking, as the men surrounded her. They threw the darts again, hurling the darts down at her this time. A dart hit Lynda in her cheek and she shrieked around her mouthful of wadded underwear. The men kicked her over onto her back, then kicked her legs out wide. Lynda covered her tender pussy with her hands but men grabbed her wrists and pulled her arms out high above her head. Men stepped on her hands to hold her arms in place. Men stepped on her ankles, too, bearing down with enough force to make Lynda cry out in anguish. And then they started throwing the darts at her cunt.

"Neeeehhhhh!" Lynda shrieked around the underwear that stuffed her mouth. Spit ran down the sides of her face as she screamed. "Auuuuugggghhhh!"

A dart stabbed into her qulvering, peeledback cunt-lips. Another drove into the tender bridge of flesh that connected her cunt to her asshole. Darts rained down on her, burying themselves in her plump pussy mound, digging into her creamy tanned iuner thighs. A dart split her cunt-lips and lodged deep into her cunt, and Lynda went out of her mind with terror and agony.

She jerked her ass a foot off the floor, gyrated her hips in wide, wild circles off the floor, gyrated her hips in wide, wild circles that looked like the sexiest bump-and-grind performed by the sexiest stripper in the world.

The men just laughed at her. Men kicked her long, sultry body, driving their feet into her hips and sides and arms. Men spit on her until her silky skin was streaked with their sticky saliva. Lynda writhed on the floor like sexy, dying snake, her creamy skin smeared with the filth of the bar floor, her pussy impaled by dozens of wicked, needle-sharp darts.

Grady kicked her in her cunt.

Lynda collapsed back against the floor as Grady drove the pointed toe of his boot into the swollen, dart-strewn mouth of her pussy. All the energy seemed to drain from her long, lithe body. Grady kicked her again, knocking some darts off her, driving others in deeper. Lynda gasped for breath, going so pale that she looked like a sexy ghost on the barroom floor.

"Kick her again!" a man shouted.

"Fuck that," another man said. "Give her your whole foot, Grady. Foot fuck the suck-up queen."

"What about it?" Grady asked, kicking Lynda's pussy again, moving her a foot across the floor with the bruising force of the blow. "It's just like a menu, Miss Cartier. Item one is playing darts some more. We know you fucking love that. Item two is getting the biggest, sweetest fuck of your slutty life. You want to fuck my foot, bitch?"

"Take that fucking underwear out of your mouth," Buck barked, nodding to the man st ping on her right hand to let her go. "How the fuck do you think you're going to order while you're sucking on a bunch of dirty shorts?"

Lynda's hand felt crushed. She could hardly flex her fingers, and she cried out in pain as she grabbed the pair of shorts that were sticking out of her mouth.

The men laughed at her, spitting on her and kicking ler when she dragged the soaking shorts out of her mouth. She had to dig in deep for the other pairs, finally having to drag the last pair out of her throat. By the time she had finished there was a pile of soaking wet underwear on the floor beside her face. Pete stepped on her cheek, forcing her pretty face into the pile of soaking shorts for almost a minute before he let her up.

"So what's it going to be?" Grady asked when Pete let her up. He kicked her again, driving one dart so deep inside her cunt that it disa peared between the swollen pink lips of her pussy.

The men grabbed Lynda's arm and forced it out over her head again. Men were stepping on her in other places too. Feet settled down on her arms and legs. Men stepped on her flat, silky stomach and on her full, round tits. Everywhere feet were settling on her lean, long body. Some of the men stomped on her, raising their feet up and smashing them down over and over.

"So what's it going to be, Lynda?" Buck asked. He rubbed a boot all over Lynda's face, smearing her with dirt.

Lynda could barely moved. She couldn't think at all.

"Fuck me... fuck me with your foot," she whispered at last, her voice barely audible. She kissed the sole of Buck's shoe as he rubbed it over her mouth, slipping her tongue past her lips to wash dirt off the leather. "Please fuck me with your foot."

The men cheered. They pulled the darts out of Lynda's tortured cunt before Grady removed his boot and drove his foot into her again. This time he leaned his weight on his foot, pressing it deeper and deeper inside her. Lynda moaned with unexpected pleasure as his toes wiggled inside her pussy. She screamed when the front of his foot pushed past the stretched lips of her cunt. After that there was only pain, pain so bitter that Lynda wished for death.

Men grabbed Grady's arms to hold him up while he pushed his foot into Lynda's cunt. Lynda hunched her ass up off the floor, trying to escape the terrible intrusion, but there was nowhere for her to go. Half of Grady's foot pushed inside her cunt and she felt as though she had been torn to pieces. He kicked again, with all the strength of his muscular leg, and Lynda felt as though she was having a baby.

"There we go!" Grady screamed as the heel of his foot disappeared inside Lynda's pussy. "You like that, you slimy, big-titted cow? I bet you never thought you'd be on your back with your legs spread fucking on a man's foot!"

Lynda passed out. Her eyes had hardly flickered shut when Pete aimed his cock at her beautiful face and started pissing. The broken landlady came awake drowning. Her mouth was filled with Pete's piss, her face soaked. When she woke, tasting the bitter piss, she gagged weakly. The men just laughed at her and urged Grady to kick her even harder.

She could feel every inch of Grady's foot inside her. His wiggling toes scratched her cervix. The bone of his ankle rubbed against her tearing cunt lips. The heel of his foot smashed against her clit. Lynda shivered uncontrollably, going into shock. Her big blue eyes rolled and spit drooled from her parted lips.

The men gathered around her, kicking her long, lean body until Lynda was certain they were going to kick her to death. Men lashed their feet into her velvety ribcage. Men kicked her plush ass, her generous hips. Men kicked her slender arms and long, sexy legs. Some of the men even kicked her in the head, knocking Lynda senseless. They would have knocked her unconscious if not for the stream of piss Pete was washing her face with.

The men took turns kicking and stomping on Lynda's full, silky tits. Every time one of the men would grind the heel of his shoe down on top of one of Lynda's tits the pain was so intense that the tortured girl begged for death. Then some other man would swing his foot way back and kick the fleshy mound as though it was a football. Lynda's big soft tit would swing across her chest with such force that Lynda was sure it was being kicked completely off her body.

The men laughed at Lynda's pitiful begging and crying. They spit on her some more, and several of them pulled out their cocks and pissed all over her sleek, sexy body. Lynda whimpered with shame and disgust as the men soaked her creamy tanned body with their stinking yellow piss.

"Fuck that foot!" Pete shouted, dribbling the last of his piss all over Lynda's beautiful upturned face. "Fuck that foot, whore! Kick her harder, Grady! Shit, the silly bitch is hardly feeling it!"

"What's the matter, Miss Cartier?" Grady asked, grunting with the effort of driving his foot into Lynda's battered cunt. "Aren't I kicking you hard enough? You uptown cunts really need to go the whole trip, huh? Well, here you go, big tits! Fuck on this!"

Grady pulled his foot completely out of Lynda's pussy, and she collapsed against the floor, panting like a dying dog. Grady's foot was drenched with cunteam and smeared with blood. Lynda cried in hopeless despair looking at the size of his foot, knowing that he had shoved it up to his ankle inside her poor little pussy. She knew that her cunt would never be the same after all the abuse it had suffered during this horrible night of torment.

Then Grady fucked his foot back inside her, driving all the way to his ankle in one fiendish, brutal thrust. Lynda slid three feet across the filthy bar floor, curling into a tight ball in spite of the feet that held her down. She could feel her pussy ripping under the inhuman force of the kick. She was certain that Grady had kicked his foot all the way into her stomach.

Grady pulled his foot out of her again. Her torn cunt-lips were stretched so wide that it looked as though the men could have driven a truck up inside her. Her once-dainty pink cuntlips were blood red and swollen.

"No!" she whispered as Grady drew his foot back again. She shook her head weakly from side to side as men sprayed her body with piss and rubbed their feet over her face and body. "No, Grady! No more! No more! I can't stand it!"

"Shut up, you big-assed slut," a man said, and flicked a lit match into her open mouth.

Lynda screamed as the match sizzled her tongue. Her spit put it out almost immediately, but not before it filled her mouth with fire. Lynda gulped down the match on reflex.

Grady kicked her again. And again. And again.

The other men stopped kicking her, stepping back to watch as Grady pounded his foot inside Lynda's cunt. A few men still pissed on Lynda's face and tits, or stepped up to spit on her, but most of them just wanted to see the show. None of them had ever seen anything that compared to the spectacle of Lynda's tall sexy body being fucked by Grady's foot.

Lynda couldn't take anymore. There wasn't one spot on her svelte, supple body that didn't burn with pain. Her cunt and asshole felt as though they had been bored out with an electric drill. Her tits were bruised and scraped until they throbbed with pain even when no one was touching them. Lynda floated half conscious in an ocean of agony. And now Grady was kicking the shit out of her cunt.

Lynda locked her plush thighs around Grady's ankle.

"Spread those legs!" Grady shouted, wiggling his foot around inside Lynda's wounded cunt. "Spread them, whore, or I'll shove my foot up your stinking asshole!"

Lynda stared up at Grady. Her silky black hair was spread out around her in a wild tangle, her sultry body glistening with sweat. She was trembling uncontrollably, like a lost child. Grady had never seen anything that looked as sexy as the defiled landlady. It made him want to kick her even harder.

"Spread them, Miss Cartier," he said again. "You aren't the landlady anymore. You're just a sleazy gang-bang barmaid, and we're going to do anything to your big sexy body that we want to. And believe me, whore, we've been going easy on you so far."

Lynda cried hopelessly. She didn't have any choice but to do as Grady commanded. She spread her legs as wide as she could and waited for him to kick her again. When he did, she came.

The orgasm was so powerful, so unexpected, that Lynda couldn't stop herself from screaming out with passion. She was climaxing while she was sprawled on a dirty barroom floor, getting foot-fucked by one man in front of an audience of fifty more.

Lynda bucked her ass up off the ground to meet the pussy-jarring jolt of Grady's foot. Her ravaged pussy clamped around Grady's ankle, spilling cuntream all over his foot. Grady kicked her again, pushing her two feet across the floor, and Lynda climaxed again.

She was still cuinming when he pulled his soaked bloody foot from her cunt. And when he made her lick his foot clean, Lynda climaxed again, even as she cried at the depth of her degradation.


"Hey, Lynda, you remember this?" Buck was dragging Lynda by her hair across the filthy floor of the bar. "Sure you do. You're the bitch who brought the cops out here to make me get rid of it. You know, I lost a fucking lot of business. I've got a replacement now, and none of the sluts I had in here were anywhere near as fucking sexy as you."

"No!" Lynda cried. It was true. They could keep pushing her farther down into the muck forever. "Not in there, Buck! The police -- the police told me what that thing did! It's-it's horrible! I've tried to be good! Oh please, please, I've tried to be good."

"Try a little harder bitch," Pete said, pulling a stripper's costume out from behind the bar. "And maybe you'll still be fucking alive come morning."

"Or maybe not," Grady said with a shrug. "I'm a fucking mechanical genius, you know -- and I fixed that cage up real good."

Grady was telling the truth. After the police -- at Lynda's insistence -- had forced Buck to get rid of his stripper, one of the men on the force had told her about the cage Buck made the girl dance in. It was hooked up to a generator that could shoot an almost lethal dose of electricity through the floor and bars. There were metal bars with needle-sharp ends that could be extended into the cage at any angle, controlled by a remote control box that Buck kept behind the bar. Worst of all there was the mask. When the policeman had told her about the mask she had refused to believe him.

She believed him now. The mask was a tiny gas mask that covered a girl's mouth. It was connected to a rubber tube that led out of the cage. The tube was connected to a pneumatic pump. The men could put any liquid they wanted into the tube and use the pump to force-feed the fluid to the girl who was wearing the mask. The girl had only two choices. She could swallow or she could drown.

Lynda struggled weakly against Buck as the man lowered the cage from the ceiling and opened the door. Buck punched her in the nose hard enough to make it bleed, then grabbed her full, round tits in his strong hands and squeezed them until Lynda was trembling in agony. Pete tossed the stripper's outfit in her face and Buck kicked her in the soft hollow of her stomach before he stepped away.

"Put that shit on, Lynda," he said. "Now. We want to see how good a big-assed landlady can shake her tits."

Lynda could barely move. Just pulling the stripper's outfit off her face made her arms ache horribly. The men cursed her and spit on her as she tried to sort out the tangle of outlandish clothing.

They tossed lit cigarettes and nuts and pretzels from the bar at her, screaming at her for being too slow. Lynda was almost used to the sensation of a man's spit splattering on her face. The cigarettes stung when they hit her, though, making her jerk and cry out in pain. She couldn't move any faster, though.

Lynda cried again when she saw the outfit Pete had thrown her. There were tassels for her nipples, and when Lynda saw that they were meant to be attached by sharp-toothed alligator clips, she looked up at the men with the expression of a kicked dog.

She put them on, anyway, screaming in agony as the sharp metal jaws bit down on her sensitive nipples. The pain was terrible. It felt as though her nipples were being crushed and pierced at the same time.

There was a G-string, a tiny band of gold that bit into her full hips and ran up the crack of her ass. Its front was a flashy gold pocket that pulled skintight over the plump mound of her pussy. The G-string was for a woman much smaller than Lynda, and it looked especially obscene stretched tight around her full, sexy ass.

There were sandals that tied up all the way to her knees. These too were for a woman smaller than Lynda, and they crushed her feet horribly. The heels on them were at least six inches tall. Lynda didn't think she'd even be able to stand up on them, much less dance.

The rest of the outfit was just as shameful. There was a long velvet cape colored a tawdry red and black. There was a black leather collar for her throat. There were gold slave bands for her upper arms and a thin gold chain for her waist.

She put the outfit on. "Hey, slut, shake your big ass!" a man shouted.

"Bounce those sexy tits, slut!" another man yelled.

"Nice dance-tramp you got there, Buck," a third man said.

All the men were shouting and laughing, calling Lynda the most vile things, treating her as if she was the kind of slut who would willingly climb into the torture cage for a few bucks or maybe even just a bottle of hard liquor to take home.

"Get into the cage, slut," Buck said, after the men had called her names for awhile. "Time to put on a show."

Lynda turned like the obedient slave she was, wobbling on the spike heels. She stepped into the cage.

Pete and Grady grabbed her arms and pulled her hands to the sides of the cage. They snapped shackles around her wrists, locking her to the bars. Buck slipped the mask over her face. She stayed obediently still while he fitted it over her mouth. She didn't start crying untll they raised the cage into the air. When it dangled about six feet off the floor, the men stopped it.

"Show us what you can do, Lynda," Buck said, sitting on the bar and holding the cage controls in his hand. "Dance for us, you big-titted cow." Lynda tried to dance. She had never liked dancing. It seemed perverted somehow, almost like sex. She wiggled her hips from side to side, shook her shoulders to make her tits bounce under the satin cape.

"Boring!" someone screamed.

"Dead-assed slut!" another man shouted. "Juice her up, Buck! Get that big ass shaking!"

Lynda tried harder. She hunched her hips and swung her arms. She tossed her head on her shoulders, making her silky black hair fan out over her shoulders. She rubbed her legs together and shifted slowly from side to side.

"You're a sorry excuse for a woman, Lynda," Buck said, and hit one of the switches.

Lynda couldn't even scream. Electricity jolted through her voluptuous body, making her jerk and tremble. Every nerve in her body caught fire. She thrashed wildly against the chains that bound her in place. Bomb bursts of agony flared through her brain.

The electriciy stopped. Lynda stood still for a moment, her body still quivering from the after effects of the jolting shock. The men were throwing things at her, anything they could get their hands on.

Lynda screamed through her mask as something thick and wet hit her between the eyes. Her confused mind seized on one thought. She had to dance. She had to make the men hot.

Lynda squirned, thrusting her hips and shaking her tits. She tucked her chin against her tits and caught the string of the cape between her teeth. When she jerked loose the knot and let the cape slide down her shoulders as the men cheered.

"Look at those sweet big tits!" a man shouted.

"Shake that big ass, whore!" another man yelled.

Lynda jerked her upper body from side to side, making her tits wobble wildly back and forth across her chest. She ran her hands down her tiny waist and over her full, sexy hips. She squatted and stood, squatted and stood, as though she was screwing herself down onto the world's biggest cock. She did everything she could think of, frantic to keep Buck from shocking her again.

He did it anyway. Lightning crackled through Lynda's lean, luscious body. The fine muscles in her legs turned to mush and she fell against the bars of the cage. Buck turned up the voltage and Lynda went into convulsions. Her svelte, sexy body flopped around on the floor of the cage as though she was some sexy fish out of water. The men loaded half a bottle of tequila into the tube that led to Lynda's mask. When the alcohol splashed into her mouth, Lynda was too dazed to swallow it, and she started choking. It took every bit of concentration she had to gulp down the burning liquor.

Buck stopped the flow of electricity and Lynda climed uncertainly to her feet. Sne could barely stand, but she knew the men were expecting a show. She thrust her hips forward in a lewd invitation to fuck, arching her back so severely that she looked like a limbo dancer.

The men cheered and poured a beer into the tube. Lynda drank down the beer obediently, rubbing her tits and pussy against the bars of the cage. She ran her shackled hands over her shoulders and down her arms as if she were making love to herself. She straightened her long, lush legs out to her sides and slid into as much of a split as the cage would permit, then flexed the muscles in her thighs and calves until they stood up like cords of silk.

Buck hit a button, and a shaft of metal punched into Lynda's stomach. It was a blunt shaft, but it hit Lynda with such force that it knocked her down. She landed hard, bruising her hip and ass, but the men just laughed. When she tried to struggle to her feet, Buck hit another button and a sharpened metal tip stabbed into her silky ass. Lynda jumped forward, and Buck sent another sharp metal spoke into her full right tit.

Both of the spikes drew tiny trickles of blood. Lynda almost passed out at the sight of her own blood, even though she could tell that the wounds were no more than pin pricks.

She threw herself against the bars of the cage, squirming and thrusting her hips in a desperate attempt to make the men happy. Buck hit the electricity again and Lynda collapsed in a trembling, jerking heap on the floor of the cage. This time Buck left the electricity on for what seemed like forever. Lynda jitterbugged on the floor of the cage, bouncing around like a woman possessed. She was possessed of almost enough volts of electricity to kill her. The electricity flowered through every inch of her body. It seemed to concentrate in her pussy, asshole and tits. Lynda thought that she was gcing to die.

And then Buck cut the electricity, and Lynda realized something that almost shattered her. The shock had made her hot. She almost missed the burning flow of pain through her lush, supple body.

Lynda cried at the thought that the men had debauched her so completely that she could even be turned on by being shocked almost to death.

She had to pull herself to her feet this time. Her legs wouldn't work right, and even after she balanced herself on the spike heels she had to hold onto the bars of the cage to keep from falling. She couldn't stop trembling. It was as if the electricity was still burning through her body, as though it was echoed through her nerve endings, looking for an exit.

Lynda remembered something she had seen a stripper do once and started bouncing in circles. She watched, fascinated, as her big tits flopped in giant circles, making the tassels spin like the propellers of an airplane. She leaned her head back against her shoulders and jerked more wildly yet. It looked like there was a pillow fight happening on her chest. The tassels looked like pinwheels spinning in a tornado.

"Here, lets give the whore something good to drink," one of the men said, pulling out his cock and aiming it down into the tube. Two other men stepped up beside him, pushing the heads of their cocks together.

They started pissing. Lynda squealed as her mouth filled with piss. She gagged on the salty, base flavor, but she gulped down the piss as though she couldn't get enough.

She stopped swinging her tits, bucking her hips against the bars instead. When the pocket of the G-string hit the bars of the cage, there was a wet, squelehing sound. The men laughed when they heard it.

Buck hit some more buttons on the control box.

A dull steel rod hit Lynda in the stomach. A sharp one nestled between the full cheeks of her ass and plunged into the tender ring of her shitter.

Lynda screamed in pain, almost drowning on the triple load of piss that was running into her mouth. She lifted one leg, bracing it against the bars of the cage and ground her pussy against the dull bar that hit her in the stomach. Before long pussy-cream was dribbling out from the sides of the golden cunt pocket. Lynda guzzled piss and fucked two rods of steel, one sharp and one dull. Her lean, sexy body was trembling with pleasure.

The men finished pissing and Grady brought a bottle of tabasco sauce out from behind the bar. He broke the neck off and upended the bottle over the tube. Lynda dropped away from the bars, writhing in anguish as the fiery liquid filled her mouth.

"That'll warm the slut up!" one of the men screamed. "Hot enough for you, whore?"

Buck gave her another shot of electricity.

Lynda wallowed on the bottom of the cage, her body burning, her mouth filled with fire.

She banged her head against the floor of the cage. She jerked her ass two feet off the metal cage. Muscles all along her tall, sleek body jumped and flexed uncontrollably. She bit her tongue until it bled, she grabbed her tits and tore at them with her fingernalls until she left bright red streaks in her creamy skin. Her brain short-circuited.

She was cumming.

Buck let off the juice and Lynda grabbed the tiny waistband of the golden G-string. She tore it off and grabbed her swollen cunt-lips with one hand, thrusting three fingers from the other deep inside her cunt. She knifed her fingers deep inside while she pulled at her cunt-lips as though they were rubberbands.

Slippery pussy-cream poured out over her hands, drenching her clenched asscheeks. The men hooted and hollered at the sight of the gorgeous woman bringing herself to orgasm.

"This'll cool the slut down!" Pete shouted, bringing a pitcher of frozen margueritas to the tube. He poured the whole pitcher into the rubber hose. "Get up and dance, bitch! We didn't hire you to lay on your big ass and beat yourself off!"

The freezing liquor hit Lynda's mouth like a cool refreshing wave. She gulped it eagerly for a moment before the pain started. Then the rush of frozen liquid was like so much hot ice, flash freezing her tongue, her teeth and the roof of her mouth. The pain made Lynda's head pound. It felt like there was a nest of bees in her mouth, stinging her to death.

Lynda turned over onto her stomach, grabbed the bars and hauled herself slowly, painfully to her feet. The muscles in her slender arms stood out like steel cords as she pulled herself up. She looked like a cripple, her rubbery legs unable to support her weight. But she looked like a sexy cripple, her fine, lean body soaked with sweat, trembling with pain and lust and exhaustion.

"Now dance, you whore!" one of the men shouted.

"Shake that big sweet ass!" another man exclaimed.

Lynda hung onto the bars of the cage, staring at the crowd of men. Her cunt was squirming with lust. She needed to cum so bad that she hardly knew what was happening. Buck pushed a button and a spiked shaft rose up out of the floor. With a moan of hopeless, helpless lust Lynda spread her legs and squatted on top of it.

"Fuck that bar, whore!" Pete screamed, opening a can of motor oil and pouring it into the tube. "Shove your scuzzy cunt on that big metal cock until it comes out your cocksucking mouth!"

Lynda gagged on the oil, not knowing what she was drinking but realizing dimiy that it was something wrong, something horrible. A man pissed into the tube and Lynda drank his stinking waste eagerly to cleanse her mouth of the taste of the oil. Everywhere men were grabbing horrible things to pour into the tube. Lynda had no choice but to drink everything they fed her.

They poured a bucket of soapy, dirty mop water down the tube. Lynda threw up twice while she was drinking it, but she only had to swallow it back down. They made her drink vinegar. They made her drink window cleaner. They made her drink paint. Booze of every variety went into the tube, and so did filthy toilet water. A man shit into one of the blenders, and after they had spun it into a soupy brown liquid they poured it down the tube too. Lynda had to swallow it all.

She plunged down onto the metal spike, not caring what it was doing to her aiready-tattered cunt. The sharp tip of the spike felt so good as it plunged inside her that Lynda didn't care if it stabbed her to death. She took a foot of the bar inside her, then a foot and a half. Finally she banged her ass all the way down to the floor of the cage, and the sharp tip of the metal spike pushed through her cervix and pierced her womb. Lynda wailed with pain and pleasure, her cunt clutching the bar as though it was the cock of her dearest lover.

Buck punched every button on his box.

A killing jolt of electricity poured through Lynda's squirming, humping body. She screamed so loudly that even through the mask her cries of passion and anguish filled the tiny bar. She tore the mask off her face and screamed again, her big blue eyes rolling back in her head and spit flying from her lips.

"What are you bastards doing to me?" she shrieked, pounding her body down savagely on the spike of metal.

"Fuck you! Fuck you all! I want your cocks! Go ahead, fuck me to death! I know that's what you want! Fuck me to death, then fuck my fucking corpse!"

"Not a bad idea," Grady said with a little smile. "But I think you'll be a little more fun to fuck alive for awhile."

"Yeah," Buck said. "Like for a few years."

"Years!" Lynda howled, throwing her head back as the electricity burned through her lush, lithe body. "Years! Marry me, Buck! Marry me and fuck me to death! I'll dance for you every fucking night! When you fuck me out you can have every fucking thing I own!"

"Now there's an idea," Buck said. "But I want to see what kind of a housekeeper you are first. After all, you have to earn your keep, Lynda. You can't just have fun all of the tinie."

Dozens of metal rods hit Lynda's sleek, squirming body, some of them piercing her creamy tanned skin, others just slamming into her. They pinned her in place atop the big spike that shot up from the floor. Lynda screamed out in passion, climaxing over and over until her orgasms blurred into one mind shattering, everlasting cum.

Finally she passed out, feeling as though she had sold her soul to the devil. She knew that she had been broken, that her old self had been destroyed. She had been reduced to a pain loving sex toy, an obedient, slavish fuck-puppet.


Lynda woke up screaming. The men were dragging her across the bar, toward the bathroom. They were dragging her by two thick ropes that were tied tight around the bases of her full, round tits. The pain was so bitter that Lynda couldn't stop screaming.

The men were laughing and joking about how they were going to make her tits even bigger, about how they had tied the ropes to the biggest things on Lynda's body.

Lynda gagged at her first smell of the men's bathroom. She cried out in despair at her first glimpse of the dark, dingy room. The men dragged her helplessly forward, deep into the foul chamber.

Once, inside they slipped the ropes off her tits and kicked her over onto her stomach. Lynda's pretty face and full, round tits were pressed against the cold bathroom tile. She stared vacantly at the row of filthy urinals, her eyes wide.

"Hands and knees, Lynda," Buck said, driving his foot into one creamy flank. "Move it, cow-tits! You've got some fucking cleaning to do!"

"Get your big ass movig!" Grady shouted, kicking her high on one lush hip. "You're going to have to earn your keep here, Miss Cartier! Fucking, cleaning and dancing, you sexy whore! And we'll let you live right here in the bathroom! Fuck, we might even feed you sometimes!"

"Don't make the big-titted cunt any promises," Pete said, kicking Lynda's ass so hard that it felt as though he'd broken her tailbone. "She could stand to lose a few fucking pounds. Of course, we'll give you all the shit you can eat."

"And all the piss you can drink," Buck said, kicking Lynda in the ribsso hard that she curled up on the filthy floor like a sexy little worm. "And booze. And cum. But right now you'd better get on your hands and knees. Move it, Lynda-slut, or I swear we're going to kick you to fucking death!"

With a tiny, lost moan Lynda pushed herself off the floor. She knelt at the men's feet like a sexy horse, her long, lean body bowed, her head still hanging against the floor. Her big, soft tits dangled under her like sexy cones and her full, sweet ass jutted out behind her as if begging for further abuse.

"Who owns you?" Buck asked, rubbing the filthy toe of his boot all over Lynda's scummy, beautiful face.

"You do!" Lynda whimpered, licking the filthy leather, sucking on the tip of Buck's boot when he pushed it against her lips.

"That's right," Buck said, pressing his foot down on the back of Lynda's head until her face was crushed against the filthy floor. She looked even sexier with her long, sultry body arched, her ass high in the air and her face on the floor. "You own this place and we own you. We haven't fucked you so stupid that you don't understand that, have we?"

"No, Buck," Lynda whispered, tears ruing down her face. Her cunt was spasming and leaking. She was getting excited just from the push of Buck's foot on the back of her neck. "I understand. I own the bar and you own me, so you own the bar. I own a lot of places, Buck. You own a lot of places."

There was something comforting about groveling at the feet of Buck and his friends. In a strange way it felt comforting to be kicked, spit on and made fun of. And Lynda could no longer deny that when the men hurt her and fucked her they also made her hot.

Lynda realized sadly that she could never go back to her old life. She was Buck's pet now, fit only for fucking and hurting and dancing for the amusement of his customers.

"It's almost morning, Lynda-doll," Buck said, grinding her face even more painfully against the floor. "When it gets here, you're going to make a couple calls. You're going to sign some papers to make things official. Oh, and one other thing. Will you marry me, big-ass?"

The crowd of men who filled the bathroom laughed wildly.

Lynda wept in despair. She was never going to escape from this place. A tiny orgasm burst through her bowed, beautiful body. Buck was going to keep her until she was fucked hollow, until she was a used-up, worn-out whore.

"Yes, I'll marry you, Buck!" she sobbed, washing her pretty pink tongue over the filthy bathroom floor. "I'll do whatever you want, for as long as you want!"

"That's real nice, Lynda," Buck said, taking his foot off the back of her neck and picking up a big bucket filled with soapy, dirty water. "A good wife needs to keep her husband's place clean. Do a job on this bathroom floor for me, Lynda."

He swung the bucket to the floor in front of Lynda's head, splashing her face with the dirty, sudsy water. Lynda raised herself on her hands until she could look inside the bucket. There was only filthy water, not anything to clean the floor with. She looked up at Buck with a puzzled expression on her pretty, pale face.

"Dip your hair in," he said with an easy grin. "Mop the floor with your hair. You might have to use your tongue for the really scummy parts. You don't mind, do you?"

"No, Buck," Lynda said, her voice quavering. She let her silky black hair dangle into the dirty water. "I'll clean the floor real good."

Lynda's hair was dripping water when she pulled it out of the bucket. She had to press her face against the filthy floor to scrub it with her hair. There was scum a half an inch thick on the tile.

When Lynda dragged her soaking hair over it the caked filth turned into a muddy, sticky mess. Lynda sobbed pitifully, knowing that she would never be able to clean the floor using just her hair and the soapy water.

Buck dropped to his knees behind her and wrapped his strong hands around her plush, silky thighs. Before Lynda knew what was happening he pulled on her legs as though she was a wishbone. She screamed out in agony as he flattened her long, sultry body on the filthy bathroom floor. Then he drove his huge, hard cock up her asshole, and pain shot through her body like liquid fire.

Lynda dragged her hair over the filthy floor, scrubbed desperately while Buck drove his huge cock all the way up her ravaged shitter. His cock filled her, pushing aside her internal organs, burying itself deep inside her bowels. Pain burned through the straining muscles of Lynda's inner thighs ands stabbed like a white hot poker up her arched, sexy back. Buck grunted with pleasure when his cock bottomed out in her asshole, then pulled back for another plunge.

Lynda's silky black hair was already gloppy with the filth from the bathroom floor. She lifted her head wearily and dunked her hair into the water again, then went back to work.

"Shake your big sweet ass, honey!" Buck growled, jolting Lynda's svelte body with brutal fuck-strokes. "Squze your hot little shitter on my big cock! And keep cleaning that floor! Come on, bitch, didn't anybody ever teach you how to fucking clean?"

"Fucking slut probably hasn't cleaned a thing in her life," Pete said, tipping the bucket and splashing water onto the floor in front of Lynda's face. "It's time you learned how the other half lives, cow-tits. Especially since you're one of them now."

Lynda rubbed her hair into the filthy water, scrubbing the caked filth off the bathroom floor. She rubbed her face into the dirt too, and soon her perfect features were smeared black. Lynda tried not to think about what the sludge was, but the smell was so foul and cheesy that she couldn't ignore the fact that she was wallowing in year's accumulation of the nastiest grime.

Buck hammered his wrist-thick cock up her splitting shitter. Lynda wallowed on the filthy floor, pulling herself painfully forward to clean the tile while Buck demolished her sexy body. Every goring stab of his cock made Lynda's tits swing and her ass jiggle. His strong hands jerked her back to meet every bruising thrust.

A man moaned with pleasure and dropped to his knees beside Lynda's face. Lynda jerked with surprise when his cock splattered her face with gummy wet blobs of jism. Cum splattered onto her cheek and into her ear. Jism slithered over her full lips and dripped from her nose.

Lynda rubbed the slimy cock filth into the floor almost as quickly as the man splashed it onto her face. The sticky cum only made more of the dirt cling to her pretty face.

"I said fuck me back, you dumb cunt!" Buck hissed, grabbing Lynda's heavy, hanging tits and crushing them against her body. "Move your lazy ass!"

Buck rabbit-fucked her devastated shit-chute, drilling his cock brutally into her. Lynda twitched and jerked with every punishing thrust, trembling with the effort of trying to clean the floor while having her tender, injured shitter fucked to shreds. She squeezed her asshole tight around Buck's bruising prick, moaning in agony.

She was going to cum.

Lynda grunted like a pig, meowed like a sexy cat in heat. She humped her ass back against Buck's massive cock. She rubbed her face against the floor and pulled on her hair until she tore some of it out. She drooled on the filthy floor, then licked her spit away. Her pussy was dripping and squirming, her clit buzzing like an alarm clock.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" she cried out with every punishing thrust of Buck's cock up her asshole. "Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh, oh, oh yessssss!"

"That's it, slut!" Buck roared, hammering his cock up her torn, clutching shit-chute. "What a tight asshole! What a big, sexy ass! You're making me cum, big-tits! Here, take some jism, whore!"

"Aaaaahhhhh!" Lynda screamed, tossing her head back off the floor as Buck squirted jism deep into her ruined asshole. "Cum! Cum! Cum!"

It felt like lava was flowing up her tight, hot shitter. Buck's jism burned every tear and abrasion in her sweet asshole. The fire seemed to burn through the walls of her ass, blister their way into her already steaming pussy. Lynda jerked like a spastic as Buck unloaded his cock-cream deep inside her thrashing, sexy body. Lynda slammed her scummy face back against the floor, hitting so hard that she almost knocked herself out. She kissed and licked the floor as though it were the face of a lover. She slobbered all over the dirty tile and licked her spit away. She rubbed her dirty, matted hair against the floor, wiping away every trace of filth that caked it.

Buck pulled out of her ass, his big cock dripping jism and blood. He wiped his prick clean on the small of Lynda's back. Before he had stepped away from her another man had taken his place, slamming his cock to the hilt inside Lynda's reamedut shitter.

Lynda screamed with pleasure, dragging herself across the bathroom floor. A man dropped to his knees in front of her and jacked on his cock until he spurted his cum all over her face. Lynda gurgled with insane glee as the man's jism slapped against her lovely features. She caught some in her mouth, then drooled it back out on the floor and rubbed her face into it.

Pete stood over her, his belt in his hand. He kicked over the bucket of soapy water, drenching Lynda's face and flooding the bathroom floor. Lynda plunged her face in the dingy water and scrubbed the floor eagerly. Her once-beautiful hair looked like a matted, filthy mop now. Her face was black from the filth she had wallowed in.

"Yessssss!" she hissed, rolling her eyes at the handsome blonde. "Beat me! Whip my big ass until it bleeds! Whip me, you bastard! Beat me hard!"

Pete stared down in wonder at the big, beautiful landlady. Her body was stretched out on the filthy floor, squirming and jiggling in an erotic display of pure animal lust. Her lush asshole was working like a hungry mouth on the cock that was stabbing inside it.

She was slamming her big tits against the floor with savage glee, flattening them against the soaked, dirty tile.

Her filthy face was twisted with an expression of demented excitement. Pete could hardly believe he was looking at the same aristocratic princess who had swept into the bar a few hours earelier. They had broken her completely, turned her into a groveling, sexy animal.

He lashed the belt down against her silky smooth ass. Lynda shrieked with ecstasy, climaxing again. The man fucking her ass cursed and jerked as he blasted his cum up her dripping asshole. He grabbed her asscheeks as he spilled his jism inside her, pulling them so wide apart that it looked as if they might split. Lynda pounded her head against the floor and drove her ass back against the man's stabbing cock, pussy-juice running from her swollen cunt almost as quickly as jism streamed out of her wounded shit-chute.

Pete lashed her long, flawless back with his belt, striping her creamy skin with a fresh crop of angry red welts. Lynda arched her back and snarled at him like a tawny jungle cat. She had stopped using her tangled hair to scrub the floor. She was doing all the work with her face and mouth now, sponging the soapy water with her tongue and then sucking it down her throat. Another man dropped between her widespread legs, driving his cock easily into her asshole.

Lynda climaxed again at the first stroke of his prick up her asshole.

"More!" she howled, pulling herself painfully along the floor, sucking down the filthy water and driving her big ass back against the jarring hammer-strokes of the man's cock. "More! More! More!"

The men gave her what she asked for.

By the time Lynda had finished cleaning the bathroom floor ten more men had fucked her wrecked asshole. The creamy backs of her thighs were coated with a white sheen of jism. Her asshole spilled jism in long, gooey strands.

Pete dropped his belt and fucked his fist up her asshole. Lynda wailed with pain and ecstasy, licking up the last of the soapy water and crusted filth from the bathroom floor.

"String her up," Buck said, looping a rope around her right ankle and pulling it tight. He threw the end of the rope over a pipe that ran along the ceiling. "I'm going to let you take a little break now, big-tits. A lot of the guys want to fuck you. You can clean the stools and urinals after they're done."

Lynda shrieked in agony as Buck pulled on the rope. Pain tore through her ankle and burned through her leg. Buck pulled the rope until Lynda was hanging upside-down, her shoulders pressed against the floor, her neck bent so that her big, soft tits were lolling over her scummy, beautiful face. Her impossibly long, unbelievably sexy body was stretched straight into the air, her left leg dangling at her side while her right leg was drawn tight.

The muscles in her long, shapely right leg were stretched beyond the point of endurance. She could feel them tearing, and she almost passed out from the pain it was causing her. Lynda tried to brace herself with her arms, but Grady grabbed her hands and tied them under her head. She looked like a sexy side of beef, hanging by one leg from the ceiling.

The men moved in on her. Cocks slid into her cunt and asshole at the same time. Lynda's crotch was at exactly the right height for the men to stick their cocks into her standing up. When they pistoned down inside her, Lynda's shoulders were pressed painfully into the floor. It felt to the pain dazed beauty as if her back was being broken, her right leg torn from her body.

"Eat your titties, bitch," Grady said, kicking Lynda in her head. "Chew on those big jugs! They're hanging in your fucking face, slut! Chow down!"

Lynda cried in shame and torment, but she parted her lips and washed her pretty pink tongue over her heated, silky tit-flesh. Her body was swaying as the men fucking her pussy and asshole pounded their cocks inside her. She was writhing desperately, squirming like a hooked fish at the end of the rope that caught her ankle.

Lynda soaked her full, hanging tits with her spit. She bit at the big, soft tits until her creamy skin was covered with the marks of her teeth. She cried as she bit and sucked her tits, both at the shame of having to mistreat her own sensitive tits and at the agony of the brutal double fuck she was having to endure.

The men fucked her savagely. They angled their cocks straight down into her body and pounded her brutally against the floor. Lynda felt as if her swollen fuck-holes were being scrubbed with sandpaper. The two pricks felt like baseball bats as they pounded into her fuck-holes.

The man fucking her pussy was the first to cum. He filled her cunt with his jism. Lynda twisted and moaned as his fuck-filth soaked into her drenched pussy-flesh. He pulled out of her marshy cunt while he was still spilling cum, milking the last of his cock goo down onto Lynda's helplessly upturned face. The slimy slap of jism on Lynda's tits and face made her whimper with humiliation. Another man started fucking her cunt before the man fucking her asshole shot his load. Lynda grunted with pain as the man thrust his cock into her jism-drenched pussy. Her sweet little cunt had been fucked raw by the dozens of cocks that had stabbed inside her. As lubed as she was, the cock fucking in her pussy still sent lightning bolts of agony sizzling through her.

When the man fucking her ass finally came, his jism jetted deeper inside Lynda's tight little ass tunnel than she would have believed possible. Her asshole was so reamed out that it offered no resistance to the flush of cock-juice. The angle she was hanging at gave further aid to the jism as it poured deep inside her squirming, sexy body.

Another man stepped up to fill her ass with cum as soon as the first backed away. And after the second pair filled her soggy fuck-holes with jism another pair stepped up to take over. Lynda gazed up hopelessly at the line of men who stood waiting for turns at her ravaged cunt and asshole.

By the time twenty men had used her she felt dead.

Her cunt and asshole were dripping gummy pools of jism. The slippery white cock-cream of a mob of men slithered out of her fuck-holes. Jism poured through the crack of her ass and down her back, over her quivering flat tummy and onto her tits and face.

Lynda had thought that her pussy and asshole would go numb from all the fucking. Instead they seemed to hurt more with each new cock that speared inside them. By the time the first twenty men had fucked her Lynda was squirming in constant, unbearable agony.

She was gnashing at her tits, biting and sucking at them as if she wanted to mark herself for life. She chewed on her nipples until they were swollen and tender. Then she gnawed on them some more, until they felt like so much ground hamburger.

Men squatted near her head and beat themselves off in her beautiful face. Jism slopped into her wide blue eyes. Cum sloughed off her cheeks in inch-thick waves. Jism glazed her nose, painted her lips, filled her ears and puddled in the hollow of her throat. The men beat off into her sexy, shifting tits, too, so that Lynda was sucking down cum as she chewed on the creamy soft pillows of flesh.

"Rest break's over," Buck said at last, loosening the rope around Lynda's ankle and letting her tumble to the floor. "Time to finish cleaning the toilet."

The voluptuous landlady lay in a heap on the bathroom floor, every muscle in her body burning and slack with exhaustion. She was worn to a frazzle. The only thing keeping her conscious was the terrible agony that burned through every inch of her sweet, supple body.

Her long, lean body was marked with welts, teeth marks, burns and bruises. Her cunt was a blood-red slash glazed with slimy jism and pussy-cream, her pussy-lips swollen and peeled back like some obscene fruit. Her asshole gaped wide open and dribbled blood-tinged jism in a steady stream. Her hair was a matted, tangled mess. Her face was filthy, smeared with dirt from the floor and plastered with wet and dry jism. Cum streaked every inch of her lush body.

"Get up, tits!" Buck growled.

She trembled with the effort of rolling over onto her hands and knees. She toppled over on her side once, and getting up the second time left her delirious with pain and fatigue.

Buck straddled her bowed back and sat down on her. Lynda moaned with pain and despair, almost falling again, and while her mouth was open Buck slipped the rope that had tied her ankle between her teeth. He kicked his feet back, digging his heels in the soft hollow of her stomach.

Lynda didn't have the energy to cry anymore, but the last shattered shards of her old self were ground to dust as he made her carry him toward the urinals.

It was a new Lynda Cartier who carried Buck across the bathroom. The old one was gone forever.


"Do... do I have to?" Lynda asked in a small, tired voice. She stared down at the toilet bowl with disinay. "I cleaned the urinals good, didn't I? Can't I please not do this? Please!"

"What a silly question," Buck said, grinding his ass down on Lynda's back, pulling on the rope until it cut into her mouth and kept her from saying another word. "What a silly bitch. Lick the toilet clean for me, Lynda. It's your job."

The urinals had been bad. They had tasted of piss and antiseptic. There had been ashes and curly crotch-hairs on the edges of the bowls. The toilet stool was a hundred times worse. It was crusted with dark brown and yellow stains. The water was a muddy swirl. Just the smell made Lynda gag uncontrollably.

But she didn't have any choice. Just pleading with Buck had taken every ounce of her courage. She didn't dream of defying him. Mter all, he owned her.

She lowered her head to the filthy bowl.

"Shit!" a man shouted, jerking on his bone-hard cock. "The slut will do anything! This is too fucking much!"

"Lick it out, Miss Cartier," Grady said. "Just like a good landlady."

All the men were hooting and laughing. They called Lynda the most filthy names possible. Spit splattered against her face and back. Buck pulled the rope from her mouth and stood up off her back.

Lynda breathed a sigh of relief as his weight came up off her beaten body, but the stench of the toilet turned the sigh into a series of dry heaves. There was nothing left in Lynda to come up, but her stomach rolled with disgust at what she was about to do.

She touched her tongue to the crusted rim of the toilet. The taste was so foul that Lynda almost swooned. Buck almed his cock at her face and started pissing.

Lynda gagged as she licked filth off the toilet. Her pretty pink tongue slithered over the crusted porcelain, wiping up clots of brown, sponging away dry yellow stains. Lynda went a little more insane with every taste of fifth. Buck's piss splashed over her face and shoulders, a stinking spray that made Lynda feel like a toilet herself.

Grady grabbed the bathroom plunger off the floor and stabbed it up into Lynda's cunt. The shattered beauty screamed in pain as the big man pierced her pussy with the rough wooden probe. He stuffed a foot of the plunger into her pussy with his first thrust. When he jerked it out, Lynda screamed again, as splinters bit into her sensitive pussy-flesh. The second time he forced it inside her he fed her a foot and a half.

Lynda plied her tongue over the dirty toilet. Sometimes she had to fasten her lips around a clot of filth, soaking it with her spit and then prying it loose with her mouth. Buck's piss helped by soaking the toilet. Lynda sucked up his piss obediently. Her disgust at licking the shitty, pissy toilet was as bad as the tearing agony Grady was causing her with the plunger. Together they completed the wrecking of her mind and the demolishing of her body.

"Get down into it," Buck said as Lynda licked away the last of the filth from the toilet's rim. "Lick the bowl out with your slutty tongue."

Lynda plunged her face into the toilet as Buck shook the last drops of his piss off onto her shoulders. When her face was plunged deep into the bowl, he grabbed her by the nape of her neck and pushed her face underwater. Lynda gurgled filthy toilet water, too tired to struggle even though she was drowning. And then Buck flushed the toilet.

When Buck pulled Lynda's soaked head out of the toilet, the vacant beauty was barely conscious. She let Buck position her as he wanted as he flipped her onto her ass in front of the toilet, then dragged her slender arms through the center of the ring and tied them. Pete pulled her legs wide apart, tying one ankle to a pipe and the other to the edge of the stall.

Grady never stopped driving the plunger into her cunt. He was feeding her tattered pussy almost two feet of the wooden shaft now.

"There she is, boys," Buck said with a grin. "Just call her toilet-mouth. She cleaned up the stool so nice that I couldn't stand to see it get dirty again so fast. So if you need to relieve yourseff, why not let her take care of that, too?" Lynda stared at Buck, her wide blue eyes vacant, her beautiful face set in lines of anguish and despair. The men got in a line to use her.

"Keep your mouth open," Buck said as the first man stepped into the toilet stall and aimed his cock at her face.

A stream of piss splashed into Lynda's mouth. She swallowed as much as she could, but the man was pissing too much, too fast for Lynda to swallow it all. Piss fountained back out over her lips, spilled down her chin and soaked her long, sinuous body. Lynda's stomach gurlged as the man's piss filled it. When he stepped away, another man took his place. This man pissed all over Lynda's creamy tits before aiming his stream between her moist, parted lips.

Grady leaned his weight on the plunger, stretching Lynda's battered cunt until it could stretch no more. Two feet of the wooden shaft forced its way into her tearing pussy. But Grady still wasn't satisfied. He yanked it back out of her cunt and then drove it in like a spear. Lynda went into spasms of agony as the plunger fucked her more deeply than she had ever been fucked before.

Lynda passed out for a moment as the tip of the plunger forced its way through the tight ring of her cervix. The firehose stream of the next man's piss brought her back to awareness. She didn't have enough strength to scream, but she convulsed on the floor like a dying woman as the plunger stabbed deep into her stomach. Grady leaned on the plunger until it was stuffed completely inside Lynda's cunt. The fat rubber suction cup pressed against her swollen pussy-lips before he stopped pushing. Then he stepped away, leaving the plunger thrust completely inside her body.

"No-nahhh!" Lynda moaned incoherently. Her creamy skin glistened with a clammy sweat. She trembled and thrashed, bucking her hips high off the bathroom floor. "You're -- you're not going to do this -- you're not going to do this to me! Please!"

"We already did," Grady said with a laugh, then stepped back in to turn the suction cup in circles, making the plunger rotate inside her.

Lynda screamed in agony as the rough wood ground in circles inside her. It took her almost a minute to realize that she was climaxing.

The orgasm was like no climax she had ever experienced. It burned her like fire, making every muscles in her long, lithe body tense until they trembled and pulled. She went rigid as a board. Her cunt clutched the shaft of the plunger like a powerful hand, and Lynda wasn't sure whether it was trying to force it out or pull it even deeper inside. Her orgasm went on and on, wrecking her luscious body, reducing her to a sexy mass of quivering jelly. "Where the hell is all that wood going?" a man asked in wonder. "Her body isn't big enough to take it all."

"The slut's on fire," another man said. "Look at that sweat. Look at the way she's fucking moving. The big-assed whore's burning up!"

"I'll cool her off," Pete said, and stepped up to her. He straddled Lynda's face and pointed his cock right down at her. "Have some piss, you high-class twat!"

Pete pissed right down onto Lynda's face. The explosion of piss into her mouth almost drowned her. Piss poured down her aristocratic features. Then Pete bowed his legs and started grunting. A wet, smelly fart exploded in Lynda's face. Dazed as she was, she knew what was coming next.

A huge turd pushed out of Pete's asshole. It looked like a fat brown worm burrowing its way out of a hole. It curled into a comma as it slipped from his shitter. Then it slapped down on Lynda's face, right across the bridge of her nose. It felt like a huge lump of mud, but it smelled like the bottom of a sewer. Lynda moaned like a lost soul. Tied as tightly as she was over the stool she couldn't even knock the shit away.

Pete grunted and dropped another turd on Lynda's helplessly waiting face. It landed on her forehead, curling down to cover her right eye. He squeezed out another and it slapped down at an angle over the first one, resting on Lynda's left cheek. He grabbed a handful of her silky black hair and wiped his ass with it. The crowd of men howled with enjoyment. Lynda shuddered in disgust and shame.

"Shitty bitch," Pete muttered, swinging off her face. "Shit-eating cow."

Men stepped up on either side of her face and started pissing.

Their streams of piss melted the fat turds that Pete had dropped on her face. The shit ran down her beautiful face like chocolate milk. The men laughed and aimed their streams of piss so that they could dissolve all three of the turds Pete had deposited on top of her.

Sludgy rivers of shit ran into Lynda's eyes, streamed down her cheeks. Shit dripped down the sides of her nose and over her tightly clenched lips. The stench was so awful that the men held their noses. A man squatted over Lynda's creamy flat stomach and spread his asscheeks wide. He dropped four hot, steaming turds into the quivering hollow of Lynda's belly, then pissed straight down on the mountain of gloppy brown. Shit ran like syrup over Lynda's silky flanks and down onto her swollen, plunger-stuffed pussy.

A man straddled her throat and shit on the huge, rounded pillows of Lynda's tits. One long, skinny turd laid right down the center of her creamy cleavage. Men were crowding around to piss before the man even finished, and as soon as he swung off of her, five hard yellow streams were turning the mound of crap into so much sticky fudge.

Lynda climaxed again when the next man shit on her face. He dumped five of the huge turds on her face, completely submerging her lovely features under a stinking pile of shit. Lynda couldn't even breathe through the mountain of shit. It covered her lips and nose, and the biggest turd of all blanketed her eyes like a blindfold.

A moment later, as a half dozen streams of piss beat the shit into slimy black quicksand, it began to seem like an honor that the men would shit on a whore as lowly and worthless as she.

Lynda cimaxed explosively, grinding her savaged cunt on the plunger that pierced her long, sultry body. She bucked her fuli ass up off the floor. Pussy-cream ran down her cunt-lips and splattered on the bathroom tile. She opened her mouth to moan in pleasure and a river of piss soaked shit flowed down her throat.

After that Lynda writhed with pleasure at everything the men did to her. They beat off in her face and she lashed her tongue out over her lips to gather every drop of jism she could reach. Half the men in the bar shit on her. Every man pissed on her at least once. But Lynda loved it all.

They untied her hands and made her rub their shit all over her tall, sultry body. They made her eat a turd like a candy bar, and lick another like an ice-cream cone.

"Time for a new game," Buck said at last, sneering at the shit-plastered, piss-soaked beauty. "You're enthusiastic, Lynda. Now let's see how much stamina you've got."

They tied the rope around her wrists this time, and hauled her into the air. Lynda squirmed in pain as the rope cut into her wrists and the weight of her body pulled on her slender arms. And then Grady wheeled a table into the room, and Lynda whimpered with despair and excitement.

There were needle-sharp ice picks sticking up out of it. There were candles fitting into holes that had been drilled on the table's top. Grady lit the candles as he pushed it forward. Pete pulled the plunger out of Lynda's cunt as Grady maneuvered the table beneath her.

"That's going to hurt real bad if you let yourself down on it, Lynda," Buck said mildly, pinching Lynda's stiff, shit-caked nipples until she whined in pain. "We're going to lower you a little bit. But if you're strong enough you'll be able to hold yourself off it. Lets try ten minutes. If you can do a ten-minute chin up I guess you've got it fucking made."

Lynda clutched at the rope as the men lowered her toward the table. She raised up her legs, sticking them straight out in front of her. When she felt the heat of the candles and the prick of the ice picks on her creamy asscheeks, Lynda tried to pull herself up.

She thought the effort was going to kill her. The effort of pulling herself up off the icepicks and candles sent pain flashing through every inch of her lean, lithe body.

The muscles in Lynda's slender arms jumped and flexed as she chinned herself up on the rope. Sweat poured down her beautiful face as she pulled herself painfully up.

Finally her face was level with her hands and her big, perfect ass hung just out of reach of the candles and icepicks. Her lush body shivered with agony.

"This is a fun game, isn't it?" Buck asked the broken beauty, pinching her nipples again, then twisting her full, fleshy tits until they looked like twin corkscrews. "Say thank you for letting you play."

"Thank you for letting me play!" Lynda moaned, her voice cracking with strain. "It's a fun game!"

"Ten minutes, Lynda," Buck said. "Think about how much fun it'll be in mine."

The men tried to make her fall. They picked wads of shit off the floor and threw them at her. Grady collected some darts from the other room and they threw those at her too, piercing her ass, tits and stomach. They beat her with belts and pulled her hair.

It was Buck himself who finally broke her. He walked up to her with a lit cigarette in his mouth and a dozen needles in his hand. One by one he poked the needles into her slender, straining arms. Then he dragged the lit end of his cigarette over her arms, into the sensitive hollows inside her elbows and under her shoulders.

"Stick out your tongue," Buck said, and Lynda did as he asked.

He ground out the cigarette on her tongue. Her exquisite body writhed and twisted in agony. Her beautiful face was a mask of pain. She stared at Buck, knowing that he would show her no mercy. She almost let herself fall from shock when he leaned close to her and kissed her.

"Tell me you love me, Lynda," he said.

"I love you, Buck," she whispered. "I don't think I could live without you."

"I know," he said. "Let yourself down, Lynda. Nice and slow. For me. You've only got a minute left."

"Yes, Buck!"

She lowered herself toward the table.

The candle flames licked her creamy lush ass. They hurt her terribly, but then her rounded asscheeks were pressed against them, putting them out one after another. Then the ice picks were pressing into her tender, silky skin. One after another they pierced her flesh, and Lynda sank down on them, crying out in agony. Buck let her sit on them for the full final minute before he ordered her to pull herself back up.

They cut her down and dropped her to the bathroom floor. Lynda stared up at them blankly, her long, lean body squirming in agony and lust on the cool tile. Grady wheeled a cart in the room. Lynda smelled smoke, and then she saw the long metal pokers.

"Oh, Buck," she whispered. "Oh, please, Buck!"

They were brands. Buck was going to brand her, mark her as his forever by marring her pristine beauty with his personal epitaph.

"Sit up," Buck said, pulling one of the brands off the grill. "Stick your big tits way out for me."

"I love you, Buck!" Lynda sobbed, pushing herself off the floor. She arched her back, pushing her huge, creamy, perfectly rounded tits high into the air. "I belong to you, Buck! Do whatever you want to me!"

"I will," Buck said, and held up the sizzling hot brand for Lynda to see. It read: Property of Buck's Bar.

He pressed it into the full, thrusting mound of Lynda's left tit.

Lynda shrieked as her skin burned. She could her the sizzle, smell her flesh burn. She passed out, knowing that when she woke up she would be starting a whole new life.

Buck smeared cold cream over the brand to make sure it set, then woke Lynda up by dunking her head in the toilet. When she came awake, she saw the brand on her big, beautiful tit and almost passed out again.

"Get on your hands and knees," Buck said, picking up the second brand. "And spread your legs wide. It's time for number two."

He showed her this one, too. It read: If Found, Please Fuck Senseless And Return to Buck's Bar. Lynda turned painfully over, crouching on her hands and knees and sticking her ass high in the air.

Buck branded her on her right asscheek, pressing the burning metal high on the lush cheek and close to the center. This time she didn't pass out, but when Buck pulled the brand away, she collapsed to the bathroom floor and curled into a tiny ball.

"Stand up," Buck said after he had smeared cold cream over the ass brand. "We all want to see you." Lynda pushed herself slowly, wearily to her feet.

The men stared at her with awe and disgust.

One by one the men started clapping. At the same time they called her the most filthy names imaginable, jeering and hissing.

"You're a sight, slut," Buck said. His cock was rock-hard. So were the cocks of every other man in the bathroom. "And this is just the first night. You're our barmaid now. You're going to look like this for a long, long time."

Lynda's body was smeared with shit and drenched with piss. Her creamy tanned skin was streaked with dried jism. Cum and pussy-slime still dripped from her pussy and asshole. Her once-tiny shitter was spread wide open, and her cunt was blood red and swollen. Bruises and welts covered every inch of her tall, lush body.

"So, who wants to fuck the barmaid?" Buck asked.

Fifty men grabbed for Lynda at once. She stared cumming when the first hand touched her.

She didn't think she was every going to stop.


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This is a ripped 70's paperback novel by Blake Garfield.

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Made me cum :)

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I like a rape story like the next guy. But when you get off on burning nipples with cigarettes and other such torchers, you show a violent hate against women. I couldn't finish this story. This author sounds like a dangerous offender!

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yeah, amazing piece of bullshit garbage. I wish all you cunts with rape fantasies that write this bullshit where the cunt gets into the rape and orgasms would just put a disclaimer at the beginning. WARNING: This story is not a rape story because it will be ruined by fake nonsense about the girl enjoying the rape. It is a pathetic piece of shit that no one who really wants to read a rape fantasy story should waste their time with. So fucking annoying. Rape is not supposed to be enjoyable. This should be obvious. Stories like these are as bad as the cocktease cunts they write about, but at least the cunts are believable. These stories are not.


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This is an amazing story. Cannot wait to read the other two and recommend it to my g/f who loves this kind of story.

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