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the night my life changed
it was new years eve six years ago. My wife and myself were invited to my best friends house for a party. She always took these kind of opportunities to dress sexy and turn me on as it was a rare occasion for us to get out and mingle. She wore a little black dress, very short. it showed off her 36c breasts beautifully. She had her long brown hair in spiral curls and her dark skin glowed. she has very full pouty lips that were boner inducing on there own with the bright red lipstick she was wearing. Her body is that of a woman. long thick strong legs. Wide child bearing hips and an ass that wont quit.
Anyways we arrived at the party and went in. There were maybe twelve people total and only 3 of them were woman and the woman were only there apparently as a favor to my friends sister to try and mix the male female ratio. So there were 10 guys
including me and my wife nichole.
As the night began we were all drinking and smoking pretty heavy. Everyone was having a great time except the 3 girls that didnt know anyone and they decided to leave before midnight so they could watch the ball drop at their friends house. That left my wife, myself, and 9 guys.
Id say it was maybe 1130 when i started to nod out in the comfy chair. My girl kept tryin to wake me, but i kept goin back out. She woke me up and told me she wanted to fuck and had taken her panties off for me. I still fell back asleep.
I was awoken to the sounds of noisemakers and music as the countdown ended and opened an eye to see my wife who was KISSING my best friend. He stopped her and told her to get me and we could sleep it off in his room. I reclosed my eye to pretend i was still out. She woke me and said we could sleep in Jeffs waterbed. So we both staggered into his room and started removing our clothes. She locked the door and seductively crawled into bed with me. She was still wearing her sexy bra and tiny panties.
She started sucking my dick but i was too drunk and i fell asleep again. I was awoken as she climbed out of bed and walked to the bedroom door. she unlocked it.
"Where are you going?" I said.
"dont worry, im just going to the bathroom. Ill be right back. Go back to sleep."
I actually did here her go into the bathroom, flush, and walk back out. As I heard her hand back on the doorknob to the bedroom she stopped. I could hear her whispering to someone and them whispering back. Then i heard some wet kissing sounds and a little moan from my sexy wife.
I jumped out of bed and got my ear to the door. I got there just in time to listen to the most erotic thing i ever heard.
"I cant" she said."I love Jay"
"Your wet pussy says different Nichole" he bluntly stated.
"You didnt tell me what that pill would do to me. Ive never felt like this! I want all of you guys to fuck me." she very hoarsly replied.
Then the kissing sounds followed by some moaning on her part again. "Come on Nicky." Jeff said. "lets go out here with the guys for a few. Theyll be really happy to see you. Just one thing though. leave your bra and panties here."
I thought for sure this would end right there. Imagine my surprise when she said"OK, Jeff, but i dont want any condems. I want to be filled with hot cum all night."
They walked out into the living room with the guys and I heard her say in a very low breathless voice " will you guys please fuck me? Jay fell asleep and i wanna fuck sooo bad."
After that i didnt hear any talking whatsoever. Just extreme sounds of moaning, bodies slapping. I could tell every time she came which was way too many to count. It had been going on for hours. My cock was rock hard. I was just about to go out and get some for myself when i heard someone coming towards the bathroom. I stood my ground and listened.
"oh my god dude Jay is gonna flip out."
"Oh well he shoulda took care of her needs. She has one of the hottest little pussies ive ever fucked."
"I know. I cant believe she doesnt want any condems. All that cum dude. Shes gonna get pregnant."
"Right now i dont care. im takin a piss and getting some more of that."
"She was amazed at the sizes of our dicks dude."
"she said jays is only like four inches hahahha."
"i know she said shes never gonna stop fucking us now."
Then i heard the one person go into the bathroom and the other return to the living room. My heart was broken but I couldnt breathe I was so excited. When the guy in the bathroom flushed i heard him talking to someone on his phone.
"You guys gotta come over here. Im serious she is fucking HOTT! Come on dad and its cool if they come with you. She wont say no. Alright, see ya in a few."
A short while later I heard a knock at the door. "Whos Here?" she said in a panic.
"dont worry its just my dad and his friends. You dont have to worry about them. theyre cool."
"Im scared. I dont know them"
"just point your ass in the air and bury your face in that pillow. theyll love it. You ARE gonna fuck them arent you?"
"If they want to" she said in an animalistic groan.
I heard the door open and heard a couple of "Holy shits" and "Fuck yeahs". Then it was more moaning slapping cumming.
A while later i started to hear talking again.
"Now get in there and show your man what a little slut you are!" I heard a deep mans voice say. It must of been the dad. I hurried up and jumped in the bed as the door opened.
"I cant! He'll kill me" she whined.
"DO IT!" he said sternly.
"OK! Jay.......Jay hunney wake up."
"what im sleeping" i said
"im sorry Jay i couldnt help it! Ive been very bad. Ive fucked all of your friends and some other guys and I still need more so the older ones want to fuck me now in front of you OK?"
"come on guys." the mans voice said. He and two other guys walked in completely naked. She was on the bed aiming towards me in the position she was waking me up in. The biggest guy walked up right behind her and slipped his gigantic dick right into her sopping cunt as she stared me right in the eyes.
The other two started laughing and i started crying which made them laugh even harder. Then Nicky told me I was going to have to clean her pussy with my mouth so she could go back out and get some more young cock.
i said "No," but she got up and lowered her pussy onto my mouth. without even licking cum was flooding my face. i licked for all i was worth.
just then the manliest of the guys closed the door and said"looks like we have two bitches in this room! Why dont you go back out there with the boys nicky? We want your man to have some fun tonight too, OK?"
"Will you please let these guys fuck you so i can get some more fun hun?"
She didnt even wait for an answer as she slid her cum covered body off of me and shut the door behind her. With the door shut it was dark. I could hear nicky getting fucked again as I felt the gigantic cock at my mouth.
"taste your bitches cum" he said
i opened my mouth and sucked and sucked untill he blasted his nut in my mouth. They all laughed and decided id had enough so they started to leave. but before the door closed the alpha male said" oh yeah! we are gonna be taking your girl with us on a vacation for a few days. She has already agreed. Just so you know if you have any problems with that i could show this nightvision video of you sucking cock to your family or something."
They shut the door and i listened to her being fucked till the sun came up and I heard the roar of engines. i got dressed and went into the living room. Everyone was gone. Everyone. There was cum EVERYWHERE. There was a note on the table with a DVD. the note read: Dear Jay, Im gonna be back in about a week or so. Im leaving with these guys to go camping. I left a DVD of last night for you to watch and think of me while Im gone.
Whatelse could I do? I put in the DVD, grabbed a hand full of sexjuice from the couch and stroked the day away. Sometimes in tears.________the end?

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2016-01-04 17:00:32
Great at first. I loved it right up until he became a bitch. He should have gone out while she was fucking, grabbed her by the hair and throat fucked her right there, telling her if she wanted to be a slut, he would see to it that from then on she was treated like the whore she is. And let the night keep going, encouraging more guys to show up.

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2012-10-11 17:39:37
It seems like you're a gay guy who likes black dudes and hates when. This is what comes across to me while reading your shitty little stories. Why don't you just come out of the closet and suck some black cock. There are plenty of gay or strait (down low) blk guys that would let you do it. Your life would be much better and we wouldn't have to endure stupid and repugnant little shit stories such as this one.

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2012-10-11 02:24:32
wha a fucking wimp........ his wife fucks a dozen guys and then makes him eat their cum out of her cunt then to maker matters worse she takes off with them to go camping for a wee........... if this pig was my wife. when she got back the first thing I would do iskick the living shit ouit of her and throw her ass out the door....... fucking women are nothing but pig sluts who will cheat on their husbands every chnce they get

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2012-10-10 14:10:34
I'd have fucking killed the bitch fuck that shit.

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2012-10-08 00:33:50
If this is really true I hope you dumped the cheating bitch and got revenge on the back stabing "best" friend. or are you really that pathetic?

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