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sex with my stepmom
When my dad remarried I was mad, I was mad that he had left my mom but I think thats how all teenagers feel when their parents get a divorce. But at the age of 15 you willing to forgive your dad when you see your hot stepmom for the first time.And the good think is that my dad goes on a lot of business trips.

So I knew my stepmom would be really horny after a while. ”see you soon Jon im heading to Chicago for 3 Weeks”. Ok bye dad I hugged him and left to my room. after about half an hour my stepmom grace walked in. ”hey Jon” . I looked up and said hello. This is going to be the first time your father leaves us alone and I think this will be a good time for me and you to get to know each other. Yea I think so to. ”good well im going to order a pizza for us to eat im to lazy to cook today. Ok. All I was thinking about for the rest of the day was that I have a chance to fuck my stepmom grace I was imagining us having sex when I heard.” Jon the pizza is here”. I ran downstairs and we started talking about what we can do these next few Weeks. I know how bouth we pick games out of a hat she asked. And I agreed ok which games should we pick she asked.

How bouth twister( I picked twister because I would have a chance to rub up against her body. she had a amazing body at 5'5 she had amazing D Sized breast she was tan from all the tanning she did her legs were amazing but her best feature was her ass I just wanted to smack her ass until it turned red. She agreed wrote down twister on a sheet of paper and put it in a hat. your turn.”ok I pick hmmm how bout truth or dare. I was happy she said that so I agreed. My turn I pick strip poker I said sarcastically. I saw a look of lust in her face. ”Sure why not where trying to bond right”. Yea I replied. She picked monopoly I picked scrabble and so on till we had 10 games.”alright we should get some sleep”. Ok goodnight. I could burly sleep thinking about what game could be drawn first like strip poker or truth or dare. I woke up really happy I ran downstairs to a amazing breakfeast but when I saw my stepmom I got a immediate hard on. She had on a normal white T no bra and some booty shorts.” Do u want to take a picture” she said while laughing. I started to blush she caught me looking.

We finished our breakfeast and she brought out the hat. ”ok draw a paper”. I put my hand in and grabbed one of the paper I started to open it and it was monopoly Fu***** monoply. We played for about an hour untill she saw I was bored.”ok my turn ”. She picked up twister I was happy ok lets start. She had some special app that when you say next it would give you next movement.

” I go first she said” right knee on yellow. My turn left knee on blue.” Next” she said left hand on right hand on red. I got a hard on we were in doggy style position.”quit poking my ass she said laughing”. I want to win even if I have to cheat. if you don't like it u can go down.she smiled no I can handle it. she started messaging my cock with her ass. we went on for a while till we were face to face I was under her our privates touching.

” looks like I have to cheat she said and started to grind her pussy on my cock. I wanted to explode but not in my boxers so I went down looks like I win. But I knew I was going to be the winner in the end. Ok you want to do another game I didn't want the sexual tension to end so I said yes. And it was my time to draw, yes!! Truth and dare.”ok she said Ill go first truth or dare. Truth. ok is it true u think you stepmom has a big ass. Truth I said. Ok truth or dare. ”ill go with dare take of ur t shirt, she didn't hesitate and toke it off. She had no bra on like I said before. ”Do u like my tits” she asked me as she played with her nipples.

Yea I do maybe I can taste them later. ”maybe she replied”. ”ok your turn truth or dare” dare. Ok strip I toke everything off and showed her My 8 inch hard on. Ok your turn truth or dare. give me a lap dance. She got up and walked towards me she turned around and bend over infront of me as she took of her shorts and tong then sat on my lap spreading her legs infront of me.,she started to grind her body against mine as she circled her ass on my Dick.

I started to run my hands down her back as she squeezed her breast into me. I couldn't take it anymore I started to kiss her. She kissed back I started to squeeze her huge ass she locked her hands behind my head and whispered In my ear ”take me right now. I knew she wanted it so I started to tease her I fingered her pussy as I sucked on her nipple. You could tell she liked it the way she moved her body.” Is this your first time” I answered with yes.”your doing great for your first time”.

I lift her up and brought her down on my Dick. She was really wet and still kinda tight I started to pump her faster and faster deeper and deeper with each pump. Started to squeeze her ass, the way it jiggled as she jumped up and down on my Dick maid me fuck her harder.” Jon put it in my ass” I picked her up and turned her around and I slowly put it in her ass. Her ass was tight.” Ahhhhhh Jon just like that fuck your slutty stepmom make me scream like the slut I am. I started to pump her faster and faster going as deep as I could until I was about to climax. I gave her 3 more pumps then I buried my cock deep,into her ass and started to cum deep into my stepmom's ass. How was i. ”better than your dad” I slapped her ass well we still have Weeks to enjoy each others company. ”I know and I want your cock in me every single day. Plus we can still pull strip poker out of the hat. I reminded her. And she gave me a look of lust again

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2013-06-08 18:09:39
Tis is a useless story

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2012-10-08 12:05:32
To the anonymous reader that had to post 3 times to make up for lack of penis length - a fuckwit is a shortened word derived from the phrase fuck(ing half)wit
To duke69cousin, you REALLY need to learn when and how to use quotation marks and paragraphing! Each line of speech should be on a new line, to avoid confusion...especially when you are mixing it in with the rest of a sentence...for example:
''I ran downstairs and we started talking about what we can do these next few Weeks. I know how bouth we pick games out of a hat she asked. And I agreed ok which games should we pick she asked.'' - speech and story mushed together without any punctuation at all...I can't comment on the story itself because the section I quoted is as far as I got. You should think about going back to school, these mistakes are basic English, something that you should be at least half competent at if you use it every day!
If you can't be bothered to do it yourself, find a proofreader!

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2012-10-08 10:12:24
Could have been a very good story. Spelling was a minor, I can't spell that good myself... but there is spell check. Your sentences were non existant. You could have drawn it out a little more, show more detail. Instead you jumped right in, but seeing how its not your first story you should have known by now. Try a little harder next time, use the basic story guidelines every body learned in school.

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2012-10-08 10:08:21
Talking about spelling wtf is a fucwit hahah. And I think it was a good story. But you do have to work,on your grammar

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2012-10-08 10:08:04
Talking about spelling wtf is a fucwit hahah. And I think it was a good story. But you do have to work,on your grammar

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