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This story is 100% real… I have changed the names to protect me and the others involved in the story. I will also keep our ages a secret too. This happened to me about 4 years ago and has continued to happen. If you guys like this story I will share some more of my stories with you.
It was a cool summer day in June, it was me my sister my mom and grandmother at the restaurant we always ate at on Thursdays. It was nearing the end of breakfast when I started to pick on my sister for her grades at school and then she said something that shocked me and made me shut up real quick. She said that I better stop or she was going to tell mom what I used her computer for the night before. What she was alluding to was that I barrowed her computer to look at porn, and I must of forgot to delete the history. The reason I was looking at porn was because I hit a dry spell in my sex life and needed to get off. My sister was a couple years younger than me and she was one of the cutest girls in our school. She was athletic; she played soccer, hockey, and softball. She was about 5 foot 5 and weighed about 140. Most of it was in her ass. She got that from playing hockey. She had nice thick thighs that went into a nice tight firm ass. She had nice sized tits, I think they were 34 b. she was a well-built girl that all my friends made joke about her being good looking. So after she told me she knew what I did I shut up until we got home. My mom dropped us off at home because she got called into work and needed to get there fast. All that was running threw my head was how I was going to get my sister not to tell my mom what I did. It was just me and my sister home and I decided that I was going to confront her about it. So went up to her room and knocked. She said that I could come in, so I did. I said “what is it going to take for you not to tell mom about what I did.” She said that she was going to think about it and tell me later what I had to do. So later in the day a knock came at my door and she came in. she told me that she had come up with what I had to do. She said that she felt kind of weird asking me to do this but that was what it was going to take. I said that id do anything as long as she didn’t tell mom about it. She told me that last night after I gave her back her laptop she saw I looked at porn and watched it herself. She said while she was watching it she got this weird feeling in her stomach and her panties started getting wet. She asked me why she felt this way. I was so shocked that I didn’t know how to answer her we just sat there looking at each other. Then after a couple of minutes of silence I said the reason you felt that was is because you were sexual stimulated by watching it. She then said she couldn’t stop watching it because of the way it made her feel. Then she asked me what they were doing in the porn. I said that they were helping each other feel the way that she felt when she watched it. She then looked at me and said well I want to feel it even more so what you’re going to do is help me get the feelings back and I want them even stronger. I told her that I couldn’t do that because it was wrong for siblings to do stuff like that. Then she pulled down her jeans and showed me her panties, he were soaked with her pussy juice. She then asked me if I was turned on by her. I didn’t have to say anything because my raging boner answered for me. She said well if were both attracted to each other then I don’t see any harm. I was a good looking kid, I was 6’1 and 225, I played football, hockey and baseball so I had a pretty athletic build. I was getting recruited to play d1 in all the sports by mid major level schools. She then came over to me and said teach me please teach me, I want the feelings that they feel. She then started kissing me. That’s when I said fuck it and went for it. I picked her up and put her on my lap. She was straddling me while I gently kissed her neck. She placed her hips right above my dick and started to to move back and forth. She then asked if I could show her my dick because she’d never seen one in real live. I said sure and pulled down my jeans, there it was, it popped out of my boxers and was hard as it ever been. She was shocked at how big it was. I really wasn’t that big but to her it was a monster. I was average size, about 6 and ½ inches in length but I was really girthy. So I was sitting there with my pants off when she asked me what she should do. I told her that guys like it when you suck on their dick. She then got down on her knees and got between my legs. She slowly put the tip of my dick in her mouth. God it felt so good to have my dick sucked again that I almost blew my load real quick. She started to go up and down real quick, and then she would go real slow trying to fit the whole dick in her mouth. I was really amazed how much she could deep throat, while she continued to go to town on my dick, I reached down and felt her pussy. Her panties were dripping wet; I just smiled and said that’s my girl. I went to stick my fingers in her and she said not yet, that she wasn’t ready to move on. I was really disappointed but then I realized I was about to cum. I told her to get ready that I was going to cum on her face, she said cum, what’s cum… I said here you’ll find out. Just as I said that I blew the biggest load ever all over her face. She was covered. She got some in her mouth and said she liked the taste. She then started using her fingers to collect all my cum and eat it. She said she wanted more, I said only in time, only in time. So once again I reached down to find her moist pussy waiting for me to go to town on it. So I picked her up and laid her down on my bed. I then took of her wet panties and bra to see my sister nice body. I then laid down and spread her legs to find a glistening pussy waiting to be eaten. I told my sister that this is going to give her the feelings she so much desired I started to go to town on her pussy lips. Licking them up and down. Her clit was starting to get hard, so I started to suck on that. Her moaning and whining started to get me hard again. I licked her pussy in small circles the bigger circles. She was starting to twitch then she started to scream, go faster and harder. As I did she came right in my mouth, and I’ll tell you that it was the best pussy juice I ever had. She was twitching a lot more now and said that, that was the feelings that she wanted and that she appreciated it and wouldn’t tell mom. I was still horny and wanted to fuck my sister tight little pussy, that I said but you haven’t learned all that you need yet. She said that she had enough for today and wanted to learn more tomorrow. She started to get up but then I tried sticking two fingers in her pussy but I couldn’t fit them, the only finger that would fit was my pinky. When I fit that in she said we ll have more fun tomorrow as she got up and left my room with a giant grin on her face.

Boy did we have fun the next day. If you want to hear more stories just let me know cause I have plenty more like this.

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2013-08-07 21:10:06
wonderful story need spaceing though hard to read

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2012-10-15 12:40:40
I know you live next door, send her over to fill my emptyness I'll fill hers too.

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2012-10-13 18:39:08
Wow these people are worse than my english teacher. I liked it, keep writing.


2012-10-09 04:59:01
enjoyed the story. Don't give up on writing...learn as you go. Practice makes perfect and a good Enlish book helps.


2012-10-09 02:28:56
Yeah loved it! Cant wait for the rest if the stories

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