This is my first attempt at writing anything of this nature, but I’ve always to write this down somewhere because of the importance this has played in my life All parts of this story are true, the names have not been changed, but I will not divulged more than that, no cities or last names. If reading about Male/teen male sex bothers you then I suggest you do not read this story.
I was 35 yrs. old and in a relationship with a woman (now my ex), and she had a daughter Yogi*(nickname). At this point I never thought I would ever have sex with another male, I had fantasies about she-males, teen girls and the like, like most normal males I guess.

My stepdaughter Yogi* was 15 at the time and she hung out with a boy (Robbie) from the same housing area as we lived in, both Robbie and Yogi played hockey and competed against one another. Yogi and Robbie hung out all the time and Robbie was often included in our family outings, he was a good kid, polite and we liked having him around. Robbie was 15, blue eyes, blonde hair, fair skin and was small for his age, very attractive young boy, he got his features from his mom Angie*.

One weekend, Robbie slept over on Friday night, not unusual; he had done so before, in the morning I woke up before everyone else. I decided to take a shower before anyone else was up. I guess Robbie woke up and needed to go pee, there was only one washroom and he was waiting patiently for me to finish up. Not knowing he was there I was not dressed when I opened the door, we both froze for a moment, but then I noticed he was checking me out and when I caught him doing it he blushed and rushed by me to get inside the bathroom. I never gave it much thought because I know I that age, we check other guys out, locker rooms etc.…

I didn’t see Robbie till the next weekend. My GF and her daughter had left to go somewhere, I don’t really remember where. I heard a knock at the door and it was Robbie. I told him that Stephanie (my ex) and Yogi were gone for the afternoon, “ya I know it’s why I’m here I wanted to talk with you, can I come in?” he said. I answered “sure Robbie you know you’re always welcomed here”, we sat down and I asked him what was on his mind? “I wanted to talk to you about what had happen last weekend”, he said, I look at him wondering what he was talking about, asking him, “what are you talking about Robbie?” He says “when you walked out of the washroom naked, I kind of stared at you”, I told him that it wasn’t a big deal and at his age all guys check out other guys, we just do and even told him that I still do it sometimes when in a locker room with the boys after a game. He smiled and thanked me for chatting with him, he was about to leave when he stopped and asked me “Mike (my name) can I confide in you about something? I don’t know who to talk to about this”. I said, “sure Robbie you can talk to me about anything” the kid didn’t have a dad at home and I once told him if he ever needed to talk about stuff, he could come and see me anytime.
“Well Mike I’m gay, I like boys” he says, you could have knock me over with a feather, I never knew that “you can take to me about anything” would mean this. I tried to keep my composure and asked him what made him so sure of this. He says that he has experimented with other boys and he liked it, I asked him what he meant by “experimented”, he said giving other boys blowjobs. My cock got hard when he told me this, I was wearing track pants and I shifted in my seat so he wouldn’t notice. I said “Robbie it’s ok at your age to experiment, and doesn’t mean that your gay, but if you do like boys and are gay, that’s ok Robbie, I won’t feel any different about you, you’re a good kid and I like you”, again he smiled at me, then he looked down and said, “but I don’t think other boys like me in the same way”, I asked him why he felt that way. “ I think the guys just like getting the blowjobs from me, cause none of them want to give them back” he said, I replied, “ boys at the age are selfish and will take what they can get, I would suggest that you wait till find someone who will like you for you and is into the same things that you are” He smiled and gave me a hug, I still had a hard on as I was thinking of him blowing other boys his age, not a thought that I had ever had before.
He got up to leave then stopped and looked at me. I asked him, “anything else Robbie” “Mike can I suck your cock”, he asked. My cock got even harder, I said “no Robbie that’s not necessary, you don’t need to do that for me to like you, I already like you”, “I know that Mike, I want to suck your cock because I want to suck a man’s cock and I can tell by the way your sweats are pitching a tent that you’d like to get your cock sucked and I promise I’ll never tell anyone”, he says. I was floored, he was right I wanted him to suck my cock and he knew it and he could see it, again you could have knocked me over with a feather. He closed the front door and locks it and says, “Come upstairs Mike before anybody comes home”.
Robbie climbed the stairs with me right behind him and he lead me into my own bedroom, he gets me to lay down on the bed with my legs hanging over the sides, he then take my sweat pants off and you can see my hard cock straining in my briefs. He pulls down my briefs and my cock stands right up, as Robbie smiles he says “someone sure is horny”. He was right it had been awhile since Stephanie and I had any sex and I hadn’t jerk off in a few days. He grabbed my cock with his little hand, it was pulsing and he felt it, he smiled just before taking me into his mouth, and I just about came when he did. He started slow, getting me wet, but as he got me wetter, the harder he kept going, he was jerking me as he was going up and down with his sweet mouth on my cock. My head was spinning, I couldn’t believe that I was getting this great blowjob from a 15 yr. old boy and loved it. He kept his pace without slowing down and how I lasted even 10 minutes I’ll never know. I told him I was about to cum and he sped up his pace, my toes curled when I came and blasted my load down his throat and he swallowed like a champ and kept his mouth on my cock till I was completely finished. When it was over he asked, “do you like that Mike” “buddy I think we both enjoyed it, that was great, you suck cock like a champ” I replied.
As I was putting my pants back on he asked, “can we do that again sometime”, “if the opportunity arises Robbie, sure, but I never want you to think that you have to, OK”, I said, to which he replied, “Ok Mike”. We walked downstairs and Robbie left but that would not be the last time we would be intimate

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2015-10-07 03:43:18
Try using paragraphs, spacing, spelling isn't too bad, just watch the occasional slips, also you don't have to constantly remind us she's your ex, once is sufficient.

When you did get to the sex part, it was over before it got going.

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I want to hear about you retirning the favor

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