Lust is driven off a cliff.
Chapter 5

James woke to the sound of Stevie Nicks. His dad turned him on to Fleetwood Mac when he was young. Stevie was his fantasy girl for a while. He probably gave her up when he realized photos aren’t real people and Stevie got older. He still had the album cover, ‘Buckingham Nicks’ his father gave him.

Rolling off the bed, his morning hard-on entered a place he forgot he had. Poor little Ying received it, unwilling or not, in her ass. He didn’t mean to, he just wasn’t used to sleeping with anyone. He guessed since she’s been stretching it for so long, it took it fairly easy. Ying might be small but she was quick. No sooner had his head popped in did it pop out and James was staring at Ying staring at him from the floor.

I’m sorry!” James said, “I didn’t mean to.” and got up to get the remote. Ying let reality soak into her and climbed back in bed.

James cleaned the room a bit. Putting his ties back, he looked closer at Ying’s clothes. He grabbed the blouse and skirt she wore yesterday. Sitting down at the computer, he looked at the tags. Of course, he didn’t understand it but he had the sizes interpreted along with the company that made them.

Browsing the web for clothes that were in petite, he came across Bella Petite. Browsing that e-magazine, he saw a J.C. Penny’s ad selling petite clothing. There was one of those in the mall and that would be his destination.

Done with the clothing problem, he checked his bank online. There were two more pending deposits; one for another five thousand and the other for fifteen thousand that would go through today. The five simply read Hunt and the fifteen said Dawn. Immediately, James remembered the I.R.S. He would have to pay taxes!

Texting Cathleen, ‘I have too much money. Taxes?’

Cathleen replied, ‘You receive NET. And you can never make too much money.’

James was astatic. This was just unbelievable. Well, it looks like he could afford to keep a servant now doesn’t it?

Lisa came over, Ying let her in. She was in sweat pants and a wife beater. “Hi Yingy!” she greeted. “You ready to work out?” then looked at James, “Hell no, you aren’t even dressed.”

James grabbed underwear, sweats, and shoes. Dressing in no time, “Ying, we’re going to work out for an hour or so. I’ll get you some workout clothes and you can join us tomorrow.” Not giving it a thought, “You can do whatever you want till we get back. Don’t burn the place down.”

Heading to the gym, James stopped by the fridge to grab a bottle of Gatorade. It wasn’t in there. He wondered what his little Ying done with it. Checking the freezer, he found all the colds along with his drink, frozen solid, except for the milk. It was only half frozen.

Lisa laughed, “Guess I didn’t say what part of the fridge.”

Doctor Song entered the mini kitchen, “Good morning.” looking at the two young good-looking people in the kitchen.

James and Lisa both greeted her, “You up early?” James asked.

“No, I’m just in the kitchen early. There was a naked girl running around last night and I wanted to make sure everything was fine in here. She said her master wanted her to run an errand. Can you believe that?”

“Oof! Sorry about that. Ying forgot to get dressed.” James explained.

“I’m trying to remember the last time I forgot to get clothes on.” The doctor thought in mockery.

James sighed, “Look, she isn’t used to being around here. Give her some time, she’ll straighten out, I promise.”

“So, you’re the master I take it?” the doctor asked, pulling down a box of cereal.

“Yeah, he got her yesterday. Isn’t she adorable?” Lisa offered. “He’s teaching her everything.”

“Everything, huh?” grabbing the milk out. “Why is there ice in the milk?” the doctor said with a frown.

“Um, Ying put it in the wrong part of the fridge.” James explained. “Listen doc, I’m sorry but she is a little uneducated.”

“Ying? Is that her name?” the doctor asked, trying to pour milk from around the ice in the jug.

“Yes, from China. If you would, could you maybe give her a checkup? I don’t have any medical information on her. She was a slave in a factory.” James asked.

“Slave huh. Do you have any information at all?” doc asked.

“Sure do, I’ve got papers on her.” James quipped, and immediately thought of how that came out. “Um, they’re in my dresser drawer.”

“I have time today; see me when you get back from your workout. I’ll get a medical history started; you get her on your insurance.” the doc said, grabbing her ice cold cereal and headed out.

James and Lisa headed for their workout. Niles was there with a shit-eating grin. “What?” James asked after five minutes of him ogling.

“You got something you’d like to share with the rest of us?” Niles leered.

“Hell, no! Shut the fuck up about it.” James fumed.

“Well shit, you can’t blame a guy for asking.” Niles retorted with a huff.

“I expect security to make sure Ying Chung is secure.” James said in all seriousness, “Anyone touching her will have me to deal with.”

“Oh, that would be easier if she wasn’t running around naked!” Niles replied.

“I don’t care if she is naked in the middle of the rec room playing with herself, nobody better touch her, got me?” James said menacingly.

“Ok ok! Damn!” Nile relented. “I’ll warn the staff for ya. Fuck!”

“I’m sorry to come out so strong but the girl is so innocent, she doesn’t know better. You understand don’t you?” James calmed down.

“I’ll take care of it right now.” Niles promised, and headed out of the gym.

James finished on the treadmill and headed for the free weights. While lying down working his 4th rep, the monitor ahead of him came on. A warning was on the screen.

James sat up to read it. The word ‘Warning’ was in red. Below that it said, “A young woman by the name of Ying may possibly be roaming the staff quarters. She may or may not be nude. She is not to be touched by anyone without the consent of James Farlow. You can look but Do Not Touch. Anyone doing so will be prosecuted under penalty of the law.”

James laughed at the ‘You can look’ part. He didn’t see anything wrong with people getting eye candy but he didn’t want her touched without permission. He thought Niles did an excellent job conveying his message. Lisa agreed, with her being the exception of course.

They finished their workout and headed back. Opening the door from the hallway to the rec room, they ran into a crowd of people. Most he hadn’t met before. He did recognize the lawyer and accountant. Getting past the people in the way, James noticed another crowd circling the couch. He spotted Ying and Dr. Song between the bodies.

Getting closer to the inner crowd, James noticed she was naked. ‘Of course she was what did he expect?’ shaking his head. People were shaking her hand and introducing themselves.

Ying noticed him and yelled, “Master!” and ran for him. James caught her in his arms and picked her up, saddling her on his hip. Of all the English words she could have said, she would have to pick that one.

The crowd started talking at once. James heard one say, “Of course she would be his.” and another one saying, “I see who she learned to be naked from.” then, “Fuck, there goes my chances.” along with other snide remarks.

The crowd honed in on James asking a ton of questions like, “Where did you get her?” and “How do I get one?” and even a woman asked, “Does she do massages?”

Lisa let out a whistle, “Listen up everybody. Ying is a slave from China. She was given to James as a gift. She doesn’t know much about our culture and we would appreciate it if nobody took advantage of her.” waving the crowd off, “There’s plenty of time to get to know her now break it up.”

Dr. Song stepped out of the middle and approached James. She had been guarding Ying while the crowd greeted her. “She got locked out when she went to the kitchen to eat. The damn announcement was like a battle cry and all these people poured in.” she explained.

People were leaving, most all saying good bye to Ying, “Did she get to eat?” James asked.

“She ate a bowl of cereal.” Doc informed him, and then headed for the kitchen.

Ying was waving at everyone from James’ hip, eating up the crowd. The guys were telling James he was a lucky bastard and congratulated him. James caught the accountant and asked to see him later on about some investments. “We’ll work something out.” The accountant said, staring at Ying.

James let him go; obviously he had been talking to the wrong head on the guy. The doctor came back with her black bag. The four of them headed for James’ room.

“Now, let’s see those papers.” The doc said, putting her bag down. Glancing over them she asked, “How old did you say she was?” and James said eighteen.

“Well, she is either eighteen or fifteen.” studying the photocopied certificate of birth.

“How’s that Doc?” James asked.

“Well, I guess its how you look at it. The last digit on her birth date is either a four or a one turned into a four.” showing it to James. It appeared to be a four to James trained eye, since it didn’t look tampered with, he let it slide.

The doctor did her exam and got a blood sample. James turned around while she examined her private area. “Who put a butt plug in her?”

James froze. Lisa giggled. Ying said, “No, me stretch!” when the doc went to pull it out.

James got his voice back, “It wasn’t me Doc, I swear.”

“I did.” Ying said, and then turned away facing the wall.

“Well, she is definitely a virgin.” The doc speculated. “I don’t know whether to compliment you in keeping her intact or bust your lip you for stretching her ass.” packing up her things.

“I’m sorry doc, I’m just not used to owning, I mean, having a girl to keep.” James said sheepishly. “I’ve only had her since yesterday.”

“I’m not judging you. It isn’t my job. Just be easy on her and try not to rip anything when you… you know.” The doctor sighed, closing her bag.

“Hold on doc, can you tell us if she could handle an eight inch cock?” Lisa inquired.

Dr. Song looked at Lisa to see if she was serious, “You have to find one around here first.”

Lisa grabbed James’ package and shook it, “Right here.”

“Which hole?” the doctor smirked.

“Either one would do.” Lisa said.

“The human body will accommodate a male appendage; just go slow for Christ sakes.” And she opened the door to leave. “I’ll get her on the pill.” and left the room.

“Thanks Lisa, now I look like a chauvinistic pig.” James sighed, throwing his workout shirt on the floor.

“The doc knows you’re a male. She understands the situation.” Lisa justified. “She can’t tell anyone either, doctor patient confidentiality.”

James had forgotten about that and it was a relief to realize it. Getting Ying on the pill was a relief too. Or, maybe it was an omen, he wasn’t sure.

Lisa was leaving to clean up for their shopping trip. “I’ve got a list started, don’t let me forget it.”

James hit the shower. Ying climbed in with him. She helped clean his privates, spending some time with it. James washed Ying’s back and scrubbed between her ass and legs. The girl had gotten sticky overnight. He removed the plug and rinsed it off, placing it on a shelf. Cleaning her front, he admired the breasts he was washing then lingered on her mound a while. She giggled when he stroked between her pussy lips with the wash cloth.

“Want a quicky?” James asked.

“Ok” Ying said to whatever that was.

James grabbed the shower head off the hook. Bringing it down to Ying’s sex, he lifted a leg and sat it on the edge. She watched his every move. James sat on the edge by her foot. Pulling the shower head back, he switched it on pulse. Moving her into position, he grabbed her pussy lips and separated them.

Bringing the pulsing water to her, she immediately felt the difference. James let it pulse on her for a little. Closing his fingers, he gently pinched her clit, making it poke out between them. He brought the pulse higher and watched at is splattered between his fingers. Ying’s legs went soft.

Her master was pounding her sensitive spot with water. The man knew what made her body react. She was horny from washing the large sex tool he had. She had every intention of making him her first, regardless of what that entailed. This man was going to be hers. He could take anything she had to give and she had her virginity. Master took her bud in his fingers. He pinched it and made it stick out. Making the water hit her without relenting, her knees quivered. She had to support herself to keep from falling. She reached for his hair.

James felt her hands grab hold of his hair. ‘Good’ she won’t fall when I do this.’ James thought, as he brought his thumb over and rubbed the bulb sticking out between his fingers. Circling his thumb over it, he felt the leg beside him tremble.

“Master!” she gasped. His thumb had hit her spot! ‘He’s playing with it while the water still pulsed on her hole!’ she thought, as a wave struck her and she tensed. He worked even faster and it forced her over.

James heard her scream and knew he hit the right button. This was a call for him to speed up. Not only did he speed faster, he started pinching and releasing his two fingers on her clit. Then he commenced tugging rapidly on it.

“Eyeee” she exclaimed, feeling the pinching, the pulsing and then the tugging. ‘It’s so good Master!’ she reveled in the sensations. She had to buck; there was no holding it back. Her ass clinched over and over.

James felt her go over the edge. He let up off the thumb, slowing then stopping. Bringing the shower head up, he let it take over on the protrusion. It pulsed rapidly on it. Still tugging and releasing, riding her bucking, he made her spill her sex juice.

Gasping for air and clutching his hair, she rode the wave of bliss. The pee sensation returned but she didn’t even care. She let loose and let her body take over. Her humping became quivering as she squirted her liquid out.

James let her squirt into the tub, watching it as it fought against the pulsing water, mixing with it but overpowering it too. How sexy she looked in her climax as her quivering started to ease. James’ heart melted a little watching the tiny angel enjoy his act of lust.

Ying gained her control and looked down at her master. Smiling, she said, “Is good!” and giggled.

“Yes” James agreed, “Good quicky.” Standing up, placing the shower head back on its hook. “Let’s get out and get gone. We have things to do today.”

Ying looked at his half hard cock, “I fix it?” she asked.

“Not now, Lisa will be here soon and we have to go.” James replied, getting out to dry off.

Getting dressed, James tried to find something decent for Ying. “You don’t have any blue jeans?”

“Blue skirt.” She said, not understanding the big deal over clothes. She was beginning to hate them.

“Well, throw these on” handing her a skirt and blouse not any different than what she wore yesterday, “and let’s get out of here.” Grabbing Ying’s paperwork to take with him, he checked to make sure he had his wallet and keys.

Amazingly, they beat Lisa getting ready and James knocked on her door. Lisa buzzed them in.

The pink struck James again and he blinked to focus. Lisa was putting on pants.

“Are you about ready?” James asked, noticing the two vibrators on her bed.

“Yeah, got hung up on something.” She said, putting her shoes on. “Ying, we have to get you out of those clothes. They don’t do you justice girl.”

“Ya, me no like clothes.” Ying responded, frowning at her own appearance.

“It’ll be the first thing we do.” James said, looking over the poor girl.

It had been a few days so James decided he would be alright taking the Cadillac. They headed for the mall.

The clothes store was first. James gave his opinions on the first outfit she would wear. The young sales woman was helpful and found clothes in the petite section that would fit Ying. They decided on a low cut white sun dress she could wear for the day. Lisa removed the tags off of it and handed it to James.

James purchased the dress and brought the receipt back. Ying was trying on more clothes and James showed the receipt for the white one to the lady in charge of the dressing rooms. She handed Ying’s old clothes back to James.

James looked at her, “Do you have a trash can I could put these in?” but she shrugged and took them back.

Ying stepped back out wearing short shorts and a halter top. James approved! Thinking the girls were being sensible with their clothes choices, he stepped away to look for anything else to catch his eye. He found an extra-large suitcase with wheels and handle. It would certainly be better than a trunk and that was for sure. Besides, it would be handy to put Ying’s new clothes in it for now.

Coming back to the clothing department, he found them in the panty isle. Lisa held several in her arms. They were all thongs. “Is that what she wants?” James asked, pointing to them.

“She’s the one giving them to me.” Lisa shrugged.

“Ying, you want those?” James asked, and she nodded, looking for more.

“What about bras?” James asked, not seeing any in the cart.

“She doesn’t need a bra but we can get a few.” Lisa said.

“What would I know?” James shrugged, as Ying handed him a pair of see-through white thongs.

They moved on to socks, purses, and shoes. Ying got her high heels in black, white, and brown, along with tennis shoes, sandals, flip-flops, boots… sheesh, girls with purses and shoes.

Spending a fortune, the clothes were loaded into the new suitcase. James headed for the car with it while the girls looked around other places.

James came back in and went to a booth that offered his cellular service. Picking out his smart phone model, he upgraded his service, got her a protective cover, and a rope strap. The clerk pointed out that women don’t like clipping phones on their hips. He saw blue tooth earpieces and got two of them. He’d meant to get one before but always seemed to forget. The clerk set up Ying’s phone while James linked his. He found the translator app. The clerk did the same for Ying’s phone.

James met up with the girls in front of the novelty shop. They didn’t get in the door before Lisa saw something pink. The shirt read, ‘Pussy Pink’ on it and Lisa had to have it. Ying picked up hand cuffs off a table; they had fur rapped around them.

James went to the vibrators, picking up as many as he could carry, and saw electric ones placed high up on a shelf. He got a clerk to get two of them down for him. “Mister, these are like, eighty bucks a piece!” the girl said.

“I don’t care if they’re eight hundred a piece.” James responded, taking them from the girl.

Lisa came over and asked him what he got. “It’s a surprise.” James answered.

“Fine, you don’t get to see what we have.” Lisa huffed, turning and walking away.

James checked out the maid outfits. He hadn’t had a chance to give Jack and Jill theirs. He did see one set that was Ying’s size and got that. Getting that off the hook, a black fishnet outfit fell out. Picking it up, it was Ying’s size. He grabbed them both. He found a nice collar with a leash, restraints, nipple clamps, and a black pair of vibrating panties. With Ying’s hair being black, anything black would look good on her.

Heading for the checkout, the girls were standing with their bags already. James was rung up, paying for the girls’ purchases as well, and with receipt in hand, walked out.

James agreed to meet them in the food court after taking all the bags out. He swore not to look at what they bought. The way they seemed worried about it made James almost look but he was a man of his word and didn’t.

Entering the food court, James found the girls in front of the Chinese restaurant, ordering food. He took this time to give Ying her phone, turning on the translator. Placing the earpiece in her ear, he was able to train her a little bit on it. Turning his translator on, he asked Ying to speak Chinese.

“Thank you for everything master!” Ying said in Chinese.

“You are welcome! Can you say master in Chinese again?” James asked.

“Mínɡ jiā” Ying said. And James heard ‘master’ in English through his head set.

“Excellent, can you say slave in Chinese?” and she said, “núlì”

James was making his first try at learning Chinese. The translators worked perfectly and Lisa got hers working. All three were able to carry on conversations and when Ying spoke, Lisa and James heard it translated. “Is your translator telling you what we are saying, Ying?” James asked.

“Yes, I learn English better.” The smiling Ying replied.

“We have another stop to make.” James announced.

“Where to?” Lisa asked.

“DMV, I want to get Ying an I.D.” James said.

They finished eating and headed out. James was able to get Ying an I.D. with a learning permit on it. Lisa wanted to stop and get Ying’s hair done. She had waves put in the straight black hair and she looked pretty hot when they finished with her makeover.

Heading back to base, Ying sat in the middle while the back held the big suitcase that wouldn’t fit in the trunk. The first thing to do when they got back was to get Ying’s old clothes back in her junk trunk and get it to the trash.

All three of them went to the dumpster in the back parking lot to dump it off. Ironically, as soon as James lifted it over his head and threw it in, the garbage collector arrived. Ying watched it fall into it.

“Bye old clothes!” Ying yelled, and the other two said good bye too.

It was nearing three by the time they got the new clothes in the rooms. Lisa headed out and James thanked her for her help today. Ying gave her a hug, “Thank you Lisa.” which was the first time Ying had called her by name.

“Awe, you’re so welcome Ying.” Lisa replied, looking at James, “She’s adorable! I so want one!” and left.

James checked his phone for the meeting. Annoyed, there was no information again. Texting Cathleen, ‘No place for meeting’ James waited.

’Check email’ was the only reply.

James checked and there was one from Administrator telling him a user name and password for a meeting online.

Ying went to work pulling tags off clothes and shoes out of boxes. James sat down to his computer. Following the link in his email program, he was taken to a net meeting. He logged in and waited.

It wasn’t long and another joined the chat, James recognized the pink room right away. Lisa appeared after a few seconds. Hi Lisa, long time no see.” James quipped.

Lisa looked at the monitor and said, “Hi James, been a while.” and smiled.

Another joined and a video window showed Cathleen sitting down. She wore a low cut blouse and looked great. Jill or Jack was in the background; James wasn’t sure, cleaning the room.

“Good afternoon Miss Spencer.” James greeted.

Lisa piped in, “Hi sis.”

James didn’t know if she meant sis as in sister or sis as in friend. Based on his previous experience, he bet they were sisters or close to it. He was more puzzled in the secret. Why bother keeping it secret? It wouldn’t matter to James any.

Cathleen cleared her throat, “Hello James… and Lisa.” And Jill put her pillow down after getting the cover on it. Walking over, she waved at the monitor.

James nodded his greeting, not wanting to raise attention in case Jill would get in trouble.

Lisa waved, “Hi Jill!”

Cathleen turned around and saw Jill pick up the pillow she had.

Turning back to the monitor, Cathleen said, “Getting down to business, I have a business deal with a Prime Minister this weekend.” A picture appeared on the monitor of an older man and possibly his wife. “This meeting will be held at the villa in Florida.” And another picture popped up of a seaside estate. “There will be other guests but these are the targets of interest.” and another picture showed the corporation trying to gain access to the market.

Lisa started in, “How are we involved?”

Cathleen looked her way, “You are to entertain these two guests. The Prime Minister and his wife will be a team effort on our part in convincing their country to open up their market for one of our subsidiaries.”

“You couldn’t have your party here?” Lisa asked.

Cathleen explained, “Having it here at our base would interrupt current operations that is detrimental to our goals.” sighing, “The villa is the perfect get away for our esteemed guests with limited detractions. This estate is too busy conducting business.”

James had to ask, “What is the time frame?” worried about Ying being left alone.

“Our jet will fly you down Friday. You will return on Sunday. Consider it a three day weekend with side work to do. You will be off duty Thursday studying our targets and preparing for the trip.”

A hum started over the monitor. James wasn’t sure if it was a vacuum cleaner in the distance or maintenance working on something.

“Do you, um, have any information on the… party of interest?” Lisa asked.

“Yes, I have portfolios on each you both will receive in your emails.” Cathleen explained, titling her head.

“Ok, so we study… Thursday… right?” Lisa asked.

“Lisa, turn the damn vibrator off and focus!” Cathleen chastised. “It’s what we’ve been discussing the whole meeting.”

The humming stopped and Cathleen looked at James, “What the hell James?”

“What?” James asked, not having a clue what Cathleen was talking about.

“Why is Ying wearing a putt plug?” Cathleen pointed.

James turned around and saw Ying bent over naked except for the plug in her ass and the shoes she was trying to tie. “Oh shit! I’m so sorry! Ying! Get out of the webcam!”

Ying turned and looked at James then the monitor. Realizing she was being watched, she wiggled her butt and straightened up. “Sorry!” she giggled and waved then moved to the other end of the bed.

“I’m sorry Miss; Ying has turned out to be quite an exhibitionist it seems. I’m trying to break her of it but she hasn’t had clothes on in my room since she took them off the first time.” James explained.

“She was on the monitor last night and this morning James.” Cathleen pointed out. “Guards are wasting ink printing out images of her!”

“I know! She just went out without clothes on and got locked out. I talked to the staff and they understand. It won’t be a problem, I promise.” James stuttered out. “She just doesn’t like wearing clothes.”

“But a butt plug, James?” Cathleen lowered an eyebrow.

“That requires more explanation Miss.” James humbly responded, “But it isn’t my doing, I just bought the damn thing but Ying keeps sticking it in there.” trying to defend himself.

The hum started back up but it was more muffled. A thong landed on James’ head. Ying apparently used it like a sling shot.

“Ok, you know what to expect and I sent you the portfolios.” Cathleen huffed, “I got security guards masturbating in the security room; twenty one people want a slave; I have one staff member that can’t leave her pussy alone for five minutes and another one butt plugging the help so they can run around the complex naked. I can’t talk to either one of you reasonably at the moment because your minds are between your legs.”

“I am sorry Miss.” James replied, “I didn’t realize her butt was on the monitor.”

“We got this Cat.” Lisa wiggled. “Don’t worry!” Lisa grunted.

“This meeting is closed.” Cathleen announced, “Jill, these sex fiends got me wet. Get Jack for me.” and Cathleen disconnected.

James didn’t get the chance to ask for more information on all of his assignments. He didn’t even get the chance to ask about poor Ying being alone for the weekend either. Cathleen would be busy getting serviced but James thought he could text her later.

“Show me your cock!” Lisa’s voice came over the monitor, bringing James back from his thoughts.

“What?” James was shocked.

“Come on, show me your cock.” Lisa repeated, growled.

“You really want to see it?” James asked, not really seeing how it helped her any, she was already boiling.

“Yeah, show me that big piece of meat!” She panted.

James figured he might as well please the girl; he might as well get the money’s worth out of the net meeting too. Reaching down, he unfastened his pants and dropped them. “Ying, take my shoes off please.” And she helped him get naked.

“Got a good view?” James asked.

“No! Make Ying get it hard.” Lisa demanded.

Cathleen’s monitor reconnected. James saw Jill dusting the keyboard. She must have hit the ‘Enter’ key. Jack had Cathleen sitting on the bed, buried between her legs.

“Ying, would you mind?” James pointed to his crotch.

“No master, I’ll help.” Ying said, grabbing his dick to get it hard. She did the lick and stick method, sucking in the head.

Lisa seemed pleased and let out a loud moan. Her hand went faster but James couldn’t see her sex. “Point the monitor down Lisa.” He asked.

Jill heard it and looked at the monitor. Seeing the action from the two rooms, she took a seat.

Lisa made the effort of tilting her monitor at her crotch and pulling her pants off. Getting back to work, she stuck Ying’s vibrator between her legs and turned it up all the way. The buzzing went to high volume.

James saw Lisa’s actions and that got him going. Ying recognized her efforts and picked up the pace a little, watching the cock grow in her mouth.

Jill heard Cathleen moan and looked around. She was grinding into Jack’s face now. Jill turned the monitor a little more towards them then dropped a hand in her lap.

James felt the pace pick up and Ying sucked on the back side of his cock, “Oh God, that feels so good!” he said, reveling in the sensation.

James was loud enough to catch Cathleen’s attention. She looked over at Jill playing with herself then to the monitor, showing the action in the two rooms. Tapping on Jack’s head, Cathleen stood up and walked to the monitor to get a closer look.

James saw Cathleen’s pussy up close. You could see the wetness Jack had applied to it. Tearing his eyes away from Cathleen’s glistening slit, he saw that Lisa had shoved the vibrator in her hole and started fucking herself with it. That erotic scene turned him on even more.

Ying felt the cock of her master’s lurch in her mouth, making her horny as ever, knowing she was servicing him well. She dropped a hand to her sex and played.

Lisa watched Ying suck James’ cock while she played with herself. This got Lisa going harder. She reached up and pinched a nipple under her shirt.

Cathleen noticed Lisa fucking herself with a vibrator, pinching a nipple, and then looked at James. His cock was working in Ying’s mouth while Ying picked up pace on her own cunt. She raised her leg and put her foot on the chair Jill was masturbating on, “Jack, help me out over here.” And Jack came in front of her and dropped, sucking a pussy lip in her mouth.

Ying saw the cute girl suck in her old master. That reminded her of Lisa sucking on her. She looked at her ‘wild child’ friend and saw the vibrator thrust deep in her. She was yearning to have that happen to her too. Looking at the long cock her mouth was servicing she got hit by a shiver thinking about it being in her pussy.

James felt his charge shiver and decided she was getting too close. Wanting her to wait for the rest of them, he reached down and picked her up. Flipping her around, he sampled her pussy while is cock head entered her mouth, stepping closer to the bed to give everyone a full view.

Jill couldn’t imagine taking a vibrator that deep. Her pussy twitched in anticipation. She picked up her speed as she watched the scenes from the three rooms.

Cathleen caught sight of James doing an upside down sixty nine, causing her to grab a handful of Jack’s hair. She could imagine James’ tongue doing that to her cunt. His masculine form was a turn on by itself. She humped the face that serviced her.

Lisa watched Cathleen getting serviced by her servant. God she wanted a slave for herself. Cathleen had two sitting in front of the monitor for God’s sakes. She glanced at James; his slut slave serviced his cock while he ate her out. That was a huge turn on for her and she beat her pussy while rubbing her clit thinking about James’ tongue buried in her snatch.

James was getting close while virgin pussy filled his mouth. Reaching up, he grabbed the butt plug. Circling it a few times, he tugged it out. As soon as it broke free of her ring, he put it back in. Detecting his cock and the rhythm it was getting, he matched his butt plug stroking to it, fucking her with the very thing she had coveted the most.

Lisa saw James fucking Ying in the ass with her butt plug and just had to get something in her own ass. Reaching around, she wiggled a finger in it, remembering James’ thumb was the last thing in it. That set her off; she had to release the huge orgasm she’d been working on. Bucking on the vibrator and her finger while watching James, Ying, Cathleen, Jack, and Jill all getting a nut, she screamed the longest scream she had in the longest time, in the privacy of her own room.

James heard Lisa’s earth shattering orgasm and the scream echoed around his room. He could have sworn he heard that echo from across the hallway. It put him over and he bucked into Ying’s mouth feeling his spurts go deep into his sex partner’s throat. Forcing himself to focus, he fucked Ying’s ass and pussy, his tongue going deep in her hole.

Ying felt the cock jump in her throat; her master gifted her with his seed. To know she was both giver and receiver of the man that had changed her life, she crumbled then stiffened. Her ass was getting fucked for the first time; her sex hole had a tongue pumping over and over. She released her passion on the mouth of her master, letting him suck all he wanted while she blasted into semi-unconsciousness.

Jill thought Lisa had a great idea; it fired her groin and raised her passion to the highest level. As she stroked herself to orgasm, she felt Cathleen’s ass next to her. Raising her free hand, she shoved a finger right in to the hole of her ass, feeling it spasm around it while her mistress bucked her sister’s face. Her release was great, reaching a level she hadn’t been before, lusting at the view of a man’s cock she wanted so desperately to make her a woman. She screamed out her release.

Christine heard Lisa’s pleasure cry and watched as James creamed the mouth of Ying while her ass was pounded by a plug. Too much visual and she went over, bucking into the servant’s practiced tongue. While on the rise of her orgasm, her other servant shoved a finger up her ass, adding to the magnitude of her blast. She may drown her servant but she couldn’t stop, riding the head attached to the hair clasped in her hands.

Jack heard a scream and recognized an orgasm somewhere. Her mistress hunched up as her sister’s hand went to the backside. Imagining the action of a finger in an ass, she rubbed her clit to orgasm, drinking in her mistress’ essence. Having no control of her head, she applied full control to her pussy, reveling in the wonderful forcefulness of her mistress.

Putting her butt plug back where he got it, he sat Ying down to catch her breath. The poor girl couldn’t drink all of James and wore his cum like war paint.

Lisa pulled her finger from her ass as she came down from her pleasure. Her strength had faded and she dropped the vibrator from her hand, thumping in the floor.

Cathleen released the tongue-fucking face from her clutches, bringing her foot down off the chair. Jill took her finger back and gave up the well-played pussy she had stroked to orgasm. Jack got off the floor and caught her breath while her pussy throbbed from the forceful assault she gave it.

James was the first to speak, “I’ll bet you never had a meeting like that before!” chuckling at the monitor.

“It accomplished my goal.” Cathleen agreed.

“It solved my issues!” Lisa declared.

“I was impressed with the details!” Jill piped in.

“I had pressing concerns to deal with!” Jack boasted, wiping the remains of her mistress off her.

“Ying, would you put some clothes on and get us a drink out of the fridge?” James asked. “Miss Spencer, what am I to do with Ying while I’m gone? She might not be able to take care of herself.”

“Well, you could do what I do when I go anywhere.” Christine advised.

“Really, what’s that?” Thinking there might be a place to take them. ‘Don’t tell me there’s a slave kennel somewhere.’ he hoped not.

“Take your entourage with you.” Cathleen smugly said.

“Oh, is there room for her?” James asked.

“Leave a toothbrush behind and there would be.” Lisa piped in laughing.

“What about dress? I saw a beach in the picture.” James pointed out.

“Definitely dress for the beach. I’ll furnish the attire for the party.” Cathleen explained.

Ying came in and stepped into the view of the webcam, handing James a drink. “Didn’t you hear James tell you to put some clothes on?!” Cathleen chastised Ying.

“What? Me got thong on. That some clothes!” pointing to the see-through one she sported.

“My God, everyone in staffing was probably in there!” Cathleen said, putting her hand on her chest. “She still has cum on her face!”

“No problem! They all see me naked before.” Ying explained.

“James!” his boss yelled, and James dropped his head in his hands. “Sorry!” he apologized. “But she just makes sure it keeps happening somehow! Hell, she was shaking everyone’s hand stark naked in the rec room when I got back from my workout and everybody acted like it was just hunky dory. I give up on it!”

“She has a butt plug in her!” Cathleen said amazed.

“I no show them dat! I know they might want it.” Ying defended.

“I don’t think they want your plug, Ying.” Lisa said.

“Why not? I want it don’t I?” Ying simply explained.

“Ok, I’m with James, I give up too.” Lisa said.

“Fine! She better not leave the staffing quarters naked James.” Cathleen ordered.

“Did you hear that Ying?” James asked. “You’ll get me in big trouble. That is an order.”

“Ya ya, I no leave staffing quarters naked.” Ying mockingly agreed. “They watching movie in rec room, master let me go watch?”

“Go ahead, but I might go out for dinner.” James said.

“I was thinking about ordering pizza.” Lisa said.

“That actually sounds good.” Cathleen admitted.

“I like pizza!” Jill added. “Me too!” said Jack.

“Fine, lets order pizza and go watch a movie or two. Cathleen, are you guys coming down here?” James asked.

“Depends, how many was in the rec room Ying?” Cathleen responded.

“Just Doc. She look lonely. Maybe I make not lonely.” Ying explained.

“Perfect, we will be there soon.” Cathleen said and closed her connection.

“I’m getting ready, meet you guys there.” Lisa said and signed off too.

James still had bags of stuff to put away. Emptying one from the bags from the novelty shop, he thought he’d make time for Ying to try on the outfits he got.

“Here you go Ying, try these on.” James tossed them to her. He thought that since the girls were coming down, he might as well give the other two theirs. Grabbing some sweat pants, he threw them on real quick.

Ying pulled her high heels off and pulled on the maid outfit. It looked great on her. She could probably get by with wearing it at a formal dinner too. The skirt was a little too high and the neckline a little too deep, but he thought she’d pass in the outfit. Ying spun around and let James check her out. He smiled when the bottom flew up and showed off her goodies.

The fishnet was next and she wore it like a glove. James was right; her black hair went well with it. Thinking it needed a touch more; he pulled the collar and leash out. “Come here sexy.”

Ying looked over at him and jumped to see what he had. “You got me collar!” she exclaimed. “That means I’m owned!” leaning in to get it put on. “You are really my master now!” she quipped, jiggling with excitement.

Goodness, James didn’t think he would make her that thrilled over it. “I’m glad it makes you happy.”

“Oh it does, it does! Do I look good?” she asked, wanting to please her master.

“You look so sexy Ying. Here, you can look for yourself.” James said, getting up and opening the closet door, letting her ogle in the door mirror.

Twisting around left and right, she got her eyes filled with the appearance of her beauty. A tear entered her eye as she thought about never having anyone to show her that much care before.

“What’s wrong Ying?” James asked concerned, noticing the tears welling in her eyes.

“No one treat me so good before.” She sniffled, dropping her head down.

“I’ll treat you good. Don’t you worry, you’ll be happy.” James promised, while his own tear came to his eye.

Ying turned and buried her face in his stomach, hugging her thoughtful master. “Thank you, master James.” she cried, grateful to have such a wonderful man as her master.

“Awe, you know you’re welcome sweetie.” James said, while another piece of his heart mixed with a tear and fell on the head of his angel.

“Come on, we have got to get ready.” Rubbing his tear off before it went any further, “What do you want to wear in the rec room?” he said while fighting the powerful emotions he was stricken with.

“I’m wearing it.” She said, still clutching to him.

“Oh honey, you don’t want to do that do you?” James asked.

“Yes please. You said I could live like I like.” Ying said, reminding him of her preferred lifestyle.

“Well, it is the rec room and it is more clothes than you’ve worn before I suppose.” James caved in.

“Thank you, master! I get leash!” Ying said ecstatically, going over to pick it up.

‘Leash?’ James thought, why would she want that? He would probably feel kind of foolish leading her around like that. ‘But, you know what? Fuck it. She wants it; I’ll suck it up and go along with it.’

James grabbed the phones so they could still communicate and Ying could understand the movies and the two maid outfits for the other girls. Ying was ready and opened the door. James followed.

James was relieved she didn’t offer him the leash, that is, until she offered him the leash right before the rec room. ‘Crap.’ He thought when he took it.

Walking in to the rec room, James spotted Lisa first, clasping a hand over her mouth. Cathleen was next, raising her eyebrows first then dropped to a frown. Jill looked and mouthed, ‘Wow’. Jack looked and licked her lips at the sexy sight. Doc’s eyes widened and she sucked in air.

James sat down on the free part of the half circled couch, waiting for the gasps and ogles to get over with so he could hear the bitching the girls were going to give him. Just to put icing on the big pile of shit cake he was going to eat, Ying sat on her knees in front of him, crossing her arms behind her.

Nobody said anything for the longest time. James turned red from all the laser eyes the girls were giving him. “What? It’s what she wants!” and folded his arms in front of him.

“You’re a motherfucker James!” Lisa admonished him. Great, he has to hear about morals from that girl!

“Look, it’s her idea, not mine, ok?” he huffed, a determined scowl on his face.

“You know I wanted one and you’re just rubbing yours in my face!” Lisa retaliated, her finger shaking at him. “That’s bullshit, getting her an outfit like that and flaunting her around in front of me!”

Well, that wasn’t the speech he expected. “She didn’t want to take it off, I’m not making her… flaunt around you. She clipped the leash on and handed it to me herself” James huffed, “I told you before, you could borrow mine!”

“Give me the leash then!” she said.

James tossed it at her. “Come here Ying.” Lisa ordered.

Ying crawled over and sat at her feet.

“What the fuck are you doing James?!” Cathleen asked.

“Like I said, it’s what she wants, not me. I’m helping her with her… her fantasies!” James argued.

“Well, some master you are giving her away to the first person that asks!” Cathleen retorted.

“I didn’t give her away, I just… loaned her out.” James replied, not thinking of a better way to put it.

“How come we don’t get an outfit like that mistress?” Jill asked jealously, not taking her eyes off Ying’s body in the net.

“Yeah, she gets to run around naked too!” Jack added in, staring at Ying’s nipples sticking out of the holes.

“Look at the shit storm you started James. It’s bad enough hearing them begging me every day to let you fuck them. Now you have to start them on this shit!” Cathleen seethed, pointing at the submissive slave called Ying.

“What the hell? I have no control over them wanting to lose their virginity and you know it.” James pointed out, throwing his hands in the air.

“Well, now they’ll want to run around the place naked or wearing outfits like that.” Cathleen argued.

“So what? It’s your place. You could let them if they wanted. Here, I even got some outfits for them!” James replied, tossing each girl their outfit.

Both girls snatched them like candy and tore the packaging open.

James continued, “And, you are too valuable of a target to be on the top floor anyway. Anybody in defense could tell you to bunk the target underground. But I guess the lap of luxury can only be built above ground for you.”

The girls started stripping. Cathleen snapped her fingers. They both looked at her sideways. Cathleen looked at Ying then back at them. Sighing, she waved them on.

“Furthermore, your secured area is in the safety of the kitchen!” James finished.

“Fuck it! I give up. I can’t even live a decent life without worrying about corporate vultures wanting to take me out!” Cathleen relented.

“What happened really?” James asked, “Your father passed away and left you holding the bag to a world full of responsibility, didn’t he?”

“Look, it isn’t like I was prepped for this. I’ve had to learn as I go.” Cathleen explained, glancing at Lisa shimmying out of her pink pajama bottom.

“I completely understand Miss Spencer. But you have billions at your disposal. The first person that you should make happy is yourself. Worry about the rest of the rats in the race after that.” James said, watching Ying get between Lisa’s legs. “Look at Ying, not a dime to her name, and she’s happy.”

“Well, all of you guys need to shut the hell up. I can’t hear my movie.” Doc butted in, turning up the remote, “And if you start passing out slaves, Cathleen, keep me in mind.”

“Who’s ordering pizza?” Cathleen remembered, watching Ying getting to eat.

James pulled out his phone, “I’ll get it. What does everybody want on their pizza?” looking up the local pizza parlor.

“I like pepperoni on mine.” a woman said behind their backs, “Hi Ying! Nice outfit!”

Ying raised her head up, smiling and said, “Thanks!” The woman turned and headed for the mini kitchen.

Silence fell for a few seconds then everybody started telling James their favorite pizza toppings.

It must have been five o’clock because the rec room was hit with a stream of people. Almost everyone interrupted Ying saying ‘hi’. Lisa was getting annoyed, “I’ll tell them you said hello Ying, just keep eating and get me off will ya?” and Ying put her hands behind her back.

James was impressed with Ying; she’s got a talent not using her arms. It looked pretty sexy seeing her bend into Lisa’s crotch, her ass poking back. Everyone looked where James was looking and silence fell in the area again.

“That’s it Ying, I’m close!” Lisa said, pushing her crotch out off the couch.

Ying worked her faster. James noticed Lisa was right at the breaking point; her hip bucking was turning to quivers.

James couldn’t resist, he didn’t know why but the urge was so terribly strong, it demanded him to. He started to fight it, the repercussions could be fatal, but it just wasn’t in him, and he surrendered to the obsession.

Possessed by just the thought of it, the timing was critical, and he just had to do it, yes he had to do it right about… now!

“Inspection!” James exclaimed, and Ying, in one swift move, stood up facing James, and spread her legs in the inspection stance. She didn’t even bother licking the cream off her lips and stared straight ahead as it dripped off her chin.

Lisa was left with her pussy humping air, “What the… FUCK!” slapping her hand on her pussy and frantically rubbed her own orgasm out.

The people from work rush were oohing and awing in the background, watching the abrupt interruption of a good show. Whispers of ‘holy shit’ and ‘damn’ could be heard throughout the small crowd.

Cathleen watched as Lisa’s pleasure was denied. Gasping at the suddenness, she put her hand over her mouth, imagining the torture Lisa was going through. But even that realization was shadowed by the obedience Ying displayed, listening to her master and obeying without question. It made her… want that kind of control.

Lisa was pissed! She was short changed a good orgasm and left with a half-assed one! Somebody is taking an ass whipping over that and she knew just who the dirty son of a bitch was! Kicking her pajama bottom out of the way, she hopped up and headed to James.

“You son of a bitch!” Lisa fumed, punching his arms and kicking at James’ legs. “You’re going to die for that!”

James grinned while defending himself against the onslaught of fists and feet, “What? I just said one lousy word!”

“You’re a motherfucker! You knew she’d stand up!” still kicking and punching away.

“I never taught her to do that!” James argued between blocks, snickering under his breath.

“No, but you knew I did!” giving James a good kick on his shin, “I’ll stomp a mud hole in you and walk it dry if you ever do that again!” finally wearing herself out and panted standing over him.

“You’re a real bastard James.” Doc observed, seeing the whole show unfold in front of her eyes.

“I’m sorry; I don’t know what came over me. I just couldn’t resist it!” James defended, knowing the repercussions were indeed going to be high.

“I think James should service every woman here, starting with the doctor.” Cathleen recommended.

Was that the same Cathleen he knew? “You mean right here, Miss?” looking at the crowd.

The doctor lit up at that. James hadn’t seen her do that before. He suspected she had a lust for him but she was hard to read.

“You can call me mistress. Ying doesn’t have a problem, just act like her.” Cathleen pointed out. “Matter of fact, have Ying service the guys. No sense neglecting anyone”

“Hey, I want some dick too!” Lisa argued, “There are more guys than girls here anyway.”

Cathleen stood up and said, “Ladies and gentlemen; anyone off duty can get over here and line up! Lisa and Ying are giving out free blow jobs for the men, James will take care of the women!” seeming to change from the staunch business woman to someone bent on their own lust.

Lines started forming for the three. James had six women in various sizes and age groups standing in line behind the doctor and the twins, waiting on him. Ying seemed to get all the guys. Lisa only had one waiting for her. “Ok, I’ll level this playing field!” Lisa asserted, and removed her pajama top. Half the guys got in her line after seeing the breasts of the young sexy brunette.

James looked at the doctor and asked, “Since we are about to become intimate, could you tell me your first name?” watching her hike her skirt up.

“Victoria, but you can call me Vicky.” Getting settled for James, “I want to see this so-called eight inch cock you’re supposed to have too.”

James, always the gentleman and aiming to please, dropped his sweat pants. Gasps in the girl line sounded out, staring at the rock hard body and cock of James. James was primed already, anticipating the pussies he was going to feast on.

“Master; may I?” Ying called James.

He looked over and saw Ying still standing in her inspection stance, guys shuffling their feet, waiting in line, “Sure honey, go have fun.” still amazed at her obedience, as she dropped to the first one.

Rubbing Vicky’s pussy, James made a quick phone call using his blue tooth. James heard the other line pick up and Niles said, “Hello?” James whispered, “Niles, get down here and get in line.” and hung up. If he was going to let Ying service all of these people, she might as well make Niles a happy man too.

Tossing his blue tooth on his sweat pants, he got to work on the moist pussy of Vicky’s. He worked more than one pussy at once. The women where squirming from watching his efforts; his hard cock jutting out. One stuck her hands up her work skirt and another followed suit.

The men were just as worked up as two pulled their cocks out in line, working them into a hard on while waiting to be serviced. They were glancing at Ying, Lisa, and Vicky, anticipating the events to come.

Cathleen couldn’t believe the willingness of her employees, they were ready and waiting to be serviced. She hadn’t known so many would hang out after work to receive the gift of pleasure she offered. They were crowding in to the rec room.

“Ladies, if you’re bored or when you’re done, go service a cock. Gentlemen, suck some pussy while you wait or when you’re done!” Cathleen ordered. Maybe the lines would drop in a while.

People started mingling together, merging the lines together. James got Vicky off and she stood to find a cock to go service. James got Jill next. Her maid outfit did her justice. His mouth watered knowing he was about to feast on virgin pussy.

“James” Jill whispered, “Can you talk to mistress?” bending closer to his ear, “I want you to take my virginity. See if you can convince her to let you.”

James had her stand to the side and whispered into Cathleen’s ear. She paused soaking in what James said. After a few seconds she relented, nodding her head.

James told her she was all set but she’d have to wait till the show was over. Jill was pleased as punch and went to grab a cock from the Ying pile, giving up her spot in line.

Jack was next but she wanted to do it like her mistress did her. James let her fuck his face while she propped a foot on the couch. Reveling in the taste, James had to stroke himself to relieve some of the ache.

Ying was amazed at the amount of cocks showing up at her feet. She took her training from Lisa and applied it to everyone. They didn’t seem to last long at all. Her master lasted ten times longer. But there were plenty of them and she was getting practice in. After so many, she gave up swallowing and let it pour all over her. She was doing fine until she seen a cock the size of her master’s but it was black.

Lisa swallowed a few loads but, like Ying, was getting full. She took the queue from her and let them give her facials. Besides, she was busy playing with herself to really care. She brought herself to orgasm over and over watching the hard cocks relinquish their loads on her face and tits.

Cathleen watched the girls getting soaked and decided she could use some. Grabbing the lawyer, she went down to service the meat he had hard in his hands. She stripped while she worked, thinking there was no sense getting good clothes soiled.

Ying started licking and tasted no difference from any other cock. She serviced it without prejudice and it gifted her with seed that flooded over her mouth, then down on her neck and chest. Looking up at the man, she saw the guard outfit he wore.

James finished the liquid lust of Jack on his face and moved to the next one in line. He recognized her from the smoking area. It was the older lady that wanted him to call her. Without reluctance, he dove into her snatch right where she stood and did his best to meet any of her demands.

Lisa saw other women grabbing her cock line and wasn’t going to be without. She clutched two cocks in her hands and started servicing them both at the same time. She may have to neglect her pussy but she was getting her share of cum!

Jack saw Lisa and thought she had an opportunity here. Lying on her back, she scooted from the rear under Lisa like a sex mechanic working on a lust machine. Lisa got the hint and rose up, letting her in. Jack got to work tweaking the parts that made Lisa’s machine hum.

Some of the workers gave up blow jobs for pussies and cocks. They started fucking their colleagues like a project past due. Standing, sitting, bending over, and any other position imaginable, they set to work working the other workers.

James wiped his face and prepared for the next. A short blonde wearing a ball cap approached him, peeling off her shorts. She stood waiting for his services in bobby socks and jersey, a little acne on her face. A name tag said it was Melissa.

“Do I know you?” James thought to ask, wanting to at least know the girls he was intimate with.

“I don’t think so, I’m the pizza girl. Security let me in.” she giggled. “They’re on the kitchen counter.”

James shrugged his shoulders and went to work. If he were anything he was certainly fair. He firmly believed in tipping and she had done her job. Now it was time for him to show his appreciation. He made sure she came more than once before letting her up off the couch.

The moans, groans, and pleasure screams all dwindled into the past. The crowd thinned and left a few, lingering in their lust. James ran out of pussy which almost made him happy. His jaws were hurting from the work and his lips where getting chapped.

Doc Vicky came back to the couch and looked at the sixty inch TV, “Well crud; my show is over.”

Cathleen plopped down beside her, wiping cum off and licking her fingers. Jack and Jill both came and sat down at her feet following Ying’s lead in front of James.

“What did you think of their maid outfits?” James wanted to know.

“I haven’t really had a chance to look at them.” Cathleen said, giggling. “Inspection!” but the two girls stayed where they were.

“That was for you two. When you here that, you’re to stand and face the mistress like Ying did for James.” Lisa explained.

Both girls realized it and stood spreading their feet apart, facing their mistress, arms clasped behind them. Cathleen stood up and walked around them, admiring their outfits.

“I really like those James. I’ll order fourteen of those in their sizes. I wonder if Mary could fit in one.” Cathleen thought out loud. She picked up one of the empty packages and read the name of the company that makes them. “One of our subsidiaries makes these. I’m going to put in a phone call first thing tomorrow.”

“That’s awesome news; could you get Ying more of the fishnets?” James thought to ask, heading for the pizza.

“Fuck it, I’ll order some of every outfit. Just email me her size.” Cathleen replied.

“Ying, why don’t you show Jill where our shower is and get her cleaned up for me.” James said, putting cold pizza in the microwave.

Cathleen turned to the doctor and asked, “You have any day after pills?”

“I’ve had to keep stock on them since Lisa and Jack got here. The staff uses them. I’ll get you a bottle.” and headed to the cabinet under the sink.

“What’s going on?” Lisa wanted to know.

“I’m letting Jill lose her virginity.” Cathleen informed her.

“No way! Can I watch?” Lisa asked.

“I think we can do it here. Just as good as any place.” Cathleen thought out loud.

James placed another phone call to the security office. Ying and Jill were back and clean when he hung up the phone.

“Master?” Ying got James attention.

James looked down at his gift, “Yes dear?”

“Master, will you take mine too?” Ying asked, with puppy dog eyes.

James guessed that Jill and she had been talking. Ying hadn’t mentioned it before so he wasn’t sure if she knew exactly what she was losing.

“Honey, do you know what you’re asking?” James wanted to explain it if she didn’t.

“I know I want to feel it.” Ying said.

“But honey, you want to save that for someone special. Give it to someone you love.” He explained.

“But master, you’re special. I love you.” Ying begged.

Now see? This was exactly what he had always feared. But even worse, he was emotionally tied to her already. If she was going to be his, she would be his for life. Damn it, he loved her too.

“If I do, will you promise not to get mad if I have to be with other people?” James wanted to know. Right now, it was his job.

“Me no care bout that.” She shrugged, “I want to give you only thing I own.”

James gave in after that. He would probably do it sooner or later, he knew.

“Ok, you want to go before or after Jill?” James gave her the choice.

“I’ll wait. Jill is mistress’ slave and she more important right now.” Ying thought out loud, “I be with you long time. She not so lucky.”

“Ok, go to the doc and let her explain what the pill is.” James ruffled her new hairdo, slapped her netted butt and let her go.

Lisa got up to leave, “Where you headed?” James asked.

“If I’m going to watch cherries popping, I’m getting a vibrator.” and turned to leave.

“Wait up! Follow me to my room.” James told her, and led her straight to his toy purchases.

“Now, this is for you.” James said, pulling out an electric vibrator. “Don’t burn it out.”

“Oh, is that… electric?” Lisa awed. “It is! But I didn’t know they made these things!” opening the package.

“They were hidden on the top shelf. It’s my surprise for you.” James explained, helping her plug it in to test.

“My!” she gasped, when it kicked on. “I’m going to forgive you for interrupting my orgasm.”

Lisa turned it off and James unplugged it, “You’re set to go!” James announced.

James grabbed another bag full of vibrators and batteries. He put on a pair of male thongs and headed back with Lisa to the rec room. “Ewe, sexy!” Lisa said, and snapped his thong on his ass crack. Arriving back in the rec room, he handed out his bag of goodies. They all complimented him on his choice of attire. Cathleen threatened to make James wear it all the time.

“Say, this feels wonderful!” Doc announced, as she tried out a vibrator.

“Never had one Doc?” James asked.

“No, just used my imagination.” Doc replied, and then got more involved in the sensations.

Ying looked for a nice vibrator for herself. James handed her the electric one he saved for her. She looked at it then to Lisa and smiled, “Me no loan you this one.”

“I’ve got my own.” Lisa showed her the one she had behind her back. They both fought over a nearby wall socket. They decided the lamp was the loser and unplugged it. Sitting down, they started playing with their new toy.

“Have you given it much thought as to how you want to lose your virginity Jill?” James asked.

She looked thoughtful for a second, “Standing up.” she decided.

James chuckled at that, “I don’t think I could reach you.”

“No, you stand up and hold Me.” she explained, like James was a simpleton. “I think it would be different.”

“Well, different it is.” James agreed.

Jack found the warming gel, “What is this?” looking at it curiously.

Ying explained it to her. “It make pussy hot.” then said, “Taste good too.”

She tried it out and found it to be pretty good. Grabbing a vibrator, she went to play.

Cathleen found a strap-on, “James, can I borrow this one?” looking it over.

“Sure, don’t burn it out.” James responded; it seemed to be his signature statement on vibrators lately.

Jill grabbed his thong and lowered it. Looking up at James and smiling, she made his semi-erection grow in her mouth. Pulling it out and stroking it, “Had to make you hard. I’m dying to get started.”

James picked her up and she straddled his cock on her pussy. She had lubricant on her; he felt it when she grinded on him but didn’t know where she got it. James walked them to the center of the room so the girls would have a view. The girl was bigger than Ying but he didn’t have a problem keeping a hold on her.

James grabbed an ass cheek and nibbled on her neck while Jill sped up her grinding. He brought a finger over her anus and circled it. She gasped but didn’t complain as he played on it. He could feel her wetness as it made its way to her ass. He used it to moisten her more then slipped his middle finger in to the first knuckle.

Jill was in heaven as she felt the man’s hardened cock sliding up and down on her slit. When he made contact with her butthole, she almost came. After feeling that sensation, James entered her with a finger. She gasped and shuddered, realizing what he was doing. She went faster on her grinding.

The girls got a good view of James’ finger going in. They all went to work a little faster. The doctor wasn’t used to a vibrator but she was learning fast. Christine had fastened the strap-on to her servant, wanting Jack to fuck her with it. The task was done and both got to see James’ finger. Lisa was aware of his finger but saw James’ sack below every time Jill rose up on him.

The sixty inch TV came on and security had focused on the couple. Jill was able to see what was going on behind her as James played. The camera zoomed in on the hotspot. James couldn’t see the TV but noticed the extra lighting when it came on. Glancing over his shoulder, he smiled at the scene. Grabbing Lisa’s other butt cheek; he kneaded on both in his hands.

Jill felt his hand grab another cheek and was able to buck on him instead of just grinding. She rose higher up and felt his head on her entrance. She stopped where she was when the head popped in.

James felt her actions then felt his head enter her just a little. Giving her a moment to get used to him there, he started bouncing her a little in his hands.

Ying saw her master’s cock enter the virgin’s cunt. She wanted to pay close attention because she would soon be enjoying the same. Again, she was impressed with his strength as he held Jill and moved her up and down. She enjoyed the gift he gave her, lusting at the sight of his cock and balls.

Jack was enjoying the toy they were using, she could pretend she was a man and fuck her mistress with the vibrator and still feel it tingle her own clit. Christine was getting it from the rear on the couch, watching James taking her virgin servant. Her head rested on the arm of the couch and one foot was on the floor. It was awkward at first until Jack got into a rhythm. It was feeling good now as Jack jabbed it in her.

James kissed Jill and asked, “You ready to take the plunge?”

She nodded and tensed up. James told her to relax, she was clamping on his head too hard.

“Let me surprise you.” James told her, “You won’t feel it so much.”

James went faster with short little strokes. She reacted to it, enjoying the sensation as her pussy adapted to his size. He drew attention to her ass, wiggling his finger in and out. Doing as suggested, she relaxed and lost herself in the feelings he was giving her. This was the moment she’d been begging for ever since she guided his cock into her mistress. Watching him fuck her mistress made her crave it.

The girl finally relaxed enough to accommodate James’ size. James bucked deep on his next stroke and broke through her hymen. He felt her tense so he stopped, with her impaled on his shaft.

Pain shot through Jill when James busted through her barrier. She clutched his cock, making him stop. She screamed yelp, and then realized the deed was done. She waited till the pain eased and was able to slowly relax.

The girls all gasped when they saw James’ cock sink in further and heard the yelp. They could see it plainly on the TV behind the couple. They cheered Jill on, urging her to take all of James. Doc Vicky told her to relax and let him sink into her. James took his finger out of her ass to keep from holding himself back in her.

Jill did as directed, sinking further on James’ cock. She felt herself stretch with each inch. He was tight in there, she wondered if something wasn’t wrong with her, not being able to take him as easily as her mistress did. Her ass eventually felt his shaft in her and she thought she had him all.

James was fascinated with the tightest pussy he had ever felt. Jill being his first virgin, he wasn’t used to such a tight grip on his manhood. Letting her sink at her own pace, he was dying to get to work on her but held back, careful to not hurt her. He’d get his eventually. He was glad to feel her take most of him; that gave him some fucking room to work with.

Ying was amazed to see her master’s cock get halfway buried in the girl and her pussy clinched at the sight. She wanted that herself and fantasized that it was her that the master was doing it to. Working her new toy, she brought herself off on Jill’s pussy wrapped around her master.

Christine thought she could make it more enjoyable and reached a hand between her legs to rub her clit. It was aching from the scene in front of her. Jack stopped for a second while she watched the memorable moment her sister was having. Seeing the cock go deep in Jill got her excited and she started back in on her mistress. It was just what she needed, “Yes! Fuck me!” Cathleen screamed.

Her words carried meaning to Jill and she did exactly that. She lurched on James, pulling him out a little, feeling emptiness but knew he would be back. Dropping down again, she took a little more. With James’ help, gripping her ass, she went faster, watching the TV display her ass rising and falling, getting a glimpse at the cock going in and out.

James took the hint and helped her fuck on his cock, bouncing her ass on him. He wasn’t tired yet and had plenty of strength to carry out Jill’s wishes. She eased up her strangle hold around his neck, leaning back some. James focused on her tits and wished it was possible to suck on them at the same time.

Ying came down from her orgasm and looked at the “wild child” beside her. She was working another one out so Ying decided to help her along. Leaning over, she sucked a nipple in her mouth and brought her vibrator to the other one. That sped things along for Lisa and she rocked at Ying’s advances.

Vicky had never had such an experience in her life. Always a monogamist, this day had opened up her horizons; the number of dicks in the room pleased her earlier and now, actually watching a virgin lose her virginity was more thrilling than she would have ever guessed. With great force, she came watching the lusty action in the room aided by the vibrator against her clit.

Christine got what she ordered as Jack picked up pace and jabbed her repeatedly. The smacking against her ass was loud enough to bring James’ attention to her. He matched Jack’s thrusts and Christine was getting the same treatment her servant was getting. She heard the slapping of James’ balls at the same time Jack slapped into her ass. She growled at that realization and was jack hammered into orgasm. This caused Jack to have her own with too much driving her over. She rode the wave with her mistress.

James saw the servant of his employer getting faster on her mistress. It was like watching a porno live. It fueled his desires and he matched the stabs into Jill. She was taking him deeper than ever and leaned even further back. He saw her eyes focusing on the TV behind him and knew she was watching herself getting fucked for the first time in her life. The thought forced him over the edge and there wasn’t a way to stop it.

Jill felt the balls of her invader striking her ass. Watching the TV, she could see her mistress getting fucked by her sister and her own cunt getting pounded by a cock. The TV echoed the slapping from both. It was too much for her; balls slamming, cock pile driving, the scenes displayed on the screen; her greatest orgasm ever made her tense and spill. The room grew dark as she faded into paradise.

The desire to have a servant was terribly upon Lisa as she felt Ying’s mouth on her tit and her vibrator on the other. ‘Imagine an orgasm brought on by four hands instead of two’ was her thoughts as she let out a stream of cum, squirting in the air that landed on Jill’s back and ass. She rode the lust while her fluids drained down to James’ fuck tool, then mixed with their juices there, screaming her orgasm in the air.

Applause sounded out as James’ sperm unloaded in the tight cunt that refused to hold it, running out and over his balls. James looked up to at least ten different faces of workers in for a break. They had quietly gathered, watching the scenes and James was the only one facing them but he was involved with the breaking in of a virgin to notice at the time.

Christine, down from her orgasm, looked up and over the couch. Noticing the small crowd that had gathered, she dropped her head back down. “I guess after earlier, second shift deserved their free show too.” she laughed.

Jill hopped down off the beast of a man that made her a woman, turned around and saw the audience. “Thank you everyone!” she said, while the applause continued.

Words of congratulations and approvals went around and the girls were treated to short stories of individuals that had showed up at different times. Not many seen the first part but most all seen the middle to end.

Ying took the initiative of cleaning up, giving the girls their maid outfits and throwing vibrator packages away. While she was at it, she got a couple of wash cloths for her master and Jill. Jill was a little unbalanced so she took a seat on the couch beside her sister.

Cathleen was berated with questions about nudity and sex, wanting to know if they too were permitted to be naked and fuck in the rec room. Since Ying was allowed, she couldn’t say no to it but advised them they would be on camera while they were in there. She also advised them that her security team had been known to masturbate from viewing the monitors.

The ladies threw some clothes on since there was an audience. They were a little tired from the events and didn’t want to give them any ideas.

One of the maintenance men came into the rec room. He approached Cathleen, knowing who she was. He said his son just turned eighteen and was looking for work since he didn’t plan on going to college should the madam need any more help with odds and ends. He didn’t want his son lying around the house mooching off his parents forever. They were getting old and wanted to spend some of their lives alone, making up for lost time.

“What’s he look like?” Lisa wanted to know, sounding excited.

James knew where she was going with a question like that. The maintenance man pulled out his wallet and showed them a picture. Sandy hair and decent looks, but he looked a little geeky to James.

“What’s his name? Is he good with his hands? Does he have a girlfriend?” Lisa ranted.

“Um, his name is Lincoln but we call him Link, no girlfriend at the moment. The girl he was dating is moving to the town her college is in. He knows electronics and gadgets, he’s a bit of a nerd.” the man tried to answer.

“We can ask those questions in the interview… I’m sorry but what is your name?” Cathleen asked.

“Oh, I’m Abraham Lincoln Turner. You can call me Abe. I work at the Spenco office but was brought here today to repair the sprinklers.” Abe explained.

“Can you call him now Abe?” Cathleen asked, “We aren’t busy at the moment and I’d like to interview him before we leave out of town.” glancing at Lisa.

“He’s close by; I’ll get him down here.” he said, elated his son might get a job finally and possibly afford to move out.

They finished cleaning up and Cathleen alerted security regarding the expected interviewee’s arrival. She instructed them to bring him to her in the rec room.

It wasn’t long before Phil had the boy in the rec room. Like the picture, his sandy hair and skinny body was standing in the center of the sunken floor. Cathleen, Lisa and James where sitting down. The servant girls were back in James’ room, putting things away.

“We understand you are looking for employment.” Cathleen started in, noticing his nervousness.

“Um yeah, I graduated and don’t have the money for college so… “ he trailed off.

“What skills do you possess?” Cathleen asked.

“Well, I’m good with computers and stuff.” Link said shyly.

“How about relationships? Are you attached to anyone?” Lisa asked.

“Um… not really. I mean, I went out with a girl a couple of times.” Link said, embarrassingly.

“Ever been in trouble?” James asked, not wanting any problems from him.

“I’m not brave enough I guess. I’d not be any trouble.” Link replied, staring at the floor.

Ying came back in, headed for the mini kitchen. James didn’t realize it but Link saw her, glancing up then back to the floor. James turned around to see what he glimpsed at. He saw her at the pizza boxes. Of course she was wearing her usual nothing.

Looking back at Link, “Something catch your eye?” he asked, covering the smirk on his face with a hand.

“Uh, no sir.” Link replied, still looking at the floor.

“Ying, come here.” James called, keeping his eye on Link.

Link looked up again but dropped his eyes. Ying noticed him but didn’t show any reaction.

“Link, this is my servant, Ying Chung. Ying, this is Link Turner.” introducing the two. They were almost the same height, Link being the taller.

“Nice to meet you.” Link said, not looking at her.

“Link, do you like my servant?” James asked, testing his reaction.

“Uh, sure.” Link said.

“Link, how much money are you willing to work for?” Cathleen asked.

“Well, I really don’t know. I’m trying to move out of my parent’s house.” he replied, still looking down.

“Well, what are you willing to do for a job that paid you free room and board, free expenses and travel?” Cathleen asked.

“Oh, ma’am, probably anything.” he replied, sounding excited.

Cathleen smiled at that, “Well, you have an opportunity here to get all of that and more but you would also have to do whatever you are told.” she explained, “Without question or thought.”

“I could do that!” he said, elated.

“Well, let’s give you a test, shall we?” Cathleen mused, looking at the rest of them.

“Ok, I’ll do anything, go ahead.” Link said, anxious to get the job.

James hopped in, “Let me, if you please.” and Cathleen gave him lead.

“Strip.” James simply said.

Link blinked. “Did you say strip?” unbelievingly.

“Yes sir, take all of your clothes off.” James said.

Link looked at James, then to Ying. Shrugging his shoulders, he wiggled out of everything he had on. Covering himself, he looked back at James sheepishly.

“Very good Link.” James smiled. “You’ve passed the first part of the test.”

“The first part, sir?” Link said, wondering what else was in store for him.

“First, you need to know that you may have to perform sexual favors.” James paused, letting that sink in.

Link looked astonished “Sir, I don’t think I’m any good at that.” giving additional thought, “But I would sure try.”

James ignored his statement, “Second, the girl that is looking for such favors is a demanding woman.”

Link struggled with that one. “Just how, um, demanding sir?”

James smiled, “Well, I’ll give you an example.” looking at Ying, “Inspection” he simply said and Ying assumed the position.

“You saw her reaction, her speed at my demand?” James asked.

“Ye… Yes sir.” Link answered.

“Are you familiar with that type of servitude?” James asked.

Link looked again at Ying in her stance. He assumed the same position, giving up his modesty and putting his arms behind his back. “Yes sir.” desperate for the job, James assumed.

“Good work Link.” James praised, “Now, the girl in question. She likes a lot of sex. Are you good at cunnilingus?” and waited for his response.

“Um, cunni… you mean… eat… you know?” Link asked, confused.

“Well, let’s start with some basic questions.” James cleared his throat, “Are you a virgin?

“Well, I’ve never, um, did a girl but I’ve, I mean, I’ve jerked off a lot.” he answered, his face turning red.

“You never had sex with your girlfriend?” James asked, fascinated.

“Well, I just didn’t know how to ask…” he mumbled.

“What if you never had to ask? You just have to wait until the girl was ready for you and you just fucked her whenever she wanted?” James asked.

Link’s eyes lit up at that, “Wow, wouldn’t that be great? You wouldn’t get a girl to do that though.”

James chuckled at that, “Well, if you were, let’s say, her sex slave, then you wouldn’t have to ask.”

Link soaked that in for a minute, “Do you know a girl looking for one?”

James grinned, “I sure do.” and he indicated Lisa, “Lisa? Would you like to take over?”

Lisa smiled, “Yes I would. How big is your dick?”

Link turned a little redder, “I guess its above average… when it’s hard and all.” thinking of his shriveled manhood in the midst of embarrassment.

“I’ll see about that. Now, how about sucking pussy, you ever do that at all?” Lisa asked.

“No ma’am, but I sure would like to.” Link answered greedily.

Lisa smiled before she asked the next question, “Ever had anything up your ass?” and couldn’t help but giggle a little.

Link blushed even more, “No, but if I can eat pussy and fuck, I’d just about do anything the girl wanted.” then looked to the floor.

Lisa smiled at that, “Ok, so let’s negotiate just a little. I’ll tell you what I want and you tell me if you’d agree to it. If you agree, you’ll get free room and board for as long as you’re in my service. That includes free travel where I may need you to go.”

Link thought that out for about three seconds, “Ok, to whatever you want.”

“But I haven’t told you what I want yet.” Lisa huffed.

“Ma’am, if you are going to pay me with room and board to have sex with a girl like you, you can sure bet I’m willing to do whatever your pretty head could come up with.” Link said, matter-of-factly, and his cock twitched at the thought of it.

Ok, I want to be called mistress. You ok with that?” Lisa smirked.

“Yes mistress.” Link responded.

“I may want to fuck your ass, you ok with that too?” Lisa asked, bringing in some of her fantasies.

Link just nodded at that but his cock jerked again.

“Would you wear anything I wanted you to?” Lisa asked.

“If you’re buying, I’m wearing.” Link responded.

“Piercings?” Lisa smugly asked.

“Um, ok.” Link wasn’t giving up yet.

“Ok, I’ll try you out over the weekend. I’m going to Florida for a job; you will be traveling as my slave from now on, ok?” Lisa asked.

“Wow, Florida? Sounds nice and all…” Link brightened up.

Things were settled and the doc gave him a physical since he was already nude. Cathleen and her entourage headed out, congratulating Link on being hired. He would have papers to sign tomorrow. Link went to get his clothes back on.

“What are you doing?” Lisa asked as he slipped a leg into his pants.

“Um, getting dressed mistress.” he said.

She threw her hands on her shoulders, “The fuck you are! Give me those!” and held out her hands.

Link picked up his clothes and reluctantly gave them to her. “Don’t you want me to go home now?”

“We just hired you for my fuck toy, you aren’t going anywhere.” she replied. “Come on, you’re going to my room so I can try you out.”

Link followed Lisa out of the room. James and Ying followed behind them because he was anxious to see Link’s reaction to all that pink.

Before he got in the door James heard, “What the fuck?” coming out of Link’s mouth. By the time James got to Lisa’s door, Link was already rubbing his eyes. James laughed, “Hey, I’m across the hall if she decides to kill and eat you.”

James and Ying took another shower together and Ying did her best to clean him from head to toe. James had to sit for her so she could wash his hair that she insisted needed her technique. He sucked on her nipple while she did his hair.

Ying made him stand back up when she finished. She slipped his soggy cock in her mouth and played with his balls. This gave Ying his fullest attention both in mind and body. She let it out as it grew, finally settling for just the head while she stroked the rest.

Looking up into James’ eyes, Ying made her play, “Master fuck me now?” and tongued the back of his cockhead.

James looked down at the ‘want to’ in her eyes, “Sure honey. How do you want it?”

Before she could answer, someone pounded on his door. James hopped out of the shower, grabbing a towel on the way out. He heard someone yell for help through his door before he could buzz them in.

The door burst open at James’ remote button with the blur called Link, wearing nipple clamps, pink toe and finger nails, and a collar. Trying to fit under his bed, James noticed a butt plug.

“What’s wrong?” James asked concerned.

“Sir, please help me.” Link begged, banging his head on the bed rail, sounding desperate.

Lisa, stark naked, came in right behind him, “Have you seen my… there you are!” holding the biggest double dildo James had ever seen. It was as thick as his arm!

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