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Missionary work

Sandra was tired and sore all over, there were no more tears to be cried, her voice had gone from all the screaming, her throat saturated with semen. Her pussy stretched, leaking copious amount of male sperm, black sperm and bleeding from all the little rips in and around her labia. Her nipples were hard, extended and tender. Her wrists bruised and marked where she had been tied to a bed as were her ankles. There were love bites all over her slender graceful neck snaking like a forest trail down her chest and all over her large breast which were much larger now swollen from the number of times her body went orgasmic against her will and the ferocity of the fucking she had just suffered was likened to an kill by a pride of lions. Never before this night had she felt anyone with the sizes of meat that were being used in her. At 5foot 4inches and weighing in at a voluptuous 8 stone this petite woman of English Italian heritage had just experienced one of her biggest fantasies come to life but not in the way she would have wanted, but never the less, it happened without thought and it continued unmercifully. She had been physically pounded, abused and subjected to the most energetic fucking any woman could have dreamt of or ever experienced for half the evening now. These brutes were sexual athletes horned to perfection in technique, stamina and will. The sex was intense this was beyond rape, beyond vengeance, beyond sadomasochism and beyond her belief.
She lay unable to escape convulsing, trembling and reliving every moment in high detailed physical definition time after time. Her eyes rolled back in her head, her body arched off the bed and she moaned between the taste of cum and dick that invaded her mouth at least 10 times maybe more as she had lost count at the second explosive orgasm that racked her small frame. The first started burning uncannily in her toes and spread like a sonic boom traversing up, down and all around her ravished body only stopping each time momentarily in her hurt stretched pussy which was filled with the first largest black dick that night. Maybe it was because all her toes where being nibbled and sucked and her thighs massaged by two of her attackers whilst Jason committed the first act. The first time he rammed his engorged thick dick in her dry pussy to the hilt all she could do was exhale a blood curling scream at a vocal level that even the loud noisy city traffic outside the window of the low income apartment block could not deafen out but it went unanswered or cared about as this was normal in this neighbourhood which bragged of whores, drug dealers, pimps, gun fights and every criminal element possible besides a multitude of liquor stores on every corner.
All she could think was how it hurt and his dick, it was the size of a tall beer can with a cricket ball stuck on top and he was driving it all the way with enough force to break the weakened bed making his large base ball sized nut sack slap her small tight arse aggressively hard and relentlessly, with no mercy. Jason was one of four 6’4”, big beefy black men she had been trying to save as such, he and his gang had played along the entire time but waited the perfect moment and opportunity to strike like a pack of wolves and they wanted white, tight, fresh pussy and she was it…. as a matter of fact the entire gang wanted white arse and she had unfortunately thought her missionary skills were enough to convert even a saint. Her mission leader had warned her of arrogance and misjudgement especially being in this neighbourhood coming in from a prominent posting in Europe. It had only taken the gang 5 weeks to lure Sandra into a false air of confidence that she was making headway with them but in actuality all they had done was put their criminal activities on hold to concentrate on luring her to the right spot in the perfect circumstances and now she was paying dearly.
Jason told Michael, Dan and Rico how good this British pussy was and how soft this woman’s skin felt, how fine her perfume must be, how well her tight little pussy suck and squeezed hungrily on his tool. The gang called themselves the 4 and 14 as all their dicks were 14 inches or so and tonight Sandra would relive her worldly travels tied to a bed in a dingy flat somewhere in the heart of a poverty stricken neighbourhood in one of America’s major cities and with the possibility of a representative of each of the countries where she had been a missionary America, Europe, England and New Zealand was now representing the very element she was trying to help convert as they filled her time and time again promising to let her go if she was a good little angel.
At first she had walked with them earlier to what she thought would be a meeting of interested people wanting to hear her message. They all talked, joked and the atmosphere was jovial with no hint of the cataclysmic events about to take place. On this hot afternoon she was wearing a loose floral sun dress and modest heels sporting a straw sun hat and matching bag with just a pearl necklace and simulated pearl watch. How odd she must have looked to anyone that was a passer-by walking down the filthy streets with these four large black men attired in gang clothes and colours having light conversation, grinning and laughing. When they began to walk past the entrance to the block of flats where the deed would eventually happen Rico asked her if she minded if they stopped in and collected his other friend who he laughingly said needed some religion in his life. Sandra was hell bent on proving her mission wrong she had thought that the more she could reach out too the better it would look good on her annual review putting another feather in her hat of successes.
She never saw the left hook coming that left her sprawled in a heap on the foyer floor. She was then picked up and hustled up the stairs to a flat on the 5th floor and unceremoniously stripped of all her clothes whilst her large pert breast were squeezed, kneaded and sucked on with the nipples being pulled and nibbled. Her tight little near shaven pussy was violently two-fingered to ensure the wetness that was involuntarily building would lubricate it enough to be fucked hard from the beginning. At the same time she was being stretched out across the bed and tied tightly to its four post. A process that had been repeated time after time on many unsuspecting young inexperienced Black and Asian whores who dared to venture within the grasp of these animals naively thinking they would be paid for their services.
The floor boards squeaked and the bed itself rattled and groaned from all the abuse it had suffered during the ravishing of the all the young women that had been foolish in their beliefs.
Each one ravished Sandra within inches of her life, their dicks ramming their message home time and time again as each one fucked her almost similar to the last, their dicks being extracted all the way to the very tip at and then forcibly rammed with malice back into her now blood soaked soft pink pleasure hole. Her mouth had suffered far less but only because of the teeth in her head but never the less she was made to gag and lost conscience due to the lack of air, pain, orgasms and weight of her attackers bodies during nearly all she suffered through. Small clumps of her pretty auburn hair lay scattered on the pillow near her head where they had been torn out whilst being fucked or mouth fucked. Her make-up ruined and mascara running down the side of her face from the floods of tears. She had hoped some day to make love with a big black man and for him to be somewhat rough with her but she had never dreamed of being forcibly taken by four big black men at the same time and with such prehistoric ferocity.
Time had passed on and it was night now, the attack had waned off and she thought that she might be released. The men had left her tied up and went out but on their return she heard more voices than the four she recognised. Her mouth went extremely dry with fear as the bedroom door opened and four new men came forth lead by Rico. “These men are in need of saving and I told them you were the right person to ensure salvation so make sure they get their monies worth” laughed Rico as he closed the door and left. As he exited the building and fired up a joint he could hear loud screaming in the background amongst all the other noises in the air that hot July night. He looked up toward the flat windows and could just make out a female figure bent over with a male figure behind her as the pair did some kind of back and forth ritual dance and the shadow of another male figure approaching the female from the front with some kind of large long pole protruding from his waist which just as the screaming stopped it looked as if he thrust with his hips toward her head…. What did he care, he caught up with the rest of the gang and off they went with their 400.00 dollars to buy beer, marijuana and Viagra praying to find more willing missionaries to save the greater community.

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I tried to get my parents on it to a dishminied degree of success. Like your sister, my mom just felt too comfortable with MS Office.I have been using OO for all of my budgetary needs and writing and such. I really can't imagine too many scenarios in which it wont provide for my document preperation and spreadsheet needs. I am, however no ordinary user I'm a statistician and as such I probably use Latex (PostScript) as often as a word editor and R or Matlab twice as often as a spread sheet. I've actually even started to find VIM and sed with Unix to be enjoyable (oh no what's happening to me?)One point your article brings up is that people do indeed spend $400 on products they absolutely do not need. Why? Thoreau pointed out in walden that we could live on less than $1000 a year and spend much of our time in leisure and yet we don't. If you're a business man this is good news. IF your a philosopher, it's kind of puzzling. In anycase Bill Gates will likely be in business for ma

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