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I was sitting on the back table of the classroom with my friend during a particularly boring physics lesson on kinetic energy. Martina and I shared a hatred for the subject and to keep ourselves from falling asleep often wrote notes to each other, while everyone else took notes off the board. The school we went to was an all girls school, which as you would expect led to lots of bitching, but Martina and I were always close. To start of with not as close as I would of liked. She was slim, had long blonde hair and large breasts, 34d and as if this wasn’t enough beautiful as well. She was one of those girls that boys always had their eyes on and had been going out with her boyfriend for a year. I have the type of body that only seems to get me attention from older men, short, slim and with small breasts, 32a, I was the typical school girl and my small firm ass got it fair share of looks as I walked past in my uniform. I have long brown hair and a pretty face, which I had been told, had a classic look, I was never sure what this meant.

We were playing a game of truths that lesson when Martina wrote that she had a dare for me. I nodded and waited for her to write it down and started laughing when I saw what she wrote, “I dare you to rub my pussy” with a wink. We were always joking around about doing stuff together and I just thought this was her being stupid, then I saw she wasn’t laughing. I hesitated looking up at the teacher to see she was still engrossed in teaching us equations then looked down to Martina’s leg. There was a ladder in her tights that trailed from her knee up under her skirt. I followed it with my finger, then slowly ran my hand up the inside of her thigh. She let out a gasp and remembering we were in a lesson tried to sit looking casual pretending to listen to Mrs Green. When I reached the top of her thigh I began to rub her pussy through her tights and what I was imagining to be a thong. Paying most attention to her clit she opened her legs wider and started to grind herself into my hand moving her hips slowly. I looked up to see her practically eating her pencil and when her eyes met mine she shot up her hand and asked to go to the toilet.

I was worried she that I had done something wrong, as I sat there smelling her scent on my fingers, but when she came back in she was smiling to herself. She walked behind me, put her hand on my ass then whispered into my ear, “I dare you to do that again”. The warm breath on my cheek sent tingles through my body, who would have thought physics could be so exciting. When I put my hand on her leg there were no tights there, even slower this time I moved my hand towards her cunt up her smooth warm skin and found she had taken off her panties as well. Her breathing had quickened and her tits looked like they were trying to burst through her shirt when she breathed in, the buttons straining. You could clearly see her hard nipples through the thin fabric of her shirt and bra, I had to control myself not to rip them off then and there in the classroom. I stroked her cunt which was dripping by now and every so often moved my hand down just a bit further so it lightly touched her rosebud making her whole body jerk. Suddenly I stuck 2 fingers into her hole and slowly moved them in and out, it was almost funny watching Martina trying to control herself, but more erotic as I realised I had started rubbing myself. I curled my fingers upwards to rub her g-spot then as her chewed pencil clattered onto the floor I got an idea, I took my fingers out of Martina’s cunt, much to her disgust and crawled about on the floor looking for the pencil. On the way back up I decided to surprise her. Pushing her knees apart I kissed her cunt sucking on her lips and running my tongue along her slit, she let out a deep moan that she hastily tried to cover with a cough. Then as I sat back on my chair I licked my lips and wrote “yum!” on the paper between us. Martina grabbed the pencil and scribbled, “follow me”, then ran out of the room.

Mrs Green gave me a puzzled look so I lied and said, “ I think she was feeling ill”. Mrs Green thought for a second and said, “I noticed she wasn’t looking quite right, perhaps you should follow her”.

On the way to the toilets I realised how wet I was as a breeze went up my skirt and I started to run the rest of the way. There was only one cubicle occupied when I went in so I assumed this was Martina and hammered on the door. It opened immediately and she pulled me inside, Martina had already undressed and she began kissing me as she pushed me against the wall. Her tongue snaked around mine as she kissed me fiercely, I ran my hands down her bare back onto her ass then up her sides as I finally got to feel her large tits which were pressing against me. Rolling her rock hard nipple between my fingers, tugging and pinching it firmly Martina nibbled on my bottom lip and slid her hands up my top. I backed off and pulled all my clothes off while Martina stood with her legs wide open watching, playing with her pussy. I moved back in to kiss her our naked bodies pushed together, feeling her hard nipples on my skin and our mons rubbing together. She wrapped her leg around me so her cunt juice dripped down my thigh and my lips journeyed down her neck to her chest then around her swollen nipple where I sucked on it greedily. Martina pushed me away and let me know it was my turn; she got on her knees and pulled me down onto the toilet lid forcing my knees open. Starting at my knee she kissed, licked and sucked her way along my thigh leaving a trail of moisture, kneading one of my small firm tits. When she reached my cunt she stopped and I could feel that warm breath again on my stomach and cunt, it was driving me crazy and I started lifting my hips, pushing myself into her face and begging out loud for her to lick me. I could of cum as soon as her tongue made its first contact. She ran it along my lips and darted it in and out of my pussy, varying her speed and twisting her tongue at different angles. She sucked on my clit massaging it with her tongue making me groan and scream. Inserting 2 fingers into my pussy, my whole body was trembling and as I started to orgasm, sweating and breathless Martina stopped as she heard the door open. Even with Martina’s hand over my mouth I could still obviously be heard clearly as the clicking heels which entered made their way back out. Shortly after the bell sounded for lunch and we panicked as we realised we should have been back to physics ages ago.

Once we had agreed that we look convincingly tidy enough to go back, we entered the empty science room to collect our bags and go for lunch. As we turned to leave Mrs Green stood at the door waving our notes at us, looking us up and down she walked across the room to her desk and we heard a familiar sound of heels on the hard floor.

“I had to go and see your year leader about this behaviour girls and he wants to see you together in his office”, there was something very uncomforting about her voice and as we started to head to Mr Stevens office she coughed loudly and continued, “I mean after school”.


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Please write anougher lesbain one that was good I nearly got allwet and change my thong


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