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well this is gonna be like one massive One Direction orgy, don't like it fuck you ;) Plus I am 15 and dyslexic so yup my spelling willbe shit!:3
Harry's P.O.V:
(March 21st)

Hi my names Harry Styles, I'm 18 and I just so happen to be in one of the world most popular boybands. One Direction. We've come a long way since 2010 but none more than my best friend Louis and I. We did absolutly everything together! But I felt lately we had drifted when he got a girlfriend but this one day changed everything.

The sun split the curtains on the Saturday morning, the only Saturday One Direction had, had off in a while, I decided it would be good just to stay home and cuddle my duvet and pig out. Seemed legit till I heard Louis screaming and shouting at someone. I slowly rose from my chair and took a peep at the door. His girlfriend Eleanor was stood in a slutty dress, make up plastered on her face and hands holding her stomach, I caught on straight away, you see Louis and Eleanor never had sex. But now she's pregnant which means she cheated.

Louis slammed the door on her and brokedown to his knees, the tears streaming fast. I ran to his side embracing him tightly, my poor best friend destroyed by some bitch of a girl. His sobs got louder but I was determind to make them stop. I pulled him to my arms and soothed the perfect boy. He looked up through his thik lashes with those big green eyes and whisperd.

"I love you Hazzy" before planting a deep firm kiss on my lips. I was soon hungrily making out with the boy of my dreams, his hands running all over my body cressing my skin, he left a burning trail as his hands moved down to the waistband of my boxers. I thought I'd blow my load right there but I kept it in as he slid his hand over my erect cock. I was a decent 8" in length and pretty thick, I shudderd in delight as he rubbed my erection, this made Louis giggle, obviously amused by my pleasure so he spead up wanking my cock expertly. I let out a hot moan in his ear which caused him to flinch his hand away. To my obvious dissapointment but he had other plans, he scrambled to his knees and took the waistband of my boxers in his teeth and pulled them to my knees. His attention resumed to my cock and he was now tounging my piss hole doing wonders for me, while one hand stroked up and down my shaft the other fondeld and played with my balls. I was in heaven.

My hand grabbed his sandy brown hair and pulled which only encoraged my little slut to suck more. I felt myself thrust into Louis mouth, he gagged hard the tears streaming down his face but he soldierd on sucking like the little expert he was. I held his cheek as he sucked but I stopped him in a fit of passion and pulled him up by his chin.

"Your a good little slut aren't you darling?" I asked sexily. He nodded his head fast. "And you wanna make Hazzy feel good don't you?" another quick nod. I beamed cheekily and bit his lip grazing it slightly. I lifted his strippy shirt over his tanned body revealing his rippiling abs. He was so fucking gorgeous, I could just pin him down, fuck him hard right now but I wasn't going to. I was going to tease the slut...

I got him on his hands and knees his firm little ass stuck in the air. I slowly dipped my tounge in his puclerd little rose. I moan rumbled deep in his throat as I softly started to tounge him. He tasted good. Way better than any pussy. Obviously Iknew now he was single he wouldn't just be mine I'd have to share Lou with the other four (Liam, Zayn, Niall and Josh) but that was fine by me!

I gradully entered a digit in his ass. Which gained me a loud yelp and a thrust. God the little slut loved teasing. Then. Liam walked in.

Louis' P.O.V:
(Okay so it's been at least a week since Louis and Harry first fooled around, shall we see how Louis and Liam's escapades fair when a girl is involved!)

"Ugh Liam!" I shouted as he thrust deep into me his ball slamming my ass making me moan hard. He reacherd round and started to wank my cock exerly the flick of his wrist leaving me wanting more and more and more. But something changed. He stopped fucking and looked round. There was Skye, out best mate, she was watching in awe at us fucking. This got me even hornier since I was bi.

Liam senced this and grabbed her hard and stripped her quick. He pulled her down and told me to eat her. I obliged and set to work eating her pussy hard while Liam resumed his thrusting up my ass deep but this time he gave me a slap on the arse every time he thrust causing me to scream. Just when I thought things were at it's peak Li brough out two huge boxes full of sex toys and handcuffs, fuccccck.

Liam pulled two massive vibrating dildos out and shoved one deep in Skye's soaked cunt and one up my tight arse, then grabbed me and tied me to the bed.

"Right Tomlinson you little slut suck my dick hard" he barked and I couldn't say no my tounge working his huge shaft, his hips thrusting face fucking me hard. I gagged a few times but loved every second. I looked over to see Skye fucking her self with the dildo but I could tell she wanted dick and so could Liam. He strode over to her and shoves his 10" deep in her making her scream, I wasted not a blink and started nibbling at her pussy and clit and playing with Liam's balls, the two of them moaning hard.

Liam had came deep in her, he pussy dripping with cum, now it was my turn but Li had other plans, he got her to get on her knees and he lubed up her arse with cum and slammed in her ass.

"Louis fuck her pussy, give her a double fuck. She'll love it" with an evil grin I shoved myself in her hard, watching her scream and writhe was so fucking hot. She was so close and we were to so with the last few thrusts we came in unison panting hard and fast and fell to the bed."W, wow" she stutterd. The three of us falling back in a sweaty mess.

Enjoy part 1 :)

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