How do I start to explain what happened to me last year.
How do I start to explain what happened to me last year.

My sister in law, who is 21 has always been a little flirtatious. I think there has always been some kind of spark between us. I used to play along and wink to see how far she would go. Once when me and my wife were at the in laws for Christmas dinner, she asked me if I liked the underwear her boyfriend had bought her. She undid her jeans and flashed her thigh and crotch at me for a few seconds before fastening them back up before anyone came into the room. She would also always steer conversations we were having towards sex.

A few years ago my in laws were visiting and staying over at our house. My sister in law who lived not far away came over to visit also. We all ended up in the local pub having drinks with the family. She always feels that people are having a go at her and criticizing. I was saying never mind and to take what they were saying with a pinch of salt. I don't know if it was because I felt sorry for her or that I was turned on by the idea of fucking my own sister in law.

As the evening wore on, it was decided that we would go back to my house. When we arrived we did a quick check of how much drink we had in the house and decided that I should go to the off licence to stock up. My sister in law said she would walk along with me as my wife was busy entertaining. I could tell my sister in law was fed up and was joking on the way to try and cheer her up. The walk to the off licence was pretty uneventful but on the way back, talk got round to my sister in laws arse. I was so hot and horny by then and for some reason I gave it a playful slap that ended in a slight squeeze. She gave me a tongue in cheek "hey" but for some reason my legs stopped moving and I stopped and stared at her with those "I wanna fuck you" eyes. She looked and said "what" but I just shook my head and took a few more steps. "what" she said again, and I stopped and looked her in the eye. "I'd better go in before I do something stupid" I said. She replied, "stay up when everyone has gone to bed and i'll give you the best blow job you've ever had"!! What! I couldn't believe what I had just heard. My heartbeat raced and as I entered the house I hoped I didn't look shocked and tried my hardest to act normal.

Once inside I tried to put that out of my mind, as I'm partial to a good blow job. The night wore on with one or two glances between us. After a couple of hours drinking I went upstairs to the toilet. After a minute i heard some footsteps on the stairs, and then someone tried the door handle. The door was locked, didn't want my step mother in law walking in on me!

When i'd finished I came out and my step sister in law was on the stairs, waiting to use the toilet. She looked at me and bit her lip, then went in the toilet. Fuck was I aroused now. My cock was pressing hard against my jeans. I went in the spare room to take a minute. I had to get my cock out, it was going to explode. I heard my sister in law come out of the toilet, so I walked on to the landing, my hard erect cock gripped in my hand. She looked over at me with surprise, but then touched between her legs and said, "dont forget".

What should I do? It stuck in my mind for the rest of the evening. Years of sexual tension between us coming to a boil. I just knew she was going to be nice and dirty too! One by one people went off to bed. I purposely put a long movie on later in the night that no one but myself would be interested in so that people would make there excuses and go off to bed. My wife went to bed in our room which is above the living room. Then my father in law and his wife went up to bed in the attic, above the main bedroom. My sister in law was sleeping on our sofa in the living room, but said she was happy for me to finish watching the film as she hadn't finished her drink.

As the living room door closed after her father went to bed, we both looked at each other and grinned, and shook our heads. We knew this would be a crazy thing to do. I positioned myself so I was laying on our extra long sofa and after a while, she did the same. We must have both been nervous and wary but our feet inched towards each other, pretty soon my feet were between her legs. I slowly began to massage her crotch with my foot, wondering what her reaction would be. The answer came with a low moan. I continued on for about 5 minutes.

Without a further word she spun round and crawled along the sofa to me. She leant forward and bit my jeans over where my cock was trying to burst out. Then she undid my belt and press studs and popped my hard cock out. She looked me in the eye and without using her hands, took my cock in her mouth, expertly if I may add. She sucked on my cock for about 5 or 10 minutes, taking it down her throat till she almost gagged.

Suddenly, she rose up on her knees and pulled her top over her head, revealing her small, flat tits. She has bullet like nipples that needed my attention. I was wary that someone would come downstairs so I told her to put her top back on. This was my final effort to control myself. It failed. After she had replaced her top she turned away and moved toward the other end of the sofa, thinking that I had put a stop to things before they got any further. I was too far gone. I pushed her forward so she was on all fours on the sofa, I reached for her sweat pants and pulled them down from the back, and there it was. Her pussy was shaved and swollen. Very smooth and all tucked in. It looked amazing, good enough to eat. So I did. I buried my face in her pussy and ass as she moaned. My tongue was everywhere, in her pussy and ass. She was moaning louder so I pushed her head forward into the cushions to try and quieten her down.

I must have been eating her pussy and ass for a while. My mouth and cheeks were wet with her juices. Her pussy lips were all swollen and looking at me so invitingly. I couldn't stop myself. I knelt up, pulled out my throbbing cock, and slapped her pussy lips 2 or 3 times with it. Then I angled it upwards so it was sliding up along her ass cheeks. This really turns me on. My cock was glistening with pre-cum and it glided smoothly around the outside of her anus. After 30 seconds or so I returned the head of my cock to her pussy lips. For a few moments I just teased around the outside, then suddenly I then pushed the head of my cock onto her pussy lips and let myself fall forward into her. She let out a low purposeful moan. I was fucking her real slow at first and she was moaning quite loud, so I was pushing her head further into the cushions. Her pussy felt so new and tight. I really had to work hard not to blow my load straight away. I fucked her hard from behind, then turned her over and watched my cock slide into her whilst she pulled her legs up behind her ears.

After a few minutes this was too much and I felt my balls tighten. I pushed into her as deep as I could and blew hot spunk up into her pussy. I fell back and she lay there for a few minutes. Both of us couldn't believe what we had just done. "No one has ever tongued my ass before!My sister is a lucky woman" she said to me. It was unbelievable.

I told myself it would only be a one off but I fucked her again the day after and on occasion have spent the night in a hotel with her and fucked her like a dirty tart in the back of my van.

Things are quiet between us now but whenever there is a family gathering, we always share a cheeky grin, and try not to get ourselves left alone in a room, as we just don't trust ourselves......

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I have always trusted her I let het tell lies about me but I dont care. Why, cause the pussy is worth it, you know.

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