As I have written earlier, I have an incredibly horny sister in law.
As I have written earlier, I have an incredibly horny sistr in law. After 5 years of sexual tension, we finally fucked last year. Since then we have fucked on 3 occasions while my wife was asleep upstairs in bed. We have also on 2 or 3 occasions spent the night in hotels. She also loves me to fuck her hard and fast in the back of my company van.

I do believe though that out of all of these occasions, the 3 times we have fucked while others where in the house were the best. This can only be explained by accepting that the danger element plays highly in our encounters.

Things had gone quiet between us over spring and summer this year. She had found herself a boyfriend and spent a lot of time staying with him in another town. I had been busy with work and after all, things shouldn't get too serious. We both knew that our relationship could never be anything more than periodic fuck buddies. I doubt that we have anything in common apart from our sexual attraction to each other.

In early August, me and my wife along with our son went on a family holiday. We had such a good time we extended our stay by 2 weeks. A fabulous tan was achieved by all but during the whole time, me and my wife didn't have sex once. This was mostly down to our young son taking to sleeping with us while we were away. Also because the temperature barely dropped below 30 degrees on a night. Towards the end of our holiday I was getting so horny it was unbelievable. I was getting a hard on in the pool every time I saw the hotel life guard, a young girl who can't of been much over 15. She had a beautiful body. I spent a lot of time swimming lengths, watching her. I fantasised lots about fucking her in the changing area.

After a month I decided it was time to return home as I was neglecting my business. I booked us on a flight back and we eventually got home on a Saturday morning at about 8.30am. We were all tired so after dropping our bags and showering we decided to go to bed for a few hours.

We awoke about 4pm. we must have been more exhausted than we thought. I awoke to find myself spooning my wife. I had a huge hard erection and it was poking into the small of her back. I tried to manouver myself so I could poke it between her legs to rub her pussy lips with as she woke up. Then I noticed our young son had got into bed at some point and was asleep in front of her. That was the end of that. I got up to take a shower and wait for my hard dick to stop throbbing.

My wife had arranged for us to go over and see her mother that evening and as we had slept later than we intended, we got our act together, got dressed and set off to her mothers about 5 miles away.

As we pulled up I got a call on my mobile. It was work related so I stayed sat outside to talk on the phone whilst my wife and child went inside. After about 5 minutes I began to finish up the conversation with small talk about our holiday. As I was doing this, I got out of the car and stood in her mothers driveway and stretched. That's when I looked into the living room window, and my sister in law appeared and looked through some stuff on the window sill. She looked at me and smiled, so I smiled back. Then,to my surprise, she looked me in the eye, stuck out her tongue and licked her top lip. I was surprised as things had gone off the boil between us but put it down to her cheeky nature. I carried on my conversation while I watched her. I saw her disappear from view in the living room, but then saw her shape walk past the frosted window in the front door. I realised she was heading upstairs.

After about a minute, I looked up to the bedroom where my sister in law slept. No light was on, but as it was still light outside I could see her looking down at me. As she saw me look up she lifted her arms and pinched her nipples through her shirt. I started to twitch as I hadn't had sex for 4 weeks. I gave her a cheeky smile and put my free hand in my pocket and subtly grabbed my crotch, ensuring she knew what I was doing. By now the phone call was over but I stood in the driveway pretending to chat to some one.

When she saw me grab my crotch she closed her eyes and looked up. Then she really shocked me by lifting up her shirt and exposing her breasts and squeezing them. If her neighbours had been looking up they would have seen her. My danger radar went off and I shook my head and went inside.

After about 10 minutes of hello's and such, I began to think about what had just happened. My cock was twitching in my shorts. I had to go have a wank or I would come inside my shorts there and then. My wife, her mother, and her mothers partner were all busy chatting and playing with our son. I had had an upset stomach on the final few days of our holiday so I made out my stomach was acting up and went to the bathroom upstairs. As I was climbing the stairs I could hear my sister in law in her room, but she did not come out. I gave a cough and went into the bathroom.

I took down my shorts and it only took the slightest touch to my semi erect cock to make it bounce to fully erect. I slowly started to wank myself. I was thinking about the lifeguard on holiday and what had just happened outside. I knew though that I didn't want to come and cut this fantastic sensation short.

I heard a bedroom door open upstairs and someone moving about. There had been no noise from downstairs so guessed it must have been my sister in law on the upstairs landing. I pulled up my shorts quickly and flushed the toilet. I opened the door and on the landing sure enough was my sister in law. She was messing trying to get a signal on a mobile phone.

We looked at each other and grinned. She asked me if I'd enjoyed her show. "Yes I did, I'm still hard" I said, and then I unbuttoned my shorts and pulled out my throbbing cock. Her eye's bulged and panic spread over her face as I slowly started to rub it in front of her.

"Someone might come up, stop" she said.

"I was so horny on holiday, I had to have a wank in the shower, and I was thinking about fucking you hard from behind as I wanked" I told her. She grinned and said "I've been thinking about your big fat cock in me all week".

With that she took off down the stairs to where everyone else was. Slightly disappointed, I put my cock away and slowly went down also.

After about 5 minutes, my sister in law left the room and went back upstairs. By this time I was so horny and close to losing control. I left it ten minutes, then announced that my stomach was still acting up and left the room to go to the upstairs bathroom. Once inside I dropped my shorts and started to wank myself off again.

Suddenly, there was a light knock at the door. I tucked my cock away and opened the door slightly, just in time to see my sister in laws shape disappear into her room. I stepped out of the bathroom onto the landing. I could hear the others talking downstairs. They were so close I could even make out what they were saying.

Just then, my sister in laws head appeared round her door. When she saw it was definitley me and that I was alone she opened her door and stepped out onto the landing. My eyes nearly popped out, she was wearing the sexiest silk lingerie top.

"Do you like this?" she said.

"Fuck yeah" I groaned. My cock was back out by now and I was slowly stroking it in front of her. She looked over the bannister down the stairs as laughter from the room below rose up to us. We were both stood on the middle of the upstairs landing. If someone had come through the living room door to come upstairs, I would not have been able to make it back into the bathroom before they could have seen what was going on. My heart was pounding. This was so risky.

She walked up to me and stood in front of me. God she looked sexy. I ran my hand over the silky material and circled her nipples. She let out a groan. I pulled the strap down over one of her shoulders and rubbed her nipples between my fingers, then I leant forward and sucked on her tits. She is almost flat chested, but her puffy nipples stand well forward and just beg to be pulled and sucked.

I felt her hand reach down and grip my cock tight and slowly start to rub it. It felt so good, I could have come then. I reached down myself without looking, trying to find her soft matching knickers so I could rub her pussy through them. As I touched her my hand came into contact with moist flesh and I realised that she didn't even have her knickers on. This pushed even more blood into my heavily swollen cock.

"I want to fuck you here and now" I said. She looked scared.

"No way, someone will hear us and come"

She must have noticed the disappointment in my eyes. She leaned forward, licked my tongue which reached out for hers, then dropped to her knees. She looked up at me with a cheeky horny grin, then opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the end of my cock. It felt fantastic. She is amazing at sucking cock. Using no hands she slowly started to move up and down my shaft, keeping the suction strong as she did so. I was so turned on I knew I wasn't going to last. I knew I was going to be selfish and decided that I needed to come. I started to fuck her mouth, ever deeper. I could feel the head of my cock hitting the back of her throat and looked down to see her head jerking back as it did so.

"Fuck, I'm going to come" I said

She reached up and grabbed my ass cheeks and started to pull me into her mouth. All the while she was looking me in the eye. Her eyes were watery but they had a glint in them too. I opened my mouth and silently groaned as I came. I shot my come down her throat and in her mouth, and all the while she kept sucking hard. Not a drop was wasted. I was leaning on the wall by now, my legs felt really weak. With one last suck off my cock, she stood up. She wiped the corner of her mouth with her finger and put it in her mouth.

"welcome back" she grinned.

And with that she turned around and disappeared back into her room. I stumbled back into the bathroom and cleaned my cock off. Then, as naturally as I could, I returned downstairs to the others. As I walked into the living room, my wife said I really must be suffering, as I looked flushed.

"You've no idea", I said.


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