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"If I couldn?t get something off the internet, why not video tape some porn from my own home. Yep, you guessed it?I was going to film my 13 year old sis, Rachel."
What’s up guys. My name’s Nathan Wray. I’m sixteen years old. I live in the state of Virginia, in the Charlottesville city. I have a family of two sisters, one 6 (Rebekah) and the other 13 (Rachel), and my mom. This little story I’ve posted is a 100% true account of the first time I had sex. This isn’t like all the other bullshit that’s on, where the guys have like 8 inch long dicks and their sex lasts for like an hour nonstop before they finally cum. But enough of my ranting. My new girlfriend gave me permission to right this story, as there’s no way anyone will ever know who we are. So here it is. Enjoy.

My sisters and I have done school at home for the past 15 years. This year, my mom divorced my dad, and we moved from Madison to Charlottesville. My mom had to get a job, so she put us all in public school. About time! Life sucked all alone at home! Anyway, the first couple weeks at school sucked, because I naturally had no friends. But in about three weeks I finally was accepted into a group of like twelve people. When that happened, I was hoping to get a girlfriend. I had always wanted one, but of course I never had the chance to go out with any girls in the past because I always was at home. I figured out quickly that if I didn’t act like a complete dick like some of the other wanna-be gangsters in my classes, girls liked me. I actually treated the girls with respect, not like the other guys who treated their girlfriends like shit.

There was this one girl in my math class, Taqaisha. She was tall like me, brown skinned, and had raven black hair that fell down to the nape of her round, firm butt. She had three silver rings pierced into the corner of her lip. She always wore tight-fitting clothing, which left no imagination to her big breasts and moon-shaped ass. She was a beauty. We talked to eachother a lot in class. I was going to ask her to homecoming, but I found out that she already had a boyfriend. Better luck next time, buddy. I was really bummed, as she was the girl I had really hoped to take to homecoming. By the time I was going to ask one of the other girls that liked me, other guys had gotten them. This goes to show you how much of an idiot I was. On the other hand, it was my first year at school.

About a week later, I had gotten home needing to jack off. I had seen Taqaisha making out with a girl outside of the school as I was getting on the bus. Apparently she had a boyfriend and a girlfriend. And from what people had told me, she did a little more than kiss her boyfriend when he took her to his house. Thinking about Taqaisha’s round ass being hammered by cock had made my dick turn rock hard. I could have just jacked off in my room with my eyes shut or some shit like that, but over the years I had always done it while looking at some porno flick. I can’t exactly do that anymore. Why? Because of my bitch of a mother. She’s SUPER protective of her kids, including me, a sixteen year old dude. Get this: when I was at school, my mom figured out the passcode on my computer and accessed it. Then she loaded some shit program that filtered out porn and stuff from the internet. She also deleted all the video files I had downloaded on my computer!!! I don’t know how she found out, but the fact that she put an encrypted filtering program on MY computer really pissed the shit out of me. I had to look at something when I jacked off. Then I had an idea.

I admit, I wasn’t thinking straight. At the time it seemed like a perfectly good idea. If I couldn’t get something off the internet, why not video tape some porn from my own home. Yep, you guessed it—I was going to film my 13 year old sis, Rachel. She always got home about ten minutes later than me, and when she did she would always take a hot shower. After the shower she would put a towel around herself and get dressed in her room. I know it sounds sick, but I had also had a secret crush on my sister ever since I could remember. She wasn’t exactly ugly. From what she told me when she’d get home from school and we’d chat, nearly half the guys in all her classes were asking her out. She was very pretty, with long, blonde hair and her cute freckled nose. She was slender, had small breasts, and a small, cute bum. Obviously, since she was just 13, she hadn’t fully developed, but by no means was she not pleasant to look at.

I looked around my room, and I quickly found what I was looking for. It was a small packing box, one that I had gotten a Nintendo DS game in a few weeks back. I took a knife and cut a hole into the side of the box. Then I got my iPod Touch and shoved it into the box. The box was the perfect size for the ipod. When I turned on the camera, it was able to look out of the hole in the box I had made. Now for the final part of my plan. I took the innocent-looking box and walked into my sister Rachel’s room. God, it was a mess. The box would easily be overlooked in her room. I placed the little box up on her cluttered dresser. When she got home, I’d come back in quickly and turn on the record button.

I waited in my room. I was shaking with anticipation and excitement. I was also a little afraid. What if she picked up the box and looked inside? But that wouldn’t happen. She never touched anything on her dresser, except for her pile of jewelry. That still didn’t make me feel better, though. As I was thinking about these things, I heard the door to the downstairs open. My sister had come home from school. She talked with my mom for a minute downstairs, then came up to take a shower. She tossed her backpack into her room without even going in. “Hey, Nate,” she smiled, peering into my room. “How was school?” I grinned. “Ah, it sucked as always. You?” “Same. I hate school.” “Really?” “Oh, well I like it better than homeschool, but still…” “It’s still school,” I smirked. She smiled. “Exactly.” Then she walked down the hall to the bathroom. I waited, listening. After about five minutes I heard her turn off the shower, and get out to dry herself down. My moment had come. I quickly ran down the hall to her room. With shaky hands I opened up the box, turned on my ipod, pressed record, and closed the box.

I ran back down the hall and closed my door to my room, just as I heard her come out of the bathroom. I sat on my bed in my room, trembling. If she found out of the camera, I was pretty much fucked. Knowing my mom, she’d probably send me to an orphanage or something for spying on my sister. She was that crazy.
After a few minutes, my door opened, and my sister walked in.

She was holding my box in her hand.

FUCK! I AM SO FUCKED! I thought.

“Hey, Nate, I found this box on my dresser, I think it belongs to you,” she said. I gulped. “Did you look inside it?” She looked confused. “No. Why?” Relief washed over me. “Never mind,” I replied, taking the box from her. “Thanks for giving it to me. I must have forgotten about it.” Rachel’s familiar smile came back to her face. She left the room.

I locked my door, then opened the box. I took my ipod out, which was still recording. I turned off the camera, and accessed my photo’s & videos. Sure enough, a ten-minute long video had been recorded. I pressed play.
For a minute the camera was just staring into the messy room. Then my sister entered the room, wearing the towel. My groin stiffened again with excitement. After all these years I was going to see my sister naked. After Rachel had closed and locked the door behind her, she dropped the towel to the floor. I gasped. Rachel’s body was everything I had imagined. This was far better than seeing random sluts getting fucked online. I was actually getting a close-up video of my naked sister. My dick quickly got to full hardness. I hoped desperately that she would do something totally sexy like brother’s sisters did in sex fantasy stories, such as lay on her bed and start masturbating. I was bummed out to find that she just walked around her room, doing various things like turning on her radio or hanging up a t-shirt. Suddenly, Rachel turned her slender back to the camera, and bent down to pick something up off the floor. I thought I would cum right then. I got a nice view of her round, pale ass. She stayed like that for almost a minute, picking up several items of clothing off the floor. Then she folded them up and walked up to the dresser. The dresser was taller than her. Rachel took the clothes and crammed them into the top drawer. As she did this I got a nice view of the camera looking down her small tits. Then she grabbed a couple more clothes off the floor and put them on.

That was when I realized that I had been holding my breath. I quickly replayed the video, and jacked off to the video. My climax came fast, and I shot a large amount of cum into the air. Then I lay back on my bed, very satisfied.

I could think of nothing the following day except of when my naked sister had bent over. I could just imagine grabbing that nice ass and fucking the shit out of her pussy. I knew it was wrong, lusting after my sister. But I still could not get the thoughts out of my head.
That night, I prepared to wank off to that video again. When my mom and sisters had gone to bed, I closed my door, pulled down my pants, and lied out on the bed. Watching the video again was just as good as the other day. My dick immediately got hard, and I pumped it furiously as I watched my sister drop her towel off her body, then bend over in front of the camera. At the same moment I cummed, the door to my room opened. Shit. I hadn’t locked it.

“Hey Nate, could I check my facebook…” my sister stopped in mid-sentence, staring with wide eyes at my cum-plastered erect cock. For a minute she just stood there, staring at me, then she ran from my door, back to her room and shutting her door.

I couldn’t believe what just happened. Rachel had seen me naked, and pumping my shaft to a video. I didn’t know what to do. It would be stupid to try to talk to her tonight, I thought, so I’d explain things to her the following day. And that day I was not looking forward to.

Tell me if you want me to continue my story in a part 2!

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2017-02-04 05:47:11
Yes part two please, however please read the story again before posting and avoid silly jarring errors like "My sisters and I have done school at home for the past 15 years." but one is sister is 6, the other is 13 and you are 16.

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2017-01-20 11:06:14
yes but record your mom and other sister two make them your sex slave two

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2016-11-09 11:09:19
I loved your story. Looking forward to part 2

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2016-08-07 15:35:10
very poor syntax Get a dictionary

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2014-03-24 04:36:54
i have fucked both my older step sisthers and my step mom to they love my big thick 9inch cut cock mom the more she is 66 now and still loves every inch of it and told me im way bigger thenn my dad ur dad is only 5inch uncut and thinner then urs so so she enjoys it both sisters enjoy to im the biggest they have had so far in there life there 35 and 36 now and im 27 and we have been doing this for 10yrs now so i was 17 and sisters 25 and 26 and mom was 56 and im married to so i get a lot of sex and the wife dont no about any of this to and i think it makes it even better then before i got married my wife is 27 and has 42ddd tits and 35yr old sis has 36d and 36yr old sis has 38dd and 66yr old step mom has 40dd

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