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Lust has never been so amazing
So, it’s been about a week and I haven’t been to school since that last encounter with my music teacher. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it, because I did. It was having to sit in class, looking at him staring back at me, smelling his intoxicating scent and trying so hard not to squirm in my seat and pounce on him that was difficult. Even now as I sit thinking about him, I feel myself getting wetter and wetter. I can hear his voice, smell his scent and feel his touch on my body. I can feel his soft kisses over my hardened nipples and feel his wet tongue on my clit. I run my hand through my hair and let out a deep breath, trying to calm myself down but I can’t help it.
I log into my Hotmail, hoping to find an email from the university I applied to, but instead found two emails from him. My heart sped up and with shaky hands I clicked to open up the first email.
“Jess. I hope you learned a lot about today’s lesson after school. Would love if you could come again and practice some more though. – Jake Thompson
Sent: 1th October, 2012 at 10:00pm”
The second read:
“Jess, where are you? You’ve missed out on a whole week of school. Please, answer me! – Jake Thompson
Sent: 8th October, 2012 at 5:34 pm”
Oh, shit. That was just sent 2 minutes ago. I clicked the “Reply” button and froze. What should I tell him? What can I tell him? I can’t tell him anything online. So I typed up my mobile number and sent it. In less than a minute my phone started buzzing.
“Jess! Thank god you’re alive. Why haven’t you been to school or replying to my emails?”
“Sorry, I haven’t been online in a while.”
“Why haven’t you been coming to school? Is everything ok?” his hesitation was not hidden. He sounded so worried and for some reason it was turning me on. Wow! I affect this guy that much that he worries about me?
“I… I…” How was I supposed to tell him that I have no control when I'm around him?
“What is it Jess? You know you can tell me anything. Is it because of me? Did that make things awkward between us because if it did I could never forgive myself.”
“No no no, it’s not awkward. It’s not like that, it’s just… well, you turn me on.” He started laughing. He is fucking laughing! “Stop laughing at me!” Ok, now I’m mega embarrassed.
“I just find it hilarious how I had to leave class at times to hide my stiffy while you are here, missing out on school because I turn you on.”
“You left class because of your stiffy?”
“All thanks to you and Heidi. You girls are two of the hottest in my class and when you lean on the wall, grinding and groping each other because you are bored, it does not help my situation at all. Sometimes I just hide behind the piano and wait for it to go down but other times I have to leave and give it a few yanks. You are a big turn on Jess. And you telling me that I turn you on really surprises me. Please tell me you are coming school tomorrow. I need to see you Jess.” Ok, wow. I mean, I knew he would stare at me and Heidi but I didn’t know he would get hard! But, thinking about it, he did leave the class almost every time we were being naughty. Whoops.
“Yeah, I’ll be at school tomorrow.”
“Good. I haven’t stopped thinking about you Jess. I keep hearing you and tasting you and feeling you. It’s driving me crazy! I can’t even enjoy a proper dinner with my mates. I want you so badly. I need you.”
“Same with me; I’ve been in my room this whole time, avoiding everyone. It’s driving me crazy as well.”
“Did you enjoy it?”
“Of course I did. I get wet just thinking about it.”
“Are you wet now?”
“Very.” I whispered back. I lay back in bed and with my free hand I pulled down my undies and felt the wetness between my thighs.
“Are you rubbing yourself?” he whispered back.
“Mhmm.” I heard him breathe deeply then the sound of a zipper going down. I started to moan softly and I rub over my clit in slow circles. I closed my eyes, loving the sound of him masturbating and breathing rapidly on the phone. I pushed my finger deep inside of me; in and out, faster and faster. Then added another finger; filling up my small hole and thrusting faster and faster.
“Mhmm that’s right baby, moan for me. Moan louder.” I obeyed and started moaning louder, hearing him yanking faster and matched my pace with his. My moans grew louder and louder as I came closer to my climax and, arching my back, I came. I rubbed my cum around my area then brought my fingers to my lips and sucked at them. I heard him breathing heavily and knew that he had come too.
“Oh, babe, I can’t wait to see you again.”
“I want you so bad Sir.” I breathed.
“And I you. Please, don’t ever stop calling me sir.”
I giggled and replied, “Oh, I won’t. I’ll see you tomorrow Sir. Bye.”
“Bye, Jess.”
After walking around school and being welcomed back by almost all my teachers and friends, I wished I’d never came back to school. But then again, last period was why I was here. I haven’t seen him all day and my anticipation was driving me crazy. When I walked into class I was a little disappointed to see he wasn’t there and taking my seat I couldn’t help but glance over to the piano and blush, remembering that amazing afternoon.
“Hey girls, sorry I was late, I was-Jess, You're back!” I looked away from the piano and tried my best to stop blushing. He noticed I was staring at the piano and smiled. Heidi was raising her eyebrows up suggestively and I kicked her under the table.
“Hey Sir. Sorry I've been away. A lot has been on my mind.” He took his usual seat by the piano and smiled at me.
“It’s ok Jess. If you ever need me, I'm here for you.” This, of course, made me blush furiously and be rewarded with “Ooo, Jeeeesss” and laughter and snickering from the class. They pick on anything to make fun of me and him but we are just friends. Well… were friends, I don’t know what we are now. All I know is that being in this room is making me hot and really horny, and I know he can feel it too.
Class went on as usual though he avoided my gaze, which was a change. I figured it was for both our benefit, I calmed down and controlled my hormones and he felt more relaxed as he started the lesson. Once he had finished, we had prac time and, as usual, me and Heidi went to the storeroom and used the piano that was in there. She played her piece while I sat nearby and watched.
“Tell me everything, now!” she said, as I took her spot at the piano.
“What do you mean?”
“Well. The last time I heard from you or saw you, you had after school practice with Sir. And now, you are blushing like crazy and sir hasn’t even looked at you during his lesson. So, the only answer is that you two fucked.”
“Heidi! Shut up! Nothing happened, we just practiced.”
“Oh, you liar. Look at you, you are blushing and lost in thought. I can see it. Something happened.”
“If something happened I would’ve told you. Nothing happened.”
“Sure sure. You will tell me. I know you two had se-” Just then, sir walked in to check up on our progress. I blushed like crazy and turned my head away while Heidi grinned her wildest grin and greeted him.
“How is your piece going?”
“Yeah, it’s good sir, thanks.” Heidi replied.
“And you Jess?”
“Uhm, yeah, it’s good. Thanks for helping me out.” I turned around and smiled at him.
“Do you guys need any help?”
“Nah, tha-” I began to say before Heidi cut me off screaming: “Yes! I need help, please.” Bitch. She winked at me as I sat on the nearby bench and he took my seat at the piano. Being in this small storeroom, it was hard to ignore his empowering scent. I put all my focus on a book that was on the shelf as he “helped” her with the piece she already knew off by heart. Then she stood up and went back into the room to get something, leaving me and him alone. It was quiet for a few seconds before he broke the silence.
“Jess, everything ok?”
“Yeah, I'm fine.”
“Have you told her anything?”
“Nope. Haven’t spoken to anyone but she is suspicious.”
“Don’t tell her anything. It’s enough that the class tease you every day, you don’t need her knowing to worsen it.”
“I won’t tell her, don’t worry.”
“What are you doing later?”
“Well… I was hoping you.” I said, looking up and blushing like mad. He gave me that sexy cocky smile of his.
“You never fail to amaze me. Meet me at my car at 3:40.”
“Dreams do come true Jess. I have you here, standing in front of me, in my house. My body is yearning for your touch and your body is yearning for mine. What do you want to do first: eat or go to the room?”
I took off my top and skirt and stood only in my bra and undies. Then, walked over to him and whispered in his ear: “Sir. I want you to take control of me. I am all yours.” In a second he had me pinned against the wall behind him and he was kissing me with the same yearning and lust as our first. I slide my hand under his top and took it off, rubbing my hands over his chiseled chest and amazing arms. He hooked his arm around me and took off my bra and then my panties. He slammed his covered erection against my torso and moved it around in slow circles. I let out a moan of pain and pleasure and moved my hips in time with his. Even though he was covered, I could feel him through his pants and the feeling was amazing. He pulled away and took off his pants and boxers.
Taking my hand, he led me to the couch were he instructed me to bend over and hold the arm handle. Then, spreading my legs wider, he took me from behind, filling up my very wet and wanting hole. He had his hands on the hips, pushing me in and out as welling as thrusting himself harder and faster. I gripped the couch arm as though I was holding onto my life and screamed and moaned with every hard thrust. I felt myself tighten around his throbbing cock as I came. With a few more thrusts, he came, filling me up with his fresh cum. I stood up on shaky legs and followed him as he walked to the bedroom.
His bedroom was amazing. He had big windows instead of a wall that looked out onto the harbor. The evening sun was setting and the sea looked as though it was on fire. I walked over to admire the view and he stood behind me, planting soft kisses along my neck and jaw line while playing with my breasts in each palm. I let out soft moans of pleasure and felt his erection pressed against my back. He moved his hands over my tummy and down towards torso. Then he slid his hands through my wet lips and started rubbing small circles on my clit. I leaned my head back on his shoulder and kissed him harder. He stopped rubbing me and then slid two fingers into my hole. I pushed myself deeper into his fingers, moaning between the kisses and he slid his fingers in and out. As I came close to cumming, he pulled his fingers out and took me to the bed. Laying down on top of me, he planted soft wet kisses down my jaw towards my hardened nipples. He sucked on each one, softly and gently blowing on each one causing me to feel a high I never have before. Then he trailed kisses over my tummy and around my area. He spread my legs wider and kissed me between my thighs before licking away at my wetness. I opened my legs wider and laced my hands through his soft hair, pushing him deeper into me. He licked away furiously, biting down on my clit at times causing me to scream in pain and pleasure.
I came twice in his mouth before he pulled away and got up on his knees and pushed his cock into me. He sunk it deep inside my hole, moving it around while inside me and then pulling out and repeating the process over and over again. He then started pumping faster, pushing my legs open wider and thrusting with such speed. Then he slowed down again as I reached my climax and repeated the slow torture again. Moving slowly into me and pulling it out.
“Please sir, faster.” I begged. And he obeyed my wishes. He started pumping faster again and as I reached my 4th climax, I felt him empty his full load into me. He collapsed next to me, both of us breathing heavily.
“You’re amazing Jess.” were the last words I heard before I closed my eyes and feel asleep.

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2012-10-13 08:12:28
i like this hehehe teacher and student, you should make a part 3? :)

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