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Dad helps with the annual school trip
Year 9 was going on its annual camping trip. All of the
24 girls were very excited, especially Nicole and
Anna, as they would be sharing the same tent.
There would be 2 girls per tent. Nicole is 14 years old
and Anna is 6 months older, having just turned 15.
They are the best of friends, in fact, 'very special'
friends indeed.

These annual camping trips were legendary and this year
should be great as they were going to an isolated spot
3 hours drive out of the city and in a huge gorge
beside a river. It was wild country inside a national
park and required a 2-hour walk with packs at the end
of an unsealed road before they reached the camp spot.
It was a spot which Nicole knew well as she had been
there before with her father, who was an avid walker.

This time daddy was coming along as the male escort to
assist the 2 female teachers as the male teacher who
was supposed to accompany them had fallen ill and so
the school had co-opted Nicole's father as he worked
for himself anyway an could take the time off.

Nicole was very proud of her 'Daddy' as he is very
handsome and has a great physique because of his
regular walking, kayaking and gym activity. Many of the
girls in Nicole's class flirt with him on the bus as
they are on the way to the wilderness area. Nicole and
Anna think this is funny, although Nicole gets a
little jealous too.

They arrive at the national park and the weather is
glorious early summer weather. It is going to be a
great 3 days. Most of the girls have never been
wilderness walking before so Nicole's father goes
around checking their back packs, adjusting them and
having them take out and leave behind items which are
not necessary. Many of these 14 and 15 year old girls
are very much 'young women' by now and Nicole's father
finds his cock swelling as he has to 'adjust' their

There is no shortage of C and D cup bra wearers among
these giggling girls, who seem to deliberately move
while he adjusts their packs, causing his hands to
caress the sides of their full ripe and firm young
breasts. None of them have the fullness and sexuality
though of his daughter's friend Anna, whom he has
been lusting after since she was 13, nor indeed of his
own daughter Nicole.

They arrive at the campsite after much cajoling of many
of the girls who found the long walk into the gorge
very tough. The site is indeed beautiful. They are on a
broad turn of the river where the gorge is about 300
meters wide. The river has formed a long deep pool at
the point, with a shear sandstone cliff on the far
side, the river itself being about 100 meters wide,
leaving a large sandy beach and ideal camping area
about a meter above the river level.

They set up camp and Nicole's father is busy helping
the girls set up their tents properly so they withstand
any high winds or rain, which seems unlikely. They all
then break for lunch and them the girls go for a swim.
Nicole's father has a great deal of trouble keeping his
erection unseen, as he is greeted to the site of 24
nubile 14 and 15 year old 'young women'.

Most of this class of Nicole's seemed to very athletic
and well advanced into puberty. He finds himself
staring at many a pronounced pudenda, clearly outlined
pussy lips, many a tuft of pussy hair accidentally
poking outside tight swimming costumes and many swollen
and erect nipples. He remains with his waist below
water to hide his now raging hard cock, which has a
will of its own as it yearns to plunge into some of
those forbidden moist pussies.

As they sit around the campfire that night the 2 female
teachers and Nicole's father mingle with girls. 'Daddy'
finds that several of the girls let their legs rest
against his as they sit side by side on logs or on the
sandy ground. They are all still in short pants and he
finds his bare skin being rubbed by the bare skin of
many of these 'young women'.

Luckily the dark enables him to hide his erect
straining cock, but as well as he thinks as several of
the girls notice and are seen whispering and giggling
to themselves. He cannot wait to go back to his tent
and wank off, putting a vision of one of these girls
into his head as he does so, although it will likely be
that of Anna. Still that little Italian girl,
Louisa, she is only 14 and a short 5'2", yet she has
the most glorious voluptuous figure, her small frame
being capped by a very full set of D cup tits. God he
could feed on them he thinks.

Bedtime comes and everyone turns in. The girls all head
off to their tents to whisper and gossip (and a few of
them furtively 'play and cuddle' to satisfy the
hormonal urges surging through their bodies). Nicole's
father gives Nicole and Anna a kiss and a cuddle
(relishing the feel of Anna's huge large breasts
pressing against him) and enters his tent. On his
sleeping bag he finds 2 pairs of girls panties and a
folded note.

It reads; "We both want you badly. Wait 30 minutes
after lights out and then we will come to you. We want
you naked and blindfolded, lying face up waiting for
us. Nothing will be said, no speaking. Keep your
blindfold on as we don't want you to know whom we are."

His cock springs to full attention. He does not know if
this is 2 of the girls just playing a practical joke or
not. He smells the panties. Both pairs smell of female
pussy juice. His cock makes the decision, which is a
rather foolish and dangerous one he knows, as there is
a great chance it is 2 or more of the girls just
playing a joke. What if they all come into his tent and
find him naked, blindfolded and erect!

It doesn't matter, his desire is so strong by now to
plunge his fat 8" cock into warm wet flesh, rather than
just 'mother Palmer' that he throws wisdom to the wind.

After 30 minutes Nicole's father is lying naked on his
back, his fat 8" cock in full erection and leaking pre-
cum in expectation of sinking into heaven soon. His
tent is lit softly by a very small candle, which is
burning in the corner. He hears the tent flaps rustling
and hears the sounds of someone entering his tent. He
steels himself for a scream or a break out of laughter,
but there is only silence. There is a rustling of
clothes being removed and he cannot help but slowly
stroke his cock.

A soft hand grasps his hand and removes his hand from
his cock. He thinks of every one of the 24 girls,
wondering whose hand it is stroking his cock softly,
erotically, lovingly. Then another pair of soft hands
grabs his hand and he finds it placed upon a large firm
soft breast. It is a heaving breast with a very hard
and very large aroused nipple. He fondles that young
tit. It is so lovely and soft and so large. It can only
be one of 4 girls judging by its size, Louisa the
little Italian girl, Kerry a big tall athletic girl who
is a champion hockey player or....his own daughter
Nicole and Anna her friend.

He discounts Nicole and Anna and assumes it is
Kerry and Louisa as they are friends and share a tent.
His imagination and his cock go into full lustful
action. He feels that large young breast being lowered
to his lips; he feels a large nipple and opens his
mouth. This large nipple is fed into his welcoming
mouth and commences to suckle in frenzied lust. He
hears the girl, whom he assumes is either Louisa or
Kerry sigh as he suckles and fondles. Then, his mouth
is enveloped into warmth and wetness as soft lips and
eager mouth swallow his throbbing cock.

This goes on for 20 minutes. The girls change places,
always seeming to keep him on the edge of cumming, but
hold off. The, his face is straddled by firm, soft but
strong thighs. He smells pussy and then he feels a
thick thatch of soft pussy hair brush his face. He
opens his mouth and is greeted by wet engorged pussy
lips, pussy lips that are throbbing like his cock. He
tastes that young cunt and kisses those cunt lips like
they were a mouth.

After a few minutes the girl lets out a soft sigh, her
thighs stiffen and his mouth is flooded by pussy juice.
Young pussy juice. It tastes divine and he swallows
hungrily. He is nudged aside and finds a naked young
body lying beside him on her back. The other girl grabs
him and guides him into position. He kneels between her
open thighs. A soft hand grabs his cock and guides it
to a wet hairy cleft. 'Which one is it' he thinks,
'Kerry or Louisa'. He thinks it is Louisa, as she seems
the shorter of the two.

Two soft hands grab his ass and pull him in. His fat
hard cock slides into a wet warm embrace. His large
hard cock enters a wet, tight and very aroused cunt. It
seems to be sucking him in. He is surprised that she
takes all of his 8."

He starts to thrust, to pull out and thrust in, to
drive his cock home to cock ecstasy. A soft mouth
encounters his mouth and their tongues dart in and out
of each other's mouths. He knows he has only a minute
or two to go before his huge load of fertile spunk is
unleashed. He cannot help himself and softly whispers
"I'm going to cum soon... going to cum... soon!" He
continues to plunge his huge cock into this young girl,
but more slowly to stave off cumming. He knows he
cannot stop his orgasm now, it is too late, and he will
shoot in a minute.

Then, hands are at his blindfold and it is whisked off.
He looks down and there beneath him, naked under him,
with his cock plunging slowly in and out of her body is
a 14-year-old girl, it is Nicole, his very own
daughter. His eyes open wide but his powerful thrusts
don't stop. "Daddy, daddy," she whispers, "fuck me,
fuck your spunk into me daddy. Please daddy, fuck your
sperm into me."

Kneeling beside Nicole is Anna, who has her legs
spread wide while her hand is frantically frigging her
very wet sopping hairy pussy (it is a pussy he will be
inside of soon enough). "Oh baby, are you on the pill?"

"No daddy, I'm not, so give me all of your sperm. I
don't care, I'd love to make you a baby."

"Oh God! Oh God!" he gasps. But he cannot stop. The
first thick gush of creamy incestuous spunk, his sperm
laden incestuous cream, spurts out of the eye of his
cock and splashes into his daughter's receptive fertile

"Oh YES! That's it daddy, fuck me, fuck a baby into me,
fill me with daddy sperm, lots of daddy sperm."

He can only groan softly, very softly, as his body
powerfully spasms with each thick spurt of his copious
quantity of fertile sperm laden spunk. "I'm filling you
up little darling," he whispers softly, "filling you up
with my hot white baby making cream."

His daughter thrusts her cunt up to meet her father's
powerful thrusts of his sperm lance and looks at her
father with lust and hunger, "Oh yes daddy, fill me up,
then fill me up again."

He does, until their combined juices leak out of
Nicole's gorgeous wet hairy pussy.

But nothing is wasted as Anna dives between both
their thighs when he pulls out and licks off both
Nicole's father's still throbbing cock and Nicole's
widely gaping and gently throbbing pussy. She loves the
taste of Nicole's pussy juice mixed with her daddy's
spunk. 'Tastes like marzipan,' Anna thinks.

In 10 minutes Nicole's daddy is back to full size and
hardness. He climbs between the powerfully athletic
wide-open thighs of Anna and plunges his invading
cock into his second underage pussy of the night. While
riding her hard, his mouth suckles on one of her
marvelous DD cup tits. They are gorgeous tits with
large puffy aerola. As he takes his third suck a spurt
of milk comes into his mouth. He looks up at Anna
in dismay.

"Yes, I know," she whispers. "I'm lactating because of
the brand of pill I'm on. I've changed it but I will
continue to lactate for another 3 or 4 weeks before it

He looks at his daughter Nicole and she says, "Nice
isn't it daddy? I've been feeding from Anna for 2
weeks now, it's yummy." With that Nicole joined her
father and took Anna's other large tit in her
mouth and proceeded to empty that huge milk jug whilst
her daddy suckled hungrily on the other tit.

He emptied another large load of fertile spunk, this
time into Anna, while Nicole grabbed his balls
and squeezed them gently, helping to milk all the sperm


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