Continuation af previous one. Very nasty, if you don't wanna read disgusting stuff don't read it!
Part 2

I don’t know how many days had passed since I had been locked in place and was living on nothing but shit and the piss that was put directly in my ass, but finally Sir came in and untied me helped me to my room in the house and put me on the bed. He hooked me up with an IV and began the flow, forcing water and nutrients into my system. He gave me several deep enemas to clean me out. I had passed out from the effort to get to the room and awoke some time later alone with 3 IV bags pushing fluid. A note on the table said if I felt better I could take them out if it was after 5 o’clock, the clock said 6 but I left em in, no sense in not taking em. I watched TV until they were empty, then took out the 2 tubes from my arms, as I followed the third tube I saw it went to my balls, my sack was enormous!! I quickly removed the IV and stared at my now volleyball sized sack; it was firm and felt almost like a tit but was so interesting. I got up and made dinner, walking was quite difficult with the giant sack but I managed. After dinner I felt a lil horny so I figured I’d help myself.

In a drawer I found plenty of sex toys, dildos, butt plugs, nipple clamps, sounds, and there were a couple sex machines in a closet. This could be fun. Grabbing a fucking machine I set it up on my bed so that I could lay on my back and stroke my massive dick and it would fuck my pussy. I attached the fist to the machine and began working it in me. MMM it was big and I was wet. Finally with a pop it slid in me and immediately gave me an intense orgasm. My pussy clamped tight on it and I moaned. As it subsided I turned the machine on and it began pushing back and forth in me, while I stroked my giant cock. My cock grew and was so hard, both my hands on it, up and down. Felt incredible, meanwhile the machine was speeding up and fisting me harder, coming almost out before pushing in again, ooo my pussy was in heaven, harder and faster it went, pounding my twat. I began to orgasm again, my pussy tightening on the fist but it was not giving up, pounding me again and again, stretching me. I was spraying from my pussy, my cock then erupted all over my face covering me, filling my mouth. It was so intense I lost control of my legs and arms. The fist kept going and going, orgasm after orgasm; I couldn’t move away I was so exhausted. The machine chugged on, using some preset cycle like a treadmill, fisting me again and again, I was screaming and could hardly move except to clench on every orgasm. It must have been an hour before Sir finally came in and turned it off.

I was lying there, covered in my cum, my pussy beaten, throbbing, and damaged, Sir sprayed me with a hose to wake me up.

What the fuck were you doing?! He said

I just wanted to cum once or twice, Sir

Well you could’ve killed yourself you dumb slut. You are going to have to be punished for your stupidity.

Wasn’t that enough punishment Sir?

What? Orgasms? They are never punishment. You get pain and humiliation for punishment you dumb bitch.

Yes Sir.

Now, follow me downstairs.

I followed Sir down to the dungeon, where he promptly locked my wrists to a chain from the ceiling and my legs were put in a spreader bar. He began tying my tits up with wire, very tight, making them bulge out away from my body, then running the wire down around the base of my cock and then around my sack, keeping it tight (as if the fluid in my balls wasn’t enough). Rope can be uncomfortable but holy hell does wire hurt! He then took the cane and flogged my tits, making me count out each one, I passed out at around 60 I think. Cold water to wake me up again, geez I hate the cold water. Then he attached nipple clamps on my areolas, forcing my nipples out, where he used a hand held sewing machine to stab my nipples many many times. I was screaming in pain, begging for mercy, a knee to my balls shut me up. Then, Master entered.

Stop! He said.

Sir immediately stopped the punishment. What has it done? Master said

Master, it was using a sex machine in its room and didn’t know it was preprogrammed, it was out of control and was hurting the bitch. Said Sir

Ah, Master said, well I think It has learned the lesson, put it on the table.

Sir, released my bonds and the wire and laid me on my back on a table, then left.

Master came to me and said, it is time to put your pussy to good use. He fucked my pussy deep and slow with his massive dick, taking care not to hurt me too much after what the machine did, as I neared orgasm Master let out a scream as he filled my cunt with his jizz, filling my twat, cervix, uterus to the top with so much cum. As he pulled out he hit a button to raise my ass up and let gravity do its job.

Lo and behold I got pregnant, during that time I was not punished physically, though the mental torment did increase, ensuring I knew I was worthless and below them. And 9 months later I gave birth to a healthy set of twins, boy and girl. Master took them from me immediately and I learned will be brought up as he saw fit. (they will be another story)

Finally! Master said. Now I can use you as you deserve again!

Without wasting a minute I was brought into the basement, which stunk to high heaven. It was here I learned that Master had the septic tank, but it wasn’t sealed, or even had a top of any kind.

Get in. he said

I climbed in the shallow pool if shit and piss, which was mostly the consistency of like a Slurpee and about knee deep. He reached up and handcuffed my hands behind my back and ordered me to kneel down, which I did. He pushed a large bucket next to the pool and told me to fill it up, using only my mouth. I bent over and opened my mouth, taking a mouthful of the slurry and transferred it to the bucket, then immediately puking into bucket as well.

Keep goin bitch! Faster!

Again and again I moved the sludge with my mouth, swallowing some here and there, puking into the bucket, which had to be about a 20 gallon bucket. Eventually he told me to stop and get up, I was covered head to toe in the shit, just 2 eyes in a brownish nastiness. He strapped me to a table and said that he is done with me, I have fulfilled my purpose. A tray of weird devices were brought over and he started pushing a catheter into my cock, no lube, just forcing it up , pain threshold no longer mattered, body damage no longer mattered, finally the long catheter was forced into my bladder and a hose was hooked to it. Master hit a button and I heard a pump start. Through the clear tubing I saw brown moving through the tube to my cock.

My god, I thought, hes fillin my bladder with the shit mix.

I slowly pushed into me slowly filling my bladder and stretching it. As it began to hurt from the amount inside me, Master stopped the pump and removed the catheter, I tried to force it out but it was too thick. Next Master opened my pussy with a speculum and using a different hose, began packing my uterus with the shit mix, filling my entire female parts with it, then sewed my twat shut using a large painful needle and wire instead of thread. I was terrified. Master then cut open my tits with a dull knife, excruciatingly painful. I’m screaming as he rips my tits open and removes the implants he put in, then fills the empty space with more shit, again sweing me up with wire. Im in so much pain right now, scared of what is going to happen. Master is laughing, loving every minute. He arranges me on my hands and knees, taking another hose that has a butt plug shape on the end he plunges it into my ass, no regard for pain of course. Then pumps the bulb up, ensuring it will not come out, and attaches some straps to hold it in more.

This is it slut, your final task, I am going to fuck your throat after I turn on the pump, then when I am done, I will leave, and you will be “retired”.

He flicks the switch and moves to my mouth the pump begins pumping the shit mix from the bucket into my ass. He first pisses into my mouth making me drink every drop, then starts fucking my face mercilessly, harder than ever. Forcing his cock into my throat, I feel cartilage breaking he is fucking so hard and going so deep. He then positions his cockhead at the entrance to one lung and jerks himself off, cum floods into my lung as Im and trying to thrash in pain. He pulls out, I have difficulty breathing since I have only one lung now, and am coughing uncontrollably. The pump is still pushing more shit into me. My stomach is bulging and I am filling up more and more. Master smacks me in the face one last time before leaving. I hear the door slam and the lights go out. My body filling more, I can feel so much pressure, I have an urge to throw up, and I realize the shit has reached my stomach. As I begin to retch Sir comes in. He places a plug into my mouth that will not allow anything out of me. He looks into my eyes, smiles an evil grin, and leaves. Alone in the dark, the only sounds from the pump, extreme pain throughout my body, and ……

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Dude this was awesome... The gay feeling irks me a bit... But its still awesome ... As you appear to be bisexual, could you make the story of the twins a bit on the straight side? Thanks!

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The new Zune browser is sunsripirgly good, but not as good as the iPod's. It works well, but isn't as fast as Safari, and has a clunkier interface. If you occasionally plan on using the web browser that's not an issue, but if you're planning to browse the web alot from your PMP then the iPod's larger screen and better browser may be important.

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