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This is not my story, but a re-post
This story was posted on another site, from someone calling himself "Molested Boyy."

This happened first time when i was 12. I used to go this tailor's shop to stitch my school uniforms every year. But it was in the 7th grade that he started doing these dirty things to me. When he was taking my measurements, his hand accidentally(i think so) pressed against my crotch region. I felt somewhat embarrassed, but unintentionally i got erect. It was my mistake, i know, but i just couldn't do a thing because it was an autonomous reaction. His hand again hit on my crotch while taking the measurements of my trousers. This time, he spotted that i was erect and confirmed it in a flash of a second by just touching my penis. He took away his hand quickly and asked me to come to the other side of a tall desk, where he took my measurements. The desk was tall and covered with cloths and materials so that any customer coming into the shop couldn't see below my chest height.

There, he started to take the measurements of my trousers. I was really hard and really embarrassed. He tried to take the length from the upper part of the backside of the trousers to the upper part of the front side of the trousers. For that he put the measuring tape along the mid-line of my butt to under my balls and then over the front of the crotch. As I was hard, he pretended that it was making it hard for him to take the exact measurement. He then told me that he wasnt able to take the correct measurements, but he could make it correct. Then he unzipped me and put his hand inside my underwear. He stroked me for some time and i orgasmed, although i didnt ejaculate. It became wet and then he put it back in and told me not to tell this to anybody else. He also asked me to come to his shop next day. I went home feeling really really embarrassed and feeling guilty. I used to run fast to my home when i reached the front of his shop in evenings.

I was able to avoid him for a few days, but my parents took me to his shop for stitching me a new pair of trousers. They dropped me there and went to another shop. I had known that i would be going there that day, so i had worn 3 under wears as a precaution. He tried to put his hand inside that day too, but after finding that i had 3 underwears, he left me unharmed. But he still managed to stroke me a couple or more times i think, in various other occasions.

It was when i was in 8th grade, that a long session happened between me and him. My mother told me to collect some dresses she had given there to mend. It was around 8 pm, and when i went there, there were no one else in his shop. He was very happy and took me to the corner of the shop. I was wearing a night trouser, which was elastic and very thin. I wasn't erect, but he started feeling for my penis and i got erect. He then lowered my pants and took my penis and balls out. He then stroked it in various styles and postures. He even gave me a small book having sex pictures and asked me to look at the pictures. I said i didnt want to, but he squatted behind me and put his hand between my legs and stroke my penis from under. He also squeezed my butt and while he was playing with my butt, a customer came in. But luckily , he didn't see what the tailor was doing to me as we were behind a table. The tailor quickly put my organs back in and went to deal with the customer. After the customer went away, he continued what he was doing, till i cum into his hand. He then wiped his hand and my cock with a towel. He asked me to drop in whenever i wanted so that we could enjoy such sessions. After this incident, i stopped going to his shop, as i was too embarrassed. I was too afraid to tell my parents what had happened, due to my embarrassment. After some months, he left that shop and moved away to some other area.

After 4 years, he returned to the old shop near my home. I thought that he would have forgotten my face as i had started to grow into a man, and already had a small moustache and the shape of my face had started to change. I went to his shop one night to mend my torn trouser, and i had chosen that time, because it was a blackout time, and so i thought he wouldn't recognize me. But my plan failed, as he double crossed me. He said he wanted to take my measures, and while taking my measures, he grabbed my crotch, and asked me whether i was the boy who used to come there years ago. I stuttered yes and was frozen in fear and shock. He took me to a corner and there was only a faint candle light in his shop. He grabbed my penis from over the pants and after some time, he put his hand inside my underwear, through the gap between my belly and trousers. He played with my pubic hair for some time. Then he grabbed my organs and i shot cum in his hand. He rubbed the cum on my balls and the area between the balls and the anus. He then turned me around and hugged my butt. Even though i was clothed, he buried his face between my ass cheeks and kissed and bit it. He even breathed heavily when his nose was there as if he was sniffing it. I didn't know what to do, and was standing still. After stroking me for some more time, he freed me and asked me to come there every night. I went home feeling very very guilty and wanted to do something to stop his dirty behaviour. I knew that i was also responsible for leading him to these kind of activities, because i had become erect when he touched my body. I was also a bit chubby and had soft and big butt which could have provoked him.

I went there again after some days, after deciding to put a stop to his activities. This time too, he invited me in and this time , he closed the shutter of the shop. My courage leaked away and he approached me with his usual intentions. He started to grab my crotch and as usual, i got erect. He then grabbed my ass and started to rub the area between my anus and balls (over the cloths). He then put his hand inside through the gap between my belly and trousers, and stroked my penis. After some time, i ejaculated in his hand. He still didn't stop, and continued stroking me. I got angry and somehow gathered the courage to say "STOP". He then stopped it asked me why. I said i wanted to go home. He said " OK" and let me free. When i opened the shutter of the shop, i said to him " Never dare to do this again to me". He got startled and said " OK" and i walked briskly to my home. I was actually shivering with mixed emotions, like anger, embarrassment, fear etc. After that, i have never gone there and i think i haven't had any serious problem with these experiences, although he does come into my dreams occasionally. Whenever he comes into my dream, he would molest me like he did in real. But now I wish he came back in real to molest me again.


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Don't stop now. Lets see some more stories.

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This is weird. I feel dirty reading this. Well written though.

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