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This is a series on the Movie business, and it will take many parts to tell the whole story. it is based on my book called We Did It Our Way. If you enjoy the story please vote Remember that this purely fictional
I used the cash I won wisely and paid off some of the debt on the cottage, did some remodeling,
new roof, siding, and windows. I also bought some new appliances , fridge, stove, washer&Dyer, TV. My grandfather call me one day and said he was buying a new boat, and would sell his for a grand, if I wanted it, but I had to come there and get it. So I did buy his boat, it was a 20 foot red Chris Craft with a 150 hpr, inboard/outboard motor. I sold old boat for $1500, so it paid for the new boat and the trip to New York to pick up the boat. His boat was probably worth some where between 10-15 grand.

I was at home on Saturday afternoon cutting the yard. A cab pulls into the driveway, and I stop mowing to see who it is. Out steps this gorgeous blonde, and my heart leaps up into my throat. It is Shannon. I race to the car and give her a big hug and kiss. I get her bags from the cab driver, as she pays him. I take her hand and walk her to the cottage, happy as a lark.

I am glad you’re here but why did you not call me and tell me you were coming.

She replied that I want to surprise you. We had some problems on the movie set, so they shut it down for a week to get things straightened out. So I decided to come out and visit you. Are you glad that I am here?

I laughed and said you know that I am. I took her into the cottage and told her to put her clothes in the second bedroom, as the drawers and closets are empty. Our bed room is the next one up. I need to finish the grass, while you get unpacked. She gave me a hug and kiss and said I just love this place. I headed out to finish the yard which did not take me long.

I finished the yard and came into the cottage, and she is standing there wearing one of my tee shirts. I asked her if she wanted to go for a swim.

She gave me a real strange look, and said are you fucking nuts. I have not had any sex since you left me in Vegas. I just about creamed my panties 3 times on the ride here, thinking on how I planned to make love to you.

With that she pulled the tee shirt over head, standing there stark naked. I just stared at her lovely body. She said well what are you waiting for, she turned and went into the bedroom. Well of course I followed her in, and she ripped my clothes off me, and tackled me onto the bed.

I did not have to do much she was on me like a wildcat. She was kissing me and stroking my cock till she got it hard, and then she got on top of me, driving my cock deep into her pussy. We fucked each other as hard as we could. It just pure raw fucking sex. She had an orgasm first, as she blew her cream all over my cock and nuts , and collapsed on top of me. I reversed position, and did some steady plowing in her cunt, till I blew both of my nuts in her.

I said how was that, and she replied O God I needed that, just hold me now please.

I held her close to me, and shortly she fell asleep. It was hot outside around 90 and our sex made it hotter in the bedroom, and I was sweating. I turned on the window air conditioner, and pulled the sheet up on Shannon, and left the room closing the door behind me.

I got a couple of steaks out of the freezer for dinner and put outside to defrost in the heat. I hollered for my black lab Wendy, and we headed down to the beach for a swim. Wendy and I swam out to the raft, and then back to the boat hoist, to let the boat down and took up to shore. I took the cover off the boat and did a little cleaning on it also.

With a boat you are always doing some tinkering on it for what ever reason, just because it is a boat. I hear some noise and look up and there was Shannon sitting on the break wall watching me. I stopped what I was doing and walked up her and gave her kiss, and asked her if she was ok.

She just sighed and said that I was what the doctor ordered.

I asked her if she wanted to go for a swim, and then a boat ride. She said ok let me go change into my suit. I grabbed the steaks and took them back inside and put them in the fridge, and went back out. She followed me in a 2 piece white bathing suit, the was absolutely stunning. It did not leave a whole lot left for your imagination.

The 3 of us went for a swim out to the raft. The raft was built by a couple of neighbor’s and me. It has a make shift diving board on it, and is anchored in 10' of water. It is fun to play on, and we had fun on it with the dog. We headed back to the boat and she and the dog climb aboard, and I pushed it out into deeper water to get us going.

I showed her where the emergency stuff was, and the life jackets, plus a few other safety items on the boat. The water had a little chop to it, but this boat flew right through it. We went for a nice ride, and I let her steer it for a while. I showed her how to steer using the compass, and what landmarks to navigate by. She had a blast driving the boat. In that skimpy bikini, and the smile on her face, with her hair blowing in the wind, she just had to be the goddess of sex and love.

It was getting close to dinner time, and we headed back to the cottage, I beached the boat, and put the cover on it, and took it out to the hoist, and lifted it out of the water. She waited for me on the beach, and we walked back to the cottage. I stopped and got the grill fired up for the steaks, and we went in to get dinner going. We had steaks, fresh green beans, and a salad for dinner. After sex, a swim, and a boat ride, we both were starved.

We were watching TV Saturday night, laying on the couch together. I knew she would not last long, with all the activities that we did today. Sure enough soon she was sound asleep. I picked her up and carried her to bed and tucked her in, and she hardly moved a muscle. I finished watching the movie on TV, and went to bed.

I woke up around 8 am, and cracked an eye, and there she was staring at me. She giggled when she knew I was awake, and said I have been watching you sleep for the last half hour. I got up and went to the can, came back and got into bed with her, and she cuddled up next to me, with her hand on my cock stroking it.

She said I am horny, and want you to make love to me. I rolled over to face her, and said O if I could not figure that one out. I gave her a very passionate kiss, with our tongues lightly flicking over each other. She still has not let go of my cock, stroking it to its full height. We broke the kiss, and she said O it feels so good to be here with you. I responded by kissing lightly and softly on the lips, and then on her ears, and down her neck.

I continued down to her breast, softly kiss and sucking her nipples. They were rock hard, like two bullets waiting to be fired. My hand got busy stroking her slit, and she spread her legs to give me better access. I inserted a finger into pussy, and it was wet. I pushed in as deep as I could inside of her, and started to rub the roof of her vagina, then moved back and rubbed her clit, I kept switch between the two sending her into orbit.

She threw her head back and cried O MY GODDDDDD I am cuming.

Her secretion started to thicken on my fingers and hand. She threw her arms around me and locked her legs on my hand, and shook violently, as her orgasm rained through her. She flopped over and laid there for a minute or two, I look over at her and could see the sweat lightly glistening her body. She popped up and smiled at me and said dam that was good. You really got me off.

She moved down on me and started to suck my cock, and play with my sack. Three times she brought me up for an eruption, only to let me calm down. Man was she a good cock sucker.

She moved up on top of me, and guided my missel into her silo, and started to work on my firing controls. We fucked hard till I had lift-off, and blew a huge wad into her silo, rasing us both off the bed. She collapsed down next to and purred into my ear, was that good for you baby. I was still out of breath and just hugged her, and nodded my head yes.

We must have fallen asleep, when I next looked at the clock, it was 10am. I was thinking on what to do, when the phone rang.

I got up to answer it, and it was my buddy Sandy. He said hey T how about we do some water skiing today. He always calls me T. I said sure why not, I told him they could meet Shannon. He said great, that him and Marlene would be over around noonish with some beer, chips, and burgers.

They got here right at noon, and we got the introductions squared away. Shannon was glad to see Marlene, to have another female to talk to. We skied the afternoon away. It was the first time for Shannon to water ski, and she did pretty good once she figured it out. We had burgers for dinner, and they left at dark.

We were both pooped from the days activities, and I knew she would be sore being her first time on water skies, and she was. We both hit the sack around 9, and she cuddled up to me, and fell asleep right away. I was not far behind her. Tomorrow was Monday, and back to work for me.

I have the alarm set to go off at 6am, but I always get up before it rings. I got ready for work, and told her I would give her call around 10 or so to see how she was doing, and let her know what my plans were. She nodded ok, and I gave her a kiss goodbye, but all she said is good god I am sore. I was chuckling at that remark, as I left for work.

I hit the jobs and got into the office around 10. I talked with dad for awhile telling him that Shannon was in town, out at the cottage for a weeks stay. I want to take the rest of the week off to show her around. Seeing how the fourth was Thursday and we were off on Friday also, he did not see a problem with me taking the time off. He said that sister Brenda could cover for me. Both older sisters and me worked for dad. We did subdivision development and General contracting. I said thanks, and to plan on coming out Friday afternoon to meet Shannon, and have fish dinner. He said great, he would tell mom, I replied make sure she brings out some cole slaw. He said OK.

He wanted to know where we were going. I replied up to Sault Ste. Marie to see the locks, and over to see Tahquamenon Falls. Back down to go to Mackinac Island, then down the west shore line to Traverse City, and back home. He said it sound like a nice trip.

I called Shannon, and she answered on the fifth ring. I told what I had planned, and she sounded excited about going. She did mention that she was still sore from skiing. Again I chuckled at that remark.

I got home around 1 pm and we had lunch, packed our bags, and threw them in the back of the truck. I asked the next door neighbor if they would get the mail and paper, and let the dog out of the kennel for a run and feed him. They said no problem, we do favors for each other all the time.

We jumped into the truck and headed out. It is a 3 hour drive to get to Sault Ste. Marie. We got there right at dinner time. We found a motel and a place to eat. We did some site seeing, I did remember to bring my camera, so Shannon took lots of pictures. She got some good ones of freighters going through the locks. The locks are a device that raises or lowers freighters between Lake Superior, and Lake Huron. We had a good time there, and of course at night we made mad passionate love. I think we kept the people next to us awake till we finished.

In the morning we packed up and had breakfast, stop at locks one more time to view them, and then headed out to the falls. It took almost 2 hours to get there, but we did some site seeing on the way. The falls were spectacular, and she worn out 2 rolls of film, taking pictures. We spent half of the day there, and then headed out for Mackinaw Island. We stopped in St Ignace, and took the ferry across to the Island. Shannon was all excited about going there, especially when I told no cars allowed, that you get around on bike or horse and buggy.

We got their late in the afternoon, so we checked into the Grand Hotel. We went to our room, and she could not believe just how beautiful they were. She said that our room looked like one for honeymooner’s. We both were hungry, so we showered together, I love doing that with her, and then dressed up in the clothes that be bought in Vegas. She will make every mans jaw drop when she walks into the dining room. Evening wear is required to dine in the main dining room.

We both had shrimp cocktails for an appetizer, she had roast rack of lamb, and I had prime rib of beef. The meal was excellent, and we were both stuffed. Later we listen to the orchestra play, and danced to the slow songs. I just love showing her off to the other male guest, as most of them were watching us. Finally she whispers in my ear if I don’t hurry and take her to bed, that she will cream her panties right here on the dance floor.

We made love for half of the night, she sucked and fucked me every way she could think of and then a few more. I think she drained out every ounce of sex fluid in me. I know that she must have cum at least 3 times, once all over my face. Finally I call time-out I need a break. God can that woman suck and fuck. She laid there in my arms contented, with my hands on both of her breast. Hard not to leave them alone. It was not long and we were asleep.

We got up in the morning, had breakfast, and did some site seeing and souvenir buying, including their famous fudge, which I love. We headed back to the Hotel, and packed up. Took the ferry back to the truck. She really loved the ferry ride. We got into the truck and went across the bridge heading for Traverse City. It took 3 hours to get there, but we took the scenic route going there, and did some site seeing on the way.

We checked into the Park Place Hotel around 3 pm. We did some site seeing around town for a couple of hours or so, and headed back to the Hotel for dinner. We ate at Minervas restaurant, we had some beer batter onion rings for an appetizer, and Shannon had their famous special Cajun Chicken Linguine, and I had Seafood Mac and Cheese. Man was that ever good. Later on we went up to the Beacon Bar on the 10th floor. Great view, and we watched the sunset. I had a beer and she had a couple of glasses of wine. They had some special entertainment going on that night, so we stayed and enjoyed the music, and did some dancing. Next thing I know it is mid night, and we both had glow on from the booze.

We went down to our room and made long slow passionate love. I carefully worked her over first her ears, then her neck then both breast, her nipples stuck out like pencil erasers. I gave them lots of attention. My hands never touched her pussy at all, just rubbed and massage all the areas around her snatch. Slowly my mouth worked its way down, licking and biting her stomach, and belly button.

Slowly I worked my way down her slit, licking and kissing her pussy lips. She parted her legs, just like Moses did to the Red Sea, to allow me access to her treasures. I tried to licked up all the moisture in her pussy, and then started to work on her clit. She was rocking like a boat on choppy waters.

Pretty soon she get vocal and say OOOOOO GODDDDDD here I go I ggggggoing to cum.

She lets out a squirt that almost drowned me, as her legs did a scissor lock on my head. When she finally releases me, I move up to her and start to kiss her deeply. She breaks the kiss and starts to lick her cum off my face. She grabs me tight and coos in my ear, put in me now I am ready to be fucked. I was ready and did not have to told twice what to do. I pounded away at her pussy with my cock, driving us both towards an orgasm.

After I deposited my cum in her, I rolled off exhausted. She rolled up next to me and just sighed, and we both fell right asleep.

In the morning we had a nice breakfast at their buffet. Pack up the bags and checked out. I loaded up the truck and we head for home. What a great trip that we had. Shannon was all excited about it, and wanted to know where to get all the pictures developed. I told her there is a place in town that does that. We will take the film there Friday.

We got home around noon on Thursday. The dog was glad to see us. We stopped over to the neighbor’s to get the mail and newspapers. I thanked them, and gave them a box of Mackinaw Island fudge for doing that for me.

I was in the kitchen make sandwiches for lunch, and she was on the phone talking with her sister Sarah. She was telling all about our trip, and what a real good time she had. Her sister must have asked a question, because her reply o yes the sex was just great. They chatted about a bunch of things, and they she told her the studio called and said shooting would start a week from next Monday. She gave a shout and said great I can stay here another week.

Friday morning we got up and I got the boat out, and we head out to the Islands to fish for Walleye’s for dinner tonite. Shannon must be good luck, as we ran into a big school of fish, and boated 10 fish and kept the 5 best ones. I stopped at my favorite perch spot, and we caught a couple dozen real nice perch in the 8-10" range. That was enough for dinner, and we head back, and I let her drive the boat home. She just love doing that.

I got the fish cleaned up, Shannon watched me, but no way did she offer to clean any fish. Dinner was set, and the folks got over around 4pm. I introduced them to Shannon, and I think they both were shocked on how beautiful she was. We had a good time went for a boat ride, and again I let Shannon drive, much to my dad’s surprise.

We got back and had cocktails, and Shannon play the good hostess and kept everyone’s drink filled. I cooked the walleye on the grill, and we had fish, coleslaw, tater tots, and ice cream with chocolate sauce. During dinner Shannon told them all about our trip up north, leaving out the sex parts. Mom asked me how long Shannon was staying, and I replied she goes back a week from Sunday. She says how about coming to the country club for dinner next Friday, and I said fine by me.

It was hot Saturday, she sunned herself and then we went swimming, and for a boat ride. By now Shannon was getting a real good sun tan, she was almost golden brown all over. That night I suggested that we sleep on the beach. She looked stunned and said can you do that. I said sure why not.

I went and dug a deep hole and got a lot of drift wood for a fire. Then got out the bug spray and sprayed the area where we were going to sleep real good. I got out some hot dog, Jiffy popcorn, and marshmallows to cook over the fire. We had a great time doing that. She was drinking wine and I was drinking lemonade, as a beer did not sound good with that type of food.

I zipped together 2 sleeping bags and put down some plastic wrap for the bags to lay on. I also got a couple of sheets for inside the bag. It was still hot out in the mid 70's, just after darkness had settled over us.

I had the dog out there with us, and Shannon said won’t she run away. I said nope she prolly will sleep right on the sleeping bag with us. Besides she will warn us if any strangers come by.

We brushed off the sand best as possible, and crawled into the sleeping bag. It was not long and she was stripped naked and rubbing my cock. She cooed in my ear this so erotic and I am soaking wet, please make love to me now. She pull my suit off me, and I rolled on top of her, and inserted my pecker into her soaking wet pussy. We fucked like mad till we both had orgasm.

It was the middle of the night, and I was asleep, all of a sudden I feel her sucking my cock. I woke up and look, and the sleeping bag cover is off us, and she is sucking away. I just groaned as she worked my cock over. Her tongue lathered my shaft and sack. She must be able to taste her self on me from our earlier session. She moved her tongue up to my cum hole, and gently worked the tip of her tongue over my slot. That sent shivers down my shaft.

Here we were on the beach middle of night, naked as jaybirds, with the stupid dog next to us snoring out loud, and she is giving me one of the best blow jobs ever. I said honey you keep that up and I am going to explode. She looked at me, and just kept right on sucking my cock. Soon my nuts started to boil, and I pumped her mouth full of premium fluids. She drained my tank dry. She sat back on her legs, and ask just how did that feel?

Now what could I say, I was total spent from that blow job and my mouth was dry. I just open my arms for her to come to and I held her tight and said you’re the best.

I woke up in the morning to the sunrise, with us laying outside of the sleeping bag stark naked for all to see if anyone walked by us. The stupid dog had the sleeping bag to herself, and was sound asleep. I grabbed the sheet to cover us up with, and laid there with Shannon in my arms, and she was still sleeping.

We laid there till I noticed people walking on the beach, so I nudged her, and said time to get up. She just kind of groaned, and her breath still smelled of cum. I had pulled my suit on, and I told her to wrap the sheet around and go back into the cottage, and I will clean up here.

The rest of the week went fast, we did take the boat out a couple times in the evening and made love on it. She really got off having sex on the boat, in the middle of the bay. We went and got the pictures of our trip north, I had them make double prints, so we both had a set of pictures.

I took off early on Thursday, and I took her shopping for a new outfit to wear Friday night. She picked out a robin blue dress, that hugged her curves, and was fairly low cut, but not enough that my mother might disapprove of it. White shoes and hand bag finished the outfit. She looked very stunning in the dress. Friday I dropped her off to my mother’s hair dresser in the afternoon to get her hair done.

Friday night we meet the folks out to the club. Both of my sisters were there with their husband’s. When we walked in at 7 pm the whole place just stared at Shannon. She was a vision of beauty, and loveliness. Of course I am bias on that. I had to laugh at my 2 brother-in-laws, they gawked at Shannon all through dinner. We had a great meal and a good time, and mom love introducing us to all of her friends. The look on their faces, when she told them that Shannon was an actress, was just priceless.

As we walked out dad and the brother-in-laws escorted Shannon, I walked with my 2 sisters, and mom brought up the rear gabbing with her friends. Sister Beth says to well brother dear, I don’t know how you did it, but Shannon is simple a gorgeous women, but what she sees in you I will never know. I responded gee thanks Beth, I love you also. Brenda always comes right to the point. She said kid (I hate when she calls me that) Shannon is a rare and beautiful find, don’t fuck it up. I said thanks Brenda I really appreciate the vote of confidence. We all walked out the door and said our goodbyes, and Shannon gave hugs to all, and we left.

Finally Sunday came and I took her out to the airport for her flight back to LA. She had tears in her eyes as we said our goodbyes. And as she boarded the plane I whispered bye Shannon I am going to miss you.

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