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all of us have fetishes. you just have to find the right person to help you release them. my fetishes were released a little while after i met my boyfriend. it all started about a year ago...

it was late at night and he was drunk. i was also very horny. we starting having our usual sex when i wanted to get a little rough. i figured he wouldn't remember anything in the morning. so i said, "baby, get rough with me."
"well how rough you want me to get? you want me to fuck you really hard?" he asked as he began fucking me really hard. "do you want me choke you?" he asked and i nodded my head, getting more and more excited by the minute. and he put his hand on my troat and began choking me. then i told him i wanted it more rough than that. of course he was amazed cause i was never like this during sex. he was always trying to get me to play with myself and i never would. so i told him that i wanted it more rough. "well what do you want me to do? you want me to slap you?" i nodded my head vigorously and he slapped me across the face. "harder" i told him and he did it harder. i could feel myself climaxing. i kept tellin him harder and harder and kept doing what i had asked until i came and came. i reached down and started playing with my self. he loved it. i did too. i told him i wanted him to fuck me from behind and he flipped me over and rammed it in. then i realized one of my biggest fetishes. spanking. it turns me on more than anything in the world. i told him to slap my ass. when he did i came instantly. i told him to keep doing it and hard.

from that point on our sex life has been very interesting. spanking me actually turns him on too. last night we were laying in bed naked and he smaked my ass and kept doing it and doing it. it turned me on so much and i got so wet just laying there. he got a hard on as well. i love it when we are having sex and he tells me that i am his whore and i have to do anything that he says. it makes me feel dirty and for some reason that turns me on.

another thing that turns me on. is when he fuckes me when i am sleeping. well, he thinks that i am sleeping. i will roll over while he is playing video games and act like i am asleep. so when he is ready for bed i hear him turn everything off. (this happened last night too) he got back into bed and pulled the covers off of me, i could feel him looking at my naked and vulnerable body. then i felt his hand caress my ass sliding down my thigh then up the inside of my thigh until i feel it hit my wet pussy. he rubs it making it even more wet. then i feel him slide in one finger and kiss my neck. he slides his finger in and out slowly as to not wake me up. he rolls me over on to my back and i let my head flop against the pillow. he spreads my legs wide and climbs in between them as he lowers his head to my delicate folds and begins flicking them with his tounge and fingering me at the same time. i am so turned on my this that i want to moan and push myself up into his mouth and tell him how good it feels but i can't. cause the realization that he thinks i am sleeping turns me on as well. when he has had his fill of my taste he moves up and postions his cock and the opening to my sweetness and gently slides it in. he starts out slow trying to keep me asleep as he fucks me. then he rolls me over on to my stomach with my legs spread wide and gently lifts my hips to his cock as he slides it in again. then he starts to get carried away and fucks me harder and harder until he is satisfied and cums making sweet noises of pleasure. when he is done he gives my ass a light smack and rolls over and goes to sleep.

sometimes i do it do him when he is sleepin to. only he really is asleep until i climb on top. see what i do is position him on his back then i lay next to him on my back and i take his hand. i put his hand in between my legs moving his fingers until i am really wet and after i have teased myself long enough then i slide his fingers in me. i finger fuck myself with his hand. i get so turned on by what i am doing that after i cum, i use his hand to give myself the shocker. for those of you who don't know what that is...its the index and middle finger in the pussy, the ring finger bent and the pinky in the ass. i love this. i start out slow then i start jamming them in really hard and really fast. then i get up on my knees with the shocker still in and put his elbow on the bed and ride his hand like it was a dick. omg i am getting so horny just sitting here writing this. as a matter of fact. i am going to go downstairs and strip off my cloths and make him fuck me and spank me and slap the shit out of me and call me his dirty little whore right now. and then when he falls asleep, im going to fuck him again. cause if i give him head while he's sleeping he gets a hard on and i can fuck him with out waking him up.

oh and just to let you all know, my next thing that i am going to get him to do, is to buy aj dildo and double stuff me.


2005-04-13 12:30:16
Great Fucking Storie, I loved it I wish I was your boyfriend. Keep up the great work and let me know when you post another story please,thanks..


2005-04-06 00:44:12
You've got the right ideas. My problem was that there was no real development to the story. No real beginning middle or end. You have talent, it simply needs to be refined. Perhaps, a bit more suspense... More physical contact? Just my thoughts. I've not been published so, what do I know? I know that I am addicted to reading, literature of all sorts. Keep plugging!!!!! 'All good things come from hard work and dedication!' - piercedtwins

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