A mother's obsession with cum takes her down the rabbit hole, and she takes her family with her

"I can't believe I'm doing this."

In my hands, I held a pair of bright red panties-- MY bright red panties. I brought the rolled up mess to my nose and inhaled deeply.

"Oh god! His cum smells so... so fucking good!"

I put my finger to a puddle that formed in one of the crevices. Its warm slick texture told me that my son's love juice had not long ago emptied from his balls, drenching the skimpy lingerie. I imagined the red panties wrapped around his cock, my boy pumping furiously over his hardness. The vision made my heart pound faster.

Sucking my finger, I tasted the spoils of my son's passion. Did cum always taste this good? Or is this forbidden act fooling my taste buds? I had to have more. I licked greedily at the panties, sucking up a large portion of the spend. The taste brought out an excitement that I hadn't felt before. My pussy demanded attention.

I took the panties and rubbed myself with them, imitating how my son handled his own desire. The cum-soaked material felt naughty so close to my sex. It seemed only natural to put the material inside me, connecting my son's pleasure to my own. I felt a rush as my cunt fully enveloped the fabric, the realization that part of my son's cum still clinging to it. Wildly, I rubbed my clit, automatically bucking my hips to the pleasure slowly enveloping me. I exploded suddenly, squirting my own passion on the floor below.


My daughter was standing at the door, her eyes fixated on my panty-stuffed opening, lewdly on display. She must have had a good view from the doorway.

"You *really* love your underwear!"

"Cindy!" I groaned, trying to catch my breath. "I thought we agreed you would knock before entering my room?" I reached into my pussy and slowly pulled out the panties, shivering slightly from the stimulation.

"Umm... your door was open, mom."

Shit! In my excitement from seeing the abused panties lying in my hamper, I must have forgotten to close the door behind me!

"Well, I take it you didn't mind the show?" I laughed, noticing her stare was still fixated on my sex.

She snapped out of her hypnosis, and brought her eyes to mine, her face starting to color with embarrassment. I stepped into my soaked panties and pulled them up.

"Me... and El... are going... to the pool." Cindy spoke slowly.

"Uh-huh?" I tried to encourage her to speak her mind faster. "You and El are going to the pool... and?"

"Are those the ones you bought last week?" Cindy was looking at my body again as I secured the matching red bra to my naked tits.

"Yes, honey. Doesn't it look good on me?"

I spun around so she could see the full ensemble. She was hypnotically staring again and admittedly, I felt a little guilty letting her see me in this state of undress.

Cindy had once before caught me in a private moment. My husband Jonathan and I were going at it- him fucking me hard from behind. I was screaming into my pillow when Cindy opened the door to our bedroom. I wouldn't have noticed her standing there if my husband hadn't stopped his brutal pounding. I lifted my head to see what was going on, and saw her standing there, wide-eyed. I simply told her that mommy and daddy sometimes like to play in bed and that she had to promise to always knock before entering our room.

"Did you ever try on the pair I got for you?" I casually asked my daughter, referring to our shopping trip last week. My question was dually purposed to bring her back down to earth. She really seemed to be taken back by my behavior... not that I blamed her. Until recently, it was very unlike me.

"Not yet mom. I'll go try them on now!"

"Woah, wait a minute. I thought you were going to the pool?"

"Oh yeh. Me and El are going to the pool," she repeated.

"Uh-huh. You already told me that..."

"Can J.R. drive us?" She hurriedly spat out, finally.

Junior hated his name and always went by J.R. It somewhat bothered me that he rejected the name his father gave him.

Junior had just gotten his driver's license, but I had grounded him after he got a speeding ticket. Though... ever since I learned he was masturbating into my panties, I found it especially difficult to discipline him. In fact, I found it very difficult not to act completely different around him. With my husband gone on business most of the year, Junior was starting to fill a conceptual role as my forbidden lover. But the state of things was worse than even that. When I found out about my son's dirty little hobby, it caused something in me to snap. I was now completely obsessed with cum. The gooey white substance seemed to take on a new meaning for me. It represented all the pleasure and sex that I had been missing out on since I ended my wild ways almost 15 years ago.

"Is Jake going with you?" I asked my daughter, pulling up my skirt and wiggling them over my hips. My soaked red panties could be seen peeking out above them.

"Didn't he go to the skate park or something?" my daughter replied, still a little dazed.

I remembered now... I had heard Jake's voice yelling out about something earlier, after which the front door slammed. I had recently started to let my children do their own thing, for the most part, uninhibited by their mother. They've been dreadfully sheltered until now, and I felt the need to liberate them a little. The same way that I was feeling liberated myself (though in a different, sexual way), caused by recent events with my eldest son. Junior didn't know that I knew his nasty secret, but I had plans to reveal this knowledge soon enough. I was tired of waiting for him to deposit a load of his spunk in my dirty laundry. I needed my fix sooner, and more often. Much more often.

I pulled on my tank top. These new clothes made me look and feel much younger.

"Okay sweetheart. Junior can drive you, but he needs to come right back. I need him to help me with some things this afternoon."

"Thanks mom!" Cindy ran over and hugged me. "When did you get to be so cool?" She smiled.

"Hey, there's no need for more ass-kissing missy," I smiled back, realizing that I just said 'ass' for the first time in front of her. "Just make sure you take my cellphone with you. Call the house when you're ready to be picked up."

Cindy left excitedly, almost forgetting to grab my cell phone on the dresser.

Part of me knew it was dangerous for a 14 year old girl and her 13 year old sister to be going out to the pool by themselves. Especially with how much attention boys (even grown men!) gave them. But with how often they liked going to the pool, I decided it was time to put some trust in them. I taught them the rules for when they went out: They were to stay in constant view of the life guard, who also happened to be the son of one of my clients. I made him promise me that he would nark on my daughters if they were misbehaving. I knew he would have absolutely no trouble keeping an eye on those two either. My youngest, Ella, was still developing; but was already a hottie with brown wavy hair and huge green eyes. Cindy took after me, but kept her shiny blonde hair pin-straight. She already filled out a C-cup, and if she wasn't so naive about sex, she certainly could have used her beauty to her advantage.

Finally being alone in my room again, I stood in the full body mirror and admired my new attire. I looked so... sluty. My mid-thigh skirt displayed my toned legs beautifully, and the way they rode down on my hips let whatever I was wearing underneath come through. My white tank top was almost too small for me and did an excellent job of showing off my bountiful cleavage. My husband prided in being married to what his friends referred to as a "blonde bombshell", and now I really looked the part. I was gifted genetically yes, but I also had a passion for fitness. In fact, I used to teach dance and yoga when I was younger and still do in-home private training sessions a few times a week. Of course, I practice what I teach religiously.

Even with a body like mine, I hadn't really cared to show it off after I became a mother. It had seemed natural to dress my age, especially so that I could fit in with the other mothers in my neighborhood. Now with my sudden change in wardrobe, I worried about my social life and what people would think. Not to mention how my husband would take it. He was due to come home tomorrow after a 2-week long consulting gig. I had briefly considered hiding my new vulgar attire until he was away on his next assignment, but I decided I liked the new me. A lot. No, he would just have to get used to it; sure, the clothes would take some time for him to adjust to, but I was certain he'd love my new lingerie.

The "new me" emerged just over a week ago from doing something as mundane as laundry. I was putting my dirty linens into piles to be washed, when I noticed a sticky substance on my hand. At first, I didn't think much of it; but then I became concerned that I accidentally spilled something, and wondered if I needed to spot-treat a stain. When I finally found the source of the wetness on my previously worn panties, I was really confused.

It didn't take long for me to figure things out. There was really only one obvious explanation. The smell of the wetness was one that my husband made sure I was very familiar with, and it gave it away. I was mad at first, except I didn't know how to broach my anger… especially since I didn't know who to put the blame on.

I knew Jake and Junior both masturbated regularly. Jake was almost 2 years younger than Junior, and he was really late to discover himself. It was only a year ago when he came running in to my room, shaken up from something. It took some persuasion, but eventually he confided that something just wasn't right about his "thingie". He said he had accidentally wet the bed, except it was different this time, and he was "positive" he would need medical attention. Of course I freaked out, and made him show me his discharge. When I saw the puddle of sperm on his pillow, I just couldn't stifle my laugh, embarrassing my poor boy. Now that I think about it, I never did give him a lecture on the "birds and the bees" like I promised him I would that night. Jake still humps his pillow raw to this day, no doubt clueless as to what he's really doing. I've already resolved to teach him how to masturbate properly. After all, I would consider it my fault if he got a friction burn on his delicate nether-regions, simply because he lacked the education to know any better.

That's how I knew it was Junior's cum in my panties that day. Junior knew all about what his hand could do for him; but what he didn't know was how obvious the slicking sounds are when a well-oiled penis is stroked properly. For a while I heard that age old fapping sound, until I eventually stopped buying baby oil. Back then, I reasoned I needed to curb his almost obsessive behavior. Ironically I'm now trying to figure out how to encourage the opposite. He should be taking advantage of the retentive powers of his youth, not suppressing it!

Sitting in my dirty laundry pile that day, thinking about my sons jacking themselves off and staring for the first time at my spoiled panties, did something to me that I didn't expect. It turned me on. Oh sure, I freaked out at first, my anger turning to my husband. He had insisted on child proofing everything: from the internet to the TV; everything was locked down. My son had nothing else to get off on but his boring old mother's cotton panties.

I felt a little self-conscious after that. There was nothing special about my undergarments. They were far from sexy. In fact, my son's cum looked misplaced plastered to them. I'm not sure why, but I resolved then that I would give him something worthy of masturbating into.

I remember that afternoon well:

"What are you going to the mall for, mom?" Cindy asked between bites of her sandwich. I had gathered my children for lunch and had told them I was going out.

"Just buying some new undergarments, dear."

Jake pretended not to hear me, but Junior almost choked on his milk. I tried desperately not to smile. I didn't want him to think he was the reason for my sudden need to go shopping.

"Oh. Well, if you're going to the mall, I'm coming too!"

"Me too!" Ella chimed in. Ella followed Cindy everywhere. The two were practically inseparable.

I thought about putting up a fuss. I didn't want them tagging along to where I was planning on going. But I also didn't like the idea of going to the mall alone. Shopping was meant to be a social activity.

When we arrived to the mall, I asked something of my girls that I never would have dreamed of doing before: I asked them if they wanted to split up and go shopping by themselves for a little bit. They were elated at the request, and I was relieved. "Dr. John's Emporium" specialized in risqué lingerie, and the last thing I wanted was for my kids to catch me patronizing a store like that.

Dr. John's had all that I wanted there, and more. Perusing the lingerie, trying to think which ones would excite my son the most, was incredibly electrifying. I didn't hold back. I went to the raunchiest racks I could find, picking out shelf bras and crotch-less panties. Then I got selfish, and realized I needed a little more material in order to capture his load properly.

I had a few items picked out when I got the first surprise of the day.

"Mom, can we borrow your credit card?"

I almost jumped out of my skin. Cindy was standing behind me with her sister, both of them holding items from the store.

"What are you two doing here?! I thought we agreed to split up?"

"We did, and are... after we get your credit card." Cindy held out her hand. "Please?"

I was dumbfounded. Dr. Johns sells lingerie for teenagers? My daughters were interested in buying some? I grabbed the items from Cindy's hand before she could protest my curiosity.

"What are you getting? ... Hold on, do these really say 'slut' on them?" Disturbed, I held out a pair of skimpy white panties with 'slut' written across the top.

"All the popular girls wear them!" she insisted.

"Do you even know what a... what this means?"

"Mo-om. It's just a brand!"

Concerned for my youngest now, I snatched Ella's items from her, causing her to flail her arms wildly in an attempt to seize them back.

"Sweetheart, I'm not giving you my card without approving the purchase first."

Looking through Ella's selection, I was relieved to see they were fairly tame, though far sexier than what a 13 year old should be wearing.

"Girls, why don't you leave your items here and let me pick something out for you instead..."

"Something like these?" Cindy had my shelf bra pinned up to herself, posing. I ashamedly thought about how amazing she would actually look in something like that considering the size of her assets. "These *can't* be comfortable," she continued.

"Okay, that's enough." My face flushed at my daughter finding my choice in underwear. I reclaimed the lingerie and grabbed my basket from her prying eyes.

"You two realize I'm about done. Are you sure you didn't have anywhere else you wanted to go?"

Ella gasped, "No mamma, we're going to Ambercrombie!" She grabbed her sister's hand. "Comeon!"

Now that I had been distracted by my daughters, I resigned myself from looking at more sex-wear. I hadn't intended on bringing in my innocent daughters to a store inspired by my new vamped fantasy, and I was still flustered that they had caught me. So, I headed off to find the teen section, intent on returning my daughters' selection of items.

The slut panties were the first to go back. I couldn't believe the designer responsible for producing this product. Some of the text available on this brand of underwear were quite explicit, ranging from "I (heart) c**k" to "pu**ylicious"

Placing my daughters' selection back on the rack felt wrong. I felt guilty, hypocritical. My daughters were good girls, always modest and polite. Maybe it was time for me to let them grow up a little. If they bottled up their sexual frustration like I did, they were sure to do something just as stupid as I was planning. I had no choice-- I took back the slut panties and returned them to my basket, resolving to no longer infringe on my daughters' personal choices again. Although, I did find it curious as to why Cindy picked out push up bras like her sister had. Her breasts were already too large for her petite frame. Pushup bras would make her look comical. I decided to buy her some lingerie that would let her natural curves do all the seducing for her.

A little too transparent than what I wanted, but finding the cut just right, I picked a rather expensive lacy black combo that I knew my eldest daughter would look amazing in. Of course, I knew Ella would be jealous and accuse me of favoritism, so I bought her something too. Something I knew would make her look much older than she was, and in a naughty way.

Secretly, I got a thrill from picking out things I knew would make my daughters irresistible. Then, as if the devil reached in and plucked my soul out through my cunt, I had a realization: The more visual stimulus I provided my sons, the more fodder for their nasty pastime.

The panties, I realized, were just the prize to be won. I needed to bait my sons with visual excitement, and for that, I needed a new wardrobe. My modest daughters would need new wardrobes too.


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Great start!

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Story line developing too slowly. The buying od sexy under garments could have been accomplished in at least half of the line you devoted to it. I hope in the next story or stories you tighten up on the narrative and get down to the details you want to accomplish.

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