Robbie and I 2 All parts of this story are true, the names have not been changed, but I will not divulged more than that, no cities or last names. If reading about Male/teen male sex bothers you then I suggest you do not read this story. If you have not read Robbie and I, I would suggest that you do so, I think you’ll like it.
It was a week before I saw Robbie again, and he was going to be sleeping over to hang out with Yogi (my step-daughter). I was excited to say the least, but had no idea if anything was going to happen. Robbie showed up around 8pm, and he Yogi went downstairs to play video game and watch some movies. I knew they were going to be up late and I was up early that morning so I figured nothing was going to happen.
I fell asleep on the couch after Stephanie had gone to bed, I woke up around 2am and the house was quiet, I got up to let the dog out and grab a drink of water. As I was taking my drink, I heard someone coming up the stairs and to my delight it was Robbie as he whispered, “hi”. I returned the hi with a wink and Robbie smiled, my dick got hard

“I’m not sure how much time we got Mike, but I really want to suck your cock”, he whispered again. Fuck I like it when he says cock I thought to myself. As he came to me he slip his hand in my shorts, my cock was rock hard, “looks like someone is happy to see me”, he said smiling. Robbie wasted no time in getting to his knees In front of me and slipped my shorts down to my ankles, Robbie grabbed my cock and licked it, I thought for sure I was going to blow my load right on the spot, he put his sweet lips on my cock and started going down on me. In seconds he had my cock wet with saliva and was bobbing his head up and down on my dick, then he took it out and started licking my balls, “ I like that you shave your balls Mike”, said Robbie and he went back to bobbing his head down on my cock, he then stopped and looked at me and smiling he says, “fuck Mike I couldn’t wait to suck you off again and swallow another load or your cum”, “I was thinking about it all week too, Robbie”, I replied.

He kept up his pace knowing that we should hurry up, and after 15 minutes I was telling Robbie I was going to cum and like a champ he sucked me harder till I came in his mouth and he swallowed it all. He got up from his knees, and as I was pulling my shorts back up Robbie leaned in and kissed me, it was soft and sweet, I was frozen at first, but then I took his hand and we kissed again, this time with more passion. As we kissed I could taste my cum on his tongue and lips, I was really liking this and was a little in disbelief that I was doing this, but I was really into this kiss with Robbie. We stopped and broke away, with a smile Robbie turned around to head back downstairs saying, “have a good night Mike see you in the morning”, “you too Robbie, thanks”, I said to him, after letting the dog in I headed off upstairs to bed knowing that Robbie and I would continue our intimacy.
The next morning I woke up around 9am, Stephanie was gone to work and both Yogi and Robbie were still sleeping. I knew Yogi had somewhere to be that in a couple hours so I decided to start waking her up so she can start getting ready. About 30 minutes later Yogi was in the shower, I was cooking breakfast and Robbie was coming up the stairs. Robbie asked me where Yogi was going. I answered that she was going to help some girls from school raise funds for their basketball team. “Oh”, he said looking surprised and confused. “Don’t worry buddy you and I can find something to do around here”, smiling as I said it. Robbie was smiling too. Yogi can downstairs and we all ate breakfast and afterwards Robbie helped Yogi do the dishes as I cleaned up around the house by making the beds and starting a few loads of laundry and putting away clean clothes.

Yogi left and it was just Robbie and I, we just looked at each other for a few seconds till he asked, “now what?” “Well we can both take a shower since neither one of us has done so, how does that sound?” I replied. “Oh I like that” Robbie said with a naughty smile. I made sure all doors were locked and we headed upstairs, we got undress in my room and for the first time I saw Robbie naked, his skin was white and smooth looking, he had little body hair and what hair he had was so blond that it was almost not visible, he had a cute little ass and his dick which was hard was about 3-4 inches, as I said before he was small for a 15 year old boy and standing there naked he looked 2 to 3 years younger.

I got hard looking at him and we headed off to the shower together, we took turn soaping each other with Robbie doing me first, he washed me all over and even rubbed my asshole while he was stroking my cock, I was wondering to myself were he learned about that, hell I wondered after 2 great blowjobs where he had learned that. After I was cleaned up I turned him around with his back to me and I started washing him, as I was lathering him he started to breathe deeper, seeing this I knew he liked it and really wanted to get him hotter. I continued to wash him and was coming back up his legs; I had left his cock, balls and ass till last. I washed his hips and inner thighs and then his balls; Robbie was grinding his ass on my cock as I started stroking his cock with my soapy hands, then as I continued to stroke his cock and moved my other hand between his ass cheeks and slowly rubbed his little hole, Robbie started rocking harder against my finger and moaned as it slipped in to my surprised. I keep fingering his hole as I jerked his cock and Robbie reached back to find my dick and started to stroke it. “Michael I want to suck your cock again please” Robbie said before we were about to blow our loads. “Let’s finish this in the bedroom” I told him, we got out of the shower and we toweled ourselves and quickly went to the bedroom and on the bed.

Robbie had me lay back with my legs spread open, he went down on me, licking my shaft and balls, and then he pushed my legs further back and started licking my asshole. Fuck me I thought to myself, I like this boy; he got my hole nice and wet then stuck his finger in my ass and went back to blowing me. Well between his tongue, finger, and the hot shower we took it didn’t take long before I was blowing another load down his throat. But after he swallowed he climbed on top of me and kissed me with some of my cum still in his mouth, there was no hesitation on my part and we shared a cum kiss, my first and I was loving it, where did Robbie learn this stuff?

My head was fucking spinning when I caught Robbie looking at me funny. “What is it Robbie?” I asked. “Mike I’ve never been giving a blowjob, would you be willing to suck my cock? You don’t have to swallow; I just want to know what it feels like”, he asked. “Robbie I’ve never suck a cock before but I would love to suck your cock” I said to him, I leaned him back on the bed and started stroking his dick as I kiss him, I broke our kiss and moved to his nipples as I kept stroking his dick. Robbie’s back arched off the bed a bit as I sucked his nipple, taking a deep breath as he did. Then I moved down to his cock and with stopping to think or hesitate I took his cock into my mouth. Robbie moaned loudly as I sucked his cock, he tasted sweet and clean. His cock fit perfectly in my mouth with lots of room to suck him in and out. I’m not sure how good I was doing but Robbie didn’t last long warned me he was about to cum, I started to suck him harder as I decided I was going to taste his cum and swallow his load. Robbie’s ass lifted off the bed as he moaned loudly again and came in my mouth. I could feel his cum pulsing through his dick as I tasted cum from a cock for the first time; he’s cock pulse about 3 times with a little shot afterwards. I swallowed his cum and enjoyed the taste if his young seed, I looked up and Robbie’s eyes were closed and he was still gripping the bed sheets, I smiled knowing that he had enjoyed it.

After he was done cumming I removed my mouth from his dick, moved close to his face and while his eyes were closed kissed him hard and he responded by kissing back passionately. After we broke our kiss we looked at each other and smiled knowingly. As we got dressed I asked Robbie where he had learned some of the things he had done, like; cum kissing, rimming, fingering. “I learned that from stuff I read on the internet and porn videos that I’ve seen” he said to me. “What kind of videos are you looking at and what kind of stuff are you reading Robbie? Is it gay porn?” I asked. “Ya Mike, this guy I met online a few months ago sent me the links to some stuff and sent me a video of guys like my age doing stuff” he answered. “Really?” was all I could answer, Robbie said that he would send me some of this stuff to my email.

Fully dressed we kissed again then went downstairs. Before opening the door Robbie asked me if we can keep doing stuff, I told him I would like to do more, but we’ll have to make plans here and there, cause we won’t always have days like this. Robbie said he wanted to do more and said he really liked getting his cock sucked. As I opened the door we said our goodbyes for the day, I watched Robbie kind of skipping home and I started thinking how I really enjoyed sucking his cock and was looking forward to the next time we can hang out.

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