A mother's obsession with cum takes her down the rabbit hole, and she takes her children with her. (cont...)

I heard Junior come through the door from after dropping off his sisters at the pool, and I called out to him.

"Junior! I'm in the basement. I need your help!" Our finished basement was basically used for one thing: my bi-daily workouts. It was grossly underutilized.

"Hey mo- mom?" Junior stopped at the door. His voice told me he was uncomfortable by my attire, but his eyes told me his discomfort was in a good way. I was bent over a coffee table when he came in, pretending to get ready to move it.

"Er... Rick is coming by later. Er... in a few minutes."

"Good, then you two can move all this heavy furniture!"

I sat down on the coffee table, and crossed my legs letting my skirt ride up my toned thighs.

"Did you take the girls to the pool?"

"Yeh, I thought I was grounded--"

"You are. But you need more practice driving, too." I laughed at the contradiction. "I'll let you drive where you want once you show me you are responsible again. So far so good," I winked.

"What are you doing in here anyway?" he asked.

"Ah! I thought this summer we would enjoy having some movie nights together as a family. I'm setting up a theater room!"

"Ug," Junior grunted, rolling his eyes. I admit I was a little offended.

"What? You don't want to spend time with your family?" I asked bitterly, crossing my arms and purposely pushing up on my breasts. "You'll be going to college in a few years, the least you can do is spend some time with your siblings before you fly the coop."

"Fine... But I get to pick the movies, last time--"

"--actually," I interrupted, "I thought we'd take turns picking them out, starting from the oldest going down. Since your dad isn't here, that makes me the oldest. I get to pick the one out for tonight."

Junior didn't look too sure of this arrangement, so I decided to give him a preview of what I was planning: "Tonight I thought we'd watch '40 going on 20'"

Junior's mouth dropped. R-rated movies were forbidden in our house, and this was very rated "R". It was a raunchy comedy about a middle aged man going through a mid-life crisis. He tries to reinvent himself by going back to school and starting a fraternity. It was just released on DVD, and the commercials for it were quite titillating.

"Don't worry," I said, pretending to misinterpret his body language. "Next time will be your turn to choose."

Just then the doorbell rang. Junior went upstairs to let in his friend. Rick was pretty outgoing, but quite geeky in comparison to my son. Junior was in a video game phase, and apparently Rick was an expert about such things. Normally, Junior would be out skating with his brother Jake, but he had twisted an ankle in an accident and was waiting to recover.

After a brief moment, the two came down the stairs to where I was sitting. I had uncrossed my arms, and was sitting upright with my hands grasping the end of the coffee table. I knew in this pose, my arms would smash my breasts together and make them strain against my top.

"Oh good, the cavalry has arrived!"

Rick and Junior stood at the entrance and struggled to keep their eyes off of the display I was putting on.

"What do you think?" I asked of the two bashful boys.

"Very nice," Rick stammered, now gawking at my breasts.

"So you think this'll make a good movie room then?" I smiled.

"Uh, yup." Now that I had clarified my question, Rick was caught off guard, and quickly tried to play it off by looking around the room like he was surveying it.

Junior looked on in awe, as if wearing a skirt and tank top was somehow scandalous! I was just getting started.

"Comeon' you two. Stop standing around, and help me move this!"

After about an hour things had started to come together for my movie room. The boys brought in an old 60" projection TV from storage, and I had them get 2 of the love seats that nobody sat on anymore and bring them in. The loveseats wouldn't fit all six of us, so I knew I would need to come up with a better arrangement eventually.

"Hey, stop fidgeting down there," I teased, and wiggled a little.

Junior was holding my legs while I tried to hang some curtain rods. I was going to get some red velvet curtains later to give the room an official theater-like feel. I had convinced Junior it would be better for him to hold on to my legs rather than the chair I was standing on to keep me steady.



"Rick! Screw?"

Rick was standing next to me with the hardware for the curtain rod, and a screwdriver. I guess he wasn't paying attention, because it took him a minute to register what I was really asking for.

"Oh, sorry Mrs. Wilkins!"

Rick handed me a screw and screwdriver.

"Lift me up a little more honey?" I asked Junior, catching him staring at my ass. He struggled to lift me from the stool, but eventually got me higher by standing on his tippy-toes. His hands were beginning to slide up my thighs and under my skirt.

"Almost got it!"

And with a final twisting motion, my body became too much for Junior to keep hold of. I came crashing down, with Junior doing his best to break my fall.

"Ouch! Are you okay baby?"

I had landed on top of Junior's torso, my legs splayed on either side of him. "Oh brother. Of course this would happen," I thought.

"I'm okay-- I'm--"

Junior's eyes rested on my skirt, which had ridden up significantly. Both Junior and Rick could see the lacy red panties that now just barely hid my womanhood in a "camel-toe" wedgie. Junior's eyes widened in recognition of what I was wearing underneath my skirt-- this very pair of undies were something he had earlier in the day became intimately familiar with.

"Are you sure you're okay? You look a little dazed" I laughed, bringing up my hand to meet Rick's.

"Thank you Rick! Such a gentleman," I smiled at him, taking his hand and getting to my feet.

Rick tried to meet my gaze, but blushed away. I realized I was now standing directly over Junior, giving him the view of his life. Taking advantage of the situation, I adjusted my panties before pulling down my skirt and moving off to the side of Junior.

Junior did some "adjusting" of his own, and sat up. Rick and I came over to help lift him, but he shook his head.

"I think I need a breather" Junior panted, unwilling to stand. I couldn't help but to smile wickedly, knowing full well he was trying to hide an erection.

"I understand sweetheart. Why don't I get us some drinks? I'll be right back."

"Woah, dude. Woooahh!" I heard Rick whisper as I walked up the stairs. Rick was clearly enjoying the whole experience, but I didn't know what to think about that. As much as I enjoyed his attention, Rick was an unknown, a risk. I knew that Junior would not be able to relax as much as I needed him to with his friend hanging over his shoulder. On the other hand, Rick was an opportunity. I could use him to indirectly tease Junior. Seeing the panic in my son's face when he saw those same spoiled red panties hugging my body, made me think Junior wasn't ready for any direct teasing just yet. God, I wish I could read his mind sometimes!

I took my time to make some lemonade so that the sexual tension in the room could cool before I made my return. When I finally did, the two boys were laughing about something, but became quite once I made an appearance.

"Okay, now you have to tell me,” I said between sips of my lemonade.

"What?" Junior asked, now draped over the loveseat. Rick was sitting on the coffee table positioned in the middle of the theater room.

"About what you two thought was so funny before I came back..."

The two looked at each other, not sure what to say. Junior decided to try and deflect the question.

"Nothing mom, just some inside joke."

"Oooh, I like jokes," I insisted.

"Aw, mom..." Junior pouted.

I turned to Rick. I knew I had some control over him.

"Rick? Spill it."

"Um... So, J.R. was just saying that it wasn't fair that I got to see-- well, that he should get to see my mom's-- I mean, we thought you could maybe come by and give my mom some fitness lessons fir-- sometime."

"Oh? How come? Does your mother enjoy exercising?" I asked, trying to figure out what the hell Rick just said.

"No!" They both said together, laughing afterwards. I already knew the answer to this too. I met Rick's mom once, she is... Well, let's just say, everyone can benefit from exercise, but Rick's mom needed special attention.

"Oh, I see..." I said, giving them a silly look.

"It's just that, you're not like... like... You're not how most moms are. You know?"

"No I don't. Are you saying I'm abnormal?" I tried to sound like I was offended, but it came out sounding sarcastic.

"You're hot" he blurted.

"Thanks!" I said, not missing a beat, and turning to the side. "You don't think I have too much junk in the trunk?"

"No way!" Rick enthusiastically replied, not realizing I was only poking fun of him. "Your... It's perfect," he continued a little more quietly. Then his eyes went up my body to rest on my chest.

"Oh god. Too much weight up top, then?!" I asked in the most urgent voice I could muster, and cupped my boobs.

"Heck no! ...It's just... How did you... I mean, did you get--"

"--Seriously Rick," I interrupted, getting impatient with his muddled sentences. "These babies are the real deal. Haven't you seen Cindy? She's got 'em too. Ella will in another year or so..."

"Oh yeh, Cindy has..."

I waited for him to finish his sentence this time. Hopefully he could do it without stuttering.

"I heard they get saggy when you get older," he quickly changed the subject, but blushed at the new path it took him. I gasped at the bluntness of it.

"Ug, Riiiick!" Junior finally spoke up, entering the conversation and sounding outraged, if not embarrassed on his friend's behalf.

"It's okay honey. Rick is of the age where he is curious about these things. I'm surprised you haven't asked the same type of questions by now, you know." Not really. Rick was clueless about how to talk to a woman and his question wasn't appropriate, but I definitely hoped Junior would take a page out of Rick's book of confidence.

I reached up and tried to remove my bra under my shirt, pretending to make a deal of it. Then I kneeled in front of Junior, and partly lifted up my shirt. "Could you unhook my bra, dear?"

Junior didn't say a word. He was awestruck by what I was doing. I could see Rick was too. He was eyeing my now visible and brag-worthy fit midsection.

With shaking hands, Junior unclasped the bra, and then sat up attentively.

"See?" I said, maneuvering out of the thin bra from under my tank top, and letting it fall to the floor. "They hold up fine, don't you think?" I lifted my tits up and let them fall back into place. My tank top still covered them, but my shirt was so tight it didn't take much of an imagination to guess how the two mounds of flesh held up to gravity. If the boys knew anything about female anatomy, they would have been able to detect how excited I was getting.

"Can I... Can I see them?" Risk asked quietly. He looked like he was going to pass out.

"Just what do you think this is, mister?" I said teasingly, cupping my breasts and lifting them up again. "Besides, your mother would not approve of me flashing you," I chided.


"Bring me a permission slip, and I'll think about it," I giggled. "Anyway, this is enough education for today. I'm sure you didn't come over to be taught by Junior's dear old mother."

"Also," I continued, not letting Rick protest further, "I have really got to get going. I have some errands to run before dinner. Will you two be alright with the house to yourselves?"

"I don't know mom... We can get pretty rowdy playing our video games..." Junior joked sarcastically, relaxing back into the loveseat.

"Ha-Ha," I mocked, relieved that Junior was still his usual self after this whole ordeal. "I know just how hard it can get when your mother isn't around, so I'll try and hurry back." I returned my son's sarcasm, and threw in some innuendo. As usual, it went right over his head.

"Oh and guys," I turned before heading up. As I expected, they were watching me. "Thanks for your help!"

My bra remained on the floor by my son's feet.

* * *

My husband's job required him to travel 75% of the time. At first I really hated the arrangement, but it had its perks. For one thing, he made good money. Really good money. And for another thing, when he was home, he had a week or two off to catch up and spend time with his family. His work was pretty good at leaving him alone while he was between appointments too, so we had his full attention. Often times, we would use his frequent flier miles to go on exotic vacations together; though recently he had a bit of traveler's fatigue.

Now that my kids were older, I didn't need to be a stay-at-home mom anymore, and was trying to get more clients for the private fitness classes I taught. I didn't need to work, but it kept me busy, and it got me out of the house. Plus, any money I made went to my own bank account to do with as I pleased. I had saved up quite a nice chunk of money with my in-home visits. Every now and again I would splurge and go on a shopping binge. Today was one of those days.

Finding a store to rent movies from was becoming a challenge. Call me traditional, but I don't care to shop online. When I want something, I want it right then, not when the mailman gets around to delivering it. Fortunately, the movie I wanted to rent was just released, so I was able to get it from one of those in-n-out quick rent kiosks.

I was looking forward to starting a new summer tradition of watching movies together as a family. In some way, I wanted to use it as an opportunity to teach my children the ways of the real world. As I said before, my kids are terribly sheltered- clueless about the sexual world that most teenagers were getting use to by now. My husband demanded it this way, mostly because he worried that they had inherited his libido, which has landed him in his fair share of trouble... including getting me pregnant before either one of us were old enough to know what that would really mean. Jonathan was so concerned about his children taking after him (or even me!), that I knew I couldn't tell him about the R rated movie I had just picked up.

It'd be interesting to see if the kids would rat me out to Jonathan about my movie choice. If so, I would feign ignorance. The casualty of all this would be my children's chance to pick out something dirty for their own turn at selecting a movie. I didn't like the idea of restricting my children anymore, but I knew I wouldn't have much choice in the matter once Jonathan got involved.

Still, even with my husband's staunch policies having the potential of ruining my fun; I was looking forward to his return. I needed to be fucked in the worst way. And not just the usual "wham-bam, thank you ma'am" kind of sex that I was recently getting. If Jonathan wasn't going to give me at least three orgasms tomorrow night, I was going to make sure I got them one way or another.

At least that's the resolve I had to remind myself of as I sat in my car in front of the adult novelty store. I hadn't visited one of these types of stores in a long, long time. What if someone recognizes me? Oh god, I'm not wearing a bra! Someone is bound to notice my hard nipples...

Taking a deep breath, I got out of my car and headed inside. To my relief, the store had only two patrons- a young couple, who were giggling at the oversized dildos in the corner. Feeling more relaxed; I perused the isles, familiarizing myself with the sexual accessories that I once knew so well.

Jonathan and I once tried out the BSDM scene when we were young and adventurous. I remembered having some pretty mind-blowing orgasms from being tied up while my then-boyfriend used and abused my body however he pleased. He even threatened to bring over his friends who so readily admitted they were jealous of him, and let them finish me off. Looking through the plentiful bondage gear on display was giving me new ideas. Maybe it was _my_ turn to tie _him_ up? Then he would have to do my bidding until *I* was satisfied. I smiled at the thought of him being bound up until he had to go on his next business trip. His poor cock would be barely able to take a piss when I was done with it. That would be just fine by me too, except I knew my husband was already in for a shock once he saw my new lingerie. I needed to pace myself.

The men's section wasn't really something I had bothered looking through before, but now that I had some naive sons, I decided to take a look at what the sex industry had to offer them. I always thought it was absurd that men needed help getting off, and was surprised there was a market for them in a store like this. Yet what I found in that men's isle excited me like nothing else in the store: Enhancement drugs. No, not the "grow 3 inches in 3 weeks" type of drugs; I mean, drugs meant for old men with ED. One of the drugs was lauded by a supposedly famous pornstar (Ha! as if men could be porn"stars"). The drug touted that not only would it increase the consumer's sex drive, but also greatly increase their cum volume. I had to have it!

I grabbed a few bottles of the drug labeled "Volumaxxx", and picked up a male masturbation device that was supposed to simulate a real pussy. Maybe Jack could try this out instead of his pillow? He would need some lube, of course...

Before long, my basket was full of things for my sons. Or were they supposed to be for my husband? I wasn't sure anymore. What I was sure of: I was fucking horny! It was time to get something for me, so I headed to the section for women. I started to walk past the dildos; I had my trusted blue one at home, I couldn't see why I would need another.

"Can I help you find something?" A dirty blonde girl asked me, giving me a bit of a jump. She looked like she was a walking advertisement for a tattoo parlor.

"What's the best thing you got?" I asked.

"For what, exactly?" She inquired, no doubt a little annoyed at how vague my question was.

"Show me the best of everything,” I replied. I was like a kid in a candy store, and I wanted the full tour.

"Well... The top seller right now is the hibatchi wand," she said, pulling one off the shelf. "Trust me, you want this whether you have a partner or not! It is the corvette of vibrators--"

"--Sold!" I smiled, and took it from her.

"Over here we have swings, and hoists, and specialty chairs... Then over here, we have--"

"--Hold on, what do you recommend from these?"

"Unless you have a room designed for getting freaky, I don't really recommend much... But... I've tried the Sultrachair: it is uh-mazing!" The woman got in the large leather lounger chair and posed provocatively. "Trust me, he will hit you in spots you didn't know you had! It comes with a video tutorial on every position in the kamasutra. This chair makes every position very possible and veeery pleasurable."

She was right, I didn't have room for it in my bedroom, and I wasn't sure I could get away with putting it in the living room, even though it looked very well made and was even stylish. Though the thought of putting furniture designed for sex out in the open made me grin. Only those as perverted as me would know what it was really used for.

"I hear the swings are nice too. We had some rich guy buy a dozen for a sex party. He came back the next week looking for penis pumps! Ha! Anyway, he said the swings were a huuuuuge hit."

"No way! A dozen?" I asked incredulously, trying to picture 13 women tied up to a ceiling by a swing.

"I know, right? That's one freaky party. You shoulda seen this guy: Typical business-suit type. Never would have guessed it. Actually... he did have that red Porsche with the stripper vanity plate cover--"

"--I'll have to think about these some more," I butted in, trying to get her back on track. I was eager to make a purchase.

Eventually, with the help of my tour guide, I had seen everything that the store had to offer. I was ready to checkout, and headed up to the front desk with my items.

"Did you know about the 'Insta-bone' product too?" The cashier asked, scanning in my enhancement pills I selected from the men's section.

"No, I didn't see those on the shelf?"

"Must be out. One second-o..." The cashier reached into a box left by a delivery earlier and pulled out a box of pills. "The reason I mention it is because some of the customers who bought the Volumaxxx said it worked a little too well, and they didn't like the extra cleanup that came with it, if you know what I mean. The Insta-bone has all different ingredients and only targets sex drive, so you don't have to deal with the extra fluids."

"Oh really? Can these products be used together?"

"Hmm, I suppose so, though you wouldn't want to! Volumaxxx will put you on edge all day regardless of how much sex you're having. In fact, the FDA is in the process of reviewing complaints about it. It's definitely a good product if your special friend is having problems down there, if you know what I mean!"

"Yes, I know what you mean. And if my 'special friend' is a-- is as horny as a teenager?"

"Well, let's just say... be prepared to go at it like bunnies on crack. I recommend the hydroglide lube," he winked.

"Interesting. I'll take both pills, please."

"Of course. Thank you for your purchase, and please come again!"

"Oh I will. Thank you"

* * *

I checked the time as I pulled into to the driveway of our modest home. I decided I wouldn't have time to fix dinner, and called for a pizza. After the adult novelty shop visit, I went to a home decor store and picked up more things for the new theater room, then I went grocery shopping, being sure to pick up popcorn and drinks for the movie tonight.

"...and I thought you *liked* your underwear!"

I had just opened the front door, and there was Cindy with my bra dangling from her finger. She had a huge grin on her face.

"You little brat! Give me that!" I playfully chided, putting my bags on the ground. I chased her around the house until Ella came running up the stairs.

"Mommy, mommy! I loooove the new movie room!" She yelled excitedly.

"Oh thanks, sweetheart," I smiled, beginning to forget about recovering my bra from my daughter. "Can you help me set up a few more things for it before the pizza arrives?"

"PIZZA?!" Today was Ella's day. She ran in circles in an attempt to handle her excitement.

"I'm not finished with you missy," I winked at Cindy and picked up my bags.

"Boys! Come help with the groceries!" I yelled up.

Within a few minutes all of my purchases were in the correct place. Ella had found a cock ring that had rolled out of the black plastic bag my adult purchases were in. She thought it was a hair band, and tied her hair up with it. It looked cute, so I didn't stop her. At any rate, I didn't have time to really explain what it was. I was hoping to finish our movie before my nightly call with my husband.

Me and the girls added finishing touches to the movie room while I had the boys clean and set the table for dinner. Eating meals together was something that I insisted on. It gave us all a chance to talk to each other without distractions.

"Guess who I ran into at the grocery store, Junior?" I asked, putting napkins next to the freshly arrived pizza. The kids had already taken a seat and were getting their slices.

"Dr. Steckstein. I told him about your ankle, and he recommended some vitamins to help recover," I lied. I didn't really run into anyone we knew.

"Aw mom, my ankle's fine now. For reals!"

"Maybe so, but I already got the vitamins, and there is absolutely no harm in taking them. You know what? Maybe you should take it with your meal tonight! I forgot to bring them down. Just a minute..."

I stood up and rushed upstairs to the black bag of goodies on my nightstand. Inside were bottles of Volumaxxx and a bottle of Insta-bone. I considered making him take both, but thought it might be cruel. Maybe I should test out the Volumaxxx first. I did not agree with the patrons of the adult store. I was looking forward to the "extra fluids"; in fact, that's why I wanted it. The problem I had now was the label on the bottle. I'm sure the picture of the squirting cock would make it pretty obvious they weren't vitamins. I tried to remove the label, but failed. Remembering a trick Jonathan taught me, I went looking for some WD-40 to apply to the now sticky bottle, hoping I could remove the remaining label cleanly.

"What took you so long, mom?" Junior asked. The other kids piped in, explaining how they were on their second and third slices already.

"I thought I misplaced the bottle, turns out the label somehow came off," I fibbed, hoping my son wasn't smart enough to question me. I sat down to a cold slice of pizza, and ate quickly out of nervousness.

Junior rolled back a pill and took it without so much of a hesitation. He washed it down with a swig of rootbeer.

"That's right honey. Be sure to take one every day. It should help you get nice and healthy. You can have some too Jake, if you want."

Jake shrugged and took a pill. While I was eating, Ella picked up the drugs and looked them over.

"NO!" I screamed, once I noticed Ella had a pill in her hand, intent on ingesting it. Ella froze, and then started to shake. I knew I had upset her, and I quickly tried to recover from my panic.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to react like that. I just... I think these vitamins were specially formulated for males. I don't want to mess up your growing process, sweetheart."

Ella timidly put the pill down on the table. I felt absolutely awful for yelling at her. I wasn't sure if the pills could be taken by women or if it would have negative effects if Ella took one. Now that I had disposed of the label, I wouldn't be able to find out either.

"How was the pool today?" I asked, forcing a smile and changing the subject.

"I can almost hold my breath for 30 seconds!" Ella beamed, forgetting all about my prior outburst.

"Meh," Cindy contributed, "It was okay. Junior was late picking us up, _as usual_," she directed her complaint to Junior, who became defensive.

"Hey, not my fault. Rick needed a ride somewhere. Maybe you should have walked home!"

"Nuh-uh," I jumped in, shaking my head as I swallowed a bite. "I'm sure you noticed by now, but your sisters are hot little things. They are not to walk home alone when they're in their bathing suits. Is that clear?" I sternly reprimanded Junior, though it was uncalled for. Junior was just bickering for the sake of bickering. I knew he knew better, but I wanted to make sure the girls didn't get any bad ideas from him.

"Yeah, mom." Junior said quietly.

"You think we're _hot_?" Ella squeaked, pleased by my comment. She was always picking up on positive things like this.

"Not just hot, sweetie. You two are sexy! I bet you could have any man you wanted wrapped around your cute little fingers."

Ella's mouth dropped open as if she hadn't even considered it.

"Um, which reminds me mom. What's the deal? You're looking really pretty recently," Cindy complimented, and Ella agreed enthusiastically.

"Thank you. One of my clients works as a fashion model, and she suggested I try something new," I lied, for what seemed like the millionth time since I got home. "I've really enjoyed the new feel of these clothes. I was even thinking about taking you two shopping sometime. I'm not sure how I survived the heat before this!"

The girls were on cloud nine at the thought of going clothes shopping. We agreed on a time to go out tomorrow. I asked the boys if they wanted some new clothes too, but as usual, they weren't about to go shopping with us.

"And? How was the skate park?" I asked Jake, he was being particularly quiet tonight. "I haven't seen you all day!"

Jake tried to convince me that all would be much better with a new skateboard. I had planned on surprising him for his upcoming birthday, hoping he could wait it out that long.

"Okay, enough talking. Time for movie!" Junior interrupted, rudely.

"What movie are we watching, mom?" Ella asked.

"It's a surprise."

"'40 going on 20'" Junior blurted, giving it away. Though, I think he revealed the movie just to test me; see if I really picked it up. He looked surprised that I didn't correct him.

Cindy gasped, "We can't watch that! That's rated R."

"That's why I got the unrated version, dear," I reasoned. I was waiting for someone to laugh at the absurdness of my logic, but somehow it made sense to my kids.

I told my kids to make some popcorn and find a seat, I would be down shortly.

After taking a much needed shower and changing into some evening wear, I headed downstairs. The loveseats were taken, the girls on one, and the boys on the other.

"No fair! I don't have anywhere to sit!" I light heartedly protested.

The kids turned to look at me. Junior whistled.

"Woah mom, when did you get _that_?" Jake asked.

"Wow... What has gotten into you two?" I blushed, surprised at their forwardness. I had forgotten about the pills they took at dinner, and once I realized they were amped up on lust, I felt obligated to come up with an excuse: "Did I forget to mention? You're all supposed to wear pajamas to movie nights"

Ella was eager to go change, but due to how late it was getting, I told her to wait until next time.

Having been called out on my attire by my sons, I decided not to bend over at the waist to insert the movie like I had originally intended. My nightie was pretty short, and I had to be careful with how I moved in it. Plus, I wasn't wearing a bra, and I wasn't sure how the silk material would handle my heavy breasts. I originally wanted to put on a show for Junior, but my sons didn't need the stimulation right now, and I was worried about how they might react.

I sat on the floor below Ella so she could braid my hair, my legs tucked behind me. I glanced over at the boys and knew they already had erections. Junior was trying to hide his, but Jake just let his pants tent! He must not have realized that his erection was giving away just how excited he was. The girls didn't seem too interested in their brothers, but I really wanted to get a closer look.

When the movie started, it didn't waste any time getting into the vulgarity. I had forgotten how crude R rated movies could get, especially comedies. The kids definitely seemed uncomfortable at first, hearing 4-letter words around their mother. But they were soon laughing at the silly story line. Sometimes it was only me that would laugh, and I realized the joke was too dirty for the kids to understand.

Then the first sex scene happened. I saw it a mile away. The protagonist had been pursuing his dream girl, but instead managed to catch the school slut. When the girl's top came off, Ella stopped braiding my hair and I could only guess as to why. Then the protagonist started sucking on the woman's tits, and the woman started to moan exaggeratedly to the point where it was comical. I looked to see how the kids were taking their first sex scene: The boys were so fixated on the screen that they were afraid to blink, and the girls were awe-struck.

I needed to get comfortable, so I untucked my legs and rested them in front of me. My long slender legs were basically completely exposed.

When the scene cut away, I felt obligated to explain why it was funny.

"Oh yes! It feels good when a guy sucks on them like that. Just not THAT good," I laughed, pretending it was funnier than it was.

After a while the kids were laughing again, and Ella resumed braiding my hair. I decided it was time to put on a show of my own, and bent my legs up to my body, but let one of them fall to the side. Not only were my blue panties in plain sight, they were quite easy for my sons to ogle. I was surprised at how quickly my sons noticed my new position. In fact, they seemed more interested in me than the movie. Unfortunately, Cindy noticed where the boys were looking. I guess during the movie, we were all observing each other, trying to read body language.

"Ahem!" I heard her obvious attempt to get my attention. I ignored her. She looked at her brothers again. They were still staring at me.

"Ahem!" This time louder.

Ella shushed Cindy this time. Ella was the only one clueless to the room's sexual overtones.

"I see London, I see France, I see momma's underpants!" Cindy taunted, finally letting out why she was trying to get my attention.

Ella stopped braiding.

"Oops. Thank you sweetheart. This nightie doesn't let me get very comfortable does it?"

I straightened my legs and tried to pull down my nightie. The boys were watching the movie again, and it was just as well. The protagonist and friends just entered a strip club. A very gorgeous topless blonde was standing over them, asking for their drink order.

"Wow, lots of tits in this movie," I pretended to be surprised. The angle of the camera seemed to accentuate the size of her breasts. "Cover your eyes kids." But they didn't.

Junior was trying to rub his covered cock as inconspicuously as possible, and Jake kept adjusting himself to the point where it was distracting even the girls. Cindy had been watching her brothers now, probably out of curiosity to how they were taking the nudity on the screen. Thankfully she didn't say anything. I didn't know what Ella was doing. I knew what she wasn't doing: braiding my hair. It told me she was too distracted to bother.

Junior's attempt at getting himself off was cute, and it was really getting me wet. I pulled my legs up again, but only opened them slightly so I could rest my hand on top of my panty clad pussy. The boys wouldn't be able to get a clear view of what I was doing from where they were sitting, but they would see more than what they were used to. The movie had their full attention though, and I used the opportunity to slowly rub myself while I unabashedly watched Jake try to do the same as he gawked at the movie.

Eventually the scene was over, the protagonist and friends getting kicked out for breaking the rules during a lap dance. I slowly moved my legs back down, and looked up at Cindy. She was watching me, and she looked flushed.

"Oops. Sorry," I mouthed, before she quickly looked away.

The movie finally was coming to a close, the protagonist of course finally realizing the girl of his dreams was really the one he had all along. A final love scene started, and I instinctively moved my legs back up. Before I could move my hand down to my throbbing clit, Cindy surprised me. She placed her foot on one of my legs, and pushed it down to the floor, opening my legs. My panties were on full display again.

Surprised, I looked up at her. She smiled and winked, then looked over at her brothers and nodded. They were struggling with where to look, the movie, or me. I gasped.

I had been caught. Cindy knew her brothers were acting really weird, and for whatever reason, she was enjoying watching them squirm.

* * *

"Junior, could you stop the movie please?" I asked over the loud music playing as the credits started to roll. We had gotten the TV and DVD player out of storage, but were never able to find the remotes for them.

Junior shook his head, but didn't offer explanation for his refusal.

"Well I can't do it honey, I'm getting my hair did. Jake, would you be so kind?"

Jake took his eyes off my legs, which I had straightened up in front of me. Then, without seemingly thinking, he stood up. His excitement was very obvious, and for the first time I noticed a wet spot right next to the large bulge in his pants.

As usual, Ella stopped fiddling with my hair.

"Someone must have really liked the movie!" Cindy giggled. Jake's boner was so obvious; it couldn't help but be noticed by all of us.

"Did not!" He snapped back, and turned off the DVD player, finally silencing the awful soundtrack that had been playing.

"You didn't like the movie, Jake?" I asked, pretending to believe him.

"No! I mean, yes! I don't know what D is talking about!" he huffed and tried to hurry back to his seat. "D" was often how the boys referred to Cindy; her sister Ella called her "Cin" so it was a play on the missing syllable.

"That!" Cindy laughed, pointing at Jake's crotch.

"Yeh mom, what's wrong with Jake?" Ella asked, concerned.

"It just does that, alright?" Jake retorted, feeling ganged up on.

Jake was brave for not hiding himself like Junior was doing, and I knew the drugs probably had something to do with it, as did his naivety about what an erection was. But now I was worried the new turn of events would have a negative effect on his behavior in future movie nights. Not to mention that Junior was unusually quiet during this whole episode. He was probably thinking he was glad he kept himself hidden. But that type of attitude just wasn't going to fly with me.

"You're both right," I broke in before Cindy could continue her taunting. "I'm sure the movie helped with that," I said smiling and making a nod towards Jake's crotch

"But!" I quickly continued, breaking Cindy's giggling. "It also 'just does that'. It's perfectly normal. There is no reason to hide it like Junior does."

"J.R. has it too?!" Ella gasped in unison to Junior's horror of being called out.

Cindy was laughing too hard to hear Junior's mumbled response, so I decided to even the playing field.

"So, are you going to tell us all just how you know so much about cocks, honey?"

It worked. Cindy wasn't interested in taunting her brothers anymore. I wasn't sure if it was my question that shut her up, or her shock at how crudely I asked it.

"_That's what a cock is_?" Ella asked herself while staring at Jake, who was getting even more uncomfortable. "Cin, you _gotta_ tell us what is going on!" Ella pleaded now that she learned a new word for her vocabulary.

"Yeh, Cindy, please enlighten us." I said giggling a little bit.

Cindy looked like she was about to make a run for it.

"Just what I've heard from my friends. That's all!" She exclaimed. "I don't really know anything, okay!"

"It's such a funny word. Cock! Cooockk! Cock-cock-cock! Co-"

"Ella!" I laughed, "That's enough. Honestly girls, you two surprise me at how little you know. Haven't you been paying attention at school?"

The girls looked at each other, but I didn't let them respond.

"Well, I suppose your brothers aren't in the mood for sharing their secret body-transforming abilities right now,” I laughed. "But maybe later we can talk about it. Right now I have to call your father."

The boys seemed eager to leave, and quickly got up. Junior shuffled forward to try and hide his erection, so I decided to stall them.

"Just a minute boys!" I said as they were leaving. Their condition gave them their sister's full attention.

"We do need to talk about this movie... No stay there, this will only be a second." The boys started to head back to their seats, but I preferred them standing.

"I'm not sure how that movie was unrated, because it was naughty. It's what I would have expected from an 'R' rated movie-- I'm not sure your father would have approved. But, maybe it's okay. We need to be comfortable around each other and become closer as a family.

"So, IF you want to pick an 'R' rated movie when it is your turn to choose one, then you have to promise me two things: First, 'R' rated movies were intended for adults. If we're going to watch them, you all need to act like one. That means no hiding those," I pointed to the two deer-in-the-headlights standing by the doorway, their erections still going strong. "And no teasing what is natural for boys. You two girls are old enough now that you should know how a man operates, and not make a deal about it."

Ella nodded eagerly while Cindy agreed less enthusiastically.

"And the second promise is: until your father agrees that you are all mature enough to watch movies like these, we won't be picking them while he's here. You have to show ME how mature you are first, then we will work on showing Dad just how mature you've become. I'm sure we can get him to come around.

"Is this understood?"

After the kids promised to adhere to my rules, I let Jake go. He looked like he was about to explode for the second time that night.

"Junior, would you come and get this movie? When you're done with it, please return it for me?"

I knew Junior would put good use to the movie in private, so expectantly, he agreed to fetch it from the DVD player. And also predictably, he did his silly walk in an attempt to hide what he was sporting.

"Nu-uh. Remember? No hiding!"

Junior sighed and straightened up. Reluctantly at first, but then quickly, he went to the DVD player. His straining pants in full view of his eager mother, and his now curious sisters. Junior snatched the DVD and quickly left.

"Is _someone_ going to explain to me what a 'cock' is already?!" Ella whined once Junior had left the room.

"Oh honey, a cock is just a happy penis. It's just a word we'll use between us girls, okay?"

"'k. Um, mom? What does a penis look like?"

"Well baby, they look like..." Hmm, what do they look like, anyway? "Um, hotdogs?"

"GROSS!" Cindy cried.

"Hotdogs with veins..." I explained further.

"Ew, mama!" Ella joined Cindy's disgust.

"And they have a hairy sack of balls at the end!" I giggled, seeing their faces.

"Oh you two, they're not that bad. I actually like them so much, I have a toy replica!"

"You do?!" They both asked in astonishment.

"Uh-huh. Wanna see it?" I played along. I was feeling like a giddy teenager all over again.

"Ya!" Ella answered. Cindy didn't seem as interested, or at least didn't care to express her interest.

"Hmm, it'll have to wait. I need to call your father!"

I stood up as Ella pouted. I could see disappointment in Cindy's eyes too. "Let's talk again soon!" I promised, teasingly. I had hoped the girls' anticipation would help me steer their interest in male anatomy in the right direction. Before today, I wasn't even sure they ever once thought about cocks. Tonight was only meant to be a mild introduction. Their young impressionable minds were finally beginning to wonder intently about their male counterparts, and that was good enough for now.

It felt odd to use their father as an excuse to end family time, though not that it was really unusual. On extended trips, Jonathan insisted on talking to his children before they went to bed; but traditionally, we reserved a few nights to talk in private. This allowed Jonathan to have a night out on the town, and not sound drunk around his kids.

* * *

"So glad you decided to call, finally! I was too impatient waiting... "

I could tell Jonathan was drunk. He was angrier than he needed to be.

"Sorry honey, I didn't mean to keep you waiting. I was trying to teach your kids some new things, and I lost track of the time."

"Oh? How are they? The kids?"

I proceeded to selectively tell him about what they had been up to. It was extremely obvious he wasn't paying attention. He seemed distracted.

"...You know they miss you. Actually, *I* miss you. I can't wait to show you how much, tomorrow--"

"--Oh about that..." There was a pause on the phone for a moment, "Sorry. About tomorrow; the company wants me to stick around another week and head up a conference in--"


"I know, I knoww.. I uhhhhg," there was a pause again. "I really miss you too, baby, b-but... It's just one week, and they'll m-make it up."

You have got to be kidding! First, I find out that he's not coming home tomorrow, and now this? That asshole!

"Is someone sucking your dick right now!?" I inquired, trying to remain calm.

"Oh fuuuuck!"

I put the phone down and breathed. We did agree to have an open marriage at one time. It was a long time ago... Jonathan and I were still sex-obsessed, and we both felt cheated from being rushed into marriage after my accidental pregnancy. Except, having an open marriage didn't really work out for us: Where I had incredible success bringing home guys, despite Jonathan's good looks, he couldn't compete. Eventually he became jealous, and after a heated argument, I stopped bringing home men and focused on becoming a mother.

Incidentally, after all this time, the sexual side and the motherly side of me were about to collide.

I suppose, with some consideration, I wasn't at all surprised by this new revelation about Jonathan. He was gone all the time. He did have a stronger than normal sex drive. We never officially decided to end our open marriage, either. What else did I expect him to do while he was gone? Masturbation only goes so far at satisfying one's needs. I knew this more than ever now.

It didn't mean he had to be tactless. He could have waited until after he told me he was staying another week; why now?

"Tell me about her. Did you pick her up from the street?"

"She's not a prostitute-- Ow!-- She was at the hotel bar... she's really cute"

"Does she suck it as well as I do?"

"Nobody sucks dick like you-- Ow!-- I mean, it's different. She's watching me right now with her big brown eyes. Oh fuck... Her tongue is magical-- that's sooo good..."

"She sounds... exciting for you."

"Uh... she's --uhnn- ... Anyway, you know I can't turn something like this down."

"Speaking of which... I think your kids might have caught the 'Jonathan bug' too."

"Bug? what do you m-mean?"

"Well, let's just say J.R. is getting to be quite the player," I lied.

"Player? --oh fuck, slow down-- When did you start calling him 'J.R' anyway?"

"Ever since I started playing with my panties filled with his jizz. In fact he's probably cumming all over his room to a nasty video we rented tonight, but I wish it was me he was cumming all over instead!"

At least, that's what I wanted to tell him.

"Oh, let's just call it mother's intuition. But really, I think it's your daughters you should worry about..."

"My daughters? -- oh yeaaah, suuuck it"

Jonathan must have felt embolden now that his secret was out of the bag, because he wasn't making any effort to hide his pleasure anymore.

"They're not little kids anymore, Jonathan. Even Ella, she looked really slutty today," I lied

"--oh fuck! You should see this! She's got all of me... inside her--"

Amazing! Jonathan didn't even acknowledge that last one. Was he even listening anymore?

"Now that I think about it, I'm almost positive Cindy has her tits pierced. She was teasing Jake with the tiniest bikini today..."

"SHE WHAT?! -- wait a minute, let's talk about this l-later... o fuck, o fuck!"

That's better.

"Oh yes, Cindy was putting on a show and I caught Jake leering at her, so I looked too. I couldn't blame him, Jonathan. Jonathan?"

Hearing only panting now, I continued my lies. " least we did good making 'em. I don't know how else to say it, but Cindy has really gorgeous tits. I don't think even your brown-eyed bar bimbo could compete. Oh, and it's not just Cindy either: Ella's round little ass is so invite--"

"f-f-f-fuucck!!!" Jonathan panted loudly, drowning out my words.

Jonathan continued to orgasm as I told salacious lies about his kids. Of all the lies I had made that night, this was the one to take the cake. Even as I said them, I worried about the consequences if they were found out to be untrue. Jonathan would wonder what my motivation was. He would doubt my ability as a parent to bring up his children.

At least I was safe for another week. Jonathan wouldn't know I had lied if I turned my kids into little sex fiends before he came home. It would be difficult. Sure, every teenager has a bridled slut inside of them, but my kids had such a conservative upbringing, I wasn't sure I could undo years of parenting barriers so quickly! Though after this phone call, my resolve was stronger than ever. Jonathan wasn't going to keep us all from having fun if he lacked the control to do so for himself.

"Holy-shit! I gotta go babes," Jonathan slurred, after reprimanding whoever he was with for not swallowing his load. "Call ya tomorrow..."

I hung up without saying goodnight. After all, he already had one. My goodnight was at least a week off, and it made me angry. Had Jonathan plan to throw it in my face like this? I was at a breaking point: The trip to the adult novelty store, watching a raunchy movie with my kids, talking openly about erections with my daughters, teasing my son! And now my husband getting off with another woman.

I had to cool off. The sexual frustration was unbearable.

That night I tried every goody in my black bag. I fantasized about my boobs being sucked on like the slut in the movie we watched. Jack was attached to my left nipple, and Junior-- no, J.R.-- played with my right. They kept sucking on them while I talked to Jonathan on the phone and moaned over him as he droned off about work. Needless to say, it ended up being a long, but pleasurable night.

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