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My best friend and I were very close. How close? You'll have to read on to find out. . .
I rushed to the top of the stairs as I heard the doorbell, peering over the banister I saw my mother open the door and excitedly waved as I realised it was my next door neighbour Charlotte. Charlotte grinned and waved back to me as my mother invited her in and closed the door behind her.
We were about 8 at the time, we went to school together and as we lived next door to each other a close relationship had formed. We spend hours playing together most nights, and although we played with our dolls and board games as everyone expected us to do, we had also developed ‘special games’. I can’t remember how it started, maybe just a need in both of us to experiment, but at the time we didn’t think we were doing anything wrong.
“What shall we play today?” Charlotte asked as she climbed the stairs and opened the door to my bedroom. As we were at my house to night, we knew that as long as we were quiet no-body would disturb us. We played the most adventurous games at my house. My parents often commented upon ‘how nicely they played together’, they liked Charlotte! I was glad, it made it easier. I thought Charlotte was very pretty, she was very skinny, with brown eyes and brown hair cut in a short bob. We were quite similar really, only I had blue eyes and very long hair.
Anyway, there were a lot of different games we made up, but we had our favourites that we played regularly. This particular afternoon we decided to play ‘slaves’. In this game we would take it in turns to be the ‘slave’, and do whatever the other person wanted. This time it was Charlottes turn to be the slave, which meant that I was the master! I liked it best that way. The game started off simply, I’d ask her to tidy my room, find a toy I’d lost, fold my clothes, that sort of thing, but if she did something wrong there was a forfeit. The first forfeit was to get undressed, I guess because it seemed the most humiliating thing for an 8 year old to do in public. Then the next time she didn’t do as I asked her I told her to stand facing my bedroom door, legs apart and hands up in the air, braced upon the door and I’d use a small blanket that was kept on my bed to whip her. It didn’t hurt, I never hit her hard, really just stroked her with it, but she used to start groaning and wiggling after a while. I really liked it when she did; it made me feel good, excited. I loved to look at her. When she was standing like that, against the door all stretched out I could see everything, I loved running my finger down the crack in her ass and cupping her pussy. She loved it too! Of course neither of us realised it was at all sexual, we just did it because it was humiliating and made us feel good, it was just part of the game. When I was bored with that I’d have her lay on the bed and start kissing her. Her legs would still be wide open, and her arms stretched above her head. I’d kiss her mouth, I loved kissing her mouth, after all the ‘whipping’ she was always so hot and flushed and the more I kissed the shakier her breathing got. She would kiss me back and then ask me to kiss her on the nipples. Her nipples were so small, but they were always hard after this game. I would kiss them and lick them and she would moan some more and then I would kiss her stomach and hips. I loved how they were so smooth, I used my fingers to lightly trace down the crack of her pink hairless pussy then I’d kiss the creases in the tops of her legs where they joined, before opening her hot, moist cuntlips with my fingers and kissing and licking her tiny clit. She would always go wild; the next ten minutes would be spent wrestling and rolling around the bed hands and lips everywhere until she had pinned me down. Then it was my turn. Charlotte always went straight for the nipples, I loved it. Of course this was still part of the game ‘slave rebels’ kind of thing, and the aim was still humiliation. And it was. I was humiliated and embarrassed as she stripped off my clothes during our wrestling match, always wondering if she thought of me in the same manner as I thought of her, if she was just as excited. But I was still in ecstasy as she kissed and sucked and licked every bare piece of flesh. Oh, and when her little tongue started lapping against my jutting clit the feeling was unbelievable! The waves of pleasure just washed through me and I had to try hard not to scream.
When we were finished we would hug and kiss a little before until it was time for Charlotte to go home, my thoughtful parents would always call us about 10 minutes before her parents were expecting her, which gave us ample time to get dressed and wash our flushed faces. It was always a little disappointing to say goodbye, but neither of us minded too much, we knew it would only be a couple of days until we could play again. . . . . . . . . . .


2011-09-27 19:32:55
We used to play similar games when we were little too


2010-12-22 16:40:47
Eight's too young , to be honest. If you changed the age and expanded on the story, it would be very good.

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2008-10-04 08:44:43
I LOVE this story!:-)


2008-03-30 21:24:02


2006-09-18 19:44:54
very good and the 8 yr old part was cool cause really do know each other well and now i know why.

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