A mother's obsession with cum takes her down the rabbit hole, and she takes her children with her. (cont.)

"Good morning sleepy heads!" I laughed, watching my kids saunter into the kitchen for breakfast.

"Mom! Why aren't you dressed?" Ella asked with some concern. I was still dressed in my nightie and was sitting at the table with a cup of coffee; the strap of my nightie was hanging dangerously off my shoulder. My children had all gotten up this morning expecting to pick up their father from the airport.

"Your dad has to stay an extra week. Sorry. I should have told you all last night, but I didn't know if everyone was already asleep..."

It was a terrible excuse; but the truth was, the turn of events last night put me in an unstable state of mind. Who knows what I would have done to one of my sweet little angels?

I had thought a lot about the phone conversation last night with my husband. I decided it was actually a blessing in disguise. Even though I hadn't told him the truth, I still managed to reveal a lot to Jonathan. If it wasn't for those lips wrapped around his dick, he would have come home in a fit of rage right then. It's amazing just how far booze and sex can cloud one's sensibilities. I decided I would encourage a repeat performance just so I could see how far I could take my lurid stories about our children.

"Are we still going shopping, momma?" Ella asked, sitting down and pouring some orange juice.

Ella unsurprisingly hadn't forgotten about my promise to take her and her sister shopping for new wardrobes. My drive for getting my daughters to show more skin was primarily motivated by my desire to increase me son's masturbation frequency. I wasn't sure I needed my girls for this cause anymore; but now that my husband was expecting his daughters to have gone off the sexual deep end, I felt especially obligated. At least that was part of it. The darker side of me really wanted to see how far my son could be tormented. I wanted to see what would happen when he snapped. He was already cumming in my panties. What was the next level?

"Just as soon as you're... I mean, as soon as I'm ready to go," I corrected myself, realizing that I was the only one not dressed. "I was hoping to bring your brothers along with us, that way you could get a second opinion,” I stated, almost questioningly to the two boys now groggily downing their pancakes.

"Not me, I'm going back to bed," J.R. insisted. He had been eyeing me all morning like I was the missing piece of bacon to his breakfast. I thought for sure he would be eager to see more of me, but I guess he didn't know just how worthwhile I was going to make it for him.

"I'll go... I need a new hat," Jake sighed.

"Fine. By the way, have you two taken your vitamins yet? I shouldn't have to remind you two." I left the labeless bottle on the table and hoped they'd get in the habit of taking the pills. I wasn't entirely sure they worked-- there was no question the two boys were incredibly horny last night, but it was also the first time they saw exposed breasts, not to mention their mother in a sexy nightie.

We all ate breakfast together and joked about how Jonathan's seat at the table was getting dusty. My kids genuinely missed their dad, and were disappointed they weren't going to see him that morning. Otherwise, they seemed more chipper than usual. Maybe last night's festivities had lasting effects.

After breakfast, I went up to shower and get ready. I felt daring today, so wore my shelf bra and crotchless panties. But I chickened out on my attire, and dressed more formal. My skirt was longer than yesterday, and my silk blouse was looser, though the material made every curve stand out perfectly. My nipples could be seen even when I wasn't excited. I looked high-class, with a sexy twist.

Last night seemed like a blur. I remember staying up well into the night with my new best friend, the hibatchi wand. I hadn't meant to exactly, but I actually brought myself to my first orgasm while still wearing my nightie and blue panties. It was probably the quickest orgasm I brought myself to in... forever. My panties were soaked.

After that, I formed a new masturbation game. I was to go through as many new pair of panties as I could and orgasm into them, one right after the other.

Let's just say, J.R. had his choice of dirty laundry to pick from this morning. Maybe it was a good thing he was staying home after all; I was especially anxious to get my fix of cum today. My anxiety was also in part to my fear that J.R. had forgotten all about my panties now that he had that DVD to fuel his imagination. Hopefully I wouldn't be paying too many late fees on last night's rental, especially if I wasn't going to be benefiting from it directly.

* * *

"Oh honey, you know I love it that you're not hiding that from me, but you can't go to the mall like that... Here let me show you what your father does when he has to hide it."

"Sorry mom, I don't know why it's doing that all of a sudden--"

Jake's sentence stopped short when I reached into his pants and grabbed his erect cock for the first time, and slid it under his belt. I briefly felt the tip of his exposed and slightly wet penis before removing my hand and letting his shirt cover him. Jake was completely taken back, but I shrugged it off.

"Just make sure your shirt doesn't ride up!" I laughed. "Loosen your belt if it gets too uncomfortable, dear."

My heart pulsed with excitement; not only do those magnificent pills work, I just managed to grab my son's excited cock! It was so warm, and hard! It was a brief contact, but it was completely unplanned. I tried my best not to show him how much I enjoyed touching him. I figured if he thought I was just helping him out in a motherly way, he'd let his guard down. Maybe even enough to let me eventually fondle him properly.

"Does Jake have a cock again today?" Ella innocently asked, coming down the stairs and noticing my hand leaving Jake's trousers.

"All boys have cocks, silly!" Cindy corrected. She was following just a few feet behind Ella, but didn't notice Jake and I the way Cindy had.

"That's right Cindy. Sometimes cocks are more noticeable than usual. I was just showing Jake how to hide his."

"But... I thought they weren't supposed to hide cocks anymore?" Ella asked, not sure if she should be asking me or reminding me.

"Yes. I'm so proud of your memory, sweetheart. But that's only because we are all acting like adults now. Right? Once we get to the mall, there will be lots of immature children there," I smirked, knowing how true that was.

Cindy and Ella both liked how I inferred they were mature now, and smiled at my comment. Jake wasn't sure what to think, but spoke up:

"If we're just gonna stand around, I'm staying here" he threatened.

* * *

At the mall, the girls and I went to different stores until we found one I thought offered the best type of clothing I wanted my daughter's to wear around their brothers. I had given Jake $40 to spend on a new hat, telling him to hurry back so we could get his opinion on the girl's new attire. I reasoned I was too old to know for certain what was fashionable for kids now days, and his advice was needed.

We hadn't even started to look through the isles when Jake came walking in with a new hat.

"Looks good! I like!" I complimented as he came closer. "How'd you find us, anyway?"

Jake ignored me, and eventually asked a question of his own:

"Umm... Mom, can I ask you something?"

"Of course! What is it?" I suddenly became concerned, and directed him away from his sisters who were now busily looking through the racks.

"It's just, my-- it's being weird. Like, normally I... Uh," he looked down in an attempt to clue me in without having to be direct.

I understood immediately what he was fusing about, and looked down at his crotch area. A small wet spot had formed on his shirt from where his precum had soiled it.

"Oh my god, I forgot! Are you still hard?" I quietly asked, a little shocked. "Maybe it's those vitamins,” I revealed.

"What do I do?" He asked impatiently, looking a little pale.

"Oh, no, no, no," I assured him, reading his mind. "This is a good thing-- You're finally having a growth spurt. You're doing great!" I wasn't lying. I just didn't say it right. He was going to spurt from his growth alright, and it was a VERY good thing.

"But..." Jake didn't finish his sentence.

"But what, dear?" I rubbed his arm tenderly in encouragement.

"What if I make a mess...? Like I did last night?"

"You made a mess last night?" I asked, pretending to be surprised.

"Kinda. Twice... No, thrice... And a few times this morning..."

Now I was really shocked.

"How much?! I mean where-- where did you make a mess?"

"It kinda got on my pillow. I couldn't stop it!"

I wanted to snicker, but held myself back given how exposed he was feeling. So it was true; he still hadn't figured out how to take care of himself. I thought by now he'd at least know how to use some tissues for easy cleanup... no matter. What a waste of perfectly good cum!

"Oh, I see... hmm. That is unusual," I said, trying to cool my imagination.

"I knew it!" he said, then repeated it to himself quietly but with more panic in his voice.

"Mo-om! Are you going to help us, or not?" Cindy whined from the rack she was looking through. "Everything is too small, I don't see anything!"

"Okay, just a minute, please" I commanded with some firmness in my voice. I wanted to help the girls, but I also wasn't sure what to do about Jake. He had a point; what if he did "make a mess" while we were shopping? It would be very noticeable if he came while his penis was poking out of his pants. His shirt would be drenched, assuming his shirt would catch it all before it oozed down his pants.

Thinking quickly, I searched my purse.

"Ah ha! I still have one... These things expire? Who knew?"

"What?" Jake asked trying to see what I was looking at.

"This. Here, take it into the changing room and put it on," I said pointing to a stall and handing him a condom. I had kept a lucky one in my purse for a few years. Sometimes having a condom was nice when Jonathan and I were out and wanted a quicky without the mess. But Jonathan always seemed to have one on him now. After last night, I knew why. Jonathan was packing condoms because he was putting them to good use without me.

Jake looked at the wrapped condom in his hand and stood there. He had this expression on his face as if I had asked him to reach into a hat and pull out a magical bunny.

"Do you want me to show you how that works?" I asked.

Jake nodded.

"That IS what moms are for, huh babe?" I smiled, knowing how wrong that statement was.

I looked around for someone to help us get a changing room. I wasn't sure how I'd explain it exactly: me going in to a changing room with my son. But it was better than trying to go into a bathroom with him.

Annoyingly, the staff at the clothing store were all standing around chatting amongst themselves, and seemed completely oblivious to the customers.

"We will just have to crawl under one of them... I'm sure they won't mind," I directed to Jake walking over to a stall near the end. He crawled under the door with ease. I was about to do the same, when he opened the door. We both made fun of my scatter-brain failure at realizing the doors opened from the inside.

"Now, it's really easy," I began, retrieving the condom again. "This is called a condom, and it's something every man needs to know how to use." I peeled open the wrapper and handed the rolled up condom to Jake.

"Eww, it's slimy!"

"Yes, that helps you cum-- make your mess, faster. When we get home, I'll give you something else to help with that too!"

"Faster? But -- why?"

"You'll see. Put it on sweetie."

"Er... I just...? Right here?"

I knelt down. We needed to get this done sooner than later.

"Of course! Honestly sweetheart, it's no big deal. Let me show you how it works so there's no confusion." I reached out and unzipped my son's eager cock. I had expected it to spring out, but instead it stayed standing straight up, pointed to the ceiling. Taking my hand, I pushed down on it; forcing a string of precum to snap from his shirt and drip down to the floor. I felt dizzy. Instinctively, I leaned in, yearning to suck it. Oh my god! Could I?

"What's wrong? Is it... normal?" Jake asked, concerned that I wasn't doing what he expected. His body had tensed the moment I touched him.

"Oh honey, if I were you, I'd have a difficult time not showing this thing off constantly! It's beautiful," I gushed, squeezing his hard shaft. His penis was smooth and thick, and if I were to estimate, 6 inches long. "God, I can feel your pulse through it." Did I mean to say that out loud? I looked beyond his throbbing cocks and noticed how tight his fat balls were; they looked like they couldn't hold back much longer. What happened to me? I was only going to seduce J.R. because I knew we shared the same fantasy. But now that I had seen Jake's sexy love stick, I had to see what it was capable of. I needed Jake to cum. I had to taste him.

*knock, knock, knock*

"Anyone in there?" I heard a woman call out, startling the shit out of me.

"Yes, one moment please!" I called back, and brought a finger to my mouth to communicate for Jake to remain silent. He looked down at me while I held him, his cock inches from my face. He grinned. All morning I played it off like what we were doing was normal, but now it was obvious we had to be covert about it.

Frazzled now, I quickly helped Jake roll the condom on to his penis, and then I silently showed him how to pull up on the tip of the condom so that he had ample room for his spunk. I let go of my son's cock, letting it flip back up to his tummy, and zipped him up.

"I'm going to leave first," I whispered. "Then when I call your name, you can come out too, okay?"

Jake nodded.

I exited the door feeling very self-conscious. My excitement not only showed in my flushed face, but it was dripping down my leg. My blouse seemed to accentuate my very hard nipples. Why did I have to pick this lingerie today?

"Oh theeeere you are!" Ella exclaimed, running over to me. "We didn't know where you were, so Cindy decided to get a room and try on some shorts she found... You have to promise you won't be mad!"

"Mad? Why would I be, sweetheart?" I aready was. She and her sister interrupted my fun with Jake when they asked for a changing room.

"Jake!" I yelled. Jake immediately exited the changing room. Ella didn't even notice it was the same room I was in, and thankfully no staff was around anymore.

"--because the shorts are kind of... short," Ella answered over my yelling for Jake to make an exit.

"Oh?" I called out to the stalls in front of me: "Cindy? How do they fit? Let's see them!"

"Are you sure, mom?" I heard her muffled voice from one of the stalls.

"Cindy! Come on. Out with you!"

She clicked open the door and meagerly stepped out. Ella was right; Cindy's faded shorts were _very_ short. The pouch of the pockets could be seen sticking out below the torn hem.

"Oooh, now that's hot! What do you think Jake?" I asked, turning to my son.

Jake didn't speak. He didn't need to. His mouth was open, and I knew we were going home with these shorts, and many others like it.

Ella spoke in Jake's place: "It's hot. Definitely hot."

Cindy twirled quickly like I always do when I show off.

"Just a minute. Turn around please," I ordered.

Cindy turned and looked back. I could see the start of her ass cheeks curving out from below the shorts. She would give guys heart attacks wearing this.

"Yup. Those are shorts all right," I laughed.

"Are they too short mom?" Cindy asked.

"Hmm. I'm not sure. Can you bend over in them?"

Cindy bent over slightly, and the shorts rode up higher.

"Is that as far as you can bend, honey?" I asked, but already knew Cindy was just being shy.

Cindy didn't respond, instead she showed me by bending over so far that her hair almost touched the floor. Seeing my daughter in this compromising position was doing strange things to my already lust-filled heart. It was so wrong to see her like this. It was even more wrong to let her siblings see her like this. And I loved it. The way Cindy's shorts hugged her body left little to the imagination. The space between her legs had strained under the pressure, and we could all see how her legs came together to form her honey pot. She was in the perfect position to be taken by a man.

Jake swallowed loudly.

"Oh! I know what's missing," I feigned. "Wait right there. Don't change out of them!" I playfully slapped Cindy's ass when I left, causing the girls to giggle. Jake stayed where he was; unquestionably in a stupor of dirty thoughts. Ella went excitedly to help Cindy pose in the mirror.

When I came back, Ella asked me quietly what Jake's "deal" was today. Apparently he was making funny noises.

"He's just feeling a little off today," I assured her looking over at him, but when I saw him I knew I needed to check in on him. He seemed aloof, pacing back and forth near the changing rooms.

"Here, Cindy. Try these on with your new shorts," I passed her a very small bikini and a sheer loose t-shirt.

"Is this for when we go swimming?" she asked, confused.

"It can be, but it also works as a standalone outfit. Just wear the shirt over the bikini top."

Soon Cindy was standing in front of us again, this time her look was complete. The t-shirt she was wearing was so sheer; you could easily see she was wearing the tiniest bikini top over her ample boobs. The bikini top didn't have any work to do, because her playful breasts had an unusual firmness about them; as if her young skin wasn't ready for how large they were yet. Her long legs that were on display with the shorts she wore helped to balance out the distraction. She was the epitome of sexual appeal.

Unfortunately, the one-piece swimsuit she had been wearing all summer left her with the worst tan lines.

"Hmm, we need to work on your tan before you can wear that. What do you think, Jake?"

"Umm, mom," he whispered. "I need another condom!"

* * *

The shopping trip was an amazing success. After Jake revealed he was still hard, and I felt assured that the condom wouldn't slip off, I had him adjust it so that he had more room to make "messes" in. I told him to let his cock do its thing as much as it wanted, and to "just try and ignore it". After that, he seemed quite happy. In fact, he was really getting into what the girls were picking out, and was unusually enthusiastic about the girl's selected apparel. We ended up spending a full three hours trying on various things for both Ella and Cindy.

Unsurprisingly, Ella wanted the same things as her big sister; so by the end of the shopping spree, she too looked like an undisciplined young woman with a bad case of the puberty. I couldn't decide who was sexier between them. They were strikingly different and beautiful in their own way. Ella always had a deeply innocent look about her with her big eyes and her dark wavy hair. Despite her wider than normal hips (for her age) and round butt, Ella's body didn't scream sex the way her sister's did. It was confusing watching Ella dress in the slutware I encouraged her to try on. She still looked like a child wanting to play make-believe; only, instead of the usual roles of "house", she wanted to play the exotic mistress.

The girls' dark tans added an extra "pop" to their appearance, and it seemed like their bodies were designed especially for revealing clothing. My sons didn't have a chance against the visuals I was about to throw at them.

"How full is it, can I see?"

Jake lifted his shirt. I could see the tip of his wrapped penis sticking through the top of his pants. The condom was almost pulled all the way off; the bulk of it drooped down the side of him back into his pants. He lifted the spent condom out from his waistband and held it. It was full.

"Wow!" I couldn't help myself from exclaiming, and touched the full roll. "And you're still hard after all this?"

"Should I keep it on?"

"Oh no honey, the rule is when you're home, you don't wear a condom. They're only for when you go out. You can just tuck that bad boy back in your pants again and make your messes where you please."

I carefully pulled off the condom from my son's prick and tied the end into a knot while Jake readjusted himself, causing his pants to tent slightly again.

"I have lots of spare condoms in my nightstand by the bed, help yourself when you go out to the skate park."

Jake watched me play with the condom while we stood in the parking lot of the mall. I was still in disbelief with how much sperm he produced in just 3 hours, he should be drained for a week- how did he still have a hard on?

Placing the full condom in my purse, I looked around. One of the parked cars had a man in it who probably elected to sit and wait in the car for whoever was out shopping. From the look on his face, I knew he had witnessed the whole thing. I waved to him and smiled politely, but he didn't even acknowledge me. I didn't know what he was thinking, and I decided it wasn't worth finding out. We needed to leave. Jake and I hurried over to our car where the girls were waiting.

"Hey you! What do you think you're doing missy?"

Cindy was sitting in the driver's seat.

"Didn't you know? I'm driving home today, mom. You know, since we're all 'adults' now and stuff?"

Ella was sitting in the passenger seat and was laughing. Before I could respond, Cindy snatched my purse in search for the keys.

"Why you little brat!"

"What's this? A stress reliever?" Cindy found the balloon-like condom and started squeezing it in her hands.

"In more ways than one. And I'm going to need it to relieve some stress soon if you don't get out of my seat!"

"Aw mom, you're no fun," Cindy whined, crawling over the panel to the back seat where Jake was sitting.

"Hey! That's mine!" Jake said, startled to see Cindy holding the full condom in her hands. Jake tried to wrestle it from her.

"_Yours?!_" Cindy cried obliviously, trying to push Jake off her. "I stole it from mom fair and square. It's mine!"

For a moment I was worried the condom would break or that Cindy would realize what it really was, but decided I didn't care. I looked at Ella and goofily shrugged my eyebrows. She smiled.

"Buckle up you two!"

I backed out of the stall and headed out for home. Eventually Cindy gave up trying to withhold the condom from Jake and threw it to Ella, sticking her tongue out at Jake as she did. Jake started to complain loudly, so I decided to end the drama and make Ella put the condom back in my purse.

The conversation soon switched to the new clothes the girls bought, and we talked about going out again for different accessories. Jake volunteered to come with us again, and the girls teased him about it. I joined in.

"I bet if J.R. knew what you two looked like in those skimpy outfits, he'd be volunteering to come too!" I joked, putting an emphasis on "come". Judging by how full the condom was, there had been plenty of that going on too.

"Yah right momma, J.R. spends all his time in his room. He'd never come shopping with us!" Ella doubted

"Boys! So boring," Cindy lamented

"What do you think he's doing right now with the whole house to himself?" I played along, knowing full well what he was up to.

"Xbox!" all three chimed in unison, and laughed. How cute their cluelessness was.

"Hey, we should go sneak up on him!" I suggested. The kids thought it was a great idea. It wasn't. It was a bad idea, except I was having a lot of fun with bad ideas recently.

At the house, I purposely left the car parked outside of the garage. I told the kids we should go around back and sneak in through the walkout basement's sliding doors. The TV that had the Xbox hookup was located off of the living room, and you could hear the front door open easily from there. Of course, that's assumed he really was playing Xbox.

Jake was especially keen on scaring his brother, and raced around back. Before the three of us arrived with our bags in tow, Jake came back to stop us.

"Uh, guys. 'Might not be a good idea to sneak up on J.R. right now..."

"Why not? How do you know?" I asked, trying to look around him to the window. Cindy and Ella didn't stop and kept going, peering inside.

"Ew, what's he doing?" Ella asked,

"Is that your underwear, mom?" Cindy chimed in.

Okay, now I had to see. I gave Jake a reassuring look, and went to the window. The angle from the window didn't give us the best view, but it was obvious what J.R. was doing: he was watching the DVD in the new movie room and had forwarded the movie to the strip club scene. He was aggressively pumping his cock. A pair of my panties was wrapped around his prick, while he held another to his nose. I was ecstatic!

"Oh. My. Gosh," Cindy gushed.

"What's he doing, momma?"

"Oooh. Not playing Xbox. Maybe Jake is right, now is not a good time to sneak in on him"

Jake was watching too. I felt a little disappointed that he was learning how to masturbate properly from his brother. I was looking forward to teaching him myself. Maybe I still could.

"Um, mom. Why does he have your underwear anyway?" Cindy asked, not looking away.

"He's mast-- He's milking his cock, dear" I answered.

"Milking? Like a cow?!" Ella asked.

"Yes, just like a cow, baby. He has to pull on it until some boy milk comes out. Usually a woman helps with this because boys need the sight and smell of a woman to help them," I lied.

"Wiiierd," Ella correctly decided.

"It's actually quite nice once you get used to it, dear," I assured her. "Guys do it just for us. It's the best compliment a girl can get when a guy produces milk for them"

"How come I never heard 'bout it?" Cindy asked. "I know Parker has a crush on me, and I haven't seen his milk!"

"How do you know?" I teased, assuming Parker was one of Cindy's classmates. "I bet he has a gallon of milk with your name on it! Anyway, guys need to do this by themselves when a girl isn't available to help them. It's very important guys milk themselves regularly or it can be really bad for them.

"In fact, after today, I'm a little worried about you," I nudged Jake who was now looking at the ground uncomfortably.

"That sounds horrible! But, um. I feel kinda funny, momma. Maybe we should help him?" Ella asked. She was full of good ideas, except I wasn't about to share J.R with her. It'd be too difficult to explain my actions to her.

"I think I just saw it!" Cindy gasped a little too loudly for my comfort. Fortunately, J.R was way too far gone to notice us now.

Cindy had seen it. J.R.'s cock shot a large load of "milk" straight up in the air before J.R covered it with my panties. His jerking movement went sporadic, and even over the movie's sound we could hear him moaning.

"That's right, milk it into your mommy's panties baby," I couldn't help but comment to myself in a sultry voice. For a moment, we could see the cum splatter out against the panties. Then J.R. leaned forward and curled up both of his hands. With the panties in them, he stuffed his cock into his fists so that he could contain the sticky goo better.

"Let's go back to the car before he sees us!" I said, breaking out of my trance. I ushered everyone back to the car.

"Where are we going now?" Cindy asked, as we pulled out.

"Just around the block a few times. J.R. will need some time to clean up."

"I didn't get to see all of his milk, momma. How much does he make?" Ella whined.

"I thought boys made sperm or something?" Cindy's confusion equaled Ella's.

"Show us, Jake!" Ella demanded, reaching back and trying to pull down Jake's pants. Jake looked at me through the rear view mirror, not knowing what he should do.

"Just a minute you two." I pulled over so I could look at my daughters better. Things were getting out of hand again.

"What we saw was very unfair to your brother. Would you like it if J.R. or Jake watched you two with your pants around your ankles?" I asked seriously. The two girls understood what I was saying and became more subdued, but not quite convinced. "In fact, I think we've cheated him. Until he sees you BOTH naked, he better not know we've seen him. It's only fair"

"But mom, we didn't see him naked!"

"It's true momma, we didn't really see anything"

The girls were mostly right. J.R.'s pants were around his ankles, but he was sitting on the loveseat and was otherwise clothed. From our angle, we only saw the top of his penis sticking out from the armrest, and even that was mostly wrapped in my panties.

"Hmm, what do you think Jake? Should we tell J.R?"

Jake shrugged, and I realized then that Jake was going to tell him about today no matter what we decided. I sighed.

"You know what? You guys are so right. We should _never_ keep secrets from each other. Let's go home."

In less than a minute, we were in the garage of the house.

J.R. came walking down the stairs as we entered. He was slightly out of breath, and we all knew why. He must have scrambled to clean up when he heard the garage door open.

"'bout time! I was getting hungry!" he said in his most innocent voice.

"Oh J.R!" Ella ran to hug her brother. "I didn't realize what you guys have to go through for us girls!"

Somehow Ella overly romanticized my special version of sex education, and I knew I had to put her on the right path eventually.

"Okay, what did I miss at the mall?" J.R. laughed, awkwardly hugging Ella back.

"We saw you jerkin' it," Cindy revealed, flatly. Her term for it made me question if she knew more about masturbation than I thought.

"What are you talking about?" he asked defensively, though his face turned bright red. He knew exactly what she was talking about.

"Cindy!" I reprimanded.

"It's true J.R.! we were gonna sneak up on you to scare you! But--" Ella started to explain. J.R's mouth dropped open, and he looked at me in horror.

"--but we saw you were taking care of business like every male does." I interjected. "Honestly sweetheart, we didn't see anything, it's nothing to be embarrassed about."

"The couch was in the way, but I could almost see the milk--"

"Ella, there's no point in beating a dead horse." It was one thing to admit we caught him masturbating, but it was another to admit we watched him complete the deed. "Like I said, every guy has to do this. Your dad does it at least daily."

Oops, I didn't mean for that factoid to come out, did I?

"Dad does it?!" Ella gasped.

"T.M.I, mom. T.M.I," Cindy said. I had recently learned that the commonly used teenage lingo "T.M.I" stood for "Too Much Information".

"Poor daddy! You can't help him when he's away working, huh?"

"Oh, he manages just fine, sweetheart. When he's home I help as much as--"

"Okkkayy," Jake spoke up. "I'm going to my room."

"Um, me too," J.R agreed. He looked relieved that he wasn't the topic of conversation anymore.

"What!" Ella whined, "Why can't I know?! Nobody ever tells me anything!" She yelled, and stomped off to her room too.

Cindy rolled her eyes and went to the laundry room to wash her new clothes.

"I guess the bedroom is the place to be right now," I laughed to Cindy, and headed for the stairs.

J.R. had hidden the two cum drenched panties at the bottom of my hamper. I pulled them out excitedly, and smelt them. Some of the spend got on my nose, and I licked it off. "Holy fuck," I thought to myself. "I love it. I love his fucking cum!" I placed my finger in the gooey substance and tasted it again. "Does Jonathan's taste this good too? God I could drink this from a bottle!"

I pulled up my skirt and looked at my legs. They were wet. My panties did nothing to conceal my excitement, so I stepped out of them. There was no point in wearing these again until I had an audience to show them off to. I ran my hand over my exposed mound and shivered. I needed to cum in the worst way.

I carefully removed J.R.'s spunk from my panties, squeegeeing out every drop into my hand. There was a lot of it. Holding my hand up, I spread my fingers so I could watch the goo string from tip to tip and then droop down to my palm. "Was this just one load?" I wondered aloud. By now I was used to playing with J.R's cum, but I couldn't remember there being so much of it.

I licked my finger. Then the other. And another.


Quickly I turned. Cindy was inside my room, just beyond the door. She caught me red handed again! Well, white handed. One of my fingers was still in my mouth.

"I'm on to you," she smirked, folding her arms.

"Whatever do you mean?" I asked innocently.

"I know why--" She started

I raised my skirt again and massaged the remaining cum in my palm over and in my exposed, bald pussy. Cindy saw all of it from only a few feet away.

"--why you like your panties so much" She finally completed, though much more quietly. She probably wasn't expecting me to do that.

"Speaking of panties: I'm in need of some. I can't decide which one I should wear." I held out the two damp panties we both saw J.R. abusing earlier. "The blue pair, or the black?"

Cindy's mouth opened in disbelief.


"The- the black pair." She stated, gaining some of her snarky confidence again. "Didn't you wear the blue ones last night?"

"Oh you're right! Thank you, they probably really smell like mom's pussy, huh?" I winked, trying to remind Cindy with a visual image of when J.R's nose was nestled in them earlier.

I stepped into the black pair and pulled them up until they covered my sloppy pussy. I patted my mound a few times so Cindy could hear the cum trapped inside my panties splat against my hand.

"By the way, did you ever try on the ones I got for you?" I asked inquisitively for the second time, and adjusting my skirt back down.

Cindy smiled. She lifted her pink loose fitting t-shirt and pulled down the tips of her capris just enough for me to see the frilly black pair peeking out.

"Good girl," I smiled. "We match!"

Cindy didn't say anything, but stepped in to my room further and took the blue panties from my hand. Then she did something _I_ didn't expect. She smelled them.

"Huh." She simply said. "Should I throw these in the wash? I haven't started them yet."

Wow, Cindy had perfected her bratiness. She hadn't even started the laundry! Instead, she had decided to follow me up to my room so she could watch what I was up to. She had seen the whole show.

"...because I'm not sure if they should be washed yet..." she continued when I didn't reply right away.

"Hmmm... No, I think those ones are ready for the wash. Thank you darling."

As Cindy left with my panties, I regretted not letting her smell the black pair. It stunk of cum. She would have liked that. Wouldn't have she?

* * *

Cindy's interruption left me frustrated. I badly needed sexual release, but before I could get down to it, Ella came in to tell me her tummy was rumbling. I tried to shoo her away, but then Jake called out he was hungry too. So, grudgingly, I made my way back downstairs into the kitchen. My kids were old enough to make their own food; but when they did, we didn't eat together and I found myself cleaning peanut butter off the living room floor.

My purse was lying on the table where I last left it. Habitually, I picked it up and carried it to the coat rack. As I hung it, I saw the full condom, and my heart skipped. How could I have forgotten! I greedily grabbed it, and tried to untie it. I was anxious to taste Jake. The knot was too tight. I would need to cut it.

"What are we having for lunch?" Cindy asked, startling me. "Why are you stressed, anyway?" Cindy noticed the condom in my hand, which she had mistaken as a squeeze toy for relieving stress.

"Cindy! You have got to stop sneaking up on me!" I laughed, "Anyway, this isn't a stress reliever," I said jiggling the condom, "It's... milk. And I was going to make tuna sandwiches for lunch."

Cindy's eyes widened when I told her it was milk; things were starting to come together. She was about to speak, but Ella jumped up the stairs:

"Tuna! Oh mom. Yuck! Mac 'n cheese!"

"Even easier. Macaroni and cheese it is," I agreed.

"Yay!" Ella exclaimed

"Tuna fish tomorrow," I let on. Ella pouted but seemed satisfied of her small victory for the day. Cindy never stopped looking at me funnily during the conversation; but didn't protest when her sister called out for her. The two of them went back downstairs. The movie room was becoming the new hangout spot.

Not wanting to be caught again, I headed for the kitchen and got to working on the macaroni. But, as I started to prepare lunch, I couldn't get the cum-filled condom out of my head; so, while the pot of water was heating, I cut it open. I could immediately smell the wonderful mixture of my son's seed and became dizzy with lust again. This was going to happen. Finally! I brought the condom up to my lips, and let some of its content fill my mouth. The salty mix and slimy texture was too good to simply swallow, so I took my time savoring it with my tongue. I was working out how different it tasted compared to J.R's jizz, when I heard someone coming.

"Is lunch ready yet?" J.R. sat on the stool across from the burner; he was staring at my hardened nipples that my blouse did nothing to suppress. I finished tying up the still mostly-full condom, and casually placed it back on the counter. Then I swallowed the delicious cream in my mouth.

"Oh hi, J.R. 'Be about 15 minutes."

Jake looked at me for a while. I knew he wanted to talk to me, but I didn't want to pressure anything out of him. He should be comfortable coming to me for whatever reason, and on his own time.

"What's that, anyway?" he asked, pointing to the condom.

"Your brother's honey spunk" I said, picking up the condom and tossing it to him. It was a huge risk, but I was on a cum-high now that I had tasted both of my sons. I felt reckless.

J.R. didn't seem to register what I said, and with a perplexed expression, he examined the condom. All at once, he understood.

"How? What?? I don't even!" J.R. flustered words came out at record speed.

I suppressed a smile, and continued cutting a tomato without obliging him with answers. J.R. dropped the condom on the counter and sat there a moment. Something else was on his mind.

"Mom..." he spoke up, absently staring at the condom.

"Yes, dear?" I asked in a relaxed voice.

"Did... did you guys really see me today? You know... doing it?"

"Oh that," I acted as if I had forgotten. "Yup. We did. Like I said, 'no biggie'," I imitated his language hoping it'd relax him.

"Did you notice... did you see I had...?"

I stopped cutting, and turned to face him. Placing my hands on my thighs, I smiled. Seductively, I pulled up my skirt until the black panties came into view. I grabbed the sides of the panties and pulled them up and out slightly.


I wish I had a camera on me. I think his heart stopped.

"Dannngg!" He breathed.

"I thought you already knew. I'm flattered you keep doing it." I let my skirt fall as I walked over to him. I picked up the condom, and returned to the water that was boiling. As I poured the pasta, something simply evil came to me.

"Actually, about that... and this" I began, holding the condom up. "I was wondering if you and your brother would help me with something very important?"

"Anything, mom!" J.R. spat. Whether he knew where I was going with my question, or whether he was elated he wasn't in trouble for his actions, I didn't know. Whatever he was feeling, I had his complete cooperation.

Quietly I took the cheese mixture and divided it evenly into two bowls.

"I need you and Jake to be completely comfortable around each other. And you have to keep this between us..."

"Of course, mom." J.R. seemed especially eager to find out what I was going to ask.

I picked up the scissors and cut open the condom again. Looking directly at J.R. to capture his reaction, I poured the cum into one of the cheese bowls. His eyes widened, but never left the sight of the white and translucent goo now covering the bright orange cheese.

I looked at him for a moment with an open mouth smile. I loved that he was watching me do this. Taking a fork I mixed the cum in with the cheese.

"Your sisters need to get use to the taste of cum, don't you think?" I asked, whisking the cheese. My tongue ran across the top of my open smile.

"I- I hadn't thought about it-- Yes! Yes they do," he said playfully, finally looking at me.

"I still want you to enjoy my panties whenever you like. But for God's sake, don't you dare throw away another drop of this stuff, ok?"

"But, how?"

"Just a minute, let me check on your sisters and get your brother. Watch the pasta, honey?"

Cindy and Ella were strewn across the loveseats in the basement, listening to the radio and talking about their new clothes. They didn't see me, so I didn't interrupt them and hastily headed upstairs. I made a trip to my bedroom before knocking on Jake's door.

"Just a sec!" he yelled.

I gave him a few seconds, then opened the door. Jake was lying under the covers.

"Aw, mom. I'm trying to sleep!"

"No you weren't. You're hungry, remember? Come on'"

I grabbed his hand and pulled him up. Jake desperately tried to keep his blanket covering him, but his surprise at my sudden insistence prevented him from getting a good grip.

"Perfect!" I said, looking at his partly exposed cock, and trying to sound like I was surprised to see it out, "Just what I need right now!"

"Come on down to the kitchen. J.R.'s already there-- We're going to try something. No honey, don't bother pulling them all the way up" I instructed, stopping Jake from trying to fasten his belt and zip up.

"Okay boys!" I exclaimed once we were all in the kitchen. Jake still seemed slightly embarrassed, and was holding up his pants.

I presented the masturbation device I had fetched in my room before grabbing Jake.

"I was just telling your brother," I spoke to Jake, "that your sisters needed to get use to the taste of cum."

Jake looked puzzlingly at J.R. who was smiling.

"What I mean is... you know how I talked about boys making milk?" I picked up the empty condom to help Jake understand. Jake's expression changed to what J.R's was a moment ago. "Well it's called 'cum', dear. And it's very good for women," I lied.

"Now your sisters don't need it yet, but I want to get them use to the taste before they get boyfriends."

"Ohhhh," Jake pretended to understand.

"Now, it's not normal that their brothers would give them their cum, so this is only between us. It'll be like a game. A fun one too, don't you think?" I asked, smiling wickedly.

The pasta was done, so I drained it, and divided it up into four bowls. Taking the cum-mixed cheese, I poured it over two of the dishes.

"These two will be your sisters," I said. "They already have some special milk in them," I waved the empty condom, and then threw it in the trash. "But we need some more on top," I turned to my sons with a bowl in each hand. "Whoever cums first into their bowl gets to decide which one of their sisters eats it!"

The glazed look in my sons' eyes told me everything. They understood what I was asking, and they had never experienced this much excitement mixed with trepidation. I wasn't sure I had either.

I put the bowls on the counter next to me.

"Oh, also, I'll be calling on you both to help me with this again. Possibly tonight. In the between time..."

I thought for a moment. Brilliant.

I went to the freezer and grabbed an ice try. I broke the ice and discarded it in the drain.

"...if either of you have the urge, grab this ice tray and cum in it. Be sure to replace it in the freezer when you're done." My voice had turned sultry while I explained it, though I didn't mean it to. Not that I was sure it made sense, but in my mind, it was important to keep their cum fresh or preserved in the freezer.

"Ok, you two," I placed the empty ice tray in the freezer and picked up the bowls again. Kneeling, I bit my lower lip and held out the bowls. "Come here," I giggled like a schoolgirl. "And I mean, CUM here."

* * *

The two boys walked towards me and stopped in front of the bowls, unquestionably feeling a little awkward. I remembered that Jake still might not have the masturbation technique down, and had him fetch the toy I brought with me from the counter.

"Hold on. It's not easy kneeling in this," I stood up with the bowls still in hand. "Could you pull up my skirt, dear?"

J.R.'s shaking hands grabbed the side of my skirt and lifted.

"Keep going," I encouraged, until the skirt was around my waist. Even though this was his second showing, he seemed stunned as ever to see the black panties clinging to my body. There wasn't much time to let him gawk though, so I knelt back down just as Jake was returning with the sex toy. With the skirt out of the way, my knees were able to kneel comfortably on the floor below.

"Hurry, before the girls catch us!"

The two boys looked at each other, and then as if they had counted down in unison, they both dropped their pants at the same time. A wave of lust flushed through me. Could it really be so easy?

"Goooood boys! Okay Jake, stick your cock into that toy."

Jake did so, shivering slightly as he did.

"That should feel really good for you," I explained with as steady of a voice as I could muster. "Normally you would use lotion or lube to make it slide in easier... Now pull your cock slowly out. Wait... not all the way, silly! Good. Now, push it back in. Very good honey. Think of it like pumping your toy rifle. Just up and down. Up... and... down."

Jake grunted.

"You two can share this when you feel like it. It'll be in my nightstand. Just remember, save your cum! And for god's sake, if it's meant to be eaten, DON'T get any lotion mixed in with it!" They would need lotion for how much jacking off I wanted them to do. I had them both circumcised when they were born, only because I didn't know better at the time. I've only ever experienced circumcised cocks, so it seemed like the American thing to do. Unfortunately for my boys, they would never experience sex the way nature intended it.

"Okay Jake, I think you have an unfair advantage with that. You'll have to imitate the motion with your hand like J.R. is doing."

Jake briefly glanced at J.R.'s hand which was already slowly jerking his hard cock. Jake nodded and put the toy back on the counter. It was going to be interesting to see who would come first. J.R. had already cum not long before, whereas Jake was just about to cum when I interrupted him. The offsetting factor: Jake was still learning how to do it, where J.R. was a master.

"Okay, ready? Set? Go!" I croaked, upon Jake getting back into position.

The two started to pump their cocks, while I did my best to control my emotions. It was wild. At first my mouth was extremely dry, but then it started to salivate out of control. I had to keep swallowing to keep myself from drooling. Worried I would upset one of them; I did my best not to stare at their cocks, and alternated my gaze to each of their eyes. Jake kept his eyes mostly closed, while J.R. stared down my blouse or looked at my exposed panties.

My cunt was dripping. Literally. I brought my heel to it and started to rock on it as best as I could without being obvious. It was difficult to balance two warm bowls in my hands when my pussy was enraged with passion.

"Just remember you two, your cum is very precious," I started to preach in encouragement. Despite my initial concerns, I now couldn't help myself but to watch the hypnotic bounce of my son's cum-filled balls as they jerked themselves off. "Be sure to give it to a girl. And I mean really let them have it! I can help you--"

I tried my best to speak, but even with the awkward rocking movement on my heel, I didn't have a chance. My orgasm exploded out of me, puddling on to the floor below. I tried my best to steady my arms that were diligently holding up the bowls of pasta. If you ever want to know what it's like to be sexually tortured, try balancing two warm bowls of food above your head while rocking through an intense orgasm! I thought my arms were going to fall off!

J.R. was the first to blow his load; his first jet firing at intense speed. I tilted the bowl as much as I could to catch it. "Point it down into to it!" I urged him, as a second shot fired away. His penis pulsed with a heartbeat faster than even my own, only each of his pulses came with a shot of warm, creamy cum. Cum that was collecting into the pasta inches away from his cock. To this day I can still clearly picture the white sploodge pulsing from his penis. The beautiful sight would be a memory I would masturbate to, for a long, long time.

Suddenly I felt something warm on my cheek. Jake was cumming too, his first load flew over the dish!

"Woah, hold on baby, you got to get it in the bowl, or it doesn't count!" I giggled.

Jake was having a difficult time controlling his body movements as cum spurted from him, so I did my best to bring the bowl up to his prick without the hot food touching him. I managed to successfully catch the rest of it, and sighed when his cock finally slowed down to a drizzle.

J.R took a finger to the dribble of cum hanging from his cock, and obediently scraped the last bit in the bowl. "D's eating mine." he said simply, and pulled up his pants. I wasn't surprised Cindy would be the first pick; she was ripe with sex appeal.

"She'll love it. Put a slice of tomato in it so we know it's hers." Ella hated tomatoes, so it was a perfect indicator that it was Cindy's bowl.

"You almost beat your brother! You just need more practice," I winked at Jake. Jake didn't say anything, but was breathing heavy. He quickly stuffed his cock back into his underwear, despite the fact it was still oozing a little cum. Jake's bowl was a complete mess, his cum was all over the top of the pasta, and on the sides of the bowl. In contrast, J.R's bowl had a lot on top too, but he managed to get a couple of his initial bullet-like shots injected deep inside the dish.

The two of them seemed especially unsure of what they just did now that their orgasms had subsided. Before their orgasms, I had their intense horniness on my side and could manipulate them easily. In the long run, I knew it didn't matter; their sexual soberness wouldn't last long.

"Thank you. Both of you. I know it might seem a like a chore, but your sisters will be so much better off for it. I wish I had brothers like you when I was growing up!" A chore? Not likely. If they could figure out how to get their sisters to eat pasta all day, they'd happily add their secret ingredient to the dish every time. Still, it was my duty to add positive reinforcement to our little game.

Jake shuffled his feet, trying to figure out what just happened. It was only moments ago that he learned this strange bodily function produced "boy milk" and not some form of human waste. I would need to tell him the truth sooner than later, because I was pretty sure I opened up the flood gates of sexual experimentation by my participation and approval of this activity.

I walked over to Jake after I finished setting the table, and hugged him into my breasts. "I'm proud of you baby. Don't worry about it being weird, my job is to help you get through this new phase in your development. Trust me, you're just a little shy right now, but once you're over that, we're going to have a lot of fun!"

"Cool," he said in earnest. He did trust me, and he believed me too. I felt a little guilty about that. Just a tiny bit.

"Yeh, it's no prob, mom. I can do this," J.R piped in. I was glad he said something, because it would help make Jake feel like he was taking the matter too seriously. "I'll be floored if they actually eat that tho'," he said grinning and looking at his work.

"Let's find out!" I smiled back.

"Lunch is ready!" I yelled, taking the sex toy from the counter and hiding in the cabinet below.

A few seconds later I heard feet running up the stairs.

Ella ran straight to her chair and sat down. She looked up at her brothers

"How'd you get here so fast?" She blinked

"Your brothers helped me make lunch today, isn't that nice?" I answered for them, and sat next to Ella with a ready to drink protein shake from the fridge.

Ella looked at me and cocked her head. "What's that?"

The cum on my cheek! Really? I forgot about it?!

"Oops," I scraped the jizz off, and put it in my mouth. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Jake gawking in awe. "Thank you, sweetheart. I guess lunch was trying to get away from me," I smiled

Cindy was the last to sit down because she had decided to switch the laundry first. Changing into her new clothes was a top priority for her.

"What's with the tomato?" She asked, pulling some hair behind her ear. She had noticed nobody else had any.

"Oh, I was going to put more in, but I wasn't sure if anyone wanted them. I knew you liked tomatoes, so if you want more, there's some on the table."

Ella took a bite, and was soon eating greedily. The boys gasped out a moan, but then cleared their throats when Cindy looked at them suspiciously. The way the two boys began to quickly eat their boring version of the dish just made them look more suspicious.

"Why you shakin', mom," Cindy asked, bringing her attention to me, then briefly looking down to my nipples that were trying to cut their way out of my blouse. Apparently she wasn't too acute to our reactions over Ella eating the food, because she brought a mouthful of her pasta up to her mouth. I could see some of J.R.'s cum drip off the fork and splatter back into the bowl before she took a bite.

"Adre-" I rasped, and cleared my throat. Watching her eat the pasta was making my mouth dry again. "Just a LOT of adrenaline, baby. I have an appointment in 30 minutes, so I guess I could use it!" I was proud of my excuse, especially since no one questioned it. I was outrageously turned on, but otherwise I knew I didn't look too much out of place. The kids already knew I didn't like to eat before a training session with one of my clients because I often would train right alongside with them.

"Mmm, this is really creamy," Ella complimented, scooping up a fork-full.

I looked at my sons and couldn't help but to bite my lower lip over a wide smile. They smiled back. Watching the girls eat their lunch knowing they were eating their brother's spunk was sending a bolt of renewed excitement down my spine and into my quivering pussy. My sons were feeling it too. I especially knew it because J.R. reached down to adjust himself.

"Yeh, something is definitely different. Is this the gourmet version, or what?" Cindy asked. She didn't seem quite as into her food like Ella was.

"You could say that. I thought we'd try something healthier this time."

"Yah-yah, you and your health kick," Cindy teased sarcastically. "I suppose if it is healthier..."

All but Ella watched Cindy take another large bite. The boys were holding their breath, and I knew I needed to do something to change their behavior before Cindy really started to ask some tough questions.

"What do you boys think?" I asked, using my eyes to tell them to keep eating.

"Meh, tastes like mac 'n cheese to me" Jake said, taking the hint and going for a bite. J.R. knew better, and responded properly: "Let's not get the regular kind again!"

"Hmm. Let me taste?" I asked Cindy. Cindy loaded up her fork and placed her cupped hand under it so she could catch the especially runny pasta, should any of it fall. Taking a bite, I could taste the cum. God could I taste it too; it was more saturated with it than I had expected. Slightly salty in a cum-sort-of way. With it came the memory of my sons spurting cocks. Delicious.

Jake reached down and adjusted himself; apparently he was happy that I willing ate it, even though I knew what was in it.

"Mmm. Okay, one more bite!" I laughed.

"You should have made some for yourself," J.R. suggested wickedly. I agreed wholeheartedly.

Knowing Jake liked my participation, I decided to dedicate my next move to him. Looking directly at Jake, I asked: "Let me try yours this time Ella, I've been dying to try the one without tomatoes too!"

Ella brought the bowl up to my mouth while I asked her to scoop up some of the extra "cream" from the side. Jake's bowl tasted about the same to me, and that was fine by me! I could already feel a second buzz coming on from the cum. This was my drug; I needed it more than my sons knew.

I don't know why, but for some reason it really got me off that I was forcing my addiction on my daughters. Maybe I wanted to see if they'd catch the cum-craze like I had, and I needed some sort of sick validation. It didn't matter- there was no saving me now. This whole experience was exhilarating. I was already scheming new ways to try and turn my daughters into cumsluts! I wish I had started sooner...

J.R. was having a difficult time watching us, and excused himself to use the bathroom. He grabbed the empty ice tray from the freezer on his way out. Luckily, his sisters weren't paying attention to the odd pit stop, but I was. J.R. could tell I loved the gesture, and we gave each other a "thumbs up" upon his return.

Other than the intense sexual energy in the room, lunch went as normal... well, for the most part. There was oddly less bickering. We were definitely becoming closer as a family.

* * *

In hindsight, I don't know what I was thinking... Days before I had taken my daughters shopping for new clothes, I too had spent thousands on a new wardrobe for myself. Among the new attire, I had purchased new workout gear. Nothing that you can't find at a sporting store of course, but the shorts I had on were spandex-tight, and were really short. The top I wore held my boobs into place, but didn't bother covering anything else up. Needless to say, I was showing a lot of skin; perfect for sweating in the privacy of my home. Never had I intended to wear this type of gear to a session with a client!

My thoughts were crippled by the recent events with my sons. I actually saw their erect penises. I saw those beautiful cocks getting played with, no more than a foot away. I saw them spurt fresh cum, some of it landing on my cheek! Then I torturously watched my two daughters unknowingly eat it all. The feeling I had was indescribably intense. It consumed my thoughts so much, that I didn't even remember the drive over to my client's house.

The look on my client's face when she saw me at the door brought reality crashing down on me. I was underdressed as the instructor for a training session, and I was completely out of character. Had I overestimated her? Of all my clients, Mandy seemed the most liberal. She even told me once that she was struggling to adapt to her young husband's nudist attitude. She wrangled her husband during an internship in Spain. Apparently, Spain doesn't have as big of an issue with nudity as America does.

"Hi Mandy!" I said, with extra enthusiasm to hide my sudden embarrassment. "Today I have lots of energy, so I hope you're ready for a strenuous workout!"

Fortunately, my enthusiastic attitude helped distract her from my attire, and she invited me inside.

My time as a fitness professional is expensive, so we didn't linger long before jumping into a full-fledged training session. As I predicted, my horniness came out as physical energy, and our workout was supercharged. Still, even with fitness to distract me, I couldn't stop thinking about my sons' cocks! Was J.R. bigger than Jake? His was definitely girthier. I had never considered the penis to be particularly attractive before, but now...

I was convinced Mandy's husband was the reason she made such an effort to get herself fit. He was almost 8 years younger than she was, and I suspected he married her in part to get himself to America. Mandy was twice divorced with two children from her previous marriage, so she wasn't exactly prime picking for a man such as her husband. There was no question that the two of them had chemistry, but did she know that every time he came to check in on her, he copped a look at my ass? Today was especially obvious, and he leered at me as if I was wearing my new workout clothes for his pleasure.

Normally, I wouldn't dream of doing this, but I stared back. No, not at his face-- his crotch. I couldn't help it. What was he packing? What did he taste like? Even nastier: did his cock contract so beautifully when he shot his cum like my sons did?

Mandy shooed her husband away, perhaps because she had caught us gawking at each other. "I've got to be careful," I thought to myself over my dirty thoughts. It was not a good idea to go out with this much sex on my mind.

With her husband leaving us to it, we focused on our session. It went by quickly, and by the end of it, Mandy was exhausted.

After our workout, we discussed diet goals and next week's exercise routine per usual. But before heading out, I decided to address the concern that I had about crossing a boundary with her husband. I voluntarily suggested a new time where she might have the house to herself. It was important that my client wouldn't feel threatened by me; if she became worried I was stealing her thunder, I would lose her business.

It was the right thing to ask, because Mandy admitted she knew her husband was attracted to me and hoped I hadn't noticed his behavior. When I cautiously told her I was flattered, she unexpectedly became excited and bluntly admitted she shared her husband's attraction towards me. Unfortunately for her, it wasn't one of her secrets that I cared to know.

I've never been sexually attracted to women. Don't get me wrong, I understand how beautiful women are from an aesthetic perspective. I even know why guys go crazy over those curves: women can be sensuous in ways that a man never could be. Nature meant women to be alluring. Still, I like the strong hard bodies and aggressive confidence men have. Being physical with a woman has never excited me.

"You're bi?" I asked, feeling bold now that Mandy had opened up to me.

"Every woman has some lesbianism in her. Comeon, admit it!" She insisted, with a wink.

"Oh I don't know about that..." How was I going to let her down gently?

"You mean to tell me that if my husband and I threw ourselves at you, you'd run away?" she balked.

"No, but you'd just end up watching me fuck your husband," I laughed. She did too, thank god.

"That'd be okay by me," she blushed. "As long as I got to clean you up afterwards!"

Holy fuck, this was a strange conversation. I thought carefully before answering.

"I'm not sure about that either. Recently, cleaning up has been my favorite part..."

Easy. Don't reveal too much! She probably just offered to clean up so she could get her tongue on you.

"Really? You like man juice?" She looked a little astonished to hear I had a dirty side. Why did she have to call it "man juice" though?

"Mmmm, I love it!"

Sure, why the hell not? I've already gone this far. Might as well tell her everything.

My client laughed at my enthusiasm. "You'd love my husband then, he sure does keep me busy cleaning up after him"

What. The. Fuck. Is she _really_ telling me this?

"Oh I know all about that. I have two healthy boys who keep me busy with laundry," I uttered back. I guess my sons were still on my mind.

She didn't seem to detect my nervousness from sharing that, because she quipped back: "Be thankful. My boy was spraying the walls before I told him to cap it with a dirty sock!"

"A sock? Ooo, that's good. Why didn't I think of that?" I asked rhetorically, avoiding the fact that it was really quite odd for a boy to be cumming on a wall. "I just wished they'd dispose of it so I didn't have to be reminded I wasn't getting any. My husband is never around to satisfy my needs"

Dimmit, even when I lie, I reveal too much.

No bites that time. Mandy only smiled.

"How'd you bring that up with your son anyway? I've been meaning to teach my kids a few things now that they're older..."

This question made her hesitate. My mind raced to try and figure out why. Had I said too much?

"You may not agree with me, but I'm going to tell you truthfully. If you want your kids to learn something, you have to show them."

My mouth opened out of reflex from the revelation. Immediately, Mandy went on the defensive:

"I know you and _everyone else_ finds that wrong. What you don't know is that my son is rebellious. Okay? He's rebellious. We tried everything. I couldn't have him masturbating everywhere, so what was I supposed to do? Yes, we showed him how to do it. And guess what? Ever since then he's fallen in line."

"No- no, I didn't mean to pass judgment," I stammered for a way to express myself. I was completely astonished to hear this from her. What were the chances I'd run into someone like this after all I've been doing with my own kids!

"Does your husband know you... did a demonstration like that?" I asked incredulously, being careful at how I phrased it.

"It was HIS idea. We talked about it first, but I didn't think he'd actually do it. Then one day my son stepped WAY over the line. He had taken my daughter's childhood stuffed animal and was... you know, actually fucking it in front of her. My daughter started screaming at him, so naturally I went to go see what was happening. The nerve of that boy. He wouldn't stop even with me yelling at him. Eventually my husband came in to see what the drama was all about... but by then, my girl's stuffed animal had a permanent facial," she laughed.

"We didn't find it funny at the time. My husband was pissed! He grabbed my son's arm and sat him forcibly on my daughter's bed, and unzipped. This was like... my god, five years ago now. Karen was only 13. She had seen my husband naked before, but hadn't seen him pleasuring himself like he was doing in front of my son. Don't get me wrong, Karen was sexually active. We couldn't stop her from sleeping around, so we decided we'd let her bring boys over. Which by the way is really smart: You can keep an eye on things and make sure they're being safe. Anyway, Karen was no stranger to penises, but she was still mortified! As for my son... well, he told us later he still has nightmares about it."

"So anyway, my husband beats his stick for a few minutes, then reaches down, takes off his sock and completely unloads ALL of his sperm up inside of it. He wasn't quiet about it either. When he's done, he takes off the sock and drops it on the floor, and says: 'Any questions?'"

Mandy starts laughing at the memory, and I politely giggle along with her. I wasn't sure if "humorous" was the best way to describe her story. It sounded to me like his son's behavior was no better than his fathers.

"Then what happened?" I asked, amazed this would actually be effective.

"My son lashed out a few times, but every time he did, we'd match his actions. I don't think he liked seeing his parents try to imitate him sexually like that. Eventually he understood why we had a problem with his attitude. That or he got use to it, and doesn't think it's so shocking anymore!" She laughed. "He's a complete saint now. The only thing we deal with is all the noise. I swear to god when the two have friends over, they compete to see who can gross the other out the most! I'm surprised the neighbors haven't called the cops with all the moaning going on around here!

"I didn't imagine myself ever admitting it, but my husband was right. Being an open family is the only way to do it," She concluded.

Then Mandy asked me about my kids. When I told her I had four, she took pity on me for having such a large family.

"They are at the perfect age to be taught. Do it NOW. Don't expect the schools to do it properly, either. My daughter turned 18 a few months ago, and my son is 16. They are both sexually responsible and relatively well behaved for teenagers. Quite the contrast from when they were uneducated little bastards 5 years ago."

Mandy opened a drawer in the coffee table and pulled out some condoms. "Just make sure you keep these around, EVERYWHERE" she laughed.

"Oh I know that now. I had to show my son what a condom was just _yesterday_. Really Mandy, this is such a coincidence. Now if I could just sit all of my kids down together and give them a lesson they won't forget... The problem is my husband has never been to Spain before," I joked. Jonathan had the complete opposite opinion on how to properly raise children, and I'm sure upbringing and culture had something to do with it.

"You can borrow my husband whenever you need him," she offered. "I'm sure we could convince your kids not to tell your husband about your little lesson"

I accidentally gasped. That was a bit forward.

"Just think about it," she replied, "I'm sure my hubby would be happy to help you out however he can. Maybe we can help each other out," she said slyly. "My. How did we get on this topic anyway?"

"Laundry," I said, checking the time as obviously as possible. I thought the conversation had gone far enough

"Ohhh, right. Laundry," she smiled. "Wait here. I want to send you home with something," she said, not giving me a choice to turn her down.

While Mandy was away, a door opened from down a hallway. Out stepped a teenage woman wearing loose and slightly revealing clothing. It didn't look like she had gotten ready for the day, and she had piercings everywhere, including one in her nose. She didn't utter a word as she walked past me and into the kitchen to grab... a beer! Then she went back to her room and closed the door. I guess "liberal" was an understatement for Mandy's family.

Mandy came back shortly with her husband in tow. Judging by the bulge in his pants, she had already clued him in on what our prior conversation was about. While Mandy introduced me to Alex, she openly rubbed his crotch.

"... Hubby," Mandy cooed in her husband's ear, "I was hoping to send her home with something special..."

My eyes widened as I watched Mandy's hand slowly move up to her husband's zipper and lower it. This is what she had in mind?

"Mandy!" I exclaimed. "I'm a married woman, I'm not sure I should!"

"So? Don't do anything," Alex responded for his wife. "I saw you looking at me earlier. At the least, let my wife show you what your options are"

Mandy managed to wrestle her husband's rather large cock out of his open zipper. This was the third cock I had seen today. A personal record. I bit my lip.

Mandy whispered something to her husband, and he grinned.

"Tell me about how much you like man cum," Alex requested. His wife must have clued him in on what I had revealed to her earlier.

"Oh, let's just say I have a little problem," I sighed, as I watched Mandy reached in and pulled out Alex's balls from his pants.

"See how full he is?" Mandy asked wickedly, cupping her husband's balls as if to weigh them.

"Is this really happening?" I thought to myself. "I dress provocatively for one day, and...?”

I take my eyes off of the now lewdly assaulted cock and take another look around. We were standing just off the living room on the main floor. Large windows let the afternoon light in. There was no privacy here. Even their daughter was only a few doors down. And their son's whereabouts? Who knew.

"Relax," Alex said when my eyes returned to him. "Anybody who catches us will want to watch. If not, nobody's forcing them to," he reasoned.

"I really like that you enjoy man cum," he got back on track, "My wife is a little cum shy. Maybe you could help fix her." He said this while looking down to his wife, who was behind him stroking his cock.

"Won't happen. But I would love to see her try," She winked.

Alex groaned, and lifted his hands up to his head to rest them there. He was really enjoying Mandy's hand job skills. She had used Alex's precum as a lubricant, and the sounds of her pumping filled the gaps of silence. "

Not that I didn't appreciate the gesture, but I didn't know how much longer I could take the crude show. My relationship with my client had already gone too far. Could I leave without being rude? Would I want to come back as her personal trainer? Or would I come back as something else entirely? With a cock as nice as Alex's though... it was worth the risk.

"So?" Mandy spoke this time. "Would my husband's tool be good enough to teach your children with? Hypothetically speaking, of course," she asked, pulling and tugging on the cock to give me different views

"It's too big, it might scare them off," I laughed. "Are you sure a live show is really necessary?"

"You can take a picture of it then," Alex joked arrogantly. "I say, scare your kids a little. Fear is a good teacher."

As Alex talked, Mandy grabbed a hand from behind her husband's head, and brought it down to his cock so he could pleasure himself.

"What would we teach them?" I asked playing along. "My sons have cocks, they don't need to see yours."

"And your daughters?" Asked Mandy, who knew now that I had two little girls as well. "Do they know how a penis fits inside a woman?"

I didn't answer; I was too busy wondering where Mandy was going. Soon she was standing behind me, her chin almost resting on my shoulder.

"Do your sons know how to make love properly," she whispered in my ear and running her hands over my sides. I shivered.

"Or are you okay with them abusing women and getting whores pregnant?" Mandy asked, as if I was worried about her extreme scenario. My sons were nothing like her son was. My sons were very well behaved, and I didn't know how far I wanted to corrupt them yet.

Mandy's hands started to travel up and down my body even more, much to Alex's delight. Suddenly, Mandy cupped my breasts.

"I think you should do as you promised, and let me watch you fuck my husband," she whispered into my ear again. "We do need to make sure you two fit together properly before the show-n-tell lesson, don't we?" She asked, without whispering this time. Taking control, she reached under my workout bra and lifted it up, freeing my breasts.

"Oooh, you were right, hon. They ARE real," she teased, squeezing my tits lewdly.

They had talked about my breasts before? I admit I was turned on by the thought. What other things did they said about me when I left? Also, despite my initial rejection, Mandy's hands were electrifying.

"I don't think your husband is going to last long enough for a proper fuck," I moaned as Mandy tweaked my nipple. Alex did look like he was about to bust his nuts, but I was mostly using him as a scape goat. I needed a shower, and still had my son's cum all over my pussy.

Not wanting to debate the matter, I stepped away from Mandy, and kneeled before they had a chance to talk. "But I think I'll have some of what your husband is whipping up after all," I smiled back at Mandy. I looked her in the eyes as I took her husband's cock in my mouth. I couldn't keep my eyes locked on hers for long though, and closed them as I shivered visibly. My senses were overwhelmed by the soft, yet hard cock my mouth struggled to hold inside. It tasted sweet, with a hint of a manly musk. I hadn't had a cock in my mouth in weeks, and I hadn't had anyone's but Jonathan's cock in my mouth in well over a decade.

With another man's junk in my mouth, I guess it was official: I had become a slut. Or was I always a slut, just a dormant one?

My eyes opened again when I felt hands on me. Mandy was kneeling behind me and had resumed playing with my tits. I could feel her breasts on the back of my head. She had removed her top.

"Oooh baby, suck his juices out!" Mandy encouraged with my tits in her hands. "You've got to feel these, hon," she said to her husband, lifting up my boobs as high as she could. Alex bent over slightly so he could cup and squeeze one of them. He only grunted in response. My mouth had not let up from making a continuous suction on his throbbing cock.

My intimate attention to Mandy's husband must have automatically given her permission, because while her husband held my tit, she reached down and slid her hand under my shorts.

"Oooh hubby," she gushed. "She shaves!"

"Fuckin' gorgeous. So-fuck-ing-gorgeous!" he moaned under clasped teeth. Taking his compliment in stride, I let my mouth relax from his cock, and looked up into his eyes. Jonathan said guys liked it when a woman looked up at them while they sucked; it was time I put his advice to good use. Alex DID seem to appreciate it too and lustily stared back. With his attention, I teasingly flicked my tongue over the tip of his cock. It bounced in my hands in response to the sensation.

That's when I realized Mandy had brought her hand up to her mouth.

"Um, why does your pussy taste like cum?" She asked with some seriousness. "I thought you said you weren't getting any?"

Oh shit.

No more teasing for Alex. I brought his cock into my mouth and sucked hard. It was time to get my reward- the sooner the better.

"You little slut!" Mandy's voice changed. "You've been playing me!" She didn't like that I was ignoring her, especially now that I was working so diligently on her husband's cock. If I didn't know better, Mandy was jealous. Unexcitingly, Mandy grabbed her husband's ass and shoved him into my mouth, causing me to choke.

Mandy held my impaled head into her husband for a second, then forcibly started to move my head back and forth on the cock. "Fuck her mouth. Fuck the slut!"

"Mmfpmf!!" I tried to speak. It was pointless. The best I could do was hold open my throat as wide as I could to let Alex slide his cock into it.

Mandy shoved her hands back into my shorts, and found my clit. She was not gentle.

I'm not the type of woman who likes to be treated roughly. But I was in a compromising position with the two, and if things were going to end the way I wanted them to, I had to do something. I grabbed Alex's balls and tugged.

"Ugggh!" Alex moaned out, stopping his thrusts. I took my unstuffed throat as an opportunity to take control, and started sucking him again; this time with some tongue tricks Jonathan had taught me.

"Fuck me!" he yelled.

I yelled too; at least tried to with my mouth full of cock! Mandy had started to finger fuck me, and brought me to an orgasm.

"Oh God! She's a squirter!" Mandy croaked to her husband while she kept fingering me.

Mandy was too aggressive, and I needed her to stop. Thankfully I didn't have to wait long.

"I'm going to-- I'm-- I'm-- Uhnnnn!"

Alex started to release jet after jet of jism down my throat. I pulled him back a little so I could let his cum fill my mouth while my tongue tickled the slit of his cock that was pulsing out spunk. I even teasingly tried to use my tongue to block off the torrent flowing out of him, but to no avail.

When his cock started to drip those last few spurts, I opened my mouth so he could see what his balls had produced. His cock just stayed nestled on my chin while it drizzled in a few extra drops into the pool of cum I had collected.

Mandy had stopped rubbing me in awe of the lurid display, but I was not going to let her off easy. Even with her hands still all over me, I quickly turned and tried to plant a sloppy kiss on Mandy's lips. She squirmed and pushed me aside when she felt the cum start to poor into her mouth.

Catching myself, I swallowed what was left in my mouth.

"What's the matter Mandy, I thought you'd want a kiss from me?"

Oddly, she didn't reply. Hopefully she was learning that I wasn't going to put up with her little fits anymore.

I scooped up some of the cum running down Mandy's breasts that she had spat out, and consumed it hungrily. Not only was Mandy speechless, so was Alex.

"I am hoping to give my kids their sex lesson sometime this week, so we'll be in touch," I said to Alex's deflating cock, kissing it before standing up.

"Don't forget Mandy," I began, pulling my workout bra back into place, "No refined carbs. No soda. LOTS of water. Five-mile ellipticals. Daily."

And with that, I showed myself out.

* * *

As I left my client's house, I ran into who I assumed was her son walking up to the front door with a friend. They leered, and I did my best to ignore them until they made a cat call.

"If you hurry," I smiled, wiggling my ass at them when I got to my car, "you can catch your mom's titties!"

I didn't bother to see their reactions, and decidedly drove off. The day was shaping up to be the weirdest one I had ever had. I was still in a stupor over what I had just let Mandy do to me, and what I had let myself do to her husband. But more than that, it was what we had discussed doing with my kids that left me dazed, and I wondered which part of me had control over my body. My mind was doing somersaults, so I knew _it_ wasn't the organ in control.

I knew my fantasies about J.R and Jake were incestial, but I didn't get that type of vibe from Mandy and her family. They just seemed sexually open in their own twisted way. Mandy had caught Alex's exhibitionism like it was the flu, and her kids followed suit. That, coupled with the fact that they were a bunch of assholes, made it somehow add up. As for me, there is no way I would be able to hold myself back if I saw my sons holding "fuck competitions" openly in the living room. Whatever mechanism that is supposed to exist for causing revulsion at your own offspring's sexuality was broken in me.

One thing was for certain: Mandy's family wasn't close. Mine was. It was important to me it stayed that way. That's why I couldn't take Mandy's advice seriously, and I certainly wasn't going to let her in on my secret fantasies either. I was only going to use her husband once, and then be done with her.

My jitters hadn't really let up, and I wondered if it was because of the intense sexual situations I had been involved in all day, or if it was because I hadn't eaten very much. I joked with myself that most of my caloric intake was from jizz. I could still taste Alex on my tongue! It was an interesting diet, but it wasn't in line with maintaining my physique. I decided to make a quick stop to the grocery store before heading home.

Leaving the two bags of groceries on the table, I went straight for a bath without checking in with my kids.

"Mom? Are you in there?" I heard Ella ask from the doorway.

I had just gotten in the jetted tub off our master bedroom and didn't want to be sidetracked. I almost told Ella to wait for me to finish my bath, but I didn't.

"In here, honey," I called out.

Ella blushed when she saw me in the tub. She probably couldn't see much with all the soap bubbles, but I don't think she was expecting me to be in the bath either.

"Hi Amanda!" I said, noticing Ella's friend standing behind Ella with the biggest eyes I had ever seen. I didn't know Ella had company.

"Um momma, can Amanda sleep over?" Ella sheepishly asked. "We already asked her parents, and they said she could!"

"Of course, baby," I replied. "By the way, I really like your outfit!"

"Thanks, it's my fave. Me and Amanda tried on all our new stuff!"

I looked at Amanda again; like Ella, she was in a very short skirt. It didn't quite fit her properly because she wasn't as developed as Ella yet. I could see her bra straps under the tank top, and she was wearing heavy makeup.

"Oh, I see. You look cute Amanda!" I called out to the cowering girl, though secretly I thought she looked like a cheap hooker who was far too young to dress like that. Amanda didn't say anything.

"You were right, momma. J.R said he'd go shoppin' with us next time!" she explained, feeling pleased with herself.

"J.R? You two showed him your outfits?"

"Yup. Cindy, 'manda, and me. We all did a fashion show! Jake and J.R didn't mind."

"That's very nice of you girls. I am so happy that your brothers are taking an interest. Thank you for doing that!"

"You're welcome," She said simply and with an air of arrogance. I didn't get a chance to ask more about the fashion show, because Ella left. She was like that; always leaving on a high note. She seemed to almost strut as she walked away.

"Told you she was home," I could barely hear Ella gibe when she got to the hallway.

"Shut it dorkface," Jake replied, annoyed by her sister's "told you so" attitude.

"Jake?" I called out. "Come here!" I demanded.

A moment later, Jake peaked though the bathroom door and froze. My soapy tits were on display.

"Come here," I repeated sternly.

Jake sauntered in, unsure of where he was allowed to look.

"Are you being nice to your sister?" I scolded.

"She deserved it," he insisted, staring at his feet.

"That may be, but there is no excuse for name calling. Is that clear?"

"Yes, mom. Sorry," he muttered.

"That's better," I said more cheerfully, and trying to look into his eyes which were still pointed to the floor. "Jake? It's okay. They're just nipples. Everybody has them. You can look if you'd like."

He did as I suggested, and I rubbed my nipples briefly to get them excited for him.

"They're like the ones the chick had in the movie," he stammered

"The movie? Oh, last night." I recalled the scene where the woman's breasts were exaggeratedly sucked on. It was obvious the model in that movie was selected specifically for her assets, so I took his observation as a compliment. "Thanks honey!" I smiled. "That was a fun movie, huh?"

Letting my son see my exposed breasts was making me hot, and I let my hand wander to my clit. The soap bubbles gave me enough cover to enjoy myself privately.

Jake was too distracted to reply. The problem with teenagers is that they lack the important skill of flirting, especially when an opportunity presents itself. Hoping to still get some sort of excitement in our conversation, I trudged on.

"Have you ever seen a naked woman before, Jake?"

He shook his head.

"Do you have a girlfriend? Maybe she would show you hers if you showed that to her first," I suggested, pointing to the bulge at his crotch. He had a hard on since he had entered.

"Um, I don't have a girlfriend."

"Really? Jake! Girls can be a lot of fun. Go get one!"

Jake just stared at my breasts, and I realized then that I wasn't going to derive any sort of excitement out of our conversation. I sighed with disappointment.

"Well, maybe you need to be warmed up to how a woman looks first, because she's not going to like it if you stare at her tits all day," I laughed.

Jake blushed and looked away. Apparently he wasn't in a playful mood.

"Were you looking for me earlier?" I asked Jake, changing the subject. I already knew he had a conversation about my whereabouts with Ella.

"Oh yah!" Jake said, gaining some clarity. "Um, you know how we were supposed to use the ice thingie?"

"Uh-huh," I said, realizing he was asking about the ice tray for collecting his cum.

"What if we can't get it? Like, what if El is in the kitchen, or something? What do we do?"

"Honey, the ice tray is just one way of getting your sisters hooked on cum," I explained, already getting my story mixed up. As far as Jake knew, he was supposed to be doing it for their health. "If the ice tray isn't available, put your honey somewhere else. Be creative!" Wait; was the term I was using for cum, "honey" or "milk"? Didn't matter, Jake understood.

"Have you been holding out while I was gone?" I asked, looking at his bulge. Jake nodded.

"No more holding out, I want you rubbing yourself often," I requested. "So where are you thinking about shooting it?"

"Um, I dunno," Jake shrugged.

"Here, let me give you some ideas. First of all, your sisters can't know what you did, otherwise the game is over," I reiterated.

"Hmm, I know how you like to hump your pillow," I revealed, to Jake's embarrassment. "Have you thought about sliding your dick into one of your sister's pillows? Just don't cum on it, it might be too obvious. Instead, right before you're about to blow, cum into their dirty panties like J.R does to mine.

"Cum can have a pretty strong flavor, so putting it in food is tricky. Especially since it needs to be fresh. When in doubt, let me try it first and I'll let you know if it's good enough for your sisters.

"You can always spray your honey into lotions. In fact, why don't you go get your sister's conditioner? I can show you what I mean."

Jake liked some of my ideas and eagerly left to get the conditioner.

"Don't forget to bring the toy I got you," I yelled after him as he ran out.

Feeling excited again, and much cleaner thanks to the quick soak in the tub, I got out and dried off. I was just wrapping a towel around my body when Jake came back.

"Good boy," I said, and couldn't help but to lick my lips when he brought back the lotion and masturbation toy I got him.

"Now let's get that cock out of those pants!" I sat down on the edge of the tub, briefly exposing my pussy to Jake. He didn't notice though, because he was watching my hands untie his belt. Letting his pants drop to the floor, his penis was once again in front of me. I could smell his excitement.

"Ooh, that looks fun," I gushed, extremely tempted to touch his twitching member.

I was very disappointed when Jake didn't wait for instruction, and stuffed his cock into the toy.

"Wait baby, this will help," I took the half empty bottle of conditioner from him, and pulled off the toy. His penis came free with a lurch. My mouth went dry.

Slowly I poured some conditioner on his beautiful cock, "You don't need to worry about using lotion when the girls aren't going to eat it," I reminded him. "And this will make it feel a lot better," I concluded, blowing on the tip of his cock teasingly. It jerked up in response, and I giggled.

"Try that," I said, sheathing the toy over his penis, then twisting it to help slather on the conditioner.

Jake took the toy and pumped it over himself once. His knees buckled, and he let out a cute moan. He wasn't going to last long.

"Feels good, I take it?" I grinned. My heart felt like it was trying to escape through my throat. "I told you this would be a fun game."

I was right, Jake didn't last long. He pumped the toy over his cock four times, each thrust came with it a sharp breath from my boy. He could barely take a single stroke, and he didn't masturbate in a steady rhythm like I was used to seeing from my husband.

"Oh, oh! OH!" Jake gasped. He was about to cum, and it took me by surprise.

"Hurry, fire it in here!" I exclaimed a little too late as the first spurt flew out of the toy and landed in my hair. Fuck! I love cum, just keep it out of my hair!

We almost got his second jet of jizz in the bottle, but splattered at the edge of the opened lid and got everywhere. After that, part of the tip of his cock was corking the bottle, and I watched as it pulsed jet after jet of cum into the conditioner. So sexy! It just wasn't possible for me to keep my hands off him anymore, so I took my available hand and held on to his contracted balls as they emptied their load.

Jake yelped in surprise and almost uncorked the bottle that I was holding up to him with my other hand.

"God, sorry baby. Just curious," I apologized, but didn't stop squeezing his balls. I could feel the kegel muscles above them working to expel the boy cream.

By the end of it, we found ourselves smiling at each other.

"Feel better baby?"

He nodded.

I let go of him and twisted the conditioner lid back on the bottle. "Good! I don't know how much this will help your sisters, but every bit counts," I said handing him the bottle. Jake took it, and I helped him waddle over to the sink with his pants still around his ankles.

"Make sure you clean this up good, so your brother can use it too," I said, letting the faucet drain the lotion from the center of the masturbation toy.

Then I finally got what I wanted ever since I had seen it: I cupped some water in my hands and rinsed Jake's penis off, fondling it aggressively in the process. It didn't have a chance, and was soon hard as steel again.

"Ooh, looks like it's ready for another round," I giggled. "I'll let you decide how you want to do it this time. Don't forget your mother needs some of that honey too," I said, feeling selfish and at the same time, holding back my temptation to give him his first hand job.

Jake pulled his pants up, and had that horny teenage look in his eyes. It was a look I wanted to see more of.

"This is an important time for your body's development, so don't worry if you can't come up with something your sisters can enjoy your honey with. As long as it's washable or cleanable, you can cum on it!"

I handed Jake the bottle of conditioner again, and he proudly took it with him. Once he left, I quickly removed my towel and rubbed myself to my third intense orgasm of the day. With these types of orgasms, I was going to dehydrate quickly!

* * *

The irony hit me as I tried to remove my boy's cum from my hair. The reason I didn't like cum in my hair is because cum acts exactly like mousse, except once it's in your hair, it doesn't come out. I hadn't planned on washing my hair, but that first spurt of cum was so heavy, I ended up having to wash my hair twice. As I straightened and dried my hair, I reasoned with myself that maybe cum wouldn't be so bad if it was diluted with conditioner. Honestly, I didn't know; but I wasn't worried. If my son's activities started to have too many negative consequences, I could always come up with some other game, or scale back the current one.

In the meantime, I was having fun. Lots of fun. I actually got to feel Jake up, and I'm pretty sure he liked it, considering he was already leaving another present for his sisters somewhere. It was odd that something as wrong as this felt so much better than playing with someone's husband. Not that that wasn't wrong too, but the two wrongs were not the same.

My house was feeling a little neglected, so I spent the rest of the time before dinner dusting and vacuuming various rooms, cleaning them as needed. I caught J.R heading for the ice tray once, and took a peak at the progress. I knew it'd be at least a week before it was completely full, but I was impressed with the progress so far. I thought about convincing J.R to drop trousers and show me how he loaded up the tray with his spunk, but couldn't figure out how to suggest it in a natural way. J.R was spending the majority of his time in his room, probably watching the sex scenes from last night's DVD on his hand-me-down laptop. He probably thought it was the DVD that was making him so incredibly horny all the time; and maybe that was part of it, but I knew those pills were doing wonders... as were Cindy's braless tits.

Cindy had come to me complaining about how Jake was staring at her ever since she changed into her new clothes. I explained to her just how incredibly enticing she looked in her tiny shorts and tight "got milk?" t-shirt. Then I explained to her that if she _really_ wanted to get her brother going, she should take her bra off, like that t-shirt intended for it to be done. Needless to say, she wasn't really bothered about the attention Jake was giving her, because she didn't need any convincing. Soon her bra was off, and her brothers definitely took notice. I was jealous.

My daughters looked good in their new attire. So good in fact, that I felt like I needed to somehow reassert myself as the main sex object of my son's lust. Unfortunately, Ella's friend was staying over, and I was certain I would need to wait.

"When's our next movie night?" Ella asked at dinner. We were eating a chicken and rice dish; and no, I didn't let my sons cum into it this time. I had other plans.

"I don't know, dear. I was thinking once a week?"

My kids all whined out in disapproval. They clearly wanted movie night more often.

"Okay, Okay!" I laughed, "We'll play movie night by ear. In the meantime, it's J.R's turn to pick the next movie..."

"I can't mom... I tried going to Netflix, but it said 'access denied'," J.R complained.

I had forgotten about the internet. I too had run into whatever Jonathan did to censor the internet on occasion.

"Maybe I can call the computer repair man to fix it," I offered, not wanting to wait for Jonathan to get home. Even if my husband was home, it'd take some convincing before he'd agree to remove the child lock. "Maybe I can help you pick a movie from a local kiosk," I suggested. "Or you can borrow my credit card."

J.R tried to say something, but Ella butted in.

"But what are we going to do tonight?" Ella droned. "I told Amanda we were watching a mooovie!" Ella didn't seem to let it go. "Maybe we could watch the one again from last night! I already told her all about it!"

My kids all looked at me as if the suggestion was a good idea.

"Oh no. No repeat movies on movie night! Sorry Amanda. I don't think your parents would approve of last night's movie anyway," I said, pretending to feel bad for her.

"Aw, mom!" Jake protested

"But it was supposed to be a slummmber party," Ella kept whining. "What's a slumber party without P.J's and a movie?"

"A movie with boobies!" Jake cut in, laughing at himself. This isn't a joke he would have felt comfortable giving a week ago.

Ella nodded to Jake.

"Movies with boobies?" I laughed. "I don't remember _that_ being part of slumber parties"

"But it has such a nice ring to it," J.R jumped in. Soon all of the kids were having fun repeating the tongue twister "movies with boobies" as fast as possible.

"Who needs movies? We already have _plenty_ of boobies," I teased, quickly putting a hand under Cindy's left tit, and pushing it up causing it to jiggle under her shirt.

Cindy's mouth opened and she gasped protestingly.

"Whatever! You're the boobie queen! Hey! --"

Cindy tried to retaliate by flicking my tit, but I had on my shelf bra and she didn't realize it. I moved my blouse aside so she could see the strap.

"Fooled ya!" I teased. My daughters and I laughed at our silliness. My sons were still trying to adapt to our new behavior, so remained quiet, but were definitely amused. As for our guest...

"Sorry Amanda, we don't usually talk about these sorts of things around the dinner table," I apologized to her for the second time that night.

"It's okay, I kinda wish we had fun like you guys," she said. So, the girl actually speaks!

We didn't often have company, at least that was the excuse I used to explain my poor manners, and proceeded to get acquainted with the young girl. She was the middle child of three kids. Unfortunately for her, her two siblings were both brothers. Her parents worked, and I got the impression that they didn't get along with each other.

I was used to seeing Amanda over from time to time, but it was usually during the school year. Cindy and Ella were best friends, but when school started, the two were separated by being in different grades. That's where Amanda came in. She was Ella's playmate when Cindy wasn't available.

I got the impression Amanda was over at our house that night because she needed Ella more than Ella needed her.

As much as I wanted to welcome Amanda into our home, it was just bad timing. My sons were being less shy about their erections, and to make matters worse, they were taking some interest in Amanda, who hadn't quite figured out that crossing her legs was important when sitting down in skirts that short. Amanda trying on Ella's new slutware was not a side effect that I had anticipated.

"Jake, if you drop your fork one more time, I'm going to feed you myself," I threatened, annoyed that he was trying to make excuses to look under the table.

"I can't help it mom," he talked back under gritted teeth. Then he grabbed his crotch to show me he had a hard on. The girls all noticed.

"Not at the table, dear" I said, not wanting to scold him in front of our guest, but still having to respond to his reaction now that everyone saw him.

When Jake realized everyone had noticed him, and I had even called him out on it, he turned bright red.

"Mom! You PROMISED," Ella's loud voice suddenly turned to a whisper. "You promised you'd show us what a cock was!"

Ella was sitting at the other end of the table, next to her friend who was sitting in Jonathan's usual spot. I wasn't sure why she thought whispering made sense. I guess Jake's obscene gesture reminded her of last night, when I revealed to her and Cindy that I owned a dildo. She didn't know it was a dildo, or why I had it, but she was interested in it enough that she couldn't wait to ask me in private about it.

"I promised?" I asked, not remembering the specifics. "Well, I did want to teach all of you about the 'birds and the bees', especially due to recent events," I admitted. "In fact, I was just talking to my client about lesson plans, and she gave me some interesting ideas," I continued.

"I don't get what's so important about birds and bees," J.R said. "I heard you saying something about it before. Who cares?"

"Sex, dummy" Cindy mocked. "Mom's talking about sex. Honestly?"

"Cindy!" I glared, "Please. I should have clarified." She was right though. Even if it wasn't obvious, he was old enough to pick up on that by now. Maybe he was just playing dumb to verify his suspicions.

"We could learn about the bees tonight!" Ella decided.

"I thought about it," I agreed, "but this is a very sensitive topic. We definitely need to talk about it in private." I didn't want to make Amanda uncomfortable by using her as an excuse, but somehow it was obvious she was the reason for the change of plans.

"Amanda doesn't mind, do you Amanda?" Ella turned to her

"Dear," I broke in shaking my head, "We can do this another night. Sex is a topic that can be quite graphic, and most parents have different ideas on how it should be approached. I really don't want Amanda's dad coming after me for my style of teaching."

"She can cover her ears," Ella suggested.

Amanda started to shake, and I knew she was feeling unwanted. I was frustrated with Ella's persistence.

"It's okay. I can go home," Amanda started to sob.

Ella gave me a crusty. She blamed me for the turn of events. I sighed.

"No, Amanda I want you to stay. We all do," I said, looking over at Jake who I knew had taken some interest in her, even if it was below the belt. "Maybe you could just watch a movie upstairs for a few minutes..."

"I won't tell!" She broke out, "My dad doesn't care anyway. Honest!"

"Amanda..." I started to argue as delicately as possible.

"Amanda is going to get the lesson, anyway," Cindy interrupted, looking at Ella. "Huh, El?"

"Yup!" Ella beamed. "Me and Amanda are BFFs now, see?" Ella pointed to a bracelet she was wearing that matched Amanda's. "I told her all about cocks, and milk... oh and how Jake and J.R has cocks, and daddy too, and that you help him make milk, and that cocks get happy, and..."

Cindy looked at me, as if to say "See?"

Wow. Now it was my turn to blush. I needed to clarify things with Ella, and quick.

"Ella," I broke in, "Slow down. I like how you are so eager to learn, but we need to keep these discussions in the family-"

"NO!" she yelled, getting upset.

"Okay, okay," I conceded, with a sigh. Ella could not be reasoned with.

"Amanda, apparently you're part of the family now," I smiled weakly. "You HAVE to promise me some things,"

Ella's mood changed quickly into excitement. "She promises, momma!"

"Ella," I said sternly, "I haven't even said what she has to promise!"

I looked back at Amanda and continued.

"Ella's clothes might not fit you so well yet right now. That's why your parent's might not like them. If they tell you not to wear them, please respect that. You must promise me that you won't tell your parents I approved you to wear them either." I knew if Ella let Amanda borrow her clothes, people would wonder where she got them from. I needed to hide my tracks.

"You also have to promise that IF you decide to sit in on our sex lesson, that you will never, ever tell anyone what you saw and heard. Not to your parents. Not to your brothers. Not to anyone. Promise?" If Ella did let Amanda wear her clothes, she was going to get a lot of attention that she might not understand. It might be a good idea to teach her about sex after all, that way she could be prepared when all that attention started turning into something more.

Amanda promised to everything, and Ella tried to double those promises with her own. It was convincing, but I didn't know if I could expect Amanda to keep them. For now, it was the best I could hope for.

"Great," I smiled. "I guess this is the first lesson about sex then: People are very sensitive about it. Don't EVER bring it up to someone unless you know them! You'll soon learn that sex is such a big thing, such a fun thing, that you'll always wonder why people don't talk about it all the time. Well, this is why. Please keep it within the family," I said, looking at Ella, "...and VERY close friends."

Ella nodded her understanding. The other kids seemed really hesitant about the planned lessons though.

"That said, we'll have lots of fun. We'll just cover the basics tonight. Your dad has some learning material in the attic I'll bring down. And I bought treats too!" I assured them, hoping they'll look forward to it. "J.R and Jake can help me get them ready," I winked. That did the trick. They were all excited now.

* * *

After dinner, I took my time to consider how I would go about teaching my kids. There was something exciting about following my client's advice from earlier. I did want to show them. I wanted my kids to really understand what sex was, and if they had a demonstration, there would be no confusion. At the same time I had to consider our new guest. Amanda really threw a curve ball into my plans.

Jonathan had amassed quite a collection of pornography before his children were born. We use to watch dirty movies together after having sex, just to see if we could get ourselves more aroused than when we started. It often led to second and even third rounds of sexual bliss. After the kids though, Jonathan tossed most of it out, or boxed it up and put it in the attic. It took me a while to find the box, but I did, and brought it down to my bedroom. I was relieved to find there was still a sizable amount of smut inside it.

Even after all that effort to find the porn, I didn't know if I wanted to use any of it for the lesson. It was all so... explicit. Not that I was too scared to show my kids the full details of copulation, but maybe it was too much for a first lesson, especially with Amanda to worry about. Besides, these pictures only told part of the story. My kids would want to hear, smell, and see sex up close. My client's husband offered to do this for me, and such a learning opportunity would be perfect for their first exposure. That's why when I found a few issues of some softcore magazines, I was elated. It showed just enough. I even found one of my old calendars featuring naked men. I got it when I was a sophomore in college as a white elephant gift. My husband must have kept it as a keepsake. It was dated, but I forgot how hot the men inside it were!

"Mom, I need better P.J's," Cindy said, entering the master bedroom.

"You're going to give me a heart attack if you keep doing that!" I laughed, surprised as usual from Cindy's unannounced visit. "And I don't know what you mean. I know you have pajamas."

"Not like yours," she said. "Mine are too hot."

"It's cool in the basement," I countered. "Besides, what can we do about it now? It's almost 8:00. Stores are closing. I'd give you one of mine, but it wouldn't fit."

"Yeh, I know," she said. "Just letting you know we need to go shopping again."

I nodded to her, but then realized something:

"Hey, I have an idea! Why don't you wear one of your father's oversized t-shirts?"

Cindy looked at me skeptically.

"'K," she finally decided.

I went into the closet and came back with a large black t-shirt with some stupid text on the back advertising tree and garden repair. I handed it to Cindy, and to my surprise, she stripped off her clothes in front of me. Her breasts were just perfect, with light pink nipples crowning them. She was sexy, and even I knew it.

"You changed your underwear!" I gasped. She was wearing the "slut" panties. Did she plan to show me this on purpose? "I thought you liked the black pair I got you?"

"I left them for J.R," she grinned, "I left them on his doorknob"

"Besides," she continued, pulling the t-shirt over her head, "these panties matched my clothes better"

I laughed for a second, mostly to give me time to take in all that she told me.

"You're really diabolic, did you know that?" I smiled. "I'm sure after seeing you all day in this," I said, picking up the "got milk?" t-shirt Cindy threw on the bed, "J.R will really appreciate your suggestion. Are you sure you're ready for that?"

"He did it again, you know," Cindy said in response. "I caught him leaving your room while you were gone."

"What?!" I stammered, walking to my hamper.

"I have them. It was the red ones"

"You have them?!" I asked with surprise

"I'm holding them hostage," she laughed. "It's weird because his milk tastes really familiar, I was trying to figure it out..."

"You TASTED it?" I gasped.

"Uh-huh. I tried it out like you did," she said plainly, lifting her oversized shirt, and patting her mound. I didn't hear anything. "Er, I think it dried. I can still smell it tho'!"

Wow. Cindy was full of surprises. She was playing a game with me, and winning too.

I bent over a little, and Cindy kept her father's shirt held up so I could smell her.

"That's him alright," I chuckled. "Actually, that's what most men smell like," I admitted. I didn't know what else to say, she had really taken me off guard.

"What's with all the dirty magazines?" She asked next, looking at the large box. "Is that for tonight?"

"You must have gotten your smarts from your dad," I said, looking at her with yet another expression of astonishment. "How do you know about 'dirty magazines' anyway?" I asked, starting to hide the box and its contents.

"From school. One of the kids brought one. The boys were looking at it under the bleachers"

"Did you get to look through it?"

"Hell no," Cindy said, making my ears perk up from her swearing; yet another surprise for the evening. "Those boys are grody"

Cindy looked at herself in the full-size mirror while I put the box away. Her long legs were very exposed in her father's t-shirt.

"This will work," she said. Then she left.

* * *

Before long Ella and her friend Amanda were wearing one of my husband's oversized shirts as well. It wasn't a surprise that they would follow after Cindy. Cindy was the role model. She was quickly becoming a bad one too.

"Is everybody ready?" I asked, standing in front of the TV in the movie room. I had brought down an extra chair from the kitchen, but Amanda decided to smash in with the girls on the love seat. I decided to use the chair for myself and placed it next to me.

"They're not ready," Ella pointed to her brothers. "They haven't changed into PJs!"

"Why would we do that?" Jake retorted, "This isn't movie night."

"Yeh. Besides, I don't wear pajamas to bed anymore," J.R joined in.

"Yah! Um, me neither!" Jake lied.

"Suit yourselves boys. Ella just wants you to be comfortable," I said looking down at her and winking. Making the kid's snarky comments seem like they were well intended helps prevent drawn out bickering sessions.

"Now. As you all know," I started. "Boys and girls are different. What do boys have? Ella?"

"Cocks!" she answered.

"Cocks. That's right, sweetheart. And what do girls have? Jake?"

"Boobies!" Jake replied, matched Ella's enthusiasm.

"Just boobies?" I asked, not satisfied with the answer.

"Tits!" Ella threw out when no one answered. Cindy rolled her eyes.

"Tits and boobies are the same thing," Cindy said. "Women have vags," she said simply, and opening her legs a little.

"Vaginas," I clarified. "And that's right. They are the opposites of penises, and for a wonderful reason. That reason is... sex! But before we get into sex, I want to get everyone comfortable with each other's sexual organs."

I pulled out my dildo and put it on display.

"This is what a cock looks like."

Ella leaned forward to try and get a better look. "I'll pass it around so you can see the details," I said, passing it to Cindy who was sitting closest to me.

Cindy looked at it closely, and then wiggled it in her hands.

"That replica is made of rubber, so obviously a real cock wouldn't do that. Real cocks feel kind of like... velvet. And they don't bend or wiggle easily."

"Not always," J.R said as if he was grading my teaching skills.

"Oh! Excuse me, this is what a penis looks like when it is happy, or excited," I corrected myself, almost forgetting that penises weren't always erect. "When they aren't excited, then they aren't hard at all, and they're small and sad."

"What makes a cock happy?" Ella asked, as she was handed the dildo. She was studying it carefully, and Amanda looked on in awe.

"Girls do. You three do," I smiled. "Look at what you're doing to your brother's cocks," I said, pretending they weren't listening to me.

"Hey!" J.R said, now trying to hide his bulge in his pants while Ella looked on and smiled. Amanda noticed the two boy's bulges for seemingly the first time, and covered her open mouth.

"Remember how I said cocks make milk? A boy will get excited when a girl is around and she looks like she might help milk him."

Ella raised her hand now that Amanda had the dildo.

"How do you milk a cock?" She asked, not waiting for me to call on her.

"I'm going to show you in a minute, honey. It's a skill every girl has to learn. It's a really good idea to get use to and learn to love boy milk because it's so good for a woman," I lied

Amanda handed the dildo back to Ella, not knowing where else to put it. Ella got up and handed the dildo to J.R.

"Is that really what a cock looks like J.R?"

J.R looked at it, but didn't take it.

"Nope. Mine isn't blue."

"Ella, give it to me sweetheart. The boys are very familiar with cocks already."

Ella handed me the dildo and sat back down.

"J.R is right, cocks aren't blue. They're not all this size either. Some are bigger, some smaller. But this was taken from a mold of a man's cock so the shape is accurate."

"As for the other details... well, since I haven't been able to get in touch with my male model yet, you'll just have to look through these for now," I said, placing the magazines and calendar on the coffee table. "But wait until after the lesson first, please," I quickly stated, catching Ella standing up to fetch them.

"Right now I'm going to show you how to milk a cock."

I held the cock up, and moved closer to my kids.

"Sometimes I like to run a finger along the underside of the shaft first," I said, demonstrating, "just to get them use to my touch."

"If you look at the tip, there's a slit," I said pointing the cock down and showing each girl. "This is where the milk comes out. It will start producing some right away. It's kind of a clear color, and it's really slick, so I'll take my finger, and rub the tip to collect some of it."

"The head of the penis is really sensitive, and boys really like to be touched there. You should pay attention to it, but not too much because it can be so pleasurable that it is painful. It will take you some practice before you'll know just the right amount of pressure to use. When in doubt, have the boy show you! Boys love showing off like this!"

I took the dildo, and started to pump it, twisting the head when my hand got to the top. I showed the girls the twisting motion, and then continued to repeat the motion several times.

"Just keep pumping it up and down like this," I said, looking over my shoulder at the boys, and making sure they could see my hand movements on the dildo. They squirmed in their seats, and made light grunting sounds.

"See? The boys can barely even stand a demonstration," I giggled. "If you keep doing this, you'll get their milk eventually. But there's something that boys like even more.

I brought the dildo up to my mouth and flicked it with my tongue.

"Your mouth!" I said smiling. I got up and sat on the coffee table in front of the girls.

"Boys, since you haven't experienced this before, you might want to come and watch this next demonstration so you have an idea on what to expect!"

The boys stood up without a word, and walked to the side of the loveseat next to Amanda. She blushed.

"The tongue is a perfect tool for a boy's tool," I started. "It's soft and wet and feels nice, here" I said licking the underside of the shaft, and moving my way up, "and especially here," I said licking all over the top of the head of the dildo. "But what boy really like is suction!" I put the dildo in my mouth and sucked in hard.

"This is called a blowjob. Boys LOVE blowjobs," I began to perform fellatio on the dildo while the kids watched intently. "The trick is to watch the teeth!" I directed, "You're jaw might get sore from keeping your teeth from touching his cock; that's why you need lots of practice. Here Cindy, why don't you try," I directed holding the cock out for Cindy.

I expected Cindy to take the dildo, but she leaned over while I held it. I got into better position, holding it up like it was a real cock.

"Good job, baby," I said, watching Cindy take the dildo into her mouth. "Okay, let's hold it right here for a moment. While he's in your mouth, snake your tongue out and pleasure the tip. Can you feel it?"

Cindy nodded her head, "yes". God it was a gorgeous site to see her attached to a dildo at the lips like that. It was easy to picture her doing it to the real thing.

"Mom?" Jake timidly spoke out.

"Just a minute, Jake. Ella's turn," I said, pulling the cock out of Cindy's mouth with a pop.

Ella wrapped her little mouth around the dildo and her head started to bob back and forth. "That'a girl! A natural," I smiled. "You'll be getting lots of milk like that."

"Sometimes though, guys will throw you off and start thrusting," I said, thrusting the dildo back and forth into Ella. Ella was too surprised and backed away so she could let off a cough from choking. Then she eagerly latched back on.

"Hold open your throat Ella, let the cock slide in," I said thrusting up again. She did her best but couldn't deal with the forced entrance into her throat. "It's okay, baby, guys only do that when they get carried away or are assholes," I said. "But you should get some practice in, preferably on a real cock," I winked

"MOM!" Jake said, with urgency.

"What?!" I replied a little too angrily.

"I... I really have to pee," he said. I looked over at J.R, and he seemed highly uncomfortable too, and had his hands in his pocket.

"Can't you hold it?" I asked, knowing full well he needed to rub one out. I was actually hoping he would blow it right there so the girls could see his cum. Better yet, if the boys wanted to just rub one out in front of the girls...

"It's Amanda's turn! What do you say? Want to suck it?" I asked the meek little girl, ignoring Jake's protests.

"Do it Amanda!" Ella encouraged. "It's fun!"

Amanda reached out to the dildo and ran her finger along the underside and stroked the cock first before licking the tip. We were all surprised to see her so masterfully following my instructions and taking her time with the dildo. By the time she was sucking on the cock, we were all hooting.

"Go Amanda!" Cindy laughed.

"No kidding. Have you done this before?" I asked surprised at how seriously she was taking the sucking lesson. She shook her head "no", and kept going.

"See how Amanda is pumping the cock at the same time she sucks, that's really a good technique I didn't mention. Also if you fondle their balls-"

"Um, Mom. Um. Did you say you bought some treats or something?" J.R interrupted, hopping on one foot.

I knew what he was thinking.

"Oh my god! Yes. I forgot!"

"Why don't you girls practice some more on the dildo. And to help you get some inspiration, flip through this calendar," I instructed, taking the calendar from the coffee table and handing it to Cindy. She opened it up. January was a mostly nude fireman. His cock was sticking straight out, and he was leaning against a roll of hose. "Hot, huh?" I grinned. "That's what a real cock looks like," I said pointing at it.

"Comeon' boys, let's get the treats!"

* * *

"We have to be quick!" I whispered as we climbed the stairs. "I think Cindy might be on to us!"

When we got to the kitchen I almost ripped off my son's pants. "First things first. Get those beautiful monsters out!" I ordered.

Soon I had two dripping cocks in front of me. God did I want to suck the cum straight out of their balls!

"Oooh, I love those!" I gushed after I saw them. I can't believe I admitted that in front of them, but after that night, I just couldn't pretend with them anymore. The boys were grinning ear to ear.

I pulled out some cream filled cupcakes I bought at the grocery store.

"Fresh from the bakery," I smiled. "Except, I didn't like the cream that came with it."

I showed the boys a turkey baster that I used to suck out the cream from the pastries earlier. The baster now had some real cream in it. Yuck. Too much sugar.

"The only question is... Should we make a special version for our guest?"

"Most definitely," J.R didn't hesitate. "I concur!" Jake said in a silly voice.

"Then that means you two need to fill two cupcakes up each. Do you think you can handle that?"

"And then some! My balls are achin'" J.R revealed.

"It'll be tricky, but we don't have time to plan it," I said

I took a step towards J.R and grabbed his cock.

"Oh, fuu- freak!" J.R exclaimed at my touch.

"Fuck, sweetheart. Say it: 'fuck'"

"Fuuuck!" he winced in pleasure, still getting over my grasp.

"That's better sweetheart. I want you to use those words around me when your cock is hard."

"Jake, remember how you filled up that bottle of conditioner? Same thing here." I turned the cupcake sideways so that the hole that was used to hollow out the cupcake was aligned with J.R's penis.

"Cork the cupcake," I said, plugging the hole with J.R's cock. "Then fire away!" I said lustily.

"Here's the hard part: once the cupcake is full, you need to put it down and fill up the next one without spraying that delicious love cream all over the place. Do you two think you can manage?"

"Yes," Jake nodded.

"Hell, yes." J.R agreed. "No. FUCK yes," he said smiling. I returned his smile while I walked to the freezer.

"As much as I wish I could watch your cocks spurt their juices, I better start scooping the ice cream," I sighed. I was terrified Cindy would pop around the corner at any moment like she was becoming known for.

The ice cream was soft from it being newly purchased that afternoon, and I was able to scoop out some ice cream fairly quickly while I watched the boys from the corner of my eye.

"Uhnn," Jake grunted. "UhNNNN!" he followed up, it had only been a few seconds. He was coming already.

"Yesssss! Make that fucking cock cum for your sisters," I said watching him now. I grabbed another cupcake for him. He needed it after his first spurt, as cum fired back at him from the stuffed hole.

"Quick!" I helped him swap the cupcake while his cock recoiled for a second shot. That's when J.R started grunting too.

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!" he snarled, abusing his new word.

Thankfully, J.R had no problem swapping the cupcake on his own, and managed to cream the bottom of the second cupcake only a little before plugging the hole.

Jake was already done with the second cupcake, and now his cock was squirting the floor. Thinking quickly, I grabbed the bowl of the ice cream.

"Don't' waste it!" I insisted, putting the bowl under him.

"I need one too!" Jake urged, and pointed his cock up. Cum was beginning to spill over the top of him and puddle into his grip. "Ug! I can't stop it!"

I wasn't prepared, but managed to scoop one large chunk of ice cream into a bowl before he had finished cumming.

"I want Amanda to try one of mine," Jake said, pleased he was the first to cum.

"I didn't know we were playing that game," I laughed. "But okay."

* * *

"What took so long?" Cindy asked, peering over the top of one of the magazines.

I looked at the girls for a moment. They were horny. Really horny. I could even smell it in the air.

"The ice cream was being difficult," I explained, looking at one of the bowls I was carrying. I had divided up some of the ice cream that the boys came on into four equal pieces. The cum had hardened nicely.

The boys put their bowls down on the coffee table, then handed the girls their bowls. I admit the chivalry was unlike them, and Cindy noticed.

"Man! I got real hungry," J.R said, picking up his bowl. I wasn't surprised he was low on energy with how much his wonder muscle was convulsing minutes ago.

"Looks yummy, momma!" Ella exclaimed, finally paying attention to her dish. She had been enjoying the calendar.

"Thanks," Amanda said, putting the dildo down and grabbing her bowl.

"Yeh, thanks!" Ella said.

Cindy had picked up her cupcake, and was about to take a bite when I saw her trying to smell something. Investigating the cupcake, Cindy found the oozing cream and tasted it. She gave me a sideways glance, and then looked at her brothers.

"Trade ya!" she said.

It was too late. The boys had already started to eat.

"Okay," J.R played, and started making motions like he was going to regurgitate his cupcake.

"Ha-ha," she mocked. "Fine, I'll trade with you!"

Cindy grabbed my bowl right out of my hands before I could react.

"Honestly Cindy! What's wrong with yours?" I asked, playing dumb. I took a big bite out of the cupcake. Oooh, it was juicy.

Cindy gave me another "look", and then inspected her new cupcake. Her look changed to bewilderment mixed with doubt.

"Huh," she said, puckering her lips to the side. Then she took a bite.

She either knew the taste of cum now that she had some alone time with a freshly soiled panty of mine, or she was beginning to suspect something was up. Either way, the boys and I enjoyed watching her eat the desert.

"Mmm," she said, looking at me. "I'm glad we traded. Yours was good," she mocked. Why she thought I wasn't going to enjoy my son's jizz was beyond me. Of course my cupcake was full of spunk.

"Oh good! I was going to say you made a mistake! Yours was divine!"

"You know what else is good?" Ella said. "Cocks!"

Ella opened the model for March, and showed us.

"Ew! Put that thing away!" Jake teased.

"Hey, yeah! This hasn't been fair. Way too many dicks. Where are our replica boobies?" J.R pouted, finishing his bowl.

"Who said we were done?" I said wickedly. "This is just intermission."

"Good. I'm still waiting to see a real cock," Cindy said looking over the magazine she had picked back up and at her brothers. Jake and J.R already had an erection again, and Cindy had watched when the two boys adjusted them.

"That's for lesson two," I told Cindy. "You'll see a real cock, and we will talk about other types of sex besides oral."

Everyone seemed especially surprised to hear this. Ella put her bowl down and cleared her throat.

"Lesson two? I'm not sleepy. Let's do it now!" She asked excitedly. She definitely didn't look sleepy either.

"We haven't even finished lesson one!" I laughed. "Besides, your father isn't here to help, and I need to arrange things with another man."

Cindy's eyes went wide, but she didn't say anything. Worried she might take issue with my lesson plan, I asked her what she thought.

"Since dad isn't showing us... Do you think we'll be able to practice sucking him?" she asked. I was relieved she had her head in the right place.

"Oh, yah!" Ella said excitedly as she hadn't thought about it until now, "I want to see some milk, too!"

I shook my head. "Sorry girls. You'll have to get your practice somewhere else, because this gentleman only agreed that I could touch him," I explained, though the real reason was I knew how illegal it'd be for my girls to touch him like that. Come to think of it, letting him be an exhibitionist in front of my children might have been illegal too. I wasn't sure, but the less he had on me, the better.

"But, I'll be sure to make it so you can see his milk," I compromised, making Ella feel a little better.

"Is there going to be a female model too?" J.R asked.

"No baby. I could probably get one, but I'm not sure if you'd want to see HER naked," I said truthfully. "If you prefer, I thought I could fill in the role of the woman."

J.R looked at his brother, not sure what to say.

"After tonight," I said, unstrapping my nightie. "You'll have seen me naked anyway." I let the nightie fall to expose my breasts.

J.R actually groaned, and Cindy flushed red. Ella and Amanda just looked on in shock.

"I don't have any replicas of women parts," I laughed looking at my kids. "So I figured these could help teach you," I said in a bedroom voice and cupping my breasts.

Cindy watched her brothers for a second and then stood up, alarming me.

"I think we all know what boobs look like, mom. What do they feel like?"

She reached out and pinched my tits, then stood behind me and smashed them together. She was watching her brothers.

"Cindy!" I gasped. She new what breasts felt like. She just wanted to watch her brothers squirm some more.

"Please. You owe me from earlier anyway," she said, flicking my breast like I had done to her at the dinner table.

Cindy ran her hands slow down each tit until each nipple slid between the cracks of her fingers. I moaned, and she stopped in reaction.

"Sorry," I excused myself. "The nipples are really sensitive, and that feels really good."

"I bet they liked to be sucked on too," Cindy smirked, remembering last night's movie. "Anybody need practice?" She said, looking specifically at her brothers, while she played with a nipple in her fingers.

I grabbed Cindy hands.

"NO! No oral practice tonight. Not with me! Things will get way out of control. Sit down Jake," I breathed.

Thank god Jake didn't put up a fight. There is no way I would have stopped him if he kept walking towards me.

"Can... Can you shake them?" J.R timidly asked.

Cindy lifted her hands off my tits, and smiled when I raised my arms over my head and shook my torso. By breasts wobbled back and forth lewdly.

"Wooowww!" Jake drooled. J.R was too busy swallowing to speak.

"Tits can really get a man's milk boiling," I explained to Ella who looked a little confused. "If Jake and J.R didn't already have an excited penis, they would have one by now!"

"ALL breasts are sensual," I continued, feeling Ella's self-doubt. "Men like them big or small."

I would have told her she was going to have some very nice tits once she filled out some more, but I didn't want to make Amanda any more uncomfortable than she was. Besides, it was true for the most part. "Some men even prefer them small!"

Cindy decided to sit back down. When she did, she lifted her legs up on to the loveseat, causing her shirt so slide up. Her panties were visible to the boys, but they didn't notice, thanks to my little titty show.

"Yeh, Yeh. Boobs are boobs. What else do you have to show us, mom?" Cindy grinned.

"True, Cindy," I said standing up, and looking at her with a "watch it missy" type of a look. "Boobs are the more boring part of a woman."

With a sudden tug, I let my nightie fall to the floor. I now stood before my kids in nothing but panties.

"Oh, holy fuck," J.R exclaimed quietly.

Ella found J.R's language more disturbing than her mostly naked mother and pointed at him: "J.R swore!"

I laughed. "No baby. Fuck is actually the right word. When a man sees a woman like this, that's what they want to do... but that's an advanced topic for lesson two. For now, just know sex and fucking go together, and it's appropriate to say that word when you're talking about it."

"Oh." Ella said defensively, as if nobody told her that before.

"Why are your panties so wet, mom?" Cindy teased, continuing her bratty theme for the evening.

"I was going to ask you the same thing, dear" I quipped back, looking down at her exposed panties. Cindy blushed and put her legs down.

"Since Cindy brought it up, I suppose it's worth mentioning: Like when a man's cock changes to be big and hard when he's excited, a woman's body does things too. She'll get wet down there," I said cupping my panty clad pussy and running my hand over it. "Her nipples also will standout further," I continued, bringing my hands to my nipples, and pulling on them, then letting go.

I walked around to Cindy. "Sometimes, you can even see a girl's exctement poking through a her shirt," I smiled, running my hands across Cindy's shirt where her nipples were plainly visible. Cindy was learning not to mess with me and took her punishment quietly.

"Look boys! All of the girls are soooo excited. I bet it has something to do with all those cocks they saw tonight."

The boys grinned at the girls after looking at the nipples pushing through their tees. They didn't have any reason to complain, they knew the boys were excited all evening.

"Which reminds me: Have either of you two seen a pussy?" I asked in a sultry voice, and placing one leg up on the coffee table. The two boys, as dazed as they were, only shook their heads.

"Wanna see one?" I asked, my voice turning even sultrier.

My kids were quiet as I stood on top of the coffee table, and twirled so my back was facing the boys. I placed my fingers under the band of my panties and looked over my shoulder. The boy's attention was impossibly tense.

Slowly, I wiggled my panties down, bending deeply at the waist. When I had bent all the way over, I looked back at my sons with an open smile. They looked like they were going to explode!

Stepping out of my panties, I widened my stance on the table and then cupped my exposed pussy. Using my fingers, I lewdly opened my world to them.

"This is a pussy," I smiled to them while holding my left hanging breast with my other hand. Once I felt they had seen enough, I leaned back up to face the girls. "And that's how you show a boy one."

The kids collectively exhaled.

"Hmm... This next part is important. Maybe you two will let me take your spot?" I asked the boys. "You can just sit on the coffee table.

"As my two boys stood up and walked past me, my whole body shivered from being naked so close to them. I felt absolutely evil, and incredibly horny.

I took the two pillows on the loveseat and placed them behind me so I could lean back. Then I opened my legs. Wide.

My boys' eyes roamed over my legs before focusing on my open pussy. Their facial expressions were true kodak moments; I hadn't seen them this completely succumbed by lust before.

"You girls should gather around too, in case you miss something," I said softly.

Once the girls moved next to the boys on the coffee table, I used my fingers to display each part of my vagina, explaining in detail what each part was.

"...and this is the clit. It is very sensitive. Think of it like the female version of a penis. It feels realllly good when it's touched," I began rubbing my clit. "...and licked," I continued rubbing my sweet spot in circles. "...and sucked-"

Just then my phone rang.

Cindy picked it up, as she was closest to it.

"It's dad," she said, looking at the caller ID and handing me the phone.

"He's early," I replied, checking the time. "We're almost done, he can wait."

I had silenced the phone and was leaning over to place the phone back on the coffee table when I felt a hand cup my breast.

"J.R!" I blushed, sitting back up quickly.

"Cindy got to! I wanted to know how they felt," he reasoned, hoping I would let him play some more.

"I want to too!" Ella said, reaching out a finger to poke my boob.

"Wait!" I giggled, sensing Jake wanted to get a feel in too. "You each get 15 seconds, and that's it. Go J.R"

J.R spent his 15 seconds squeezing and massaging both of my tits like they were the most interesting things he'd ever seen. They were inexperienced touches, but it was undescribeably thrilling, and my breath soon became labored. The girls loved to see the way they moved when a boy handled them. Cindy even sat on the corner of the coffee table to put her hand between her thighs.

By the time Jake was done squeezing my boobs, my eyes were closed and I had my head pushed back. I probably shouldn't have let them, but it felt so good. I didn't realize how much my body wanted their touch.

Ella was pinching my nipple for her turn when the phone rang again. It was their father.

"You better get it," Cindy said, not bothering to move her hand from her legs. "'Whenever someone calls twice, it's an emergency'," she quoted. I didn't have a choice anyway, because she answered the call before handing me the phone.

"Hello? Oh H-hi!" I said with a stutter. Without me instructing the children whose turn it was next, they decided they would all start feeling me up at once.

"What's going on, are you okay?" Jonathan asked.

"Fine, the kids are just juggling-- I'm just trying to juggle the kids right now. You called a little earl-ly".

Amanda had found my clit. She was rubbing it.

"I know. I was just anxious to call and apologize--"

"OH!" I gasped, interrupting Jonathan. Shit! I hung up the phone as quickly as I could and droped it.

"Oh god! Oh gawwwwdddddd! OH GOD!!" I screamed.

I buckled as the orgasm exploded from me. My legs traped Amanda's hand as my juices poured from me, and I started to shake violently. Shortly my legs quivered and Amanda quickly withdrew as I squirmed on the couch.

"Fuck me! OH FUCK! Fuuuuuck!" I yelled.

The excitement from the night, coupled with the kids' hands running over me gave me the most intense orgasm of my life. But it was Amanda who had found my self-destruct button, and pushed it. The other kids wanted to play with my tits; but Amanda: she decided to try out what I had taught her.

"I am so glad these are leather," I finally said, catching my breath. I had squirted everywhere, and I was becoming concerned about clean up.

The kids didn't know what happened, and poor Amanda looked especially worried that she had hurt me.

"You just gave your first woman an orgasm!" I told Amanda, breathing deeply for more air. "I don't think I've EVER cummed so hard!"

Cindy's eyes ran up and down my body. Her expression changed from concern to amusement.

"You better call dad back!" she smiled, handing me the phone.

* * *

"I'm so sorry, honey. I lost control of myself for a minute. Ella's friend is staying the night and she caught me off guard. Nothing to worry about," I explained to my husband.

Before calling him back I told the kids not to mention our sex lessons to him because I didn't want him to feel like he was being left out.

"It's me that should be apologizing, Kate," my husband started. "About last night..."

"Oh, you mean the brunette vixen isn't back again tonight?"

"What? No--"

"Go get her! That was fun!" I lied. Perhaps if he had apologized sooner, I would have behaved like a good girl that day.

"She uh... She felt guilty. Her husband-"

"She was married?" I "tsk"ed at him teasingly, interrupting whatever sob story he wanted to tell me.

"Then go get another girl. I bet she wasn't the first one you've taken to your hotel room," I said, trying to keep my voice pleasant.

"Kate..." Jonathan started to whine. "Aren't the kids there?"

"Yes. Right next to me, do you want to talk to them?"

"Wait! Last night. Did you... did you mean what you said about them? Are they really..."

So he remembered the little lies I spoke about his kids. I had no doubt now. The kids were well on their way to being little sluts.

"Oh yes, Jonathan. And more. I have to tell you some things. But let's not go there right now. Our kids are really sweet, aren't you kids?" I asked loudly, putting the phone on speaker.

"The Best!" Ella yelled.

"Hi dad!" Cindy joined in.

The kids and my husband talked their usual talk, while I held the phone. Completely naked.

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