Hot sexual experience on Viagra with female ejaculation. Same lady but not part of the Kim Series
Kim was on time as always. She rang from the other side of the resort, and I talked her through the directions. Starting to walk towards her myself, and soon I could see her walking towards me, tight blue jeans and a sexy sleeveless top, nicely showing cleavage, and a sexy confident lilt to her hips as she walked, or prowled towards me. Our kiss was brief, but sweet, and I held her hand as we walked to a table at the resort hotel bar, and sat. White wine & beer were the order, and I attended to it quickly.

“Can you feel it” she asks, referring to our agreement that morning to take 2 Viagra tablets each, as a trial of the new ‘wonder drug’.

“I can”, I answer, “I have been smiling at every woman all day, and sniffing their perfumes, my cock is so full my jeans are tight”.

She giggles and squeezes my leg, then says “I had to help myself at work, thought I was going to explode”. The conversation goes light & happy, with both of us enjoying the chance to spend some time together and chat. We laughed & joked about the night before, with Kim head down in my lap, tail in the air and 3 of my big fingers shoved into her sweet pussy, as she deep throated me to a stunning orgasm, in the front seat of her car… She blushed & laughed and wondered if I would still respect her, as we both knew she had absolutely loved doing it in public, in the car, on call like a slut and she wants to do it again.

The night ran away with us & soon we had had 3 drinks each.

Kim finally said, “I have to go to the toilet”, I gave her the choice of the public toilet, by her self, or the private locked toilet I had a key to, with a ‘body guard’. She took the private offer immediately with a devilish grin, that spelt SEX NOW, to any one who can read the signs.

Safely behind locked doors she relieved herself, and then I pounced, kissing her deeply and squeezing her close to me, my cock instantly sprang to attention, and she went weak at the knees as she felt my hard on through my jeans. Kim loves cock, hard cock particularly, with such a passion, its catchy. She dropped to her knees in front of me, snapping the button & belt easily, then dropping the fly in one quick slide, She looks up at me, licking her lips, to make sure I know what’s in store, pulls my boxers down, and engulfs my cock in one smooth sucking action that sees it slide half hard into her mouth, down the back of her throat and all the way in. She stares up at me with those devilish brown eyes, daring me to look and watch her sucking me. I hold the sides of her head, and start pumping my rapidly hardening cock into and out of her sweet mouth. Soon my cock is too hard to slide into her mouth deep throat, just wont bend, so she stands and kisses me, tasting of my cock & pre-cum, which turns me on even more. I slide a hand down the back of Kim’s pants, inside her knickers, and scratch over her anus as I know she loves, and roughly shove 2 fingers into her sopping wet pussy. She starts to buck & cum immediately. Then Kim steps back and says “you are going to love this”, and steps out of her jeans, showing me a fantastic skin tight black lace set of boxers of her own,, she looks fantastic. I grab her top & start to undress her, even dropping those wonder knickers off her as well, kicking my jeans off in the process. We are still kissing and licking, shoving our fingers into and around every part of our bodies, and then as I kiss her deeply, she starts to cum, and then suddenly she is ejaculating the way I love her to do, standing there bare foot on the tiles, kissing me and spraying perfect clear sweet smelling liquid or FE all over my hand. I raise my wet hand to my lips, and we both lick and suck my fingers clean of the beautiful sex juice.

I get down on my knees and go to the source, licking her clit, and sucking her labia roughly, sometimes even biting them the way she loves, soon she is cuming again, shoving her pubic bone roughly into my face, and holding my head to her, roughly bucking as she hard fucks my face, the she starts spraying again, my chest is covered in it, I force my tongue into the place where she is spraying from and feel the small hole with the point of my tongue, I lick & tickle with my tongue sending her crazy, and am rewarded with a drenching blast of her sweet tasting clear cum, I hungrily drink, savouring the unique taste that is Kim.

I have her cum running down my muscled chest, and over my curved biceps. I turn her around to hold onto the sink, and face her to look into the mirror, and say, “watch yourself cum baby”. Then drop to my knees again, spreading her ass cheeks in one fluid motion, and lick firmly into her beautiful light brown asshole. It is soft and ready for penetration, as always after she has sprayed, and I enjoy the feeling of shoving my tongue all the way into her ass, and feel her pulse and squeeze as she gets ready for a huge ass orgasm. I have her cum all over my hand and am slowly stroking my cock with it, enjoying the sliding feeling. Soon I am rock hard, and Kim has had 4 or 5 little orgasms in her ass from the licking, so I stand, push her head down, raising her lovely ass, and place my big 9 ½ inch hard cock at the entrance to her tiny tight ass. I don’t even wait for her to be ready, but shaft her in one hard straight movement the full 9 ½ inches of my big cock shoving all the way into her lovely tight asshole. It hurts, just the way she loves it, and I start to fuck her hard, feeling her building a big orgasm, she is gasping, and pushing back hard, riding my cock for all its worth, loving the sensation of being brutally ass fucked in a bathroom standing up, soon she is cuming again, and as so often happens when she is ass fucked she sprays again, this time back wards, coating my cock & balls with lovely juice. I am thinking how much I want another mouthful of that cum, so as often happens when I think too much, my cock goes a little too soft for ass fucking. And she pops me out.

I drop to my knees, and find myself in a total puddle of her cum, which is such a major turn on, then start to lick her lovely pussy again, sliding my tongue all along inside, particularly her clit, and now I know her ureter as well, my hands are behind her pulling her forward into my mouth, and I shove my thumb into her lovely asshole, just to help her cum more. I can feel her building another cum, and can feel her juice all over the floor, and force myself further down on to the tiles to really soak in the FE juice. Kim is forced to squat more and more, as she keep shoving her pussy into my face. I pump my thumb in & out of her tight little ass, and suddenly she is cuming again, shooting all over my face, and because she is semi squatting all over my cock, she sends jets of cum, like a pee stream hard down onto my cock, that is now rock hard. The cum is hot, and I can feel every jet of it, on my hard cock, I stroke myself, and drink her cum, and feel the jets shooting all over me. It is wonderful, so sexy and so hot. I am totally covered in Kim’s juices, dripping from my face, my mouth, all over my neck & chin, down my chest, on my arms, and especially on my rock hard cock, that I am now pumping hard with my hand. I still have sum cum in my mouth and when Kim kisses me I shove it into her mouth, and she greedily drinks it down, saying “Yum, that’s me, its so good”. She looks at my cock & says I want to suck that, so I wash it as its been in her ass, and she starts to suck, but soon my cock goes soft as I am overwhelmed by the memory of my first total female ejaculation bath, at the hand, or should I say pussy of the sex goddess that is Kim.

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