Jenna is in a very bad situation
Jenna was an average blonde, she stood only 5'5" and had nice 32C breasts. On this day, she needed money, really bad, and found a place that would give her cash. She read the door closely, almost scared. "$500 Cash Easy." She didn't know exactly what to expect when she pushed the door open her green eyes touring the small building.
"Hey there." The tall brown haired guy behind the counter said. "What can I do for you?"

"Well, you could give me $500." Jenna said still nervous.

"I can't just give it to you, you have to work for it." He said.

"That's what I was afraid of. I don't have to have sex with anyone do I?" She asked.

"No, No, not at all. All you have to do is walk down the road completely nude and let us film you." He said.

"Seriously, that's all." She said pulling at her buttoned shirt already.

"Yeah, and I'll give you $500. It's just that simple." He said and another guy next to him stood up with a camera in his hands.

"Okay, no problem." She said unbuttoning her pink blouse. The cameraman kept his aim on her as she pulled the blouse off, then slowly unsnapped her white bra. Setting it on the couch with her blouse she started untying her shoes. She slid them off and set them with the rest off her clothes then pulled her socks off. She unbuttoned her pants and slowly slid them down, after setting them aside she pulled off her panties and set them aside as well. "How far do I have to go?"

"Down to the Main Street and back." He said.

"That's almost a mile!" She exclaimed.

"Well, no one's forcing you to do it." He said bluntly.

"Fine, let's go." She said pushing the door open onto the semi-calm street.
The cameraman followed her out the door as she began walking down the sidewalk nude in broad daylight. 'God,' she thought, 'I'm glad this is just to the main st. and back. Otherwise, I'd probably get raped.' She reached one intersection and walked right past everyone on the corner. She continued on her journey, the street seemed to get more and more filled with people. Soon, she reached the Main St. and turned around. She could tell that every one of the maybe hundred guys wanted to fuck her, but as long as the camera was there, she was safe. No one even touched her as she passed them, and soon she was back at the building called "Subhead Productions."

"Ah, she's back." The guy said, five hundred dollars sitting in front of him. She instantly grabbed it up. Then, she went to grab her clothes, but they weren't there.

"Hey, where's my clothes?" She said frustraited.

"Right behind this counter." He said.

"Well, give them to me." Jenna said, a sudden fear building in her.

"No, I never said you'd get your clothes back." He said.

"What!!" She screamed.

"Hey, don't scream at me, you'll never get your clothes back that way." He said.

"What do I have to do to get them back?" She said, her head down and tears forming in her eyes.

"Well, straight to the point, I like that." He said. "All you have to do is go through this door and suck every dick you see, until I let you out." He pointed at a door behind him.

"How many?" She said, shedding tears.

"I'll be the judge of that, just go on in." He said angrily.

"Okay." She said thinking of all the guys outside the door waiting for her to come out unprotected. She opened the door and inside was another girl sitting on a bench. She had brown hair and brown eyes, she was fairly slim and looked apealing.

"Hey sweetie, I'm Dorothy. I'm supposed to help you, so don't struggle from me." She said.

"Okay, I'm Jenna by the way." She said sadly as a dick popped through a small hole in the wall five inches from her head, the door shut. She stared at it for a second.

"Well get at it Jenna." Dorothy said. And so Jenna slowly swallowed down the thick rod. She sucked it all the way down until her lips touched the wall and slowly pulled back out. She kept going ever so slowly. "Dammit." Dorothy said.
Dorothy walked over to her and began slaming her down on the cock. Jenna's nose kept hitting the wall and she flailed her arms trying to loosen Dorothy's grip. "What did I say, Don't Struggle." Dorothy Yelled as she pulled her off the cock. She grabbed Jenna head and held her right eye open wide as she jerked on the cock putting Jenna's eye right next to its.

"What are you going to do?" Jenna screamed.

"You're gonna get this cumshot in the eye, and don't struggle, I'll only do worse." She said coldly. Jenna began crying as the cock pointed at her open eye. She couldn't close her eye at all, Dorothy was very strong. Dorothy pumped on the cock faster and moved Jenna's eye right next to it, less than an inch away. Then, cum shot from the cock and hit Jenna right in the open eye hard. She squirmed and tryed to get away, but Dorothy held her tight as the second load shot out, followed by one more. Dorothy finally let her eye go and Jenna blinked furiously, unable to get the cum out. She had no time however, because Dorothy slammed her face to the hole.

Jenna opened her mouth and held still as she felt a cock slid in her mouth. She didn't struggle this time as the guy behind the wall fucked her mouth his cock sliding in and out of her throat at an alarming rate. Dorothy held her head to the wall so strong there was no way of getting away. Soon, the cock exploded in Jenna's mouth, she struggled again. She hated the taste of cum and now it filled her mouth. Dorothy pulled her back in anger, and Jenna spit the cum in her face.

"Wrong fucking move bitch!" Dorothy yelled and slapped her hard. Jenna was really crying hard now. Her face was red when Dorothy grabbed her head again as another cock came through the hole. "You don't wanna swallow bitch, fine. You're taking eye shots for the rest of this session." Dorothy opened her left eye and began jerking on the rod in front of her only this time putting her eye on the head of this dick.

"No, Please." She pleaded tears flowing from her eyes.

Dorothy slammed her eye into the cock but managed to hold it open and said, "A little late bitch. You spit cum at me."
Jenna cried hard as the cock was being jerked the tip touching her eye. It wasn't long until that cock shot cum into her eye, four big loads ran down her face mixed with tears. Dorothy wasted no time pulling her other eye open, this time putting her head tilted backwards so the cum had nowhere to go. Dorothy stroked the next cock quickly, rage still filling her face. Jenna knew there was no escape and simply took the punishment. Dorothy jerked hard and fast the cock touching Jenna's eyeball. This cock seemed much bigger than the last three.
After a few minutes, the cock spilled forth it's load. A huge load, it filled her eye and still came, some of it ran off the sides of her head but most of it stayed swirling around her eye. Dorothy held her eye open so she could feel every last drop of cum. Then, she let her close her eye, but didn't let her move her head. The cum pooled over her eye and she couldn't escape the pain. Dorothy simply held her other eye open and began the same venture. It wasn't long until her other eye was filled with cum as well. Dorothy let her stew in the cum for a long time before saying something.

"Are you ready to swallow now?" She said.

"Yes, please." Jenna said putting her mouth to the hole.

"Good." Dorothy said and held Jenna's head to the wall.
A cock zoomed into Jenna's mouth and began pumping away, Jenna almost choked on it. He pumped away for a good fifteen minutes until he started pumping load after load into Jenna's mouth. She swallowed all of it as much as she hated to. And yes another cock took it's place immediatly. Jenna started to wonder if she was gonna be stuck here forever, but she had no choice.


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more more moore


2005-09-16 19:10:18
Omg that was quite possibly the hottest thing that I have read on this site...if you were to write a million more stories based on this I would read it!!


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more more


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All I can say is bring on part two


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