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My name is Jay. This is an entirely true story of my second experience with incest, which happened during the winter of my 16th year. My first time with incest, which happened only only 6 months before this, is still unknown by my sister. She was 19 years old at the time...

I had been attracted to my sister Chrissy for about a year and over time I grew to accept it but never reveal it. I had gone through her laundry to find out she's got 36 C breasts, I’ve recently asked her for her measurements which are a 26 inch waist and 32 inch hips. She’s got quite the figure, and she shows it off always wearing tiny tank tops her breasts practically pop out of and mini-skirts or tight booty shorts. She has long brown hair and the biggest brown eyes. To sum it up a 19 year old bombshell. I was sexually active from age 14 so I lost my virginity early and started getting interested in all kind of kinky stuff with all the girls at my junior high. I had used chains, been chained, got a blowjob inside the school, and had a bisexual foursome with two girls and another guy where everyone had sex with everyone, but that was a one time occurrence.

It all started when I found pictures on the computer of her at some high-school seniors party doing some wild stuff. There were ones of her making out with her sexy friends she'd bring over to the house sometimes, then ones of those same girls sucking her big pink nipples. I couldn't believe it! I kept going to find ones of her grinding her box on other girl's, taking a fat cock in her cunt while eating some pussy, or my favourite was one of her taking it doggy style because you could see her full naked body and the guy from only the waist down. I sat there pounding my dick pretending I was the guy sticking her in her sweet shaven hole. I was looking at pictures of my own sister fucking and dyking it out with girls I’d fantasized about for a long time, and for some reason I couldn't take my eyes off of my sister not the other naked sexy girls. I made my own copies of all the pictures and hid them away in a locked file on my computer. After this I started noticing my sister more, but I didn't like it right away. I would regret beating off to her curvy body after I had blown a load and cleaned off. All my friends would always make sex jokes about her and tell me how bad they would fuck her so I figured I must not be that weird for wanting to give it to her too.

It went on for months, me stealing glances of her when I got the chance, whether it be her coming out of the shower with a small towel or if she would walk around the house in a thong looking for something to wear from her thousands of pieces of clothing. I never thought she suspected me, but I never noticed how over time it became easier and easier and my glimpses became more frequent.

For that whole year she would drive me places and buy my alcohol for when I would go out and party or just hang with my buddies. It was the Christmas holidays and both my mother and stepfather were out for the night visiting friends out of town so the house was empty. That night I was heading over to a party at my friends house so I asked her to drive. "Hey, Chrissy there’s this Christmas party tonight across town and I need a case of beer. Wana give me a ride?", "Sure, just give me a second to get dressed. I had a late night last night." She whispered from the couch, "You got it, I'll meet you in the car" And I headed down to our old van to wait. After Chrissy picked up my beer she seemed unnerved in the car so I decided to see what was up. "You alright?", "Not really, my boyfriend broke up with me last night." She said, a little pissed off. "Now why would he do that?" I returned. " 'Cuz he was too impatient to fuck ME. He met some blondie in a bar somewhere and couldn't wait for our next steamy fuck session so he dumped me over the phone and fucked her." I was a little startled from the comment from my sister about her crazy sexual encounters but it brought welcome images to mind which got a little out of control when my pants started to tighten around my swelling prick. "Wow" was all I could vocalize. Chrissy started to smile, "Sorry, for freaking out I just can't believe him.", "Me neither, that guys got to be an idiot" I said glancing over at her in the drivers seat. Even in the cold weather she still wore a sweater and coat that cut low and showed her bulging cleavage. "Aw thanks Jay you're so sweet" She cooed in a sexy voice, following my eye line to her mountainous breasts. I quickly looked away, caught in the act, when I glanced up again she was still smiling and looked over at me, going from my eyes to the obvious bulge in my jeans. "What would you do, if you were him...?” She trailed off, I could tell she was a little excited. "Uh, I umm.." I stumbled, "I would definitely wait." She slowly unzipped her jacket and undid the top button on her shirt as she drove with one hand, her big boobs pushing against the top of a tiny leather bra. "Don't you think THIS is worth it?" My mind was racing, was my sister actually teasing me?! "More than worth it, they're amazing" I replied with new faith that she was actually doing what I thought she was doing. She reached out now switching which hand she was steering with and grated her palm on the bulge in my jeans while gripping nicely with her slender fingers. It felt amazing and I almost blew a load in my pants right there as it was my ultra-sexy sister that was grabbing my cock! "Why don't we just turn around and go home?" I said now in sheer heaven. "I thought you'd never ask" She says as she winks at me and returns both hands to the wheel and she stomps the gas.

When we get home we both jump into the house, the beer forgotten in the backseat. I slam the door behind me and Chrissy's jacket is already open and so is half of her shirt. I immediately begin kissing her cleavage and she moans and her hands work themselves all over both of our bodies. I slowly move up her neck to her lips and gently her tongue finds mine. My penis is now straining painfully against my jeans and my heart is racing. I'm finally getting it on with the girl that has filled my fantasies for the last year that I never thought I was going to be able to nail. I fumble with the bottom half of the buttons on her polo shirt and it drops to living room floor. I pull away from our passionate kiss and look at her in her black leather mini-skirt and leather bra. She unhitches her bra and throws it away revealing a boucning pair of round, completely tanned breasts with dark pink puffy nipples like perfectly ripe strawberries. O watch as my gorgeous naked sister kneels down to unzip my pants letting my boxers push away from my body. I quickly pull of my shirt and toss it away. "Mmmm this looks tasty." She says eyeing my 7+ inch cock. "So do those" I reply staring at per oh-so-perky C cup breasts with those oh-so-yummy love buds waiting for ME to suck on. "Oooo me first" she says in such a slutty sexy voice my cock starts throbbing. She slowly pulls my boxers and pants down around my ankles and off onto the floor and runs two finger down the underside of my hard on, the first skin to skin contact with my sister on my cock, my body shivers. When she reaches the bottom she grips the base of my erection and lowers her mouth around the head of my penis swishing her tongue around on the tip. "Oh Baby, yesssss" I moan as my sister lowers her head further until her lips are on my pelvic bone and my shaft is half way in her throat. She slowly pulls up and begins a bobbing motion deep-throating me every time she drops her head. "Oh Chrissy that amazing, you give the best head I've had in my life!" She stop and slides her faces up from my pulsing shaft to say "Oh, I'm not done yet" At which point she sucks on a finger for a second then goes back to work on my cock while running her finger down my balls up and underside and onto my asshole. "Oh man I know where your going with this..." but she already slid her glistening finger into my asshole and began ticking my prostate, a sensation I had had only once before. Immediately I began bucking my cock forcefully down her throat which she didn't seem to mind as I blew a big sticky load into her mouth all over her cheeks and tongue. The stands up and lets me watch her swallow my cum.

"So you liked that did you?" She asked, with the leftover cum coating her tongue and dripping down her chin. "Oh yeah that was incredible. I've never had anything in my ass while I was getting sucked off before." She just looked surprised and said "My brother the man-slut, mmmm kiss me baby" She said and didn't give me much of a choice as she leaned forward and locked lips with me anyways. She ran her tongue through my mouth leaving trails of cum on my own tongue and I began kissing her passionately until the two of us had licked her mouth clean. When our kiss broke I licked down her chin and onto her breasts where the dribbles of my cum had run from her mouth. I cleaned her off and began frantically licking and gently chewing her nipples. A technique I had gotten many girls off with without even touching their cunt. She let me feast for awhile then ran a hand under her skirt and into her panties to rub her pussy. " Oh Jay I'm so fucking horny. I want you to fuck my brains out." Chrissy told me. "I’d love to baby" I replied and slid her skirt and thong off in one sweep and took in the beauty of her bald clam, separated by her slim beautiful finger. I pulled her hand out of her pussy and brought it to my mouth, I licked her juices from her finger which amazingly tasted really good. I had eaten a number of chicks before that had some funky taste to them but Chrissy's pussy blew my mind. It was sweet like fruit and I couldn't get enough of it. I leaned forward and locked my mouth over her cunt and started flicking away at her swollen clit, while slurping up and swallowing all her love juices. Her breathing quickened fast as I ate my big sister out on the living room floor of our house. "Oh yes, Oh yes, Oh GOD YES, Jay you HAVE to fuck me I can't wait any longer." She screamed with no care of who heard. "Ok but you have to turn around, I wana fuck you from behind" I said thinking of the picture I had masturbated to so many times. Chrissy sat up from where she was laying, flipped over and put her elbows on the carpet with her prime, round ass up in the air. I grabbed her beautiful cheeks in each hand and slowly inch my cock toward her sloppy wet cunt. As my shaft met her lips it slid in with ease as she was already so wet from my tongue sliding around inside of her. When my stomach finally pressed against her tender ass and I was fully enveloped by her sweet cooch she squeezed her pussy tight gripping my entire length. This drove me wild and I bent over her, my bare chest against her back, my arms wrapped around her fondling her big, swinging breasts, trying to get as much skin contact with this nympho sex goddess as I could. I was pulling my cock out of her tunnel and pushing it back in real slow to get both of us as worked up and horny as possible before the fast fucking began. She was moaning nonstop now and so was I, neither of us could really speak audible words anymore, we were too caught up in the moment.

After about 8 minutes of slow fucking like this I pulled out and laid down on the floor. My sister knew what I wanted right away and she climbed on top of me facing down and started kissing me, my raging cock was poking against her asshole and she swaying so it would rub back and forth. Finally my sister lifted up and lowered her cunt onto the head of my dick. I bucked my hips up and thrust into her, clutching her hips in my hand and pulling her down with me so I was back on the ground with her sitting on my dick. She began flicking her hips up and down fucking me better than any girl I've ever been with, she was bent over and her breasts were pressing into my chest while we kissed, and my arms were wrapped tightly around her back. "Oh Jay I'm guna cum, Fucking Christ I'm guna cuuuuuuuuuummm!!!!!" She screamed as her body wracked with convulsions. "I’m guna cum too!" I shouted. "Cum in me Jay, don't dare stop, Cum in my pussy baby." My sister's pussy was tightening on my shaft and letting go 10 times a second and I felt my balls pull up and my own orgasm started. I started pouring loads of warm jizz onto the walls of her inviting moist fuck-hole and I pushed as hard I could deeper inside her ramming with all my remaining strength. Her orgasm lasted forever and her contractions around me kept me in ecstasy for much longer than I had ever been. When we both stopped cumming she collapsed on top of me breathing heavily. My arms were still wrapped around her and I pulled my sister close, my softening erection still in her cunt. "Oh my god, your the best fuck Chrissy." I whispered in her ear, "why would anyone dump you when they could have you all to themselves?" Chrissy giggled and kissed my neck, "Who knows why, but so long as I’m single YOU get me all to yourself." As my sister stood up and our cum ran out of her cunt onto my stomach in a creamy juicy swirl I thought about the amazing times that promise to come....

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2013-01-24 15:32:59
needs a major rewrite the paragraphs started good but got way to long at the end. way to much boring stuff and way to rushed what happened here in one day should be spread out over months. why did was she ok with fucking her brother seems she accepted it way to fast why was she being nice to him in the past when she wasn't before. the plot holes are big enough to drive a semi through.

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2009-03-09 15:19:16
That was a pretty good story, but poorly formatted. learn about dialog and paragraphs. 6/10

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2008-10-27 04:18:57
real good but the BEER


2008-01-05 19:48:25
fuck the beer the story kicked ass KEEP the stories coming


2007-11-27 22:44:46
dude awesome story but what about the beer you need the beer

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