Twin Japanese Nieces Pt8

Kayko had planned this whole evening. Everything that had transpired, up to this point, had been all by her design. As she strode out into the floor from behind the couch I could not help but be amazed by her devious nature. Even with her smooth tanned legs, and graceful form flowing under the short kimono that she wore, there was a devilish little minx in there. As she walked around in front of me Erin stood up, leaving my saliva covered dick standing at attention. Kayko reached out with her hand and handed Erin a small round object. It was one of the stones from the bag in her gym. Taking the stone from her mother, Erin spread her feet, squatted down a little, and inserted the stone into her pussy as far as her fingers would reach. Kayko said something to her in Japanese and Erin just nodded.

Glancing back at me Erin said, “Goodnight daddy,” with a smile on her face. She then departed quietly to the upstairs.

“So did you enjoy giving Erin her reward?” Kayko asked as she slipped out of her kimono to reveal her delicious body.

Her nipples were sticking straight out from her breasts, and there was a noted amount of her cream smeared on the insides of her thighs right around her pussy. She had the air of a bitch in heat and I was her target. She moved in front of me as she asked her question, positioning her feet on the outsides of mine. With the fluidity of water running over a waterfall she glided onto the couch and straddled my waist, taking all of me inside her. The saliva left by my daughter, and the abundance of her own juice, allowed my dick to slide all the way up to the top of her pussy.

“Yes,” I answered back as she began squeezing my dick really hard with her pussy. “But you know I have never been with another woman since we were married, right?”

“Uh mmmm,” she hummed as she slowly ground her crotch back and forth against my pelvic bone.

“Then why did you have Erin fuck me?” I asked while pinching her nipples hard enough to make her stop.

Kayko stopped her movements, even her pussy, and she sat motionless. It seemed like forever before she spoke up. “That was a gift from me.” She said, and immediately started milking my dick with her talented pussy again.

I listened carefully as Kayko explained how good a father and provider I have been. She told me that she has never had to worry about whether or not I would come home every night, and how fantastic of a husband I have been to her. I could feel the sincerity in her words, and I could feel them in her actions. Not her pussy milking me, but the language of her body, the expression on her face, and the tone of her voice.

“So you see,” she said as she picked my hands up and placed them squarely on her breasts. “All that I am, and all that I have made, and all that I own is yours to do with as you please. That includes our daughter and the twins. We are for your service.”

I was absolutely speechless. My wife had just given me the gift of all the pussy in the house! How would you respond to that?!

I looked Kayko squarely in the eye as my dick began spurting cum into her. “I love you sweetheart.”

Kayko looked at me and smiled and shifted her pussy into hyper-drive, sending the sensations from my dick through the roof. What I had not given to our daughter I just deposited in my wife. “I love you too,” she hummed as she relished the feeling of my seed filling her up. We sat for several minutes kissing and hugging and just enjoying the closeness. My wife is the greatest!

“Come on,” she said as she pulled away from me and lifted herself off my dick. “I have something to show you.”

I could hardly wait! As I stood up Kayko pulled the remote control egg out of her pocket and casually inserted it, plugging her pussy with my cum trapped inside.

“You’re going to love this,” she said with a huge smile on her face.

Kayko led me up the stairs like a kid on Christmas morning. She was so anxious to show me her latest achievement that she almost could not contain herself. She led me down the hall to the twins’ room and opened the door. The first thing I noticed was the new bed. It was certainly big enough, and both of the twins were in it. But then something caught my eye. The twins were sleeping with their heads at opposite ends of the bed.

“What’s that all about?” I whispered to Kayko, not wanting to wake the twins up.

“They’re not asleep yet,” Kayko said as she opened the door and turned on the light. “Girls,” she said in a very stern voice, “Show your Uncle.”

In a flash the covers came off the twins to reveal their naked bodies. They were lying with their crotches pressed together with each of them having their right leg over the opposite girls left leg, forming a nice scissor position. With just a little bit of maneuvering the two girls pulled apart from each other to reveal a double ended dildo they were sharing. It remained fully embedded in one of them (probably Saki) while pulling out of the other.

“This is their reward for having completed the small horse,” Kayko said with a smile on her face. “Until they finish with the next horse they will sleep like this every night.”

“Is this how you did it at their age?” I asked as I stepped over to the bed and pulled the dildo out of Sakis’ pussy.

“Almost,” Kayko answered while taking the 10 inch double dong out of my hand. “I had to use carved pieces of wood for a few years.” Kayko then calmly pressed the end of the dildo back into Sakis’ pussy and pushed it in until it stopped. “Shiori lay back down.” She said very sternly.

Shiori did not waste a second. She slid back down the bed and repositioned her legs along with her sister. When they were again positioned right she scooted toward Saki. Kayko guided the lose end of the dildo back into her pussy as she worked her way closer and closer to her sister. It took her just a few moments, but when she was done, all 10 inches of the dildo was hidden inside them and their pussies were pressed firmly together. Kayko then pulled the covers back over them and bid them goodnight.

“Good night Uncle Mike,” they both said while smiling up at me.

“Good night you sweeties,” I said. And I leaned down and gave both of them a kiss on the lips. “I am very proud of both of you for your hard work.”

The girls giggled a little as we left the room. Kayko was definitely on top of things, and it made sense. The Idea was to ‘broaden’ the girls. At night time, with nothing in them, they would contract back to their smaller size and essentially have to start over the next day. The dildo would ensure that they remained the same size until the next day.

“Where did you get the dildo?” I asked Kayko as we walked into the bedroom.

Kayko replied by saying, “When we went to the city last week I bought them some equipment.”

“Ok,” I answered as Kayko led me back into the bathroom. My wife had everything figured out. As she got everything out to bathe us I watched in fascination. Even after 13 years of marriage her routine and movements were the same. Every move was precise and calculated, and her movements flowed smoothly from one task to the next. How in the world did I get so lucky?!

After Kayko had washed me thoroughly I sat in the hot pool and watched her very intently. With her wash stand in the middle of the room she washed out the inside of her pussy very thoroughly, using 3 buckets of water. She sat with her legs wide open and pointed in my direction, allowing me a perfect view of her pussy as she inserted the hose and washed out her insides. Every now and then she would look up at me and smile. Once her task was completed she washed herself off and then joined me in the hot pool, sitting squarely on her usual place. My dick. Kayko has always been a fantastic lover to me. When we crawled into bed after our bath she lay down on top of me with my cock deeply embedded inside her, milking me slowly as we drifted off to sleep. We were both happy and content.


In the morning I was awakened with the sensation of getting a blow job. I just naturally assumed it would be Kayko, but the feeling was different. When I opened my eyes I saw Erin’s head bobbing up and down as her mouth sucked and licked at my shaft. She was on her knees and elbows with her ass aimed off to the side of the bed. Kayko was standing right behind her with her right hand down near Erin’s ass. Every time Kaykos’ arm would swing in toward her ass, Erin would go down. When Kayko pulled her arm back, Erin would come up.

“Good morning,” Kayko said as she continued swinging her arm back and forth.

“Good morning,” I said while still in somewhat of a daze. “What’s going on?”

“I am teaching Erin how to please you orally,” she replied as she kept up her pace.

Erin was working hard at what she was doing. Her mouth was wide open and her lips were stretched out tight around my thick shaft as her head bobbed up and down several inches. She was doing a good job, but it was definitely evident that she had a long way to go. Kayko then told her to place her right hand around the base of my shaft and move it up and down at the same speed as her mouth. Erin complied which increased the sensations 100 fold.

“Faster,” Kayko said as she increased the speed of her arm swinging back and forth.

Erin began moving faster, matching the speed of her mothers’ arm and bringing me closer to an impending orgasm. I could feel my nuts starting to shift as my load was moved from storage to the firing position, loading up for a quick blast down my daughters’ throat.

“Here it comes!” I groaned as my back arched, forcing my dick into the back of my daughters mouth.

Erin quickly stopped moving her head and began jacking my dick with her hand at the speed of light as Kayko thrust her hand forward and held it in place.

“Start swallowing,” Kayko ordered as the first hot blast filled my daughters’ mouth.

Erin gagged for just a second when my cum splashed against her tonsils, bringing a few tears to her eyes. But as soon as the first swallow went down she was fine and was able to keep pace. My orgasm was not huge, but definitely an adequate amount for Erin to learn with. She kept sucking and swallowing until I was spent. With one last swallow she pulled her mouth from my now satisfied dick and smiled at me.

“Thank you daddy,” she said as she rose to her hands. “I wanted something hot for breakfast.”

As I lay there panting Kayko stepped back from my daughter, giving her room to stand up. It was then that I saw what my wife was doing as she was swinging her arm back and forth. Kayko was holding a 6 inch long dildo in her right hand that was covered in pussy juice. She had been fucking Erin with it while she was giving me a blow job. When she wanted Erin to go down she would push the dildo into her. When she would pull back, Erin would come up. I looked in amazement as my daughter stood up and took a position right next to my wife, standing tall and straight with her feet together.

“Thank you,” I said with a huge smile on my face. “But I need something,” I said while shifting my gaze back and forth between them.

“What can we do for you?” my wife answered with a bit of a puzzled look on her face.

I lay down flat on my back and pointed to my mouth. “Erin, come here.”

Erin looked at her mother for help. “Go sit on your fathers face honey,” she said while gesturing in my direction.

“Kayko,” I said while wiggling my dick back and forth, “Have a seat.”

That was all I needed to say. Erin climbed back onto the bed and placed her knees on either side of my head, positioning her pussy directly over my mouth. As I raised my face up and planted my lips firmly against my daughters’ pussy I felt my dick slide into that familiar warm and wet pussy of my wife. Kayko sat all the way down to my nuts, taking my full length. Erin let out a small gasp as I began eating her pussy like a starving man. I hooked my arms over her legs and pulled her down, driving my tongue deeper inside her. Her delicate pink pussy lips were spread wide open as I devoured her like a dish at a banquet, making her shake and shudder as she rapidly approached an orgasm. Kayko was using her expert pussy to suck and milk my dick like it was in a milking machine while I licked at my daughter. I looked up to see Erin with her mouth wide open and her eyes closed as she rode my tongue. Kayko reached around her from behind and cupped her hands over her small breasts, making Erin bring her hands up and cover her mothers’ hands. Now Erin was gasping and moaning as she began rocking her hips back and forth. In just a matter of a minute she let out a loud gasp and began shaking violently, letting out a small whimper combined with gasps of ecstasy. Cum began flowing out of her pussy and into my mouth which I greedily licked up. Kayko, being affected by the spectacle in front of her, began cumming on my dick like a rainstorm. Both girls were now shaking and shuddering as orgasms rocked their worlds. As for me, I was loving every second! My daughters’ pussy tasted fabulous, Kaykos’ pussy was milking me like there was no tomorrow, and both of my beautiful girls were cumming on me!

Erin could take no more and she fell forward onto her hands, pulling her sweet pussy away from my mouth. She was breathing hard, almost gasping for air as she did her best to calm down a little from her earth shattering orgasm.

“Kayko,” I said as I looked up at my wife from between my daughters legs. “Give me that,” and I pointed to the dildo lying next to her.

Erin was still gasping for air when I pushed the dildo deep into her, eliciting a long deep moan from her. Erins’ back arched and she leaned backward a little, presenting her pussy for my use. I wrapped my left arm around her right leg to hold her in place and began fucking her with quick short strokes with about half of the dildo. Her orgasm started right back up where it had left off when she pulled away from my face. I watched her pussy lips disappear as I pushed the dildo in, and then pull out as her snatch clutched at the rubber intruder. Kayko was now kneading her breasts like play dough and grinding her pussy back and forth on my groin as she watched her daughter get a real fucking. Her pussy was gripping and releasing my cock with a vengeance as her cum flowed out of her and over my nuts like a waterfall. It didn’t take long for cum to start dripping out of Erin either. Every time I would pull the dildo back, a little more of her juice would come out and drip down onto my forehead. She was in an almost non-stop orgasm.

I enjoyed my two girls for several minutes until Erin began to shake violently, bucking her hips up and down. With one last push I embedded all but an inch of the dildo into her and let go. Erin immediately collapsed and fell off to the side of me, bringing her knees up to her chest and curling up in the fetal position. For several moments she twitched and jerked while laying there with the dildo sticking out of her, experiencing the residual effects of a massive orgasm. As soon as she was away from my face Kayko was on me like a rabid animal. She moaned and whimpered as she kissed me passionately while pounding her pussy up and down on my cock. She could not get enough!

Now I was through playing. I straightened out my arms and threw Kayko off me, causing her to fly off my dick and land on the bed beside Erin. I grabbed Erins’ legs and pulled her to the middle of the bed before spreading her legs wide open, exposing her pussy with the dildo still embedded in it. She was still almost out of it and offered no resistance at all. I then grabbed Kayko and pulled her up onto her hands and knees. Aiming her face toward our daughters’ cunt I pushed her face between her legs as I drove my dick into her pussy from behind. Kayko started licking our daughters’ pussy as I began pummeling her pussy like I was in a demolition derby. With both hands firmly on her hips I lifted my wife’s ass a little and held her in place as I drove down the freeway. Kayko let out a few muffled gasps as she continued to lick Erin. Erin was virtually catatonic, laying almost motionless as her mother ate her out and pumped the dildo in and out of her. When Kaykos’ legs began shaking again I increased my speed, doing my best to fuck her pussy clean out of her body. She jerked and bucked against me several times before collapsing like dead weight, landing with her face pressed firmly against the dildo in Erins’ pussy. I still had a good hold on her hips and was easily able to support her weight even though she was completely out of it. So, I used my wife like a fuck toy. I continued pounding into her defenseless pussy for several more minutes until I launched a load into her. I grunted and gasped and held her pussy against me with all my strength as my dick erupted inside her. It was a large and very satisfying orgasm. As I looked down at my two beautiful girls I had a huge flex of ego, I now felt like the king of the world. Both of them were out cold. Somehow, during the pounding that she was getting, Kayko had pushed the dildo all the way into Erin. Only the end was visible next to my wife’s nose. ‘She’ll get it out’ I said to myself as I extracted my cum saturated dick from my wife and set her ass down on the bed. My guess is that they are going to sleep for a while after that one. As I moved back from the two sleeping beauties and sat back on my heals to catch my breath I heard clapping come from the door. I turned around to see Saki and Shiori both standing there nude.

“That was good,” One of the twins said as she quit clapping and put one hand between her legs.

“Are you going to do that to us?” the other twin asked while spreading her feet apart to reveal the double ended dildo still stuck in her.

“Only when your aunt gives us permission,” I said as I wiped some of the sweat from my forehead.

Both girls had a look of disappointment on their faces as I stood up from the bed and walked over to them, leaving the sleeping duo behind. Their eyes never left my cum coated dick as I stepped up to within a foot of them and looked down at them.

“Have you girls been checked out yet this morning?” I asked while reaching for the dildo hanging out of one of the twins. I grasp it and gave a quick tug, pulling it out of her with an audible pop.

“Not yet,” they both replied with their eyes still glued to my now deflating cock.

“Ok,” I said as I raised the dildo to my mouth to have a taste. “Get over there,” and I pointed toward the bed where Kayko and Erin were lying.

The two twins’ scooted across the room and assumed the position next to the bed. Their legs were straight, feet apart, they were bent over at the waist, and they had their pussies pulled wide open. I stepped up behind the first twin and pressed the dildo up into her, pushing it all the way in until it stopped. She let out a little grunt as I began working the dildo in and out of her at a reasonable speed. While I was doing that I stuck my index finger into the other one and began twisting my arm back and forth. Both girls were moaning a little at the manipulation of their hot little boxes. It was difficult to do for very long, having one hand doing one thing, and the other doing something else. So I consolidated my efforts. I pulled my finger out and licked it off before using both hands to power the dildo. Immediately, with the increase in speed, the twin receiving her ‘reward’ began moaning in one long continuous moan. Faster and faster I worked the dildo in and out of her until I was pummeling her insides with it. Her legs began shaking after just a few minutes and her breath began coming in short gasps. Suddenly she bucked backward hard while I was on an in stroke, causing an extra inch of the dildo to slam into her before she hit my hand. She let out a scream and shook violently before falling forward onto the bed and lay motionless.

The other twin was just standing in the same position with her mouth hanging open, not quite believing what she had just seen. I pulled the dildo out of the unconscious twin on the bed and looked at the other one.

“Are you ready for yours,” I said as I gave the cum slickened dildo a lick.

“Yes Uncle Mike,” she said as she looked back down at her now sleeping sister.

“By the way,” I said as I moved over behind her and fed the same end of the rubber dong into her, “Which one are you?”

She turned her head to the side and grunted a little as the dildo reached the top of her pussy. Then, with all of the seriousness in the world she said, “I am Saki, your pet.”

I guess that Kayko had given her a title or something, but it didn’t matter. She was about to get the same treatment that her sister had just received. As she turned her head back around I began fucking her with the dildo. She was considerably quieter than her sister, even when I drove in a little too deep a few times she barely made a sound. I worked the dildo in and out of her for several minutes before I started increasing my speed, driving half of the rubber toy into her with each stroke. It was a real sight to see her spread open pussy lips move in and out with the friction of the dildo. And I was really starting to get into my work.

In no time at all I was pounding her pussy just like I had Shioris. She put both hands down onto the bed and grasped both hands full of the mattress as I pummeled her pussy. In a similar fashion, as Shiori had done, she began bucking back against my movements as her legs began shaking. She started to whine a little as her orgasm built until it peaked with an abrupt jerk. I was not about to stop. As she started to rock forward I reached around her with my left arm and scooped her up off the floor at the waist. Her top half bent over my arm leaving her dildo filled pussy in clear view. I began pumping it in and out of her as fast as I could, noting just how much juice was flying out of her on each stroke and running down her legs. For just a brief moment she hung on to my left leg before going limp, hanging like a rag doll. I would like to tell you that I stopped at this point…but I didn’t. I pummeled her pussy with that dildo until my arms got tired. I guess I fucked her for maybe 10 more minutes after she had passed out. All I really know is that when I set her down on the bed my arms felt like rubber. Her pink little pussy was now bright red and a pretty steady stream of cum leaked out of her. I left the dildo stuck in her and covered them all up. Who knows how long they would sleep?


After I dressed I headed for the kitchen. When I got to Erins room my son opened his door. “Good morning dad,” he said as he headed for the twins room.

“Good morning Mark,” I replied and I stopped him in his tracks. “Are you going to check out the girls?”

“Yea,” he said with a smile on his face, “I’m running a little late.”

“It’s ok,” I said as I turned him around toward the stairs and coaxed him to walk with me. “The girls need a little extra sleep this morning. They have had it a bit rough.”

I smiled to myself as we walked down the stairs. It was because of me that they were now sleeping. I made us both breakfast and we sat and talked. It had been quite a while since I got to spend any time with my son, and now that he had ‘extra’ duties around the house, I wanted to see how he was doing.

“So how has it been checking out the girls?” I asked while sipping on a cup of coffee.

He smiled and looked over at me, “It’s been great.” He said with a very noted bit of enthusiasm to his voice.

“What do you like most about it?” I pried.

“It’s really cool to see my finger disappear into them,” he responded. “And it’s really soft in there.”

“I know what you mean,” I answered back while holding my mug up in a salute. “Have you…uh…had any more accidents?”

My son turned beet red and turned his face away from me. “Every time,” he answered reluctantly.

“I see. I’m sorry son,” I said while giving him a pat on the shoulder. “I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

I felt really sorry for him. I did. I had given him a sexual task to do, but he got no relief in return. And no matter how you slice it, it was wrong. As we sat there in silence Kayko walked into the kitchen. Her hair was an absolute wreck but she looked fabulous.

“Hey sleepy,” I said as she walked over to the coffee pot to get a mug full of joe. She looked at me out of the corner of her eye and just smiled. “I have a request for you and the girls,” I said to her as she came over and straddled my leg while facing me. Her pussy was resting directly on the top of my leg just above my knee and I could feel her pussy vibrating. “Our resident inspector is having a little issue with the daily inspections.”

“Really?” she asked while raising an eyebrow and looking at Mark. “He has been doing a fine job. I should know.”

Mark looked at his mother and smiled a very sweet smile at her. “It’s not that kind of problem,” I continued, trying my best to be as delicate as possible. “Let’s just say it has something to do with an accidental misfire.” And I winked at her.

Kayko was lost, and her expression proved it. The only thing I could think of doing was to pull her over and whisper it in her ear. When she sat back up she had a devilish look on her face as she eyed Mark up and down. I think, if he could have, he would have just vanished into thin air.

“So,” I said as I took another sip of coffee. “Do you think someone could help with this situation?”

Kayko looked at me and smiled. “Yes.” She said. Her answer was very definitive. “Mark,” she said in a stern voice, “come with me.” She set her mug down on the table and stood up, gesturing for Mark to go with her.

“Come on,” I said as I stood up beside Kayko, “You’re going to love this.”

Back upstairs the three of us went with Kayko leading the way. “In here,” she said to Mark and she pointed into Erins’ room. “Strip and get on the bed.”

Mark just looked at me like a lost puppy as he did what his mother told him. Kayko continued down the hall to our master bedroom. Upon entering we found all three girls awake, and active. The twins were butt to butt fucking themselves on the double ended dong. One of them had her head between Erins’ legs and was pumping the dildo in and out. All three looked none the worse for wear. Kayko clapped her hands and barked out something in Japanese. Immediately all activity ceased. In a flash the girls were lined up beside the bed standing up straight with their ‘extra apparatus’ in their hands.

Kayko looked a little pissed. She barked out something and the two girls with the dildo stepped over to me and handed them to me. After which they quickly retreated back into line. I don’t know what was said because Kayko was speaking in Japanese, but it sure sounded like an ass chewing to me. The girls all stood still as Kayko paced back and forth. She finally stopped directly in front of them and her tone changed. She spoke directly to Erin for a moment before addressing them all. When she finished her speech they all followed her out of the room and down the hall to Erins’ bedroom.

I was curious to see what was happening so I followed them, leaving the dildos on the dresser. When I turned the corner all three girls were lined up at the edge of the bed facing out into the room. They were bent at the waist with their feet apart in the usual position. Mark was sitting on the edge of the bed with two of his fingers stuck in the twins’. As he dug around inside them I could see his little pecker growing, so did Kayko. As he continued digging Kayko spoke to Erin who immediately broke ranks and dropped to her knees right next to Mark.

“It’s ok sweetie,” Kayko said to Mark as his sister leaned in and took his entire little pecker into her mouth. “Just relax.”

A hell of a lot of good that did, Mark shot off the moment Erin closed her mouth on his little prick. He hunched forward trying to pull his sisters head out of his lap but it was too late, he was done. Erin swallowed down the small portion with only 1 swallow. She picked her head up and looked at her mother.

“That’s it,” she said as she gave one more additional swallow for good measure. “He’s done.”

“Not yet,” Kayko said, and she pointed back to his dick.

Erin turned around and took Marks pecker into her mouth again and began sucking on it like it was a lollipop. Mark just looked around in an undirected daze as his sister sucked on his tool again.

“Mark,” Kayko said, causing him to lock his gaze on her. “Again,” she said as she pointed to the twins who had yet to move. “Use two fingers each this time,” she concluded.

Mark reached out with his hands shaking a little. It might have been from uncertainty, yet again he might not have recovered from his last orgasm. In either case he pushed two fingers each into the twins and twisted them around. The twins responded with an oooh and an aaahh as he dug into them. A smile started to appear on his face as his fingers twisted around and around. Erin was still bobbing her head up and down when Marks motions started to become very erratic. His back bowed and he quit twisting his hands as he shot another load down his sisters’ throat. This time it was bigger because Erin had to swallow three times. Mark jerked a few times before pulling Erins head out of his lap. His cum coated fingers left gooey wet spots in her hair as he pulled her away. He had not licked his fingers clean.

“That’s it, that’s it!” he said as he tried his best to regain his motor control.

Erin licked her lips and stood up. She turned around and presented her pussy to him too. Mark quickly stuck two fingers in her, gave his arm one or two twists before withdrawing them and sticking them in his mouth. He was obviously at a loss.

“Ok girls,” Kayko said with a clap of her hands. “Let’s go.”

As they stood up they all turned around and bowed to Mark, except for Erin. She just looked at him and said, “Thanks bro.” Then the 4 of the walked out single file and headed down the stairs.

I looked at my son. “So?” I asked as I sat down next to him, “How about that?!”

Mark looked at me still in disbelief. But as he sat there and reflected on what had just happened to him, his expression and demeanor changed. The somewhat blank lost look changed over to a smile, and his eyes brightened. He only said one thing. “Thanks dad.”

End Pt8

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