Sorry it has taken a while to do an addition to my story “The Pizza Girl Came” but life has been taking me all kinds of different directions, as life will. I have read all the comments and have taken them into consideration. As that was my first ever erotic story I was still learning. This one should be easier to read due to more knowledge of formatting. So here it is…
The Pizza Girl Came II

If you have read the previous story you know I met Tammi when a customer in the bar I work at ordered pizza for everyone in the bar. You also know that Tammi was a 22 year old Asian girl and I am Joe, a 39 year old bar manager/bartender. Also, as stated in my previous story, Tammi lived with me for 6 months fucking me every which way but loose, bringing to life all my fantasies and desires. Unfortunatly, as everything in life does, Tammi decided she was going on to the next phase in her life and moved out of state. Our last night together was filled with tears, laughter and a lot of tender lovemaking as well as just downright pure outright fucking. Tammi was the most erotic lover I have ever had the pleasure of sex with bar none, however she needed to move on in her life and I was not one to hold her back. In the time after this happened, she did return to my city for visits and we did get together for a “remembrance” fuck when she did.

When Tammi left, I went back to my one night stands whenever I felt the need to get laid. As I worked in the bar, this was not usually a problem. I could usually find a girl to help “relieve my needs” even if I needed “beer goggles” in the morning….

One Friday night around 7:00 it was the usual pre-evening crowd just sitting around having a few drinks, chit-chatting, having some happy hour food and the other bartender and myself getting things ready for what we knew was going to be another busy Friday night because it was the first of the month.

Around 7:30 someone asked if we knew of a good pizza joint that delivers. I told them I do but asked “What is wrong with the happy hour food?” They said they wanted something different, so I dialed the number of my favorite pizza joint (yes the one that Tammi used to work at), handed the phone to the customer so they could place their order and went on about my business. After about 20 minutes I heard a female voice yell “Pizza…who ordered a pizza?” I turned round and there was this girl wearing some tight, black denim jeans and the red and black polo top of the pizza company. She was about 5’9” and weighed all of 100 pounds soaking wet. She had reddish blonde hair and an Asian-African American look about her. Sort of a mixed race look. She had the longest legs I have ever seen on a woman. I was mesmerized. I usually don’t go for tall women but this one was incredible. As I indicated a place for her to put down the pizza until the customer could come over to pay, she walked (sauntered is more like it) and put down the pizzas. She gave me this I know all about you look and asked me “Are you Joe?” I said “Yes, why? Do I know you from somewhere?” She said “I was a roommate of Tammi’s and she told me all about you.” I slowly turned red, then said “Oh, oh…I am in trouble.” As I said this I kind of chuckled. She said “My name is Melissa and Tammi used to tell me all about what went on in here during and after hours. I always wanted to come by to check it out but never did.” I asked her why she never did. She said “I don’t know..just had other things going on at the time I guess.” I told her “Well, if you ever want to come by and have a drink, I will buy your first drink.” She said “Well, you never know, maybe you might see me sometime. What days do you work?” I told her since I was the bar manager I was likely to be around most of the time, however I usually worked Friday and Saturday nights behind the bar. After collecting the money for the pizzas she said “Well, Joe, maybe we’ll see you around sometime. I really liked the stories Tammi used to tell me about this place.” And with that she disappeared out the door and I went back to work.

Well as the night went on and I promptly forgot about the conversation with Melissa until around 11:00 PM. I turned around and told the other bartender I was going outside for a break for about 15 minutes. As I walked out the backdoor into the unoccupied back patio I thought I heard my name being called in a loud whisper. I stopped for a moment but didn’t hear it again so I just shrugged and walked on. After I seated myself at one of the picnic tables and slowly sipped my soda (I didn’t allow my bartenders to drink on duty so I adhered to my rule as well) I heard the whisper again loudly but softly calling “Joe, Joe, Joe” I finally got curious and started looking around the patio but still couldn’t see anything at all. I sat back down then heard the rustle of the bushes behind me then felt hands around my eyes and a soft voice in my ears saying “I told you earlier I would be back and I also told you I REALLY liked the stories Tammi told me. I really want to experience the pleasure she said you gave her.” I turned my head to see her walking away and off into the night. I called after her but by the time I got to where she had been she had gotten into a car and left the parking lot. “Damn, I told myself, what the hell was that? She has to be teasing me,” I thought to myself. Oh well, it’s time to go back to work anyway. I went back inside and began the rest of my evening. The bartender I was working with, Julie, looked at me with a “I know what you did” look on her face and said “Nice break?”, laughed and went on serving people in the bar. I thought to myself “What the hell is going on?” Then the bar starting getting busy and I pushed what had happened to the back of my mind. Although I still had a hard-on because of what happened, I just moved on with my work. However, as I worked through the bar, I kept looking for prospects for a one night stand after work was over.

About 1AM the crowd began thinning out and people started slowing down on their drinking. I began thinking about what had happened a couple hours earlier and realized I still had a hard-on and was hoping to get laid after the bar was closed, but unfortunately I didn’t see any likely suspects for an “after hours” party so I figured I would just go home when I was done and either just masturbate or take a cold shower. Either one would be okay.

Since things were slowing down rather quickly, so I sent Julie home when she was done with all her work and I began the process of cleaning up and letting the few people left finish their last drinks. At 2AM I went to the last few people collected their glasses and ushered them out the door locking it behind them. I set the jukebox to play some (comparatively speaking) quiet music while I went about my cleaning up, washing the dishes, sweeping up and all the other myriad things necessary things that have to be done when the bars close up. By the time I was done I looked at the clock and saw it was about 3:30AM. I figured I would walk to the coffee shop next door, grab some breakfast and then go home and sleep. As I was locking the back door behind me, I felt a pair of hands go around my eyes and felt a soft, warm breath breathing on my neck. I thought to myself “Ahhh…she did come back.” I felt my cock get hard immediately. I felt a pair of tits pushing into my back and then a hand grabbed my arms and put them behind me. Then I heard a soft voice whisper into my ear “It’s not who you think it is.” I sort of recognized the voice but couldn’t quite place where I had heard it before. You readers know what I am saying..It’s like someone from your past says something and you can’t see their face but you think you know who it is but then you second guess yourself. Anyways, she whispers into my ear “Just relax and follow along and no one will get hurt.” Now I am thinking “Oh shit, is this a robbery attempt.” Well nothing I can do so I just follow along. I am pulled backwards to the door of my apartment (for information on that setup read part one). I feel hands go into my pocket, brush against my cock a few times and then retrieve my keys. I still have hands on my eyes, and hands on my arms still holding me. I am thinking two pairs of hands, and one doesn’t feel female, shit I m going to get robbed but good. Just cooperate and things will work out. I hear keys rattle, and the squeak of the hinges as my door opens. I am pushed inside hard and made to sit down in a chair. I feel a cloth wrap around my eyes and a soft cloth wrap around my elbows as they are pulled together behind me. I heard some keys drop onto a table and heard a male voice say “Here are the keys. Have a good time.” I heard the door shut and the lock snap shut. I then heard nothing but soft footsteps on the carpet for a minute or so. Then I felt a hand stroking my thigh, not quite touching my cock but coming close enough to make it jump. I felt a warm breath on my neck, a tongue lightly touching my earlobe, and deep sigh. Then a hand grabs my cock through my pants and starts stroking me while another hand goes under my shirt and starts lightly pinching and pulling my nipples. By this time I am so hard and horny I felt like would cum any second. Then the hand stroking me, unzips my fly and pulls my cock out. I feel a tongue start to lick me, and a warm breath exhales slowly on the head. I feel like my balls are going to explode. I push my hips up in an attempt to enter the mouth blowing on me but they pull away and the hand grips me tightly around the base. I feel like cumming but I can’t because of the grip this person has on me. As a side note --this is the same kind of games Tammi and I used to play so I am thinking now that this is Melissa because of things she had said to me earlier. I am then lifted up and pulled back into the bedroom and pushed onto the bed onto my stomach. I just lay there wondering what is going to happen next. I hear the rustling of clothes then feel a warm naked body and a pair of soft tits against my back. I feel soft, warm hands caressing me, soft lips nuzzling my neck and a wet, warm tongue slowly licking me. I am so horny all I want to do is come. I can feel my cock rubbing underneath me against the comforter on my bed. I feel the body on top of me begin to push against me in humping like motions as if she was attempting to fuck me from behind. Every time she pushed down I felt my cock rub against the comforter. I am thinking to myself “Okay, if this is what turns her on then I am okay with it as well.” As I began to relax and start to go with it, I get into the rhythm of her humping and actually start to get close when she stops, gets up off me and turns me over. She then lays down on top of me and begins her humping motions again only with my cock between her legs but not inside her. We go like this for awhile then she stops and gets off me. I lay there panting for awhile, groaning because I still haven’t come yet, but felt if a stiff breeze came along I would. I then feel a pair of hands begin to pull off my shoes, socks and pants. I feel myself being turned over, my arms are untied and then my shirt is pulled over my head and off. My arms are pulled back behind me and retied although a little looser. I am now naked, blindfolded and my arms are still tied behind me and I am laying on my back with the hardest hard-on I have ever felt. I feel a hand lightly stroke my nipples, and a tongue follows. I have no idea how much time had passed since this began, but I feel like I have been hard forever. I then feel a pair of legs straddle my head and a pussy lower to my mouth so I did what came naturally and began to lick and suck. It was one of the sweetest tasting pussies I have ever eaten. It seemed familiar but yet not. I licked and sucked for what seemed like forever. This female never touched or even came close to my raging hard-on. Not even so much as a breath. However, when she came, so did I. It was incredible that I could cum at the same time as her without never having entered her. She kept squirting her sweet juices into my mouth. I heard her scream “OHH SHIT!!! EAT ME MORE!!! YEA RIGHT THERE!!” With her legs locked around my ears I still couldn’t quite make out the voice but yet it seemed familiar. The as her legs unlocked from around my head and I gasped for air, I heard something that gave me chills, a different female voice from across the room saying “Man, I came so hard from just from watching that.” I was instantly shocked back to reality. Here I was naked, blindfolded, my arms tied behind my back unable to do anything, with at least two females and one of them undressed. I tried to listen for any sounds that would give away who they were or what time it was but all I could determine for sure was I was in my apartment, a male and at least one of these two females had taken me there and I had just had some of the best foreplay sex of my life.

I was still trying to wrap my head (the top one) around what was happening when I felt a pair of hands begin to stroke my half soft cock until it was standing proud. I know I am 39 years old but I can still get it up at least twice or three times a night with the right stimulus. I couldn’t identify the voice of the other female because she had muffled her voice. However the hands working on my now erect cock were not doing any muffling. Slowly they stroked me, first soft and gentle then hard and fast then soft and gentle again. I was starting to feel it again when a pair of legs straddled me mid-thigh and gently lowered the upper body onto my raging hard-on. However, instead of sliding down onto me all the way I felt the soft wetness of her lips just holding over me. I attempted to push up and she would dart up and away the come close again. This went back and forth for a while until I heard a female voice say “Okay, it is time to get on with his party.” I felt the female above rise up and then drop hard onto my cock and at the same time the other female sat on my face. I felt the blindfold removed from my eyes but, because of the position of the women on my I still couldn’t see who they were. But the feelings they were exacting form me were so pleasurable that at the moment it didn’t matter who they were. These two women were incredible, taking me from ready to cum to holding me back to ready to cum. This went on for a long time until all of a sudden I heard “Switch” at this point both women jumped off me, switched positions and began attacking me again. I tried to see who these women were but there were no lights on and they moved so fast that I couldn’t figure it out. So I just enjoyed the sensations running through my body. This went on for what seemed like hours. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and had to cum. I yelled into the pussy in front of me that I was cumming and let loose with the biggest stream of cum I think I have ever had. As I was experiencing the stars in my head and the rockets red glare in my eyes I heard a distant scream and felt both women’s pussies squeeze at the same time one on my cock and one on my tongue. I felt their juices running all down my body, throat and cock all at the same time. It was the most intense orgasm I have ever had. After we all laid down and caught our breath I said “Alright who the hell are you two incredible women and where did you come from.” Then I felt a movement on the bed beside me, and then a kiss on the lips and a light turned on, I opened my eyes and saw “Julie!! What the hell are you doing?” I yelled just as a female pair of lips began sucking on my cock trying to wake it up. I looked down and saw Melissa. I had a rough time trying to wrap my mind around what had just happened. My employee and a pizza girl had basically kidnapped me and had incredible sex with me. I looked at the clock beside my bed and saw we had been going for three solid hours. WOW!!

I asked “What the hell is going on?” Julie said “Joe, I have had a crush on you since I started working for you last year. When I saw you lusting after Melissa and knowing what happened when Tammi was here I knew I had to feel that incredible pleasure she felt. I teamed up with Melissa and we devised this plan.” Julie is very pretty in a plain Jane sort of way. As I usually have a hands off policy with my employees I never attempted anything with her (although I can’t say I didn’t think about it once in a while). I finally dawned on me that all the flirting Julie had been doing with me while we worked together on Friday and Saturday nights wasn’t just a show for the customers. Julie kissed me again. During this conversation I had almost forgotten about Melissa who was doing her best to wake up my cock. And a fine job she was doing. She finally came up for air and said “Enough of this talking I need to get some cock in my pussy and I want to feel this thing inside of me.” With that she climbed on top of me and began slowly taking me inside her. God!! was she ever tight. She didn’t feel as good a Julie (I realize now that Julie was the one I was buried in earlier) but she was good. While Melissa was riding me, Julie climbed on top of my face and began force feeding me her pussy. Man she tasted so sweet and juicy. After coming so many times in three hours I was able to last a long time although my physical body was getting tired. I had been up all night working and had no breakfast so I was getting drained. The girls were also showing strains of fatigue as well as their movements were getting slow. Although the sex was good sometimes you get so tired that the enjoyment of it goes away. After Julie and Melissa came I suggested we get showered and dressed and go get some breakfast. They both agreed.

My shower was only a one person size stall, so we had to take showers individually. Melissa went first and while she was in there Julie and I made a pot of coffee and began talking. I explained to Julie why my rules of no employee involvement were in place. Julie said she understood and if it was my decision that this doesn’t happen again than she was okay with it. Then she said, “ Joe, you have brought me so much pleasure tonight that I hope you want to be with me again.” I stopped and looked at her and said, “Julie, you are one of the best lovers I have ever had, however, I must maintain some measure of dignity as a manager. Yes, I want to be with you again and again. Let me give some thought to how we can do this and still be able to work together because you are also a very valuable employee to me.” Julie walked up to me, kissed me very intimately and walked away to get into the shower.

Melissa came into the kitchen at this time and poured herself a coffee and we began talking. Melissa told me that after that first night when she came to deliver the pizzas she had come in several times when I wasn’t there to just look the place over and decide if she wanted to come back. She said she had made friends with Julie and they had begun talking and Julie had told her she had a crush on me since she worked there but didn’t know how to go about letting me know since I had the rule about no employee involvement. Melissa said she had told Julie she would come up with a plan to help her and one thing led to another and this is the outcome. She also told me Tammi had found a boyfriend in her new college town and was very happy, but she did talk of me very often in a good way. Melissa also said to me “Joe, you have made all Tammi’s descriptions of what happened in the six months you two were together very real. I can see where you brought her a lot of pleasure. You have made Julie very happy also and I hope you two work it out so you can be together. Whatever happens though, I hope you will want to include me in any plans you have for another wild night once in awhile.” Melissa then walked over and kissed me then walked away. Damn!!! Here I was with two of the most erotic and beautiful women I can ever remember being with and I can’t get it up because I am so tired. Julie got out of the shower by this time and I went in, took a quick wet down, wash up, and rinse off, got out and got dressed and we were off for breakfast.

Julie and I eventually worked it out and I moved into her apartment and she moved onto another position as a bar manager for another owner in another part of town. Melissa still comes by once in awhile for some threesome fun and when Tammi comes to town with her new husband we all 5 get together for some dinner and some fun as well.

Well there is my story. I hope it provides some you with some erotic fun. It was fun writing it and reliving all the details. I may write more of some of the stories (both fiction and non-fiction) in the future depending on how life lets me have some free time.

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Also Melissa and Tammi.

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I loved your story and I'm glad you and Julie got together and worked things out.

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