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Anything can happen if u really want 2
It was 7.00 A.M my alarm clock was ringing..i was angry cause it was morning already.
"I can't belive this...morning...","Tudy!" , "Ahhh...crap..Yea mom i'm awake!".This is how each and every one of my mornings start...i'm Tudy by the way a 16 year old guy which just started the 9th grade.Where was i ....ah yes... I entered the bathroom washed my teeth, my face, and got ready 4 school.
"Tudy, u already miss the school bus, here take some money and call a cab" , "Yea mom , sorry mom", after my dad died a year before she was quite overprotective when it came 2 me , so i tried to ignore her always "goodie goodie" advice, dough she was kinda ok , she let me smoke , drink even if i wasn't 18 yet.
The cab arrived whitch took me to school, nothing unusual yet..., i was the kinda guy who really didn't get to much attention,always quiet not really into girls cause i was to damn shy but of course i had my share of girls and of course with them came my share of sex.
My first class was maths and when i arrived in front of the class door i met a friend of mine called Valy and of course whe decided to skip math.We went to the mall , which was near our school for a coup of coffee.

"Damn, this coffee really heats my hart" said Valy after drinking most of his coffee.
"Yea.." i said while i was staring at one of the other tables.
"What? What's wrong" he said while he was desperatly looking for "something" or "someone" which got my total attention." i get it, its Brooke, isn't it"
"Yea" same lame answer just like the one before.
"Man, i thought we already talked about this, dude forget her, she is way out of our league."
"Maybe your league"i answerd proud, but he was right she was way out of my league dough i didn't like to admit it.

Almost an hour past and i had to take a leak, on myway to the bathroom i triped and i scratched my face, but then someone grabed my hand and helped me stand, i couldn't see who it was cause my face was all bloody, but that person took me to the bathroom and started to wash my face gently and my sight cleared up, only to see in the mirror that the person who was standing next to me was the 12th grader Brooke Daniels the hottest girl in the hole school, no not hot beautiful , gorgeous..."i presume u want to know how this girl looked..ok i'll comply", about 6.0 , beautiful perfect body , 90 60 90 well anyways very close to those measurments cause i really never checked up and the face was that of an angel, bright blue eyes , blond/brown hair , and those thick lips just begging for you to kiss them.

"Are you ok?" She asked hoping for a pozitive answer.
"Ummm...ah..y..yea..sure"My answer sounded like i had a moal up my ass
"Hahaha" she just started laughing, "Whaa..what are u laughing about?" i asked impateous
"It's just that , you are exactly how Mandy has described you" , "Mandy?...she knows Mandy?..OH CRAP SHE KNOW'S MANDY!" i said to myself , Mandy was my best friend , she was that one person in which i could have all the trust in the world or at least i thought so...she was the keeper of my sexual fantasies , darkest secrets, so it was kinda' crappy to find out that she knew her.
"Ummm...yeah? and.a....a...what did Mandy tell you about me?"
"Well first..." she said while cleaning my right cheek, "You're kind of shy , and i must say this , u shouldn't be u look great , i bet a lot of girls your age like you! she said and smiled at me.
"Same words were running through my mind at that time , like a broken pick-up( Girls your age , girls your age)"
"'re all done" and she smiled at me again.

I had to say something....but what...what could make her stay a little longer...( i must warn you if you think you said something very pathetic in your life ...check this out)

"I want to piss" and only after i finished the hole sentence oddly clear and articulate , not like the others before i realized what i just said.
"Umm m'kay i ain't stoppin' you , i will just go... " she turned red and got out of the bathroom
"Tudy, you fucking idiot, you stupid bicth...ahhh God dammit" i said to myself watching my reflexion in the mirror/

I got out of the bathroom, and went to my table where Valy was still standing...

"Hey, you're back , you ok" he said with a smile on his face
"You saw me fell?" i asked nervously
"Yea , i did, quite a tripp" he said again with the smile gettin' even bigger
"So...why didn't you come and help me?
"Well... i already saw that Brooke jumped of her chair , to help you so ...there was no need for me to intrerupt, ummm ...yea that's the reason."
"Lame excuse" i answered laughing
"So what did she say?"
" yeah she knows mandy"
"MANDY? Oooo but mandy is like your every day diary...she keeps your most dark secrets...and she told her about your ...problem with the size of your....being to big?"
"No...WAIT A SECOND..i didn't tell you this...WHO TOLD YOU?"
"Oh hell, i'm in some deep shit" I said while turning my head to Brooke to notice that she was looking at me and smiling
"Ohhh...this is gonna' be great" Valy said after seeing Brooke's gesture 2.


2012-08-02 18:29:59
Fuck them use spell check but this has potential to go some where ok yea it started off slow but you could turn this into something good with a lil bit of spell check but otherwise keep writing

Anonymous readerReport

2009-02-10 20:09:41
Honestly, this is better than others I could read. There's sentances, and it communicates some story. :) Use the spell check though, it was invented for a reason.


2008-02-26 22:31:46
Never write again. You waste peoples lives.


2007-10-20 23:06:45
rating )! If you write again USE SPELL CHECK!!! Almost all stories have massive misspellings but almost every other word is spelled incorrectly on this story. Where is the sex? Washing your face off? GEE WHIZ if that is true I have sex with myself every morning.


2007-08-15 17:08:32
lol to person below

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