The start of a lifelong fascination with male genitalia....
Hi everyone, and please be gentle with me as I'm new here (at submitting something anyway).

I'll post it all in two or three parts, as you may all grow bored getting it all in one big heap.

I wrote the first draft of this about a year or so ago and only then showed it to a few friends (both online and real), and they all seemed to think that it was worth a wider audience, along with a few other things I've penned over the past few months.

I've tweaked it a bit, changing names and other vital pieces of information, purely because it is now going "public", but the general jist of the whole thing is still very much as things happened, as far as my own personal memories are concerned anyway.

One of the people I shared this with is/was a member of our little club at the time and he assures me that I pretty well got it all "spot on", especially the "terror v excitement" of it all, in those much simpler times.

I hope you enjoy it. Please let me know what you think.....

First......The Background.

When I was younger (age to be left to your imagination), my family home was a small semi detached (attached, in other words) house which was situated in a cul de sac (dead end road). There were 30 households all in all, and about ten of these houses had kids all about the same age. Being a really quiet road with no "through" traffic, it was the done thing that we all played in the street...lads with football, girls at hopscotch, that sort of thing.

We were nearly always out there playing and pretty soon became quite a tight little gang, numbering about 15 or so, and split almost evenly between gender.

My dad had upped and left home when I was about 10, and my mum worked full time as an administrator in the town hospital, so (I know, it wouldn't be allowed nowadays) when my mum was working during the day and it was the school holidays, I pretty much looked after myself during the day, under the occasional supervision of the lady next door, and other neighbours were always on hand in case of emergencies.

During these school holidays we all used to generally hang out together, and were left alone by the adults as long as we behaved ourselves and stayed within the boundary of our street.


The Shed Club.

(90% true, 10% changed to avoid trouble/embarrassment, or inaccurate due to the passage of time)

During the first week of the long summer holiday in question, when I was still only a few months older than the first age you'd imagined, my house (and another's, we took it in turns) was used as the meeting place in the mornings and we all used to watch TV, listen to music and generally play about in the garden or road. The attached neighbours both worked full time and had no kids, so the noise we made was not a problem.

I had a massive crush on one of the boys (a year older) in our gang and did just about everything to get his attention, but he was either too shy or not interested. Yes, I had really horny feelings for him....the first horny sensations I'd ever really had, apart from the (quite frequent by then) times when I used to lie on my back in the dark and quietly tickle around my best bits for hours on end in the privacy of my bedroom. Very enjoyable but not quite as exciting as the new fascination with "boys".

This particular boy crush was definitely exciting, and he quickly became the main player in any fantasy I'd dream up while letting my hands wander. A classic case of puppy love meeting full blown sexuality.

One day, about a week into the hols, we were all in my front room watching TV, but after a while a group of them went out to play football (soccer in the US, I think?) and I noticed that "my" guy had stayed behind.
He was sitting in the chair and I was lying on my front in front of him, supposedly watching the programme on TV.

There was another girl in with us, but she obviously got bored with tv and eventually went outside, leaving us alone...... Awkward silence....... He knew that I liked him, and I suspected that he liked me, but didn't want to show it in front of his mates.

We stayed like that for a while, both silently watching tv and my mind racing with horny thoughts, until I got the notion to do something really naughty. I got up and asked him if he wanted a coke and he said yes, so I leapt through to the kitchen and with no hesitation, took off my knickers and hid them in one of the cupboards. I was wearing a shortish skirt at the time, as most of us girls did (you can see where this is going.....oh, the shame!).

I took our cokes back in, and lay down in front of him again, this time "accidentally" making sure that my skirt rode up a bit as I adjusted my lying position. I was sure that he could see everything and consequently felt pretty excited about it all, but after a few minutes....nothing.

Adjusting my position a bit more (and making my skirt ride up in the process of course), I lay still again and could actually feel the fresh air on my bottom. "If he can't see me now he must be blind!", I thought to myself.

I waited, heart in my mouth with excitement, and then, after what seemed like ages, I summoned up the courage and twisted my head round to look at him....he was bright red and trying not to make eye contact, so I just reached down and pulled my skirt right up over my hips and lay back flat on my front, opening my legs enough to give him a good view. His eyes were now locked onto target, and I was loving the feeling between my legs, at just the thought of his eyes on my most intimate parts. I know it sounds absolutely shameless, but naughty things just took over my mind and we were both definitely into this game of ours, if you know what I mean.

He obviously couldn't ignore me now and reached down and put his hand on my bum, stroking up and down my crack as I faced forward again and pretended to watch the tv. After a dozen or so strokes, I quietly raised myself up on all fours so I could fully open up and give him a proper eyefull. Knees about a foot apart, bottom pushed out and fully spread, he must have been able to see absolutely everything.

He put a hand on each cheek and then ran his fingers up and down my "inner" part several times, tickling round and around my anus each time, a truly wonderful sensation which, to this day, remains one of my favourite pastimes.

He had just started to explore further underneath when we heard the back door open and a few of the gang came in to the kitchen to get a drink. I managed to cover up properly and he'd leapt back into his chair before they joined us, so we got away with it.....but secretly we'd broken the barriers between us and spent the rest of the day grinning at each other whenever we could.

That young man is now the aforementioned friend who helped me with editing suggestions, and as promised, I'm now giving him a mention. I was to see a lot more of him (and vice versa) before that holiday was over.

A few days after getting my bum tickled for the first time, and, after having told my best friend Jackie (she lived two doors from me and was the same age) all about it, we ended up talking about boys and sex (for ages) and she let me into a secret regarding her parents and what they had in their bedroom.

She'd been nosing around in there a few days before (as young people do) and discovered a pile of naughty magazines and described them to me. Apparently two of the magazines actually showed EVERYTHING! (whatever "everything" was.....)

She told me to go round the following day, when the house was next empty and we'd read them together. I found the idea of that SO exciting that I spent almost the entire night with my hands down my pants in anticipation. In those days (mid 80's or thereabouts), as some of you may well remember, the internet wasn't really up and running, and dirty mags were about as naughty as you could get, unless you were lucky enough to know someone who had a video recorder and a porn vid or two....alas, this was not the case with us.
I'd glimpsed one or two magazines before....Playboys and such, but was still really quite naive. I certainly hadn't seen any "hard" porn at that time.

So, the following day, I went round and we both sat cross legged on her bed and spread the big pile of her parent's mags out in front of us.

I remember seeing many front pages of Playboy mags, and feeling terribly naughty as I flicked through pages of women with bare tits and naughty headlines, whilst Jackie quickly searched the pile for one of the naughtier ones....and then, there it was....I still remember it distinctly as if it were yesterday.

It was a small magazine called Color Climax and was all written in Swedish (I think....could have been German). The front cover was of a naked man standing there with a huge erection which was being held by a beautiful (and naked of course) blonde woman! Both were facing each other with their bodies, but she had her head turned towards the camera and had the most delicious "knowing" smile on her face.

I nearly fainted! I'm not kidding.....I honestly felt my heart skip a beat and experienced a whooshing noise in my ears. I just sat there with my mouth wide open and gawked at this magnificently filthy picture, bright red in the face and pulse racing. I hadn't experienced an orgasm up until then, but knew I was really close to something special about to happen.

Jackie turned over the front page and a picture story started, different people from the couple on the cover. This involved another beautiful blonde and TWO good looking guys. My mind was all over the place! Fully clothed in the first few pics, we hastily turned the page, and then another, until they were all naked....I remember a shot of them all standing there and facing the camera, with her in the middle and holding a full glorious erection in each hand. Once again, this girl managed a mischevious look which basically said "Guess what I'm going to have done to me!" and it was then that Jackie quite casually put her hand under the hem of her skirt, lifted it up and proceeded to rub herself through her knicks.

We flicked a glance at each other, and I must have given her the right indication that all was well, as her hand immediately went inside her waistband and she started rubbing herself properly.

I don't know why, but for some reason I offered to turn the pages for her, and that's just what I did. I moved around so I sat next to her, turned a page and held up the magazine for her as she leaned back and, well, basically frigged herself silly.

I'd study the new set of pictures and get turned on a bit more, and then turn over the page again when I thought she was ready for a new one. She actually leaned right into me when she came, shuddering and gasping for quite a time before finally laying back on the bed, looking all red in the face and happy.

I knew it was an orgasm. She'd told me about having them before, and I thought that I'd also had them before until I saw hers.

I couldn't drag my eyes away from the magazine, and while Jackie quietly recovered, I started reading the thing all over again, totally fascinated by the erect men, the women and what they did....and had done. I remember seeing one girl getting her pussy licked and was incredibly turned on.

I was suddenly aware that Jackie was offering to hold the magazine for me and basically couldn't argue as she'd already taken it and sat next to me.

Nothing was said. We didn't even acknowledge the fact that we were now doing something quite openly that would have caused great embarrassment just minutes before. We simply realised that the sight of all this stuff had been a bit too much and that the "need" overcame any idea of shame.

I rearranged myself so that I could get my hand to the right spot, and started tickling myself like I usually did, whilst Jackie turned over the pages. It soon became evident that I didn't have a clue. Put it this way, Jackie had developed in all the right places a lot sooner than me, so she'd obviously had a lot more practise.

She then stunned me by offering to show me how it was done. My first stab of embarrassment.

I assumed that she would show me by doing it to herself and agreed, and was therefore surprised when she handed me the mag and put her hand down my knickers. No hesitation, just straight in. I was sort of too shocked and too turned on by everything to resist, and within seconds I felt her fingers almost inside me, circling around in the wetness down there.

Suddenly, she slid her fingers up between my lips and straight onto my clit, and I really lost it from that point. The magazine fell from my grip and I lay back as the fingers went to work, side to side, up and down, circling, all slowly at first but definitely speeding up. I think it took about thirty seconds. All of a sudden a tremendous feeling started up inside, starting at the area surrounding my clit and then gradually spreading deep up inside me, and then just about everywhere as I gave in to the most delicious contractions in my vagina, then my backside, then both, as if I was trying to suck the entire world up into me, so utterly exquisite that it hurt slightly.

It all became too much and I had to push Jackie's hand away before I exploded, and she sat quietly next to me as I gasped and panted. Not a word was said until I'd fully calmed down and sat myself up on the bed.

My best friend Jackie had given me my very first "proper" orgasm, and it was wonderful. The first of many, as it turned out.....

More to follow in Part 2.......


2015-06-08 19:41:00
This is the kind of story I really enjoy. The joys of young folks just beginning the journey to adulthood. My stories aren't nearly as exciting as these, but maybe I'll give it a try.
Thank you for a few hours of 'going back."


2015-04-10 06:38:57
Oh wow, what a great start. Really sorry forward to reading the rest. You got me so hard!!!
Pm me to find out more

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Gotta love stories of innocent but erotic exploration!

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Can't wait for next instalment...think I'll read this again & cum thinking of you & Jackie in that shed...fanx;-p

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my bff and me love this. we were each others first but their are more girls than us that are just like us. not lesbians but bi.

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