Innocent Mother Seduces Son revised by mrmovie originally posted by racks123 just revised from viewers comments
True Story , Incest, Male / Older Female by revised "fiction" Posted: 2012-10-11
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Gender: Male Age: 46 Location: Mountain View MO

Hi my name's Janet and this is my story of seduction.

When I was a junior in high school I began developing into a women and my breasts were the first to show. They grew from a 32DD to a 32G my senior year.

After I graduated I went from job to job for a while. I fell in love with Todd who worked in the office across from mine.
Todd and I have been together for 15 years now and for the most part ever since we've been together,he's never gotten me off. Todd only had a 5 inch penis anyway.

Our only son Josh was now 15. In the last five years Todd and I had grown apart and quite frankly I quit giving him any since he couldn't get me off.

The past five years were tough and being 44 I've been aching so but every time I look at Todd the feeling goes away.

One day I was doing a load of laundry. I folded Joshs' pile and took it to his room. I came to his door and was about to walk in when I heard him panting and moaning. I slowly turned the nob and cracked the door to see what he was doing. The sight stunned me. He was laying on his bed masturbating!!!! And he had a pair of my panties I had wore yesterday over his face. My eyes became locked on his cock. I quickly covered my mouth before I gasped. It was massive. I'm sure my sister Sarah would have called it a pornstar dick because it was so huge, it had to be a least 9 inches and his shaft was so thick. It was throbbing and pre-cum was seeping down it.

I backed away from his door softly closing it and went to my room. I sat on my bed still in shock. My son is masturbating, And using my panties. Then the thought of his huge cock jumped into my head. I began to feel warm between my legs. The thought of his throbbing cock made me feel like electricity was flowing though my body. Fuck Janet he's your son you can't think about you son like that. I decided I should just forget about it.

I went down stairs to do some work to keep my mined off of it. It was difficult though, the heat between my legs was getting hotter. I hadn't had sex in 5 years since I cut Todd off. I figured this must just be pent up sexual frustration from the last 5 years. I didn't actually lust for my son I just was reminded of sex and that's why this is happening, or at least that was what I was telling myself. I went upstairs and took a few Nytol to try and sleep my horniness off.

I dreamed of my sons cock. I imagined he took me and ripped my clothes off.
"no josh no" I yelled in the dream
He ripped my panties down and placed his huge dick right outside my pussy.
"No Josh im your mother" I yelled in the dream
Josh lined up his cock and was about to stick it in.

I woke up right before he got it in. My panties were soaked with my juices. Fuck Janet you need to get control of yourself. I went downstairs.

"Hey mom" Josh said
My pussy twitched, "H.. hey sweetie"
"I'm going to go sleep over at Kyle's tonight if thats alright"
my pussy was pouring out juices now and i could feel it dripping down my leg
"thats f..fine sweetie, h..have fun"
Josh came over to hug me. His strong hands clasped my back. I couldn't handle it my pussy lost control and began spasming, my fingers dug into his back.
"Oh my god" I yelled. I was cumming for the first time and I didn't have any stimulation.
"are you alright mom" josh asked
"oh... aw yes sweetie I just feel a little light headed and thought I was going to fall".
"Alright mom, well if your alright ill see you tomorrow"
"Bye sweetie".
The door slammed and he left. I had just came for the first time and it felt so good. I need to be fucked, I need my sons cock. I am going to seduce him.

I woke up the next morning. For the longest time in my life I wanted sex. I craved it, my aching pussy needed it and it was making no attempt to hide it. My pussy lips were puffy and sensitive. My clit stood at full attention, erect and hard. The memory of Josh masturbating instantly flooded my mind. I closed my eyes, oh my was he huge. The thought of his balls spanking my clit every time he shoved his huge donkey dick all the way up my cunt, the same cunt he came from, gave me an orgasmic rush through my body.

Moisture was collecting in my crotch. My pubic bush felt like early morning grass covered with dew. My whole life I was asleep and now... now I was awake, for the longest time in my life my body ached to be touched, my nipples ached for a gentle tug, my pussy ached to be filled as it tingled all the way down my slit. My nose craved the sent of man and the fragrance of sex.

"ugh" i moaned " OHH FUCKK!!" i screammed.

"shit shit shit!!!"

"Ughhh fucking shit, fuck me josh fuck me"
"aww aww, aww fuck josh hit me deep"
"ugh yes fuck I'm CCCCUUUMMMMIINNGGG!!!!"

I just laid there as eruption after eruption shot through my pussy.

"shit this is so fucking good!!!!" I screamed as my orgasm faded.

My body went from a violent wave of orgasm to a deep relaxation state as i slowly finished rubbing my clit.

I began to think about how I was going to seduce my son. I mean he was obviously horny and he had my panties, in fact he had my panties so far up his nose I don't know how he could breath, but he may have just wanted the smell of pussy well he fantasized about some slut in his grade, not my pussy.

I looked at my phone. I had a text from Josh. He said he would be home by noon. Shit, it was already eleven. I hopped in the shower to get all the morning sex smell off me.

I got out and dried off. I sprayed some fruity fragrance spray on me that smelled like delicious strawberries, next was makeup.

I looked at the clock, 11:55am. Just in time. I headed to the washing room which was just to the left of the front door. I stood with my back to the washroom doorway waiting in anticipation for my son to pop through the front door and see my bare ass, this was phase one of my seduction. My heart was pounding and I could feel the moisture in my cunt.

I heard the door nob twist. This is it I thought. The door opened and I put my head down in the drier as if I was searching for some clothing. My ass was straight up in the air facing the doorway. I heard him take a step in. My heart raced even more. I took a glance back and could see his shadow in the door way. He took another step and his face appeared in the doorway. He opened his mouth and then closed it before making a sound.

I stood up and turned around and looked up, then down, and then a quick double take as if I was surprised to see josh.

"oh my god josh im sorry, I didn't know you would be home this early, look away" I purposely made a poor attempt to cover myself and lets face it 32G's aren't very easy to cover anyway.

"OH! sorry mom" josh said.

"No sweetie it's my fault I just got out of the shower and all my clothes were in the dryer and I came down here to get them.

"I need to go up to my room sweetie, don't peak yet".

"I won't mom".

I grabbed my black thigh-highs and walked out of the room. I could see josh sneaking peaks and seen his cock growing in his pants which turned me on all the more.

I went up to my bedroom and my adrenaline was pumping. I just ran by my son nude. I put on a sleek black thong, thigh-highs and my bathrobe.

I checked myself in the mirror. I looked like a grade A slut. I went down into the kitchen where Josh was.

I could see Josh ogle me. Every move I made his eyes scanned me head to toe, boobs to ass.

"How bout I make you some lunch"

"ok thanks mom"

I went to the refrigerator and opened the door. I pretended to look on the bottom shelf. Josh's eyes were glued to me as my boobs were slightly coming out of my robe. I could see the bulge in Josh's pants growing. I finally came out of the refrigerator with a bowl of macaroni and reheated it. I got a fork and took the meal to Josh. As I placed the bowl on the table I purposely dropped the fork.

"oops" I said.

I was going for broke. I bent over to get the fork and leaned over so that my cleavage was right in his face.

The bulge in Josh's pants was enormous, I could see the outline of his think 9 inch cock. I got transfixed while looking at it and it was very obvious I was.

"I'm going to go upstairs and take care of some business".

I could tell I really had him going, his pants were twitching. I did a sexy slow walk away adjusting my robe. There was no doubt he was going to be outside my bedroom spying on me while I played with myself.

I walked into my bedroom. It had double doors and I closed each of them about 85% leaving about an 8 inch opening in the middle. I took off my robe and hopped on my bed. I soon heard foot steps come up the stairs and sure enough they stopped at my door. I closed my eyes and put my head back so Josh wouldn't worry about me seeing him. I began rubbing my right nipple. I pushed my tit up to my face and gave it a few licks. Chills went down my spine. I took a peak out of my eye and there was josh sitting outside my door jerking off.

His cock was as big as I'd remembered. Fuck did I want that cock in me, grinding up my love canal, tearing my sloppy wet cunt up. I let go of my tit and slip my hand into my thong shoving a finger up my pussy.

I arched my back "Ugh.. yess" I moaned, putting on a show for Josh. I then rubbed my clit from outside my thong, I figured Josh would be digging later for them anyway, he had never had cum stained ones.

"Oh yes, get it nice and wet". I heard him softly say.

I took another peak at Josh. He was furiously stroking his big throbbing cock now, the vein was bulging.
This made me so wet and horny I started calling out his name and in doing so his eyes shot open with a wild shock.

"yes, momma needs that nice big, thick cock of yours" I moaned.

"OH FUCK!!! YES I loves big fat cocks" I screamed with no regard for my volume.

I pumped my fingers in and out, in and out, in and out.

"Fuck yes fuck me deep and hard Josh".

I gave a peak at Josh and he had gotten less worried about getting caught and come more into view. I just kept going pretending not to see him.

"Shit Josh, hit the back of my cunt with that big dick"

The view of his massive cock in plain sight put me over the edge as I fingered away.

"oh yes....oh fuck yess...OH FUCK YESSS!!!! IIIMMMM CUMMMMMMINNNG"

I gave Josh a minute to escape as I came down from my orgasm. I got up and walked to the bathroom. I took off my thong, they were soaked in my cum. I threw them by the bedroom door. I turned on the shower and then went back and looked by the door. My thong was gone.

That night as Josh went to bed, he pulled out his moms thong and sniffed away, yet he didn't get carried away, he thought to himself, mom was actually wanting my cock.

I'm gonna wait till dad goes to work in the morning and get the real thing, no more sniffing panties. Thank god dad leaves for work at 5 in the morning.

Lets see, how can I make this interesting ? I know, I'll set up my video camera on her dresser then slowly turn on the light just enough using the dimmer switch.

I heard dad get up to take a shower and I was slowly stroking my cock, waiting for the moment he leaves for work.

As soon as I heard the front door close, I grabbed my camera.

My heart was racing a bit but not too much knowing that she was calling out my name yesterday and wishing she had my dick in her.

I quietly came through the double doors, I turned on the light just a little so I could set up the camera and get the right angle.

My mom was laying on her back with her left leg slightly spread and snoring away, perfect I thought. Except she had panties on, I didn't expect that.

I turned the dimmer switch just a little higher so there was just enough light, started the camera and pulled down my boxers. My 9 inch cock stood at attention knowing it was going to be pleasing someone.

I was a little nervous but said to myself, "this is it and if it goes well, there will be more".

From the base of the bed I crept up and grabbed her panties from each side and slowly, inch by inch and tug by tug as I went, they finally came off.

I was thinking to some degree this was wrong, yet she rather have my cock and have an orgasm, I guess thats why mom and dad don't do it, he can't satisfy her.

She had on a t-shirt and socks, too bad I couldn't see those great pair of tits she has, still....she looked hot.

I noticed that her underwear was a little damp, well anyway here goes.

Fully naked with a full blown hard-on, I slithered on the base of the bed, while kneeling I put my knees up as far as I could and thought it would be easier to lift her legs up by her ankles and I did so without disturbing her and slowly lifted
her legs up high and wide and as I did my knees followed suit. With both my hands holding her legs up, my cock was positioned just right.
I moved my body as if I was sticking out my ass just to have the head of my dick start it's course and as I did I could feel the bulb of my cock enter.

My cock finally was on it's destination as I slowly started moving it further into moms love patch.
I wasn't even half way in when I heard her moan loudly, she's up now, no turning back as I shoved my cock all the way to the hilt and as I did her back arched as she
screamed out; oh god uhhhhhhhh.........

Before she could fully awake or say a word to stop me I had my cock going in and out of her furiously, my balls were slapping her snatch like there was no tomorrow.

"Oh god...oh good god....oh yes....oh fuck yess...OH FUCK YESSS!!!! IIIMMMM CUMMMMMMINNNG" she screamed out.

Her moans turned me on so much that I wasn't thinking when I came in her, other than pulling out.

She soon caught her breath then went straight to the bathroom.

I wasn't sure whether I was in trouble or what but while she was gone I thought it would be a good time to get the camera out of the room and put my clothes on.

At the breakfast table she said; "You know, it's not exactly right what we did and I sure as hell hope you don't tell anyone, but for what it's worth........that felt damn good."

However Josh, what am I gonna do if I come up pregnant, At my age ?

There is only one solution. I said.

And whats that ?

Have sex with dad tonight, just tonight, he will think it's his, and in the mean time.....well.....if you cock is at your disposal, um...what do you think ?

It didn't take her long to think about it as she just smiled at me, then said; ok.

For sometime it went on with mom and I with dad as a fifth wheel, even though mom wouldn't let him ball her ever again except for that one night, poor bastard I thought.

After nine months had past I had got a baby sister named June, since she was born in June.

After school and sometimes in the morning mom would let me suck her tits because they seem to hurt most of the time.

Mom would dress only in her robe, panties and nursing brassiere. The flaps on each cup of the bra were open,exposing her heavy, swollen breasts. The nipples were bright red and engorged, and dripping with milk.

I was just in heaven, who could ask for a better mom then I have.

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