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Uncle loves his sweet pea
I was six the first time a man touched me. Back in those days society did not educate children about sex offenders, their “private parts” or the inappropriateness of being touched there by adults. I did not know it was wrong. I did not realize that I should tell. I do vividly remember the exact moment he thrust his index finger in my hairless virgin pussy for the first time, and that I liked it.

It was my uncle; my fathers younger brother. He was babysitting me while my parents were out. They were going to be out for a long night on the town. I was excited that my uncle was there because he always allowed me to stay up past my bedtime. I remember that I was lying on my tummy on the couch watching TV and he came to sit on the floor beside the couch, and slowly began to rub my legs, up to my ass, then my back and finally caressing my long blond hair. He told me to turn over; this was a trusted member of my family so I obeyed.

When I turned over on my back he rubbed my legs again. As he did this he told how pretty I was. That I was his favorite niece; that he enjoyed the times he gets to babysit me. Never before had he ever said anything like this to me, it made me feel special. He continues to rub my leg, a little higher this time. Tells me he has been thinking about me and how I am going to be such a beautiful woman. He grazes his fingers across my “private parts.” His hands were soft. He tells me how he wants to make me feel good, and to trust him and he will. He takes his index finger and slowly inserts it in my innocent cavern. At first I was a little shocked. No one has ever touched me there. But I did not know it was wrong.

When I do not object he reaches under my night gown and takes my underwear off. He continues to pull his finger out then push it back in and I am not sure what was happening, but it doesn’t hurt, it actually feels pretty good. He does this over and over again, faster and faster. As he does this his other hand is under my nightgown rubbing my chest, where one day I will have breasts; but at this point I have nothing but two pink nipples on the flesh over my rib cage. He leans his head down to kiss the top of my hairless pussy, and that did not feel right. For the first time I protested. He brings his lips to my cheeks and starts the sweet words again until I relax. Then he tells me to trust him, and he puts his lips back on my young pussy.

As I lay there I began to feel uncomfortable and wanted him to stop. I asked him if he would stop now, and he said no, he had so much to teach me. He then told me that I could tell if I wanted to; that my daddy knew what my uncle was doing, and it was OK with him. I was stunned; my daddy had never touched me like this. My uncle said if I did not listen to him that my daddy would spank me for misbehaving.

So I lay there as my uncle continues to rub my chest and put his fingers in my pussy. He picks up my tiny body and takes me to the bedroom. When he lays me on the bed he leans down and puts his mouth back on my pussy, but this time he makes me spread my legs and uses his fingers to open me up. He comments on how beautiful my pussy was and how he always wanted to fuck a little virgin girl. He leans his mouth in and begins to lick me, touching me in the areas that I pee from. He starts slow, then fast until my body has a tingle in it that I have never felt before.

When he was tired of licking me, he moved up to lay on top of me. He still has on his clothes and I remember thinking I was glad. His body is heavy on mine. He whispers in my ear, “You are such a pretty little girl. I want to be the first man who touches you, shows you what it is like to be a woman. Your too young now, but from now on I will begin to get you ready. Each time I am with you I will taste you, feel you, teach you to feel me until the day comes that I can take your virgin pussy for my pleasure.”

I did not know what this meant, and I have never heard the words pussy or virgin. I wasn’t afraid of him, or what he was doing. I thought this was normal; after all my daddy said it was ok. My uncle continues to rub on me, licking my nipples this time. “I can’t wait to take these nipples in my mouth when they are full grown breasts.”

He kisses his way down my tummy back to my pussy. He looks at me and says, “your smooth pussy is such a turn on. I am getting hard just looking at it, smelling it, tasting it.” Then he starts to lick on my pussy again. He raises his head after a few moments to tell me how sweet my juices taste. As he does this, he takes his finger and dips it in my pussy and then in my mouth, forcing my lips open and make me taste it.

“Mmmm. Good isn’t it sweet pea.” He says. Then he starts to lick me again. I can feel moisture between my legs and he looks up at me and smiles, “look here sweet pea, your little body is responding to me, you like this.”

He continues to finger me and lick on me for what seemed like hours, but since I had not learned to tell time yet I really did not know how long it had been. After a while he sits up and says he is giving me a break.

He stands up and takes off his pants. I had never seen a man naked before, and I turn my head. He grabs me by my cheeks and forces me to turn my head back. “Look at me sweet pea, this is what a man looks like. Get used to it, I am going to teach you how to please me. Until I can enter your pussy you will please me in other ways.” He takes my little hand and puts it over his cock. He puts his hand over mine and forces me to curl my fingers around his shaft. He guides my hands up and down over his cock and moans as it is happening. After several strokes he takes his hand away from mine but tells me not to stop.

“Your little hands feel so good sweet pea. You are making me so excited.” Afraid to stop, I continue on. Up and down, over and over again. He is not touching me now, just standing there as I touch him. After a few minutes he says, “Sweet pea, it would make me so happy if you would kiss me on my cock, like I did with your pussy.”

I looked up at him as if I could not believe what he was asking me to do. He gave me a look as if I were about to get into trouble. Afraid that my daddy would be mad, I leaned down and kissed the head of his cock. He snickered, the forced my head back down. “Open your mouth sweet pea.” As I opened my mouth he put the head of his cock in my little mouth. I still had all my baby teeth, yet a grown mans cock in my mouth. He moves just a little while holding my head still, forcing his cock in and out my mouth several time. I begin to get tears in my eyes. He stops and starts to hug me. “I didn’t hurt you did I sweet pea?” I shook my head and he says, “good girl. I do not want to hurt my sweet pea.”

He the lays down on the bed and pulls me on top of him. “I want to fee your naked body over mine sweet pea.” He pulls my nightgown off me and holds me to his check. “I love the way your hairless pussy feels against my body. I want to take you so bad, but you are not ready yet.” He grabs my ass, and starts rocking my body up and down against his. I can feel the friction between our skins. He is moaning loudly and I am still in shock, confused and afraid that I will get in trouble if he tells my daddy I was not listening to him.

He shifts, using one hand to continue the rocking motion and the other to begin stroking his own cock. “Watch me sweet pea, watch how I rub my cock. I want you to learn to do this to me. You want to make me happy don’t you sweet pea?” I just nod and turn my head so that I can see what he is doing. It did not take him long before he began to squirm and shake then cum squirted out the head of his cock.

After a few minutes he got up and cleaned himself off. After he put his clothes back on, he redressed me. Taking me back into the living room he lays me back on the couch. This time he sits on the couch and lays my head in his lap. He caresses my hair and tells me what a good girl I was tonight.

“I can’t wait until I can come over again and play with you some more.” Then he tells me to go on to sleep before my parents get home. He continues to stroke my hair until I drift off to sleep.

The next morning at breakfast my daddy tells me that my uncle said I was a good girl last night. He says he will get me the Barbie I have been wanting for being so good. Then he says that he and mommy have joined a bowling team, and my uncle would be keeping me every Thursday night.

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And that's the way you start training them. When they're young and can be easily manipulated. Sad but true.

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