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Possible finaly gets some "alone" time
When Kim has entered her room she takes two minutes to catch her breath. Suddenly she hears her mom “Hello? Anybody there? Kim are you home?” Kim rushes over to her closet and takes on a pair of jogging pants and a bit too small top. Just as she gets the top over her tits her mom opens the door to the room.
Ann: “Hey Kim! when did you get home? I didn’t know that you had come home yet.”
Kim: “Well… ehm… ye… I just had to to fix something when I came home so I had to rush up here”
Ann: “you didn’t even say hello Kimmy” her mother said with a question face.
Kim blushing a bit: “ye sorry mom, but later? I need to fix something and get to bed… can’t we talk more about it tomorrow?” Kim says as an excuse.
Ann: “Well ok Kimmy if that is what you want so ok, good night honey” studying Kim from top to toe with her eyes.
Kim: “good night mom” Kim says before lying down on her bed. Just then she realizes that her pants feel wet. As she looks down to check she can see how wet she really has become. She can see that a stain has formed between her legs and she suddenly realize that her mom maybe saw it, as she rushes to take of her pants.

In the mean while Jim and Tim heard their mom and sister talk and knew that they know had to make their plan happen. They log into their computer and connect it with Kim’s and activate the camera. What they see in front of them is their sister lying down on her bed naked from the waist and down. They can see how wet she is and that Kim clearly know it as she takes her right hand down to rub of some of the wetness.

Kim thinks about what has happened this day and how it all happened. She thinks of Brocks big cock and Toms cock and closes her eyes starting to rub more and more of her naked pussy. She also starts moaning a bit without realizing it. “ohh, yeahh, fuck yeahh, ahhh, HEY!” Kim says as she suddenly touch the red thread.

The twins are also seeing this and can’t believe that they are watching their sister masturbate and taping it. Jim notice that his dick starts growing in his pants and starts rubbing it slow, seeing that Tim is doing the same slowly.

Kim on the other hand has started to get into it and with one hand rubbing her clit and the other rubing her tits she moans louder “Ahh, Yeee, Fuck Yeee” She slowly pulls the top over her stomach and tits giving the best view to her brothers possible. She then takes her teddy bear lying next to her and starts rubbing his hand over her pussy “Ahh, Yeahh, That’s Right, Right There, Ahh” She then takes her finger around the red thread pulling out two vibrating eggs. She stretches over to the night stand and takes the remote turning them of. She can see that they are soaked and take them in her mouth before rolling over so she is lying on top off her teddy. With her nice big ass showing to the camera she starts humping up and down.

The twins on the other hand has finished their thing as both boys has cummed in their pants, both not telling the other one especially since Jim are a bit embarrassed about his cock. He has 4.5 inches while Tim has a 6 inches and being 11 years old they don’t know what is normal. As they are watching their sister’s naked ass humping up and down on the teddy bear they takes the time to zoom in on her pussy again. They can see it is dripping and how nice and bald it is. As they watch more they see more contractions coming and they hear more moaning from her. They even hear it down to themselves. Suddenly they hear her scream “YEEEE, FUCK YEEE, AHHHH, III, LOOOVVE YOOOUUU TTEEDDDYYY” and at the same time they can see some liquid being squirted out of her pussy and down on her bed. She continues doing that for some seconds before she just lay there quit.

Kim realize that she just had a huge orgasm as she lay there and thinks fast if somebody heard her. She suddenly jumps out of bed taking the eggs out of her mouth and hiding them under her bed with her other toys. She than pushes her teddy away and realize what a mess she made. She finds a new pair of panties and takes them on before she just has to lie down and try to sleep in the wet sheaths before her mom checks on her. As she lay down on the bed and close her eyes a mysterious red light from the window turns around and away from the bed.

Jim ant Tim in the meanwhile has saved the video on their computer and hacks into Kim’s school site just for the students. As they are in they select “new video” and find the video they want before pressing “post”

Tell me what you guys think, but i know i suck on grammar but i am from Scandinavia so sorry. But tell me what you think about the story line and that kind of things. If you really hate mye grammar then 1. dont read it 2. I make the story and you write it/correct it. I still got some ideas where i can tell more about Wade and his camera, Bonnie and the clothes from Kim, Brock and Toms film and prhotos, What Jim and Tim does about heir new knowledge (got an idea of they use their sister), what happens when/if Bonnie sees the video (got an idea of slaveing Kim)? Ron sees it? If Drakken and/or Shego finds it (got an idea of blackmailing Kim)? Tell me if you want me to continue and which one of this threads i should write about :)

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2013-04-17 01:23:03
make it continue but make sure it's detailed

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2012-11-06 03:51:08
Please more, rape Kim long and hard

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2012-10-27 16:02:39
I do, but with more detail if you can

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2012-10-16 19:01:35
I want to continue this story
I think it is very interesting

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so nobody wants this to continue?

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