Living in Hell by mr movie
male:46 location:Mountain View MO (incest-left out and forgotten-true story)

My girlfriend and I had gotten together 15 years ago. If I knew then what I know now, I would have stayed single.
Leann has a son from her x husband and he never liked me from the start, he figures that know one is good for his

I have tried to be nice, even gave him money when he asked me and even when he didn't, like when I bailed him out
of jail.
For the most part he doen't live with us anymore, enough said.

Leann is 12 years older than me, has long brown hair, a bit stocky but has a nice 38 bust.

For the last three years everytime I try to touch her she cringes away as if I had the plague, truth is, she is
discussded with me because I will no long help out her 30 some year old kid, and why should I ???
When hm and his girlfriend were living with us---the first 2 weeks were fine but then he started yelling about
anything and everything, tryed to run the household and everyone in it, "even his mom" and on top of that,
he demanded respect from everybody yet he never gave it.

Years ago, even though I was going out with Leann, my x wife came by one day, well this was before she was to be
my x wife. Well we wound up having sex, somehow Leann had found out about it and I guess that gave her son a reason,
any reason for that matter to hate me. God forbid, you do one wrong thing in her son eyes and your condemned for life.

Lets not mention the fact that Leann likes setting me up, like when she asks me a question, if I know the answer I tell
her, yet everytime she questions my answer, she never believes the answer I give her----then why ask if you don't
believe the answer I give you ? She may ask her son a question, and everytime, whatever he says, she believes him.
Hell, he could tell her the grass outside is blue and she would believe him.

I remember the time that she cut me off from sex, which is still to this day. Her son had just got out of prison and
was balling this girl in his bedroom, she walked by the door and under her breath, even though I heard her, she said;
"I wish that was me".
He left somewhere to go party, I was in the livingroom reading when I started hearing soft moans, she was in his room,
laying on his bed fingering herself with delight thinking her son was balling her, never mind about my needs or how I
may feel.

At some point I could not take it anymore and started seeing a girl in Davenport Iowa. In fact I lived with her for
3 months.

Durring that time I got to know the people next door.

From where my livingroom was, so was theirs, well one night I got up close to 4 in the morning and noticed that they
leave a light on in the livingroom where the mom and dad sleep, her daughter and son-in-law use the only bedroom.

Well anyway after using the restroom I noticed that at 4 in in the morning, "and this became every mornig at 4",
the son-in-law would sneak out of his room while his mother-in-law would sneak out of her bed, and he would be
balling her for an hour, every morning at 4 and yes, for an hour seven days a week.

I guess I didn't blame her, her husband was well overweight, so he surely never got any. She was thin and beautiful
and I thought to myself, "I wish I was the one balling her".

After three months of watching this and putting up with a girlfriend that rather be balled by someone with a bigger
dick than mine, well I went back to Leann. I figured her company, minus her son, was better in the long run, because
she was more practicle and that, and I just can't stand the fact of living alone.

However when I came back I noticed a picture she had on the computer that frankly kind of shocked me, It was a picture
of her son Anthony, posing in the doorway fully naked. I could see why she wanted a picture of him.
To her he was good looking and has a 9 inch dick, put me to shame.

Anthony and his girlfriend live in Houston MO and every three months she would visit her son the whole weekend while I
stayed at home.

Makes me wonder if he's giving her any ? Cuz I'm sure not.

Well, what can I say, I live in a small town, play video games all day and hope at some point to win the lottery.
I don't even talk to my sister but maybe once a year. I would like to visit her and see my niece I haven't seen
yet but I figured I would just be a bother, so I don't.
I guess the only real pleasure I have is reading sex stories from this site and getting myself worked up.

I know life is what you make of it but I'm not smart like my sister and even if I was, I looked at my dad as an
example of that, worked all his life and only lived five years to enjoy himself before he died.
To me, even though he had a house and car, just doesn't seem to me how to really live.

I had a dream one night that I didhave alot of money and that I was about to retire in two weeks.

I had bought a houseboat and the very day I retired, Leann had asked to go on a trip. I thought that was a pretty
good Idea at the time till she insisted that her son and girlfriend come along.

The boat had three bedrooms, one bathroom and a nice dinningroom.

Not only did her son come along but his girlfriend Edith and her mom Ruth.

Our room was the large one but her son decided to take that one, I guess he likes looking for any arguement he can
even in my dreams.

Anyway, Leann had her own room which was next to mine and Ruths was across the hall.

After getting underway, I went and brought everyone some drinks on deck and decided to lay down for a bit.

I went to my room, closed the door and layed down, I looked up at the air vent that lead to Leanns room and got up to
look, sure enough I could see into her room if I wanted to.

I found it strange but I noticed that my room had a bathroom, never noticed that when I bought it, also I noticed that
someone had cut some sort of square hole in the bedroom door that seemed to have hinges on it, I went to go look at the front side
but I couldn't even get out. I yelled and yelled but no one seemed to her me.

I just tired myself out and went to take my nap.

Later on I had woken up and my watch said it was 11:20 at night. I looked up through the vent into Leanns room and I had
called out to her to open my door because for some reason the door won't open.

She said she would check on it in the morning because she was too tired to do it now.

Unbelievable I thought.

Not ten minutes later did I hear her son going at it, and an hour and a half later his door opened and I was shocked to see
Ruth come out of his room with a big smile on her face walking down the hallway. She stopped by Leanns door and said; "ok
I'm done".

I looked through the vent and she was was putting on a pair of black high thighs, then slipped on a robe.
She walked though the door, so I went to my door hoping she would open my door but instead she walked down the hallway
to her sons room.

It didn't take me long to hear loud moans comming from his room and I kept on hearing them all night long,----Unbelievable.

In the morning she fed me breakfast through that slot in the door and told me not to worry, since she had access to our
bank account, "along with my retirement benefits", she was gonna live it up and get balled by a real man with a big treetrunk.

( note ) If someone would like me to write about a certain situation even in their own life, I could make
something of it----might make things interesting, ya never know. You may comment here or e-mail
me at

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2013-01-03 06:03:04
Some of your stories are great others are shit, find the difference and fix it

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2012-12-03 02:26:27
fucking lame story............ this guy is a real wimp.............. if this Leann was my weife I
d beat the living shit out of her and her sick son, cut his cock off and make her eat it then throw all those fuckers out on the street

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2012-10-14 01:13:29
this has been read 2209 times. has a rating of 28. you are the absolute worst writer and this was the absolute worst story i've ever read, although honestly I didn't make very far. let's just say I got disgusted (not discussded) with the horrible way this was done

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2012-10-12 12:02:16
is this your way of getting back at the world, they should force prisoners on death row to read this shit as extra punishment

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2012-10-12 04:01:03
terrible story............. you need to learn how to write properly

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