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This is not a continued part to Hidden Memories but a new story with the same characters, hope you enjoy.
Skyler An Sommer, loved the way the ocean breeze felt against her body, how it whipped her hair around as she ran down the beach near the water. She loved the way the beach smelled. Loved how the wet sand beneath her shoes sank a little with each foot step she took.

She looked at her ipod and noticed it was already six o’clock. The sun was already rising on the East side of the mountains. For the past two days the sun has been out early, not what she wanted. She loved running in the dark and finishing right before the sun rised. She still had another mile to go but was going to have to cut it short.

She turned around and started heading North where her car was parked. From a distance she could see the little shops opening up for the day. She wondered what things were like around here, to wake up and live right next to the beach. She never had that pleasure before now.

She was still getting used to this area. The few people she met were nice enough though. Although she liked being here, she was here for only one reason and that reason was Jose Soto.
That guy murdered the one person that meant the most to her, the only person who loved her for who she was, understood why she joined the Army, the only person Skyler had left in her life.

She was taking away from her almost a year ago, in four miserable days it was going to be a year since her sister took her last painful breath on earth. Her murder still walked freely among these civilians and it made her sick. The bastard never got caught; there wasn’t enough evidence to attach him to her sister’s murder.

But Skyler knew by poking her nose into files she wasn’t suppose to see, that he murdered her and she wasn’t the only one he murdered. He was a serial killer and he was living amongst these people and they didn’t even know it, but soon they would no longer have that problem. She promised her self and her sister that she would bring her justice whether the cops did it or she did it her self, and it looked like she was going to have to do it her self.

She knew how to get rid of a body, she was a trained killer and she knew how to tract people. She already found him living within forty minutes of where she just moved. She knew where he worked, how long he worked and where he went afterwards. For the past two weeks she’s been watching him and tracking his movements.

If you lived right next to him you would have thought he was your average hard working guy trying to make a living. You wouldn’t have thought he raped and strangled woman for just the fun of it.

From looking at the files Skyler peeked into, she found out what his preference was. Woman between twenty-one and twenty-four. Skinny frame, so they wouldn’t be able to put up a fight. He liked them with long dark brown hair, colored eyes not your usual plain brown. He usually picked them up in bars. Skyler was going to be his next perfect victim.

She was going to watch him a few more days and then set the bait. But before she could set her self up as bait she needed to go shopping. It was Tuesday so she had a couple of days to find a few good outfits.

She had a full day a head of her. After her run she had to go grocery shopping, grab a few things from her storage unit so her small house had a high tech alarm system. The neighborhood she lived in was decent but she wasn’t the type to let her guard down anytime, so she decided to put an alarm in her house. After taking care of her house she was going to track Soto’s moves.

All of a sudden her body was falling from being hit by hard impact. Then she felt warm hands grip her waist. She gripped arms that felt big and strong beneath her hands, to keep her self from falling.

She looked up and was speechless. A guy was trying to steady her. She was so involved with her thoughts and music she didn’t see the man running at her.

She could feel his warm hands against her hips as he gripped them and they felt wonderful there. All of a sudden she felt impact on her back and it knocked the wind out of her.

She focused her eyes and was staring up at light hazel eyes, there were some light streaks of brown in them but you barely noticed if you really looked at them. His dirty blond hair was cut short. His jaw line was well defined; luscious lips were slightly turned up at the corner. She was caged in by his body; he was prompted up on his hands, hovering right over her, his knee between her thighs, his other on the side of her thigh.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t see you,” his lips curving up into a full blown smile, revealing perfect white teeth.

Letting go of his strong bicep she touched her pounding forehead.

“I’m sorry did I hurt you bad?” his smile gone now as his forehead crinkled in concern.

God, even concerned he was cute. “Uh, no, I’m fine really, could you help me up,” she asked.

He got up off of her; her hand slipping from his strong arm and extended a hand to her. She grabbed it and he pulled her up to his chest. When she looked up her gaze met his hazel eyes. The way he looked at her, did something funny to her.

She cleared her throat and stepped to the side of him, she felt his gaze on her as she bent down to brush off the sand that clung to the back of her thighs and calves.

“Thanks for helping me up,” she tried saying it in a nice way and failed when it came out shaky.

All of a sudden he gripped her arm, she winced with slight pain, it was her bad arm.

“How’d you get this?” he asked as he rubbed his thumb over her wound.

“I’d appreciate it if you let go of my arm, it’s still quite sore.”

He immediately let go of her arm and said, “I’m sorry; I know what it must feel like.”
She stood straight and turned off her ipod to hear him more clearly. She looked at him from head to toe, he was defiantly military. He had broad shoulders, strong biceps that she felt, hard abs and lean hips, and all of that was coated with a layer of sweat. Looking at him was arousing her; she liked nothing more then sweaty attractive man. They just did something for her.

“You’re a SEAL.” She said matter of fact.

He kept his expression calm and cool as he regarded her. She ignored his stare and started to walk towards her car it was a short distance away.

“My last tour in Afghanistan I got shot twice, one in my arm the other in my leg.” She sighed.

She noticed he was walking right beside her, keeping up with her as she walked.

“I just got out three months ago and then I moved here to this beautiful place. It’s so much better then dirt and dry air.” She laughed.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” He laughed.

“So I was right?” she asked him then.

“Yes and no, I just got out, but you know what they say. You can take the man out of the navy but you can’t take the navy out of the man.”

“Yeah,” she laughed. “I’ve heard a saying similar to that.”

She stopped right in front of her car and turned to look up at him. Man he was tall, she only came up to his shoulders, he must be six foot something.

“I know I’m being to forward with this, but can I get your number?” he asked her with a shy smile appearing on his face.

“Nice try sailor,” she laughed. She turned towards her car and bent down by the tire, right above the tire her keys hid, she grabbed them and unlocked her door and opened it.

“Well, then I hope I see you running on the beach again,” he said. She turned around to face him and took a step back he was a lot closer then before, he had his hand on her door, she eased down on her seat and laughed. Did he ever hear of personal space?

“You just might sailor,” she teased.

“See you later then.” He gave her a warm smile and then closed her door and turned around to finish his run.

She watched him till she couldn’t watch him anymore; she started her car and eased out of the parking space. She wanted to see that man again but mostly likely wouldn’t. She wasn’t here to put down roots; so she had no business making ties to people. She was only here for one reason and that was the only reason that mattered while she was here, not some hot SEAL she just met. A hot SEAL who made her feel foreign things. She hasn’t felt like that since she was seventeen years old and even then it didn’t really feel like this, this was more heightened. This is why she had to ignore the SEAL.

The people at the grocery store were nice; the grocery boy even helped her to the car. She tried not to laugh at him; he was trying not to hyperventilate while he pushed the cart. The kid was adorable, probably still in high school.

“Are you ok?” she asked the kid then. She opened her trunk to her Honda Civic and looked at him; she immediately put her foot in front of the cart. She tried her best not to wince when the metal hit her ankle; she was going to have a black bruise there. Damn kid almost hit her car with the cart.

He looked up and looked horrified, he opened his mouth but nothing came out.

“Don’t worry about it, just pay attention to what you’re doing,” she told him as she started putting the groceries in her trunk.

“I’m sorry, here let me do it.”

He practically pushed her out of the way. She wanted to laugh; finally this damn kid had his head on right. She watched him put the rest of the groceries in her trunk. He was starting to get nervous again, she could see it in his body language, the way his shoulders changed.

“Why you so nervous?” she asked him suddenly.

He turned to her and gave her a ‘are you kidding me face’. She crossed her hands over her chest and arched her brow.

“Your gorgeous, that’s why.” He said it like it was a obvious thing to know. Well she didn’t expect that blunt answer.

“So that means act all nervous?” she arched her brow again.

“No, but, your not what I’m used to, high school girls, sure, but college girls. You don’t see them often over here; they usually stay near campus or down town.”


“What’s make you think I’m in college?”

This boy was intriguing to her. If this kid thought she was in college then that made her planning a little better.

“The way you’re dressed. The sun dress and flats give you an innocent look, but the glasses give off that your smart and probably a straight A student and how young you look.” he described her as he looked at her, shutting her trunk at the same time. Not so nervous after all are you?

She let out a little snicker, “You’re quite wrong, I’ve never been to college, never stepped foot on a campus or ever looked at brochures. I’ve served four years in the Army and I’m twenty-four. But thanks for the sweet complement.”

He looked stunned, “The Army? Really.” he looked her over again. “You don’t have any scars?”

“That’s the beauty of make-up sweetie. I have plenty but the fact that you can’t see any means I did a good job.” She’s never put on make up before but if the kid said he couldn’t see them then she did a damn good job. “You don’t see anything on my left arm?”

She watched as he study it. “No, why?”

“Because I got shot there a few months ago.” And for some reason it still hurt like a bitch. “Listen I got to get going, it was nice meeting you….”

“Josh,” he quickly extended his arm and she shook it. “Skyler,” she smiled.

“Skyler? I like it, it’s different.” He smiled as he let go of her hand. “See you around Sky.”

He turned around and started pushing the cart back towards the store. She was damn glad to because she had tears in her eyes. The only person who only ever called her Sky was Allison, her sister. It was her little nick name that she gave her, she came up with it when she was one, she couldn’t say Skyler so instead called her sky, so her mom said. She didn’t remember any of it she to was young. But ever since then that’s all Alli ever called her.

She quickly got in her car and pulled out of the parking spot and drove home. She could barely see out of her window, the glare from the sun going down made it impossible to see.

She turned down the street and pulled into her drive way. Her grass was looking kind of long; she was going to have to cut that this weekend. She quickly got out and made two trips with the groceries; those should hold her till Saturday.

Night time came quickly enough and soon she would be following a murder. He worked at a bank as a manager. The perfect cover, he would be a respectful person, make him self look loyal, she was pretty surprised he didn’t have a family.

She quickly made dinner and ate. She had a thirty-minute trip to make and she wanted to be home by midnight. Jose got off in an hour; he worked ten minutes closer to her direction making her trip a thirty and not forty minute drive, although she would eventually make the extra ten minute ride since she was going to follow him home. For someone who worked twelve hour shifts she had no idea how he manage to have another life.

After she cleaned the dishes she walked down the hall into her bedroom and went into her bathroom and took a hot shower. The hot water felt amazing running down her body. She grabbed her shampoo and washed her hair, running her fingers through it and massaging her scalp. After she conditioned it she twisted her hair so all the water came out and then wrapped it into a bun and clipped it. She grabbed her bottle of body soap; she looked at it and made a note of getting more soon.

Her vanilla soap smelt so good as she rubbed it on her body, she rubbed it over her aching breasts and moaned as her fingers made contact with her nipples. Her nipples were so sensitive right now, it was that damn man she ran into this morning, she’s been having nothing but fantasies since this morning.

She fantasized about him a dozen times, and her imagination was about to get the best of her.

She quickly rinsed and got out. She sighed as she patted her self dry; she was so sexually frustrated it was pissing her off. She wrapped the towel around her body and padded into her bedroom. She got dressed and pulled out her shoe box from above her head that laid on the shelf. She loaded her Beretta and slipped it inside her jeans against her lower back and grabbed her black leather jacket.

She put her alarm on right before she headed out the door. As she drove the thirty minute drive she considered all the possible ways to approach the scumb bag.

She could lore him out of a club, where he usually picked out his victims, or at least give him the signal that she’s interested. She could leave right before him and take the road he takes home and pretend her car broke down, it might make her look vulnerable making him think she’s an easy target. Or she could simply sneak inside his home while he was sleeping and blow his brains out. Either plan of action would end in death. She didn’t really care how she went about it as long as he paid for what he did to all those innocent woman, especially her sister.

Although the last plan, that would be a major clean up, something she didn’t really want to clean. So she would have to stick to the first two. She didn’t know if the guy would follow her home. In the report there wasn’t any evidence of that or witnesses saying they saw the man or his car near the victims houses at the time. But you never know, she always had a plan if things didn’t go as she expected, shit her plans had plans.

She pulled to the side and parked a block from the Starbucks he went to everyday after work. Maybe today she’d give him a glimpse. She grabbed the gun that sat on the seat next to her, she couldn’t really stick it behind her, her jacket reached her hips but you’d see the front end of the gun in her jeans.

She could put a gun holster on, she thought. She reached to open the glove department in front of the passenger’s seat and hoped her waist one was in there. She opened it up and saw it; she quickly strapped it on and slid her gun in it.

As she waited for the a car to pass, she noticed it was his car. She quickly got out and walked down the street to the Starbucks.

“Are you watching this?” Whitman said sounding amazed.

He was probably talking about the woman passing the car. They were on watch, waiting, parked to the side on the main street. As they watched Jose Soto walk into Starbucks, well he watched, he didn’t know what the fuck Dylan was doing.

He turned to look at him and wanted to roll his eyes, Dylan’s damn eyes were glued to the woman’s ass.

“Damn look at that body, those legs,” he sighed.

“I have a beautiful body waiting for me at home, waiting for this mission to be over. I don’t need to look else where. And I damn appreciate it if you would do your fucking job, I might actually get to see my wife within the next two weeks,” he growled. Bailey was waiting for him to get home, he hasn’t seen her in three weeks, this one was going to be the fourth and everyday seemed to drag, days seemed longer, hours seemed like forever.

“Someone’s mad that their not getting laid.” Dylan chuckled.

“Damn right I’m mad, I haven’t fucking had sex in three long fucking weeks, and I’m damn sure Bailey’s substituting me with her fucking vibrator.” Cody growled.

As the days went on, he was becoming madder; not having sex was getting to him. He was going from having sex three times sometimes four times a day, seven days a week, to nothing.

Their missions weren’t usually this long. They were prepped and then they went in. This mission was different though, far different from what they ever done. They were trying to find out about drug distributors and this guy they were following was the brother of the main guy in charged, Manuel Soto. In three weeks there was going to be a large distribute of cocaine and they had no names of where it was going, and they needed to get the guy before the deals went down. They were on limited time now.

He heard Dylan chuckle. “Why don’t you have her drive down?”

He could do that, ask her to drive down, why the fuck didn’t he think about that earlier? Oh, right, the kids.

“I don’t think she’d drive five hours with the kids in the car just to have sex,” damn did he wish though.

“You don’t know that, just ask her Cody, I’ll even watch your kids while you do the dirty with your wife.” Dylan murmured. His attention back on the woman as she approached the car again.

“Look at that beautiful long brown hair, that dainty looking body and those gorgeous honey colored eyes.” Dylan sounded mesmerized.

Cody wanted to laugh, Dylan never paid this much attention to any woman, half the time he never even knew their name as he fucked them.

“Hey, you might want to wipe the drool off your chin.”

“Shut up; how old do you think she is? Twenty-three or twenty-four?” Whitman asked.

This time Cody actually looked at the woman and cursed. Holy shit; she was the perfect woman Jose Soto would make a victim.

“Remember you’re married, with kids if I may add.” Dylan muttered under his breath. Cody barely heard him for his attention was solely on the woman just passing the car.

“I want your fucking focus on the damn car we’re watching,” he demanded as he quickly got out of the car and walked around the back. He was glad the street was well lit at night as he approached her.

He immediately saw her hand go into her leather jacket and pretended to scratch. Her jacket was slightly opened and he saw the butt end of the gun she was scratching around. Odd.

“Excuse me, I’m sorry but I was wondering what kind of drink your carrying, it looks quite delicious.” He tried to sound like he actually cared as he stared into her eyes, she gave him a skeptical look, he couldn’t blame her it was nine o’ clock at night and he could barely make out the drink in her hands.

Dylan wasn’t playing around when he said honey colored eyes but he wasn’t sure if they really were that color, how odd he’s never seen this eye color before, they were actually a tiny bit lighter then an actual honey color but quite close.

He watched her look him over and slide her hand out of her jacket and answered him, he thanked her and smiled as he got back into his car.

“Did the car leave?”

“No, not yet, I don’t know why? He’s putting himself off his regular routine,” Dylan said as he stared at the black Mercedes.

“That girl is the reason; she’s the perfect victim, his next victim.” Cody said frustrated. Damn, not what they fucking needed.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Whitman asked.

“She has brown long hair, with a little wave to it. Her eyes are an unusual color not plain brown. Her body is well toned I might say but she could be totally shy, which might give him the idea of her being an easy target despite her build, and she’s young I’m guessing twenty-three or four. The perfect girl or woman I guess, and she fucking went into Starbucks.” Cody murmured as he watched the black car. He was watching her that’s what he was doing; he’s already made up his mind. Fuck.

Out of no where his phone starts ringing, not bothering to look to see who it is.

“Morell,” he said as he answered it.

“Cody,” the woman moaned.

It was Bailey. God, she moaned so loud, Dylan probably heard it. Instantly he had a hard on, not what he wanted right now.

“Bailey, not right now,” he roughly said.

“Oh God, Cody,” She cried out.

He groaned, “Baby,” Fuck, he was ready to come in his jeans from just hearing her cry out. “Jesus, woman I don’t need to come in my jeans right now.” He growled. He took a deep breath and tried to control his voice the best he could, “I love you and I’ll call you in two hours.” And he hung up on her; he was going to get it later when he called her.

He cursed as he looked down at his pants; sure enough his freaking bulge was huge. He adjusted his jeans, it worked some what but it wasn’t going to get rid of his hard on. He would have to take care of that later.

Cody heard Dylan clear his throat, “Phone sex?” he asked amused.

Bastard was probably trying not to laugh at him. Dylan took his silence as a yes.

“Where are the kids?”

He looked at the clock on the dash board; it was nine o’clock, which meant the kids were sound asleep.

“Their sound asleep right now,” he murmured as he turned his attention back to the car. It was still there watching her; he looked in his rear view mirror and saw the woman barely getting into her car. She was on her phone laughing to who ever she was talking to.

Dylan snorted, “Asleep? I doubt it, not if Bailey is screaming like that.”

Cody narrowed his eyes on Dylan, fucking amused bastard. “Your not even there and she’s fucking loud, how loud does she actually get?”

“It’s none of your god damn business,” he bit out.

“Alright, alright, calm down,” he mused. “No need to get out of hand just because you’re not getting any.”

“Out of hand? Do your job; we need to report after we follow him home, I know I have something, do you?” Cody asked as he started the car.

“As a matter of fact I do, I don’t know if you noticed but she slipped a card into her pocket. I’m guessing a club or his business, I’m going with club which means we’re going clubbing this weekend.”

“Blake isn’t going to be happy with this; we were supposed to watch, he wasn’t supposed to pick out a new victim. You know he’s going to order protection for her.”

“We don’t know if he’s picked her out yet.” Dylan pointed out.

“Oh he’s picked her alright, he tailing her now.” Cody pulled out and turned the car around.

This woman didn’t know what was coming her way; this guy was a serial rapist, a guy who killed for the fun of it. And this young woman just made her self his next game without even knowing it.

Cody came to a slow as the light turned yellow, “How far do you think she lives?”

“I don’t know? She looked like the college type of girl. What do you think? No way has she worked full time, she’s probably one of those girls who lives off of their parents money.”

“I agree except I saw a Beretta in her leather jacket.”

“Beretta? You think she’s reserves?” Dylan asked.

“I don’t know? Anyone can buy a gun now days. Besides she’s a woman, most woman carry guns now because of the scumb bags that attack them, she probably doesn’t want to end up being a victim,” even though she was practically considered one now.

“Bailey carries,” Dylan pointed out as he wrote down the license plate.

“Bailey’s trained to kill; of course she carries, what military person doesn’t?”

“Former military,” Dylan pointed out as he opened up his lap top.

“Doesn’t matter I have three guns in our house and that’s not counting Bailey’s. I’m sure she has more then me, I’ve yet to find them though, she’s damn good at hiding them.”

“Point taken, I know how she is with her guns.” Dylan typed in the license.

“Find anything?” Cody honked his horn and veered to the right.

“Come on, you’re the best tailer we have and your going to let an old lady run you off the street.” Dylan laughed.

“Damn lady isn’t watching where she’s driving. How do you know she’s old you can’t even see into the car, its dark out, never mine answer my question.” Cody honked again and this time sped up and tried cutting off the lady only she moved into his lane again.

“Jesus man just cut off this lady. You can tail and run out a murder, someone shooting bullets at you and you’re letting this old lady control you.”

“Answer my damn question,” Cody muttered as he cut off the old lady and sped off, he dodged two cars coming at him from the side, hearing the tires screech. He hated driving at night, he was good but he hated it.

“Jesus are you trying to get us killed? I rather die going down with a fight and my gun in hand, not a car accident.”

Cody turned and gave him a dirty look.

“Ok, yeah I found something but you’re not going to like it,” Dylan murmured as he focused on his computer.

“Shoot,” Cody slowed as he came up two cars behind the black Mercedes.

“Hold that, how long have we been driving?” he asked as he pulled into a parking lot, he popped the trunk and got out to change their license plate, he wasn’t taking the chance just in case Soto saw it.

“Time Whitman,” he closed the door and pulled out of the parking lot and continued tailing the Mercedes.

“It’s actually been thirty minutes.”

“Thirty minutes? How far does she live?” Cody merged onto the free way.

“Can you hack into her GPS?” he asked as he turned on his own.

“Yes, if she has one in the car she stole.”

“What do you mean stole?” Cody concentrated on keeping tabs on her, she was driving awfully fast, I mean it was the free way but still this was a bit odd.

“I mean the car isn’t registered to her. The plates belong to a man that lives in Nevada, the plates aren’t Nevada, their Californian.”

“Something’s not right. The cars not hers, she came all the way over here more then an half hours drive and she’s carrying.”

“I agree, run her through the system.” Cody honked his horn again, damn teenage kids racing on the freeway.

“Today’s not your day for driving,” Dylan mused.

“Fuck you, I drive just fine its every body else, I don’t know how they got their licenses.” He muttered.

“How do you want me to run it?” Dylan asked.

“First get her coordinates, I’m sure her address is in there whether it’s her car or not.”

Cody heard him typing away and refocused his attention as she kept switching lanes, what was she doing?

“She lives in San Diego.”

“She’s almost forty from where we were? Something’s not right, run her through.” He sighed; Blake sure wasn’t going to like this, who was this woman? It seemed like she was running yet not running. She lives in San Diego, she drove all this way out and was carrying a gun and she went into Starbucks. It almost seemed like she went in there knowing what would happen.


“No,” Dylan murmured.

“Run her through the military one, maybe she’s in reserves or more.”

“Ok,” Dylan went back to typing.

“Cody there’s nothing.”

“That’s not possible. Are you checking it right?” He had to ask, he knew it would piss him off but this was serious, there had to be something on her, there was no way she could have erased her life, not with out knowing how.

“Yes,” he muttered. “I can’t find anything, we need to do a facial recognition, I know I’ll get something with that, the deion isn’t going to work.”

A picture, how the hell were they going to do that? “I guess we are going clubbing this weekend.”

“I need coordinates to her residence from a different direction.” He got off the free way and took a left.

“Turn around; here I’ll put it into your GPS.”

“Noah was in this area this morning; I didn’t know it was this far from where we were staying.” Cody thought that was odd. Why would he come all the way out here?

“Noah was over here? Why?” Dylan closed his lap top. “What’s up with your cousin anyways?”

“What do you mean?” Cody looked at him from the corner of his eye.

“This morning, I don’t know, something was off about him.”

Off? Huh, he was going to have to see that for himself. His cousin was never off, always following orders and was up tight and keep to himself, he only let his guard down around him not even around Blake. His cousin’s trust didn’t come easy, neither did his but he trusted Blake. Blake was his brother in-law, he more then trusted him.

“Of course you do,” Dylan said.

“What?” Cody asked, he didn’t say anything.

“Of course you trust Blake, how could you not?”
Had he said that out loud? “I was just thinking is all.” Cody parked the car down the street and waited for the woman to pull up.

“How is he with the girls?” Dylan asked as he propped his elbow against the side of the window and kept watch.

“Excellent, couldn’t ask for a better uncle.” He really couldn’t Blake babied them just like he did and Bailey hated that.

“I’m starting to believe my girls love him a bit more then me,” he laughed.

Dylan grunted, “I don’t think so, I’ve seen the way they look at you when you come home. They’re faces, the way they call you daddy.”

Cody sighed, then flipped down the visor and looked at the picture of Bailey and the girls. His chest tightening, he missed them.

“How are Danielle and Naomi doing in school now?”

“They’re fine now; Bailey told me they’ve made a few friends.” It took time for them to adjust, when they first brought them home they kept to themselves, they were very shy. He understood though, they were living with two new people, people they didn’t even know but in no time they opened up to him and Bailey and just barely started calling them mommy and daddy three months ago. He will never forget the look on Baileys face when they first called her mommy.

“You’ve gotten all quite on me now.”

Cody laughed, “I was just thinking about the time they started calling Bailey mommy instead of her name.”

“It must be nice for both of you, to have that.” Dylan sighed.

Cody looked at him and felt sad; he look saddened and Cody thought he might envy him. Dylan was still young though, he didn’t need to want this kind of life, sure he loved it, more then loved it but having a family of his own was enough of a responsibility for him. Dylan didn’t need that kind of responsibility at his age.

“The Honda is pulling up.”

Cody look and sure enough, she was pulling into her drive way. She quickly got out and headed towards her front door. A car was coming down the street, quite slow; Cody knew it was Jose Soto. The car passed and confirmed his thoughts, he was passing through or was he parking his car? He wasn’t that dumb, was he?

The car turned the corner, he didn’t want to start the car and he felt unsure of leaving the woman.

“We’re staying aren’t we?” Whitman sighed as he eased back his chair and settled.

“I’m afraid so, I can’t leave her. We’ll make contact in an hour with Blake and then I’ll take the first watch.”

“Ok, fine with me.” Dylan yawned.

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