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continuing story.....
The plot thickens...........

I know what we agreed to.
Then why do you insist on spoiling our chances.
You know why we first started this.
Yes, we are both attracted to the same thing.
When I first met you were only 11.
Don’t remind me, you raped me.
If I remember right you really enjoyed it.
I didn’t know that when you first ripped my swim suit off.
I didn’t rip it, I coaxed you out of it.
You forced me into the bushes behind the pool.
It wasn’t force, you could have screamed. They would have heard.
I had never been told how pretty I looked.
Still your swimsuit came off very easily.
Your showed me your dick.
I know you couldn’t take your eyes off of it.
I had never seen one before so close.
Remember I only asked you if you had ever touched one.
I was naked with a naked man what was I supposed to do.
You could have yelled but you didn’t.
It felt so warm and smooth.
And when I told you to kiss it you did.
You had your hand between my legs with a finger in my pussy.
Yes I did, but I didn’t take your virginity.
No you wanted to put your finger in my ass.
When I asked you didn’t object or fight.
I was 11 and you were pushing my mouth over your cock.
You smiled real pretty when I forced my finger in your ass.
I screamed because it hurt.
You screamed so loudly only I could hear you.
You were pushing me down on my hands a knees.
I didn’t make you arch your ass back at my cock.
You had your hand over my mouth and were pulling my hair.
You were so wet that I had no problem lubing your ass.
I screamed because you were raping me
You were screaming with your first slutty orgasm
Yes I am a slut.
Who’s slut?

Mommies Kiss woke me up. Here, she said and gave me three pills to swallow. Time to get up Samantha she said,
You can’t sleep the whole day away. The sun was shinning through the pink tinted window’s. Mommies sheer robe showed off her upturned breasts and her shaven vagina. I was instantly hard looking at her. Mommy pulled my blankets down and said. That looks painful with those tight panties on. She reached down and rubbed me through the panties. Now take off your panties and let me see your little dick, she said. I scrunched up and slid the panties down and my dick was sticking straight up. Now little girl, Mommy will help you again, only this time Mommy will have you cum in my mouth and then I will kiss you so I can share your cum with you. Why? Mommy I asked. Because girls must always be willing to share their cum, it will make your Daddy happy as that’s the way he wants it. Mommy started to bend over me and she opened her robe. Mommy, I said, how come I have a dick like daddy and not a vagina Like you? All Little girls start with Little dicks, Mommy said, and when the have their eleventh birthday, they get to have vaginas. Never have seen another naked little girl I accepted what mommy told me. She bent down and took my 3 inch dick into her mouth, she was licking it with her tongue and I felt so sensitive on my dick, I could not help moving my pelvis up and down. Mommy continued sucking and I felt like my toes were turning up, all she did was suck harder. So I enjoyed the feeling of shooting into her mouth, Mommy held me down until I stopped shooting and then she bent up and put her lips on mine. She pushed her tongue into my mouth and then I felt her push some of my cum into me. Yummy. She said doesn’t that taste good. Yes Mommy, I said, not as salty as daddies. I know Samantha you just a very sweet little girl. Now get up , go to the bathroom put on clean panties and a robe, and come down to breakfast, Mommy said. With that she turned closing her robe and went down stairs.

I quickly went and sat on the toilet relieving myself, wiped with tissue as I had been told, wondering why it was so hard to wipe the tip of my dick. I ran back into the bedroom pulled open my lingerie drawer, and found a blue panty, that had white lace on the waist and legs. I quickly pulled them up forgetting to tuck myself in the downward position, grabbed my robe and ran down stairs.

Mommy had breakfast on the table, as I went to sit down my robe opened. Samantha! She shouted, you have forgotten to get dressed properly. Come over here!, I walked around the table she gently pulled my panties down and tucked my dick into a downward position and pulled them back up, cautioning me that beautiful little girls must always be properly dressed. Yes Mommy I said.
Now today, she started, we have only a week before vacation. Hooray! I said. Shush….little girl, we will start today on your dancing lessons. Goody! I replied. Samantha you must learn not to interrupt. Daddy wants us to start dancing for him and today I will show you how. It will take practice and patience, but I know my little girl can do it. I have costumes for us to wear and I must sew yours after you try it on. She was so matter of fact that I didn’t know what to say. Would you like that? Mommy asked. Do I get a new dress? I asked? No this is a harem costume. It has a halter and pants, and we must put you hair in a pony tail. She explained. What’s a halter? I questioned. It’s like a bra only bigger in the back and only covers your breasts, and is open in the front, and it and the panty are made out of velvet. Then you will have silk leggings that will feel real nice on your beautiful legs. Now its time for me to clean up I want you to go watch a program I have set up on the computer. What’s the program about Mommy? It’s about manners, and how Harem girls should act when they are with their daddies, she said, Now you watch and I’ll clean up and then I’ll get our costumes. Yes Mommy, as she started the movie for me to watch. I didn’t know what happened but, it felt like I was waking up. Mommy was shaking me and saying, it’s time to try on your costume. I was still in my robe, but Mommy had her costume already on. Her halter top was very tight over her breasts. It fit like a second skin, It was open in the middle of her breasts held and together with a small gold chain. Her nipples were standing out over the top. Her stomach was bare and her velvet panties were cut so low that I could almost see the top of her slit. The legs were sheer silky material and billowed away from her skin, and fastened tight against her ankles. To me she looked like an angle with her hair tied back into a beautiful ponytail that bounced when she walked. She had a sheer veil that wrapped around her head and barely covered her nose. Samantha, Mommy said, would like to dress up like me? I could not wait to say, yes, yes, yes Mommy! Okay then. She said,

Lets get you naked and I’ll dress you just like Mommy. She gently helped me take off my robe, followed by my bra. When I went to take off my lacey blue panties she stopped me. Maybe, she said, we should leave those on, so that you won’t soil the velvet. She put a halter top on me, and fastened it with a chain in front, it was too loose. But their were straps in the back that adjusted it tight. The she had me put on the velvet panties, over mine, they also adjusted with a strap. Mommy said, when your breasts start to develop they will fill out the halter, and after your birthday we’ll make the pants fit better. Then she put sheer leggings on me just like hers. She walked me over to the mirror and I loved the way the costume made me look just like a little mommy. I then was shocked my hair was not long enough to be put in a ponytail! She saw the look on my face, and she patted me on the head, Samantha I know that your hair is to short, but we still have to wait for your natural hair to grow out, so I’ve bought you a new wig.

The new wig had a blonde ponytail and Mommy changed wigs, I looked just like her. Mommy then said, lets begin your dancing lessons. The first thing you have to do is push you hips out to the sides, first one side then the other. As she moved it looked so easy and natural. Now you try Samantha she said. I started to wiggle my hips and she just gave a little laugh. No No sweet girl, she said, not like a worm, move your hips only to the side and hold it for me. As I did she put her hands on my hips, and said now rotate your pelvis only in a circle. This went on for a long time as I learned to wiggle my ass and hips until I was pretty good, but nothing like Mommy. Daddy has to work late tonight, so he won’t be coming home, it is going to be just us girls. Now she said we can pretend to be two harem girls alone, we’ll eat dinner and mommy has a new surprise for you. We went into the kitchen Mommy gave me my two pills to swallow, and we had a nice salad for dinner. She gave me cocoa to drink, and I started having a real good feeling again, I was beginning to really look forward to the cocoa. Lets go in the living room and we can practice what you learned today, Okay sweet heart? She asked. Yes Mommy I’d really like to see you dance again, I said, you are so much better than me. Mommy looked down at my velvet panties, and asked, I your little dick getting hard again? All I could do is shake my head up and down.

She took me into the living room, and put on some music that had a strange sound to it, but I liked it, Now she said, lets practice our bumps and grinds. As we started dancing I could not take my eyes off of Mommies breasts as the nipples started getting harder and pushing out further over her costume. Soon she started taking off her halter top and I was transfixed as I watched her. She took off her leggings and panties as I watched. Once she was totally nude she took my hand and gently started to take off my costume, when I was naked she knelt down, took my hands and put them on her nipples. Mommy wants you to rub my tits she said. I was very happy to oblige, Mommy gave a little gasp, and moved my hands down to her stomach Would you like to feel Mommies pussy? She asked. I shook my head up and down. Go ahead sweet heart, as she laid back and parted her legs. I was so excited I was shaking.
I gently put one hand over her vagina, and it was almost hot! I started moving my hand side to side. Mommy giggled and put her hand on mine and she told me, Move it up and down like this as she showed me how to feel from the bottom of her slit to the top. Now Mommy wants you to kiss her pussy, do you want to do that?
I could not answer as I knelt down, she spread her legs wider, I leaned forward and gave it a quick kiss. Do it again she said, only this time after your kiss me, lick up and down with your tongue, then tell me how I taste. She put her hand on the back of my head, as I kissed her again, I started licking up and down and I was so in love with her body I didn’t stop. Mommy hips started moving kind of like when we were dancing only this time it was up and back. I looked up and she asked? How do I taste Samantha, she asked. Do I taste better than Daddy? Yes Mommy , I replied Mommies ready to cum, I’ve been horny all day just waiting to have you do this to Mommy. Keep licking she instructed, as she gently pushed my face into her pussy. As I started lick Mommy moaned and started bucking her hips, my tongue would have fallen out of her, except she held me tighter to her vagina. Soon Mommy eeked! as I felt Mommies liquids come out of her. She let go of my head and said, You will become Mommies best lover. Mommy stood up quite shakily, and said now its time for you to go to sleep my pretty little girl. We went upstairs and its almost being in a dream as she put panties and bra on me and tucked me into bed. She leaned down and kissed my lips, and said sweet dreams. As I closed my eyes I thought I was floating in heaven.

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i would also recommend deleting the prologue. /the rest is good.

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More please! This is absolutely fantastic!

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I am wondering just what the hell the prologue has to do with the story, bloody stupid attatchment to it.


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If you like harem she-boys, like this story, check out my story, Becoming Daddy's Little Princess.

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reminds me when i was young and my aunt dressed me as a girl and would masterbate me at bed time

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