Making Choices by mr movie
(true story-blackmail-incest-older female-coming of age)

My sister Bonnie and I were adopted because our parents were diabetic and couldn't have any children of their own.

Bonnie was 2 years older than me and we had gotten along great for the most part, she was always smarter and had
friends where I didn't but then agian, I really didn't care much for friends or school for that matter.

My mom Vivian was 12 years younger than my dad Bill, she was no beauty yet she wasn't ugly either. She has short
brown hair and her measurements are 44-35-39. Not bad I thought.
My dad on the other hand, has a ten inch dick that he can't even get up, it's a shame, especialy for mom.

Anyway the years rolled by till I was 15 and my mom at that time turned 50, yeah, I had older parents.

Since I was the first to go to bed, one night I just closed my bedroom door so they would think I was in there
sleeping but actually I went in my parents closet and waited.......when they finally came to bed, I couldn't
wait for my mom to undress, I was so horny it hurt.

I could only see so much because I didn't want the closet door opened too much for them to notice.

Mom had her blue see through nightgown already draped over the bed, I really wasn't paying much attention to my dad,
all he had to do was take his pants off.
Mom stood there taking off her slacks and blouse then sat down on the bed, she stuck out her chest, reached behind to
unhook her bra. "I couldn't wait".
For being a plain jane, my mom had a damn nice rack on her when that stupid bra came off. I was hard and needed some
release and started rubbing my 5 inch dick.
I noticed that my dad was just laying on his side waiting for her to get done and shut off the light.
I didn't see her tits for long, she had reached over and pulled over her nightgown then shut the lights off.
After an hour of waiting my eyes were now adjusted to the darkness.
After all of this time waiting, this was it.......? This really bits. I sneaked out of the closet and went to bed.

The morning came and I really didn't feel like standing out in the cold waiting for the school bus yet before the bus came
down the street I noticed my mom taking off in the car somewhere. So I decided to go back in the house.
Once inside I went down to the basement and turned the t.v. on, then I turned off the light so when my mom came back it
would seem normal as if I wasn't even there.
I found it strange because usually mom would say what she was doing that day, if she was going anywhere etc.
Anyway I was enjoying myself with watching t.v. and driking a soda when I heard the garage door open.
I turned the t.v. all the way down and waited.
I heard mom go upstairs for something then come back down about five minutes later.
There was a knock at the door and I wondered who that could be ?
The door to the basement was ajar so I slowly crept up the stairs to see whom mom was talking to in the kitchen ?
It was our family doctor.
I wondered what was wrong if anything so I just watched.
Mom had on a blue dress and had makeup on, which was not uncommon when they had people over.
The doctor had asked her to lift her skirt up, she was bent over the counter and was about to but went to the
livingroom for a quick second and put a small pillow on the counter, she leaned over the counter and lifted
up her skirt and spread her legs wide apart and when she did I noticed why she went to the store.
She had bought black thigh highs just for this one visit from the doctor ?
Anyway I have never thought that my mom would wear something like that, let alone look so good.
I did notice even though the doctor was in the way that she wasn't wearing any underwear.
Just the sight from those thigh highs she was wearing was turning me on.
Well the doctor said that there was nothing to worry about, then left.

That night when I went to bed, all I could think about was the sight of my mom pulling up her skirt with her legs spead. Those
thigh highs really accented her legs and ass. Also I thought, she probably hasn't been fucked since college, before she met dad.
I had to get some sleep so I could think about this some more.

I heard my sister get up for school, dad was already at work, he works from six to five. I woke myself up to go take a leak.

While I was getting dressed my sister was already gone, she was to eager to get to school to be with her friends.

It was then that it came to me.............

"Hey mom, could you come upstairs, there is something I want to talk to you about".

"You got to get ready for school".

"I'm not going to school today, so can you please come talk to me" ?

"What do you mean your not going to school" ? "are you sick" ? "You don't sound sick".

"Just come up and talk to me".

I heard her come up the stairs and my heart was some what racing but I said to myself that I've got to say this and pray it works.

"Well I'm here, whats so important that you couldn't tell me downstairs" ?

"You have a pretty well standing and respect in the community, being a substitute teacher as well as being on the board of
education, election judge, and belonging to a womans club".

"Yes, I know all this, what are you getting at" ?

"well as I see it, we both are in the same situation as far as being fustrated".

"fustrated" ?

"Yes, fustrated....I'm at that age mom where I need never get it".

"We are not having this conversation.....but when your father comes home we will".

"I don't think so, you know why" ?

"You want to bet on that mister" !

"Here is what I'm proposing, you will first call the school and tell them I'm sick today and we have sex....or if I have to, when
I get to school I will confide in one of my classmates that we did, and he tells someone and so on, get the picture".

"You wouldn't".

"Oh but I would, I could see alot of my classmates sitting around the dinner table waiting to blurt that rumor out....and it won't
matter if it was true or not and it would not matter whether some people believe it or will be out
wonder what your reputation and respect will be then". "Yes even though that might not be true....I'm sure your womans club
and the board of education would frown on rumors alone".

"I wish I had never adopted you.....bastard" ! ( she soon calmed down and took a moment )

"Can I think about it" ?

"Well you have enough time before you call in telling them I'm sick and won't be in today".

"Your sick alright but not the way school would think, wait....I've only got ten minutes".

"If you don't call then I guess I have my answer.....I'm not someone who bets but.....I'm sure you will and don't worry...this is
just between us, I won't tell anybody.....honest mom, and you can't very well look at this as incest because I was adopted...I'm
sure you would have more of a problem with it if it was right".

She just looked at me, then looked around. She thought to herself that this was wrong regardless whether I was adopted or not, but
somehow found herself in a corner, she took no joy in the conversation let alone the act if there was one, yet her body as a
woman answered for her, she looked at her son with discust yet at the same time her body was yearning for fulfillment.

"I'll be right back....I have a call to make".

success I thought. Now to put my plan into overdrive, just in case.

Mom came back in the room and said; "alright lets get this over with".

"Not so fast, first go take a shower then put on those black thigh highs of yours".

"Stop going through my drawers will you " ! she said as she left the room

I heard her mumbling as she opened and closed her drawer to retrieve her thigh highs. She soon went to the bathroom and as
soon as I heard the shower run, I raised out of my bed with the feeling of satisfaction. Now to get busy while she's in
the shower. I grabbed the video camera, went into moms room and set it on the other dresser, made sure that the angle
was just right, then as soon as I heard the shower stop I pressed the record button and went to my room waiting till mom
went to her room first.

After a few minutes mom came out in a robe and said; "I'll be just a minute".

I slowly crept up to her doorway as she sat on the bed putting on her thigh highs, I noticed she had her bra on, that will not do
I thought. She then got up and took her robe off and as she did she saw me in the doorway.

"Bra to".

"Your really pushing it mister" she said, then staired at me while she took it off. "Happy"

"very, you look beautiful".

She could not hide that small smile she made.

"If it helps you any, you can wear this" ?

"Whats that" ?

"I bought this at the mall, it's a sleeping mask some people wear at night".

"Oh, well yes, I guess that would help".

I threw off my t-shirt and boxers and stood there for a moment taking in her beauty. I soon moved forward, I got between her legs and
lifted them up slightly while spreading them, I soon found myself face to face with her hairy slit. I breathed in her aroma which started
to drive me wild. I looked up to see her huge breasts hang from each side, beautiful....just beautiful I thought, which
excited me more. While looking at those beautiful globes of wonder I drove my tongue right in that sexy slit and ate her out like
there was no tomorrow.

"Oh my god......Oh god....Oh god this feels so good uhhhhhh". she moaned

I moved my tongue up and down her slit, then did the same with her clit. Mom moaned away but it didn't take her long to cum.
My dick was not only hard but hungry, hungry for her lunchbox.
I brought myself to my knees, lifted and spread her legs as far and wide as they could go and stuck my pole in. Damn this feels good.
Mom wrapped her hands around my but as to get me moving to and fro.

"Oh fuck me, god fuck me". she pleaded

I don't know which was making me more excited---moms breasts giggling around, the way she made my cock feel or her moaning ?
After we got done, not two hours later. I wanted to do it again. and for some reason mom didn't complain, in fact she was in
the room before I was, wanting to do it doggy style.
I almost forgot about the video camera and quickly put it in my room. I came back and got right behind mom (har-on in hand)
and started fuckin her good. Moans of pleasure started filling the room. The way her breasts were swaying turned me on big time as
I soon picked up speed.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yes yes yes Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" she moaned which made me cum as well just
hearing her moan.

She did make me a promise afterwards that if I will stay and go to school till I graduate then she would let me make love to her.

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SO true. Only a dickhead can write this.

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So, how do you know your dad had a 10 inch dick if he couldn't get it up? Why don't you assholes stop bullshitting and write a true story?

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