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My first story,and its a true one based on some people i met out swinging recently
'So where are we going tonight?' asked Dave.'Perhaps we should decide once we have had a few drinks at the pub'Natalie his wife replied.'Ok,thats fine'said Dave
Natalie finished getting ready for what she hoped was going to be an exciting night,they usually were when she decided Dave was going to be cuckolded.Whilst he was a good lover and actually was all man,sometimes she liked to show him who was the boss and keep him on his toes
This was a regular thing for them-and they both got a kick out of it,although she suspected more her than him.She wore nothing except a long black coat,black holdup stockings and black high-heeled shoes,always a good look when doing what they did.After a quick slug of wine,she was ready to go.'OK,come on we're going'she said to Dave who was casually dressed in jeans,shirt and leather jacket.
They had been in the car only a few minutes when Natalie started masturbating herself as she thought about how many she would accommodate later as Dave looked on.Natalie liked to fuck(bareback only) or fellate as many men as possible in car parks or secluded areas while her husband sat in the car.He wasnt allowed to touch her or do anything except watch,sometimes he even went to sleep while she got her pleasure,he would get his reward later back at home.
They pulled in to the carpark of a local pub where they usually had a couple of drinks first and either arranged to meet other men there or at a mutually agreed place.Dave of course wasnt allowed any alcohol as he was the driver and anyway this was for her pleasure,not his.
Natalie always got turned on at the knowledge that she was naked except for stockings under her long coat.'If only the men in this pub knew what i had on underneath,they would all be wanking'she thought.After about an hour,Natalie decided that they would just go to a local dogging spot and see who was about.
It was around 11.30 pm when they got there and there were a few other cars around,some they had seen before,others they had not,so they drove to a corner nearest the trees and parked up.Again,Natalie had started to frig herself while telling Dave how many men she wanted tonight.'Ok',he said.She stepped out of the car and undid the buttons of her coat so that anyone around could see how she was dressed.She stood for a minute or 2,then got back in the car and laid across the 2 front seat,her head in Daves lap,her legs apart and fingers in her pussy.'Now you watch,and dont move or say a word'
It was only a very short time before a man approached the car and saw her stretched out across the front seats playing with herself.He bent down as if to play with her pussy but she said to him'i just want you to fuck me,right here,right now,and bareback'
The man was taken aback but couldnt believe his luck when this apparently sexy lady was offering him a shag right in front of her husband who just sat staring straight ahead.'Dont worry about him,he needs showing how to fuck'Natalie said.So,the man,without thinking about the consequences,went ahead and got on with fucking her with no condom.She said'oh come on,show him how to do it,hes only got a small cock and cant'The stranger thrust deeper and harder into her while she told Dave how it felt.'Ooh,this is fantastic,he feels so big inside my wet pussy'she was saying,and all the while Dave said nothing but just sat watching.Well you can guess by this time,a small crowd had gathered round the car as they had all heard Natalies moans,and most of them had their own cocks out ready to play.Within a few minutes the first man had cum inside her and withdrew to let the next man in.Natalie said'Dave,this bloke just shot inside me and its great,and now the next one is going to do the same'.Again Dave said nothing.The next guy obviosuly knew her as he didnt attempt to use anything and just went straight in thrusting hard and fast.'Hey Dave'he said.'Im fucking your wife and im gonna cum inside her too'.Natalie was moaning in pleasure as the guy gave her a proper seeing to and like the first man,didnt take long before he came inside her.
By now there were about 5 other men and one lady standing watching what was going on.The lady whispered to one of the watchers,'doesn't she use condoms?''No'said the guy,'she insists on bareback and with as many as possible,she loves it'.The lady was horrified as one of the waiting men was her husband.'Well he aint fucking going anywhere near her the dirty bitch'she said and pulled her husband away while telling him what the guy had just said.Natalie was now on number 3,again bareback and still Dave was just sat in the car saying nothing.The car was rocking with the motion of his wife and stranger number 3 fucking right there in front of him.'Is your husband some sort of mug then?' said the guy with her.'No.he just does as he's told'she said
Another couple had wandered over to the car to see who it was and what was going on.'Oh its only Natalie'said the female,'come away from her'.It was apparent that Natalie was well-known and in some caes not well-liked around there.It was obviously the lack of condoms she insisted on.After all,if you are into anonymous sex with strangers,you would usually choose to play safe as you dont know who they have been with before you,so you use common-sense,not her.Bareback.With as many as possible.
After about 40 minutes,Natalie had been fucked by 5 different men and there were still another 3 waiting.And still Dave sat in silence while she told the men how pathetic his cock was and how he never made her cum which is why she had to do this because he was so inadequte.
One of the waiting men realised what he would be sticking his cock into after the others had already been there and walked away thinking what a mistake that would have been.After about an hour,the rest of the other waiting men had all had sex with her,9 in total,all bareback.'Oh Dave,what a treat you'll be getting later'she said.'A nice cream-pie for you for being a good boy and being so quiet while all the big cocks fucked my pussy'Dave simply replied'thank you....'

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