The virgin sister with a taken gay brother can't take her abstinence anymore, but luck gets on her side!
I cannot believe my brother! Not only is he gay, but he’s got only the fittest guy in the school as his boyfriend!
OK, I admit it, I have had to rub myself at the thought of possibly the two fittest guys I’ve ever seen having sex with each other. I just wish I could join in!

Yeah, so introductions: I’m Jasmine Parker and I’m 18. 2 years older than my brother...and his boyfriend. I know it’s slightly incest but my brother is really cute! He plays football almost every day and he’s got the most amazing flowing blonde hair! I’ve also heard he may be quite big down there so...

His boyfriend, Jake Richards, is the fittest guy I’ve ever seen. Sure he’s 2 years younger than me, but he could pass for a 20 year old! Works out every day, regardless; meaning he’s way musclier than my brother. He’s also pretty smart for his age. Once when he came round he absolutely thrashed everyone at Trivial Pursuit. It’s just not fair that he’s gay or I would have had him like a shot! It’s even less fair their all over each other, even in public and I’ve never so much as had one kiss in my life!

Oh yeah, I’m a virgin; which apparently some people find hard to believe. I’m what they call one of the “fitter” ones. That I guess they mean as that I’m blonde and do a bit of running.

Shall I tell you this? Ah go on then, it’s not like you’ll tell anyone! I did once hear the two of them having sex with each other. Long story, but basically I got home late and...I decided to stay up to listen to the late night show! It sounded fucking hot though! Jake was such a loud groaner and my brother has the most hideous case of pottymouth! I came so much that night listening.

Of course just because I’m a virgin doesn’t mean I like it. I mean I have tried! But there aren’t really any other people worth it at my school. Once when I first became sexually active as it were, I did try to convince my brother to let me see his dick. He hadn’t reached that point yet so refused. But I bet ironically that’s what turned him... So I’ve had nothing, zilch, all the way through my life. And it’s got to that point where it’s really starting to annoy me...

It really started to piss me off when my two best friends had sex right in front of my eyes at a party. It was completely random too! I only turned my back to get some drinks and when I get back they’re up against the wall like animals! It seriously turned me on though, just a shame I never found anyone at that party.

So the other day, it got to the point where I thought: ‘Fuck it, get screwed this week or you can give up on guys completely’. And that’s drastic, as the thought of licking another girl’s clit was never really appealing to me.

It surely couldn’t have been that hard anyway! There was quite literally a huge queue of boys waiting to get off with me! I only wish I felt the same way about half of them. So I asked one of my slag friends who I swear has had everyone’s cock in her. She gave her recommendations on who was the better fuck and I tried getting off with one of them. It never worked, I tried three guys and they all just kept doing it wrong!

It was Thursday where I got lucky though. But not in the way I would ever have thought happened.

It was in the evening when it all kicked off. Parents were out, again. And it was just us three in the house. Now what with them being very open and all, they didn’t seem to care I was just across the landing, listening intently. And sure enough I got 35 minutes of the amazing sound of my slutty brother screaming like hell. He really seemed to enjoy Jake’s cock! Although probably not as much as I was enjoying the sound... I had to control my screams as I was deeply fingering myself, but I was used to it!

Amazingly I didn’t cum once they’d stopped. I just kept going, well after the voices had died down. Then I got to listen to an intriguing dialogue:
“I’m sorry babe; I’ve got to go to football now”
“Oh shit, must you? I was really enjoying it!”
“I know, I’m sorry; I’ll make it up to you when I get back!”
“Ooh, now I’ll look forward to that! Can I use the...”
“Yes you can! Don’t you go getting soft while I’m gone?”
“Trust me, I won’t!”

This was then followed by a couple of kisses then the sound of a pair of footsteps downstairs. Damn I’d missed them, another night of arousing myself then. I was too busy visualizing what just happened to hear footsteps coming back up again. I was lucky to get my skirt back down before Jake’s head popped round the corner.

“Erm, Jasmine?”
“Oh...hi Jake didn’t see you there!”
“Are you busy at all?”
“No I guess not. Why?”
“Well I was just wondering if you could do me a favour...”
“Erm, go on then”
“Well you see...I have often wondered...
“It’s kinda hard to explain...”
“But, you see”
“Oh for God’s sake spit it out Jake!”
“Can I fuck you?”
I really couldn’t believe my ears. “You know, I just wanted to try it, see what it was like with a girl...” I couldn’t believe my luck. “Obviously you’ll have to show me what to do, but to be honest...I do quite...fancy you a bit...” I couldn’t believe it. But no Jasmine, don’t make it sound desperate.

“Well I dunno, it might hurt my brother’s feelings...”
“It’s just this once...”
“OK! Get your clothes off and we’ll get to it!”
I wondered why he bothered dressing back up again. In fact there were lots of questions on my mind as I tore all my clothes off. But I didn’t care now, all that mattered was I was about to get the fuck of my dreams! Thank God for his curiosity was all I could think of!

I’d see him topless before, but never completely nude. The cock he had on him was massive! And literally every bone in his body was coated in a huge bulging muscle. He was equally as amazed with my body too. His eyes kept shifting from my boobs to my wet pussy. He didn’t know where to start the hot jock!

“Wow, you really do like me then...”
“Well he did say I needed to keep hard. And besides you really do have a nice body...for a girl...” his grin slightly faded to a blush. He couldn’t quite believe what he just said.
“Why thanks! You have a hot body yourself you hot stud!”

He perked up at this compliment. His huge 10 incher twitched as precum escaped. I took it with my hand and it felt absolutely amazing. The sheer size of it was dazzling, and he was only 16! “Fuck, you could make a guy in my year jealous with this hot pecker...”
“Suck it...” he gasped and thrust his crotch right where I was lying. “I’ve heard girls are such hot suckers, and I bet your filthy mouth can make any guy cum!”

“Ooh, you want it so bad you horny cock-lover!” So I pulled back the skin to reveal a fat pink head. Jake starting shaking with excitement; he’d never had it with a girl before and he couldn’t wait any longer. I tickled his hairy balls whilst pounding my face madly against his cock. I went straight in at the fast pace, like I knew the horny bitch could take it! The taste was mind-blowing; he was spewing out so much precum I was that good! Feeling my tight cheeks getting stretched by his monster cock such made me want to go faster!
However much I enjoyed it, Jake loved it way more. Right from the off he screamed. I’d never heard his groans without them being behind walls, and they just made me horny hearing them thanks to me! “Shit you have a hot fucking mouth, you really are a hot cock-loving...oh FUCK!”

I just wanted to try everything at once. I kept changing from sucking his shaft to licking his head to eating his balls. He seemed to like all of them just as much. Was I really as good as my cute brother? I tried not to let it bother me; I just wanted to taste more of his hot dripping cock!

“Right, you’ve fucking had enough you greedy slut!” he then snapped out. “I’m gonna explore your amazing body and you’re going to fucking scream for me! Look what you’re doing you me! You’re turning me you filthy bitch! YOU’RE SO FUCKING HOT!”

With that he pounced on the bed, knees wide open and cock poised ready to strike. Seeing him bend over me like this made my pussy drip, and I had to resist fingering myself again. Oh my God, could I really be turning such a hot gay guy? My brother would kill me! But shit I want him so bad; I want him to fuck me now!
Jake started by kissing against my rock hard nipples. “Oh you like my tits huh? Yeah their pretty fucking big, aren’t they?”

“They’re making me feel so horny they’re that good! Holy crap you’re hot...” He worked his way slowly down, licking hard against my torso before finally reaching my bare pussy.

“Now this is the best bit! You think my brother’s ass is good? Go have yourself a lick at tha...OH SHIT!” He wasn’t as gentle as he was with his kisses before. He just pulled my cunt lips wide open and rammed his tongue straight in! I never thought of it as being so sensitive either. I felt it wriggle round like crazy; he seriously loved every second of this! “Ah huh, ooh yeah you like that don’t you? You like that better than my brother’s ass?”

“Shut it you horny slut! I’m licking you off, and I love every second of it!” He went deeper and deeper into my sweet slit. I started playing with my breasts, in an attempt to stop myself wriggling around so much. I was getting so horny I almost came with his mouth up my cunt! Thank God he stopped before I went too far! “Right now Jasmine, I’m gonna fuck you so hard! You need punishing; you’re so hot you’ve got me hornier than your brother ever has! You see this? It’s going all the way in! You’d like that you horny bitch!”
“Oh shit I would! Fuck me now! Fuck me like you’ve never fucked Jake!” With one swift plunge, his cock was driven straight into my gaping pussy. “OH SHIT!! OH YEAH, DO IT AGAIN, YOU FAT COCKED FUCKER!!” So he did, again and again and again. My mind was spinning, it felt that good. I was having 10 inches of meat being forced right into me. I’d never felt so alive! As for Jake, he really was the horny fucker I’d dreamed of! I lurched with each of his strong pounds. My pussy felt on fire as he got faster and faster. I just hoped he loved it as much as I was.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK! You’re pussy is so wet and tight. This feels way better than your brother’s ass! Shit, look what you’ve done to me! I’m going to blow one hot fucking load right up you!”
“SHIT! Oh let me go on top Jake, please! I wanna bounce from your meat! You’ll get to see my pussy get pounded by your juicy dick!” So we quickly flicked over so that Jake was now on my bed with me facing him. He seemed mesmerized to see my pussy get completely battered by his prick. He moved his fingers so he was now fingering me at the same time! I was amazed this was his first time with a girl; he managed to make me feel so turned on with everything he did!

This was it; I was heading for my first orgasm. And it was going to be a massive one. I forced the walls of my pussy to swallow up his massive cock, squeezing it till the pottymouth got harder and louder
“I’M GONNA...”

And we both sprayed each other with our loads, screaming in ecstatic agony. We were in a flood of a mixture of white. And I flopped onto his amazing body once he’d lost his erection.

“That...was...amazing...” was all I could manage between gasps. “Do you...really...think I’ve...turned you?” It was at that point we heard the door go. Jake shot up to go for the bedroom door. We were both so caught up in the amazement of the moment, we’d lost track of the time! My brother’s football session has been and gone! Once at the door, Jake turned back to me and said:

“Looks like another job for Mr. Cock-Lover!”
“Oh shit you’re hot! 3 times in one night?”
“I’ve been longer...”
“Shit! God you’re a hot fucker!”
“And so are you?”
“Can we please do it again?”
“We’ll see!”
“Oh please? I’m not doing anything tomorrow night!”
“Look I’ve gotta go!”
“Go on then, put on a show for me!”
“I will!”
“Think of me fingering myself again!”
“Of course...” And he disappeared behind the door.

And that was just the beginning!
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