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This is the second Part of my story about me and my sister’s sexual encounters.

A couple of days went by before me and my sister talked about what happened. She said that I made her feel so good and that she wanted to feel that again. I told her that we had to wait till we were home alone to do it again. I also told that she could not tell anyone about what we were doing because most people would think that we were weird and would become outcast. She swore that she wouldn’t tell anyone; I told her that we were going to do what we did and more next time. She said more? In my head I had it planned, she was going to have the time of her life the next time we were alone. That chance didn’t come for a couple of days.

It was a Friday and school had been canceled due to a snow day. We were both up a 6 like any normal school day. My sister and I were watching TV in the living room waiting for my parents to leave for work. They normally left at 7 but they had to leave earlier due to the weather. As soon as my parents left my sister looked at me and smiled. She knew that we were going to have a lot of fun that day, and boy did we ever.
My sister said that she was going to go upstairs, and to meet her up there in five minutes. As she walked away all that I could think was how I was going to make her scream as I fucked the shit out of her. So five minutes later I walked up to my sister’s room and opened the door. She was lying there in her bra and panties. As I walked to her bed my eyes fell upon the wet spot on her panties. I asked her if she was excited and she said that she’d been fantasizing about it at night. That she’d been rubbing her pussy till she came at night thinking about the other day. I just smiled as I laid down on top of her. I gently kissed her rosy red lips. Then I started to kiss her neck, then I made my way to her bra. I slowly removed it and started licking her nipples. Her nipples started getting hard and I began to suck on them.

Then I decided that I was going to titty fuck her. So I took off my boxers, and place my dick between her busty chest. She pushed her boobs together as I started to thrust. Every time that I thrusted she would lick the tip of my dick. Man did that feel so good. I knew that she was getting anxious by the way she started licking harder and harder. So then I told her to get up and put her head between my legs, and to put her ass in my face. I told her that this was one of my favorite positions, and it was called 69. She started sucking my dick while I ate her out. Her pussy was so moist that her juices were dripping in to my mouth. I began to try to loosen her tight pussy with my pinky. She was so tight that I could barely get it in. every time that I put it in it felt like her pussy was swallowing it. With my other hand I reached up and found her asshole. I slowly inserted my middle finger; as I did she started to squirm a little. Her asshole was looser than he pussy. We pretty much came at the same time. I blew my load right in her mouth; she sucked every last drop out of the tip of my dick. Likewise I sucked up all of her pussy juice then licked her butthole. This gave her the chills. Now it was time to fuck her.

I got up, pulled her to the edge of my bed, then I slapped her pussy hard with my rock hard dick. My dick has thicker and harder than it ever was in the past. I slowly pushed the tip of it in her then quickly pulled out. I was teasing her young tight pussy. At this point she was so ready to fuck me she couldn’t stand me teasing her anymore. She said just stick it in me already, and that’s all I needed to hear. I slowly pushed passed her swollen pussy lips into the pure heat of her pussy. OMG she was moaning and whimpering that it hurt, but I continued to fuck her. As I continued I pumped harder and harder. My dick was bottoming out in her almost every time I went deep in her. She was just lying there taking it. It was like she was engulfed in both pleasure and pain because she was moaning and making funny faces as I went deep. I fucked her like this for almost 15 minutes before I decide that I wanted to fuck her ass.

As I flipped her over she asked me what I was doing, I said im gonna finish in your ass. She told me she didn’t want to do anal but I did and that was going to happen either way. So I pushed my cock in her ass as she began screaming that she couldn’t take it but I just ignored her please for me to stop. I was about to cum and didn’t want to stop so I continued until I blew my giant load in her ass. As I pulled out the cum poured out of it like a fucking river. We just laid there for about 10 minutes, then she slowly got up and said thanks and walked out. Later that day she couldn’t even walk because that’s how hard I fucked her. These type of activities continued for about 6 months then something happened that changed our lives forever.

Find out what happen in the next story.
this is just because i need more god damn charaxcters to publishs ths shit...

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2012-10-16 12:45:26
True hurse crap written by a10 yearold listening to an older brother.

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2012-10-16 00:41:56
Write some true stories

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2012-10-14 16:24:23
i thought it was good. write some more.

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2012-10-13 02:42:34
yet another pile of infantile illiterate shit

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