Nasty young teen blackmails teacher and becomes her mistress!
3:15 PM, I was still in my classroom. Usually I would have either left or graded papers, but I had a bad feeling and couldn't concentrate. So why not leave? Shanda Taylor. A student new to the school had requested a meeting. I had just finished discussing the current class assignment when she asked, so I originally presumed she simply wanted to know if she had to do it. I teach English at Buck Berry High School. The class she was in of mine, specifically, was Creative Writing. She had moved to the school halfway between the due date and the date it was assigned. The large brown envelope she handed me at the time confused me, but it had written plainly on the top "Open after class".

I thought maybe she had heard of the assignment before moving, and so already had a rough draft. Impressive if true. I really had no way of knowing what was in it until after I opened it. She had approached within the last ten minutes of class so I asked if she'd like to discuss it, but she said she'd prefer talking about it after school.

She said nothing else. Shanda was an odd girl, though. She dressed in mostly black, even used black lipstick and nail polish. She reminded me a girl whose style was Goth-lite, since Goth was no longer prevalent in this school school. Also Shanda wasn’t standoffish, she seemed very friendly. I'd even say she reminded me of myself when I was fifteen aside her favored color. Mine was pink.

So why the bad feeling, then? I respect my students until they give me reason to stop, so I did wait until after class to open the envelope. The last student wasn't quite out the door and into the throng of students when I took out the top page of the contents. I suppose I gasped, since that last boy turned to me and asked if something was wrong. Immediately, I pulled the photo close to me and shook my head to dismiss his worry. He looked at me for a moment, but I was sure he hadn't seen the photo, so when he left I placed the photo back in the envelope and placed it in my top drawer which was, in turn, promptly locked.

Shanda was in my fourth period, the one after lunch. That next period I couldn't get the image out of my mind. I tried to focus on the lesson, but I simply couldn't. Flashes of Katelyn Saunders and I stopped me cold. My legs, still in their white stockings, scissoring hers ; my blouse was open and my bra undone, my C cup breasts pressed against her firm, bare breasts. We were doing more than kissing in that picture, it was obvious. Her jeans on the floor, her grinding her pussy into mine, me sitting on the spread open on my desk, her weight on me, flexing her lovely ass to pleasure my pussy. Ten minutes into the lecture, I told my students I was getting an awful headache. I took some Tylenol and gave them the rest of the period to work on their assignment.

It wasn't a lie, after all. This meant more than someone somehow acquiring sexy pictures of me. Katelyn was only seventeen and was no doubt the hottest senior in the school. Much more was at stake than my privacy. I could lose my job. No, more than that, I could go to prison for some years and lose the chance to ever teach again. I was only 25, I couldn't let that happen!

I knew it was a mistake when it happened. I knew I shouldn't have done it, and I knew I'd regret it. I knew the consequences, but I had thought I had gotten away with my three month love affair with Katelyn. Lately, I'd think about this terrible secret with warm feelings of several varieties, and perhaps a long lovely bath where I was free to stroke myself to several cunt- crunching orgasms. That always took place at home, before going to sleep. I still don't know exactly what it is about Katelyn but she was irresistible.

I am more attracted to her, still, than any woman I've ever met, and she was a girl. How were these pictures taken? Who took them? How did a fifteen year old girl get them? I used the rest of that period to look around the room, using my memory of the picture to determine where it may have been taken from. The steamy event had taken place in this very room, after all. We were on the second floor and the northernmost part of the school. There was a huge field outside, and then the stone backside of an apartment complex. Nobody could have taken it from the window without me having noticed at the time. It was the corner near the windows, though. Katelyn sat near the door, not near the window. So how?!

The bell rang and I hardly noticed the students leaving until I was alone in the classroom. Shanda. How did she fit into this? How she got the pictures I hoped she would tell me, but I really didn't know what she was after. I could assume she was going to use them as blackmail, to get a good grade. I wondered how I would tell her that I would. That saddened me. Of course I would be forced to meet her demands. How would I explain that I couldn't give her straight As? I would have to make her grading seem realistic.

It had been twenty minutes since school was out, and Shanda hadn't shown up. Today, I had a bad feeling in my stomach. I knew she would. I had already gotten out the envelope again. I had been going through the dozens of pictures for about ten minutes when the door opened.

The silouette of the girl previously behind it was skinny, yet average of height for young teen, with curves to match. She was wearing skinny black jeans that had razor cuts in the thighs sowing off patches of creamy skin. She work a black t-shirt with a picture of an of a double razor on in. One of the razor’s edges was tinged blood red. I couldn’t help but notice her perky little tities strained against the tight shrirt, making her little nipples visible. It was her, Shanda. I was glad nobody could be heard outside and that the window near the door was covered in posters. I wanted there to be no chance someone overheard whatever was about to transpire.

Shanda closed the door gently and smiled at me. I heard a click. She locked the door. I was thankful. It meant she didn't want anyone to overhear, as well. She smiled at me for a moment my mind turned into minutes. She walked over to the desk closest mine and set her bag on the chair of it, then sat facing me. She wasn't very tall but, at least then, she had a presence about her that gave the impression she was. She still smiled. It felt very hot, so I unbuttoned the neck of my blouse and started sliding the pictures back into the envelope.

Before they had gotten all the way in, Shanda spoke. It startled me even though it was exactly what I was waiting for. She said, "What do you think?"

I hesitated. I finished putting the pictures back and sat the envelope on my desk. I folded my hands together in front of me and looked at her. What did she expect? Was she waiting for something in particular? I ventured a guess, "I... If you want a good grade, I would have to give you a B here or there, to make it re..."

She stopped me mid-sentence, still smiling. She even kicked her feet a bit. She appeared to not be bothered by anything going on, "Is that what you think I want? False grades? I can get As and Bs on my own, and wouldn't respect myself much if I had to cheat through my favorite subjects."

"Then what?", I asked, dumbfounded.

"Stand.", she said. She hopped down from her perch and walked to the side of my desk. I was so confused, her request simply hadn't processed. I looked at her, and I know I looked stupid the way I did it. It was so very hot and my seat wasn't very comfortable, so I shifted a little. She looked down at me and laughed lightly, "I have more than one spare set of copies, and even a video recording, so stand up Ms Shannon."

Slowly, I got up. I couldn't look her in the eyes anymore, and focused on my desktop. My chair slid back a few feet, scraping on the floor as I stood, "Where did you get them Shanda?"

"Even if I told you it wouldn’t change anything would it? But I have no intention of telling you anything. If you are a good girl and do as I say, I might tell you. Did you know I turned 15 two days ago? Katelyn was only 17. I know how young girls turn you on Ms Shannon so let’s just have some fun with this okay," She removed her hands from behind her and set a box on my desk. It was gift wrapped, and about the size of a clothing box, "Don't open that until after I leave."

I got the courage to look at her somehow. She was licking her lips. Her red lips, not black. It hit me like an oncoming train. She was wanted me. And she held my career, my life, in her hands. She was going to use her power over me to have sex, the way I had sex with Katelyn.

Shanda grabbed my arm and pulled me to her. Before I could even think how to react, she was kissing me. I pulled away. I shrank back as she softly held my chin. She looked me square in the eyes. She was no longer laughing or smiling. She was... very turned on.

Finally, I could think again. I knew I would have to go along with her. I raised my arms and placed my hands on her hips. She pulled me in and kissed me deeply. looked at the door, just to be sure. It was still shut and locked, and the posters still blocked the view at the window next to it. I tried to focus on kissing Shanda . She wasn’t as beautiful as Katelyn but she had a lot young body. I sighed when she slipped her hands under my short skirt and began to caress my butt through my pantyhose and thong. Shanda was so much more forceful than Katelyn had been. Shanda pulled me tight against her body using my butt as the steering wheel. She kissed me all over my face and neck, she nibbled on my ear.

I let my hands linger down her lovely back and cupped her little ass through her skin tight jeans. Her young ass seemed so damn firm yet so soft. My reflexes at the time were slow, given how I was shaking. Unexpectedly Shanda gave me a hard push to the chest, I let go of my grib on her sweet ass and landed perched on the edge of my desk.

The hot young brunette looked me straight in the eye as she began undoing my blouse. I couldn't bring myself to stop her. When she pulled my blouse to each side, opening it to display my bra, I could make out her smile. She leaned in and reached around me, inside my blouse. She unsnapped my bra and began to kiss me again. Everything began to get blurry, and I felt cool air on my breasts as the bra fell. I could feel her young hands on my tits. She squeezed them softly and rhythmically. It, like the kissing, felt so damn good. I felt them flutter on my breasts, in my cleavage, and on my nipples, one after the other. She began to lick and suck my nipples as her hands moved down to my knees.

At first I resisted her attempt to spread my legs apart. She looked up at me and said, "Do you not enjoy it Ms Shannon? You're going to. I'm in charge. You're my bitch, and you're going to do everything I want."

"I'm your teacher! Why are you doing this?", I said it perhaps I wanted to assert my authority. But it was a mistake.

"Your long blond hair, your pouty lips. Your huge tits, slim waist, and perfect ass. Your calves, your cheekbones, your eyes... you're so fucking beautiful Ms Shannon. I’ve wanted you all year, my little pussy growing wetter and wetter with each class as, you bent over in front of me to help Abby with her grammar. Fuck I could even make out your thong line. That’s when I slipped my hand inside my jeans and rubbed my little pussy off while you squatted beside Abby showing me your lovely breasts and thighs. I came only a few feet away and you didn’t even notice Ms Shannon. And now! Now you're all mine Ms Shannon, I saw you with Katelyn, I know exactly what a slut you really are," she said calmly, slowly, yet with a bit of disdain.

She continued what she was doing, pressing the insides of my knees to move my legs apart. I didn't resist this time. I was wearing a knee-long skirt, but she began to roll it up my thighs as she continued kissing and sucking on my breasts and nipples, then scraping the edge of her teeth over the sensitive buds. She didn't press my legs far apart, and she grabbed my ass hard in both hands pinching my flesh so I lifted my bum so she get my skirt past it.

When the skirt was around my waist, Shanda knelt down onto one knee. Grabed the top of the thong with both hands and pulled let it snap back once more. She looked me in the eyes and I was shaken to see such lust in a young girl. My hands already to either side, I lifted my ass and she pulled my thong down past my butt. She continued with them, pulling them down to my knees, then to my feet, and finally off entirely. She stood up, a wide grin on her face, and brought the crotch of my thong to her nose and took a long, loud sniff.

“Yummy,” was all she said as she put the thong into her pocket.

I noticed my whole body was trembling. Shanda leaned against my desk, between my knees so I couldn't close my legs. She grabbed my right breast hard, and gave my nipple a rough twist as she kissed me. I wasn't prepared for it, but when she backed away from the kiss, her right hand was at my mouth. One of her fingers forced its way past my lips. I opened wider and let her finger explore my wet mouth. She began to slowly move her finger into and out of my mouth, sliding along my tongue and deep into the back of my mouth.

"Now, bitch, let’s get something straight,” she growled as she pulled her finger from my mouth and slid it into my pussy, which caused me to jump and flinch, then she moved her other hand around to grab my hair, "the only one place you're allowed to have hair is on your head. This dirty looking shit down here is going to have to go. Shave it, wax it, I don't care, but you're in trouble if I ever see hair on your cunt after today. Just remember Ms Shannon, if you disobey me, I will punish you. It's your choice whether I punish you my way, or if by giving the principal a copy of those pictures. Do you understand. You are my bitch Ms Shannon.

The sensation of Shanda’s finger twisting in and out of my slick cunt and her painful grip on my hair made my nipples stand to attention and the juices flow.

When she finished, she turned around and stepped to the desk, grabbing her book-bag. It felt great to not have her finger shoved into my cunt. She then began walking too quickly to the door. I jumped off the table and rolled my skirt back down. She was to the door, so I didn't have time to fix my bra and shirt. I turned around just as I heard the door open. I tried to act calmly as I listened for it to shut. I desperately wanted to fix my shirt, but I couldn't allow someone in the hall to see me do it.

When I heard the door shut and the room was silent, I glanced behind me and then all around. The room was shut and abandoned again. My whole body began to tremble as I fell into my chair. It was difficult to fix my bra. I had to remove my shirt most of the way to put it on the way I normally do, and then I fixed my shirt. I sat for a moment thinking about my situation as my eyes teared up. So it looked like my choices were to lose my career and possibly go to prison, or involve myself in humiliating sex with an even younger girl. I cried for a while more before I recognized the box on my desk. Though the writing was large, it took me a while to read, "To my favorite teacher, Ms. Shannon."

I wasn't going to leave my room in the condition I was in, so I decided to open the box. Atop the white tissue papers was a note. It read;

On the back, there were instructions. They were written sloppily, as though while in a car or, my guess, on a bus. They read, "I hope you enjoy the new outfit I got for you. I found the dress code for teachers in the office and this outfit doesn't break it, so don't worry about that. Getting your sizes was difficult, and some of it was guess-work, but I think I got it right. Of course, I'll want to see you in it tomorrow, during class. You must wear it all day long. However, you may notice some of the items in here are not made of typical cloth. You'll know them when you see them. These particular items you do not have to wear until fourth hour. Once on, though, you will need my permission to take them off. I'll see you at the same time after school tomorrow. Oh, also, give my house a call and leave a message for my mother. Tell her that you're worried about me not catching up on the current assignment, so you've offered to come over this Saturday to help and I accepted. XOXO - Shanda"

My courage was down after reading all that, so I didn't go through the rest of the box. It seemed I couldn't cry anymore. I had a numb feeling. I couldn't believe what was happening. I closed the box and put it into my briefcase. I had to clear out room for it, but there was no way I was going to answer any questions about it when I went to the office for Shanda Taylor's home number. Most of the contents of my briefcase were placed in my desk. Once I could close it, I picked up my briefcase and purse, smoothed out my clothes, and left the room.

Walking through the school, it almost seemed it didn't happen at all, and I almost decided not to go to the office. My stomach was still tied up in knots and I could feel a breeze up my skirt reminding me what happened, though, so I did. The assistant didn't ask why I needed a student's number, and I was glad for it. I didn't think I had it in me to lie to her, but I'd have been forced to.

The walk out to my car and the drive home were both gloomy, even though the sun was still out. When I got to my apartment, I put my stuff by the door and took a shower. Memories of Katelyn got me through the shower without tears. I wondered if sex with Shanda would ever be as good as it was with Katlyn . Perhaps I could just pretend she was Katelyn. I didn't intend to sleep so early, it was only about five PM, but I found myself drifting off as I thought about it.

I awoke earlier than usual, but I still had a mild headache. It was dark out. I glanced at the clock as I sat up, it was 3 AM. I was surprised that I didn't have the initial daze of just having woke up, but I had fallen asleep somewhere around 5 PM. I had gotten more than enough sleep and wasn't woken up by the alarm, so it made sense. And then I remembered the previous day. I remembered why I was so stressed out that I fell asleep so early.

I still had my bath robe on as I walked to the kitchen. My briefcase was still on the table. I supposed it was better to look inside it now than later. I got out the box and the envelope. I looked through the envelope first. It appeared all the photos were taken from the same spot, or somewhere very near it. I would have go over the class seating arrangements to see who might have set up a camera. I also made a mental note to find out about camera timers, to see how the photos could be taken when someone wasn't immediately using it. Besides that, the pictures simply reminded me that I was going to be forced into being Shanda's 'bitch'.

I thought, perhaps I could confront Shanda. Tell her I refuse to give in to her demands, and tell her to give me all the copies of the images she has. But that wouldn't do any good. I really had no leverage in this. I had nothing against her, she had nothing to lose. Not in the way I did. She held all the power in the situation. There was no other option I was willing to take, though, so the question was moot. ready or not, that was what I was going to have to do.

Defeated, I opened the box. The instructions were in it, so I read them over. I would have to take them with me, later, I decided. I put them in my briefcase so I wouldn't forget them. Maybe if I pleased Shanda enough, she wouldn't use her power to torment me even more. I unfolded the tissue and saw a blouse atop other clothes, and what looked like a large banking bag to the side. I pulled out the blouse and held it up. It was white, had an elegant amount of lace, and was low cut. It was lower than I would normally choose to wear, but I don't think there would be any real problems with it. It did look like it conformed to the teacher's dress code so far as I could remember it, and maybe I'd find a jacket in my closet that would look good with it. I set that to the side and pulled out the next garment. It was a black skirt with small pleats at the bottom. It was a short skirt, a very short skirt. I really didn't believe I would get away with wearing a skirt so short to the school. I didn't remember actually reading or being told a skirt's minimum length but I knew there was one, and this was shorter than it. I thought up a solution. I could simply wear it to school, then ask the principal before school started if it was alright. I'd bring another with me. It was obviously Shanda's intentions that I don't get fired, after all. My job was part of the power she had over me.

Having settled that, in my mind, I set the skirt to the side. Underneath it was a bra. It was my size. How had Shanda known my size? It was black and did more to lift my breasts than to keep them comfortable, which is usually what I go for. That on the side, the last item of clothing in the tissue was a black stringy thing. I held it out. It was lacy, thong panties with a small heart near the top of the front, cut out from the material by design. The thong with the short skirt? Damn, she truly did have the power to make me wear this to work!

After breathing deeply and setting the thong atop the other clothes, I determined the "items not made of typical cloth" must be in the bank bag. I took it and pushed the empty box across the table, setting the bank bag down in front of me. I unzipped it, and pulled out a large tube of shaving cream. The can said it was for sensitive skin. Obviously she wanted me to have this to shave my pussy hair. Which, of course, I would have to do. It was something I had done few times before. I usually felt very sexy when a a lover saw it so clean, but to do it for Shanda... I was growing angry and sad as I went through these things. Next out was an expensive, triple blade razor, and a small container of lotion that said it helped keep hair from regrowing. After that was a note.

There were things below the note, but I decided to read the note before getting them, "I realize it may not be obvious how to use the harness. What you do is place the base of the dildo and butt-plug in the circles along the middle strap, and then just tighten it all up snuggly. Oh, and in case I forget to tell you, you're not allowed to wear anything today if it's not in this box. Except shoes, of course."

I was terrified as I dropped the note and dumped out the bag. On the table under it was, as I had feared, a dildo, butt-plug, and a leather panty looking contraption, all black, plus a tube of what I could presume was a lubricant. I held down the wide and long center strap of the panty thing, and saw the two circles. I placed the dildo base first into the circle, and it fit perfectly. I looked at the buckles on the side and front. Yes, I could figure out how it worked. It struck me with fear. The harness was worn like panties. It was worn snuggly to hold the dildo in place. And the butt-plug?! I looked at the black plug. A conical thing with a large groove near the base. I've never had anything in my butt before. Women lovers had suggested they use their fingers up m y ass but I knew it'd hurt, so I never wanted to. But now I would have to put something up there myself!

I eventually fell asleep on the couch. I jumped up and ran to my room, which was only about ten feet away. It was only a few minutes past six. I turned off my alarm and almost ran to get into the shower. As I got to the bathroom door, though, I realized I would have to do things I didn't want to that day. Private things, things that necessitated I go get the shaving cream I was given. I took my time with each stroke of the razor so not to nick my sensitive mound. After all, if I did please Shanda, perhaps she would be nice to me. Besides, I did like how I pussy looked without all that hair, so it was pleasing to me anyway. When my shower was over and I was all shaved and clean, I looked at myself in the mirror. I liked it. I did look sexy without the cunt hair. I always did like how it looked, I supposed. But I couldn't get my reason for doing it off my mind, so I couldn't really enjoy it.

I almost went to my room to get dressed, but then remembered where the clothes I was to wear that day were. The bra was no problem to put on. It's cups were smaller than I was used to, in a revealing way. It was obviously made for show instead of utility, but that wasn't really that big a deal. I knew it'd get uncomfortable near the end of the day, but not much. The blouse was next. I would have felt better if I could wear a jacket above it, but when it came right down to it, it wasn't so bad. It was sexy, but not too slutty. Of course, I was wearing it to teach at a high school, so I couldn't help but feel that anything sexy was too slutty. But I refused to think about it until I had to. This was something I had to do whether I liked it or not, so I might as well not worry over it.

The thong fit me well. It didn't feel like I was getting ready to go to work. It didn't even feel like I was getting ready to go on a date. It felt like I was getting ready to seduce someone. I put the skirt on over it, and it did nothing for me. I could look down and see that it was there, but I could still feel the air as though it wasn't. I walked to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I could have sworn I had seen business women wearing skirts that size, but I could have been thinking wishfully. I turned around. I could see far too much of my own thighs. I bent over a bit, and still could only see thigh. I decided to go all out. I touched the floor. Sure enough, I could see the very bottom of my butt, and the material of the thong stretched over my pussy lips. I immediately went to my closet and got another skirt and blouse, like I normally wear. I almost changed into them, but remembered why I had on what I did in the first place. I folded the skirt around the butt-plug, dildo, harness, and lubricant, and placed it and my other blouse in my briefcase. I got to the door with my briefcase and purse, but stood for what I estimated was five minutes before getting up the courage to actually leave.

Finally in my car, I realized I was running late. I sped to work even faster than usual, to be sure I made it before any sizable number of students. I walked, slowly, to the principal's office. The air in the school seemed to move more, and was colder. I was well aware how little I actually had on. I planned to search Shanda's home for all her copies of the pictures, and the video she mentioned tomorrow, Saturday. This outfit was simply too embarrassing. My face felt very hot when the principal turned his chair to face me. Mrs. Talbot was a middle aged woman, and I could see her eyes take in not only my outfit, but also what it barely contained. I hesitated. The heat and pressure kept me from being able to think how to form my question. She finished appraising me and asked, "Lisa, is something up?"

I was surprised. Nothing about my attire, "Well, uh...", I suppose I hesitated too long. She smiled. I'm sure She recently lost her husband to cancer and , and not was still very attractive. But not my type, and I was sure she was straight. I had to say something,"Mrs. Talbot, I have a date later today. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to make it home with all the things I have to do, but I'm scared it's a little too..."

As I thought what word to use, she finished my sentence, "Little?"

"Yes.", I answered, "I must admit I feel a little exposed. I hadn't though about that earlier. Anyway, is this alright?"

I was lying to my boss! The hypothetical cover I had thought of on my drive in just came out! Oh well, she was leaning forward (putting obvious effort into not staring at my boobs) answering before I could really feel too badly about it, "Well, it technically doesn't break the dress code. I'll allow it today, but don't be surprised if the dress-code gets revised."

"Of course. Sorry. I didn't think about it.", I was glad to get out of there. Of course, I didn't get the answer I wanted. I really thought she would tell me the skirt was inappropriate, and I'd have to change. Shanda would have to understand. I'm positive the only reason he allowed it is because he liked what he saw. The way she was looking at me made me wonder if Mrs. Talbot had a bi side. It was... well, actually it felt a little good. I felt sexy. But with the wrong person. And what were the students going to say?!

I started my first period the way I normally did; I outlined what I expected on Monday on the chalkboard. Whenever I reached too high with my writing arm, though, I got the impression that side of my skirt was lifting too high. There was no way I'd know without testing it or being told, however. I wasn't going to test it out, and I couldn't rely on the students to tell me.

I just stopped writing so high on the board. Right there five minutes in, though, I dropped my piece of chalk. It took me a moment to realize I stopped talking. Everyone was staring. Apparently, they were as curious what I'd do as I was. Finally, I simply picked back up where I left off, using an entirely different piece of chalk that was fortunately on the far side of the board. I'd just pick up the dropped piece after class. I thought it was fairly clever, even though it didn't quite restore my posture. I felt detached. I was giving my lesson by rote, paying more attention to how to stand or move to avoid my skirt flying up than caring if the students were paying attention. Indeed, I hoped they weren't.

The first period was more stressful than I realized. When I sat down right before the bell rang. I didn't want to get back up. My chair was more comfortable than it had ever been. Even more noticeably, though, was that I could feel the cushion of the seat directly on the very bottom of my butt cheeks and on my thighs.

Fortunately, my desk had a covered front, so I could scoot my seat in and not worry about my skirt so much. As the next class filed in, I realized I was hot from embarrassment. The boys who came in did anything from cast nervous glances at my breasts and my cleavage. Why had I ever given in to my desires for Katelyn?! Why had she made a move on me?! Why didn't I tell that sexy young girl no I don’t want to fuck you?!

But class started, and I had to teach. I was about to stand, as usual, but I realized I could simply go over what I had written for the last class on the board from behind my desk for both that and the next period! That's exactly what I did. I knew I'd have a problem later, when each of my classes was a different subject. Oh, and I just then remembered Shanda would be in fourth period. Would I be able to remain calm? And I'd have to use that... that harness.

I'd have to be even more careful not to allow my skirt to flip up or to bend too far, or to write too high on the board. After explaining what I had to for the class, I allowed them to work on their assignments. I worked out how to deal with reducing the chance someone would see more of my body than they. If I could make it through fourth period, with Shanda, I believed I could make it through the other two. Even if all she did was stay in her seat and read, I'd be very nervous.

Third hour came and I stuck to my plan of sitting down and pointing at the board for it. When it was over, I decided to skip lunch. I was hungry, and I didn't even have a breakfast, but I was certainly going to avoid the huge mass of students at the lunch room, and especially the other teachers in the teacher's lounge. I reworked my schedule to allow me to avoid writing on the board for most of the lunch. I snacked on M&Ms I found in my purse and some water. It wasn't nearly enough, but it would have to do. I wrote on the board what I thought I needed for fourth period.

It took me too long to plan, though. Five minutes before the end of lunch bell, and I still had to put on that blasted harness. I hurried to the nearest bathroom with my briefcase being on the second floor and so far from the cafeteria, there were no students visible the entire way and the bathroom was vacant. I picked the stall against the wall. I had realized before then I would have to take off my thong. I rolled up my skirt to my waist, pulled the thong down and balled it up. I pulled my other skirt out of the briefcase and unrolled it on the floor at the side of the toilet against the wall, so that nobody would come in and glance under the bathroom stall doors and see what was in it. I picked up the dildo and the tube of lubricant. I applied the lubricant liberally and set the dildo base down on the back of the toilet seat. Next was the butt-plug. It seemed much too big to put in my butt hole. It was four or more inches long, and probably two inches wide near the bottom. I applied the lubricant anyway. There was no reason to let my worry now prevent my career in the future. I hated Shanda as I put lubricant on the butt-plug. I tried to think of a way to get away with not putting it in, but I wasn't sure how she'd check if it was in or not anyhow. Besides, I was going to try to please her, today, to get her to be nice to me. Hopefully. I set it next to the dildo as I rubbed the extra lubricant on my hand along my inner cunt lips.

I thought back to when, Katelyn and I were in this very stall. It was after school, and she thought it wasn't romantic enough, but I insisted. What is it about her? With such thoughts and ignoring that I was actually doing this because of Shanda, I began to enjoy rubbing my pussy lips and letting my fingers graze over my clit. The feeling I was doing something naughty was still there, even if Katelyn wasn't. She was in my mind.

I moved the butt-plug and set it, base down, on my other skirt. Just to be sure I wouldn't accidentally knock it into the toilet. I got the dildo and sat on the edge of the toilet. I tried to mimic the position I was in with Katelyn, and I rubbed the head of the dildo against my slit. I shaved for Katelyn, then. Pretending the dildo was Katelyn’s long tongue, I pushed it in. Deeper, deeper, deeper, all the way. I groaned. It was bigger than Katelyn's tongue or the three fingers she often fingered my pussy with. I sighed, brining Katelyn’s hot young body to mind. I tried to duplicate Katelyn's finger fucking. I was actually enjoying myself. I could feel an orgasm growing deep in my cunt. Then the bell rang. Lunch was over, girls would soon flood into the bathroom. I had to be out of there before that. I shoved the dildo deep inside.

I quickly grabbed the butt-plug with my right hand, the one not holding the dildo in, and got up. Leaning against the wall, I placed it behind me and aimed at my tight ass hole. I hesitated. How could I shove something up my butt? I had to, though, and quickly. So, I shoved. It didn't go immediately in, and with the thoughts of Katelyn still there, it almost felt good. Almost. When it started penetrating, it wasn't so good. It felt... gross. Then it started to hurt. It was hard to keep pushing in, and it stretched my ass out in more pain, but I had to get it in, so I kept pushing. It stretched out my butt in uncomfortable ways. It was mildly painful, and all uncomfortable. I moved the dildo around to see if it would help, but it just felt good and I tightened my muscles down there. In turn, that made the butt-plug hurt more. I hurried and grabbed the harness and positioned the waist band before positioning the harness part itself. I tightened it to where it would stay in place and hold things the way it's supposed to. The dildo was pressed deep into my slick cunt and the butt-plug still stretched me out. I felt overly filled to the point of pain. I rolled my skirt down, though it did nothing to make me feel secure. The worst part is that, with the harness on, the skirt sat a bit higher on me. I had to get to class, though. I had to have faith that it covered enough. I would simply not bend over, as my plan had been all day. I quickly grabbed my thong and other skirt and thrust them into my briefcase I left the stall just as a group of three girls gabbed their way in. They quieted when they saw me, but I ignored them and hurried to my classroom.

Did they see the harness? The harness was easily thicker than the thong, and since it was pressing things into me I couldn't help but imagine that people could see it all under my skirt. The idea was helped along due to the fact that I was forced into a wide gated step. The wind of the halls was more obvious on my thighs and above, and the skirt bounded around. I tried to reduce it's bounce and my gate, but I was sure my posture was noticeably different to anyone who looked at me. It hurt more trying to hide it, but this was certainly I something I couldn't let people on about. My faith that my skirt covered it was shaky, but not gone. How could I have gotten to class without it? I wouldn't have gone, that's for sure. Damn that Shanda! What if she was going to ruin my reputation and career in one blow? Why would she do that? Then, why did she know so much about me?

When I arrived in class, several students had already shown up. I looked to the seat I dreaded getting filled that day. Sure enough, Shanda was in it. She was dressed in a knee-length skirt and button up shirt. Both black, of course. She glanced around the room and, secure nobody was looking, she licked her lips at me seductively. I found it just the opposite of seductive. I got to my seat as quickly as I could and finally tore my gaze form her, down to the papers on my desk. Sitting down put some extra pressure on the bottom of the harness, and stretched me a bit more. I ignored the discomfort. There was a new paper on my desk. It read;


Find a reason to end up at my desk to help me out at least once during this class.

XOXO - Your Mistress."

It was right on the top of my other papers, and I crumpled it and put it in my top drawer. I didn't think that bitch was thinking this through. What if somebody else saw that note? I looked up at her and gave her what I supposed would be a warning glance. She remained smug. Just as a small line of students entered the door, the dildo began to vibrate slightly.

I heard a very slight hum from between my legs. I won't deny that it felt good, but it was humiliating. Shanda was, effectively, playing with my cunt in the middle of class. It got me to ponder how truly horrible things might be without this career, my home, car, or anything else I loved. I noticed the two small remote car starter looking devices on her desk. That's how she did it. I momentarily considered going back to the bathroom and changing into my other skirt. I didn't. Of course I had already committed myself to this course, so until she tried to get me to do something that would have the same effect as me losing my career, I knew I wouldn't do anything about it.

Fortunately, I had a small radio on my desk, so I turned it on an oldies station very softly. It wouldn't interfere with class, but would drown out the humming. I must have altered my facial expressions, because she had a triumphant looking giggle and then manipulated one of the devices on her desk. The vibration and noise of the dildo stopped. I knew what it meant that she had two of them.

I was going to try to appease her so that she wouldn't use them during class. Of course. Again, she gave me no choice but to kiss her ass. In less than a day, I had truly become her “bitch”.

Once all the students came in I pointed out the notes I wrote out on the board. I started going into my lecture about the common mistakes I had seen and how to avoid them. I avoided looking at Shanda entirely. I knew it would make me lose my train of thought.

A few minutes into class, the dildo began to vibrate again. This time more softly than it had before. I paused and looked at Shanda. She nodded at me and raised her eyebrows as though curious what I was saying. I ignored it as well as I could as I concluded the lesson and gave the students the rest of class to do work. I got out a notebook and began to write a note in it. The dildo vibrated a little harder deep in my pussy as I wrote.

I looked up at Shanda, who moved her hand over one of the devices, and made a "come here" motion under her desk with her other hand. I was pretty sure no other students saw it, so I nodded at her and pointed to the notebook. The power of the dildo's vibrating still slowly increased, and the butt-plug joined in on the action. I quickly finished what I was writing and got up before the vibrations would be loud enough for the students near Shanda to hear, once I got over there. I sighed inwardly with pleasure as I stood up. That was unexpected, but what did I expect? That a vibrator would not feel good? I was still uncomfortable, but... in a weird, pleasant way. A way that made me hate Shanda more.

They both turned off when I stood all the way up and had lifted the notebook from my desk. I mouthed to Shanda, "Thank you." The rest of the class was absorbed in their work or gossiping quietly. A few students were reading. I was confident none had seen the exchange, and I was exceptionally happy the vibrating stopped while I was walking into the row Shanda was in. And by "walking", I mean "attempting to appear to be walking normally".

I must have been successful, since nobody seemed to notice it. I don't know how I'd expect them to look if they did, though. The air seemed more obvious as it hit my slightly wet cunt lips around the dildo. It felt like everyone was looking at me because they could see how wet I had gotten, when in fact the only people looking at me, that I could see, where looking at my chest. Including Shanda.

Why did I have fun with the dildo? How did I not see that coming? I spoke very quietly with Shanda about the assignment, but the real discussion was on the paper in my notebook. The original message I wrote was, "Please, Shanda, don't turn on the vibrators during class. We can do whatever you want when I see you after class, but we cannot let other students figure out what's happening, or else your power over me might end prematurely as I lose my job anyway."

Her quickly picked up a pen and wrote below my note: "I saw you while it was on. You enjoyed it, bitch. Oh, and it's YOUR job to please me enough that you don't lose your job. Do what I say and I'll be sure your job is safe. Speaking of doing what I say, there's a girl in the corner, Jenna, who's looking at you and hoping you'll bend over a bit. I bought that harness, so I know it looks just like a strange leathery underwear from the outside, so she won't know what's up if you just bend over a little and whisper 'I'm you're little bitch, I want to eat your pussy and lick your clit, Shanda ' into my ear. be sure to bend far enough that she gets a good view. Don't stand straight again until you have permission."

I couldn't bring myself to do that immediately, of course. I had worried all day over avoiding exactly things like that. Jenna was indeed in the back corner. My first reaction was to tell Shanda no, but she was right. If I don't please her, I lose my job. Shanda herself was in the back row, and the only seat between me and Jenna was vacant, so she was almost sure to be the only one who saw. As I was just about to do as Shanda said, the vibrator started up slowly, again. I tried to look like I was simply readjusting. I took a step back and leaned on the back of Shanda's chair with one arm. With my other I pointed to places on what was her rough draft, as I made superficial talk about the assignment. We were using her rough draft to cover the messages as we read them. I moved my arm on the back of her chair to the desk, and bent over a little as I continued pointing at things and discussing her rough draft.

"Further", she wrote. I bent down so that my mouth was even with her ear. " Arch your back", I did as she wrote. I was positive Jenna could see the bottom of my butt-cheeks, as well as the harness. She could also make out that it was pushing a dildo and butt-plug into me. "Put your left foot two tile squares away from your right." Again, I did as Shanda said. I didn't have the choice not to. Jenna might have been getting a good show, but I knew nothing was happening that I might lose my job over. At least, nothing anyone would know was happening just by looking. I could get in trouble, but I doubted that would actually happen. "Now, what did you have to say to favorite student?" she wrote.

I glanced around the room, both to see if anyone was looking and to figure out how quiet I had to be so that nobody would hear me besides Shanda. I whispered into her ear what she had written, "I'm you're little bitch, I want to eat your pussy and lick your clit, Shanda."

"Acceptable.", she wrote. She turned off the vibrator and then smiled at me as though something hilarious just happened. She wrote, "I’m sure you’ve made Jenna’s tight little cunt wet!"

The room was spinning. The heat was nearly unbearable. I wrote, "Please, Shanda, let me stand straight! I might faint!"

"Fine, if you're that excited about turning on Jenna
with your sexy ass, you have permission to stand straight.", She replied, "However, before I promise not to turn on the vibrators any more during class, you're going to go get me the key to this classroom from your key chain."

I was enraged as I took my notebook and walked up to my desk. I wanted to ask her why she wanted my key, but I realized I could ask her when I gave it to her and wanted to get away from her right then. I sat for a moment, but didn't want Shanda to think I was hesitating, so I got into my purse and played with my keys visibly as I acted like I was reading a paper on my desk.

I glanced over at Jenna as I did it. Her face was flushed and I noticed that her hand was at work under her desk, thrust deep into her tight jeans. She also looked away when I looked up at her. This was easily the most humiliated I had ever been. I certainly did not want to go around flashing students for the rest of the school year! I'm their teacher, that's simply not acceptable! The vibrators.. they weren't merely uncomfortably stuffed into me, but they were a part of Shanda's will. She was invading my very being. And there was nothing I could do.

I finally got the key off my chain and put my key chain back into my purse, as I palmed that particular key. I acted like I finished reading something, and Shanda put up her hand as though to ask a question. I got up and walked back over to her desk. I wanted to get as far away from her as I could, but so long as she was in class, I had to do every little thing she asked me. She was bright, she wouldn't push me so far I might lose my job, but she sure wanted to humiliate me. I hoped she wouldn't push me to do something that might make me lose my job, anyhow.

I placed my notebook back on her desk. A new line on the page said, "Why do you want that?"

She wrote, "What did you forget? Who am I, bitch?!"

"You're my Shanda, whom I obey, and I'm your humble bitch,", I wrote down. It was getting hot again, and not in the way I was enjoying. Shanda was certainly enjoying it though.

She replied, "That's a good little bitch. Remember your place. Now, I will not turn on the vibrators while class is in session. When class is out of session... well, we'll see. However, you must promise to eat my tight little cunt like it's an exotic delicacy, later. You will do the best job you know how to."

How else could I reply that would please her and get her to stop humiliating me except, "Oh, yes Shanda I am your little bitch. I promise to eat your cunt until you cum. I'm sure I'll think it's delicious!"

She seemed pleased, so wrote more instructions for me, "Fifteen minutes after school gets out, you will take off your clothes, leaving the harness on, and lock the classroom door. You will sit on your knees with your hands on your head right in front of the door, pressing your tits against it, and you will not move from that spot until I give you permission. Rewrite those orders in your own words so that I'm certain you understand them."

Again, my only option was to comply. I felt faint again, so hurried. I hoped she wouldn't make every day this difficult, "I, your bitch, will wait in this room for fifteen minutes after school gets out. Once that time has passed, I will remove all of my clothes, but keep on the harness. I will lock my door and get on my knees in front of it. I will press my breasts against it and wait for you with my hands on my head. I will wait for permission from you, my Mistress, to leave that pose at the door. One question, though, what if it's not you getting into the classroom?"

She replied, "Don't toy with me, bitch, the janitors clean upstairs at four or later. Only the teachers, principal, and janitors have a key to each room, and the teachers only their own. Unless you expect to see the principal, you have no reason to worry."

"But I showed the principal my outfit to see if it was okay. She might stop by to discuss changes to the dress-code."

"Don't forget who I am, bitch! And it's Friday. Talbot will leave as soon as she can. However, just to be on the safe-side, I will knock three times beore beginning to unlock the door. If the door or lock rattles without those knocks, get dressed very quickly. Don't worry about your bra. You may leave your clothes next to you to aid the contingency. Before going back to your seat, remind me again what you are and what you want to do."

I sighed. I was almost out of things to say about the assignment for cover, but it looked like she was letting me go anyhow, "I am your bitch, I want to please you in every way. I fantasize that your pussy tastes delicious. I want to eat it and lick your hot little clit."

"Good bitch. Go sit down and be the good bitch you are.", She finally let me get back to my seat.

Just as I stood I turned to see Jenna in the throws of a climax hunched over her desk her hand still buried in her cunt.

To know that my body had brought on the young girl’s climax sent a shiver through my already stimulated cunt. I could feel my cunt juices drip down my thighs as I gingerly made my way back to my desk.

I went over my notes, and couldn’t help myself, I was somehow both humiliated and turned on by our exchange. When I looked up, I'd notice Jenna was quietly licking her own juices from her fingers and looking at me with lust. Shanda licked her lips or made a kissy face.

Suddenly, the class was over. The bell was going off. I hadn't realized how distracted I had gotten with my thoughts. The instant the bell ended, the dildo began to vibrate. As students filed out, Shanda remained at her desk. Moments after the last student, Jenna, left the room, my god she had such a sweet ass.

Shanda motioned me over to her. I was upset with her still being there and having the dildo on. My plan was to write on the board between classes, and this threw it off. When I got to her desk, she lightly caressed my right thigh and spoke, "I'm going to skip my next class and stay here, bitch. Tell me where nobody has a seat assigned so I can sit in it before your students show up."

"Yes, Shanda.", I answered softly and pointed to the seat two spaces up from hers. I thought I might have allowed my frustration show through in my voice. I hoped she hadn't caught it. She moved her stuff to the new seat and got comfortable, "Anything else, Shanda who I must obay?"

"That should be fine. Oh, you might want to turn your radio up a little bit. Class is not in session.", she answered. She touched the two devices she had and not only did the dildo vibrate faster, but the butt-plug began vibrating fairly strongly, as well. I tried to ignore it as I "walked" to the front of the class, but the sensation was very strong.

As embarrassed and angry as I was, my body reacted as any would. The sound was noticeable if I didn't drown it out, so I turned the radio up and began to write what I needed to on the board. The strength of the vibrators alternated back and forth as students began to enter and sit down. I found myself pretending Katelyn was there looking at me, and she had the remotes to the vibrators. Katelyn would never purposefully embarrass me, she would just try to get me to have fun. And she wouldn't use them during school. It was a difficult fantasy to hold onto. I was sure my skirt was up too high. I could feel it, and I could feel the student's eyes on my butt. I pulled it down as far as it would go, but it didn't seem to be far enough.

The bell rang and the vibrators shut off. I felt cunt juice drip going down one leg. The air the skirt never bothered stopping could be felt against the wetness around my cunt and on my leg. My god, what if the students could smell my arousal? I finished quickly and sat down in my seat, turning the radio down. Every student seemed to move suddenly when I turned around, but there was nothing I could do. I'd have to speak with Shanda to get her to understand I cannot be humiliated in class like this. It should take place after or outside of school, though I'd prefer never. But there was nothing I could do about it now.

The story of my day. followed my plan. I discussed what I planned to from my desk, just as earlier in the day. Class went mostly uneventfully. I had a student come up to my desk and stair down my blouse, but his question was valid and he was soon handled.

When the bell rang, the vibrators started back up. I turned the radio back up and watched the students leave class. Shanda remained. I approached her and said, "Shanda please don't do things like this to me at school. This first day taught me my place, please allow me to at least appear to be a professional."

She scowled and then pouted, "You should remember who you must obey, then. I will tell you when you can speak."

"I apologize, Shanda."

"You'll be punished for it later, of course."

"Yes, rightly so, Shanda who must be obeyed," I answered.

As I waited for her to give me permission to speak, she reached up and under my skirt.

"Oh God, that's a powerful vibrator! It's only at about a third of it's maximum power!" she said as she placed her hand on the bottom of the harness, right where it was holding the dildo.

"And you're so fuckling wet.", She stated almost questioningly. She removed her hand and pressed a lever on one of the devices up.

It felt very so damn good. As embarrassed and angry as I was, the dildo was designed specifically to please a woman. The humming was easily heard, and I began to tremble with the pleasure it was giving me.

"Please, Shanda," I sighed

"Okay, say what you will. Quickly, I’m going to keep the vibe at this level until I feel like turning it down," she said calmly.

"Shanda who must be obeyed, I'm sorry for speaking out of turn. I simply wanted to let you know I think it's unwise to make me dress this way when I'm at work and trying to be a professional."

"I'll consider it if you prove how good a little bitch you can be before next Monday," Shanda said as she turned down the vibrators.

It still felt better than I wanted it to, but I didn't want to show it. A student walked in as I quietly said, "Thank you, Shanda. I'll be the best bitch ever."

I went to go write on the board. The music drowned out the vibrators as the students entered, but I was still slightly trembling. I could feel the air against wet trails of cunt juice now down both legs, and I could even faintly smell my own cunt. When I turned around, Shanda was just exiting the isle of desks and turning towards the door. She turned her head to me and winked, then continued to the door. When she got to the door, the vibrators stopped. I finished writing on the board shortly after the bell. Though I was certain everyone could smell my pussy and saw the bottom of my butt, that period went by uneventfully. I

went over what was on the board from my chair and told the students to work on their projects. I used some of the tissues on my desk to wipe my thighs dry. Both the dildo and butt-plug still gave me pleasant sensations for a while. I hated having them, but my libido didn't seem to care about the same things I did. I decided to pass the time by reading a book. I chose one of the books in the class, since I didn't bring any of my own. They were in arm's reach from my desk. Alexis, one of the self declared school sluts came to my desk to ask me a few questions. She took peeks at my boobs, and sniffed the air. “You smell and look very hot today Ms Shannon,” she sighed close to my ear. I couldn’t help myself, I checked out her tight little ass as she walked back to her desk, sending another jolt through my soaked pussy.

Then class was over. I didn't even wish the students a good weekend like I usually do. They all left the classroom, Alexis looked back at me one last time before leaving, and I could see her little nipples pointing out from under the material of her tight tank top. Alexis never wore a bra and at that moment the look she gave me set my clit trembling.

I got up and shut the door as soon as nobody could see me. With the door shut, it was guaranteed. I locked it, as well. No reason not to. Though the vibrators had felt good earlier, they weren't being powered any more, and they began to get uncomfortable again. I looked up at the clock. It was almost ten minutes after school got out. The buses and most students with cars probably already left. The only remaining students would be the football players and cheerleaders, but they'd never come to this side of the school, let alone the second floor.

I found myself playing with the harness. I rolled my skirt up to my waist and tried to make it more comfortable. There was no way to do it, of course. Most of the discomfort came from what was in me, not on me. I felt like pacing, but I was too uncomfortable to do it. All the walking I had done earlier with the dildos inside me, trying to hide the fact, it was catching up with me. I felt like I was cramping, but the cramp never fully developed.

The minutes were passing by so slowly. All I could think about a few minutes earlier was getting the harness off, finally, but it'd be on for a while. I was more concerned, now, with what was going to happen when Shanda showed up. I half hoped the Mrs. Talbot did show up, so I had a reason not to do what I knew Shanda was going to make me do.

I bent over how I had earlier, in fourth period. I looked behind me and felt around with my hands I got out my blush and used it's mirror for a better angle. Jenna had indeed seen the bottom of my butt. In addition, she easily saw the leather strap of the harness. However, I found that I was wrong about what students could see as I stood straight. I hoped what I saw in the mirror was true, because that means they didn't actually see my ass.

I would have to wait until Saturday for any real hope of talking some sense into Shanda.

I looked up at the clock the time had come to take off my clothes. It was different with Katelyn. It was my choice, then. I walked over to the door. I was there for what happened yesterday. I dressed how I was told today. I was uncomfortable because I was doing exactly what Shanda wanted. And I'd continue if I thought I might lose my life. Who wouldn't? I decided to try to make Shanda happy. At least then she might be nice. Perhaps she'd even get to trust me, and I'd be able to figure out how to get all her copies of the pictures of Katelyn and me. I turned off the lights before I unbuttoned and pulled my skirt down, pushing it to the side with my foot. It was still light in the room, but facing away from the windows allowed me to wallow a bit in what light they let in through the closed shades. I saw my shaved cunt and wished I had done it for Katelyn. My blouse was easy enough to take off, as was the bra. I walked over and put my bra in my briefcase, then walked back to the door.

No key in the lock signifying someone besides Shanda. Not even Shanda. My hard nipples touched the door. It was cold. Not very cold, just enough to remind me where I was and what I was doing. The light breeze from the ventilation continually reminded me of my position.

I found myself pondering possible disasters; What if I mistake a noise the Principal makes as three knocks? What if Shanda isn't careful and someone sees me from a classroom across the hall? I couldn't see the clock, so what if I wait as instructed, and then the janitor makes three knock noises and walks in on me? What if there are only two knocks? Will I react quickly enough? How should I react? What if I only hear two knocks, but there actually are three? What if the blinds I couldn't see in this position weren't shut all the way, and a maintenance man just happened to climb a ladder at the right spot and saw me here?

I thought questions like that for what seemed a really long time, to me. My mind eventually got to thinking about Katelyn, again; If only it were she making me do this. We never had any kink in our sex. Doing it at school made it feel risky enough. For me, anyway. But if she had played a game like this with me... That's when I realized I would have. Perhaps I simply wanted her to be telling me what to do, and me willing to do it of my own free will, in comparison to what was really happening. Either way, the dildo almost began to feel good again.

I was at the door for half an hour. I remained standing for a minute or two. I risked hoping Shanda had decided not to show up. I had just began to walk back to my spot when I heard the first knock. My heart skipped a beat. It was really going to happen. I was momentarily dizzy with the realization, and perhaps hunger as well. For food. The second knock soon followed, and I tried to get to the door both quickly and quietly. The third knock sounded right as I began my jolt. They were close together, but apparently I thought a lot in between them. I clunked my knees on the floor. It hurt a lot and I gasped at the ceiling. I could only hope Shanda assumed I was shocked at her sudden arrival, and so jumped. The lock was in the process of being unlocked before my hands were on my head. I pressed my breasts against the door just as the handle turned. The door slowly opened just as I stopped moving.

The door opened slowly. Shanda appeared as the door moved out of the way, standing still where she was. She was glowering down at me. She had a yard stick in her hands, one hand near the end, one near the center. It moved from the one near the center, up a few inches. It came back down with a whack, "Where you in your position this whole time?"

I didn't know how to answer. If I told the truth, I'd be sure to get punished. If I lied and she knew, I'd get punished worse. Either way, she'd be unhappy, and I was trying to get on her good side, albeit to work against her. I decided not to gamble on her lack of perception or trust. She walked behind me. The door remained open. I heard nothing from the hallway, and saw nothing in the rooms across the hall, but I was still very worried. Quietly, I said, "No. I got out of my position at the door to check the time."

She placed the yardstick across my ankles and reached around me. She caressed my breasts, "What are you?"

Again quietly, I answered, "Your bitch, Shanda."

"And what do you do?"

"Whatever you say, for Shanda must be obeyed."

She pinched my nipples and I let out an 'ouch' as she spoke, "Okay. I will swat your ass five times for every time you've disobeyed me since yesterday. Sound fair?"

I didn't answer. I was trying to deal with the pain on my nipples as well as pondering how to best answer the question. She gave me very little time, though, "Okay, how about six?"

"What?", I asked, thinking she was getting unfair and worrying. Well, more unfair and worried

"Then will seven suffice?", she asked as she let go of my nipples and picked up the yard stick again.

Still quietly, "Shanda, please, if you..."

She cut me off, "Eight?"

Quickly, as well as louder than I intended, "Yes, that's fair, Shanda. Eight!"

"Excellent.", she replied. She stepped to my side and closed the door. It pressed me back by my breasts a bit as it shut. She locked it, and I let out a loud breath in relief. She continued, "bitch, walk to the side of your desk and place each foot on the outside of each of the desks legs."

I got up and realized my knees were going to bruise. I stumbled over to the desk and put my feet on either side of the side I was facing. Shanda continued her instructions once I was there, "No, bitch, bend over your desk and grab the far corners."

I began to move some of the things on my desk, and Shanda made a fast movement I caught in the corner of my eye, since she was to my right. Immediately after the movement, I felt a sharp sting across my right butt-cheek and heard .Whoosh-wak!'. I cried out and grabbed my butt where it hurt, looking at Shanda in shock. Before I could think about it I squeaked, "That hurt!"

She held the yard-stick up with one hand and softly massaged my right breast with her other. She looked at me condescendingly, "Of course it hurt, it was a spanking. Not only that, it didn't count since you covered your butt and complained. It was for not doing what I said. I didn't say to clean off your desk, I told you to grab each corner of it. That earned you extra spanking,.

I hadn't imagined she would be this terrible. I was about to say something, but I started crying instead. I bent over the desk and cried harder. I tried to stop, but I felt so helpless that I just couldn't. Her hand was out of the way, and I was atop all the papers on my desk. I reached out for the corners of the desk and grabbed on tightly. Just that one swipe hurt enough. It was a mild burn, now, but I wasn't sure I could handle 8 more. That initial pain... 'Whoosh-WAK!', I heard, immediately before I felt the sharp sting on my other butt-cheek. I tried not to, but I shrieked. What would happen if someone was in the hall and heard?! I had to control myself! Just then, another whack. The same sound, the same pain, on the first cheek. That was shortly, too shortly, followed by another strike on the second cheek. Without time to react there was another strike on the first cheek again. I reacted before thinking. I shot up and put my hands over my butt. I looked at Shanda, the young girl I hated so much but was powerless to resist, "No, please! *sob* Please, Shanda!"

Sandra just giggled and carried on with the eight strokes. When the spanking was over I sobbed with releif. I never knew pain and humiliation could coexist so powerfully. Shanda said, "Stay there.", though I didn't have it in me to say anything in reply. My body was trembling. I was tired and upset and. Nobody had charged in trying to figure out what was making all the noises, so I was at least glad about that. I was also happy it was over. Shanda not stood behind me. I could hear her. She said, "I'm going to clean the welts. Don't move."

Something wet was being drawn across my butt. As soon as the cool sensation hit, another one hit with more force than it. Burning. Alcohol. My grip on the corners was strong again, and I shouted. I was tense, but certainly didn't want to have to get spanked again, and then try to make it through cleaning again. The worst part of it was that not only did she make me bleed now, but I would submit to it again if it meant keeping my job, career, and life. The cleaning didn't take long and the burning faded only a very small bit, so I cried onto the desk. Shanda said something and I felt her pulling me lightly from the desk. I was stood up and turned to face her. My sight was very bleary, but I saw her looking at me. She drew me into her embrace, and I didn't have the strength or will to resist. One of her arms were around me, the other stroked my hair. I cried onto her shoulder until I ran out of tears, and then I breathed heavily and sobbed. She spoke softly to me the whole time, telling me the pain will fade, hush, it's alright now. I might have hated her, but her comforting me was welcome anyway. It was surely better than anything else she had ever done to me.

She pulled me away from her and took a step back. I wanted to touch my butt and see what kind of damage was done, but worried it would just hurt it. She spoke to me in a soft voice, one that almost seemed caring, "I didn't enjoy doing that, but I had to. You were bad, and needed punished. I hope you learned your lesson. I would rather you just obey me and I won't have to punish you anymore. Here," She pulled out the two devices that controlled the vibrators and turned them on a low setting, "Maybe this will help you feel better."

She walked behind me, and I turned to watch her. The vibrators annoyed me at first but they were designed for this, and by the time she had sat in my chair they did give me a slight tingling sensation. She rolled her skirt up to her waist. She wasn't wearing any underwear, and tight little pussy was shaved just as cleanly as I was. She spread her legs and scooted her butt forward until she was sitting on the edge of my chair. A ball developed in my stomach. She was going to make me eat her pussy, like she made me say earlier. She made her intentions obvious in her standard, bossy voice, "I'm sure eating my hot little cunt will make you feel better, bitch. On your knees and come here."

Slowly, I got on my knees. They still hurt, and bending like that caused my butt to burn more. I crawled the several feet over to her and paused in front of her. I sat up on my knees and looked at her face, she grabbed the sides of my head and pulled my mouth to her outer cunt lips. The smell was strong. She was aroused. My mouth was being pressed against it. She seemed to lose patience and demanded passionately, "Eat my hot young cunt, bitch!"

I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out, into it. I began to lick around. Her pussy didn’t taste as sweet as Katelyn’s, but it tasted so fresh and her cunt was all slick and inviting. Shanda was scratching the back of my chair with one arm and lightly scratching my back with the other. She wasn't scratching hard enough to hurt, thankfully. In fact, the vibrators were beginning to work on me, and I soon enjoyed the vibrations deep in my cunt and ass.

I thrust my tongue deep into Shanda’s hot wet pussy and began to tongue fuck her. She groaned and I let my tongue slide out of her cunt home and flash over her firm little clit. Soon she began talking to me with her increased pleasure, "Yes, bitch! Eat you’re my tight cunt. Suck that clit... Oh, fuck! You're good at this bitch. Katelyn must have begged you for this shit."

I moaned at the mention of Katelyn’s name and Shanda increased the power of the vibrators. They were more potent than they had been before then, and my cunt and ass began to grab at the dildos as they vibrated more intensly inside me. It felt so fucking good.
I moaned into Shanda’s cunt as I licked and suck her cunt lips and clit. Then she arched her back and closed her eyes. She grabbed the sides of my head again, and began to grind her juicy cunt against my mouth fervently. She virtually humped her cunt back and forth over my mouth. She moaned loudly, and I knew she was about to cum.

Her thin young body trembled as she sslaped her cunt and clit at my mouth, "Keep eating, you fucking bitch! Don't stop until I tell you to!"

I let my tongue and teeth make contact with her throbbing clit, and then her back arched again and cum surged from her little cunt in one squirt after another. It was as if the girl had a virtual fountain of cum inside her hot little pussy. I was wild with lust finally wanting to taste her cum, to swallow her cum.

When Shanda finally released my face and kissed me, licking cum from my lips and chin she said, "I see your ass moving around, bitch. There's no denying you’re enjoying this, now!"

Her comment, at the very least, slowed down my approaching orgasm. I tried to get myself to stop gyrating with the), but I don't think I succeeded. She opened her shirt and began playing with her perky little breasts. She pinched and pulled her nipples in ways that looked like they hurt but she seemed to enjoy it. My orgasm was getting close, but she thrust my face back into her tight pussy and said “fuck me with your finger bitch!”

I slipped my middle finger deep into her virgin cunt and she began moaning again. I let my lips latch on to her hard little clit and sucked hard. Within minutes she started showing signs she was close to cumming again.

Then she smiled and reached out for the controls. Suddenly, the vibrators seemed to explode into action inside my cunt and ass. My clit felt as if it was so engorged it would explode. My orgasm accelerated towards me. She held my head where it was and shouted, "We're gonna cum together, your cfucking cunt bitch!"

Shanda began grinding my mouth against her clit as I slamed a second finger into her tight cunt hole. pulled and I groaned and moaned into it. Cum sluced from her teen cunt in the same instant I squirted cum with remarkable force around the dildo I was impaled on. I reached down and pulled hard on my throbbing clit nearly blacked out with my second climax

Finally Shanda she pulled up on my hair and commanded, "In my lap bitch!"

I was weak, but she maneuvered me to sit on her lap facing her, my legs through the arm rests. Where my butt touched her lap it hurt. She still had my hair, and she pulled me in to her. She kissed me deeply. I pretended she was Katelyn. The vibrators didn't give me long on whatever setting they were on before I orgasmed for the third time sending cum flowing over Shanda, tight little tummy. As the orgasm began, she pulled her hands into her sides, then grabbed my nipples. She pinched them hard. I saw an opportunity. I grabbed her nipples and pinched and pulled like she did to herself earlier. My orgasm faded and my initiative went with it. I stopped pulling on her nipples, even though she still pinched and pulled mine. I looked at her with obvious fear, moving around as she pulled my tits. Her look seemed to indicate she knew I was trying to hurt her, but wouldn't punish me for it so long as I let her continue with my breasts. She said flatly, as she twisted my nipples, "Orgasm again, bitch."

Breathing heavily, I said, "Fuck, I can't!"

"Why not, bitch?"

"It hurts!", I said it, but a few seconds later it happened anyway. I came hardwhile she pulled on my nipples. It did hurt, cum shot from my cunt anyway. As I did, the pain seemed less pain, more pleasure. The instant the orgasm began to fade, though, it was all pain again. She stopped playing with my nipples and turned off the vibrators. My holes felt fuzzy. She leaned me back against the desk and began to unstrap the harness. I was so happy, and I let it show. I smiled. The first time all day, I think. Soon, the harness was off, and she was pulling out the dildo. The dildo was on my desk, and she was pulling out the butt-plug. I was scared there might be a mess coming with it, but I was proven wrong. It looked clean, and my holes felt very empty.

"Kiss me.", Shanda said. I did it. It was a soft kiss on the lips, and she accepted it. I was quickly coming back to my normal state of mind. At least, the fuzz of orgasm was gone. She lifted me from her, and I stood watching her get up. She pulled her shirt closed and rolled her skirt back down, and soon she appeared normal. I never would. I was her bitch. Her plaything.

When she was done putting her clothes back on, she said, "You can wear only the skirt and shirt I got you until you get home. If you don't call my mother before five o'clock tonight to tell her you're coming to help me with my school work tomorrow, I'll make you suffer all next week."

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