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After settling in with her new family, Heather and Aaron become a bit more aquainted
Angie really hadn’t been lying when she told Heather her new stepfather was handsome, kind, and rich. If anything, she was underselling just how wonderful he was. He swept them up on a whirlwind of shopping sprees, eager to fulfill any need they had. Angie was enthusiastic about this, but Heather felt a bit strange having someone she’d just met spend so much on her, so George simply bought anything he caught her looking at.
They drove home with an abundance of new clothes, shoes, makeup, as well as new furniture for Heather’s room that would be delivered the following day. The last stop they made was to a pet store, where George insisted Heather pick out whatever puppy she wanted. Heather was hesitant at first, but he won her over.
“Your mother told me how much you’ve always wanted one dear,” he told her,”and I think a wonderful girl like you deserves anything she wants. Please pick one.” So as they drove home, Heather cuddled her new fluffy white puppy, feeling like a princess in some story book.
With the help of their housekeepers, Heather settled into her new home quickly, and soon grew comfortable enough to talk and laugh with George. She began school a few weeks after they moved in, and though her social anxiety kept her from making any real friends, she also wasn’t bullied or tormented as in her first school, so she considered it an improvement. Heather was quite surprised to discover that though these kids weren’t violent as her old school as been, they still smoke, drank, had sex frequently. Apparently money didn’t change much.
In some ways she was more lonely then before. Angie used to be her best friend, but now she was far too busy attending dinner parties with George. She rarely saw Aaron, who was always out partying with his friends. He frequently brought scantily clad women home to have loud sex, but made no attempt to touch or even speak to Heather since that first day. She learned to mimic what he’d done to her and masturbated frequently. It felt good, but never like he felt, and she never managed to bring herself to the brinks of an orgasm as he’d done.
She played with her puppy, whom she’d named Annie, taught her tricks, and earned good grades. Her life was as simple as before, but without the threats she’d feared she was mostly happy, if not a bit sexually frustrated.

One night Heather was having trouble sleeping, anxious over the birthday party her mother and George insisted on throwing for her. When she’d protested that she didn’t want one, didn’t have anyone to invite, George replied, “Nonsense, we’ll invite your whole school. How could a lovely sweet girl like you not have friends?” And with that the decision had been made. She was terrified to be the host of a huge party, and the worry kept her up all night.
After tossing and turning fitfully, she finally decided to get herself some cocoa and toast, a favorite treat from her childhood. She padded down the hall in a pair of pajama shorts and a tank-top. She was braless, sure no one would be awake to see her at three thirty in the morning, so when she heard her mother’s voice she froze, unsure what to do, afraid George might be with Angie. She couldn’t let him see her like this As she stood there debating wether to hide or simply go back to her room, she heard Angie’s voice again and realized it was coming from their bedroom, directly to her right. The door was slightly ajar, and from where she stood Heather realized she could see pale and bronzed flesh jamming together in a frenzy. Her mother moaned loudly, and George grunted in return.
Unable to resist, Heather tiptoed closer, leaning forward to peek in, and gasped. Her mother was on all fours, glorious in her nudity, with George positioned behind her, his hands grasping her hips as he thrust forward with such force that their whole bed shook.
“Oh yes George yes ” her mother moaned and panted, backing into him with each powerful stroke. Heather began to back away quietly, not wanting to be seen, when someone caught her arm in a steel like grip. Another hand clamped over her mouth before she could scream, and she heard Aaron’s seductive voice in her ear,
“You dirty girl,” he whispered as he pulled her limp body down the hall, “you like watching your mom get fucked huh?” Heather didn’t struggle, didn’t breathe. She was terrified but thrilled, throughout the months she’d waited for him to approach her again, though she’d never admit it to herself, and here he was, his hard body pressed against her as he half-carried half-dragged her to his room. Once inside he shut the door, released her and threw himself back on his bed. He was wearing nothing but a pair of pajama bottoms, and his tanned muscles gleamed in the light
Heather stood there uncomfortably, taking in the messy room, mostly clothes, rock posters, beer bottles. She spied a pair of red panties stuffed in the corner of the room, and then she felt her eyes being dragged back to him. He smirked at her from his bed.
“You’re more fucked than I thought,” he said, “watching your mom get railed. Did it turn you on?” Heather felt a wave of shame wash over her, and she bit her lip, willing the tears that stung her eyes to stay back.
“Maybe I should tell them about it tomorrow over breakfast.” he threatened mildly, clearly enjoying her anguish, and her eyes widened in horror.
“Please don’t.” she whispered helplessly, “I’m sorry. I am.”
“What are you gonna do to keep me quiet?”
“I..I don’t know...” she floundered, “What do you want?” Aaron sat up and stared at her hard, as if trying to read her mind.
“How the hell do you sound so fucking innocent?” he wondered, “I just caught you peeping in on our parents screwing, I’ve felt your pussy practically dripping in my hand. I’ve even seen you finger yourself.” She gasped at this, and he grinned lewdly.
“Yeah. You didn’t hear me open the door. I know you’re horny, I know you want a cock in you. But when you look at me like that and ask me what I want, somehow you still sound like a little girl. I don’t get it.” Heather wasn’t sure how to respond, and she didn’t think he expected an answer, so she remained silently and shifted uncomfortably.
“Come here Heather.” he said, and held his hand out. She hesitantly stepped forward, and he gripped her wrist, pulling her roughly into his lap. She could feel something hard and warm pressing against her bottom, and her breath accelerated as she waited, aching for him to slide a hand into her pajama bottoms, but instead he cupped her right breast in his hand, kneading and massaging it. The shock of his touch sent a tingle of pleasure through her skin, and she involuntarily arched her back, pressing further against him. Aaron brushed a finger over her nipple, which hardened instantly, and he quickly pulled the stretchy material of her shirt down, so her tiny breasts popped out. She gasped, waiting for him to express some disappointment at their small size, but instead he lowered his head to them, nuzzling each before taking a nipple into his mouth.
A moan escaped her when his tongue swirled around her nipple, then he bit down cruelly, and she cried out, the strange mixture of pleasure and pain so intense she felt dizzy. He moved to her other nipple and repeated the process, and by then Heather was gasping for breath, her mind begging him not to stop, but she couldn’t get the words passed her lips. Aaron pulled her around, so she was straddling him, and kissed her hard. Her lips were mashed against her teeth, and she’d never kissed anyone before, didn’t know what to do so she just stayed still as his mouth slanted against her, parting her lips for his tongue. It tasted like cigarette smoke and beer, smells she had always hated, but were somehow delicious on his tongue, she tried clumsily to match his movements with her own tongue.
He broke the kiss and bit the delicate skin of her neck, gripping her hips and thrusting his hard-on against her crotch. Heather moaned, beside herself as the sensation of him rubbing against her most sensitive area sent waves of pleasure rolling through her, and oh god it was just two thin pieces of fabric separating them. She was so hot, so wet down there, and for once her anxiety switched off, allowing her instincts to take over. She gripped his shoulders, squeezed her eyes shut and began rocking her hips back and fourth, reveling in the delicious friction as she ground herself against his lap.
She was vaguely aware of the tiny mewling moans that were pouring from her mouth, that she was digging her nails into his skin and panting, but she was too far gone to feel self conscious, only a deep burning need. She wanted more, so much more, but had no idea how to get it and frustration laced her moans with an urgency she couldn’t control.
This could have gone on forever, but she happened to open her eyes and catch his look of amusement as he studied her. She froze, coming to her senses and realizing what she was doing, overcome with embarrassment. Aaron’s green eyes drilled into her, and she got the distinct feeling that he was waiting for something, but she didn’t know what he wanted. The moment of abandon had passed for her, and she took her hands from his shoulders, perched awkwardly on his lap as the old feeling of unsureness took over.
“That’s it?” Aaron asked, sounding pissed, “Your just gonna clam up on me all the sudden?” She lowered her gaze, and he made a noise of disgust.
“Get the fuck off me then.” he pushed her, and she tumbled to the floor, her fall cushioned by the thick carpet. Heather scrambled to her feet, shaking with frustration.
“Get out, go.” his voice was cold, uncaring, and she turned to leave.
“And put your goddamn tits back in your shirt ” he yelled as she shut his door. She realized her shirt was still pulled down, yanked it up and ran to her room.


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Gunsmoke ending. -100 points.

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