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I was watching the video and my cock was just fucking throbbing. The girl was taking this huge cock up her ass. It was massive. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Inside my head I knew it was hitting her stomach, making all that cum and food inside her stomach jiggle. I couldn’t take it anymore.

I was 16 years old and greatly sexually frustrated. My ex of two years was very religious. She fed me the “not until marriage” crap for those two fucking years. I told her I’d do anything for her, even wait. What the fuck was I on? I can’t wait at all. I’m the most impatient man on the planet. We had our differences and I was free of her grasp, but I still hadn’t shoved my cock into a pussy.

I looked down at my 8 inch cock. It was massive compared to everyone else’s. When we would be alone and bored the subject of sex would come up and we’d end up flashing out hardon’s to one another. No I’m not gay, it’s just that curiosity got the best of us. That was around 4 years ago. It was still bigger then them, despite being about two inches smaller.

I looked down at my prized possession. A small glob of pre cum dribbled down it. I didn’t want to grab it and start to jack off. I wanted to grab it and shove it into a moist pussy and fuck the shit out of it. I signed and looked back at the computer screen, watching the small petite Puerto Rican digest the cock through her ass.

“Wow,” I heard a voice say.

My eyes widened and I turned towards the direction from where I heard. My sister stood there in a green tank top and sweats and store for a second. She had a serious look on her 17-year-old face. She was a year and a half older then me. That means at one time I was 15 and she 17. I could never truly catch up with her, but I was much bigger then her physically.

She was out of their in a flash and I just stood up. I xed out of the movie and threw my cock under my shorts. What the fuck was I going to do? The first thing that came to my mind was to confront her. I dashed out my room and down the end of the hallway to hers. As I approached her door, I stopped and listened.

“You look like you just saw a ghost,” I heard a different voice say.

Great, her friend Sarah was over. Fuck I said to myself as I stood outside the closed door. What if she tells?

“I feel light headed,” I heard my sister say.

“Carmen” Sarah said with some concern. “Do you want a glass of water or something?”

I can only bet that my sister nodded. I heard some footsteps approaching the door. I turned around and found the nearest door next to me, which led to a small closet containing useless shit. I opened it up and pretended to search around. Carmen’s door opened and out came Sarah. I turned my head and she stopped as she spotted me.

“Marc,” she called my name. “Get your sister a glass of water. I think she’s sick”

I nodded for some reason. I closed the door to the closet and slowly started to walk away. Sarah explained to Carmen what I was doing as she walked into the room, not shutting the door. I walked down the stairs and looked around. It was a warm Saturday morning and it was off to a crappy start. Picking up a glass, I put it under the faucet and let it fill up. Turning off the faucet, I started up the stairs again, but very slowly.

I got to her room, where I could only see her dresser and mirror from my standpoint. I knew if I walked in, off to the left I’d see my sister and Sarah. I decided to speak as I walked in.

“Here,” I said slowly as I walked in with the glass extended.

To my expectation there sat my sister on the edge of the bed. Sarah was sitting Indian style with a confused look on her face. I took a good look at Sarah. Being about 5’7” or so, she was a lot bigger then my sister. Even though my sister was basically the same size, Sarah was a lot fuller. Her breasts were around some C cup and she looked really healthy. Compared to my sister who was super skinny. My sister had a 32 B cup (I had seen it as we did laundry) and was skimpy all around.

Our eyes connected and there was some hostility as I handed her the cup. I stood there for a second as she threw her brown hair out of her way and took a sip.

“People usually say thanks,” I commented.

My sister looked up with me with some confusion in her eyes.

“Yeah,” she said. “Thanks.”

I turned around and just walked out of there. I kept the door open and went back to the closet and pretended to be looking for something. I listened on.

“What happened?” Sarah asked. “You look soooo pale.”

“Nothing,” Carmen said. “My head just went numb.”

“Maybe you shouldn’t have come to practice this morning,” Sarah said. “Okay, I have to get going. Promise me you’ll call me if anything else happens?”

I heard a yes from Carmen and heard Sarah coming my way. She walked by me and said bye. I replied back with a see you later. As she walked down the stairs, I looked at her ass though the creases in her sweatpants. My cock slowly started to grow a bit. I heard the door shut, and I turned around and walked into Carmen’s room and shut the door.

“Don’t you ever knock?” I started off with the classic line as she sat on the bed. “I mean what the he---“

She cut me off with something that totally took me by surprise.

“You have a huge cock!” she exclaimed.

I stood there stunned from the words my sister had just uttered. She still held the cup in her hand as she looked at me with her brown eyes.

“Really big,” she said taking a sip of water.

What the hell was I supposed to say? I just stood there and looked at her wide eyed as she stared back.

“How big is it?” she asked me.

“What the fuck?” I asked her very annoyed. “I have no fucking idea! What the fuck is wrong with you?”

I had lied, but she was asking me the most inopportune questions possible.

“Don’t worry,” she said. “I won’t tell a single soul.”

“Good,” I said with a sigh of relief, starting to clench my fist.

It was awkward and I started to turn around before she stopped me.

“What were you watching?” she asked me.

“What the hell is it to you?” I asked.

“Don’t be such a little bitch,” she replied back looking at me. “A little bitch with a big cock.”

Oh my god I thought to myself as I looked at my sister. Was she happy or proud that I had a big cock? I kept staring at her as she put the glass on the night table next to her and then slid into the middle of the bed, where she spread her legs.

“Remember when we’d practice on each other?” she asked me.

I vaguely remember the days when we were around 8 or 9 and would practice kissing one another as they did on TV. It was just sheer curiosity. We’d slowly move into the sexual region where we’d explore our sexuality. I’d show her my small little cock and balls and she’d show me her little beaver. I’d kiss it and actually put my finger in her slit. She’d complain that she wanted to do the same, so I let her put a finger in my ass. I secretly liked it and I’d so the same to her ass, but after some time we parted away from it all.

“Yeah,” I said, nodding to her. “What about it?”

“I liked that,” she told me. “We’d do it when we were bored, have fun, and continue on with everything else.”

I looked at her and my cock slowly started to grow from the thought of everything she had just said. She patted the spot in front of her, motioning me to sit down. I did as asked and stared at her. I made myself comfortable as she started to check me out and I did the same.

Her hair was down to her shoulders, and just a little bit more. It was beautifully even. I looked at her chest and noticed the small breasts that hid underneath her tank top. Her body had no curves, but I was fine with that. She has a nice plump little ass, I knew that for sure. All her little baby fat would be stored up in there. I remember it all the way back to the days we’d fool around with each other.

“Here,” she said getting up onto her feet on the carpet. “Let’s measure your cock.”

I didn’t seem to fight the idea. I sat there as she walked towards her dresser and opened some doors. I thought she was looking for a ruler, and indeed she was. She pulled out of there and looked at me. She tossed it into the bed as I picked up the cold metal ruler and stared at it. She, on the other hand, went to the door and locked it. She turned around and came my way.

“You did fuck Jenn,” she asked me, “right?”

“Naw,” I said trying to act cool in front of her.

“You guys were practically married,” she said. “And you never fucked her?”

I shook my head again, kind of down on the idea that I exposed myself as a virgin to my sister.

“Don’t worry,” she said. “I’ve never seen a cock besides yours.”

I was so fucking stunned. I looked at my sister. From time to time I thought she’d be sucking one of her boyfriends cocks in the middle of the driveway, drinking their hot cum, and running upstairs to write it in her diary. Hell, I thought she’d been gang banged. Then I remembered she was my shy older sister that was only who she was because she liked to dance and had an innocent face.

“You got me,” I told her. “I thought you sucked guys off for free and shit.”

“Idiot,” she said as she laid down on her stomach in front of my legs. “I’m not a slut.”

I could agree with that as she looked at me. She grabbed the ruler out of my hands and then looked at me.

“Well show it to me,” she ordered as she got propped up.

I got into my knees and slowly pushed down my shorts along with my boxers. My cock flung out immediately, but it wasn’t hard at all. My shirt hung over it, but I pulled it up as I stared down at my semi-hard semi-flaccid cock.

“Awww,” she said in an innocent voice. “It’s so cute. It looks just like it did when I first saw it.”

She reached out and grabbed it lightly. With her petite little hands, she pulled the foreskin back (I wasn’t circumcised) and stared at it. Slowly she brought the ruler up with her left hand and put at the base of my cock.

“5 inches flaccid,” she announced looking up at me. “I popped my cherry with the end of a hair brush, and that was about 4 inches.”

I thought she might be implying that she wanted me to shove it inside of her.

“When’d you do that?” I asked her, bothered by holding the shirt, which led to me completely taking it off.

“Like,” she said as she slowly started to move her hand back and forth. “5 or 6 years ago almost.”

I looked down at her and noticed my small little spiked pubes. I had trimmed them a while ago, but it looked like I needed another go at them.

“What else have you shoved in there?” I asked her as my cock slowly started to grow.

‘Stuff,” she replied, trying to think back. “The end of a screw driver once, that little mini flash light for finding the screws. A lot of stuff from the workshop. I sometimes use pickles and stuff too.”

I looked down at her with my jaw dropped. She was never this talkative and I never had any idea she was this kinky. I was amazed at what she was telling me as she looked up at me with a smile.

“What?” she asked with her beautiful smile. “I’d like to have some fun too.”

“I think you’re having all the fun,” I said as I slowly brought my hand to her hair and played with it.

“I think you need some motivation,” she said, not replying to my last comment.

With that she got up and slowly pulled the green tank top over her head and tossed it to the side. I could see her small breasts poked out. They were round, like a perfect circle. In fact they were just attached to her chest as if God had done it himself. I stared at her rib cage, which wasn’t as bony as I thought it once. She has a small curve around her stomach, but that was because it was way too thin. I looked at her naval area and looked up at her face.

“That’s a lot of motivation,” I said as she stood on her knees.

I towered over her by a 6 or 7 inches. She stared back at me with me with her smile and looked down at her tits. Slowly my cock struck gold and stuck out its full potential. She smiled and looked down at my cock. She grabbed it and slowly put her hand on it and slowly gave me a nice, smooth hand job. She got herself into a comfortable position on her tummy and elbows and just slowly jacked me off.

“Do you like it?” she asked as she kept going at a nice, slow speed.

“I love it,” I told her as I reached under her hand and played with my balls a little bit.

It was her hand that replaced my hand at the balls. She slowly played around with them in her palm as I looked down at her. She kept going at the same speed that put a big, giant smile on my face.

“I loved doing this to you when you were little,” she said as she kept palming my balls.

I was in heaven as she kept going at it. Then out of the blue she stopped. She looked up at me and gave me a strange little smile. Picking up the rule she put it right next to my cock and measured from the base.

“8 and a quarter inches,” she said looking up at me. “Holy shit!”

She put the ruler on the side of the bed and leaned in and kissed the head of my dick. It kind of caught me by surprise. She stood up on her knees, reached for her tank top and put it on. She repositioned her perfect breasts and looked at me. She bent down and slowly pushed my cock down as she pulled my shorts up. I didn’t have a word to say.

“We’re going to Walgreens,” she announced.

“But why?” I asked her, wanting to take my cock out.

“Need some stuff,” she explained to me.

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