James answers the call of duty.
Chapter 6

“Lisa! Put the weapon down!” James demanded; the nympho was crazy if she thought Link could take that like a man.

“What weapon?” Lisa asked, honestly puzzled.

“That!” James pointed to the boa constrictor sized toy.

“Oh, you like that?” patting it like a puppy, “Just got it today.” Lisa said proudly.

“Ok, what were you planning to do with that thing?” James asked, disgruntled from his interruption.

“I told him I had a surprise for him.” Lisa said, slinging her gargantuan toy over her shoulder. “I pulled this out of my drawer and Link was gone.”

James sighed, “Lisa, there is no possible way you are going to get that up his ass.” thinking how grateful he was not to be Lisa’s slave.

Lisa looked at James funny, “What? I wasn’t going to fuck his ass with it! I want him to fuck my pussy with it!” she huffed, wondering how he came up with such a silly thought.

Link seemed to calm down hearing that. “Is she always… you know… like that?” he asked.

James chuckled, “I think she sleeps sometimes.” looking back at Lisa, “Where in the world were you able to find a pink collar?”

Lisa smiled at that, “I took it off my teddy bear.” sitting on the bed, “I’m shopping for a leash tomorrow.” giddy just thinking about it. “You think he’d look good with pink hair?”

“Well, you just got the boy toy and it seems to me that you should just start off slow. I mean, break him in a little at a time.” James reasoned, “He is a little… intimidated by your… affections.” James struggled to find the words that would keep Lisa from kicking his shins again.

“Whoa, I was going easy on him. I haven’t whipped him or anything.” Lisa defended; “Although he deserves it for running away.” she reasoned and would think about it later.

Ying came into the room from the bath, at least she was dry, which is more than James could say for himself, and sat down beside Lisa. Eyeing, the beast of a toy she said, “You horny all time.” shaking her head.

“Lisa, men have egos and you’ve already bruised Link’s enough for one day.” James explained.

Lisa again looked puzzled, “I haven’t done anything to him yet! Hell, he hasn’t even eaten me out yet.” Lisa retorted.

James sighed, “Look, you have him wearing pink fingernail polish, a pink collar, and a pink butt plug. You even want him to have pink hair. A man has his masculinity you know?”

“Oh, he got butt plug too?” Ying asked, thrilled she wasn’t the only one to like them and made an effort to look.

“Yes he does, and when he saw Lisa pulling out that… that… monster, he thought she was going to use it on him.” James explained.

“Ah, no wonder he holler help.” Ying said in revelation. “It look painful.” grabbing an end of the over-sized salami.

“I wasn’t going to hurt him! I swear.” Lisa argued, “I just wanted him to give me some attention, that’s all.”

James didn’t really think Lisa would hurt him intentionally, but Link didn’t know that for sure. “Tell you what; you guys need to come up with a safety word; that way, he and you will know when too far is too far.” James explained. “Pick a color or something… Not pink.” he said, watching Ying rub the rubber head of the beast on her slit.

Lisa gave that some thought, “Ok, like in the stories we translated. How about grape, I hardly ever say that?”

James didn’t care, whatever it was, “It works as long as you both know that once the word is said, you need to cease and desist.” He add, “And don’t use it unless it as absolutely necessary either.”

Link watched Ying for a moment, and then looked around the room, “Are you guys always naked like this?” fooling with the tight collar he sported.

James and Lisa both laughed, “I was in the shower when you interrupted my cleaning.” James said, “My good servant here was tending to my… needs.” which made Ying smile.

Link mulled that over, “Oh… Oh! Sorry about that.” looking at Ying, “Is she… nice?”

James got the hint, “She is a virgin for right now. Although she probably wouldn’t be if you hadn’t knocked on the door.” James frowned.

“Oof, gee, I’m sorry mister.” Link said meaningfully.

“My name is James, you can call me that.” James informed him while shaking his hand, “This is my companion, Ying Chung. She is mine so no bright ideas ok?” James finished, smiling while tightening his grip.

“Yes sir, I understand completely.” Link pulled his aching hand back and shook life back into it.

“Look, I still need to train him on sucking my pussy. James, could you give him a demonstration?” Lisa asked, looking at Ying smiling. “Ying wouldn’t mind, would you?

Ying stopped stroking her slit with the toy, “What? I like it lots.”

James didn’t know if she meant giving or receiving but he settled on both. Since it was in his nature to help, he decided Ying could wait a bit since she waited this long and, always the gentleman, accepted the task of helping out. “Ok, you two lay crossways on the bed. Link and I will eat the both of you out.”
The girls fell back on the bed and scooted to the edge. Spreading their legs, Link perked up at the view.

James chuckled at his interest, “Ok, no teeth. Lick from rear to front one time.” James instructed.

Since Ying was off limits, he knew right where to go. Dropping down between Lisa’s spread legs; he stuck his tongue out and did as directed. Finishing at the top, he savored the taste, “Wow that sure tasted awesome!” smacking his lips.

“Ok, now do that to Ying.” James instructed, waiting to see the timid one’s reaction.

“Um, are you sure?” he asked, wondering if it was a trap.

“Just this one time though. You might never taste another virgin again.” James explained.

Link reluctantly settled between Ying’s legs. Once more, he started at the back and licked up to the top of the slit. Smacking his lips more, “Oh my God!” Link looked up; eyes wide and James put his finger over his lips to shut the boy up before he said something he would regret.

“Both of them tasted great!” Link said, giving James a wink. James nodded his approval over Link’s smart statement. Even though one tastes no better than another, the new pussy smell adds to the delicacy.

“Hey, one lick isn’t going to cut it.” Lisa said, frustrated. “Yeah, more please.” Ying piped in, wiggling in anticipation.

James shooed Link off of his smorgasbord and crawled in to take his place. “Watch this!” he exclaimed and set to work on Ying.

James started on an inside leg, nibbling and sucking down to a pussy lip. Taking it in, he tugged a little then worked his way in and over to the other pussy lip. Finishing there, he nibbled and sucked his way up the other inside leg. “See, you get the pussy warmed up like that.” James explained. “It gets the girl all hot and bothered.”

Link nodded and started in on Lisa’s inside leg, working his way to her pussy lips. He sucked in a lip and lingered there a little. Working to the middle, he lapped over on her hole, taking what Lisa had leaked out and headed for the other lip.

Lisa knew the gig and grabbed a fistful of his sandy hair, “I don’t need warmed up, get to sucking.” holding him in place.

‘So much for training’ James thought and went to work on his own honey hole.

Lisa did her own instructing and Link seemed to catch right on. The instructions died down and moaning took over.

Lisa was obsessed with Ying but to have her own personal cock was more than she expected. She had serious plans for him now. Now if she could just get him in that one spot right… there! “Oooh! That’s it.” she moaned.

Ying was feeling her master’s touch, he was quite an expert. He handled her so well; it was like he was made for her. His nose on her clit, his tongue in her virgin hole, and his hands on her breasts where working their magic, bringing her to the point where, just days before, she didn’t know existed.

Link took a lesson from his new idle, James. Placing his hands up, he managed to caress the breasts of the most fascinating woman he had ever met in his life. Just the thought of having his hands, finally, on nipples excited him to no end. To add to that wonderful revelation, she was gorgeous. His life was without such rarity. Girls her type was above his approach and often found only in his fantasies.

James lost himself in his work; his world shrank to the lusciousness of Ying’s loins. The thought of taking this girl was slowly driving him mad. He wanted it; he craved it; and, of course, he tasted it. The last and only virgin that he had deflowered only fueled his desire to take his own little angel’s gift she was so willingly ready to give him. His thoughts brought his passion high; about eight inches high to be exact and he fought the urge to take her right now.

Lisa eased up on Link’s hair and let him work on his own. He knew what buttons to push now so she just grinded her cunt in his face. Her fantasy started with Link on the beach, wearing a tight and thin pink thong. He would do all of her bidding, in front of an ocean background, without question. Her grinding turned to humping, jerking up then settling down. Once Link had adjusted to her way of thinking her speed increased even more.

Ying felt her tremors coming quite often, given by a man she adored. She knew what her master meant; she would have to share him with others. But home is where the heart is and she was sure to be part of his. So what if others received similar treatment, surely they didn’t receive better. Love and lust where two different things, so they could keep all of the lust. His love she would claim for her own. She craved the moment his manhood would bless her with true maturity, making her equal with anyone else he had bedded. For now she would settle on his working tongue if only he would… Yes! Right there!

Ying was the first to skyrocket, her hand grabbed Lisa’s and squeezed. She passed her passion on and Lisa took the ride with her, holding on to Ying’s little hand. Both bucked up to the mouths that serviced them, releasing their fluids to the men that earned it.

To James, it was sweet success. Ying gave him what he wanted. Her gush told him that he had serviced her well. They mixed with his sweat and rolled down to his sex. Her quivers felt exquisite with the knowledge that he had brought them forth. Her soft young body melted in his hands, telling him his work, for now, was done.

To Lisa, it was a promise, a promise of more to come. She gave her young charge the essence of her being, bathing him in liquid passion he so diligently worked out of her…

Bah, just who are we kidding here? She drowned the poor bastard, plain and simple. From the hair on his head to the hair on his crotch the male virgin who, for the first time in his young life, tasted a real live pussy was soaked and soaked thoroughly by it.

Link’s first few words from seeing the wonders of a woman were not a philosophical revelation. No, it was merely three words that he would find himself saying more than he would ever have guessed.

“What the fuck?” spilled from the lips of Link as he ogled at his own dripping body.

James wiped his chin and glanced at the soggy form of Link, “She squirted on you. That means you did a really nice job. Congratulations!” he chuckled.

“Never heard of it.” Link admitted, using his fingers for windshield wipers and scraping off the cream from his eyes. “But I must have done an awesome job!”

Lisa sat up to see just what kind of meat he was packing, “You going to play with that or are you going to stick it in?” she asked, staring at his seven inch stick, wondering if the color of pink could be done in tattoo ink.

“I got ya, don’t worry about that.” Link said, shaking the shock out of his head while Lisa went back down.

James stood up and prepared to do the same, nestling himself between the little vixen’s legs he was recently sucking on.

“Damn man, you could hurt somebody with that!” Link stated, looking at James’ blessings.

James, keeping his temper, just looked menacingly at the male sex toy then turned back to his task.

Link lined up to Lisa and rubbed himself on her sex, “This is going to be great! I’m going to make this last forever!”

Lisa frowned at her toy, “It won’t be if you don’t hurry up and stick it in.”

Link shrugged his shoulders and made the plunge. The sensation struck him as Lisa’s sex wrapped around his manhood. Hot, wet, and cozy came to his mind for the first experience being inside a woman.

James asked, “Ying, this alright with you?” rubbing himself on her.

Ying looked up at the man towering over her, “Yes master. Please.” and a knock sounded on the door.

James was shaken from hearing it. Walking over close to the door, “Who is it?” he demanded.

“It’s Miss Plenart, James. Might I have a word?” a voice unfamiliar to James replied.

James huffed and opened the door, but only a little crack, “Yes?” he asked, impatience dripping from the word.

“Oh, yes, is it possible to borrow Ying for a little while?” she asked, trying to peek around the crack.

James recognized the lady from her asking him if Ying did massages, “She’s rather busy at the moment.” he sounded out his frustration.

“Oh, do tell her I’m hoping to spend some time with her.” She countered.

James shook his head while the slaps of Link’s efforts resounded in the room and said, “I don’t think that’s possible Miss...”

“Why? You loaned her to that girl Lisa.” she said with a huff, daring him to say no.

‘The audacity of this woman!’ James fumed, “I’m not loaning her out anymore.” and slammed the door in her face.

Grumbling back to his workstation, he didn’t know if he was mad at the old woman or himself. Cathleen told him he shouldn’t have done it after all. Now he knew why.

His thoughts dissipated however, as he focused on his task. Ying brought him back to the desire he had just looking at her in waiting. He scooted around the backside if Link, happily thrusting away.

Stepping up to the plate of deliciousness before him, he readied for the bliss ahead. Rubbing his cock once more on the virgin slit then popped his head in the entrance. She was extremely tight and he feared he couldn’t enter. Ying grimaced at his advance and he eased his pressure.

Thinking some lubrication was in order, he remembered the warming gel. Pulling back out, he reached in the drawer and retrieved his saving grace. Turning around to get on with the deed, the intercom sounded beside him. Had the I.D. displayed anything else, he would have just ignored it. But it said CS04 and he knew it was Spencer.

Picking up the phone he quickly said, “Yes?” and listened to his boss’ demand.

“James? I need you up here right now.” sounded upset.

James sighed and asked, “What’s the problem? You in trouble?” thinking she had a security team for a reason.

“The girls are fighting James. One is a virgin and the other isn’t.” she tried to explain.

“Spank their asses and send them to bed.” James simply solved that issue. Perhaps it was his frustration but normally he wouldn’t be so cruel.

huffed over the phone, “That isn’t going to cut it. Get your ass up here right now and fuck Jack.” She ordered.

James looked at Ying in dismay. His advances would go to another. All he could do was shake his head, torn between the virgins. Not many men were in his position. None, he knew of, would contemplate a refusal of such a demand. Never biting the hand that feeds you came to mind and he relented.

Covering the phone, James looked at Ying, “Honey, the boss wants me.” and left it at that.

Ying knew the demand, hearing her through the phone, “Go fuck Jack. She mad, I know.” taking one on the chin for the team, turning her head to the wall.

James looked at the clock on his phone before throwing it in his pocket. Seven forty five meant the night was still young and he could possibly have them both. Grabbing his keycard, he tapped the still bucking Link on the shoulder.

“Hands off!” pointing at Ying, “Pound pound!” James growled, making a fist and punching his hand. “Lisa, watch her for me, I’ll be back.” turning to the nymph beside them.

He reached down and kissed Ying, pulling her attention away from the wall, “I’m so sorry honey. I’ll make it up to you.” And she nodded that she understood.

Rising back up, James couldn’t resist, and yanked the pink butt plug out of Link on an outstroke. Tossing the plug on the dresser, he ran out the door and closed it. He could hear Lisa scream, “Not yet! Not yet!” on the other side of the door.

James made his trek to Cathleen thinking about Ying. Odd he hadn’t wanted her sexually before and had every opportunity to take her. Now that he did want her, everything fought to keep him from taking her.

The elevator opened and James headed for the bedroom he was last in. Cathleen was there in her computer chair, he assumed, working on something.

Playing his designated roll, he greeted her with, “Mistress.”

“James, thank God you’re here.” she replied, pressing a button on her remote on the desk. Jill came to the door wearing her maid outfit. Cathleen glancing her way, “Get Jack please.” she asked. “Thank you for coming so quickly.”

James thought the choice wasn’t his but was glad she was pleased. “What started this mess?” he wondered aloud.

Cathleen sighed, “Well, Jack was making fun of Jill for walking funny. Jill got upset and rubbed the fact that Jack was still a virgin and she wasn’t in her face. It escalated from there.”

“I guess I hadn’t thought of that myself.” James admitted, although women usually didn’t fight over something that personal. He guessed with twin sisters, one couldn’t outdo the other without some ramifications.

Jack entered the room, dressed in her maid outfit he had given her. “James is here for you. Why don’t you two take care of your issue?” Cathleen started.

Jack seemed surprised. James realized she had no idea her mistress had called him. “I would be honored to service you Jacqueline, if you would have Me.” he said, bowing to the lady in question.

Jack lit up like a Christmas tree, “Really? Right now?” she gasped, in awe of the prospect.

“If it pleases the maiden, I am yours.” James responded, holding out his hand for her.

Jack was elated and tried to fit into the role James set forth for her, “It… pleases me.” taking his hand.

James smiled down on her and asked, “How may I serve you Jacqueline?” dropping to a knee.

“Could you, you know, do me like Jill?” she asked nervously, looking into his eyes.

“It would be my pleasure to revel in your maidenhood” James stated with sincerity, “and bring forth a woman of such beauty.” kissing the back of her hand. “You may choose your preferences and I will accommodate you to the best of my ability.”

Jack had never been courted by a man before. Such language was only in novels and fairy tales, in her years of experience. With no boys present in her world of existence for more than two years, she made do with what was offered, deeming the alternative was out of the question. Now, the chance at the opposite sex had been presented to her and the concept was highly appealing.

“Would you mind if we did it outside?” she asked, bringing up a fantasy she once had.

James was taken aback somewhat as he hadn’t had that experience, “I am at your mercy, do you have a place in mind?” hoping sprinklers on the golf course wouldn’t kick in or other such crazy thoughts.

“The sun is setting and I wanted to watch. Could we do it on the balcony?” Jack asked, hoping it wasn’t too much of a request.

James was grateful he would be spared the grass stains and itching and smiled at the simple request, “I am yours, body and soul, on the balcony overlooking the sunset.” and stood up to follow her there.

James remembered the cameras and one was focused on the balcony. He made a phone call to security and had Niles record the events for Jack. He had already had them do the same for Jill and this would be perfect for the twins to remember the moment. As with Jill, nobody else should be able to watch them besides the masturbating security guards of course.

The fading sun was casting long shadows at the pair while they entered from the hallway. It looked to be a beautiful sunset once again. James noticed the waterproof seat covers and dropped them down on the patio. Jack went to the railing to gaze at the descending sun.

James sat on his knees and waited for her on the patio cushions. Not hearing anything behind her, Jack turned her head to see him there. Turning to face him she said, “Its beautiful here.” and entered his open arms.

She was extremely timid, her lack of experience shown through. James decided a kiss might settle the jitters she had in her stomach. Bringing her up to his mouth, he kissed her tenderly at first. She pecked him back but lacked the knowledge of tonguing. James introduced his and she let him enter.

Jack was struck by the passion in James, his mouth played with hers lustily. Not knowing the ways of such passion, she was reluctant to his advances but soon remembered such a kiss. Bringing to mind a movie she saw, the tongue entered her mouth with her consent. His contact on her tongue inflamed her body, her mind, and even her soul.

James felt the virgin melt in his arms, giving him control of her destiny. Brushing her blouse down off her arms, he kissed her open neck. Going to work removing her clothes, he continued his kissing on each piece of skin exposed. His final kiss caressed the middle of her pubic hair as she stood to remove her short skirt.

James stood up and removed his sweats, exposing his tool for the task. He watched as the breeze caressed her nipples and brought them to perky stiffness. Pulling her into him, he laid backwards with her in his arms. Making sure she could see the sun as it faded from the day. Positioning her on his crotch, he felt his cock slip between her cunt lips.

She wanted to time this perfectly; she knew the timing of the night. Rocking on the manhood below her, she built her passion high. James gave lead and let her control the friction between his legs. The more she rubbed the harder he became, feeling the fluids of her virginity wetting his shaft.

Jack raised her hands and combed through her hair, pausing on the nape of her neck. Glancing down at the huge hunk of a man willing to make her a woman, “I’m almost ready.” she whispered with a sigh and rocked a little faster.

James raised his hands and caressed her breasts while she grinded on his manhood. The sun faded further and left a beam pointed on the pre-copulating couple. His caress turned stronger and he kneaded her mounds of flesh.

The time was upon her, she knew it was near. She lifted up and placed his head on her entrance, bouncing a little to get it in. Her hips circled around; waiting for the moment she had chosen to become a woman. Placing her hands on the inside of her lap, she watched the shadows take over their bodies.

As the sunbeam followed the rest of the light, bringing darkness upon them, Jack took her moment of well-planned timing and stabbed herself upon the man’s woman maker. The floodlights on the balcony kicked on at the same time her hymen was broken. Impaled upon James’ hardened phallus, she rested with the lights illuminating her occasion while riding the pain from her plunge.

James was amazed at the impeccable timing; the lights struck them in yellow as Jack lost her flower before they could be wrapped in darkness. Her tightness engulfed him and he let her rest on his pedestal for as long as she desired. Her legs were quivering, ever so slightly, ceasing and starting in randomness. She made no sound from the impact received but pain had stricken her face.

Jack gasped for a minute, adjusting to girth, and then slid down slowly on the pole of destruction. Once rested upon the man that ruined her, she took another moment to adjust. While she was there she giggled a little of the pride she had from the accomplishment. “Wonderful!” she exclaimed at the feelings she felt as the pain eased up from her.

James watched the innocence leave her face as lust was taking over. She raised herself then lowered again, testing the new found depths. It wasn’t long until she did it faster and giggled a little more. Her heat from her sex brought James from his stupor and he watched her hump with zest. “Well done!” James exclaimed and boosted her ego while she rode him further and faster.

She rode him into her first orgasm as a woman then shuddered to a stop. Tired from her efforts, she collapsed on James and he held her while she recovered. Kissing her on top of the head, he asked, “Are you ready for more?” Begging for just one more minute, he let her pant on his chest.

James caught Cathleen in the breezeway, her hands clasped together, brought to her chin, and a tear of joy in her eye. He wondered if she didn’t consider the twins as her own children with the affection she sometimes displayed. At least she has a heart which is more than some bosses do. He may not consider her within his grasp but he hoped he was somewhat close to her heart himself. She meant more to him than some friends after all. She stepped back into shadow, noticing James eyes upon her.

Jack rose up and squeezed James with her cunt. He hadn’t lost countenance and was ready when she was. Giving him a nod, James carefully spun her around and then stood up, leaving her grasping the wide guard rail. She settled across the stone slab, looking down four stories below her.

The young filly was in position to get the first hard fucking from a man. But James took it slow and easy at first, waiting to build his speed. Sliding his weapon into her sheath, he buried himself deep. Once his pelvis touched her ass, he grinded around in a circle. “You’ve almost taken all of me, how does it feel?” he asked, wanting to heighten her passion.

Gritting her teeth and sucking in air, “Tight!” was all she could say. James urged her to spread her legs, giving him more room to maneuver. He claimed she would feel his testicles smacking against her clit. She hadn’t thought it would be important until he did it a little hard one time. The smack rattled her, goose bumps broke out all over, and the reverberation on her breast scraped her nipples a little across the smooth stone slab.

James felt his affects upon her and smiled, knowing she enjoyed his play. This girl spent her time in bed as the dominate one between her lover. But James was set to show this woman what it meant to be a man. He thrust himself into her and then he thrust again, the third thrust brought her quivering into the palms of his hands. Allowing her the moment he asked, “Are you ready to take a man?”

She moaned on the slab that held her, realizing the force of his impacts. Nothing has given her this sensation and nothing else probably will. Her ego had built over the time she had spent in the bed of her mistress lover. She was going to be a woman regardless of pain or penalties, so he might as well do his worse. “Give it to me.” She said and braced for his onslaught of lust.

James started slow once again, letting her juices build. When he felt her settle with the pace they were at he sped up to nearly double. The tightness eased just a little but the woman still clamped on him with each thrust. He monitored her breathing, trying to keep her from overload. She adapted after a time and he let himself go full speed.

Jack looked over the ledge and with a little imagination, pretended she flew while James pounded her in the air. His thrusts were deep and powerful and his balls struck her sensitive spot. Thank God the ledge was there or she would have fallen from the lack of control. Her passion was building beyond belief. She shook from the impacts he gave. “Fuck me!” she screamed at the starlit night, knowing she was on more than one ledge.

James felt her passion near to bliss and thanked his lucky stars. The tightness from her broken sex was way too much to fight. He hunched a little closer, narrowing his distance in thrusts. Her scream demanding him to do his best fucked his mind which controlled his body. Keeping a hold so she wouldn’t fly away, he reached with a hand to her neck. Upon her legs faltering, he scratched her lightly down her back to the nape of her ass while she shook. His seed was rocketing in her and splashed from the impacts between them. He screamed a beastly scream into the new night air and after a moment came down to grunts to finish his lust in her new cunt.

Jack and Jill may have gone up a hill but this Jack had fallen right off. The beastly scream had filled her ears as she took him with all of his force. The scratch he placed upon her back forced her to arch up high. It made her pussy spasm and her own stars filled her eyes. The waves of fluids from his loins had spilled out on her legs. The stream had added to her lust as it trickled down to her knees. She felt herself once again rising to orgasm with his cock still pounding and spurting in her.

James had the fortitude to continue as he felt her tense once again. He was almost finished but he knew his cock would stay hard enough to give her one more ride. Feeling her orgasm through his appendage, he smacked her lightly on the ass. “That’s it girl. You take that cock!” and smacked her again on the ass.

Jack was stuck, she couldn’t come down. She froze where she was as James pounded her sex and smacked her ass. The sensations were incredible as she was fucked into oblivion. Finally, after her longest orgasm, she was able to relax. The blood that rushed to her loins left her head shortchanged and she fainted on the downward path, leaving her lifeless on the slab.

James had the same sensation, fucking so long after orgasm. He panted in the oxygen needed and kept from passing out. His cock had lost the life it had and slipped from its tight imprisonment. Standing up to see his work, he noticed she wasn’t moving.

With serious concern he stepped to her side and looked at the maiden made woman. “Jack?” he called but got no response so he checked on her vitals. She was breathing but lacked the conscience to give any sort of reply.

Cathleen approached, just as concerned, and checked on her servant. “You think she’ll be ok?”

James looked at her with a smile and gave her a nod she would be. He picked her up in his arms and Cathleen lead him to her bedroom. Grabbing some wash cloths and wetting them, she folded and placed one on her broken cherry. Wiping her clean of James’ seed with another, she pulled the covers over her.

“Could you get her some water; she’s going to need it.” James said, gazing on the newly made woman.

Cathleen left to fetch the water and James sat down on the bed. “Jack?” he called, as he stroked a cheek and she moaned, shaking her head.

Cathleen returned with a glass in her hands and saw Jack’s eyes flutter open. “What happened?” she asked with a confused looked on her face.

“You fainted darling.” Cathleen replied and handed her the water.

“No way!” she exclaimed then sipped the water and handed it back to her mistress.

James smiled at her and patted her leg, “You’ve had a busy day.”

Cathleen agreed and asked, “How does it feel to be a woman?”

She smiled the biggest smile that James had ever seen on her, “It feels fantastic!” she proclaimed and sighed against the pillow.

James kissed her on the forehead and told her, “You were absolutely wonderful.” getting up to take his leave, “An experience I’ll never forget.”

“James?” she called, grabbing his hand, “Thank you so much. I’ll always remember the best day of my life.” and smiled.

James smiled again and said, “The pleasure was mine my lady.” Bowing, he took his leave, and then headed back to retrieve his clothes. He grabbed Jack’s maid outfit while he was at it, threw the cushions back where they belonged and then back inside.

James found Jack with her eyes closed so he just left her outfit on a chair. Coming out of her room, he ran into Cathleen. Holding a towel, she said, “Go take a shower.”

It wasn’t what James had in mind, “I’m good, I can take one in my room.” he explained.

Cathleen gave him a cursory look, “I want to fuck up here.” and tapped her foot on the ground.

“Oh, um, I’m a little wiped. Can I take a rain check?” he begged, hoping she’d agree to that.

“I just watched one of the most erotic scenes in my life. Now, I am horny as hell. Both of my servants are too sore to do anything. That leaves you. Besides, I’m craving cock at the moment anyway.” she explained with a huff, turning towards her bedroom, leaving James holding the towel.

“Where’s the bathroom?” he asked empty space.

James did what was required of him. Giving his mistress four orgasms and finally giving her his own, he left the upper floor much later than expected and stopped at security to pick up his DVDs. At ten thirty, he arrived in front of his door to find a sign taped on it.

“Do Not Disturb!” James read out loud, wondering whose handwriting it was. His thoughts went to Ying and worried she put it there to keep him out because of his neglecting of her. After some contemplation and settling on the fact it was his room, he went ahead and opened the door to his very dark room.

Using his cell phone as a light, he found Ying already in bed. She looked so peaceful there; he didn’t want to disturb her. Undressing and showering, he went to bed snuggled to Ying who just sighed and stayed asleep. Although it took a few minutes, James finally nodded off to sleep.

It seemed that he had just closed his eyes and the alarm was already going off. He thought at first that it had been set wrong but grimaced as he saw the six.

Ying stirred when James turned on his computer light. “Master?” she called.

James looked up from tying his shoes, “Yeah babe.” hoping she slept her anger off.

She pulled the covers back and asked, “We go to gym now?” while rubbing her eyes.

“We sure do sweetheart.” James replied, “I’m sorry about last night Ying. I wish I could have been here with you.”

Ying looked at him oddly, “You master, you do what you need to.”

James was a little surprised, “You aren’t mad at me?” standing up and grabbing his phone.

Ying got off the bed and headed for the closet, “I know you wanted to.” opening the door, “That’s what important.”

“Thank you for understanding.” James sighed a relief, “I’ll make it up to you somehow.” he vowed.

Ying came out of the closet in her short shorts and a tee shirt. She put her bobby socks and sneakers on while James waited. “Who Jim?” she asked.

James smiled at that, “Not who, what. Gym is a place to work out and exercise.” he explained, “We stay healthy that way.”

“English dumb.” Ying concluded and followed James to the door.

James opened the door and the sign flew up from the breeze. “Who put this here?” he asked, yanking it off the door.

Lisa make Link do it.” she explained, “People want to borrow Me.” she said with pride.

“I’m sure they do. But you’re my Ying. I don’t let just anyone borrow you.” James responded, knocking on Lisa’s door. “I want you to be safe.”

Lisa was obviously pissed at James. “That was the second time you fucked up my orgasm asshole.” she seethed, reminding him of pulling the plug on Link.

“I’m sure Link made up for it by now.” James soothed, following the group to the gym.

Lisa huffed at that, “You should fuck me to make it up to Me.” she suggested.

James chuckled at that, “I don’t have a limousine handy at the moment.”

“Oh hell no, my nipples and knees were raw after that!” she laughed.

They finished their workout and agreed to meet up after lunch for shopping. Both James and Lisa had homework to do, studying the subjects they were to entertain that weekend and James having class work to do.

Ying bounded into the rec room and immediately started tossing her clothes. None of the four people in there even bothered to look. What struck James even more than their lack of interest was their attire.

Two ladies sipping coffee at the kitchen bar were wearing negligees and slippers. One was so transparent; he wondered why she even bothered. The other wore a low cut negligee revealing her breasts except for the nipples and thongs that fell in her slit. Both appeared to be in their thirties. Neither was less than decent looking so James didn’t have to curl his nose at the sight.

Two guys sat in boxers on the sunken couch. They were sipping coffee and watching the morning news. Obviously, they didn’t give a rat’s ass about the cameras over their heads. It was amazing what a day makes as another young female strolled in wearing a long tee shirt and thong.

Link took Ying as an example and peeled off his clothes as well. Both headed for the arcades along the side of the rec room. Link had plans to teach Ying all about them. It was all just as normal as sunshine as people passed them without a second look. Link got a little more attention because his nakedness was new to the workers. James was sure Link’s penis was the first one some of the older ones had seen in a while. Their eyes seemed to linger a little longer.

Lisa called Link over for breakfast and James did the same to Ying. The lady with the transparent negligee said, “James, you could take a hint from this young man and eat in the buff for us.” blinking her eyes in a pleading look.

“Well, you could take a hint from Ying and eat in the buff as well.” turning the same suggestion back on her. It failed miserably as she pulled what little she had on off. James said, “You weren’t supposed to do that.” as he glanced at the mounds before him.

Lisa did the same but didn’t attract the attention from the ladies. James was left with no excuse and pulled his workout clothes off while he sat. Like bees to honey, the two women asked to touch his muscles. Had it stopped there, his embarrassment would have been held at bay.

“You simply must stand up for us James” said the woman wearing the low cut negligee, “and let us see the full you.”

James looked her over, giving her his attention and said, “You’ve given me nothing; not even your name. It’s your turn to make yourself equal.” She knew his name from the gossip he supposed but hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting her.

“Oh, I’m Karen and this is Amy.” Indicating the nudist beside her, then casually matched him in clothing.

James fulfilled her wish and stood up from the bar, allowing his manhood to drop. But women are complex beings and requested he turn around. James knew this lust in women and said, “Should I do that for you, would I have your word not to touch my ass?” knowing full well they would certainly want to but wanted to leave them wanting.

“We just want to see it; you can trust us not to touch.” She mused.

James simply said, “Ok.” in a relenting tone and rotated ninety degrees. He lifted is arms and tightened into a body builder pose. As he had done before not long ago, he rippled his muscles and worked them down to his ass. He fluttered his cheeks and stopped with them tensed, and then continued down his legs. He tensed all of his muscles at once then released and… turned around quickly as he felt someone on his ass.

The girl with the long tee shirt had gripped both of his cheeks in her hands. “I said no touching.” looking at the lusty eyes of his molester.

“Oh, I never made such a promise. You must be talking about them.” indicating the two women still sitting at the breakfast bar.

“If you’re going to fondle me at least give me your name.” James sighed, not surprised he would attract attention.

“Joy, and if it means anything, you can fondle me back.” she replied in a seductive voice.

James thought it was odd, he had been introduced to three women and all gave their first names. Had everyone been fully clothed, he was sure they would have only given him their last names instead. But nudity is an equalizer it seems.

“I’m afraid I will have to decline as doing so would result in my embarrassment.” James replied, sitting back down to finish his meal.

“Are you sure?” she asked, wiggling her thonged ass beside him.

“Um, yes, I’m sure.” He mumbled, glancing at her display and ate a little faster, trying to curb his natural instincts.

More people entered, pulling James out of his awkward moment. Joy was interrupted by another woman that knew her. Lisa knew them both apparently and the three started a conversation. It turned to Jill and her loss of virginity the day before. Ying commented on it, “It was good. Everybody was there.” The new addition to the gossip didn’t get to see it and seemed disappointed.

The exhibitionist in Ying came out, “Master taking mine.” She stated proudly, “You could watch.”

James dropped his head as the women threw twenty questions each. “Master is it? You’re certainly full of surprises, aren’t you?” Joy commented above the rest, smiling broadly at James.

“Well, she seems to have a fetish for it.” James explained half-heartedly, hoping to be spared an interrogation.

Lisa and Link finished and headed to their room. James and Ying followed soon after. James started in on his homework while Ying took care of laundry. James fooled around with the monitoring system and was able to bring up the rec room camera, thanks to Virgil’s help. He ordered a king-sized bed online from a local furniture store. They had same day delivery. James made a note to pick up sheets and blankets that would fit the new bed.

“Ying, do you need anything from the store?” James thought to ask. The girl had been using his deodorant and body wash. He scribbled everything she needed down. “Feminine Napkins” the interpreter on his phone announced when Ying said something else in Chinese.

James hadn’t considered that aspect of womanhood entering his world, “When do you start?”

“When I start what?” Ying asked confused, bagging sheets from the bed.

James wasn’t used to talking about this and relayed his question a different way, “When do you start bleeding?”

“Two, three weeks I think.” Ying said, snickering at her master’s awkwardness.

James wasn’t hip on buying feminine products. Looking at his list, he had things on it that he hadn’t thought existed. “Ying, how would you like your own bank account?”

“I not sure.” she replied. Money was beyond her understanding and was a little intimidated by it. James explained some usefulness it would have for her.

“What can I buy?” she asked, wanting to know her boundaries James supposed.

“How about, anything you want under a hundred dollars?” James contemplated, thinking that would be enough leeway for her.

They prepared to leave to go shopping and knocked on Lisa’s door. James wondered what her extension was so he could call her instead of having to show up unexpected.

The buzzer sounded to let them in and they walked into a fiasco. Lisa had the nipple clamps on and playing with herself, Link was wearing a pink pair of panties and rosy red cheeks, browsing the internet and playing porn clips on the wall TV.

“Are you guys going shopping or what?” James asked exasperated, grimacing at Link’s red rash. Ying put her hands on her hips and asked, “How you get TV on sex?” and walked over to see Link pull the trick off.

“Hold on, I’m about ready.” Lisa said, rubbing herself to completion while a young man was bound and gagged getting face fucked on the screen by a big busted woman. The caption said it, “Mother punishing Son”.

“Link, what’s wrong with your face? Are you allergic to something?” James had to ask.

“Ask her.” Link replied, pointing to the sexaholic Lisa on the bed.

“I sort of fucked him a little raw there.” Lisa explained, sighing in disappointment.

“Have you thought about shaving?” James asked, knowing the jungle she sported.

“I don’t know James, have you?” Lisa replied. “You shave me and I’ll shave you.”

James hadn’t given his much thought. Had it really been a problem? “What’s wrong with mine?” James asked, offended.

“Nothing, if you like spitting hairs out when you’re giving a blow job.” Lisa huffed.

“We can do that when we get back. I need to hurry though; I have a new bed ordered.” James prompted, trying to get her motivated.

Finally, they headed for the car and headed out. James stopped at his bank and opened another checking account. Transferring five hundred over, he gave Ying the card, “You can buy all your personal items now.” James stated with a smile.

They headed for clothing first at the store. Getting bikinis and beach equipment, all of them picked up beach towels and sun screen then accessories.

Shopping for bed sheets, James found a rack selling plastic waterproof covers. ‘How handy is that?’ he thought since Ying seemed to be squirting more and more. Before long, she’d be as bad as Lisa. Ying wanted a black set of bed sheets. Since her fishnets were black and she looked so good in them, she wanted her sheets to match. It seemed a little halloweenish to James but who was going to see it really? He settled for black with gold designs.

Lisa found more pink bed sheets. Link tried to talk her out of them, “What’s wrong with white? It goes with everything.” he argued. He lost.

Lisa and Ying split off to find personal items. James and Link wandered the electronic section. James found a really nice camera/recorder and tripod. Link showed him what he needed to tie it into his TV. James picked out a laptop for Ying. She wouldn’t have to wait on James to use his computer, she would have her own. Finding other things he thought would be useful; he and Link were ready to find the girls.

They were leaving the checkout as the two boys hit the lane. Before they were rung up, the girls were back from storing their purchases in the car and followed them out. With everyone satisfied they had what they needed; Lisa suggested an adult store downtown.

James followed the group in. The shirts were the first things to catch their eyes. Yes, Lisa found a pink one. Who’d have thought, “I cum with a crook of a finger” was written on it. Ying found one her size that was black, of course, saying, “I’m a slave over sex”. Link found a black one that said, “Half Human” with an arrow pointing up and “Half horse” with an arrow pointing down. He tossed it to James. Link took the one he liked; no, it wasn’t pink. His was blue that simply said, “Sex Toy”.

Ying found fishnets and Lisa found a pink Playboy bunny outfit. Link found a Tarzan outfit and James turned them all down. Ying came over and picked out a Zorro outfit for him. “I like mask. Good for master.” She said, walking over to a shelf of accessories. She picked out leather wrist bands and was looking through crotch-less leather pants. “Master size?” James walked over and found them. Getting a look at what she wanted, James thought that at least it wasn’t Peter Pan pants. Hopefully, she won’t make him wear it in the rec room. But, she probably would. ‘Fuck it.’ was his overall take on it.

The group headed back. A furniture van was parked in the lot. James greeted the gentlemen and led them to where it needed to go. Since the bed was paid in full, they disassembled the old bed and put the new one together. While moving things out of the way and storing their purchases, James came across an old Spenco phone directory lying in an unused drawer. It was outdated it seemed.

The men finished in record time and left, carrying the old bed to storage for him. James was going to buzz Lisa’s room to tell Ying she could come back over. He had no idea where to put exfoliating cream. Was it a bedroom or bathroom accessory? Microdermabrasion and other odd words were beyond his realm of caring. Of, course, Lisa wasn’t listed on it.

He decided to text Cathleen, ‘Phone Directory?” which she replied, ‘Email’ and a few seconds later, ‘Why do I bother when you won’t check email anyway?’

James simply replied, ‘Sorry’ and sat down at his computer. He found the attachment in his Spam folder. Moving it to a new folder entitled ‘Save’ he opened the excel spread sheet, found Lisa and dialed the extension.

Link picked up, “Hello?” and James asked him to tell the girls the furniture guys were gone and Ying could come back in. “Um, Lisa says to meet her in the rec room.” James agreed and went to hang up.

“Lisa said congratulations on learning how to use a phone.” Link relayed. James didn’t bother to reply and hung up, not bothering to tell her that it was a failure of his orientation.

Going back to his email, he saved the two portfolios of the clients he was to entertain on his desktop. Opening the wife’s file, he read again about her history and current endeavors. A woman of Jamaican descent, she was a model and Miss Jamaica at one time. Obviously, the Prime Minister remarried and this was his upgrade. She was active in the fight against Crones Disease and was a spokesperson for the foundation.

He pulled Ying’s laptop out of the box and got it booted up. Finding the laptop bag, he put her accessories in it. Sitting it by his monitor, he let it charge. Plastic bed cover was next, then the sheets and pillowcases. James liked the new bed a lot. He hoped Ying did too.

His phone rang at it was Mike. He was all excited as he told James about a bachelorette party trip he ran. “Dude, she fucked the shit out of me!” and James said, “Congratulations.” saying any more than that would encourage details he didn’t want to know.

“So, what’s new with you?” Mike asked.

“I’ve been busy getting ready for a business trip this weekend; I have to fly down to Florida.” James explained.

“Damn, sounds exciting. What do you have to do there?” he wanted to know.

“I have to service a Prime Minister and his wife.” James sighed. He was sure not going to tell him any details.

“Oh, Dale says you have a check waiting on you.” Mike reminded him.

“I’ll try to remember to pick it up.” James said half interested.

“Try to remember…? It’s your paycheck! Don’t you kind of need that?” Mike asked, dumbfounded.

“No, not really.” James replied. “I’m set I think, although, my servant could use it.” He thought out loud, not realizing he hadn’t told Mike about Ying.

“Servant did you say? What servant?” Mike said, enthralled.

“Shit, I’m sorry, I forgot to tell you. I had a Chinese slave given to me and she is my servant. Cute girl, you’d like her.” James filled him in.

“Wait, what? They hand out slaves there?” Mike was all giddy with excitement.

“Well, they’re slaves where they came from but they’re servants here in the U.S.” James explained.

“What the fuck dude! You gotta get me one!” Mike screamed.

“They’re expensive. Plus they are an extra mouth to feed.” James smiled, relishing in Mike’s jealousy.

“I got something they can eat!” Mike mused.

“Now wait. You don’t fuck the help Mike.” James replied, knowing good and well that he planned to.

“No, you don’t fuck the help. I fuck the help or anything else that wiggles.” Mike replied.

“Look man, I got to get off the phone, I’m getting a shave this afternoon plus I need to get packed. I’ll be gone all weekend so maybe we can get together next week.” James prompted, trying to break away from all the questions he was bound to get.

“You don’t even shave yourself? What kind of shit is that?” Mike pondered out loud.

“It’s a long story. Let’s just say that I’m enjoying my new position, Ok?” James summarized.

“Look, I want details man! Don’t leave me hanging. What about classes? You haven’t been back!” Mike rambled on.

“I’ll get together with you next week and try to explain all the crazy for you.” James offered.

“Next week! I’ll die from waiting!” Mike was desperate for information.

“I’m sorry; I just have… things I plan to do right now.” James concluded, “Talk to you later, bye.”

“Whatever dude.” Mike responded and James hung up the phone.

James pulled up the camera for the rec room. They had beaten him out there. It looked like Link was already busy shaving Lisa. Ying was waiting on the couch in her usual dress clothes, nothing. James grabbed a bag of razors and headed out.

Approaching Ying, James noticed the makeup she was wearing. She looked gorgeous! Lisa must have put it on her. “Hey sexy! You look great!” he praised, bending down to kiss her head.

“You like?” she asked, blinking back at James.

“I love.” James replied. “Now, would you mind if I shaved you?”

“Master know what he wants. I do what you say.” She said, eyeing him with a frustrated look.

Maybe he needed to be more dominating with her. She seemed to desperately want him to take charge. He made a mental note to stop asking and start telling.

“Go get a pan of hot water.” He demanded and watched her scurry away.

Borrowing the shaving cream Link used, he readied himself for her return, razor in hand. She came back with a pot half full.

Taking the pot from her he said, “Now, in position.” forcing her to bend over the couch. He had her kneel on the floor with her chest lying on the couch. Spreading her legs apart, he set to work on shaving her ass and the back side of her pussy.

James removed her butt plug and was fascinated with her gaping little hole. He scraped the razor on the side of it and she flinched. Slapping her cheek he said, “Don’t move.” and started again.

Ying heard her master’s commanding voice as he slapped her on the ass. She was pleased with his attitude as it seemed to have changed. The ass slap turned her on too. This was the way a master is supposed to act. She knew he wanted her to be independent but she didn’t want to be in control. Maybe they could find some place in the middle so they both would be happy.

James saw the changing in Ying as she melted in front of him. Yes, she wanted him to control her. “Spread your ass cheeks.” He demanded and watched as she did as ordered.

She had no hair on her backside but he shaved her just the same. He worked his way to the back of her cunt lips and pulled one out to shave. “Nice ass!” he said and slapped it then gripped it tight in his hand while pinching her lip with his fingers.

Ying felt the unexpected slap and flinched. He slapped her again for flinching. It was driving her crazy as he kneaded her cunt lip with his fingers. The slaps on her ass went through her. She swore she could feel it in her nipples.

Rinsing the razor, James set to work, doing the other cunt lip. He gave her the same treatment and said, “That is really a nice ass.” And slapped her other cheek then gripped it in his hand. James was impressed with her as she didn’t flinch that time but slapped her again anyway claiming it needed to match the other one.

“It’s your turn now.” James heard Lisa say and she set to work shaving him. Taking a lesson from James, she became dominate and demanding. She made him bend over, just like Ying had done. Giving him some rough treatment, she slapped his ass time and time again.

“Yes mistress.” was Link’s favorite saying as she treated him like a slave. He liked the fact that he didn’t have to court her and she took control of the game. The gorgeous brunette liked fucking and he was down for that! Even a little humiliation was worth it since she gave him so much more. Besides, he didn’t know anyone here and his rep would still be intact. He felt the razor remove the hair around his glory hole.

James had Ying flip over and sit on the edge of the couch. He went to work on her mound, shaving what little was there. Pinching her clit while he shaved her lips, he tugged on it left and right. Her thighs quivered a little and James slapped the inside of one, “Hold still.” he said again went to work, finishing the length of her lip.

Lisa had Link turn over and he revealed an erection he’d had. “You getting turned on from my shaving you?” she asked and slapped his dick a couple of times. Again he said the only words he could think of, “Yes, mistress.” and left it at that.

James finished up his erotic work and told Ying it was her turn to shave him. “Remove my clothes.” and Ying went to work prepping him for the task. James sported his own hard-on and Ying’s pussy clinched seeing it. Her awe wasn’t unnoticed and James said, “See what you did?” and she knew it was from his lusting over her pussy. “I’m sorry master, I fix it.” and grabbed it in her hand.

“Not right now, you’ll fix it later when it’s pounding in your pussy.” James said, knowing the words would turn her on. “Just shave me like you want it and make sure you get my balls.”

Ying looked in the eyes of her master, soaking the words of his promise in. She grabbed a new razor and started working on the object of her worship. Applying the shaving cream, she grabbed his sack gently, and drew the razor across one of his hard marbles.

Lisa was ahead of Ying and shaved Link completely bald. She grabbed his nuts and shook them a little and said, “You’ll do what I tell you to won’t you?” and Link replied with his usual, “Yes, mistress.”

“Good boy.” She praised and looked him in the eye, “Bend over again.” And he knelt again across the couch.

Lisa fingered his ass before she put his butt plug back in, “Ying’s vibrator will fit right in there. I might let you fuck your ass with it later. Ask James if you can borrow it.” Lisa demanded and received, “Yes, mistress.” in reply.

“James? Can I borrow Ying’s vibrator?” he asked and Lisa wouldn’t let him finish with that, “Tell him what you’re going to do with It.” and smacked him on his ass.

“So, so I can, you know, fuck my ass with it.” He stuttered, not used to such raunchy talk.

James had to chuckle at Lisa’s torture and replied, “As long as you clean it afterwards.” and concentrated on Ying’s handiwork.

Ying finished the work on his balls and gripped them while she went to work on his base. Her master needed to keep his pubic hair but the bottom needed shaved smooth so she could have suction there should he want to cram himself down her throat. She had been practicing her deep throating after watching it on the computer. She just had to be ready when master wanted it and didn’t want to disappoint.

James heard someone behind him as they said, “What are you up to now?” and Doc Vicky stepped around in front of him, looking at the work going on.

“I’m getting a trim and shave right now.” James answered as Ying didn’t bother to stop.

Doc Vicky glanced over at Lisa, “I could sure use one of those.”

Lisa smiled at her, “Have a seat, Link can do yours.” and made her slave take position to tend to the doctor’s pussy.

“Oh, I don’t know, really…” she mumbled and Lisa yanked off her skirt. Making her sit on the edge of the couch, Link grabbed a new razor. Getting her to lift up, he pulled her panties off.

Frank the accountant came in behind Vicky and noticed the work being done. “I could use one of those.” he said and Lisa took off his pants while he tried himself to stutter out of it.

James stood there a little stunned as it was getting out of hand. Work rush would bring more people and he didn’t want to shave pussies all day. He saw that Ying had finished and decided to get out of there. Gathering his razors, he had Ying pick up the pot.

What are we doing here?” he heard and turned into the face of Joy.

James backed up a step and said, “We’re just finishing up.” And went to go around her but she stopped him in his tracks.

“I could use a good shave. How about you do mine?” Joy said coyly.

Before he could answer his phone went off in his pants pocket. Motioning Joy to hold on he looked at the phone showing Cathleen as the caller.

“Hello?” he answered, watching Joy slip off her work pants.

“What are you guys doing down there?” Cathleen asked and watched James look up at the camera.

James fumbled with the words to tell her, “I’m, I mean, we are just trimming, I mean, grooming a little.”

Cathleen giggled at James’ awkwardness and said, “We could use a good trim. I’m finished for the day so we’ll be down in a minute.” not letting James respond, she hung up the phone on him.

James was left talking to nobody and glanced at Joy sitting on the couch. Dropping his head and putting the phone back in his pocket, he replaced it with a razor. “How do you want it?”

“Oh, triangle please!” Joy giggled, “Could you do my ass too?”

James made her kneel and drop and started in on her ass. Before he got done with the back side, the girls were downstairs and waiting in line. He flipped her over and drew a triangle with his razor then shaved her pussy lips smooth.

Next were Jill and Jack so James took Jack while Link took Jill. They both worked side by side. Ying and Lisa took care of the men that wanted to get a trim. As expected, work rush brought in more. Thank God not too many wanted a shave.

“Man, you got a good looking pussy!” Link exclaimed looking at Jill’s sexy slit and Lisa smacked him on the ass, “Shut up and get to work.” then moved to another man in line.

James went to work on Jack’s womanhood and asked, “How is it doing?”

Jack looked down at James in memory and said, “Feeling a little achy.”

James pulled back her lips and took a look inside, her hymen was gone and it wasn’t bleeding, it looked like she was fine. “You’re looking real good down her girl. I hope I wasn’t too rough.”

Lisa piped in, “What happened to Jack?” and Cathleen filled her in.

James remembered he had their CDs and told them to remind him to get their gifts before they left.

Lisa looked at James and said, ”He didn’t tell me any of that. Are you keeping Ying’s cherry a secret too?”

Before he could answer Ying piped in, “He popping mine tonight.”

That got the small crowd murmuring and James was berated with questions, “Wait, I don’t know when.” And “No, I don’t know where.” and finally gave up answering all the ‘need to know’ questions.

Cathleen hushed the crowd and said, “You two should go get ready. I’d like to see you do It.” then answered a phone in her pocket.

Remembering Cathleen was watching last night, he just bet she would. He listened to her talk to whomever was on the other end but went back to work on his client.

James finished his work and Cathleen told him to go. James and Lisa took Ying to get ready and headed for their rooms. Ying picked up a shopping back and then instructed her master on what she wanted.

“You wear mask and things for me?” Ying said, all excited with great expectations.

James knew her kink and wasn’t about to deny her since the others he’d taken got their wishes, “You bet sweetheart.” and the girls headed for Lisa’s with their bag full of goodies.

James took a shower and thought about the girl he’d only known a few days. A Chinese slave that actually wanted to be a slave. A young and naive girl seeking her womanhood, she took James’ heart and gave him hers. He marveled in the changes his life had undertaken just since Saturday. Before, not wanting love, he fought to avoid it. But now, it seemed to seep into him with Ying.

Getting on the gear, James almost talked himself out of it. The mask was bad enough but the pants… they were screaming to laugh at. They reminded him of chaps that motorcyclists wear. All legs and no ass or crotch, he looked ridiculous in his own assessment. The leather wrist bands added to the humiliation and the leather straps were frustrating to tie knots with one hand.

He sat on his bed and gave a killer pep talk, steeling himself for the task. He didn’t give a good God damn if the Pope himself was out there watching, he was taking Ying’s virginity the way she wanted it, no matter what! The rest of the people can go fuck themselves, Ying was all that mattered.

Just then his intercom rang and Link informed him they were ready. James got up off the bed with the determination of a hungry jackal. Nothing was going to stop him this time and he would break a neck to insure it. This was it, he was ready and he would move heaven and earth to complete this goal.

Opening the door he saw Ying in her fishnets with the other two behind her. James’ mouth dropped open in utter surprise, looking at the sexy slave before him.

Lisa had modified her outfit and Ying’s breasts were un-netted. Looking further down, James saw her pussy was exposed just at the top of her mound down. Ying turned around and showed him her exposed ass as well. It looked like it was made to order, the job Lisa had done was perfect.

She wore a black collar with a round silver dog tag. Lisa pointed out the engraving on it claiming they had it made at the store. ‘This toy belongs to James Farlow’ was etched upon its face. Black high heels made her ass stand out, completing the ensemble.

Looking at Lisa in her Playboy outfit, she sported a pink leash in her hands. James followed the trail it lead to and saw it attached to Link’s manhood, latched to a small collar around his dick and balls.

“Where did you get such a small collar?” James asked the grinning Lisa.

“It’s a kitten collar silly. You like it?” she asked while tugging on the leash a little, giving Link a wide-eyed look.

“Uh, yeah, sure do.” was all that James could come up with, amazed at the girl’s ingenuity. She had a tag on his neck collar that read, “This boy toy belongs to Lisa Spencer’ and James’ suspicions were confirmed.

“You’re Cathleen’s sister?” he asked, waiting for her answer.

“Half-sister to be precise.” She admitted then smiled her pretty smile.

Ying handed him her leash and James clipped it on the collar, “Would you like to play?” he asked, with a seductive smile.

Ying’s eyes lit up with the question and her mouth drew in a gasp, “Yes master!” she exclaimed, remembering the last time he wanted to play, and a trickle of girl juice made its way down one of Ying’s inside leg.

James tugged her leash and brought her lips to his, kissing a lusty kiss, “Head for the rec room slave!” he exclaimed and all four headed down the hall.

The lights were out when they got to the entrance. James couldn’t see very well. Ying dropped to all fours and tugged on her leash, anxious to get to the deed. Lisa put her leash between Link’s legs and made him follow Ying’s example.

They carefully approached the room and spotted the only light there. It was a spotlight above the center of the sunken floor and someone had put a serving table under it. It was small but looked pretty sturdy. It seemed the perfect height and James guessed he was to use it when he took Ying’s cherry. It struck him as humorous realizing that Ying could fit on that small thing easily.

James adjusted his eyes to the room and noticed a few other eyes staring back in the dark. Looking down at the half circle couch, he thought he could make out Cathleen, Jack, Jill, Doc Vicky, Joy, and Frank casted in the shadows, but they were barely visible at all. One other person sat beside Cathleen, a person James really struggled to see. Perhaps the shadows were tricking him and it wasn’t who he thought. It could really be just about anyone and the lighting only reflected a dark silhouette anyway.

Tugged by Ying to get closer, her dog tag jingled on the clasp and Mike Goodman leaned over into the light from hearing the sound, looking their way intently. Placing a hand over his eyes, shielding them from the spotlight above, he strained to see who was coming. Upon their eyes making contact, Mike’s shit eating grin crossed his face.

For once in his adult life, James made something he hadn’t thought of since childhood. Knowing full well that they really didn’t exist and the odds were slim and none, he made one anyway with all of his heart, on the off-chance that it could somehow happen.

James wished that it was the Pope sitting there; he could deal with him a lot better.

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