After beating North Valley, the buzz about the Centerville Warriors became a more of a clamor. All around Centerville and the rural community that supports it, there was talk of a state championship. Fans that hadn’t been to a game in years began to appear. On Wednesday nights, after the junior varsity game, blankets and quilts covered sections of bleachers as mothers staked out their families seats for Friday night.

The morning after the North Valley game, Mister Loeschen was in a good mood. He actually offered his hired hands, the pipe crew, black coffee and Mrs. Loeschen’s special German sweet rolls. As pastry goes, I always thought those sweet rolls were proof that God loved us and wanted us to be happy. I was beginning to see Mister as less of a looming malevolent master and more of a good man at heart with a strict sense of discipline. Looking around the orderly yard at the equipment parked in neat rows, with the grass cut around and under, the straight fences, the lush pastures I could see more than a little care and pride dwelled within our boss. I started keeping things around me a little neater. We cleaned out the back of the pipe truck, organizing all the tools and fittings. We cleaned out the inside as well, shoveling out a couple summers worth of dirt and mud caked to the floor. We even gave that old blue Ford a wash and found out that the wheels were painted white. Who knew?

It was a spitting drizzle that dampened the gray morning, but not our spirits. Cool but not cold, we spent the day moving cows, separating the expectant mothers from the open heifers. The mothers went to a group of berthing pastures until spring. The heifers went to be sold at the auction. A cow that doesn’t give milk or calves is just a manure maker. There’s no money in manure. But there is hard work.

Once the cattle was sorted and done, we moved indoors to the barns where we spent the remainder of that day and our shortened Sunday shoveling out manure and laying in a layer of sawdust and bedding straw. Loeschen Farms wasn’t a single piece of ground with a central farmyard, it was a series of small and large parcels spread around seventy five square miles of Lancaster and surrounding counties along the Willamette River. We drove to barns I didn’t even know existed. The work was good for me. It worked out all the soreness from Friday night and kept me sharp for Monday’s practice.

I wasn’t seeing my girlfriend Katie much that weekend. Not at all in fact. This pleased my little sister Becka who was jealous of Katie. It also pleased my friend, coworker and teammate Rusty who had a crush on me as well. During the weekend Rusty kept hinting at the next time we would get together and all he managed to do was get me in a worked up state. We never had the opportunity to mutually relieve our teen stresses so I was going home with as much if not more, pent up sexual energy as when I arrived.

Saturday night I eased into the tub. It might seem I take a lot of baths, and you might wonder how backwards we were that we didn’t have a shower. But we did have a shower. It was one of those homemade contraptions with a plastic curtain that surrounded our claw foot tub. But I preferred the deep heat of the bath and the languid pleasures it could give after a long day. And the tub allowed me to see my sisters tiny slit pressed up against her underwear with the lights on. I never got to see her naked in anything brighter than moonlight and this was a source of great pleasure for me. She would sit on the stool with her knees under her chin and point that twat right at me. She knew I was looking. After all, she stared at my growing cock with a smile on her face and lust in her eyes.

“What are you thinking Becka?” I asked her when she had stared long enough to make me hard as iron.

“I’m thinking how much I want to kiss your thing right now.”

“You know you can’t. You have to wait until tonight.”

“And I’m thinking how much I want you to kiss me down there. It’s really making me feel funny. My stomach is doing that butterfly thing.” She spread her knees to examine her own groin, pushing her shorts and panties to one side, giving me my first daylight view of her softly haired pussy. My groin ached with anticipation. If she had been closer, I might have pulled her into the tub with me to fuck her silly. Instead I slowly stroked my soapy dick while she examined her puffy pussy.

That was too much. I pulled the plug on the tub and climbed out. Even though the bathroom door was open and either of our parents could walk by and see into the bathroom, I knew the creaking old house was our friend. I grabbed the towel and quickly dried my hair, chest and back. My erection pointed at my sister and she kept her eyes locked on. When I was nearly dry I put the towel behind me, like I was about to wrap it around my waist and moved within range of my sister. She didn’t need any encouragement or instruction; she grasped my engorged cock and guided it into her mouth. Over the past two months she had gotten to where she could take half of my cock into her mouth. I was too excited to wait long, and I pumped less than twenty times before I held her head in place and filled her mouth with my orgasm. She sucked and swallowed until I was spent. Then she withdrew her mouth and smiled. I leaned over and gave her a quick kiss, enjoying the feeling of my spunk on her lips and tongue. I pulled on the gym shorts that were my regular night attire and we left the bathroom to join our parents in the living room.

My dad was in his usual chair reading a Vonnegut novel. My mother was reading a trashy paperback by Xaviera Hollander. It was a biography of her life as a hooker. Now that I knew more about sex and desire, I could see that the novel had put my mother in a mood. She slowly opened and closed her legs in an involuntary response to the mental stimulus from the book. Dressed in her nightgown, I could occasionally catch a glimpse of her panties which I found to be highly exciting. Once or twice she caught me staring just as she had her legs the widest. I swear she paused before closing her legs again, giving me a longer period to lust after my own mother. Then she closed her legs, drew her heels up under her and demurely tucked her nightgown around her, thwarting any other opportunity I might have had to see where I had come from. She turned her focus back to her book.

I turned my focus to my freshman biology book. I sat on the couch with my back resting against the arm and my legs stretched down the cushions. Becka did the same, only her legs were on the outside, closer the edge and she faced me. As I studied, I could feel her legs shift against mine while she read her Nancy Drew fiction stories. Occasionally she would raise her knee up in the air and leave her sitting there with one leg extended and one knee bent. When she did this, she could spread her legs enough for me to catch the glimpse of just a few tight curly hairs escaping from the edge of her panties. I felt my groin swelling at just the sight of the edge of my sister’s sex. My mom went into the bathroom and when she returned, she picked up her novel, but didn’t reconvene with her reading. Instead she made a big deal out of fluffing the hem of her nightie to get it just right. As she did, of course I looked, hoping to catch a glimpse of her panty clad pussy.

Except she was no longer wearing panties. I could see my mom’s hairy bush in all of its natural splendor. As I stared at her, she stared at me. When I realized she was staring at me, I almost looked away in shame, but I didn’t. I looked her square in the eye and then I smiled. I dropped my hand to my groin and adjusted my swollen cock, making it easy for my mother to see my arousal. She smiled and licked her lips and went back to her book. This time she opened and closed her legs more frequently, as if to quench my curiosity. Instead she only inflamed me more. I lifted my right foot and slid it between my sisters spread legs, stopping when my foot slid between her ass and the back of the couch, with her raised left knee pressing on the outside of my upper shin. Now her right leg was between mine. She lifted her foot and placed it on my left thigh. This exposed her pantie clad pussy to me along her right leg. It also put the heel of her right foot dangerously close to my fully aroused cock. My mother stared over her book, as if curious to see where her randy son might lead his equally randy sister.

I thwarted her plans by returning to my book as if I wasn’t hard and throbbing. My sister’s foot slowly crept closer until it pressed against my boner. I smiled with satisfaction that in my erect state, I was much longer than my sister’s foot. She rubbed the sole of her foot against my hard-on and I could no longer focus on the pages in my book. I had had enough. I extricated myself from the predicament and announced my intentions to go to bed. My father simply nodded over his novel. My mother set hers aside and reached up to get a hug and a kiss. As I approached her, our legs tangled somehow and I lurched forward, my knee landing between my mothers thighs on the edge of the chair. We hugged and she gave me a kiss on the cheek. As she lowered her hands down my arms and I stood up, I turned and her hand grazed my erection. I froze. Did she know what she was doing? Did I just feel a slight movement of her hand? Did she give it a caress? I nearly lost it right there. Gathering my schoolbooks, I hurried to the bedroom.

Becka waited up until she was told to go to bed. Even at eleven, she was wise enough to maintain her same behavior so as to shift any suspicions. When she came to our bedroom she climbed into her own bed. I was so horny I was about to join her. I shifted to get up, but she whispered across the room. “Wait,” she hissed. “They are about to make funny noises. Then it will be OK. I think Mom is in the hallway right outside the door.” I cast my eyes toward the crack of light at the bottom of the five panel door. It sure looked to me like my sister was right. I heard my father’s voice and my mother’s feet ceased to cast shadows against the crack in the door. Within a few minutes, we could hear them beginning their lovemaking.

Feeling much safer, Becka fairly flew across the room, removing her clothing on the run. I ripped my shorts off and my much maligned manhood reached for the ceiling.

“I’ve been waiting all day for this.” Becka whispered. “I can’t believe how much I think about you and having your thingy inside me.” She climbed over my legs and slid forward until my cock was pressed against her naked crevice. She slid up and down, grinding her tender pussy against my rigid mass. I pulled her down to me, kissing her mouth and neck, then her chest. I lingered over her left nipple and then her right. Her sex was open to my cock now and I eased her back until I could feel it engage. She exhaled as I impaled her.

“OHHHHhhhhhh,” she grunted.

I rolled us over until I was on top and began to ride her. I forgot my promise to stop fucking her until she was much older. She was my little doll and we had already begun a lifelong love affair that contents us to this day. But that’s another tale.

I could barely contain my excitement. Her tiny passage gripped my cock in its velvet vise. Her pubic bones pressed my cock in amazing ways. I could feel my cockhead pushing against her rubber cervix. And then I was past it, inside her very womb. Her cervix gripped the last two inches and that was all I could take. I flooded her womb with my goo. Her head shook and her entire body shivered. She spread her legs grotesquely, begging me to pound her deeper. My cum leaked around my cock and trickled down her ass. I remained deep inside her until my erection subsided with a slick plop.

The moaning in the next bedroom grew more intense. We could make out our mother’s voice shouting “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yesss! YESSSSSSSS!” and then what sounded like giggling and then silence. Becka leaped from the bed and scooped her clothes up from the floor and slid into her bed. She faced the wall and pulled the covers over her. I remained on my back under the cool breeze from the open window. Too sleepy to dress, too tired to move when the door opened. The light from the hallway feel across my nakedness. I didn’t move, feigning sleep. The softness of the footsteps crossing the room revealed they were my mothers. She sat on the very edge of my bed and examined my nude form. My cock stirred with the nasty images that were crossing my mind. I felt her fingernails lightly graze my stomach. The barest touch caressed my sticky cock. My loins stirred again and the blood flowed into my cock, reawakening my arousal. I could feel her weight shift. When her breath caressed my cock, it sprang up, striking her under her nose. I felt her tongue on my shaft and still I did not stir. When the head slipped into her mouth, I had to fight with myself to keep my hands still. The cool air on my damp cock told me I was out of her mouth. I felt her weight shift again and then she was walking out of the room, pulling the door closed behind her. Even now I thought it might have been all a wishful fantasy. I had had sexual fantasies about damn near every woman that crossed my path. Of course I was having sexual fantasies about my mother. In my mind, she was still a sensual and desirable woman. Maybe I had only imagined it.

Fantasy or not, my mother took my sister to her doctor that following Monday. My sister got a thorough examination and my mother insisted that Becka be given a prescription for birth control since my sister was having difficult periods for the past three months. It was a dead lie. My sister didn’t have her first period for almost a year after she began taking the pill. But mom could taste my sister on my cock or she had heard us through the wall and she decided that if she couldn’t stop us from experimenting, she could stop us from making a baby from our incestuous union. While she was there, she also made an appointment for a tubal ligation, but I didn’t discover this for many years later. Maybe she was already making plans to share what my sister was already enjoying.

On the bus that same Monday morning, my girlfriend and light of my world joined me in our usual seat in the back row. We hadn’t spent any time together all weekend and we were determined to make the best of this relatively private time. Katie had taken to wearing skirts every day, allowing me access to her pussy when we had a few free moments. Mostly it was me touching her for a moment and then withdrawing my hand before anyone noticed. Without a doubt, Katie Schultz was as horny as I was. But she didn’t have two other people helping her with her pent up sexual energy. She only had me. And I relished the challenge.

Freshman year of high school was a cake walk for me. None of the classes were particularly difficult. I had friends in all grades because of my friendships on the football team. I had a smart and attractive girlfriend who allowed me to kiss and fondle her whenever the urge crossed my mind. It crossed my mind a lot.

After our eighth win, over North Valley vaulted us to the top of the state rankings. Suddenly, everyone knew our names we were hailed all over town. Then came the game with West Linn.

West Linn was 0-8 when they met us. A team that was getting drubbed by more than 28 points a game. We were confident that we could beat them starting our cheerleaders and that how we played. For exactly 19 seconds.

We received the opening kick and I ran it back to their five yard line. We lined up to run a power sweep off to the right and an unblocked cornerback from the left crossed the field and dove at the back of Jack Baldwin’s knees. We all heard the snap right before we heard the scream. Jack’s left leg was bent at an unnatural angle. The surgeon said it was a fluke hit, a combination of Jack planting his foot to cut just as the shoulder pad of that bastard cornerback hit the back of his leg, snapping the lower femur in two, right above Jack’s knee.

It took thirty minutes for Jack to be trundled off the field in an ambulance. This game was played long before ambulances became standard at football games. His mother and father came down out of the stands and stood by while their all-state son lay in agony in the West Linn mud. When the play finally resumed, Joe Baldwin was at quarterback and Joe Baldwin was at one half back slot. I was in the other. The play was called to run right again, but Joe reversed the call in the huddle and we swept left, me trailing the play. The ball was pitched into my waiting arms and I scored on a cut back behind the tight end. The whistle blew and I knew I had scored. But the whistle kept blowing and then more whistles and when I turned to see what was going on, both benches were already rushing the field.

Joe had run the ball at the cornerback who had broken his older brother’s leg. While all attention had shifted to me, Joe and James had high-lowed their target and then commenced to beating him within an inch of his life. It took another half an hour to restore order and another twenty minutes for the ambulance to come and pick up the West Linn player who had a broken collarbone, broken hand, and a knee so badly destroyed he would walk with a limp in the damp northwest weather for the rest of his life.

Coach Kennedy forfeited the game and ushered us all back on the buses, still in our uniforms. Nineteen seconds and the game was over and Centerville had their first loss of the season. We rode in silence back to the high school. When we arrived, everyone piled off the buses, unsure of what to expect.

“Never in all my years of coaching have I ever witnessed such a thing,” he began, the ire thick in his voice. “NEVER! Change your gear and get out of my locker room. NOW GOD DAMMIT!” He slammed his clipboard on the ground and stormed out. The rest of the coaching staff stood watch and no one dared to speak. When the Baldwins finished dressing, Coach Lenning told them to go to Coach Kennedy’s office. They were there a total of fifteen seconds and both of my friends stormed out, clearly upset. They marched straight out of the locker room, kicking trash cans and slamming lockers as they passed.
“Coach wants to see you, David.” I turned to see who had spoken. Coach Kennedy was standing there with serious look on his face. As I walked in, all of the other coaches filed in behind me. I was standing at the coaches desk while he stared out the small window high in the wall, leaning back in his chair with his hands behind his head. I had never seen a man who had lost all of his dreams in one night cope. I didn’t know what I was witnessing.

“You are going to have to find a new ride home for the rest of the season,” he said to the window. “The Baldwins are off the team. For good. Starting on Monday, you are going to be our quarterback. Coach Long here has your new playbook.” He turned to face me, putting both hands on his desk, palms down. “I know it’s a lot to ask of a freshman, but I ain’t going to beat around the bush. Jack Baldwin was the best athlete on the team, but not by much. You are the best athlete now. I still think we can win this thing, if we keep it simple and you take to these plays as quick as you took to your wide receiver and half back plays. “ He paused to let it sink in.

“Do you think you can handle it?”

NOOOO!!!! I wanted to scream. There’s no way. Without the Baldwin brothers, we weren’t much better than average. Replace three all-state warriors with a freshman with eight games and nineteen seconds of experience? Was he crazy? No. He was desperate.

“Yes sir!” I replied with more conviction than I felt. “I’ll do my best.”

Coach stood and came around his desk and sat on the corner. He reached up and put his hand on my shoulder.

“That’s all I would ask of any young man.” He clapped me on the shoulder and that was that. I was the starting quarterback on the most written about football team in state history. I probably could have guest for the next week I would be the most written about freshman football player in state history.

My dad was waiting in the parking lot when I came out of the locker room. He had already taken my mom and sister home. It was still relatively early to be done on a Friday night. He didn’t say a word.

“Dad, I might need your help again. I have a new playbook to learn.” I held out the red jacket binder.

“Is that so?” he mused. “I guess Coach Kennedy suffered a shock to the head tonight. A FRESHMAN quarterback? I’m guessing by the news, the Baldwins got cut?” I nodded. “I figured as much. What they did to that West Linn boy was criminal. I don’t ever want you to think what they did was called for. People get hurt in football. There’s no need to hurt someone on purpose.” I nodded. “Well, come on. Let’s get some supper and get to work. Monday is going to come mighty early.”

When we got home, my father made a call to Mister Loeschen and spoke quietly for a few minutes. After he hung up, he told me Mister had wished me well and understood why I wouldn’t be at work for the weekend. Dad and I spread the playbook on the dining table and got to work. Around 11 o’clock, my sister gave us each a hug and trundled off to bed. At 11:30, my mom kissed my forehead and my dad’s cheek and slipped off to bed as well. Around 4 am I found myself sleeping while x’s and o’s swam before my eyes.

“That’s enough Pauly Boy. That’s enough. Let’s hit the hay. We’ll start again in the morning.” We both headed for bed and I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

I woke to the smell of strong coffee and bacon. It was pretty bright outside. This was the first time in six months I didn’t wake with or before the dawn. I staggered out of my room, morning wood stretching one leg of my shorts. My mother was stirring eggs on the stove, her tight ass swaying to and fro in her sheer night gown.

“Your dad is still in bed, he’s not like you. An all-nighter is hard on him. Are you hungry?” she asked over her shoulder. I stared at her and imagined her naked and willing to do whatever I liked. “Your sister is outside somewhere. She’ll show up around lunch I suppose.” I barely heard her. My ears were roaring as my blood pressure rose. I reached down into my shorts and pulled my hard cock up until it was able to point toward the ceiling. I slowly moved across the room and stood behind my mother. She could sense I was back there, but she didn’t move. She just slowly swayed as she stirred those scrambled eggs. I stepped even closer. I raised my hands to caress her shoulders, but I didn’t touch her. I followed the curve of her arms, then her hips, then her thighs, fingers quivering, but I still hadn’t touched her. I inched closer. I slipped my arms around her waist. I was amazed at how much she had shrunk in the past six months. I used to rest my head against her shoulder, now I could rest my chin on top of it. I pushed my nose into the back of her hair, not to her scalp, just into her hair so I could smell her. I gripped her hips and inched closer until I could barely feel the top of her ass and the small of her back pressed against the underside of my hard dick. I moved from side to side, rubbing against her, feeling the contours of her ass with my dick. When she started to push back against me, I swept my arms around her waist and hugged her.

“Had enough yet?” she whispered.

“What are you talking about mom? I haven’t had any yet. I’m starving.” My cock was pressed into the crack of her ass and I was in Heaven. She grabbed my arms and pried them off of her enough she could turn around. She stood facing me and raised her arms to circle my neck. My hands dropped to her hips and I had the urge to throw her up on the counter, part her legs and impale her in the place that spawned me. Her words stopped me.

“I know every boy thinks about his mother in ‘that’ way at some time or another, but that doesn’t mean he gets to be so familiar with her. Aren’t you getting enough with your sister and your girlfriend?” I thought about denying it, but the certainty of her voice told me that lying would just be futile.

“How do you always know these things Mom? How long have you known?” My erection started to subside.

“I do your laundry. And your sister’s. I’ve known since it started I suspect.” Boner dying.

I was really embarrassed. All of my fantasies died with the image of my mother doing my laundry and finding my cum stained underwear that gave me away.

“Don’t worry,” she assured me. “It’s ok. It’s perfectly natural for boys to have urges. Girls too. It happens to everyone.”

“Did it happen to you?”

“Of course it did. With your Uncle Mark as a matter of fact. I was about the same age as Becka is now and he was about the same age you are now.”

“When did it stop?” I asked.

“Who says it stopped?” she replied slyly. My hard on was back, in all of its glory. “And it’s no business of yours anyway.” I pressed my erection against her stomach.

“Not yet. But soon,” I promised. She could see in my eyes that I was serious. She didn’t show fear. Her face was a window into her desire. My mother was going to make me keep that promise.

I heard my father stirring. I broke off the hug with my mother and she dropped her hand down my chest and gave my protruding manhood a firm squeeze through my shorts.

“Breakfast is ready Paul. Would you like some?” I nodded and sat down. She filled my plate and a cup of coffee with milk and sugar. “I am just going to take a cup into your dear old dad. Help yourself to more bacon if you want, there’s plenty.” She carried a steaming cup of black coffee into the bedroom and shut the door. Before I was half through my eggs I could hear the sounds of their passion coming through the thin walls. Damn. My dad was getting the benefits of what I had wrought. Lucky bastard! I grinned and kept eating. When I finished, I poured a cup of black coffee and pulled the quarterback playbook to me and went back to memorizing the plays, formations, audibles, and signals. I already knew the plays from two positions, so it really wasn’t that hard to learn them from the new position as well. But to be quarterback, you had to know where everyone was supposed to be at all times.

I heard the bedroom door open. My mother was dressed when she came out and my father looked like he’d just fucked a wildcat. From the noises they were making, he might just have.

“That was a great night’s sleep,” he said as he stretched. “I’m starving.” He helped himself to breakfast and another cup of strong coffee and sat down across from me. My mother filled a small plate and sat down as well. My dad started quizzing me on different plays, making me shut my eyes and recite every player’s route or blocking assignment. That was easy. Even when he shut the book and started rapid firing the plays, I was able to recall them correctly almost every time.

My mother cleared the breakfast table and cleaned the kitchen. Before I knew it, my sister burst through the back door, famished. It was already 12:30 in the afternoon. We packed a picnic lunch and piled into the car for a short drive to Kiger Island and a cool fall picnic. It was one of the few days it wasn’t raining, and though everything was damp and dripping, we found a picnic shelter and enjoyed ham sandwiches and lemonade. While our parents huddled for comfort, Becka and I sought adventure down one of the many wooded paths that criss-crossed the island under the fabulous old growth trees. It was like being in a land of giants. We found a western cedar whose boughs rubbed the ground and burrowed in until we were near the trunk and it was surprisingly dry and warm. We considered climbing the tree, but as I hoisted her up, I changed my mind. I let her sit back on my face and it was on. We were kissing and tugging at each other’s clothing. As soon as her pants were around her ankles and mine around my knees, I sat against the roots of the cedar and lowered her onto my turgid member. She was sitting side saddle and had to twist her torso so she could kiss me. I slipped my hand under her shirt and sweater and played with her tiny marble nipples. With just my arms, I raised and lowered her, fucking her deep and slow. As I plunged into her depths, she squeaked. Then she started to giggle. When she laughed, ripples ran through her pussy. It was all I needed to blast her insides with a hot load of my cum. I dropped her all the way down on my shaft, and left her there. Being inside her felt as normal and natural as breathing. We stayed that way until we heard our father’s voice, bidding us to return. With a slippery plop! We separated and licked each other clean. Then we pulled up our pants, brushed off the cedar and fir needles, and headed back to our parents.

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