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This is the story of Kelly, a virgin who was molested as a child. Now in college, sex is inevitable.
I always thought that I deserved to be molested. I thought it was a part of growing up. Man, was I wrong. It was my cousin. He was two years older than me. I was seven. I didn't know any better. That's why I swore to myself that day that I would remain pure for the rest of my life.
Well, shit happens, right? I graduated from high school just Barely able to have a dude finger me without having an anxiety attack from the molestation. It was so hard thinking that every dude just wanted my pussy. And that they all would force me. But then came college.
I decided to go to the Dennis College in Utah. It was far from my home of Ohio and plenty of space between me and my cousin. I was by myself. Everything I ever wanted.
I did well my first quarter. All A's. I rarely went anywhere besides class and my dorm. That is, until my dorm mate Becca said, "Kelly, I'm fed up with you. You never go anywhere! You are going to this fucking frat party or so help me..."
"Do I have to really go?" I asked, hoping I would change her mind.
"Yes, dammit. You're going."
So that night I finally went out.
The frat party was off campus. It gave me a chance to actually see what was off campus. After a short walk North of campus, we arrived at the House. There was a blonde chick passed out on front yard while a few dudes were betting on who would take her home. Becca and I walked up the two stairs to the door and went in.
Music blared from speakers while girls in super tight jeans and super short skirts grinding on dudes with obvious boners. I followed Becca as she dumped our coats in the dining room under the table. She made her rounds speaking to a bunch of people I didn't know while I followers her like a lost puppy. Then suddenly, she turned to face me and said, "Kelly, stop following me like you're my shadow. Go grab a beer or something." she turned quickly and purposely lost herself in the crowd.
I made my way to the kitchen and did was she said: I grabbed a Miller Light from the cooler, popped the top, and took a long swig. I stayed in the kitchen rambling through drawers and cabinets for snacks. I found a roll of Ritz and spray cheese and made my way upstairs.
Surprisingly, no one had claimed the bedrooms yet. I took the first one on the right. I went in, locked the door and sat on the bed. I sat there eating my snack until there was a rambling outside my door. The doorknob jiggled then the door opened. In popped this tall muscular dude with dark brown hair. He locked the door and leaned his forehead against the door jam.
"Um, hey." I offered letting him know he wasn't alone. I startled him. He visibly flinched. His eyes found me on the bed eating my cheese and crackers.
"Uh, hi, I think..." he responded. "What are you doing in here?"
"I'm 'partying' until my friend is drunk and no longer horny."
He then came over and sat down next to me. He took one of my crackers and held it out to me. "Cheese me."
We sat there, eating cheese and crackers and laughing at little random things. Next thing I know, we're making out... My anxiety threatened to ruin the moment but somehow, I pushed it down. Then, this boy I just met was on top of me.
Clothes started to come off in the heat of the moment. First shoes, then socks, then pants... The next thing I knew I was down to a bra and panties. That's when my anxiety kicked in. "Wait," I said, interrupting the heated battle between our tongues, "I can't do this."
"Yes, you can. You're just scared, baby."
"I don't even know your name..."
"Daniel. What's yours?"
"Good. Now that we have particulars out of the way, let's fuck."
His hands went around to unhook my bra while our tongues collided once more. My tits pressed his bare skin as my nipples gave a stiff hello. I wrapped my legs around him, my pussy becoming wet with excitement and anxiety. His hands slid down my side and into my panties. His fingers found my clit and rubbed softly. It felt unbelievable.
At that point, my anxiety was pumping my heart rate. I was shuddering from pure ecstasy and anxiety. Daniela's hand pulled my panties away, revealing my shaven snatch. His cock was out in a flash ready for some excitement.
"This is going to hurt for a bit, Kelly. But I promise you it'll be worth it." Daniel whispered. His cock plundged into my hole. It felt like I was being ripped from my clit to my asshole. The deeper he went the more pain I felt. Then, he pulled back. This time, the sensation was more warm and gooey than painful.
He started slow at first then he built momentum. My pussy felt so good. I wasn't aware of any anxiety, only warm gooey sex. My moans and whimpers couldn't be contained as he plundged into my cavern over and over. "Oh my gosh, Daniel. Faster. Dammit, I'm gonna cum." Daniel obeyed, slamming his hot meat into me. My body was overcome with pleasure, my hormones had had enough. My insides burst into flames as my orgasm rocked my entire body. My toes curled, my moans turned to pure erotic screams and my useless hands gripped the bed sheet.
He let me rest for a moment while we both caught our breath. Then, Daniel picked me up. He held my legs open as I gripped his neck. His cock slid back into my tight hole as he fucked me. His mouth found mine for a few seconds before I pulled away. The sex was so intense.
My pussy begged for more of his cock as my body prepared itself for its second orgasm. His cock continued to pound me as my body shivered again and forced my moans into erotic yelps of ecstasy.
Daniel sat down on the bed. "I wanna suck it." I said, and took the full cock into my hand. I stroked ur twice then licked the head quickly. I really had no idea what I was doing. I took my mouth and thrust myself onto his cock, trying mf hardest to ignore the little bit of anxiety left. I moved my mouth up and down his shaft, occasionally licking the length of his cock. I tried taking as much of it as I could. I moved my head up and down his shaft. Suddenly, he cock swole up even more and pulsed in and out of my mouth. His semen spurted in my mouth. Unable to do anything else with a cock in my mouth, I swallowed.
"Lay down." Daniel ordered.
I did so and he commenced to eating out my pussy. It felt so nice. His tongue darted in and out of my hole as his fingers massaged my clit. My body temored a third time as I orgasmed again. We laid there, in each other's arms and fell asleep.

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2012-10-13 04:27:33
A bit rushed but I liked it. :)

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2012-10-13 03:22:17
diary ?you should have listed it as lost me when you wrote you went to dennis college utah.i live in a neighboring state and that just did'nt sound made me stop reading and google said college.i only can advise you to leave out such definitive deion in the future.neither yea or nay on this story.

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