An encounter in an alley with a young girl turns out to be more than it seems
This is my first attempt at a story with supernatural characters. It's set up for a sequel, and I have some ideas for one, if people seem to like this one.

The girl was about twelve years old, skinny, a little ratty-looking. Long dirty-blond hair parted in the middle, wearing a blue t-shirt and old jeans, she looked like a young version of the hippie chicks I used to hang out with in my younger days. Real hippie chicks, I've been around for a while. Long enough to know that things aren't always what they seem, and that assuming they are can get you into trouble. Big trouble. Unfortunately, knowing better doesn't always translate into acting like it.

"Dude, you want your dick sucked? Twenty bucks." Her voice was low and breathy, very sexy for a girl no older than she looked, and as she stepped into the glow from the street light I could see she was very pretty, with big gray eyes, small straight nose, and a wide bow-shaped mouth, all set in a small, round face that seemed somehow out of place with her thin frame. It was obvious by the relaxed set of her body and tone of voice that this wasn't her first rodeo. I grinned, licked my lips, and followed her around the corner into the alley.

After I peeled a twenty out of my wallet, and she tucked it into the pocket of her jeans, she got right down to business. She was on her knees in front of me, with my cock in her mouth, in no time. And she knew what she was doing. Her tongue swirled around the head of my dick, her teeth just grazing my skin, and she made sure she paid special attention to the most sensitive part on the underside of the head. One hand stroked the stem of my cock, while the other played with my balls. I was helpless, grunting like an animal, cradling the little girl's head in my hands. I wasn't going to last long like this.

"Shit, I'm gonna cum!" I grabbed the girl's head now, pulled it tighter and shoved more of my cock into her mouth. My balls contracted and I jerked as the first shot of my cum squirted out. The girl never twitched, just started swallowing. And she had plenty to swallow. I hadn't cum like that in quite a while. Of course, I hadn't had a little girl's mouth helping me in quite a while, either, it had been mostly solo sailing lately.

I was leaning back against the wall of the building, catching my breath, as the girl lifted herself up off her knees and stood in front of me. She was practically purring, licking a little cum off her lips. She leaned in toward me, slipped her arms around my neck, and reached up on her tip-toes to nuzzle her face against my neck. Maybe she was interested in more than just earning a few bucks with a blow job. I slid my hands up and down her sides, then between us to cup her small tits. I felt her lips brush against my throat, then her teeth.

I screamed. More than screamed, I wailed like a little baby. The pain was like nothing I'd ever experienced. The shooting pain of being stabbed by her fangs was the least of it. It was like she was injecting me with some sort of liquid fire. My body burned, every inch of me screaming for release, but there was none. I could feel her draining me, felt myself getting cold as my blood rushed into her. Freezing cold and burning at the same time, I started to become weak, knew that I didn't have much longer. And that I could do nothing about it. My last memory before everything went black was wondering how I could get a hard-on in a situation like this.

My eyes snapped open, took in everything around me. Not in the alley anymore, inside somewhere, on a bed. The girl on a chair next to it. Things weren't right. My senses all seemed hypersensitive. It was like I could feel the individual threads in the sheet under me, could hear things happening miles away. I closed my eyes again, tried to shut things out, to concentrate, figure out what was happening. I opened my eyes again, looked at the girl, and felt... something. Not love, no, more like a sense of duty, commitment. I couldn't explain it, wasn't at all sure I wanted to.

"I wasn't sure how long it would take. I've never done this before." That low, smoky voice again. Still seemed out of place coming from a girl so young. Except she wasn't a girl. And I had no idea how old she really was. Although if I was her first, maybe not much older than she looked.

"How long?" My own voice was raspy, like I needed something to drink. Except I didn't. Well, not water, anyway.

"Since last night. Of course, you couldn't wake up during the day." She giggled. I wondered if she'd giggle like that forever, as long as she lived. Or whatever you called it.

"Yeah, right. Am I really your first? How long for you?" I was killing time, taking stock of things. I felt cold, but it wasn't an unpleasant feeling, in fact it felt right somehow. And I felt, not alive exactly, but vibrant, strong, potent.

"Only about a month. And yeah, you're my first. My maker hadn't really got me trained on how to do things before she..." Her voice trailed off, her eyes far away. She looked like she was going to cry. Her maker was obviously no longer around. And the two of us were stuck with each other, both newbies. This was going to be interesting. I decided to change the subject.

"So, where are we?"

"Outside of town. It's safe. Nobody comes here. We can wait a couple of days before we need to go hunting." For some reason, when she said that I began to tremble. She reached her hand out, touched my shoulder, giggled again. "Yeah, you'll like that. Come on, get up now, I need to show you where everything is."

The guided tour didn't take long, it wasn't a very big house, although it looked comfortable enough. Two bedrooms, one bath (would I need that?). Kitchen, not that I'd be cooking any food, big living room. Heavy curtains over all the windows, of course. After we'd been through the house, the girl led me to a locked door off the kitchen. She produced a key, unlocked it, and started down a flight of wooden stairs into the darkness. I found that I didn't need any light, I could see where I was going. Almost like wearing night-vision goggles. That part was cool anyway. We reached the bottom of the stairs and I beheld the ultimate cliché - two wooden coffins, one larger than the other, sitting on some sort of sawhorses. The girl pointed to the smaller.

"That one's mine. You'll have to use the other one. It was hers, I don't know if it will fit you, but she didn't show me how to do another one." She was choking up again, thinking about her maker. Someday I'd want the story, but this wasn't the time.

"I'm sure it'll be just fine, don't worry. Hey, what's your name, anyway? I don't think we were ever formally introduced." She giggled again. Youth makes you resilient. I almost remember those days.

"Nicole. But everybody calls me Nikki. Or they did." She giggled again. Didn't seem to have any regrets about her condition, only about not having her maker around any more.

"I'm Steve."

"Cool." She snuggled up next to me, rubbing against me. "So, you wanna fuck me?"

I did want to. In fact, I had to. My cock was instantly hard, and I couldn't get my clothes, and hers, off fast enough. As I dragged her down onto the rug I was aware that I no longer had a will of my own, at least not when Nikki was around.

There was no foreplay, I was inside her immediately. Her body was tiny, her pussy incredibly tight, though she was certainly no virgin. I felt like I must be ripping her apart, but she was panting and thrashing under me like a wild animal, obviously enjoying herself. I can't describe most of what happened, I was lost in the experience and taking in how the transformation had changed me. It certainly hadn't done anything to lessen my sex drive, but the enhanced senses made everything seem more intense. The fact that I was a dirty old man who'd always dreamed of fucking a girl Nikki's age, but never had the balls to actually do it, didn't hurt either. I stared into her eyes, and she into mine, as we humped, until Nikki's eyes rolled back in her head and she moaned.

"Dude, yeah, make me cum!" She shook, stiffened, her hands clawed at my shoulders, fingers digging into my flesh. I shuddered at the thought of what her strength would have done to me a day earlier. Then I simply shuddered, as my cum spurted out into Nikki's cunt, which pulsed around my throbbing cock. We clutched at each other for a few seconds, then relaxed, and I pressed my lips against hers. She took my tongue deep into her mouth, and I realized that her fangs had come out as we fucked. Shit, so had mine! I obviously had a lot to learn. I hoped Nikki knew enough to teach me.

We spent the next couple of hours talking. Actually, Nikki spent the next couple of hours talking, about what I couldn't give you a clue. Aside from the fact that it was the kind of thing you'd expect from a twelve-year-old girl, I was trying to come to grips with my new status, not entirely successfully. Not that I want to disparage twelve-year-old girls and what they talk about, by the way, but they don't usually pick subjects that are the favorites of old guys like me (late fifties, if you have to know). And, yeah, I was having as much trouble following what was going on as I am now describing it. Like I said before, all my senses were screwy, much more sensitive than before. When I could get wrapped up in something, concentrate on it, like sex, or even just listening to Nikki, I could handle it, but if I let my mind wander for even a second, it was like everything closed in on me and I felt like I was going to lose myself in the new sounds, and smells, and tingling nerves. I wondered how long it would last, if it would ever go away, if Nikki was feeling the same thing, if that was why she was prattling on about boy bands I'd never heard of and the boy she had a crush on at school. Was your maker supposed to help you work through these things? Had Nikki's not been around long enough to get her past the rough spots, and let her know how to do it for somebody else? Or was I just bat-shit? Might want to come up with another expression for that, by the way. Wow, being immortal was going to be the best thing ever if I got to spend the next thousand years or so completely insane.

Somewhere along the line in her monologue Nikki noticed that dawn wasn't far away and it was time for us to settle into our "beds" for the day. At least she was paying that much attention to what was going on. There were no dreams. I couldn't say if that would change. I'll just have to wait and find out.

"Hey, dummy, wake up, we need to go find something to eat!" I slowly opened my eyes to find Nikki shaking my shoulders, yelling. She had to lean over the edge of the coffin to reach me, and I had a sudden, not very pleasant, vision of the whole thing falling over, the coffin breaking up, splintering... Well, it was made of wood, so you get the picture.

"Okay, I'm awake, take it easy. Jeez, girl, give me a break, I'm new to this." I had to agree with her about needing something to eat, though, I was feeling a little hungry.

"Yeah, well so am I." She looked almost embarrassed. I almost felt sorry for her.

I followed her out of the house, and we headed back into the city. It only took a few minutes. I was learning fast that at least some of the stories people tell about us are true, and how fast we can move is definitely one of them. We covered several miles in no time at all, and I wasn't even breathing hard. In fact, I wasn't breathing. Oh, yeah, right.

I noticed that we were prowling around the same neighborhood where I'd first met Nikki. I wondered if that had been home to her before. Or maybe it was just a good place to look for "food" that nobody would miss. It wasn't exactly the high-class part of town. I should have been paying more attention instead of letting my mind wander. They came out of an alley, and one of them grabbed Nikki by the arm.

"Shee-it, Charlie, we got us a nice young one here!"

I couldn't help myself. When I saw him grab at Nikki I launched myself at him without thinking. It wasn't the smartest move I ever made. I'm not exactly what you'd call a giant, only about 5'6" in fact, and this guy was big. Maybe 6'3", 220. Good way to get yourself killed, dummy. Except that when I got to him I swatted him like a fly. He bounced off the wall of a building and landed on his face in the alley. I hit him like a blood-thirsty animal.

I didn't even realize my fangs were out until I sank them into his throat. The rush was staggering. I hadn't felt anything like it since the first time I snorted coke. My body was alive, every nerve was screaming. I felt his blood rush into me, tasting it, smelling it. I was ravenous, couldn't stop, had to drain him of every drop. And I did, sucking until there was nothing left in him to take. I sucked one last time, got nothing but air, dropped his body to the ground. I stood up, threw back my head, and roared. For the first time I felt the real power of what I'd become. It was exciting, intoxicating. I must have screamed for a full minute before Nikki brought me back to reality.

"Fuck, you shouldn't have drained him like that, you're not used to it. Now you'll be sick, and I'll have to clean up after you, asshole."

She was still squatting over the other one, fangs bloody. I could tell that he was still breathing, unlike his friend. She tossed him away like a piece of garbage, gave me a nasty look.

"I don't care if you get sick, you can take care of yourself. I want to have some fun." She licked the rest of the blood off her lips, retracted her fangs, and marched off down the street. I followed, mostly for lack of anything else to do. It was obvious that she knew the neighborhood pretty well, and that she was headed someplace in particular. It took us about five minutes to get where we were going (or where she was going), which turned out to be a pretty nondescript apartment building. She rang one of the bells.

"Yeah, what?" was all that came out of the speaker, girl's voice, fairly young.

"It's Nikki."

"Fuckin' A, bitch, it's about fuckin' time. Get your skinny ass up here, girl!" The buzzer went off, Nikki headed up the stairs not even looking to see if I was following her. I was, of course. Didn't know what else to do.

The girl who answered the door was maybe sixteen, with long blond hair, startling blue eyes, the kind of complexion they used to describe as "peaches and cream," and a figure to kill for. She looked like the latest incarnation of the Disney ideal girl, and the reality was that she was about as close to that as Britney Spears turned out to be. Her eyes lit up when she saw Nikki, then squinted when she noticed that Nikki wasn't alone. She didn't even have to say anything, her entire body was screaming, "Who the fuck is this?"

Nikki pulled the blond close, whispered in her ear. I found that my new, improved senses let me hear every word.

"He's crazy about me and wants to get into my pants. I'm leading him on 'cause he keeps buying me stuff." I watched the blond's eyes light up again as she caught on the beautiful simplicity of Nikki's subterfuge. Too bad she didn't know what was really going on. I realized that she probably didn't know that Nikki wasn't quite human any more. The blond took Nikki's arm, led her inside, graciously allowing me to follow. No introductions, I'd have to find out names on my own.

The scene in the apartment was like something out of a bad '60s exploitation flick. About a dozen teenagers, say fifteen to eighteen, in every possible stage of wastage from "fried burnt" on up. The smell of herb was all-encompassing, and there was no lack of alcohol containers to go along with it. I wondered what else might be floating around. I didn't have much time to think about it, as I was almost immediately accosted. It was a girl, who latched onto my arm and leaned against me. She was pretty crispy, and seemed to be intent on getting into as much trouble as possible. I had a sudden thought about whether any of these kids had parents, and what they might be doing while their children were leading lives of dissolution. Mixed in there somewhere was also a question about where Nikki had come from.

"So, dude, you looking for some action?" That was followed by a giggle. I actually looked at the girl for the first time. Long, dark hair, parted in the middle. Oval face, with olive skin, eyes so dark they were almost black. They were set off even more by the eyeliner and mascara she was wearing, almost raccoon eyes. Just a hint of purplish eye-shadow and lipstick to finish it off. She was about my height, with tits that were good-sized without being overwhelming, and a nice round ass. Wearing a short sun dress. Very, very hot. And about fifteen years old. Not that I gave a rat's ass.

She slithered herself around me, engulfing me, and our lips met. She took my tongue into her mouth and let me explore to my heart's content. And while we were in the middle of the lip-lock, my fangs popped out. I wondered if I'd ever have control over that when I was horny. The girl's eyes widened to serving-platter size, but she didn't break off the kiss until she was good and ready. It helped that I'd managed to not nick her with the fangs. When she was finally done kissing me, she wanted answers, though.

"So you're..." I nodded. She looked over at Nikki, who had the blond girl wrapped tightly around her. "And is she...? Did you...?" I wondered if she ever finished a sentence. And if Nikki's fangs had come out in the blond's mouth.

"She is, but I didn't. Other way around." The girls eyebrows raised, but that was all.

"I'm Kristin. Come on." She grabbed my hand and led me down a hallway.

"Uh, Steve. Nice to meet you." She didn't seem to be much for small talk. Almost to the end of the hallway, we turned into a bedroom. Kristin closed the door. I noticed it didn't have a lock. The room didn't really have a bed, either. There was a mattress on the floor with some sheets thrown over it, and that was about it. I had another flashback to the old crashpads of my misspent youth..

Kristin didn't seem to mind. She had a big smile on her face as she started unfastening my belt. I reached around behind her and pulled down the zipper of her sun dress, then pushed the straps off her shoulders. It slipped to the floor. I wasn't exactly shocked to see that she had nothing on underneath. By now Kristin had my cock out and was stroking it, and I started running my hands over her body. She moaned, moved closer, and started kissing me again.

My fangs were out already, and I could feel Kristin's tongue exploring them, sliding around each, scraping over the points. I slipped a finger into her pussy, felt rather than heard her moan into my mouth. I grabbed her by the hair, pulled her head back.

"You ready.?" I didn't really need to ask, I don't think I've ever seen a face with that must lust stamped on it. She didn't say a word, just fell back onto the mattress, pulling me down on top of her. She helped me slide my cock into her and we started humping wildly.

It was the first time I'd fucked a human girl since... well, you know. And it was different. Kristin smelled different from Nikki, smelled like - well, she smelled like prey. I knew I could do anything I wanted to her, and she'd be powerless to stop me. I think she knew it, too, and that was part of the excitement for her. She was absolutely the wildest thing I'd ever had my cock in. She was screaming, thrashing, tearing at me. Moaning and gasping out incoherent phrases; I couldn't understand a thing she said. I was pretty wild, too, she was hot, and her pussy was tight, and I had to keep holding myself back to keep from tearing her apart. She was lucky I'd already fed that night. I think she'd come three times before I couldn't take any more.

I took her hair in my hand again, pulled her head back to expose her throat. I looked into her face, and the lust was even stronger now, as she realized what I was going to do.

"Yes, god, please!" She was actually pleading with me. I touched my fangs to her throat, let the points sink in slowly. Kristin's eyes went wide, her body froze for a second then began to thrash even more wildly than before. It was like she was going into convulsions. I held her, tight enough to keep her from jerking away from me, but not enough to hurt her. At least, I hoped so.

Kristin tasted sweet, much better than the guy I'd drained in the alley. I wondered if it was because she was a young girl and not a middle-aged man, or if it was the difference between needing to feed and just wanting to taste someone. And that's all I did with her, taste. Just a taste was all it took to send my cum spurting out into the girl's cunt. I suddenly wondered if I could get her pregnant. Probably not, I was dead, so my little swimmers should be, too, but it was an interesting question. Kristin came again when I shot inside her, then slumped back on the mattress as I pulled out of her, cock and fangs both. She lay there, panting, mewling like a kitten. I waited while she caught her breath.

"Fuck! That was wild!" She was smiling, had obviously enjoyed herself, but had started panting again, couldn't seem to say anything else.. This girl wasn't going to live long if she kept wanting things like that. But that wasn't my concern. Unless I decided to turn her myself. It was a little early for that, though.

Something flashed through my head, a sound, feeling, vision. I couldn't get rid of it, shook my head to try to clear it. Then it hit me. It was Nikki sending me flashes of what she was doing with the blonde girl. I just wasn't quite tuned in enough to make sense of them yet. I wondered how much she knew about my session with Kristin.

"Come on, baby, we better get back out front. I need to see what Nikki's up to."

Nikki and the blonde were already back in the living room when we got there. The blonde looked a little used up. She hadn't gotten her blouse buttoned all the way up, and I could see a set of fang marks on the inside of her left breast. Nikki looked very satisfied. She extricated herself from the blonde's arms and looked at me.

"Come on, Steve, we've had a long night. We should get home."

She was probably right about that. I gave Kristin a squeeze, wondering if I'd ever see her again. She moved her face toward mine looking for another kiss. I figured it couldn't hurt, so I let her have it. She clung to me so fiercely I was afraid I'd never get away, but of course I didn't have any trouble. I wondered about the difference between Kristin's reaction and the blonde's. It was obvious she and Nikki had been as busy as Kristin and I, but she had no reaction at all when Nikki announced we were leaving. So many questions, so little time. No, that's not right, lots of time. Yeah. Lots.

"Don't worry, we'll be back." Nikki winked at Kristin. I figured she must have some plans for the blonde. Maybe for Kristin, too, maybe the whole lot of them. Eventually maybe I'd start to feel like I knew what was going on.

"So, I've got questions." We were back home, still had a little time before we had to be in our coffins.

"I might have answers. But nothing too personal. Someday, but not yet." Nikki was looking pensive. It was a strange expression on a girl as young as she was. I had to remind myself that she wasn't really a twelve year old girl.

"Just one about you, for now. Did you know them before? The kids at the house?"

"Yeah. But that's all you need to know for now." Her tone said that wasn't negotiable.

"Okay. But one thing about what happened back there. The blonde you were with looked like she'd been through the wringer, but Kristin was in pretty good shape when I got through with her. Why was yours so wasted?"

"Silly, you'd already fed." She actually grinned. "On that poor guy in the alley."

"Poor guy? He wanted to kill me and rape you." This time she giggled.

"Yeah, like he could have done any of that! Anyway, you didn't need much from Kristin, but I was hungry. I had to take more from her, that's why she could barely move." I realized again that I had a lot to learn.

"Just one more. Can I ... uh. any chance that Kristin's pregnant?" This time Nikki laughed out loud.

"No, you don't ever have to worry about that again. And now it's time to get some rest."

The next couple of weeks were kind of a blur. Time seemed to flow differently now, sometimes flying past and sometimes slowing, so that every second seemed like a lifetime. I spent most of that time learning things that I needed to know, like how to control my urges, when I was merely ready to feed and when I really needed to feed, how much I could take from a human without causing permanent damage. And when to shut up around Nikki so she didn't get pissed off at me.

One thing I never needed to worry about was sex. Nikki needed a lot of it, the rougher the better. And we could get as rough as we wanted, since short of actually ripping each other's arms off there was nothing we could do to each other that wouldn't heal quickly. Nikki seemed to be relieved that she finally had somebody she could let go with in bed and not have to worry about killing them. Which was fine with me, I'd always been a fan of the rough stuff.

Out hunting. A good night, we'd found someone right away, a young woman. We'd shared, each taking just enough to satisfy our hunger, not enough to kill her. We left her lying in the alley, semi-conscious.

"Want to see Kristin again?" Nikki had a strange expression on her face, I couldn't quite read it.

"Yeah, actually I do. And you want to see the blonde." It wasn't a question. "She's in love with you, isn't she? How did she react when she found out what you are?" That got me the kind of look I didn't really like to see from Nikki, but it was time for me to find out a few things.

"Smarter than you look, huh? Yes, and not well. But once I had my fangs in her she liked it fine, no matter what she looked like when I got done. Her name's Debbie, in case you're interested."

"So, can you be a pedophile if you're a sixteen-year-old girl?" This was the longest real conversation we'd had, I wanted to see where it would lead.

"I don't know that I'd be talking too much about pedophiles if I were you. Remember how we met. And Kristin's not exactly of age. She didn't seem to have any objections to banging a vamp, either."

"I don't know that Kristin would have any objections to banging anybody or anything." That got me a smile. "The more I did the more excited she got."

"Well, are we going to give our girlfriends a thrill or not?" I had a feeling that we'd gotten as close as we were going to for a while. Nikki led, I followed.

Debbie answered the door again when we got to the house. On the way over I wondered if Kristin would be there. I didn't need to worry. As soon as we walked in she grabbed me by the hand and started leading me back to the same bedroom where we'd been before.

"Shit, I thought you were never coming back!" That was as far as the conversation got. She started stripping me. If she'd had claws she'd have just ripped my clothes off. She dropped to her knees and started sucking my cock as soon as it was loose. Not that she needed to, it was getting hard all by itself. Being around her was enough. I let her lick and suck for a minute or so, then pulled her to her feet, slipped off the sun dress. It was the same one she'd had on before. I wondered if she had any other clothes.

I laid her down on the mattress, moved to her throat. I wanted to try something different this time, experiment a little. I'd gotten the idea from seeing Nikki's fang marks on Debbie's tit last time. I was still figuring out how to do things, and what I could do. I had a feeling it wouldn't matter much to Kristin anyway, she'd get behind anything I did. I dipped my fangs into her throat, just letting the tips find their way to a vein, took just a few drops of her blood. Kristin gasped and moaned. I pulled my fangs out, and Kristin looked up at me, curious, almost pleading. I moved down, took her left tit into my mouth, licked the nipple as my fangs punctured her, again moving just deep enough to take a few drops of blood, then pulling back.

Kristin writhed, took my head in her hands, tried to hold me against her tit. She had no chance, of course, and I moved again, this time to her belly, just below her navel. When I bit her there, her head and shoulders jerked up off the bed. She was gasping now, trying to get her breath. I moved lower yet, let my fangs take blood from her thigh, right next to her pussy. Her entire body was trembling. Even with just tasting in each spot, I'd taken enough blood now so she was feeling the effects of my bites. I spread her pussy lips with one hand, felt her tense up. I teased out her clit, lowered my face, let one fang poke at the little bud.

"Fuck yes! Uuuuhhhh!" She came, violently. I fastened my mouth on her clit, sucking it, letting my fangs scrape across her skin and the lips of her pussy. I sucked her as she thrashed on the bed, for what seemed like minutes, until she finally fell back, panting, mewling like a kitten. "God, please, stop, let me rest."

I did, but only for a few seconds. Then I spread her legs, climbed on top of her on the mattress. I pushed my cock into her, and she tried to envelope me, wrapping her arms around my shoulders, her legs around my hips. As I started fucking her I could feel Nikki's mind reaching out to mine. This time the visions of Nikki and Debbie were clearer, stronger, and I knew that Nikki was seeing Kristin and me, too. I decided to try something else, and let my mind concentrate on Kristin. She was like a wild animal under me, her body twitching and shaking like she was having convulsions. I wanted to see if I could feel what was going through her mind, if we had become tied together enough for that. I reached out, into her, and was caught in a maelstrom. There was nothing coherent there, it was like watching a light show while caught in a thunderstorm. Kristin had given herself over completely to the sex. I let the sensations roll over me as I pumped my cock into the little teenager's pussy. I felt her shudder against me again and again as I fucked her, her tight cunt squeezing my dick, which felt like it just kept growing inside her. I poked her with my fangs anywhere I could reach, drawing inhuman sounds from her each time. Finally I started to cum inside her, with a huge blast of semen like nothing I'd ever shot before.

Kristin's eyes had been closed most of the time I was inside her, but when I started to cum they opened, stared into mine. I had a sudden vision. My mouth covering her throat, tearing at her, not just sinking my fangs in, but ripping her throat out, taking her blood, all of it, killing her viciously as we came together. My orgasm wasn't the only reason I was shivering as we collapsed together onto the bed. What scared me most about the vision, though, was that it had come from Kristin's mind.

"So, just how well do you know those kids at the house?"

"Pretty well, I stayed there for a while. You know, before." Nikki looked like she might actually be ready to talk about herself. It was a couple of days after our last visit to Kristin and Debbie, and we'd both been pretty quiet since.

"Are they all wild like that?" Nikki knew what I meant, she'd gotten the blast from Kristin, too.

"Well, yeah. Bunch of kids on their own, what do you expect?"

"So how did you wind up there?" I was taking a chance, she might just decide to shut up again, and be pissed off at me for asking.

"If I tell you, you can't hold it against me." She looked almost scared, something I wasn't used to from her.

"Hey, I'm in no position to judge." If you heard some of my story it'd curl your hair.

"Okay. Well, first of all, I started fucking my dad when I was ten."

"He raped you?" I wasn't exactly shocked, but that could explain a lot. The look she gave me could have curdled milk.

"Have you actually met me? He didn't have to rape me, asshole, I practically begged him for it. God, the first time he stuck his dick in me was the greatest thing I've ever felt. We had two years, and then my mom walked in on us one day. She just totally fuckin' lost it, said she was going to put Dad in jail and me in a foster home. I didn't wait around to see what was going to happen, I just grabbed what I could and got out that night."

"Is that when you wound up with Debbie and the others?" I was more or less in shock. I hadn't figured Nikki's life had been ideal, but this was a little more than I expected.

"Yeah, Debbie found me out on the street a couple of days later and took me to the house. I stayed in her bed right away. It's cool and all, she can get me off, but I really like dicks better. Of course, around there it doesn't matter much, everybody fucks everybody else."

"So what happened? I mean, how...?" She knew what I was talking about.

"I was in an alley, like with you. Don't give me that look, you didn't think you were the first one like that, did you? I needed money. Besides, I was used to my dad, needed older guys once in a while. Anyway, this guy was pretty rough, not that I minded. I blew him, then he fucked me, up against the wall of the alley. But when he got done he pulled out a knife and stuck it in my belly."

"Shit." I didn't know what else to say. I was shaking.

"Yeah." Nikki's eyes looked very far away. Her voice had dropped so it was barely audible. "I knew I was gonna die. Bleeding all over. Guy was laughing. Then she showed up. Didn't even bother to bite him, just snapped his neck and dropped him like a sack of garbage in the alley. I felt her pull the knife out, then she bit me. You know what that's like." I nodded. "The next thing I remember was being here, with her."

"She had to turn you to save you." My stomach was churning now.

"I guess. Doesn't matter." Nikki looked very sad, almost like she was drifting away. I remembered the look on her face the first time she'd mentioned her maker, thought about what it would do to me if I lost Nikki. I reached out, pulled her close to me. She didn't resist. We sat there for a long time, until it was time to sleep. Neither one of us said another thing.

The next night we both knew what we needed without either of us actually mentioning it. We went hunting. We were consumed by full-on vampire red mist. I found her in a bar, early twenties, hair dyed blonde with darker streaks, body was okay, kind of small tits, but not bad. Pretty face, no knock-out, but nobody was going to kick her out of bed. Wearing a sun dress that barely covered her tits and didn't make it half-way down her thighs when she was sitting on the bar stool. She'd been drinking for a while, was bitching about the boyfriend who'd just dumped her, almost crying part of the time. She struck me as the kind who didn't do things like this very often, a good girl who was having a bad night. Didn't matter. She was alone, and her night was about to get worse.

I played along with her whining for a while, being sympathetic. Poor baby, and all that shit. I stroked her hair a little, let my hand rest on her bare shoulder. She turned toward me a little and ours knees touched. I let my other hand rest on her knee, slide up just a little. She was looking very needy now.

"Why don't we go outside? I'll make you forget all about that asshole." She chewed on her lip, gave me a look that told me I was right about her not usually being that kind of girl. Nodded her head slowly, didn't even bother to smile. Being a good girl hadn't done her any favors, so she was going to be bad, at least for tonight.

I took her hand, led her into the alley. I was spending a lot of time in them lately. I shoved her up against the wall of the building, kissed her. Her lips and tongue tasted sweet, partly her, partly the drinks she'd had. Her hands went to my belt as I pushed her skirt up around her waist. She fumbled a little, too little experience or too much wine, but got my cock out, purred as she wrapped her fingers around it. I pressed against her, slipped my hand between her legs and pulled the crotch of her panties out of the way. She guided me to the opening of her pussy and I slammed in hard, causing her to gasp.

"God, fuck me!" I wondered if she'd ever said it, or said with that much urgency, to the boyfriend who'd dumped her. Maybe losing him let her find herself. Too bad it was too late. I started thrusting into her, feeling her humping back at me. I could sense, rather then see, Nikki there with us, hungry, waiting.

My fangs were out, of course, but the girl hadn't noticed. She was writhing against the wall as I fucked her. I licked and sucked her throat, then slipped the thin straps of her dress off her shoulders and moved my mouth to her tits. It was time, I couldn't resist the hunger any more. I sank my fangs into her breast, sucked. The girl's body stiffened, then shook. I was pretty sure she was cumming as I dragged her down to the dirt of the alley.

She whimpered, "Oh my god," and then Nikki was on her, at her throat while I worked on her breast, still fucking her. The alcohol in her system made her taste better, made the feeding rush even stronger. I felt her give a little shudder and die just a second or so before I came inside her. Nikki and I kept feeding until there was nothing left, then kissed for a long time, cleaning the blood off each other's lips and fangs. Then it was time to go home, to sleep. To wait for the next victim.

"I've got some questions." We were home, with a couple of hours to kill before dawn. It had been a good night for hunting, we'd fed as much as we needed early, then come back and fucked each other silly. We were both stretched out on the bed, naked, and I was feeling relaxed.

"What kind of questions?" Nikki sounded a little wary. She'd never been exactly forthcoming with information about herself, and since the night she'd given me what little background I had, she'd pretty much just closed up.

"Well, for one thing, I know we can't be the only vamps in the fuckin' city. But I've never seen another one. What gives?"

I looked over at Nikki. She was chewing on her lip, looked like she was thinking very hard about what she wanted to say, or if she was going to say anything. Finally she spoke, without looking at me.

"Vamps have a lot of rules, believe it not. One of them is that you're not supposed to turn anybody under eighteen. They're not mature enough, cause problems." She finally looked up at me. She didn't look happy. "No exceptions. My maker should have let me die. She didn't. That made her an outcast. The other vamps wouldn't have anything to do with her. Or me. Or you, because I made you. That's why we never see any others."

"They didn't... the other vamps, they weren't the ones..." Nikki knew what I was talking about.

"No, but they didn't help her when those assholes killed her, either. I got them, though, all of them." I wanted to hug her, but something in the black pits of her eyes told me that wasn't a good idea.

"Do you want to fuck Debbie?" I must have looked as flabbergasted as I felt, because Nikki laughed at me. "What, you thought I just wanted her for myself? I like guys, remember? She wants me, and she'll do anything I want her to."

"And you want her to let me fuck her?" Just about every day still brought something new. And sometimes I still forgot just how dark my little maker could be.

"Yeah, she's never had a guy. She should get her cherry popped and find out if she likes it."

"What, she lives in that place and none of the boys have gotten her?" There were more girls than boys living in the house, but there were enough guys that I figured all the chicks had gotten plenty of dick. I knew Kristin wasn't going without when I wasn't there.

"She doesn't like guys. And they get enough from the other girls that it's not worth the hassle to rape her, no matter how hot she is."

"But she'll do what you want."

"Yeah, and you don't have any choice." Nikki didn't remind me about her control over me very often, but it was always there in the background.

"So what are you going to do while I fuck her?"

"Not sure yet. Maybe watch, maybe fuck Kristin. Maybe both." She was toying with me, trying to get a reaction. And she did, when I thought about Kristin, wondered what she thought. I was beginning to realize that cute little Nikki had been very good at controlling men long before she was turned. I could understand how she'd gotten her father to fuck her at the age of ten, and wondered if he'd even been her first.

None of that mattered, though. I didn't have a choice and we both knew it. I stood up, started getting my things together.

"If we're gonna do this, might as well get on with it."

We got our usual reception when we got to the house where the kids lived. That meant that Debbie was all over Nikki, Kristin gave me a big kiss, and the rest of them kept their distance. I wasn't quite sure if that was because of what we were, or because Debbie and Kristin were so possessive about us.

Nikki took Debbie off in a corner, started whispering to her. I could have listened in, but I knew what Nikki was saying, and by now I could control my senses enough to basically shut them down when I wanted to. Kept me from going completely bug-fuck. I did notice a bunch of expressions skipping across Debbie's face, none of them particularly pleasant. Especially when she looked at me.

I made sure nobody else was close enough to hear, then said softly to Kristin, "Nikki wants me to fuck Debbie."

"Not gonna happen, dude, she's strictly lezzie. Good at it, too." She gave me a wink and I felt a surge of jealousy. No, not really jealousy, possessiveness. Kristin was mine, and nobody else should have her, at least not unless I said it was okay.

"She'll do whatever Nikki tells her to do. Nikki can make her if she needs to, but she probably won't have to."

"Yeah, she's got it bad." Kristin had a sour expression on her face. Obviously didn't believe in love. That was okay. I didn't need love from her.

Nikki was leading Debbie toward us now. The look on the blonde's face wasn't happy, and she was almost trying to pull back against Nikki's hand. Almost. Nikki walked past us, toward the bedroom. We followed. No one had said a word.

In the bedroom Nikki kissed Debbie, then slowly stripped off her clothes. She stepped aside and I got my first look at Debbie's body. She had small cone-shaped tits, her hips were just beginning to flare out. Just a hint of roundness to her belly. Skin that was pale, not vampire pale but what they used to call "peaches and cream." I looked at her face, really looked at it, for the first time. She had that baby doll look that drives men wild. I think every guy falls madly in love with a girl who looks like that at some point. For me it was my first love, back in junior high. Her name was Debbie, too. She'd treated me like a piece of shit. Maybe this would be easier than I thought.

I licked my lips and started undressing. Debbie watched as I peeled off my clothes, with an interesting mix of horror and curiosity on her face. I had the impression she'd never seen a naked man. I let her have a good long look once I had everything off before I stepped over to her and shoved her down onto the mattress.

I pushed her legs apart, positioned myself over her. Now the look on her face was terror and hatred. I wondered if the hatred was for me or Nikki. Or both. Wondered, but didn't really care. I took my cock in my hand, guided it by feel to the opening of the girl's pussy. I bucked my hips forward hard, tore into Debbie, ripping her open with one big thrust. Her body jerked, her eyes widened in pain. She bit down on her lip to keep from screaming.

And I almost lost my mind. The smell of blood from Debbie's cherry made me absolutely wild. I wanted to fuck her hard enough to kill her with my thrusts, to drink her blood, to tear her body apart. Debbie whimpered as I slammed into her, making her body shake under me, and sank my fangs into her throat. I was ready to drain her, take every bit of her, when I was forced to ease up. It was Nikki, using her mind to control me, to feel what I was feeling. She let me take blood from Debbie, and I watched the girl's eyes roll back in her head, felt her body quake, but Nikki stopped me before I took too much. She let me fuck her little blonde lover hard, but not hard enough to do any real damage.

I knew that Nikki was taking part in my violation of Debbie with her mind, and she shared with me what she was doing. Nikki and Kristin were sitting propped against the wall so they could watch while they masturbated each other. Nikki drank from Kristin, just a little, and I could feel Kristin's mind, that ugly, twisted little thing. Kristin had felt what I'd felt when I entered Debbie, the blood lust, the killing hunger, and she wanted me to tear Debbie to pieces as much as I wanted to.

Then I got just a flash of a vision of Kristin on top of Debbie instead of me, her fingers clawing into Debbie's pussy, her mouth covering one of the blonde's small breasts, biting it, sucking. I realized what Kristin wanted from me. And I knew I'd have to give it to her or kill her.

I think I fucked Debbie for a long time before I felt my semen start to churn in my balls. I heard Debbie gasp, looked down at her. Her eyes were wide, her mouth open in a silent scream. I felt her pussy pulse around my cock and her fingers dig into my shoulders and realized she was cumming. How much was from being fucked and how much from Nikki's mind I don't know. But as her body started shaking my cock finally twitched and pumped my cum out into her. I groaned, Debbie moaned, and we clutched at each other as we came together. Nikki and Kristin were cumming, too, not being quiet about it.. I finished shooting my load into Debbie, looked down at her. She looked like she'd been put through the ringer. I stood, looked over at Nikki and Kristin.

Nikki rose, stepped to the bed, picked Debbie up. Without a word she walked out. Kristin was still sitting on the floor, smiling at me. She stood, walked over to me, wrapped her arms around my neck. Her voice had an urgent tone as she whispered into my ear.

"Fuck me the way you wanted to fuck her." I pushed her back, stared into her eyes.

"Are you sure?"

"Yessss!" It was almost a plea. Her eyes were wild, her body trembling.

I threw Kristin down onto the mattress, so hard I was surprised it didn't break her back. I looked at her for a couple of seconds, legs spread, arms reaching out to me. Her pussy was pulsing, dripping, her chest and belly rippling. I threw myself down on top of her, rammed my cock into her so hard she squealed.

I held nothing back. I slammed against Kristin's pelvis so hard I could feel things giving way inside her. I bit her throat, tits, shoulders, dug my nails into the sides of her belly. Kristin's body was constantly writhing, jerking, under me as I fucked her to death. I felt her cum, whimpering like a puppy as her body trembled. She came again and again, then just seemed to dissolve into a constant rolling orgasm. I looked down at her. Her eyes were open, but rolled back in her head so far they were almost completely white. Her mouth hung open, trying to gasp in air, but barely able to draw any in.

"Do it, please." She was begging me, but I didn't know how. Then Nikki's mind was in mine, guiding me. I sank my fangs into her throat, sucked, taking her blood, draining her, felt her go limp under me. Then I ripped open a vein in my wrist, held it to Kristin's mouth. She shuddered, jerked like a zombie coming back to life, almost gagged when my blood flooded over her lips, but after a second she sucked hungrily. I felt her cumming again, a wild, animalistic thing, her body thrashing under me as she fought to keep her mouth fastened on my wrist. Then my cum exploded into her and I realized that I'd kept pumping my cock into her the entire time. I collapsed on top of her on the mattress, both of us completely spent.

"Come on, we've got to go. You two both need to rest." It was Nikki, who'd come back into the room, leading Debbie by the hand. "Carry her."

I picked Kristin up, cradled her in my arms. She felt light, but then she always did. Nikki swept Debbie off her feet and we moved fast, taking our girls with us. I wondered about Nikki bringing Debbie along, but figured it wasn't my business.

We made it home quickly. Nikki put Debbie to bed, tucked her in almost gently. I finally asked her why she'd brought the little blonde along.

"We'll need to feed, especially Kristin. And we won't be able to go out for a while."

As I crawled into my coffin, taking Kristin with me, I started to think. About what the other kids at the apartment might say or do. About how we were going to handle Debbie when she woke up. About what chance three new vampires had against the world. And about the ban on making vamps out of anyone under eighteen. I had a feeling things were going to get really bad really soon.

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